Becoming Jessica and David’s Bull

By KYauthor.


In retrospect, it feels like it was inevitable. A string of otherwise nondescript moments, scattered boozy, late-night conversations, and feelings all three of us felt on levels we didn’t then understand and could never articulate. But when the moment finally arrived – when Jessica first brushed the shaft of my cock with her lips while David watched us, slack-jawed, from the chair – in an instant, I knew with startling clarity that all of the years we’d known each other had been building up to this.

We met in college, and I knew David first. However, we weren’t “friends” but rather suite-mates, thrown together by some unknowable algorithm in the depths of ResEd’s computers.

Everyone knows someone like pale, professorial David – the over-educated intellectual, convinced of his superiority. The music he listened to, the beer he drank, the books he read, the movies he watched – all were somehow more sophisticated than everyone else’s. Mentioning a mass-produced beer, a famous film, or any remotely popular pro sport was sure to provoke a look of disgust from him. He felt his tastes were superior to those of other people. Honestly, the man annoyed me.

Jessica lived down the hall from the suite David and I shared, and she and I had a class together in our first year. She was attractive, with a short, smart blonde haircut, an attractive body, a warm and winning smile, and the most sparkling and impish blue eyes you can imagine. Like all the other men in the dorm, I often found myself transfixed by Jessica’s gorgeous, pear-shaped ass and hips. Her breasts were definitely on the small side, but she carried them pertly and proudly high on her chest. Jessica and I became friends, and had I not been still trying futilely to make a long-distance relationship work with my high school girlfriend, I would have dated Jessica. Sure, she could sometimes be a touch over-intellectual and earnest, but I thought I felt a little spark between us. I sensed she felt it, too.

However, before the last dying embers of my high-school relationship went out forever, David had swooped in and asked Jessica out. The next few years were a blur of Jessica and David seemingly mutually reinforcing each other’s most annoying tendencies to self-righteousness and occasional arrogance. I suppose I could have cut them loose from my life, but our shared experiences as first-year college students and a host of mutual friends kept us close in a casual friendship kind of way. I grew to accept their sometimes annoying quirks. And when I wished them well at their wedding, I swear I sincerely meant it. But there was no denying that despite their marriage, I often found myself wondering what could have been with Jessica.

Through the years since college, I exchanged chatty holiday cards and emails with them, and maybe twice a year, we’d all get together for drinks. Every time I visited them, Jessica’s actions reinforced my impression that she had secret thoughts about me. It was an occasional, teasing clue – the way she’d look at me and smile when someone told a joke or the way she’d reach out and touch my arm as she’d brush by me in the kitchen or the way her soft, warm fingers would linger on mine when I handed her my phone. Truth be told, there were many nights when I’d go home after spending time with Jessica and David and stroke myself to sleep imagining Jessica’s mouth around my dick or my tongue on her pussy. The thought of her full, shapely feminine hips and ass haunted my dreams. I had plenty of girlfriends throughout the years, but it was married, unobtainable Jessica, who never failed to fire my imagination. My unfulfilled fantasies of her were almost physically painful.

Partly fueling my lust, even beyond Jessica’s fairly open flirting, was the openness with which Jessica and David discussed sex and sexual politics with me. Although I generally agreed with their views, I sometimes found them a bit… well, extreme. Frankly, I couldn’t hide a sharply quizzical look one night at dinner when David imperiously explained to me that he and Jessica had long ago agreed that most common sex acts were inherently misogynistic. David announced this with assurance, but I stole a glance at Jessica and could have sworn I saw her roll her eyes. Of course, I might have imagined it. But I definitely didn’t imagine her leg brush against mine under the table and linger there for several moments.

David was STILL pontificating on the topic, oblivious. Finally, Jessica noticed my slightly dubious expression. She grinned at me a little, said in a sprightly voice, “Don’t worry, David still gets a blowjob on his birthday,” pecked him on the cheek, and giggled. David grew a little taller in his chair, perhaps from feeling an unusual burst of testosterone but continued explaining why it was degrading to women for men ejaculate as the result of oral sex, citing some books he’d read that purported to be authoritative on the subject. Even David’s pseudo-intellectual droning couldn’t stop the erection I now had, thinking of Jessica performing her annual blowjob.

