Denise Humiliates Me: Part 2

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By Tcs1956

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Part 2…

Two days after eating other men’s cum from every orifice of my lovely wife, she is denying that it ever happened. I was flabbergasted.

I couldn’t believe it when she said, “None of that with Mike and his brother-in-law ever happened. It was all a fantasy. You were so into it that I just went along with you and made it up as we went along because I was afraid you would get mad if I didn’t play along. You know I could never do those things you accused me of. Your fantasy got the best of you, didn’t it?”

“Wait a minute!” I almost yelled as I shook my head in disbelief. “The voicemail on the phone was real. You know I listened to it. You listened to it too. Hell, it’s still there! You smelled like an Adult Book Store Glory Hole when you walked through that door with your clothes falling off of you and no underwear at all. I could actually taste cum in your mouth and on your tongue. Your mouth was slick with cum! Tons of cum gushed from your pussy and your asshole when I ate you. Nothing has ever been more obvious. And now you think you can stand there and tell me it never happened?”

Softly she said. “It didn’t happen, Sweetie. Really? Think about it, Silly Boy, you know I studied drama in college and you know I won all sorts of awards in the theatre. It’s not the first time I fooled you about something, right? And honestly, you’re not all that hard to fool. You know I am an awesome actress. You know my IQ is a lot higher than yours, but I thought even you could figure out that act. Obviously I have done a lot of acting with you. Perhaps I was too convincing. You never thought that pathetic little dicklette of yours was actually pleasing me did you? See what a good actress I am?”

Denise was laughing at me and at the same time softly and condescendingly stroking my cheek with her hands as she looked me in the eye and smiled seductively and facetiously at the same time.

Her smile and her eyes seemed to say, you stupid little shit, you know I can make you say and do and believe anything I want. Don’t even think for a second that you are smart enough or sharp enough to match wits with me. She didn’t have to say it, I knew it was true.

Ironically, one of the reasons that I love Denise so much is because of her self-confidence and genius level intelligence. It’s some sort of a powerful aphrodisiac for me. Her day-to-day air is that of a top tier professional businesswoman that you just really don’t want to have as an adversary. Not to mention her salary. She made way more than most men who considered themselves equal to her. I’ll just say “six figures” and leave it at that. These very traits made her so damn irresistible to me, and to many other men and women as well. She certainly knows how to wield her power and make strong men powerless at her feet.

At this point I just didn’t know how to argue with her. She seemed so damned positive and sure of herself. I felt my dicklette starting to stiffen. I wondered to myself, how does she do this to me? I’m such a Putz! Will she always win?

At bedtime that night Denise said she wanted to talk, perhaps she had been too harsh on me. I knew she wasn’t going to admit to her infidelity. Once she tells a lie, she always sticks with it. So I was really curious what she wanted to talk about.

She began, “OK… There was some truth in our little role play the other night. Remember, the one you tried to take so seriously? I have done some serious psychology training in my time and it is obvious that you… Wait a minute… I want to make sure I use the right words… Well, maybe not the right words, but words even you can understand. Not that you’re not smart! I know you are, but it’s just so easy since I find myself talking way over your head without realising it. That happens to people like me all the time. I’ll try to keep this simple for you.

“I know that you have very serious clinical anxiety about having such a tiny dick and never being able to sexually pleasure any woman in your life… Ever. Don’t take it personally. Any man with a dick that tiny would have the same complexes… I mean… You know… If there ever was another man with a dick that little. I personally have never seen one… Or heard of one that small, but one must assume that it is possible. Anyway… It must be awful to be over fifty years old and know that you have never in your life satisfied a woman with your own dick and you never will.

“Oh my god, how horrible that must be for you! It must have hurt you very deeply all of your life. I know you need help dealing with this issue. I’m sure this is the primary reason that you have been divorced three times and can’t maintain a relationship. No real woman is ever going to be held hostage by a dick as little as yours. But you don’t necessarily have to get divorced in order to help her, well… Actually, ME, get what I so desperately need. I think I can help a little. Maybe. We can try a few things and see what works. This may be the only way to save this marriage.

