CyberPunk: A Humiliating Hacking

By Warix_Viviana.

Cassandra, or as everyone actually called her, Cassy, was a bit of an odd duck. She had grown up in the System and that had most certainly not helped anything, moving from one bad home to the next and sometimes living in modern orphanages called Foster Care housing. Either way, it had helped her quickly get use to what everyone felt sooner or later. Power Disparity.

The Club’s music was loud and the lights were strobing enough to give a regular man a seizure.

That was a healthy part of the why. Why the way she was the way she was. But it wasn’t the whole story. Sure, a shitty childhood growing up, being helpless, was a strong part of it. But it wasn’t everything. Here in Cyber City (renamed from Franklin City due to the mayor having extraordinarily bad taste), and most of the surviving planet by now, the Power disparity was insane. One poor man could starve and die on the streets and another man with money could augment himself to be able to withstand high caliber bullets and think at 10x the speed of a normal human. And that was without getting into the really high tech level individuals.

She saw a man with robotic eyes peering at a woman whose entire face seemed to be designed from carefully crafted metal and had neon lights flowing through the individual strands of her hair. A common cosmetic trend recently.

Being helpless for so long, in a few…. Difficult homes… had started her on the path. That was for sure. But it was puberty that had shifted the focus of that desire. And it had been an incredibly nasty, near life-ruining break up, that had really driven the point home. Everything else had been, well, time and bitterness. A common enough story really. Except instead of becoming a high class whore, or a dominatrix, or cracked and murdered someone in cold blood, her tastes her turned a little sharper, a little more sinister. She was once told she was the type of woman who liked to pull a prank and then marinate in the joke for a few days before saying that it was a joke. The worst type of person, basically. One that leaned more towards, well, the nastier side of the spectrum.

She passed by a Full Android dancer. More than a few of the moves were both sexually appealing and physically impossible. She felt a brief sensation of pity and empathy for those poor bitches and bastards. You don’t ever come back from Full Android, there’s nothing left to come back to. She shook her head and kept walking.

Still, she had her own Code. Once you became, well, what she had become, you either had to have one or lose too much of yourself in the process. A monster and demon were separated by one having a code and she was perfectly happy being one but not the other. A thin line but at least there was a line. Her morals were crap, but she had them. The rules were simple, but effective. No rape. No murder.

Everything else was kinda fair game. Sadly for the world, her definition of rape was strict and unflexible.

Molestation on the other hand… Finally. She had been walking around The Club for a while now, hoping to find a man with the right cybernetics but it wasn’t like they were exactly common in men. They came in exactly two different body sets. And sure, a man could get a few pieces here and there, but it took a special kind of man willing to have surgery on their dick, regardless of situation. The brain, at least, was a common surgery item nearly everyone had. That said something about the human race and she was happy to take advantage of it. You could even say she relied almost entirely on that fact, for her kinks to be possible.

The man in front of her didn’t exactly look anything too far from baseline. Besides some metal above the nose that could’ve just been cosmetic, at first glance, he seemed totally normal. He wasn’t. She knew that fully naked, his body would look like a well sculpted Adonis and his spine would be entirely metal. Superhuman in all the ways that counted, and a few that really shouldn’t, without giving anything away. Like understated wealth, which is mostly what these type of men were the type of. Everyone’s pockets and personalities determined what type of bodies they had, no different from looking at someone’s physical possessions. Dirt poor? Nothing. Poor? Tiny things but obvious things. False muscles, grafted robotic outer parts, etc etc. Maybe a prosthetic. Middle class is where things really widened out. Where people had options.

The aptly named Male Package C3 wasn’t anything special per se. You wouldn’t find it on the front cover of anything or anywhere, despite how expensive it was. Because it wasn’t special, it wasn’t obvious, it didn’t even make you more of what you already were. It restructured your body and bones to be Pretty Great, and gave a few add on attachments. It was the type of body someone with money to spend, but not that much money, would buy and someone who was cool, calm, collected, and rational. They understood the world was now a world of excellence and that sometimes, standing out can be just as bad as blending in. It was a hidden gun in your pocket type of body when they could reach out and crush your head like a watermelon.