I imagined watching her pretty blond hair bobbing in MY lap as she tongued and sucked on my penis. The image of it was driving me wild. Jessica must have sensed something because she rarely took her eyes off me for the remainder of the meal. The rest of the night passed as we listened to David endlessly expound on his political views, thoughts on popular culture, and a host of other topics. I was somewhere between bemused and annoyed, but even David’s pedantic droning couldn’t completely crowd out delicious fantasies of his wife from my thoughts.

David and Jessica invited me to stay at their house that night, and I accepted. I tossed and turned all night in their guest bedroom, unable to sleep due to the torrent of thoughts of Jessica running through my mind, fueled by the quick kiss on the cheek she gave me as she wished me good night.

The next day dawned sunny and warm and was spent poolside at their house, sipping white wine. For the most part, I sat silently in a deck chair in my swimsuit and a loose t-shirt, slowly getting buzzed while David incessantly yammered on about one thing or the other.

Jessica flitted in and out, bringing us snacks and drinks. I felt thankful I’d worn sunglasses because it hid from David how much I was staring at Jessica’s luscious body whenever she passed by. Jessica wore an impossibly skintight black one-piece swimsuit that hugged the curves of her hips and ass. The suit held her pert tits up high and made no pretense of hiding her sweet little nipples. Whenever she was close to me, I could even just make out the distinctive swelling of her lycra-encased labia.

Fuck, she was a sexy woman. It was a travesty that she was with David.

David had started talking about some obscure new form of martial arts he had been practicing at a nearby gym. He explained that it was “the thinking man’s martial art” and rendered him “essentially invincible” in a fight.

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the years of listening to David’s annoying lectures, or maybe it was my lingering lust for Jessica. But, probably, it was all three combined.

But at that instant, it finally happened.

I took my shot.

“David,” I interjected, “that all sounds like complete bullshit. I bet I could kick your ass.”

There was a brief pause, and then David actually laughed haughtily and said, “Oh? Well, you should know, I’m quite accomplished. I’m what’s known as a ‘Level 3 Eagle’ at my dojo.”

“I think you’re a Level 3 asshole,” I scoffed.

“Okay, this will be fun,” he said, his face flushed with anger. “Let’s settle this once and for all.”

He turned to Jessica, angrily hissing at her, “And let’s make this interesting. The winner gets my birthday present a little early…”

At those words, I felt both shock and a surge of adrenaline. Had I heard correctly? Had David just actually offered up oral sex from Jessica as a prize?

With considerable anger in his eyes, David turned to face me. “You heard me! I know what you’re thinking. You’ve lusted after her since college! Well, I’ve been mastering ‘The Way Of The Eagle,’ and I know I’m going to demolish you,” he announced confidently. “I know what I’m doing, and I know she’ll be with ME after I show YOU who’s boss!”

I turned to Jessica with a questioning look. She was blushing again. She laughed nervously and shyly said, ” You know, the idea of two guys fighting over me IS kind of hot…” She paused, thinking, and then finally said resolutely, “Okay… winner gets David’s birthday present!”

“Excellent,” David replied, his voice clipped. “I’m going to go get into my gi, and we’ll see who gets put in his place.” He stomped off into the house.

I stared over at Jessica, seated in a lounge chair, and noticed her subtly caressing her silky smooth white thighs. I thought I could detect a little swelling of her mound.

“Are you sure about this, Jess?” I asked incredulously.

She gave me a wicked little smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Soon, David stomped back out to the pool like a petulant child. He wore a loose white martial arts outfit.

I stood up and took off my shirt. I know I’m no Adonis, but I do take care of myself and am in great shape for my age. To my great shock, Jessica rose from her seat, sidled up next to me, and reached up and softly bushed my chest with her fingers. ”

“Ooh! Somebody’s been hitting the gym!” she cooed as she twirled some of my chest hair with her fingertips.

