Denise Humiliates Me: Part 3 (Gay SPH)

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By Tcs1956

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Part 3…

Denise had recently started us on a path of Femdom and Cuckoldry. She had set me up with an account on a gay hook-up web site and instructed me to find men for me to seduce. I still shake my head in disbelief at how this all came about, but I will describe it the best I can here.

I have written a couple of stories leading up to this, Denise Humiliates me. The crux of the whole problem; Denise wanted men with bigger cocks. She fucked around behind my back so often I had lost count, and I had gotten sick and tired of hearing her lies about it.

I finally decided that the only way to get Denise to be honest with me was to convince her that it was OK with me that she had other lovers. The more I thought about it and about how to bring up the subject with Denise, the more I realised that not only was it OK with me for her to fuck around; I actually liked the idea of it!

When I was eating her pussy I started telling her how hot and wet she felt. I told her that it tasted like a big fat cock had just cum inside of her and how wonderful she tasted when she was full of cum. I would cum in her pussy and then lick it out of her and let her watch me swallow it. I would pretend it was another man’s cum and tell her how hot she is to reward me with her lovers cum.

She loves anal sex, so she especially loves it when I cum in her ass and suck it out. I would tell her how lucky I am to have a wife who is so much a WOMAN she literally needs cock. She craves cock, and she can’t help it – she MUST have cock! I told her that I totally understand her needs and her cravings and I certainly know that a tiny dick like mine will never satisfy a real woman like her. I know that she has to have multiple lovers and that there is no reason for her to ever leave me for another man because I’ll let her have all the men she wants if she’ll keep me around.

Denise finally told me that if I wanted to fulfill ‘my’ fantasy of seeing her with other men, and if I wanted to fulfil my desire to suck cock, I would have to prove to her that I could seduce men on my own. After she felt sure I was sincere and trustworthy, she might consider having other lovers. “If that’s what you really want,” she says.


So, as I described in the other stories, that is how landed on that gay web site looking for cocks to suck. I found a really cruisy spot just south of Tampa/St, Pete. It’s a park that is situated just on the northern end of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on I-275. The ad on the website and the various posts there encouraged gay sex at the park.

This was my chance to prove to Denise how much I love her and how she can totally trust me when I promise her something. She would never doubt me after this.

I went to the park about an hour after dark. Denise had required me to check in via text periodically to keep her informed of my progress. My orders were to find at least one cock and take pictures of myself with it in my mouth and text the pictures immediately back to Denise. It all sounded nearly impossible to me at the time, yet here I am.

The website had suggested getting out of my car, walk along the woodline, and make eye contact with other men doing the same. I was just inside the woodline with a good view of the bay in the moonlight when I saw a muscular hunk of a man walking toward me. Without even thinking we made eye contact. Honestly, it felt almost electric. He turned his head back toward me as he passed and made a clear show of checking out my ass.

OMG! I had never noticed a man checking me out before. As he looked up again, our eyes locked. As time seemed to stand still, I winked at him and cocked my head sideways as I have seen Denise do so many times when she’s flirting with a man. Without moving his eyes he turned and started rubbing his cock through his tight gym shorts. I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting. Wouldn’t Denise be proud of me now? I’m the one doing the seducing. She was right; it felt really good to my ego.

I walked closer to him and found that he really was a big man. He was well over six feet tall to my 5’8″. He was clean but with a two-day beard stubble. He was the kind of man Denise would have swooned over. I was clean-shaven except for my moustache and goatee. Even my little dicklette and balls and ass were as slick as a bowling ball thanks to Denise’s prep work.

Feeling emboldened by his obvious erection, I waked closer to him and rested the palm of my hand against his hard-on, through his sweat shorts. I could feel the intense heat and the throbbing of it. I tried to act like I thought Denise would in this situation.

I heard myself saying, “Oh my, is there something here that you need me to help you with?”

He got closer still. and nearly whispered “That mouth of yours looks like a hot wet pussy that needs to be fucked. I’ve got a thing for a trimmed hairy pussy like yours. Do you think you’re man enough to handle this, Sweetie?”

I reached around and cupped his ass as I squeezed his erection with my other hand.

“I’ve got to have you, Baby! Let’s go back to my truck,” he said.

“If you want me, Big Boy, you’re going to have to take me right here on the beach. Oh yeah, and one other condition. Here’s my cell phone. I want you to take pictures of me with that beautiful monster cock of yours in my mouth-pussy. You’re so fucking hot, I know I’m going to want to see these pictures time and time again. And make sure you get one with your cum in my mouth. You ARE going to cum in my mouth aren’t you, Big Boy?”