“Yeah, we could go back to my place. I’m sure I could show you girls a good time.” The man said, causing two tipsy women to giggle.

Or, it was the type of body for smooth bastards that saw the penis resizing mod and decided they absolutely had to have it at all costs. Despite it not being a popular option for a reason. She loved finding those type of guys.

“Oh? If you’re going to show anyone a good time, perhaps you could show me what that body of yours could really do?”

The man looked up and his smile could’ve made a woman melt. She was certainly excited but not for quite the same reasons as the man before her.

“And who do I call such a lovely woman?”


“Darius. And I would certainly say my body could do a lot. There’s quite a lot to show after all.” He chuckled to himself and took a drink from his glass.

“I have a backroom setup, bed included. Perhaps you’d like to show me right now?” Cassy suggested with a lewd smirk.

A lesser or at least shyer man would’ve sputtered or done more than raise their eyebrow and put down their glass and smiled widely.

“Oh, well with that type of invitation, I couldn’t possibly be so rude as to refuse.” He replied.

And that was all it took. Honestly, if you have charm and a decent body, you were set to get laid in a club. If you had neither, you could buy a body and be good. Failing both? Be a woman. Hell, due to certain activist campaigns, turning into a woman wasn’t even that hard. She looked over to the Full Androids, a shudder passing through her slightly as she remembered a few permanently ‘rented’ bedrooms in this very club. Never sign a contract to become one though. No matter how desperate. Poor bastards.

She walked with Darius back to her room, leading the way. Not only because she knew the room number but also because she wanted to give Darius something to look at to keep him distracted. No need for his pretty boy charm to turn into intelligence and suspicion. That was always an annoying mess to deal with.

It wasn’t hard to find a club with private rooms these days. She was a programmer and amateur neurologist, so the science behind why things were the way they were wasn’t as much as a mystery to her as most people. Simply put, people had been holding themselves back. Even today, they were. But when you can become nearly anything with 85% life-like realness in VR, and modify your body in the real world as well, you let your wild side out.

And then your brain refuses to reign it back in.

Who cares if you’re a dog? Or love being a pixie in fantasy world? Or enjoy the spark as your whole body can be safely electrocuted at rates that would kill a normal person? Everyone is doing it!

That’s what the mind screams to not be put back away in the box of social norms and socially acceptable. And when everyone else really is doing it? Well, hyper-sexualization had been a long time coming since even before the internet.

From ads, to every Club and Bar seeming to double as a Love hotel, it only grew and spread. Soon, it’d probably get even better. Or worse, depending on who you talked to. Those who hadn’t felt tentacles before just don’t understand. Money means freedom and freedom means a whole lot more than it use to, even if it’s under the boot of the rich. She expected public orgies within the decade really.

Well, more public, she thought as she passed a couple trying to prove her point in the hallway outside her room.

“So, what did you have in mind?” Darius spoke up.

It was an odd question that her hackles raised a little. But that was mostly because that had been the question a police officer had once asked before nearly busting her. She looked him over again, letting her body language reader mod look him over. The results returned negative and she had significantly upgraded since last time. No more surprises. It did return why he asked though. His whole body language was radiating excitement and his peripheral was more slightly locked in place, probably trying to specifically not look at the other couple.

She smiled. “Don’t worry. I got some good ideas in my head. And perhaps soon, they’ll be in yours.”

They walked into her room and then the annoying part of the process began. Convincing him to let her hook up to him. A wild stupid thing to do, for many reasons, but a much, much better sexual experience for anyone with any knowledge or had done it before.

And it was clear Darius had done a mind meld before, just not with a stranger. Eventually, though, she managed to let him hook his mind to hers.

And that was all it took.

