Debbie does Alabama: Part 1 & 2


Part 1

The stream of precum, translucent and shiny glistened in the sunshine as it hung from the tip of my very erect cock. Every now and then, my overstimulated penis would jerk and a strand of precum would fling off falling to the ground. I was standing naked outside in the early morning sunshine in our secluded garden. I gently touched my cock again fearful of ejaculating and spoiling the moment. Another blob of precum gushed from my cock tip adding to the string of pearls already dangling there. Taking my finger, I wrapped it around the precum as one would use a fork to gather up spaghetti. I put the coated finger into my mouth to taste my body fluid.

Sucking it clean my palate registered: slimy, not much taste, not as salty with that distinctive chlorine taste of my cum but still somewhat erotic to consume your own freshly harvested precum. My short, white uncut cock jerked in anticipation of cumming again. What had caused this early morning arousal? Being young and newly married, I was used to waking with a morning glory (a stiff cock).

I usually woke alone as my wife left the marital bed very early every morning to attend her swimming training. Normally I took my erection in hand giving it a leisurely wank at my own pace knowing how to satisfy myself from years of practice. This would end in me cumming on the sheets a practice my wife took exception to.

“I’d rather that your small, erect cock came inside my cunt than you masturbating and messing on the sheets.” She would say.

Being summer I had now taken to taking my morning pleasure outside and standing in the sun would take my time to wank my cock in the a la natural enjoying the arc of cum shooting off into the garden. However, before you think I’m a solo wanker let me tell you about my wife and how our marriage has developed over the last five years. It’s these memories that have me so aroused this morning.

Therefore, here’s the background to this morning’s raging hard on: My wife knew what she was letting herself in for when she married me. Yes, I am tall (six foot three inches), dark and some say handsome. Maybe the attraction was that I was well-endowed. There is a perception among women that all tall, large statured men are well-endowed. Well yes, I had inherited a bundle so was financially, but not physically well endowed. For you see I have a small cock.

“I have a small cock!”

Saying that must be as liberating as an alcoholic declaring, I am an alcoholic. My uncut cock is 4 inches long when fully erect and 4 inches around. I supposed one could call it a 4X4 cock. A 4X4 cock has a volume of 75 cubic centimeters (cm3) which is 43% smaller by volume than the average Caucasian cock. This means that my wife gets 56cm3 less cock for her money than she would from an average sized cock. Less filling. Likewise, my 4X4 is 25% shorter than the average Caucasian cock.

Less length, therefore, what’s considered the average dimensions of a Caucasian cock? It’s 5.5 inches erect length with a girth of 5.5 inches. This gives a volume of 131cm3, which is 75% bigger by volume than mine and 33% longer. So you can see what my wife is missing out on. Sorry about all the numbers but being an accountant I’m a numbers man. When my pathetic phallus is erect it easily fits inside a toilet roll tube.

Bear in mind that only 0.1% (that’s 1 in 1000) of Caucasian men have small cocks, defined as between three and a half to four and a half inches long when fully erect. So I have given you a few of my vital statistics, let me tell you about my wife. She is 5 foot 9 inches tall, has a blonde bob haircut, a full athletic figure and her crowning glory are her firm 38C cup breasts. An absolute looker!

I’m sure without my bank balance I would not even be considered by her. She has long legs and is a competitive swimmer, which keeps her figure in trim and gives her the excuse to train at the local country club pool every day. With her natural blonde hair, she has a natural Mediterranean olive colored skin that gives her a year round all over tan to compliment her blonde hair. Yes, she is a natural blonde and although she shaves down below she always keeps a blonde landing strip of pubic hair. Although she came from a very conservative part of the country with her competitive swimming (or should this read swinging?) she had had many premarital sex encounters both with male and female swim team members and the ever lecherous lifeguards.