“I’m going to cum in my pants if you don’t hurry up!”

I couldn’t help it; I had to borrow another one of Denise’s lines “A little less talk and a lot more action is what I need, Big Boy!”

With that I went down to my knees and stripped his pants off. He was wearing no underwear. OMG, his cock was magnificent! I remember thinking how much Denise would love to feel this beautiful cock filling up her hot pussy! There was no turning back now.

I couldn’t believe how hard this man was simply because of me, just ME! There was nobody else around, no women. This excitement, this erection was all because of me. I was so fucking proud of myself. I just knew Denise would be proud of me too! I couldn’t wait to text her the pictures after I had finished sucking this beautiful cock.

His cock felt so wonderful in my hand! He was harder than I have ever been in my life. Once again I realised that I had made him this hard. Somebody finally wanted me just for sex and I was determined to completely satisfy him. His cock was soft and silky while at the same time being very hard. I could see and feel the veins on the underside as it lay in the palm of my hand. His cock was throbbing in my hand. The feeling of power and control was awesome! He was so hard that the skin below his circumcised head was stretched so tight it looked thin and silky.

Without even thinking I had two hands around his cock. It was bouncing and throbbing in my hand. I was savouring this feeling. And before I realised it, I was cupping his big balls in one hand as I was stroking him with the other. I saw his big cock head glistening in the moonlight as I realised that his pre-cum was oozing out and onto my hand, making him feel even more slick and wet and sexy and exciting! Without even thinking about it, I licked his wet pre-cum off of the palm of my hand. The taste and smell and feel of it was amazing! I wiped the remainder against my cheeks.

After only a matter of seconds, I felt my face moving ever closer to this beautiful hunk of meat. My mouth was not only salivating but opening involuntarily in preparation of actually engulfing this now very warm tool. As my mouth opened, my tongue lashed out at the wet tip of the big purple head. I again tasted the beautiful flavour of his juices.

So this is how Denise feels when it’s a real man she’s seducing, I thought as the inevitable commenced.

I was once again proud of myself. Not only was Denise going to be proud of me too, but this guy was actually a really good-looking man with a hot body and a perfect cock. I know that many a woman has dreamt of being exactly where I was at that moment. He was surely less than half my age and he was the one so excited that his cock was about to burst before I even tasted it. He was desiring me maybe even more than I him.

At the same time I felt the warmth of his cock sear my waiting lips, I felt a firm hand on the back of my head guiding me toward my prize. Without any hesitation on my part, his hot, hard cock slid effortlessly into my mouth! This was it! OMG! It felt better than I had ever imagined! The smell, the flavour, the feel of his cock in my mouth; it was almost more than I could absorb.

As his cock slid backwards on the out-stroke, I looked up into his steel grey eyes just as he clicked the shutter on the phone-cam. I knew Denise was going to enjoy that shot!

This handsome man let out a string of expletives, as he said “Damn, Pretty Boy! This obviously ain’t your first rodeo! SHIT! You’re a helluva cocksucker!”

By now he was holding my head with one hand and fucking my face. It all felt so natural and I opened wider and took him deeper. I grabbed him around the base of his balls and pulled his cock all the way into me as I grabbed his bare ass with my other hand.

“Look up at me, Pussy Boy! Lick my cock from the top to the bottom.”

I did as he said.

“This is gonna make a good picture!”

He snapped the picture as I licked his cock as instructed. He continued to rub his cock all over my face and I attacked it like I was starved.

“Damn! You’re a natural-born cocksucker. You love this shit, don’t you?” Big Boy asked.

“More than you could possibly know,” I muttered, as he continued to stab his cock in and around my face snapping picture after picture.

My face was wet with his pre-cum and my saliva. It was awesome! Then I heard him say, “Dude… Who the fuck is Denise? She’s texting you. She’s asking for the pictures.”

I answered, “That’s my wife. Let me see that.”

He said, “FUCK no! You keep sucking. I’ll answer her!”

With that he grabbed the back of my head again and started face-fucking me again, harder and faster this time. I was loving it more and more now.

“Hey, Pussy Boy, she knows what you’re up too? Just keep sucking. I’ll handle this.”

As I continued to suck his big cock I looked up at him typing into my phone.

“FUCK Dude! She said you had better show her some cocksucking pics or don’t come home. This is some sick shit, Dude. I’m about to cum! You just keep sucking, I’ll send her the pictures.”