Programming was a long, long, long affair. It took thousands of hours sometimes if you didn’t know what the hell you were doing and with everyone’s minds being a literal computer these days, learning without killing yourself could be tough. For a hacker? That danger was magnified many fold.

But she had learned. She put in those thousands of hours of programming. So when it all came down to it, all it took, was a simple connection.

She backed up and looked at Darius, who struggling to move or yell or do anything. His body flinching. She allowed it, it was more fun when they felt like they had a chance to “break away” from it. She had his mouth be clenched down but his actual voice was allowed to talk.

“What. did you. Do?!”

“Oh Darius. We’ve only just begun honey. Go ahead and get naked for me, okay? I’ll even be nice and do the same.”

He did, against his will, and she did too. She could feel Darius’s struggles, could feel the rage and fear rising in him. Rage was winning out right now. It was almost simmering down into annoyance though. He didn’t like his body hijacked but right now, he was vainly hoping it was a weird sex thing since both of them were getting naked. He was right, but he wouldn’t like where it was going. She mentally changed a certain aspect of Darius without letting him feel the change, keeping his gaze locked on her the whole time.

Once they were both naked, she looked down and frowned.

“That was what you were going to show me? Darius, I get I’m the bad guy here but that’s just, irresponsible. Humiliating even. For me. Seriously, I can’t believe you’d even try to pick up women when you had a dick the size of thimble while erect.”

She allowed Darius to look down and released most of his face. She wanted to see it. And see it she did. That look of incomprehensibility, of confusion, of panic and worry, and then, finally, of realization.

Darius was smart, she’d give him that. Just not cautious enough.


She smirked.


The Male Package C3 had a penis enhancer. It completely replaced the penis, something most men would scoff at or react with utter fear at. Very few would take or accept it. But the reasoning was sound. It was just better, in every way. More pleasure, could resize itself in both width and length on the fly, and looked totally normal like the rest of the body. To all eye’s, even Darius’s, his penis now looked like it was about an inch long and had even less width than that. While erect. It looked like he had a micro penis.

Of course it was Cassy who did it. She had simply made it smaller and less wide. She would’ve done more but sadly, this was the limit on smallness that the penis could go to. Still, it was great. The rage and embarrassment she felt coming through Darius’s brain was exquisite.

She couldn’t help herself as she reached down and started rubbing. God, it was so hot. He was her helpless little toy and was forced to feel, inadequate. Forced to suffer from any humiliation she deemed fit. Oh yeah, that was the good stuff.

“A-Are you masturbating to this?!”

She turned off Darius’s voice for a while, it was more fun to just feel his emotions and watch him. She closed her eyes and really started getting into it, feeling Darius feel shock, confusion, a decent amount of anger, a little bit of fear, and some horniness that was growing.

She opened her eyes. It wouldn’t be too good to get into it before she really started to have fun.

“Alright, show’s over. Time for you to go to work my little darling.”

She walked over and grabbed a trenchcoat. It was decently long and would conceal someone’s body. She had even gotten it custom fitted to have an inner strip of leather that would part the jacket if you pulled on it.

She made Darius grab it, his fear heightening as things moved unpredictably.

“Don’t be too scared. I promise that I won’t harm you, well, physically, and that’ll you get your body back before the end of the night. Now goodbye.”

And with that, Darius walked out of her room, naked except for his trenchcoat.

She whipped out a dildo, coated it in lube, laid down on her bed naked, and finally connected her sight and hearing with Darius’s. On a low level. A long distance mind meld wasn’t out of the question but too much stimulus could distract her from what she really wanted to focus on. Mostly Darius’s feeling and her own pleasure.

She watched as she made Darius walked out of the club and was inwardly breathing in relief that the Male Package C3 came with well protected feet.

Darius’s emotions were starting to hit a fever point though and she slipped the dildo into herself partially, controlling him with ‘simple’ directions.


