Dessert is Served

By DeanaBard.


“I can’t believe I married such a pervert.”

That was Margo speaking to her husband, Adam. They have been married for going on eight years. Over the course of their marriage, Margo developed this habit of testing the limits of Adam’s willingness to please her and doing so with increasing regularity. Somehow, no matter how much she pushes those limits, she hadn’t found a line he won’t cross.

No matter what, he always did as she asked because successes were always rewarded with unlimited time licking her pussy. And multiple orgasms brought about by his talented tongue was one pleasure she wasn’t about to deny herself.

It has all started out with tamer, fun stuff like blindfolds and tickling, quickly moving on to light bondage. During which he was required to not only lick her pussy but her asshole too. Light bondage turned into hogtying and anal probing. When they would be out shopping, Margo might drag Adam into a corner, massage his dick until he was fully erect, then drag him out by the hand with a visible tent in his pants. That game evolved into him wearing some formfitting pants, getting him fully aroused, then sending him out to ask a sales clerk for assistance. As an additional challenge, he was to not let his erection fade, but maintain the obvious bulge while holding the attention of the uncomfortable clerk.

At some point, she would supervise as he shaved his legs and crotch then had him put on stockings, suspender belt, and panties to wear under his regular clothes just so they could go out for the nightclubbing. Knowing full well that after a few drinks, he would need to empty his bladder but would have to do so in the stall rather than a urinal. The next step was timing these potty breaks so it would take place at this dive bar with no doors on the stalls just so someone might see his undergarments.

Her next challenge: Sending him into Victoria’s Secret, ask for assistance, and buy a full complement of lady’s lingerie, all in his size. While she skulked around elsewhere in the store, she was shocked when he even volunteered to be professionally measured for a bra. And wouldn’t you know, his boner bulge was visible the entire time.

When they got home, and while Adam wore his new purchases, Margo received some extra oral attention. While she was enjoying a few extra orgasms, Adam had a rather intense orgasm of his own, creaming into his panties.

More than a few times, Adam spent the day on his hands and knees, completely naked as Margo’s pet dog, ‘Rover.’ Naturally, Rover loved his master and showed affection by licking her feet. She would have him play games on the floor, fetch things for her, and otherwise entertain her. As Rover, he also ate and drank from bowls on the floor. And when Rover needed to do his business, day or night, Margo attached a leash to his collar and took Rover, still naked of course, into the back yard so he could do his business outside just like any other pet dog would do.

The games only got weirder and more challenging. But it seemed no matter how embarrassing or demeaning she made it, Adam would pull it off with little to no complaints. Just what could be his breaking point, she wondered? What would it take? To what degree of embarrassment, how much did she need to humiliate him before he cracked? More than ever, she was determined to find out.

We, along with Margo, could speculate. But maybe this could best be told by Adam himself…

Almost from day one, my wife began calling me ‘little pervert.’ What’s odd about that is that she is the one with the wildly erotic imagination. Always able to come up with new sexual variations and games for us to play or act out. From the beginning, my job was to be the experimental guinea pig for each new exploit.

Now, to be honest, if there is a sexual slant, it’s not much of a chore, really. Hey, I’m a guy: I love sex! I love anything that even remotely involves sex. As such, I often delighted in trying out each new challenge — no matter how nasty, dirty, or risky. Why? Because once I have successfully completed my task, I get to spend time between Margo’s legs, tasting her sweet pussy.

It’s true, I may not have cared very much for every game or dare. There were a few I found truly distasteful. Well, at least that is what my head was telling me. However, no matter how dirty or gross things have gotten at times, there was this other smaller part of me that refused to deny an intense arousal factor in these things. And that arousal could not be hidden — powerful erections always ensued. At times it was difficult to tell if Margo was only testing to see if there was anything that would NOT stimulate my libido. If there was, we never found it. Thus the nickname: little pervert.

Unfortunately, in more recent years, everything — besides our sex life — had been slowly going downhill. It happened so gradually that neither of us really noticed until one day over breakfast, we both had to admit that we no longer loved one another. We didn’t hate each other, but it was decided that living together wasn’t really living.