Even without looking at him, I could feel David’s seething rage from 10 feet away. Seeing his wife touching me like a smitten teenager was having an impact on him. I could feel the blood coursing through my veins and all of my muscles swelling with a powerful primal mixture of aggression, competitiveness, and lust.

With a final, almost jaunty “Good luck, boys!” Jessica sat down. David and I squared off.

David came at me in a furious rush. I got my arms extended between his and put my hands against his chest. He felt thin and weak, and I shoved him backward. He appeared taken aback at how easily I’d handled his attack.

Then it was my turn to be on the offensive. Very intentionally, I didn’t show much of my strategy, and I made half-hearted lunges at him from the left and right. I was feeling him out, trying to judge what kind of skill he really had. With each of my decoy attempts, I knew more and more that his “martial arts training” was a joke. He’d flail futilely with his arms, and had I pressed my advantage, and I knew I could end this in a hurry. But I enjoyed toying with him, sensing the confidence drain from his body with each ineffective swipe he took. My power and my strength seemed to be growing each second. I sensed every muscle in my body tensing and swelling with pride and power.

Confident, I looked to my left and glanced at Jessica out of the corner of my eye. She sat nearby on a chair, her face and chest flushed, her blue eyes wide and transfixed by the spectacle and her mouth in an adorable “O” of surprise. She held her legs together with her hands between them. I thought she looked VERY aroused.

I decided to finish it.

I faked a lunge to my left and then shifted to my right and drove my shoulder into David’s ribs. I felt the breath forced out of his lungs and felt him give way. He crumpled to the ground with me on top of him. I felt his desperate struggle beneath me, wiry arms and legs straining to gain leverage but finding none. It was like I’d trapped some annoying, angry, impotent little bird beneath me.

I began applying pressure on him, and in a low, gruff voice, I hissed, “Say ‘uncle,’ you little bitch.” He tried turning from side to side to squirm out from underneath me, but I had all the leverage and more than enough strength to keep him pinned.

Finally, in a decidedly non-masculine way, he whined, “Uhnnnn… Uhnnnnn… Uncle!”

I immediately released my hold and stood up over him. My arms and chest were swollen and twitching with exertion. On the ground beneath, David sat up, shocked and panting. His gi had fallen open, exposing his thin, wan torso.

Wordlessly, David stood up and limped over to a chair. He plopped down, propped his elbows on his knees, held his forehead, and whined quietly and disconsolately.

I turned my attention to Jessica. Now, I am not a monster. I knew the stakes going into the contest, and I, of course, definitely wanted Jessica. But women aren’t a “prize” to be handed out based on the decisions of men, and it never entered my thoughts that it was up to David, to me, or to anyone else what Jessica did. Sure, I HOPED it would happen, but if anything came of this, it was 100% going to up to Jessica to decide.

I wondered how Jessica would react.

I didn’t have to wonder for long.

She stood up, walked over to me, and placed her hands firmly on my pecs, still firm and swollen from exertion.

“David, why don’t you sit in that chair,” she ordered as she caressed my chest, staring at it.

After several seconds, Jessica looked back at David, laughed a little, and said, “I guess a deal’s a deal!” Then, she ostentatiously cupped the front of my shorts. Her gasp was plainly audible to all three of us, and she instantly drew back her hand.

“Oh my god,” she said, staring wide-eyed down at my crotch, “it feels… so different from yours, David!”

She blushed even more deeply now, and a new, subtle electric current seemed to be coursing through the air and my entire body. I felt the unmistakable stirrings of an erection. The expression on her face told me everything I needed to know — even if she hadn’t been earnest about the prize when she’d first proposed it, she was getting serious about it in a hurry now. In her hesitation, I could sense her thinking about what she’d do next.

After a few awkward seconds of silence, she looked up at me nervously and asked, “Can I see it?”

Jessica and I looked over at David, sitting meekly to the side of us. I saw that he, too, was staring at the rapidly expanding bulge in my bathing suit, with his mouth slightly agape. He hesitated, then gave a halting, tentative nod.

I knew we’re about to cross into new territory.