Our married sex life was very vanilla. I thought conservatively tame. For as a young married couple we only had sex once a week and this was dictated by whether Debbie had a swim meet or not the next day. We had regular sex, her allowing me to play with, oil her tits, and dip my four-inch cock into her cunt. With my excitement, I normally came very quickly often apologizing to her for not getting her to orgasm. In our post sex state, I’m satisfied, Debbie is frustrated, she would continue to play with my cum sticky wilting cock and tell me about all the cocks that had fucked her before we got married and elaborate on how they all were much bigger than mine.

She mentioned that she had five lovers prior to our marriage but I’m sure she was being most conservative. She was now in her prime and sexual prowess peak. There was no chance of early morning sex as she was up at 4:30 am every morning to go swimming training. So many a morning as a newlywed I had to entertain myself by using both my imagination and right hand to wank my four-inch endowment to ejaculation.

Often after a successful swim meet, when she had won her category races, we would celebrate when we got home. I would pour her a glass of white wine; she would strip off all her swim tracksuit clothes and parade her tall naked body deliberately in front of me in the lounge. As if to say, look what your wife’s body has achieved today. She would push up her magnificent tits and give her nipples a tweak, playing with herself in front of me as she sipped a second glass of wine.

An olive tanned, blonde cock tease! The only problem was that I did not have much of a cock to tease. The procedure was always the same she took command of the situation.

“Don’t just sit there with a hard-on in your pants ogling my naked body. Take off all your clothes and let me see what my husband has to offer me as a reward for my successes today.”

Debbie would say fingering her cunt. Once I was fully naked and standing with 100% erection in front of her, she would dip her finger into her now moist cunt and run her finger under my nose saying.

“That’s the smell of winning. Your young wife feels very randy and needs a good fucking. Now lick this finger clean and you can start by licking up all the cunt juices flowing from my blonde cunt as I finish my wine.”

I would go on my knees and with Debbie standing, legs wide apart I would start the licking and sucking of her wanton cunt, her pushing her pubic area hard into my face every now and then as she held and manipulated my head into positions that most satisfied her.

“Did you have any locker room experiences today?”

I would ask trying to take an interest in her sport. “Yes, funny you should ask. You know that I like to strip out of my swim suit as soon as the meeting is over and air dries myself by parading around the ladies change room showing off my naked body and checking out any other female form. Well, today there was a young girl, Hispanic looking with a body to die for. She was from the opposition team but was very comfortable about also walking around in the nude in the change room.”

“A sort of kindred spirit?” I asked between sucking vigorously on my wife’s cunt.

“Whereas I was fair she was dark with jet black pubic hair and dark brown areola around her nipples. I found this most arousing. She noticed my hardening nipples and I’m sure she saw how moist and swollen with lust my blonde haired cunt was.

“She came up to me her dark nipples pushing against my chest and said, ‘Hi my name is Maria, would you like to shower with me?’ Without me saying anything she took my hand and led me into the large family shower cubicle.

“I managed to say Debbie in a very coarse lust laden voice, not believing how my dreams were coming true. As you know, I haven’t been with another woman for a long time now. And having a husband with a small cock other satisfying opportunities are always worth exploring,” Debbie said as if she needed to justify her actions to me.

My four-inch cock was fully erect again as my wife elaborated on her sex adventure. “What happened in the shower?” I asked as I fondled my stiff cock.

“Well, we were both naked, got into the shower together and started soaping each other off washing each other’s backs, arms legs gently rubbing the tummy area. All in very slow motion so that we could each feel, touch and enjoy each other’s contrasting bodies. Maria delighted in soaping my tits paying extra attention to my very aroused nipples. She said my tits were so big and beautiful. I told her that her dark tits and almost black nipples got me very moist and I just wanted to eat them.

With that, I could not restrain myself any longer, bent over, and took a naughty nibble on her nipples before starting an intense sucking session. Maria leaned back in the shower pushing her young tits into my face. All the while the warm water of the shower cascaded over our naked randy bodies.”

By now, my miniature erection was at bursting point. Much to my embarrassment precum had oozed from my cock and had formed a silvery hanging trail. It swayed as my cock jerked to the oral sexual stimulation of my wife’s escapades. My wife noticed and took her finger to gather up my bodily fluids then licked my precum into her mouth.