As it turns out, about a year before this discussion to separate and divorce, Margo informed me that on some nights, every now and then, she had gone out with, and had sex with, other men. “Better equipped men,” as she put it. It turned out, I was, and had been, a cuckold for some time now and didn’t even know it. WOW! What a news flash.

Hurt: Yes. Surprised: Well, not really. You see, one of my flaws (besides having a small dick) is that I’m guilty of being naïve and a little slow to pick-up on the obvious. But this was a pretty big detail to have missed. How could I not have known this had been going on?

Well, evidently, she had to have cleaned herself by the time I got into bed. That must be the reason her infidelities had gone unnoticed. At least that’s what I had to tell myself.

Did I call her a whore? Throw her out? Or at least beg her to stop? The answer to them all is; NOPE. Working the swing shift at the casino, I never got home before 2 am, which left her alone all evening to entertain herself. So how could I fault her for this? Obviously, she had made sure that these “dates” with other men never interfered with our home life. And while I wasn’t home, she was getting that something I unable to give her.

What else could I do but give her my blessings to continue? Not that I could have stopped her. The thing was, once I had been let in on her extracurricular activities, she no longer even tried to hide them from me. Often my day would start off between her legs while getting the lowdown on her most recent sexual escapade. She didn’t hold back either. I heard if the guy was a decent lover or not, how well hung he was, and so on. And wouldn’t you know, this little pervert experienced more delight than jealousy from her tales of debauchery. Also, sometimes she wasn’t so careful about cleaning up either. Because now I could taste and smell the faint, unmistakable hints of the condoms that had been used.

Embarrassingly, she once even made me an accomplice to advance her wandering ways. The previous two weekends at a local flea market, Margo had begun flirting with this really cute guy. But he refused to do anything with a married woman — that is unless her husband told him directly it was okay. So there I was, having taken a detour on my way to work just so I could stand before him, and admittedly cute looking guy, just so he could hear me giving him the go-ahead. Sheesh!

As for whether condoms were always being employed during any of her conquests, there was never a need to ask about that. From day one, she made it abundantly clear: birth control pills gave her problems. Therefore condoms were a requirement. As long as we have been together even, I always wear one for intercourse. (Finding ones small enough to stay on is sometimes a challenge. ‘Regulars’ almost always slip off and get left behind just after I ejaculate.)

And then there was that one evening, my night off, while we were watching TV, when Margo suddenly got up, went to the other room and made a phone call. Next thing I know, she has her car keys in hand and is heading out the front door. “I’m going out for a little bit,” she said matter-of-factly. Before I could respond, she was gone.

A little under an hour later, she returned. As she came in the door, she looked a little flushed but had a sly smile on her face. She stepped out of her shorts, and even from across the room, I thought I detected a damp spot in the crotch of her panties. Saying she had something to show me, she sat on the edge of the sofa and told me to come over to get a closer look. I was up in an instant.

This wasn’t rocket science. She wanted me to lick her dripping pussy, so I did as she suggested. Hey, I love and live for licking pussy, so I eagerly complied. As I knelt down in front of her, she leaned back and parted her knees. Gazing between my wife’s legs, she confirmed the obvious, telling me she was very wet. “Touch it,” she said. “Tell me what you think.”

Her panties were indeed quite damp and slippery. But it was the sexual aroma that wafted to my sinuses that was the strongest I could remember. Sure it was exciting to see how wet and horny she was, but the intensity of that aroma instantly drove me wild with lust.

After telling her how much I liked seeing and feeling her wetness, she just smiled a very satisfied smile and said, “I don’t know why, but got the idea to share this with you.”

Seemingly enjoying the sensation of my massaging fingers, Margo closed her eyes as I squished the liquid puddle in her crotch. Knowing just how much she liked my pussy licking skills, I saw my opening and took it. However, I was inspired to be a little creative. Her eyes still closed. I decided to demonstrate just how much I craved her secretions. Even before removing her panties, I began licking and nibbling at them. She flinched. Surprised by my unrestrained oral attack, her eyelids flew open.