Jessica looked back down towards my groin and slowly reached out with both her hands. She touched my stomach with the tips of her fingers, tracing swirling lines down my firm abs and finally slipping her fingers into my waistband. I noticed her nipples, now erect and insistently straining against the lycra of her swimsuit, and felt her hands trembling slightly. Then, slowly and gently, she pulled down my swim trunks.

My semi-hard cock sprung free. Jessica giggled like an adolescent, blushed deeply again, and stared at my dick.

“Holy shit! It’s so… I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite so… I just don’t know if I’m going to be able to do anything with that thing!” she laughed.

Now, in truth, I don’t exactly have a porn star cock. It’s only maybe half an inch longer than the average, but where it really does stand out is in its girth. It’s a solid inch and a half or so above average in circumference. That hasn’t gone unnoticed by my partners through the years…

“David, do you see this? Come over here!” demanded Jessica.

David meekly came over to us, and Jessica yanked down the bottom of his gi. To my surprise, David was semi-hard himself. Honestly, David’s dick was pathetic. It was way shorter than average and definitely narrower than average. It was freakishly small. It did not show as being impressive next to mine, and all three of us knew it. David’s thin, pasty thighs trembled in…what? Was it fear? Anger? Arousal? By that point, I didn’t care.

Jessica sneered a bit and quietly noted, “Clearly, nothing about my husband’s dick prepared me for one like this.”

She motioned for David to sit back down, and he wordlessly complied.

Jessica turned her attention back to me and looked deeply into my eyes. She gave me a shy, mischievous little grin. Then, without breaking eye contact, she reached up and sensuously slid the straps of her swimsuit down off her shoulders, slowly revealing her breasts and leaving the top of her suit bunched up around her waist. I hated to stop gazing into those soft blue eyes of hers, but I couldn’t resist looking at her chest. I was rewarded with the sight of two perfect, perky little B-cups, with tiny dark aureola and pointy nipples projecting outwards. It was obvious she was very, very aroused. I was, too.

She knelt in front of me, then reached out with her right hand and gently cradled the shaft of my cock in her palm. She stared at my dick almost worshipfully and held it almost like she was afraid to break it. I thought I felt her hand trembling slightly, or maybe it was just the feeling of every vein in my thick cock pulsing with desire. Her eyes had a dream-like look in them.

“I’ve never had a big, fat cock like this,” she whispered.

While still cradling my manhood in her palm, Jessica slowly turned her head and looked over at David. He sat perched on the edge of one of the deck chairs, naked and with his thin little dick fully, insistently erect. I noticed his mouth open slightly, his eyes wide in a mixture of fear, shame, and desire. He hesitated for perhaps a second but shyly nodded assent to his wife.

Jessica turned back towards me, her eyes fixated on my engorged cock. She moved her head forward slowly and gently brought her lips to where they just touched the head of my penis. I felt her warm breath on me, and a tingling sensation shot through my groin and spread outward all over my body. She softly kissed it as if she were kissing a baby. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her husband squirming in his seat.

Then, as if she’d suddenly found the resolve within herself to press onward, Jessica shifted her right hand to hold my cock with a firm overhand grip on the shaft, and I felt her lips blossoming while taking the head of my cock into her warm, wet mouth. My knees nearly buckled, and I gasped involuntarily. The sensation of the tip of my cock resting in that warm, moist mouth was incredible. I felt the head of my prick pulsing as it rested on Jessica’s tongue, as she swirled her tongue around, caressing it. Knowing that her husband sat nearby, helplessly watching as his wife took my dick in her mouth, gave the moment a new, special charge.

Jessica pulled her head back, and my now rock-hard penis stood straight in front of her face. The last few inches of my cock were shiny with her saliva and my precum. She kept her right hand wrapped around it and stared at my dick with a far-off, lustful look in her eyes. I noticed that her left hand was now caressing her pussy through her bathing suit.

“Fuck, I want to suck on this fat cock. I want to feel it fill my mouth with cum,” she said duskily.

She began jacking me off at the same tempo she was using on her pussy, and then opened her mouth wide and took the head of my dick back into her mouth. She again swirled her tongue over the tip a few times, then slowly relaxed her jaw and started sliding more of me into her mouth. Breathing shortly and quickly through her nose, her lips moved further and further up the shaft, and I felt the head of my cock continue down her throat. She gagged slightly, but continued on, undeterred. I could only imagine what David was thinking, watching the spectacle of his wife worshipping my thick cock with her mouth.