“What you were going through the other night was sort of a vicarious sexual episode. Let me know if you need me to explain any of these words. Although you know that you could never, and have never, pleasured me with your little dicklette. You wanted desperately to believe that I had been sexually satisfied. To satisfy your own ego, you had to try to insert yourself into the hottest situation you could imagine and vicariously take credit for part of my sexual satisfaction. Mike and Little Brother had satisfied me, in your mind. But in order for you to partake in the process of satisfying me, you imagined that by having sex with me while I was still aroused by them. You would have a much better chance of making me physically, sexually pleasured. Your logic is not totally flawed, psychologically speaking. It has some therapeutic merit.

“So, you imagined that it was really to the point that you had actually convinced yourself that it WAS real and that you had had a vital role in my orgasmic pleasure. That had to be very sexually and emotionally stimulating for you. Something you obviously haven’t ever felt before. With your… Shall we say – ‘Physical deficiency’. I can understand why that is so important to you. As many lovers as I have satisfied so completely in my life; I can’t imagine how it feels to know that you have satisfied no one at all! I just don’t know how you can live with that. You have so many other wonderful qualities… It’s just heartbreaking. I know every time I am with a man that I have left him totally satisfied. I can’t imagine not ever knowing that feeling. So I don’t blame you for playing your games and imagining them to be real. It is a sort of self defence mechanism.

“So, I have been thinking about the offer you literally begged me to accept. You said that I could have all the lovers I want and you would never be with another woman. Remember that offer?”

“Of course I remember,” I said, “but that’s when I didn’t know you were just acting. I mean… Damn it! I KNOW you were not acting. That’s when you were being honest and loving for a few minutes.”

“SSHHHUSH, Sweetie. You need to hear what I have to say before you fuck this up too!”

“Sure! Like I fuck up everything?”

“OK… Be quiet now and listen to me. I think I know what you need. I think I can help you with your self-confidence. I guess it’s sort of like a kind of sexual therapy. Remember when we first met and I seduced you and let you fuck me on the very first date?”

“Hell yeah! Who could forget that?!”

“I have done that so many times, Craig. I think that’s what you’re lacking… Emotionally… Physically… Nobody can help, it is what it is.”

“Done what so many times?”

“The seduction. It’s all about the seduction. Making somebody want you. Taking control of their mind to the extent that you can have your way with them and their body; making them do anything you want. Meeting a total stranger and within a few hours or sometimes just a few minutes you have managed to get them to have sex with you. It is such a powerful feeling… Like sometimes I bet with myself how quickly I can get his cock into my mouth after having just met. It’s a great ego booster. Don’t you remember our first date? You picked me up and I suggested that we skip dinner and go straight to your apartment. Within fifteen minutes I had totally seduced you and you couldn’t believe that I wanted you so badly that I just couldn’t wait to have sex with you. You didn’t seduce me. I was completely in charge, you were a pushover.

“Do you remember what happened next? I told you I had to go home because I had another date scheduled before we ever met and I just couldn’t cancel on him with such short notice. Remember? The truth is, I had planned on staying with you but after finding out how tiny your dick was, I just had to have a real man. I was way too horny to settle for your puny dick that night. I didn’t have a date, but when I got home, I called my FWB to come over and take care of me. I knew he had a giant cock and I knew he would fuck me any time I needed help. I wasn’t cheating on you. It was our first date. We were not exclusive.”

“So what has that got to do with me now?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not totally sure that I can trust you to live up to your promise without getting jealous or changing your mind after the fact and then trying to make me out to be the bad one… When this was all your idea… For your benefit… For your satisfaction. I don’t want it to backfire on me! It is you who have feelings of inadequacy. I mean, even if I agree to fuck other men for you, it’s totally for your benefit, so you can feel good about yourself. It is you whose ego needs a major boost, not mine.

“You need to be the one doing the seducing if your self-image is ever going to improve. I can understand how allowing me to have multiple lovers will ease your conscious about you not being able to satisfy me, but I’m not sure you can totally be trusted yet. I need you to actually do something to show me that you really do mean that I am in charge and that I make all the rules and you will do absolutely anything I tell you to. With my career and my professional reputation on the line, I can’t be too careful. After all, what have you got to lose? It’s not your job that’s paying the bills around here, that’s for sure. But don’t feel bad about that, Sweetie. Nobody expects you to be able to make the kind of money I do.”

I said, “Denise, you know that I love you SO much that I will do absolutely anything you tell me to do. What I don’t get though is that the other day you told me that you would never want to share me with another woman and now you are telling me that I need to be the one doing the seducing? How is that supposed to work? I have no desire to be with another woman. I only love you. Why would you ask me to be the one doing the seducing?”