Then with a crooked smile said, “OH! Well… Okay! Dessert is served!”

As I began to lick, the intense flavor and the thickness of her juices stunned me. It was so thick I could hardly draw it through the soft material. My mind numbed from the aroma and taste. My tongue retrieved more from where it had leaked around the leg bands. It seemed so erotic for her cunt to be so full of hot fluid, and for me to be sucking so hard to draw it through the material and into my mouth. She just moaned with pleasure while parting her legs further. But the longer I licked and chewed at the crotch of her panties, the hotter and more lust-filled I became.

She then lifted herself just enough to slip her panties from under her butt, peeling the crotch from the well-matted hair surrounding her pussy, saying, “Here, you’ll get more this way.”

Eager to get even more of her wonderful sauce, I helped her remove the wet panties from her legs. The crotch and seat of the panties were awash in sweet and musky fluids. But this was no time to closely inspect what I held in my hands. Impatiently, I put the puddle to my nose and lips, smearing the cream about as I inhaled deeply. She beamed when I did that.

“Wow!” The excitement in her voice spoke volumes. “I wasn’t sure you’d really go for this.”

‘If she liked that,’ I thought, ‘wait till she sees this!’ I put the slimy crotch of the panties into my mouth and began sucking the goo from them. I was overcome by the way this potent sauce inundated my taste buds and thoroughly coated my throat. My wife squirmed with delight and said, “I knew you were a pervert but…,” trailing off in a satisfied daze.

Suddenly Margo snapped back to reality, “Oh god! I’m leaking! Go on. Finish what you started,” she commanded. “Get down there and lick it up!”

Looking down at Margo’s pussy, a semi-clear, almost pearl-like fluid covered not only the pubic hairs but also the insides of her thighs. And then boy did the juices begin to flow — much thicker, sticky, and plentiful. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. My brain went into lust-filled overload. I had never experienced her pussy so full, her secretions so creamy, smelling so strongly … or looking so inviting. Yanking the panties from my mouth, I dove into her open flower tongue first.

Deep down, I suppose I had an idea about what was going on. But just the same, lustful wishes wanted to believe that this was all because she was super horny for my ‘talented tongue’ as she had so often said before. While we might not have been getting along together so much anymore, at that moment, I was convinced that my wife actually WANTED me! And I wasn’t about to let her down. It probably wouldn’t have mattered what it tasted like. To my way of thinking, anything flowing from her pussy HAD to taste WONDERFUL!

Pulling her hips towards me and placing her legs up over my shoulders, I buried my face into her womanhood, working harder than ever to suck down the hot flowing nectar. ‘Hot damn,’ I thought. ‘This tastes so good damn GOOD!’ She had never creamed like this before — or tasted like this.

“It was difficult,” she spoke between moans, “holding this in a while driving.”

To show her how much I appreciated what she had done for me, I tilted my head up, letting her see some of her secretions filling my mouth. When she saw her discharge on my tongue, she swooned.

“You like what I brought you, don’t you, you little pervert?”

Still wanting to believe it was the expert use of my tongue that was the cause of this torrent, I groaned my approval. While I slurped away, she continued purring and whispering about what she must have assumed I had already figured out.

“It was John who made your dessert.”

‘I remember having some coffee cake after dinner. But I don’t know any John who bakes,’ I thought. Without interrupting what I was doing, I managed to grunt a, “Huh?”

“I know I told you about John.”

‘Like, I care to keep track of your male friends, especially ones that bake,’ I thought. I shrugged my shoulders in response.

“You know, the guy with the fat cock and really big balls?”

‘Oh, THAT, John. One of your lovers … the one named John,’ I thought, still happily lapping her juicy pussy. I nodded my head even though I never knew he was also handy in the kitchen.

“John’s the one that can fill the condom with so much cum it looks like there’s an oversized golf ball at the end of it. More like an extra-large egg.”

‘What the hell is she talking about,’ I wondered? ‘First, she’s talking about after-dinner treats then she talking about filling condoms. It’s making it really hard to concentrate on what I’m doing here.’

