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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is being emasculated by a toy…

I figure out that my dick was small when i was 15 years old. Im (2” soft) and (4.6” hard). Iv learned to deal with my less then avg size and I like it now.

One afternoon my girl friend and I were up at the apartment pool getting some sun. We some how started talking about are past relationships and Ex’s. Iv been wondering of how many guys shes been with, so i just went ahead and asked. She said “I believe iv just been with 9 other guys, but fooled around with about 14 or so”.

That number was a bit more then I was expecting since were both 25 years old. I wanted to know more about her sex life with her Ex boy friends, so I asked if she fucked anywhere crazy or in public. She told me her and her last boy friend had sex in there collage apartment pool with four of her guy friends in the pool hanging out watching.

It turned me on imagining my girl getting fucked in a pool with other guys watching. She said “after we has sex in the pool for an hour. He took me back to his place and tied me up and had his way with me”. I could see in her eyes that she missed fucking him. (which turned me on)
I then asked if she has ever been with anyone that was well-endowed. She smiled and said “i hooked up with this one guy that was 8 or 9.. it was REALLY REALLY BIG!!!”. My little dick was getting hard just hearing here talk about another guys size being a lot bigger than me. (I loved it!)

I could tell that she wanted to change that subject to not make me feel bad but I wanted her to keep talking about her past lovers, So I just went ahead and asked her if her last boy friend A.K.A (pool fuck-buddy *Josh) was better in bed then me. She paused for a second and asked if i really want to talk about this.. Trying not to hurt my feelings. I then knew that he was obviously better in the sack than me.

She said, “I mean what we have is really special and its great, but me with me and him… it was just different”.
I said “different!?! different how?” She said that “when were having sex its more intimate, but when me and Josh were together he just knew how to make me cum…. A LOT! thats all”.

Just hearing that my GF ex’s boy friend makes her cum & orgasm a lot more then me just turned me on even more that I have to start hiding my little boner in my bathing suit.
I could tell that she felt bad so she just said “sorry babe”. I told her- “no your fine, I asked about it and you were just being honest. Its okay”

Three weeks later i decided to purchase a penis extender to make me bigger. It was 6.5″ long & had 6″ of girth . The first night that i used it with her i could see that she definitely like it. And could tell that I was finally fucking her deep and she was louder then usual that night. She constantly said “THAT FEELS SO GOOD BABY, DON’T STOP!” I lasted longer and she couldn’t get enough of it. I wouldn’t use it every night but let just say she never told me to take it off when I did use it.


This reader has buried penis syndrome…

I’m 5ft 11″ tall and weigh 240lbs and I probably have one of the smallest penises around. My penis normally stays retracted deep inside me, the head only appears when I am semi erect at less than 1 inch, and when it does become erect ( not very often at all ) and usually is no more than 1.5 inches and if I really work at it I can get it up to 2 inches max, my testicles are normal size, but when I orgasm I have very little volume at all, it’s like most men’s precum, just a little dribble runs down, it does not shoot. Then my penis retracts right back inside me.


Another reader learns the cute nickname the girls are calling him is anything but…

For reference, I’m working with about 1″ soft/3.5″ hard length/3.75″ girth. I’ve thought more than once in my life that I am very thankful I am into SPH, because if I wasn’t I’d probably be really depressed and sexually frustrated.

My senior year of college, I was dating an incredibly hot half Indian/half Japanese girl for about 3 months, everything was going pretty well, when she told me that she wanted me to go with her to a party so that I could be introduced to her friends. We get to the party, she takes me to see her girlfriend the host, and her friend is like “Is this MP??”. My girlfriend said something quickly to her friend about how she’s not supposed to say that, and then said yeah this is John. We chat a little bit, and when the host stepped aside for a second, I ask her why her friend called me MP? My girlfriends response was basically: “Girls give guys they like nicknames to their friends…don’t worry it’s not a big deal!”. She then pointed to boyfriends of her friends that were there, to one guy and said we call him Double D because so-and-so says he apparently has a donkey dick. She pointed to another and said that is McBuff(I got that one – he was a jacked scottish guy). The host came back and took us around to the other people at the party.