Then she got down to Phase 1 of her plan.

“I have no intention of you being with another woman, Sweetie. That’s funny! No, I will never allow you to be with another woman… Ever! The seduction I’m talking about is with another man.”

“Holy Shit! What are you talking about?” I asked.

“I’m talking about how sexy you were the other night when you thought you were swallowing another man’s cum. That was truly sexy and really exciting to me as well.”

Now I’m thinking, there she goes again, acting like she hadn’t actually fucked anybody that night. I’m not stupid enough to argue with her, but I’m not stupid enough to believe that lie either.

“So I’ve been thinking about it, “she said, “and if you want to prove to me that you can be trusted and that I really can believe you, I want to see you suck a cock. Not for me, but for you,” she said.

“WHAT? What are you talking about? Whose cock? You’ve really thought this through, haven’t you? You’ve picked out the cock you want and I have to suck him for you?”

“OH NO! You have to find the guy and you have to suck him off and I won’t be there. I’m not doing the seducing, you are! This is completely for your benefit. I will get nothing from it. But I do have to verify it. I simply can’t trust you yet. Men just can’t be trusted.”

“And just how in the hell is this supposed to take place, little Miss ‘I’ve got everything figured out‘?”

“A little website called “ It is a site for gay and bisexual men to hook up. I set up a profile on there for you already. I want you to go online and see who you can seduce. See how long it takes you to find a man and get his cock in your mouth. You have to do this all on your own. I can’t help or it will be no boost to your ego. You have to be the ‘Seductress’. You have to consummate this seduction all on your own.”

“So how will you know if I do it or not? Granted, I’m not as good an actor as you, but how would you know?” I asked.

“Live texts and pictures, Sweetie. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I want to see his cock before you suck it. I want pictures while you’re sucking him and I want to see your mouth full of cum before you swallow it. And you WILL swallow! I will have you on live text and you will be doing exactly what I tell you to do. You will become the seductress and you will love it! As soon as I have enough pictures to blackmail you sufficiently, then I will know that I can trust you and we can begin finding me all the men that you have always wanted me to have. This is what you asked for isn’t it?

If you do this then your dream can finally come true. You can make sure that your poor sexually deprived wife is finally satisfied sexually. You want to see my pussy filled with a real cock, don’t you? You want to see the look of satisfaction on my face? That look that you have never seen… Not on my face or on any other woman’s. I am so thrilled to be able to finally help you see what it feels like to satisfy a woman… Even if it will never be your own dick doing it. I think this is really going to help you grow and mature in ways that you never imagined.”

My disgust quickly gave way to excitement as I thought about and what awaited me there.

As soon as the page opened on my computer, it was covered with naked, hung gay men sucking. Well, you name it and they were doing it! I got an immediate erection thinking about Denise finding this site and her looking around here enough to know that I would find cock here, and being smart enough to know that I would follow up on her instructions. I found the profile that Denise had set up for me ‘LilBiCuck1956’. That name certainly tells it all. Lil = Tiny Dick. BiCuck = I will suck cock with my wife’s approval and you may even get to fuck her too. 1956 = Old man.

She had written: I can’t take care of my wife due to my deficient size. She tells me my “dicklette” is useless for women, so I should find a new hobby. So I am looking for real time meetings with men who want to take advantage of a total Bottom. My mouth and my ass are for your pleasure. No reciprocation is required or even allowed. Let me please you. Always bareback and I expect you to follow through to completion either in my ass or my mouth. As for you, you should be well endowed in both length and girth. Age and race are not important, size, cleanliness, stamina and imagination are. You cannot be jealous or possessive because my Dom wife expects me to submit to several male suitors.

I logged on and there were already six responses. Some were just insulting and threatening. I still can’t figure out why a homophobe would be on a gay website? A couple of them sounded interesting.

Denise had told me to discuss them with her before I actually met anyone. She wanted to prep me for the date. That Friday night Denise and I had a date at her condo. After a nice uneventful dinner, Dee asked me to help her get the living room ready for our evening.