I heard him click some more shots. “Man! She is demanding to see the cum shot. Your Bitch is sick and crazy!”

I nodded with my mouth full of his cock.

“I’ve sent her three or four. She thinks you’re sending them. Get ready cause I’m about to cum, you’re just way too damn good for me to hold out any longer. Don’t swallow it till we get a good picture for your wife. She wants to see the cum.”

He started stabbing the back of my throat with his awesome cock and I knew my reward was near. Suddenly he grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled my head off of his cock. My mouth stayed wide open waiting for his next assault. I watched as his cock gained about an inch in length and a lot more in girth as he exploded into my mouth and across my lips and cheeks. The flash from the camera went off several times and he stumbled back from me. He told me to open my mouth so Denise could see my mouth full of cum. I did as I was told and he snapped a few more pictures. Then he told me to swallow and open back up to show Denise that I had swallowed the load. I did as instructed as he took another picture.

His cock had just begun to lose its erection when I saw a drop of cum about to drip from the slit. I leaned forward and licked it off, smiled at him and took his whole cock back in my mouth. My intent was to clean him up, but to my delight, he started getting hard again.

“FUCK DUDE! Don’t stop now!”

He grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my face like a wild man! I reached around him and grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled them wide apart and forced his cock as deep into my throat as he cold go. I know he couldn’t have lasted more than two minutes before he was erupting deep down my throat. There was nothing to film that time, it all went straight down my throat. Damn, I was proud of myself. I wish Denise could have been watching me do this!

When I stood up and reached for my camera, I said “Hey, how about a selfie?”

He said “Sure, but no gay shit. I can’t take a chance on something like that getting out. I’m really straight, you know.”

“Me too,” I replied.

As we stood nearly cheek to cheek I held the phone out to snap the picture. Just as I snapped the picture, I grabbed his head and turned him toward me and kissed him full on the lips. Risky I know, but I didn’t plan on doing that. I just wanted a face pic to show Denise how handsome this guy was. Much to my surprise, he returned the kiss, a long hot French kiss and I kept snapping pictures. I had no intention of kissing him like that, but once he started, I couldn’t have stopped if my life depended on it. I told him that those pictures were just for me, so don’t worry about them ever being seen by anyone.

“Hey, Man, I don’t kiss guys! I can’t have these getting out either. I’m straight too, remember?”

“Dude, I hope your kinky-ass wife enjoys those pictures. Maybe I can meet her someday. I hope to run into you here again soon. I gotta run now, the wife will be waiting for me. You were awesome!”


After he left I sent the kissing pictures to Denise without explanation. Pretty soon I got a reply.

She texted: OMG! He’s beautiful! What a gorgeous boy! I didn’t ask you to get that involved, but I can certainly understand why you did. He’s HOT! But why did you say that his cock was ten times better than my pussy?

I text replied: I never said that, Baby Doll! Nothing is better than your pussy. Nothing!

She replied: Well it must have been the heat of the moment, because you certainly said it when you were texting me the pictures! It will be a cold day in hell before you ever see my pussy again!

I quickly looked back through the texts and realised that he had gotten carried away texting the pictures to Denise while I was sucking his cock. It took a few minutes to convince her that he had texted those messages, not me.

She finally text: Now that I think about it; it’s even sexier that you were actually sucking him while I was getting the pictures. Yeah, Sweetie, that’s really hot! Almost like watching it on live film!

By now I was sitting in my car, still at the Skyway Park. As I was texting with Denise I was looking at the pictures of me with this beautiful man’s cock in my mouth. There must have been 25 or 30 pictures that he had sent to Denise while I was sucking him. I got so excited looking at them and recalling what had just happened. I could still taste him. Before I realised it, I had my pants off and I was jerking off in the car while texting with Denise and looking at pictures.

I was suddenly startled as I looked up and right outside my car window was a man stroking his hard-on just inches from my face. I couldn’t even see his face, it was above the roof of my car. I took a quick picture of his fat headed cock and sent it to Denise with a text: I have company now.

Her reply: Take plenty of pictures.

He took one step closer to my car, his steel hard erection right in my face. I handed my cell phone out to him and simply said, “Take plenty of pictures.”

With my mouth engulfed his cock all the way down to his balls and I pumped my head as fast as I could.

He said, “I’m about to explode! But I’m NOT gonna cum, I have to save it for my wife.”