I end up meeting maybe 7 or 8 of her friends over the night, and they all call me MP the entire night. I asked my girlfriend after about an hour again what MP meant, and she just told me again that it wasn’t a big deal and not to worry about it. A little while later I was chatting with one of her friends and asked her what MP stood for. Her friend said “I’m not supposed to tell you this….but MP stands for Mr Perfect, because she thinks you are amazing”.

Wow. Pretty cool. I was happy with that. I still would prefer to be called John, but MP works too. I stopped asking questions at that point about the name, and just had a good time at the party. All of her friends were very nice and we wen’t home pretty happy. On the way home, I told her that a friend had told me what MP meant, and her reaction was like a deer in headlights. She said “Don’t listen to her, she was just drunk”. I said “So it isn’t Mr Perfect?”, and she looked relieved and said “Well, you weren’t supposed to find that out”. I wouldn’t find out until next day exactly why she had that reaction when I brought it up.

We got back to her dorm, started going at it, I ate her out for a while, which she really seemed to enjoy, and then got on top of her and we started fucking, but she fell asleep after like less than 30 seconds. I definitely was drunker than she was, but figured she just had a long night and went to sleep my self.

The next morning, we’re just chilling out after breakfast, she goes to get in the shower, and I jump on her computer to check some sports scores. While I’m on there a message pops up from a friend that I met at the party, messaging my girlfriend. I remember the message exactly – it was “omg MP is too cute…too bad about his MicroPeen though lol”

Oh, so there it was. The entire night her friends had been calling me micropeen to my face, and I had no idea. Even people who didn’t know her or me were calling me MP by the end of the night(but they probably didn’t know what it meant).

The worst part of all of this is that I couldn’t really call her out on this, because I thought it would be way too embarrassing for both parties. We dated for another 3 or 4 months, and I had to deal with her friends calling me MP every single time I saw them, and I had to pretend that it was a compliment.

After we broke up, which was largely mutual, I pretty much ghosted her. About a week after, after she had tried to message me/call me about getting a book of hers back, she posted on my facebook wall “Not only do you have a MicroPenis(MP), but you don’t have any balls either. Answer my calls”. Her friends liked her post, responded loool etc before I could remove it and block them.

Whenever I would see her friends on campus for the rest of the year, they would make sure to yell out “Hey MP!”. I would go beet red because I knew at that point that they knew that I knew what it meant.


Another reader emasculated by a toy…

My wife is a little bit conservative, but once while tipsy, she admitted to watching porn on occasion. She admitted that her go-to search term was “big dicks”. That seems strange coming from someone married to a guy with less than 4-inches, but I certainly didn’t question her. I was excited that she was opening up (and feeling a little humiliated/turned-on, of course).
Now it was my turn to share. “I’ve seen videos of guys wearing penis extensions. We could try one.”

My wife didn’t hesitate. She wanted to try it. The second, unanticipated, bit of humiliation was my trip to a sex shop, where I asked the guy behind the counter if they had the extender. I felt that by asking I was admitting to being small. I had nervous butterflies.

The one they had was cheap and was a disaster in bed. It was difficult to get on, and hard to stay erect. The material was cheap and the device was just generally unsexy. What a disappointment. After sex we cuddled and I made an offhand comment, “I should have just bought a strap on.”

My wife looked at me as if to say, “That’s a great idea.”

Our next trip to the sex store was together. It was the same guy behind the counter. My wife asked him to show her the different strap ons. She looked carefully at all three that they had, and selected a thick 7.5″ model that’s a dark purple color. I’m sure the guy knew what was up. I was so embarrassed and incredibly turned on.

That night I saw my wife have an orgasm from penetration. It was amazing to watch her react is such a visceral way to a “proper”, fucking. Afterwards there was really no denying that she wasn’t getting anything out of sex with me. Her reaction to the strap on was just so different and so much more than when my little dick I was inside her. She was embarrassed for me, but I admitted that I’d just seen was the hottest thing ever. I loved wearing the strap on.