Darius was freaking out. Everything had gone wrong too quickly, too extremely quickly. He had been about to have sex with a hot woman and now his body was being controlled by a pervert. No, it was way worse than that. His body was being remote-controlled by a pervert who had him put on a trenchcoat and go walk outside naked. And made his dick shrink. That sent some great anger through him. He had specifically gotten this body so he could take care of that problem, while still having flexibility. Now it was much, much smaller than he’d ever gotten into and still erect. There was no problems with it being that way because of his body but it was still annoying to feel how small it was even while hard.

He wish he could’ve shaken himself at that moment. The woman controlling him was far bigger worry than his dick being the wrong size at the moment. No, he had no idea where he was going or what he was doing. He couldn’t even yell or make any movements that seemed like he was struggling. He tried, because of course he tried, but nothing came out. He had been delusional thinking he could break a mental restriction with, what, Will? Muscle? She was in his brain. He gulped and was inwardly relieved he could at least do that.

Had he pissed her off? Had sex with too many of her friends? Or had he just been plain unlucky? He was honestly hoping for the last one. Better for a random freak to attack him than someone with a vendetta. The way she masturbated at his small dick and frozen body just, well, better than what she could’ve done? Bright sides were hard right now but he was scrambling for anything.

He walked out of the club and nearly had heart palpations as she noticed she was making him go through the alleyway. Alleyways were dangerous. His body was strong and resistant to a bullet. Maybe. Many bullets would not go very well. And if she let him be attacked, he shuddered involuntarily and then tried to do it voluntarily and failed, as that was at least a small movement he seemed to be able to do. He tried to focus on those but his fear increased when he turned the corner and found the two college girls he’d been trying to woo from earlier. Crap, was this a whole setup or just chance?

“Hhheey! It’s that guy from earlier!” Said one of them, clearly drunk.

“Yeeaah! The cute guy that turned us down for that plain bitch! Rude!”

Chance it was then.

His heartrate sped up as he felt his hand grab some sort of strip of leather in the coat. He didn’t know what it did but he was pretty worried that-


“He’s a pervert!”

Darius was mortified. He was flashing two random women, showing his naked body at them. It only got worse as they both seemed to pause, and then, burst out laughing.

“HAHAHA! Look at his dick! It’s so small! Tiny!”

“Itty bitty tiny penis! So cute! Haha!”

The mortification and embarrassment suddenly tripled. If his blood still pushed color to his face he’d be red as a tomato. That, that bitch was making him embarrass himself! He couldn’t even open his mouth to explain this damn situation!

As if things could get any worse, he felt his hand going for his crotch. Suddenly, he wasn’t just a flasher getting laughed. He was a flasher getting laughed at while masturbating to total strangers.

“Oh my god! Marlene, he’s stroking himself!”

“Cindy, look! He’s already hard! It’s still so small though!”

The girls were looking at him like he was circus freak, staring particularly at his penis. He wanted to crawl into the nearest hole and die. Yet his body wouldn’t listen and he kept stroking it. To make matters worse he could feel his pleasure sensors going up and up. Soon, his mind felt like it was being overloaded with pleasure and he came in front of the two women.

“You- you came?! At us?!”

“You didn’t even last a minute?! Holy shit dude! You know they make mods for that right?!”

Oh god. No. They didn’t even think he was modded. They thought this was his actual body. Darius was going to melt into a puddle and die and he’d thank god for it rather than being stuck in this situation.

He felt his body close up his trench coat and walk away to the jeering of the two women.

“Wait! I wanted to see your cute little dick some more!”

“No no, go away you creepy micro dick guy!”


Cassy was loving this. She could feel the humiliation and embarrassment radiating out of Darius like a pink wave. He wanted to literally do anything but be there and Cassy was kinda enough to provide. The night was young after all and she had so many more places she wanted to visit. Still, she just sent him in a generic direction as she was a little preoccupied with her own pleasure. Her hand was down below, pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of herself, her other hand squeezing and massaging her breasts, masturbating hard to her little toy’s emotions. How he had to suffer feeling helpless and embarrassed, all because of her.