Confused, I agreed, always ready for one of Denise’s surprises. She pulled out the queen size air mattress and the electric air pump and asked me to get the mattress ready while she went upstairs and got ready. As I was filling the mattress, she yelled down the stairs; “Sweetie, there is a DVD on the coffee table. Turn on the TV, get it started after you get the mattress ready. Relax and watch the movie until I get there.”

I did as she said and patiently awaited her return.

As the movie started to roll, I realised right away that it was a porn flick. Although we hadn’t watched many, it was not unheard of. As the scene opened up, there was a MILF type woman who looked a lot like Denise, kissing a much younger man. Both were naked. As the camera panned, it showed his cock. It was, as expected, tremendous in size, although not nearly erect just yet. The woman (I’ll just call her Dee) dropped to her knees right in front of this massive cock and took it in one hand and held it up and looked at it wistfully. She said, “Well, that just won’t do, will it?”

A statement more than a question. With that she picked up a dog leash chain from the floor and began pulling on it. In just a second there appeared a middle aged man on his hands and knees crawling toward Dee as she continued to pull the chain which was attached to a pink dog collar affixed tightly around his neck. “That’s a good boy. Come on over here. You know what you need to do. You want to make Mamma happy, don’t you? She jerked the chain sharply and pulled him closer. “Come closer, Sweetie, look what I have for you.”

About that time heard Denise’s voice. “Did you hear that, she called him Sweetie, just like me? I like that part.”

I looked away from the TV and saw Denise walking down the stairs. I can still see that image as if it were yesterday! 5inch heels on a pair of royal blue pumps with sharp pointed toes. The shoes glistened like a satin glitter. They were classy and sexy as hell! Fishnet stockings that attached to a garter snap on her bustier’. The garter straps had little blue bows that matched her shoes. The outfit was a very royal blue like the shoes, with black lace trim. There was nothing covering her pussy or ass.

They were framed beautifully. Her pussy was totally shaved and almost polished, it was so smooth. Her breasts were lifted up on a shelf and practically handed up to you. Her nipples were blatantly visible and totally erect. She was wearing her best pearl necklace and pearl earrings and even tiny pearl accents in her beautiful blonde hair. The heels made her ass stick out and up in a wildly erotic way that I can’t begin to describe adequately or accurately. She was the picture of sex with a wild Dominatrix, MILF look.

She held a black leather briefcase in one hand and black leather woven riding crop in the other. I almost came from the hot smell of leather and from watching her come down the stairs.

She said, “Take off all of your clothes and lay down on the mattress.” I hurriedly did so and started stroking my nearly erect little penis. Denise cracked the whip in the air, making it sound like a bullet, as she yelled at me, “DON’T TOUCH THAT! You don’t get to touch that anymore, unless I say so.

“Let’s be real for a moment, shall we? It’s no more than two and a half inches long when it’s totally erect, which candidly, isn’t that often anymore. It is of absolutely no use to anyone, so just forget about it. Forget you ever had a dick. You won’t be needing it tonight… If ever. Do you understand?”

My hand shot away from my penis, and I replied, “YES! Yes, I understand. I’m sorry, but you might want to be a little quieter. I’m sure the neighbours could hear every word you said.”

With that, she cracked the whip again, and yelled even louder, “So you’re concerned about the fucking neighbours, are you?” Then she walked over to the sliding glass doors and threw open the blinds and pushed open the door, causing it to slam and shake the frame as it stopped. “There. Now the fucking neighbours can join us if they want to! Don’t you dare try to tell me how this evening is going to go! Or any other evening for that matter. Don’t you remember our agreement? I am in charge! What the fuck did you think that meant? Don’t answer me! Shut up and do as you’re told you dickless excuse for a man!”

So here I was lying naked on the air mattress in the middle of the living room floor with the TV blaring a XXX porn film, the blinds and back door completely open. Anyone across the lake or walking past could see every secret we had and who knows how far the sound would travel! Denise was standing above me on the mattress straddling my face, feet on my shoulders as she looked down on me in disgust. I was so turned on! I don’t know when I have ever seen a more beautiful or erotic sight. I was totally in love and absolutely under her spell.

“I think it’s about time I teach you what it is like to enjoy a cock. You want to enjoy a cock, don’t you Craig? Do you want Denise to teach you how to pleasure a cock?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She stood between my legs and kicked them further apart. She placed her royal blue shoe right on the underside of my dick and the heel right directly between my balls. Gently she rotated the pressure from the front of her foot to the heel. The bottom of her shoe was somewhat worn and I could feel the scratches and dirt and grit from the sole of her shoe rubbing and pressing against the underside of my cock and the sensitive part of the head of my dick. It was almost like course sandpaper rocking over my little dick. The classic pleasure – pain sensation was amplified by the sharp heel of her shoe digging between my balls.