Part 2

With our extravagant lifestyle, we soon went through the financial endowment. I lost my job as I was drinking too much. Our marriage was in a desperate situation both at the bank and in bed. An Aunt of mine passed away in Alabama and me being her only next of kin I have left a small farm in her estate. It was a chance for a new start. We moved to the small remote farming town isolated in the bowels of Alabama. I managed to get a low paying job in sales which meant being on the road a lot, hotel nights away, achieving budgets and reaching targets. My wife, Debbie, got a job as a bookkeeper at the local grain merchant. It was the biggest business in town.

I normally got home late and tired to satisfy her bedroom demands or was away on business hotel nights. As summer approached, she stopped wearing a bra and started wearing very see through blouses that showed off her gorgeous 38C sized firm tits. I noticed but never commented. Perhaps she was looking for attention from her husband. The outfits became more daring with short skirts and cut off denim hot pants.

My wife was purposefully revealing more and more of her female assets. It was financial year-end and she told me that she had put together a team of local high school kids to assist with the tedious stock take in the grain warehouse. The grain warehouse owned and managed by Ryan Peters contained bags of hog feed, chicken corn, alfalfa pellets, cattle feed all stacked and stored in gigantic orderly peaks in the vast multi-storey warehouse.

Debbie was to oversee the annual stock counting with Ryan on Saturday and she said it would probably run into late Saturday night. Saturday morning she wore a sheer halter neck top tying at midriff that left a lot of tit for show and very little of her breasts to the imagination, a cheeky pair of denim hot pants and long dangly earrings. She looked very hot. Too hot to be taking stock take in a grain store I thought. However, whoa, she was my wife and her sexy dressing turned me on.

Maybe I would get a chance to wank my little cock in the fields today I thought. She returned home about 8:30 that evening looking very disheveled, with her top all done up wrong her tits blatantly hanging out, nipples swollen and showing and a broad satisfied grin on her face. I could tell she had been drinking wine as she smelt of wine.

“How was your day?” I asked, “You look as if you have been working hard”

“I have been working hard but most enjoyable especially this evening,” she said, “Do you want to hear all about it?” She was standing legs apart and looking very randy as she asked.

“Please tell me all”

She stood in the center of the living room, her long legs slightly ajar facing me. As she began telling me her day’s events, she undid her see through halter-top and gave her large tits a good shake.

“Well the stock take went faster than we thought and those high school kids were a great help. We checked and double-checked and everything accounted for. It was about 5:30 when Ryan said he would go and pay the high school kids and let them out. I was to wait for him in the basement warehouse where I was cross checking and consolidating stock take sheets. I heard him locking up and the bright overhead lights were switched off leaving only the low lighting.”

At this point still standing topless, she pushed both her hands down into her very mini denim hot pants and as I watched wiggled her long fingers. The hot pants slowly and seductively slid down over her hips. My wife was giving her husband a private strip tease and my little cock was responding accordingly. In its four-inch erect state, it felt cramped and trapped in its confined place and urgently need liberating and attention. However, despite my desires and lust, I was not going to interrupt my wife’s tale. The hot pants fell to the floor. She had no panties on and stood tall and naked in all her seductive glory.

Continuing she said, “With the lights dimmed, this created quite a romantic setting with the stacked grain bags looking like Disney castles. Ryan returned with a bottle of chilled white wine and two wine glasses. I was hot and thirsty when he poured me my first glass of wine. ‘Here’s to a successful stock take and all your hard work,’ he said.

“We drunk a toast and he poured me my second glass. I was already feeling horny locked in the warehouse with low lighting with my good-looking boss who was younger than I was. He then leans over to give me a big thank you kiss. As his lips touched mine we just melted into each other’s arms and the deep throating kiss seemed to last forever. I have never been kissed like that ever before.”