I slowed my rhythm and did not allow him to cum. I sped up again and felt his cock growing harder and larger in my mouth. I felt his veins swell and his head engorged. I slowed again. It suddenly became obvious to me that I was in control of when he cums, not him!

I licked him from asshole to the tip and looked him right in the eyes and said, “Take more pictures, I want to remember this cock.”

He snapped and the flash lit up the night. I remember thinking that somebody might see me with his cock in my mouth. That made me even harder. Suddenly I realised that I wanted to be seen. I wanted a stranger to see me with a cock in my mouth! I was getting really excited by this as I sucked him.

Yes! Now I wanted to be seen. I wanted someone to see me sucking a strangers cock. I wanted to be seen naked in public! I pushed him back and got out of the car. I took off all of my clothes and left the door open with the interior light shining on me as I resumed my position on my knees and sucked this man for all I was worth.

Totally naked in a public park, on my knees with a fat cock fucking my face. This was awesome! The adrenalin rush was out of this world!

I reminded him, “Keep taking pictures!”

He yelled, “STOP! STOP! STOP! Don’t make me cum!”

However, neither did he pull out of my mouth. His actions betrayed his words.

I didn’t slow down this time. I sucked harder and faster. I wrapped my arms around his ass and pulled him deep into my throat spreading his ass cheeks wide as I sucked and swallowed. I knew he was going to cum in less than a second. It was all up to me when he came. I could have stopped it, but I chose to make him cum! He had no choice. I was in charge.

Again I thought, No wonder Denise loves this so much!

Just as I felt his cum beginning at the very base of his cock, below the balls, I sucked him deep and with a lot of suction. I felt his cum rising up the length of his shaft as his cock head was all the way down the back of my throat. When I knew he could no longer control his own impending ejaculation, I pulled it nearly out of my mouth and licked the underside of the engorged head. I wanted his cum in my mouth and all over my face, not down the back of my throat where I couldn’t get a picture of it.

At the exact moment I had planned, his cock exploded! Right into my mouth as I pulled him away from me and aimed it into my open mouth. Somehow I managed to mumble, “Keep taking pictures!”

I saw the flash resume. My mouth was full of cum and his cum splashed all over my face. It burned my eye a little. But it was certainly worth it! He kept snapping pictures! He almost fell backwards as he flipped the phone back to me.

“DAMN! I told you not to make me cum!”

“How was I supposed to stop you?”

“I don’t know, Man. With a blow job like that, there’s no way a man can keep from cumming! That was one fucking amazing blowjob! I would probably have to say that it may be the best one I’ve ever had!”

Then I heard a voice from the darkness say, “NEXT? I’ll take one of those. I’ll even trade you this video for it.”

My latest conquest zipped, and fled on foot to his car and hauled ass out of there. Much to my surprise my new acquaintance had videoed the entire blowjob scenario that I had just performed. I handed him my cell phone and simply said, “Take plenty of pictures.”

He said, “Wait right here.”

He walked back to his car and turned on the headlights. I was now standing totally naked and covered in cum in the bright headlights, in the middle of a public park, about thirty-yards from the very busy I-275! I don’t know how a man can get much more exposed? The cars and trucks on the highway were already blowing their horns.

My new friend said, “The lighting was terrible for filming. This’ll be better. This is what you obviously wanted anyway, isn’t it?”

I may have mumbled, “Yes,” as crumpled back to my knees and reached into his pants for his cock. Straight to my mouth with no fanfare this time.

My knees were getting sore, so I stood a little, bending at the waist and sort of propping my ass against the hood of my car. It felt weird and inviting. I never slowed my sucking. He was soft at first, but getting very respectfully hard now. Not a really fat cock, but admirably long and gaining by leaps and bounds in the hard category!

As I sucked he reached across my back and started rubbing my back right at the top of the crack of my ass. It felt good and I really didn’t realise that this was a prelude to anything.

He put my phone and his on the hood of the car and mine started snapping pictures about every five seconds. His flash stayed on and I soon realised that he was filming a live video on his own phone. I sucked harder because this was really getting me excited! I was as hard as I could ever remember being. Still tiny, but hard. I couldn’t believe how bright all the lights suddenly seemed. It was awesome and suddenly I had no fear of getting caught but more of a fear not being seen! I so desperately wanted to be seen in this vulnerable position.

Before I realised what was happening, this man had his hand between my butt cheeks and was spreading my ass apart. As I continued to suck him, he inserted a wet finger in my asshole.

I tried to say, “HEY! I don’t do that!”