“Aww yeah, this is better than sex or drugs.”

She focused some more and was surprised to see who Darius had nearly ran right into.

It was one of her foster mothers.


The girls were a horrible experience but at least it was over. But he was pretty sure the memory would haunt him until his grave.

He was exclusively going through alleyways now and was horribly scared, which sadly didn’t take the edge away from the embarrassment and humiliation but just molded around it like an even worse blanket. He could seriously die if he ran into the wrong person or situation in alleyway. Everyone knew that. So when he saw well dressed whore in front of him, he nearly let out a huge sigh of relief. He didn’t, because he couldn’t currently control his breathing, but knowing he was in the safe parts of the city, safe enough for redlight work, was a massive load off his shoulders.

“Why hello Sir~. Would you like to partake in some fine company this evening?”

Darius felt himself stop in place and his eyes widened just a little, his heart growing cold.

“No. No, come on!” He thought. “Don’t you dare do this to me!”

Sadly, he felt his hand casually reach up and pull the strap, revealing himself.

The whore in front of him raised an eyebrow and then realizing that he was A. naked and B. most likely not going to pay her, became seriously upset with him. Her whole face practically morphed into the visage of a stern nun.

“Young man, I hope for your sake you intend to pay me-”

Her voice cut off as she seemed to catch sight of his currently extremely small dick. His extremely small hard dick.

She sighed an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes.

“I can see where the lack of potential for the other sex has driven you slightly crazy or mad, but I assure you, working women like myself don’t judge you. As long as you pay us.”

She outright glared at him, as his hand moved up and started masturbating. Her glare now added a frown to the mix as he continued. This was somehow way way worse than the laughing girls. He felt he was getting chewed out by teacher or something. Like he had morphed back into the classroom and was getting a talking to by a principle and his own mom at the same time, while masturbating forcefully. It was terrible. Despite what the woman said, she was judging him right now, glaring at him, frowning at him, arms crossed, and he could distinctly tell pitying him. All for his actions.

He didn’t care what his blood said could or couldn’t be done. He knew for a fact he was cringing and blushing hard, even through the mind control. He was going to scarred for life from this.

And yet he couldn’t stop. Despite only cumming a few minutes earlier, he couldn’t stop and the pleasure hadn’t ratcheted down at. Soon, he couldn’t help it and while staring into the woman’s eyes, he came.

“You done? Get out of my sight young man. If you come back, you should best have money to pay for this. It’ll be 5000 chit.”

She pointed, back the way he came, as if she couldn’t stand his presence in front of her for another moment more.

Darius’s feet did in fact turn around and take him away, but Darius himself was locked in his own mind, like a horrible specter had taken it over. Just replaying that scene and words over and over. If he wasn’t under mind control right now, he’d toss himself onto the street and cover his face, screaming into the void, before running back and apologizing to the woman profusely, over and over again. Instead, he was stuck and trapped, living a horrible nightmare. It was like going to bed and having a dream of wetting your pants in school and everyone laughing at you, except way worse, and completely real, and sexual to boot. It felt like a physical attack. You know that feeling of suddenly remembering an embarrassing memory. Well living it was always far worse.

His feet came to a halt in a nearby alley.


Cassy was having the time of her life. That woman had always been a stuck up judgemental prick. A good woman but a terrible mother overall. Not her own fault, not really, and Cassy didn’t have any truly negative feelings towards like she did half a dozen other foster parents but seeing the woman she had lived with for a year and half be forced to deal with that was just, amazing. Icing on the best layered cake ever made. Glorious.

And truly, what a glorious cake it was. Darius wasn’t just feeling a lot of humiliation, it had gone nuclear and become so much that she was starting to feel embarrassed and even had to dial it back a little.