“Well, that’s who I was just with.”

I kept licking, sucking, and swallowing as her words filtered through my scrambled brain. After all, I was used to Margo talking as I licked. This was our usual position: me between her legs, swabbing her pussy as she told me of her latest adventure or reliving earlier conquests. So in that regard, this was not really any different than normal. “I had been thinking about fucking him all day. I needed to feel his big fat cock in me.”

‘Alright, so thinking about me wasn’t what made her so horny,’ I thought.

“When I called him he said he was already thinking about me too,” she said. “As soon as I got there, John stripped off my pants then fucked me really fast and hard.”

‘Okay,’ I thought as I ate her pussy, ‘so she fucked some other guy before letting me lick her, no big deal. Right now, she’s so horny for my tongue she’s dripping with delicious goo. At least she doesn’t taste, or smell like, a condom.’

“He was even hornier and ready to fuck than I was,” she said. “There was no time to waste putting on a rubber.”

‘W…Wait! What was that?’

“He said it felt so good to feel my cunt wrapped around his naked cock without a rubber separating us. He was right, it did feel better. But I told him he couldn’t cum in me because you were home waiting for me. Of course, he wasn’t happy about that, but I made him promise to pull out and cum on my belly.”

‘Oh well, tough luck, buddy.’

“John has much greater staying power than you do, and the more we fucked, the hotter I got. The longer we fucked, the better his long, fat, naked cock felt inside me. I could actually feel the veins and rim of the mushroom head as his cock slid in and out. Then I thought about how totally oblivious you had to be about what I was doing, and it made me tingle even more with excitement. John was the first guy to fuck me without a condom, and all while my husband sat at home waiting for me. I don’t know what came over me, but suddenly I no longer wanted him to pull out. You should have seen his face when I told him I had changed my mind. I wanted him to go ahead and fill me with his cream.”


“It’s something I had been dreaming about for a long time, you know, coming home to my husband after getting fucked by someone else. Having the creamy cum of someone other than my husband’s still in my belly. Put there by a cock that’s long enough it could actually pump sperm directly into and slosh around in my womb. And, oh my god, when I told John I WANTED him to empty his balls IN me, well, he began fucking harder than ever before telling me he was going to give me his biggest load ever.”

So enthralled and captivated by my wife’s story, the licking and slurping continued without missing a beat. “Oh babe, John pounded my pussy good. And when he started cumming, he shoved his wonderful cock in all the way and just held it there. I could feel his cock swell as each blast of sperm rushed through it. The feeling of his cum exploding so deeply inside me was incredible. I’ve never felt anything like it before! My insides felt so full flooded with his spunk.”

Margo then looked me directly in the eye and asked, “John sure can cum a lot, can’t he?”

‘Am I supposed to answer that?’

“I didn’t want to lose too much before getting home,”

‘Gee, thanks!’

“So I had to drive home with one hand in my pants to hold it all in but wanted you to see for yourself just how thick John’s spunk is and how much he can make. He did get a little pissed at me for wanting to leave so fast. But when I told him I wanted to get home to show you the evidence of what I’d done that made him smile.”

‘Well. As long as he’s happy. Sheesh.’

“I wish I could tolerate taking the pill. I’m tired of messing around with rubbers, and I just loved the feel of all that cream being shot into my belly.” With a reflective expression on her face, for just a moment, she got quiet before perking up again.

“I only thought you’d like to SEE my pussy full of my boyfriend’s sperm.”

As our eyes met, she was smiling broadly, watching as my tongue was still swabbing the depths of her fuck hole.

“Mmmm, I sure could get used to this! I think my little pervert likes drinking cum way more than I do.”

Finally, I tried to say something, but she snapped, “Don’t stop now; your tongue is making my pussy feel good.”

I did a mental shrug. ‘Oh, what the hell, I’ve already sucked up most of his deposit,’ so I got back to work.

“Yeah! That’s it. Just knowing you swallowed John’s spunk is just SO FUCKING HOT!”