We still use that first toy all the time. I’ve had to replace the harness, but that monster cock still gets to fuck my wife’s pussy. Some months later she admitted that she selected that particular model because the size reminded her of a guy she used to date. Just the thought of that makes my little dick hard.


This reader also suffers from women behaving badly…

My wife and I went to nyc for dinner. We went to blecker st. They have adult stored for couples. We went one store the woman behind the counter ash if we need help. Debbie said you have penis extension. She showed her a couple. .I told her get the real long one. Debbie said you know why he wants that one bc he has a clit dick. Has 2 1/4 inch hard. 5 woman started and laughed.


This reader outs himself and loves it…

I’ve always known I’m below average. It’s no real surprise really. But back in middle school I managed to convince a few guys when they were over to play strip poker. I was so excited that for the first time I would see a real man’s cock and not my little thing. We all started to take clothes off but it had never occurred to me that I could be the one that had to completely strip! As it would be, I lost and had to drop my briefs. I still remember the faces as my nub was full retracted. 2 were shocked, 1 giggled and one just stared.

Soon it spread as all things do. My dicklet was the talk of the school and the guys always made a comment whenever they got the chance. Soon I realised that I was getting hard whenever it happened. Welcome to SPH!

Then one day, I was chatting with a friend of mine from the grade above. Eventually he got curious enough to just ask if the rumors were true. So I played it off, and said, “Well I haven’t had any complaints” (even though I was a virgin) etc. Soon he just said it out right and asked for a pic. I thought about it and my cocklette got hard thinking about it so I did. Why not, right? Well I never thought that my friend would send it to his friends who sent it to their friends and so on, until my nub was on every phone at school! I still jack off knowing that about 100 of my classmates knew my little secret was.


This reader revels in talking about it to girls…

So let me preface this by saying this encounter literally just happened. I’ll change the names of my friends, but this encounter really happened not long ago.

So I was hanging out with a couple of my good friends, all of whom happened to be female, so I was the lone guy in a group of five. As happens sometimes, the conversation just happened to turn kind of dirty, and before I know it they’re talking about penises, and one of the girls – I’ll call Kelsey – says, “Oh, yeah, the average size of a penis is like 6 or 7 inches.” For reference, I’m about 4 inches on a good day, so having my friends – who I know aren’t even particularly slutty – casually give an average size so much larger than me was so freaking hot.

Anyway, this other girl (we’ll go with Hannah) is a virgin and doesn’t really get up to dirty talk as much as the others, so she’s shocked. She’s like, “that’s so big! I can’t imagine that being, like, inside me.”

But then Kelsey- who, by the way, is legit one of my best friends in the world and has a banging body – say, “not really! If it’s much smaller you can’t really feel it.”

And now I’m just completely quiet, just sort of laughing at it all but not really saying much, but I’m completely hard listening to this. And then one of the other girls, Emily, says, “can you imagine if you married someone and then you find out they have a TINY penis, and then you’re just stuck with it? Like I want to be faithful but that’d make it hard!”

And Hannah goes, “would that really be a deal breaker? And what if it’s too big?”

Emily says, “For sure. You can work something out with a big penis, but what can you do with a tiny one?”

Kelsey says, “I mean, you got to make sure it works right.”

And the last girl, Sarah, says, “you got to know right away.”

Kelsey: “First date question. Do you have a big penis?”

Sarah: “just let them know, you have to have a big COCK!” They’re all laughing like the thought of settling for anything less than a big cock is unthinkable.

And I swear I’m on the edge of cumming in my pants, knowing my friends would probably be laughing at my cock if they saw it.

Anyway, then the conversation changed to nude beaches because Kelsey used to live in Europe and, despite that, they didn’t really go back to talking about dick size. I don’t know if maybe they realized I didn’t have much to say when it came to big dicks, but I kind of hope they did.

But still, that was the first time I’ve really gotten a taste of real life SPH from people I really know, and damn it was hot. I know it’s not the most explicit bit of humiliation, but I thought I’d share!


Another reader says the girl next door wanted to check him out…

A few weeks after my visit to the doctors (outed by mother, SPH 41) I was teasing Susan the girl from next door. She was a couple of years older than me and would pop in if our parents were out just to keep an eye on us and make sure we were OK. Getting frustrated she stopped me into tracks when she asked,”How was your visit to the doctors?”