She lowered the pointed toe of her shoe to my asshole and pressed it into the tender opening. Pressure… More pressure… I could feel the tip of the shoe beginning to open my sphincter ever so slightly. As suddenly as she started that she stopped, but only for a second as she wriggled the heel of her shoe against my sphincter.

“Watch the movie now,” she said.

As I turned back to the screen, the Dee in the movie was pulling the dog chain and bringing her husband’s face closer and closer to her boyfriend’s half hard cock. Denise said, “I like this part. Watch and learn.”

As she said this and the movie progressed, Denise kept the pressure of the heel on my asshole as she now rubbed her sandpaper sole across my balls. She was pressing harder now and my balls were beginning to hurt a little. I just got harder and harder!

As the girl in the movie pulled her husband’s face up to the cock in her hand, she told her husband that it was time for him to do his job and get this cock hard enough to fuck her. She pulled the chain between the big man’s balls, forcing his cock right into her husband’s face. The hubby dutifully opened his mouth and took the big cock all the way down his throat in one lunge. Dee grabbed his head and forced it up and down on the big cock. She pulled his head off further with each stroke until it was obvious that his cock had gotten really hard and was now at least 8 inches long and very thick.

The lover said to Dee, “DAMN! Your little husband is one helluva cock sucker! I’m about to cum already!”

Denise pressed her shoe harder onto my ball sack, and said, “I want to hear men say that about you, Sweetie. I want to finally be proud of how my husband performs in bed. I’m tired of being ashamed of you sexually.”

“Me too,” I mumbled.

“MM…. Sweet… My Sweetie is going to be the best cocksucker ever! I’m so proud of you, Craig.”

About that time the blow job recipient on the screen asked, “Where do you want it?”

Dee replied to him, “Straight down his throat. If you get soft before you fuck me, I’ll make him get you hard again.”

Dee stood behind him and pressed his head with her hips into the man’s cock. The man stabbed his cock forward as deep as he could. You could tell he was cumming down hubby’s throat. At the same time, hubby reached up and grabbed both ass cheeks and pulled the man deeper still into his mouth. I thought the man was going to pass out as he stumbled backwards. Hubby was obviously enjoying being a good little cocksucker.

I hadn’t paid so much attention to Denise during that scene, but she got my attention when I looked up and saw her face just inches above mine with a 7 inch dildo sliding in and out of her mouth. She lowered her bald, wet pussy onto my dick and she slid back and forth over it, not allowing penetration. The dildo looked so much like a real cock that I had to look to make sure there wasn’t another man there with us.

As Denise pulled it out of her mouth and licked it, she said “Wouldn’t you love to look up and see a real cock in my mouth right above your own mouth?”

Instinctively, my tongue reached out for the lifelike cock and she lowered it to me. I had no trouble knowing exactly how to lick it. Denise said, “OOHH, Baby! I don’t think there is any doubt now that you’re definitely Bi. I can see that you’re dying to taste some cock! That is so sexy!”

As she said this, she turned the big rubber cock toward my mouth and without words I opened my mouth and she inserted the cock. I sucked it like I like to be sucked, except that my dick had never touched the back of anybody’s throat. And this one was way down my cock sucking throat!

Denise moaned her encouragement as she dragged her wet pussy back and forth across my hard little dick. She suddenly raised up onto her knees and leaned forward and pressed her pussy onto my face.

“You can taste that cock, can’t you? That is so fucking hot! The thought of you feeling the pleasures and flavours of a cock turns me on so much! Soon you will be finally giving great sexual pleasure to a lover for the first time in your life!”

Then she slid down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked a few quick strokes and then kissed me. The flavour of my cock was strong and delicious. Denise stiffened her tongue and fucked my mouth with her make believe cock. It was really sexy as hell as she continued to fuck my face.

While I was in a sexual frenzy, Denise had spread my legs way apart. Suddenly I felt her finger slide deep into my asshole. What a surprise! Without warning and just as suddenly there was a second finger pounding in and out of my ass.