I felt like I had been tricked and deceived but also realized that it was my own stupidity and horniness that got me in this situation.

Somehow, once I was fully aware that I had chewed on my wife’s pussy while it was full of another man’s cum, I had to agree; it was a pretty fucking hot scene! What really sent shivers up my spine was realizing that the whole time I had been licking, sucking, and swallowing her discharges, oblivious that it was her lover’s jizz oozing from her cunt, she actually thought I knew the truth all along yet eagerly continued to lap and swallow with such gusto.

For as long as we’d been together, Margo had always insisted that condoms were a requirement for intercourse. But ever since finding out she was cheating on me, each time I went down on her, somehow I had both dreaded yet expected this day would come. The day I would be faced with choosing — between sucking and swallowing some guy’s semen from my unfaithful wife’s pussy, or… Giving up licking her pussy altogether. And now I knew. As always — the pussy wins!

“Make me cum again,” she insisted. I began sucking on her clit. “You may be dickless, but you’ve sure got a great tongue. John’s cock has got to be more than twice as big as yours. But his oral skills don’t come close to yours.”

‘HA! Well, at least I’ve got that going for me.’

Lapping the length of her pussy, I found myself searching out stray droplets of John’s spunk. “My little cuckold is cleaning my unfaithful cunt and drinking my lover’s sperm.” Just hearing her remind me of exactly what I was doing caused an involuntary little whimper to escape me. Yet I found myself extending my tongue even deeper to scoop out what I could.

“You like me fucking other guys, don’t you? You like knowing that big cocks are using my pussy?” She had asked those questions numerous times before. As always, I moaned my approval for each question. Then my wife asked a new question. “You WANT me to continue coming home full of their spunk, don’t you?” My dick hurt, it was so hard. There was no way to deny my desire for her to do just that. A deeper, more emphatic moan, more like a growl came from deep within me as my head bobbed up and down, leaving no doubt that she was right.

Maybe this is what it would take. There just might be hope for saving our marriage yet.

So lost in lust for this latest form of humiliation, I couldn’t help myself. I stopped licking just long enough to add, “If you ever need your pussy cleaned, I’m your man!” With my eyes still locked on hers, I resumed lapping her swollen pussy.

Margo smiled and said, “God! You are such a pervert. Wait until I tell John how you not only enjoyed seeing the evidence, you swallowed it as well.” The praise and ridicule went on for several more minutes before I finally got her to cum with my tongue. When she climaxed, one final dollop John’s cum rolled into my mouth.

No sooner had I swallowed my reward when she got to her feet, saying she was tired and went to bed!

Being so suddenly all alone, feelings of being a complete and utter loser washed over me. Then heaping onto those feelings was disgrace and embarrassment. She was in our bedroom, on the phone, telling John exactly what I had done. And what I had admitted to. How humiliating!!! Margo had used me for her own pleasure. Yet there I sat. Wiping another man’s sperm from my face, then wrapping that cum coated hand around my painfully erect dick to lubricate it as I jerked myself off to one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Only a matter of days later, papers were served, and we separated then divorced.

Still, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she did to me: Offering her unsuspecting husband her used pussy, even though it was filled to the brim with the cum of her lover, should have been bad enough. But add-in, not only did I swallow the thick cream, I thoroughly liked the taste of it! How sick and twisted is that? Another man fucks my wife, pumps so much cum into her twat it is overflowing, then she just smiles and watches as I aggressively lap it up and eagerly suck it down. As if I had thirsted for it all of my life.

What kind of man does that? Oh, the humiliation of it all!

Yet, with each passing day, every single time it replays in my head, the hornier it makes me.

Yeah, in the years that have passed and with the few sexual relations I’ve had since, I have tried a few creampies of my own making. But almost as soon as my orgasm peaks, my libido crashes. So do my drive and enthusiasm. And in all honesty, my cum isn’t nearly as thick or as plentiful … or tasting nearly as good as I remember the dessert I was served that night. And the longer this goes on, the cravings for a better, thicker creampie only increase.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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