My stomach churned as I stuttered, “what?”

“Yeah, your Mum was telling mine about your little problem” she grinned.”is it true you’ve got no willy?”

“Of course, I have!”

“Oh yeah, but it’s only tiny isn’t it?”

My heart was racing and I was blushing which confirmed the truth .”If you show me, I won’t tell anyone” she said, but I refused.

She then asked if Id ever seen a girl naked. I hadn’t and we agreed to strip together. We were facing each other, she looked amazing but was laughing and pointing at my raging 3 inch boner when my brother came in the room. He grinned at me and Susan tried to cover herself up.

“Can I get undressed too?” He asked.

“Behave you’re only a kid,” she fired back.

“I’m bigger than him,” he responded, “and I will tell mum what I saw if you don’t let me.”

Two minutes later we are all naked and Susan’s eyes are on stalks as she stares at my brother’s thick 7 inch dick and massive balls. She said he was bigger than her boyfriend but it looked freakish with him being so young. She then started laughing and said it made my predicament hilarious as the older brother had the baby dick! She then asked us to play with ourselves in front if her which we did. While doing this I watched her and she couldn’t take her eyes off my brother’s dick and gasped when he shot a massive load. They then laughed together as I dribbled to my conclusion and shrank to an inch. We would often play naked together on Saturday nights after this


The same reader (above) is humiliated by his mom…

Not content with telling my doctor about her concerns over my small penis, I overheard my mum discussing her concerns with our neighbor in our kitchen. I walked in and demanded that she stop and show some respect for my privacy. Rather than apologize, she told me off for being rude, made me apologies to our neighbor and then had me sit there while they carried on discussing my tiny genitalia! The neighbor even asked how big I was and Mum turned to me and asked, “Is it still 3 inches?”

I went even redder and nodded. Our neighbor looked at me with pity and told me I still had a couple of years to grow and to not get too concerned. She then assured me my little secret was safe with her, even though I knew for a fact that she had been indiscreet enough for her daughter to have overheard! It was a shameful moment but also possibly the first time where an element of enjoying the humiliation crept in. I told her I was confident I would grow as big as her husband and my dad someday and they both laughed and the neighbor said I had a long way to go! I was trying to engineer a showing of my wiener but they did not take the bait


This reader was molested and humiliated by the school nurse…

Aged 14 and 6 months, I am stood in front of the voluptuous district nurse completely naked with a raging hard-on. It was part of my being monitored during puberty due to my mother’s concerns over me being under developed. She was crouched in front of me and her too-tight uniform had ridden up showing a lot of thigh. She then looked up at me and, flashing a wonderful smile and a kind laugh, held up her tape measure and said loudly, “four inches! Isn’t that wonderful?”

She could see I was unimpressed so she started to explain that 6 months earlier I was only 3 inches long so this extra inch represented a 33% growth. Answering my questions she admitted I was still small and she was still concerned about my lack of girth. She then gave me a warm flannel to put on my groin in order to coax my testicles out of my body cavity.

Five minutes later she is rolling my testicles between her fingers and has a string of glass spheres in her other hand. These spheres ranged from very small to about the size of a creme egg and represented different testicle sizes. She then determined that the fifth smallest was the closest match to my balls. This represented pre-adolescent which was a source of concern to her. She then sat me down and started talking to me which was unusual as I was normally dressed by this stage. During our conversation I told her the girl next door had seen me and my brother naked and my mum had told her friend about me being small. The nurse smiled and said she could tell I was excited by these situations. She went on to say they represented sexual stimulation and could only help my growth and I should embrace any opportunity that came along. She then grinned at my 4 inch boner that hadn’t gone down once during this consultation and said she knew I was desperate to masturbate so stand up and do so while she watched! I did not need to be asked twice, stood up and put my thumb and two fingers to work and came into a tissue she had given me after about 30 seconds. She laughed and said I was very enthusiastic for such a little fella now get dressed, go home and have some fun.


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