Her hand was warm and slippery. I knew she had used some sort of lube on my ass. It all felt really nice and pleasurable up to this point.

I caught myself bucking against her thrusts as I got more and more into it. I groaned, “Damn! This feels great!”

Denise pushed three fingers deep up into me until I screamed and she said “This isn’t about you feeling great! This is about you learning how to satisfy a real man!”

She twisted her hand and pressed harder before quickly jerking her whole hand out of me. I could feel a rush of cold air sucking up and slamming deep into my ass.

Before I could say anything, Denise was working the 7 inch dildo into my ass. Working it in, but actually it was more like slamming it in. It hurt so good!

Denise rocked it back and forth, in and out, deeper and deeper. Then she took my hand and put it on the dildo and told me to do it as fast and as deep as I could stand it. The fact of the matter is, it felt so damn good that I was fucking myself deeper and harder than Denise had. I was fucking myself like crazy with my eyes squeezed shut involuntarily.

Suddenly Denise surprised me again. She grabbed the dildo and pulled it right out of my ass. Another “hurt so good” moment.

Denise was right between my legs with a strap-on cock dangling from her nether regions looking massive and ominous. It must have been ten inches long and as big around as my own wrist.

“When I say a real man’s cock, Sweetie… This is what I’m talking about. This is the size cock that Neesie likes (She sometimes calls herself Neesie, short for Denise). Now do you see why you will never even be able to come close to satisfying me? Sometimes a woman just needs her pussy filled. There is nothing quite like having a pussy completely filled. This is what it feels like,” she said, as she placed the stiff head against my still gaping hole.

“Do you think any of our neighbours are watching?” I asked.

The sliding glass doors are still open. Can you feel the cool night air? You look sexy getting fucked like this by the light of the TV. “How do you think they’ll feel knowing that my husband gets fucked like this? Are you going to be embarrassed in the morning when you see them walking to their car to go to work? I can’t wait to see the looks they give you. I’ll smile and wink at both of them. I hope they’re watching right now…Watching you get fucked! This is really sexy!” Denise said.

She jabbed me with a quick little thrust. The head “popped” right in. I screamed, but I was pleasantly surprised when it did. And somewhat proud of myself too. It didn’t hurt that bad. Denise smiled, and said, “Well, well.” As she continued to inch it in slowly.

I could feel it getting deeper and deeper, wider and wider. I had no idea I could stretch that far. It was beginning to hurt more and more as I felt it touch my prostate. OMG! I felt the cum start to dribble from my nearly flaccid little dick. My ankles were now over her shoulders as she spread me wider and ploughed me deeper. She saw cum dribble and laughed at me for cumming like a girl just from being fucked. She reckoned that maybe I was more of a woman than a man. After all, it was more the size of a clit than a cock.

Denise continued to fuck me, faster now and deeper. The longer it went on, the more pleasurable it became. It seemed like my ejaculation was continuous. Denise was screaming now too, the other end of the strap-on had a piece that went into her pussy and also rubbed her clit at the same time. I didn’t know this at the moment, but found out later.

After at least fifteen minutes of pounding my ass, Denise orgasmed and fell onto me and let the cock slide out of my ass. As she rested on top of me, I felt something on my lips. Denise said “Open wide, Sweetie. You deserve a reward. She pulled that cock straight from my ass pushed into my mouth. She made me lick it clean and then suck it some more. I swear, I think I came again!

Denise said, “I can’t believe it! OMG! You can take more cock in your ass than I can take in my pussy! I’ve never taken that whole dildo like you just did!”

I can’t describe how good that made me feel. I was so proud!

Then she said, “That’s how it’s going to be, Sweetie. As soon as you have taken enough pictures and I know you can be trusted; I’m going to share my lovers with you once in a while. I want them to know that MY husband is the best piece of ass in town!

Denise then slipped a smaller butt plug into my ass. As my ass snapped closed around it, she said, “Get used to sleeping with this in place. I want to make sure you stay ready. We may have to put some of your pictures on to help you seduce your lovers. This is the end of tonight, but just the beginning of our adventures. I am so proud of you, Sweetie. I love you SOOO much! You’re going to be Neesie’s best little slut! This weekend we’ll find you a date! You sleep here on the air mattress tonight. And leave the doors open. I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning. Sweet Dreams.”

To be continued…


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