The hand that had squeezing and massaging her breasts was now leaving deep marks and bruises on it as she kept squeezing and playing with herself. The hand controlling the dildo was currently slamming it inside herself. She had full control over her own brain and ramped up her own pleasure, feeling even more pulse inside herself. Before long, she felt herself begin to orgasm and just keep going and going, like the warmth of the sun and the pleasure of a million angels mixed with lightning pouring through her whole nerve system.

She let out a deep, earth shaking moan, and then her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out.


Darius hadn’t moved for at least fifteen minutes. In a way, that was a really good and really bad thing. He was leaning towards it mostly being really bad. Although the, thing that happened that shall not be named, happened…. He could quite literally survive that. Being laughed at by girls all night was fine. Standing out here wearing nothing like a statue for the next 24 hours was not. He knew it was a sex thing for the woman but had she just, gotten bored? Had enough? Or worse, had the program malfunctioned? The idea of program breaking inside his own head terrified him more than the thought of someone controlling him to, apparently, be mild flasher and sex pest. That was, very arguably, fine. As long he didn’t have anything worse happen to him. But now he couldn’t move or do anything.

“Hey! It’s that guy!”

“Huh?! Oh my god it is!”

Darius may have actually started to cry. He didn’t want to stay stuck here but the people that had found him were the college girls from before! Well, well, at least maybe that could actually help him right?

“Whoa, marlene, he’s totally just standing there. Like a freaky robot.”

“I know, like, what the hell dude?”

They were still very clearly drunk. One of them cautiously moved closer and poked him in the cheek. The other patted him on the shoulder and then tried to poke his eye. He blinked.

“Gah! Well, he’s uh, he’s still alive?”

“Yeah but he’s frozen like a statue!”

One of them stared at him, like she was trying to figure out some complicated puzzle through the drunk fog. The other one moved his trenchcoat to look at his penis.

“He’s still naked! And hard!”

“Whatcha think happened to him?”


He could practically see the steam rising out of their heads before they both seemed to snap to the same idea at the same time.

“”He Malfunctioned!””

He wanted to groan but really, it was close enough.

“Like, his body must have broke somehow. And now he can’t move!”

“But, he’s still there right? I saw him blink!”


Alright, yes, yes he was having some issues. Please take him to the hospital already!

“Uhh, what should we do. Marlene?”

But Marlene was looking at his coat.

“I’m gonna suck on it.”



“Like, he came in front of us right? That’s totally uh, consent right?! And his penis is really cute too…”

“We can’t! Uh! Hmm. He did cum at us! And he was hitting on us so uh, yeah? Yeah!”

Darius couldn’t believe what was happening to him but soon he actually saw Marlene get on her knees in a dirty alleyway and felt her lips around his currently tiny dick. He couldn’t help himself and came near instantly.

“Gah! It’s like a tick tack that squirts at you a little!”

“Hurry up! I want a turn!”

Darius wanted to scream as felt those lips return around his extremely sensitive and heightened pleasured cock. When he felt the tongue touch him, he knew it was all over. He came again, but this was fourth time in less than an hour and nothing came out. The woman didn’t stop though, she was barely getting started.

“My turn! After you, it’s my turn to suck the little cock! And then we can take him back to my place!”

Darius’s next few hours were filled with Post-orgasm torture. Eventually, his mind had enough of the mix of extreme pain and extreme pleasure and he blacked out. When he awoke, he had control of his body and was strangely in a closet. He quietly opened it and saw both women from the night before, sprawled in a drunken heap. He quickly found some clothes and escaped, promising himself never to go to a club again or let someone try to mind meld with him. Lesson learned.


Cassy awoke from her orgasmic release and passing out and reviewed what had happened. Her code had been very nearly broken. Thankfully, she didn’t see a blowjob being given as breaking her code. That was not technically rape to her, even though she knew that was actually bullshit. Still, it could have gone worse.

She looked at two more potential toys she could have through Darius’s eyes and smiled.


The End.


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