Jessica got as much of me in her mouth as she could handle, then kept her head steady, furiously worked my shaft with her right hand, and massaged her mound through her bathing suit with her left. Then, she started to moan around my dick and bob her head back and forth, sending shivers through my body.

As much as I wanted this moment to last forever, I knew I couldn’t hold out for long. I felt my balls tighten, and it felt like my dick was swelling even more. The moist cavern of Jessica’s throat, the swirling delight of her tongue, her husky moans, and the ministrations of her right hand were pushing me rapidly towards the edge.

Based on our previous late-night conversations, I knew Jessica never let David cum in her mouth. So I assumed she wouldn’t let me. And so, once I knew that I was about to burst, “I groaned, “Jess, stop! I’m about to cum…”

She didn’t stop.

She did not indicate even slowing down.

I looked down at her, thinking that she somehow hadn’t heard me. She glanced upward, and in her eyes, I knew for a fact she’d heard me and that what was about to happen was exactly what she wanted. In her eyes, I saw a woman confident in her power — confident that she was in charge and that her sexuality and her body didn’t belong to David, or me, or any other man. She was a strong, sexual woman — a queen – and she was in complete control. She knew what she wanted, and I was not one to deny her. Honestly, I don’t know if I could have denied her at that moment, even if I’d tried.

Jessica closed her eyes and increased the pace of her jacking, sucking, swirling, and rubbing. Her body started shaking mightily as she brought herself to orgasm with her hand, and her mouth tightened around my cock. I closed my eyes, giving myself over completely to the explosion of sensation consuming me.

I let out a majestic, full-throated roar and shot the first spurt of cum deep in her mouth. Jessica gagged slightly and pulled her mouth back a little, so my dick wasn’t quite so far in, but still held my cock firmly in as jets of semen pulsed through my shaft and into her warm, moist and willing mouth. Over and over again, I felt my cum spurting into her throat. Even after I felt like all of it was spent, I felt my body contracting, trying to send more. It seemed like I was being consumed by a hot, wet fire that Jessica was sucking out of me.

At last, the warm waves of my orgasm subsided. I looked down, panting, and Jessica still held my swiftly-softening dick in her mouth. Then, finally, she pulled back, and a huge stream of her spit and my semen slithered out of her mouth, streamed down her chin, and splattered on her chest. She gulped and swallowed some of what remained in her mouth and spit the rest out. She and I were both panting post-orgasmically.

Once Jessica caught her breath, she turned toward David, so he had a full view of her and could take in the sight of his wife’s chin and chest covered in thick, gooey streams of my sperm.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” she said. Jessica stood up in front of me, cum cascading down her chin. She grabbed the swimsuit gathered at her waist, pulled it lower, and gracefully stepped out of it. For the first time, I saw her downy, neatly trimmed blond pussy. The lips of her labia were pink and swollen, as was the hood of her clit. Her sex looked compellingly moist and inviting.

Jess crumpled her swimsuit, already partially damp in the crotch from her juices, and slowly, sensuously used it to wipe my cum off her chin and her chest. Then, staring straight at him, she strode up to the chair where David sat, stunned. The cum and pussy-juice soaked swimsuit were crumpled up in her right hand. Jess bent over at the waist, affording me a delicious view of her curvy ass and hips. Jessica ran her fingers through David’s hair and whispered to him. I thought she would kiss him, but to David’s apparent surprise (and my own, too), she brought her swimsuit up and smeared it all over David’s face. David winced, squinted, and sputtered as Jessica painted his face with the sticky, fragrant remnants of Jessica’s and my lust. Finally, he looked up at her in shocked, shamed silence, his face smeared with the residue of the semen I’d just deposited into his wife’s mouth.

Jess straightened up over him, giggled, and said, “Let’s take this inside, boys…”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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    Amazing, detailed story. Hopefully, there is (or will be) a follow-up.


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