But he muffled my protests with his cock deeper down my throat. His finger went deeper and suddenly a second finger, both deep. I squirmed and he managed to grab my ass with both hands while stuffing his cock even deeper into my throat. He spread my ass cheeks really wide apart, and said, “You’ve already had a couple of loads in your mouth. It’s time to take one up your hot little bubble butt!”

Again I tried to protest. I don’t remember what I said, if anything.

He spun my whole body around and threw me across the hood with my little dicklette resting right on top of the tire. The rubber tire felt really strange against my little dick. Just as my chest and belly sprawled out across the warm hood, his now steel rod of a cock was right between my ass cheeks and he was throbbing!

He said, “You can’t parade around naked in public with an amazing tight ass like that and not expect somebody to fuck you! Well motherfucker, I am somebody and you’re about to get fucked whether you like it or not!”

With that he pressed the head against my tight asshole and began his insertion. I remember two thoughts. Firstly, I thought, I sure am glad Denise has fucked me with her strap on and dildos before or this might hurt. And my other thought was, DAMN! I am getting raped!

Strangely, both thoughts turned me on that much more. I once again realised that both cameras were running, the flashes going off and the headlights lighting up the whole area, and horns were blowing from time to time I knew were for us.

My ass was getting slammed hard and fast and it felt GREAT! Again, I wish Denise could be here watching this!

Suddenly, he pressed one hand into the small of my back pulling it tighter against his stabbing cock and the other hand he pressed on the back of my neck pushing me hard onto the hood.

I swear he screamed like a mountain lion as he stabbed me really, really deep up my ass and began filling my cavity with his cum. I was held motionless as he came harder and deeper. I could feel the warmth and volume of his cum in my ass. With no prior thought of it, I swelled with pride at how this man wanted me so badly that he was willing to rape me to have my ass.

As sick as it sounds, and only in this sort of setting, that was a great compliment to my sex appeal. I was finally desirable for sex! Obviously Denise was going to have to be so damn proud of me! She was right about another thing too, I had never excited a woman like I was exciting these men. If I am ever going to satisfy anyone sexually, it was going to be men. I had to admit that I had never satisfied a woman like just had these men, and I felt great about it. I felt great about myself.

As my friend pulled out and wiped his cum soaked cock across my ass, he spun me around again and shoved his cock back down my throat. He mumbled, “Clean it up, Bitch! Make your Boy happy!”

He pulled out and hot presentable and then grabbed his camera and started to walk off. I asked, “Hey, I want a copy of that video!”

He replied, “You can find it online.”


“I don’t know yet, but I’m definitely posting THIS video!”

And he drove off, leaving me naked in the streetlights and my car light and the beautiful moon.


I stopped my camera and sent Denise all the pics without comment.

All she said back was: DAMN! Get your ass back to my condo right now and don’t even get dressed first! Hurry up!

I did as she said and drove all the way back south on I-275 and then I-75 and then on Hwy 70 on Bradenton. Being naked at all those stop lights had me totally vulnerable and with an erection that seemed perpetual. And finally back to Sabel Key Drive! I think I was hard all the way. When I got there, Denise’s porch light was on. I knew what I had to do. The nearest parking space was about three condo’s away. I got out and walked naked toward her home. I saw her watching from her upstairs window. I have no idea how many of her neighbours may have seen me naked. I didn’t care. I hoped they all had. This was a great way to end the evening.

I never did find that video online, but eventually it didn’t matter much; Denise spread my Gay pictures all over the net anyway, and to all of her family, but that’s another story.

The End.



  • Neil

    Lucky bloke

  • stefanifaye

    Delicious! The risks of being humiliated are thrilling. Being exposed on the web, so I don’t know who saw the videos is a wonderfully helpless feeling. I’d love to be ‘exposed’ as the sissy I am just like this.

    • Brad the Volfan

      You Are So Right being humiliated bythose that you dont is great but Being Expose to people that know you is just the best i love it when guys/grls take pics of me doing any thing to make them happy i Even had one send it in a email of pics of me sucking dick and even spread eagle with cum cumming out my ass as i was tied up then had links with the vids on Xtube of me getting it & Sent to my parents My Grandparents my sister and even my older bro which was even better that those that loved show shaw what im like and how my older bro and even my dad makes fun of me for having a 3in dick when thay are at-least 6

  • Toni Fleming

    OMG!! This was the hottest thing this fairy has ever read!!!! i Loved it!! tytyty!!


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