“‘Your breasts look amazing through that translucent material. I’m sure a lot of those black Alabama high school stock take boys will be wanking themselves tonight remembering the sight of your amazing white tits. You have been tantalizing me for weeks with your no-bra see through blouses. I’ve been getting a hard on every time I walk past your desk. Could I see them?’ he asked.

“I was now fully turned on and without hesitation, I undid the knot to my see-through halter top to let loose my nipple hard tits,” she said.

“You showed him your tits?” I asked.

“Yes, how can you refuse a request from your boss? And that’s not all.” Debbie went on like a runaway train as her fingers dipped between her legs. “He cupped my creamy white tits with his large black hands and the feel and the color contrast between our skins was a huge turn on. His hands were bigger than yours were and he was rougher, manlier in the way he played with my tits.

“‘I’ve seen them, and felt them but wonder what they taste like?’ he asked. With that I lay back on a low stack of grain bags, he poured chilled white wine on my left nipple letting it run over my ample breast then proceeded to lick the wine off having a good gnaw at my engorged nipple. He repeated this on my right nipple. By now I was ready and randy to fuck the whole high school stock take team cum boy or girl! He had removed his shirt to expose his muscled black chest.

“I ran my wine wet tits over his black skin creating a polished black sheen. He dug his thumbs into my denim hot pants and in one sweep; he had removed my hot pants and my thong exposing my very moist, dripping-with-lust white cunt. I fought at his belt buckle, undid his zip. My adrenalin was pumping to see what he had installed for me. I dragged out his black cock. It was still half flaccid, thick as a car’s radiator hose and very enticing.”

By now, standing naked in front of her husband and confessing her adulterous behavior had not only aroused me but Debbie was getting very re-aroused by the retelling. Her fully exposed cunt was flared open, labia swollen and was oozing cunt fluid down both her inner thighs.

“You played with his cock? I asked in mock horror.

“Yes there was at least something to play with and even half soft his ebony cock was twice as long and at least three times as thick as your pathetic white four-inch erect weeny! My intention was just to see what it would be like to suck such a massive black cock, to experience the thrill and girl power to bring it to full erection. To be able to wrap both my hands around a cock shaft, and to devour, wank, and watch creamy cum squirt from such a monster black penis. My lust and wanton sex starved cunt got the better of me and in no time he was pushing that thick black, long cock into me.

“It was huge compared to your thin short white cock. It went deeper where no cock had ever been in my cunt. It stretched all sides of my love hole in that I wanted to orgasm with every stroke of his massive black manhood hammering away inside my white cunt. Moreover, boy did he have staying power. He just went on and on fucking me on those sacks, occasionally giving us each a sip of wine from the bottle then pouring some over our connected genitals.”

“So you let him fuck you?”

I was cross now and Debbie realized she had overstepped the mark. Pouting she justified as only she could.

“He is everything that you are not. He is black and beautiful you are white. He is tall dark and handsome, has a six-pack and you have a beer paunch. He is captain of the golf team, a successful businessman, and serves as chairman of a charity. He has a nine-inch thick cock that can get erect while you have a measly four-inch thumb-thick cock that gets erect occasionally. Shall I go on?” she asked.

She thought I would get cross, throw her out or divorce her for what she had just done and told me. To my surprise, I was not angry or jealous but realized that this is what Debbie wanted. She enjoyed it and if anything, I was highly turned on seeing my sexy wife recently ravaged and satisfied by a well-endowed and handsome black man, standing in front of me. To Debbie’s surprise, I pulled her naked waist towards me. Her white thighs still crusted with his cum. She dipped her finger into her cum soaked cunt and presented it to my lips as a sort of peace offering. I licked it clean and then fucked her cum soaked hole with my miniature white cock.

“Can you taste Ryan’s cum?” She asked. “There should be plenty of it and it’s still very fresh.”

It was then that we had a relationship understanding in place. I, her husband, with my small inadequate four-inch white cock, had become a cuckold for my beautiful young white wife to be fucked at will by her macho black boss with his super sized cock to satisfy Debbie.


To be continued…



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