Our Readers SPH Experiences 201

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a close encounter he’ll never forget…

I knew I was on the smaller side, but this is how I found out just exactly how small I was. One morning, I decided to hop out of bed and go to the kitchen to turn on the coffee machine. I slept nude at the time and knew my roommate had already left. So I thought it would be funny to quickly go to the kitchen naked, turn my coffee pot and then hop into the shower.

So sleepily, I stroll through the living room. I immediately hear a gasp from my friend’s girlfriend from the couch. She had never stayed over before, but apparently, my friend told her she could stay while he was doing errands.

I panic and put my hand over my dick. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were here,” I blurted out.

I hated people seeing me naked, so I was mortified.

She immediately laughed. “I can tell! Don’t worry. There wasn’t much to see.”

I turned red and said, “Sorry,” as I backed out of the room.

“Don’t worry. I’m just glad I ended up with the right roommate.”

I ran into my room and hid until I heard my roommate returned. I could hear her re-tell the story to him, laughing as they left.


Another reader sees a guy with a smaller one than him and gets false confidence…

My first experience seeing the dicks of other guys my age and having mine exposed in front of them was a mixed bag of a confidence boost and embarrassment. I’ll never forget it. I was 13 and had to do an extra swimming lesson at lunchtime because I wasn’t good at it. There were only ever a few of us made to go. After a session, I’d gone to the locker room with Dave from the year above and Jamie from my year.

Dave was a good-looking guy and physically mature, with chest hair already. He was quiet and relatively relaxed and a bit of a crush. Jamie was somewhat cute but short, annoying, and mouthy. He always went on about having a big cock and being with girls. That wasn’t true.

As we were changing, Dave just pulled down his speedo and stood naked as he started drying off with his towel without the slightest hesitation or embarrassment. He had this huge cock (maybe 5” long soft, and very thick), big low-hanging balls, and loads of pubic hair. I honestly had no idea til then that a guy’s dick could even get that big. It was arousing but, at the same time, so intimidating and embarrassing.

The whole time this happens, Jamie still talks shit about his cock and girls. Then, for some reason that I will never be able to comprehend, he decided to follow suit and pull his Speedo down too. He exposed the most unbelievably, hilariously, tiny little dick imaginable. It was definitely under an inch, with small balls and no pubes. I had to stop myself from laughing. At that age, I knew nothing about this stuff, but I knew that it was incredibly tiny. I figured he hadn’t started puberty, although years later, I wondered if maybe he had a micro penis.

I was pretty sure I had a small dick at the time because the most mature guys in my year had bulges in their Speedos and made fun of me for not doing so. But having seen the size difference between Dave and Jamie, I suddenly felt differently, mainly because his dick was so tiny.

Even though I was shy, awkward, and self-conscious, in a total break from character, I thought, ‘What the hell.’ I pulled mine down, too, and started drying off. I was worried Jamie might go around school saying things about the size of my dick and ginger pubes, but I knew there was no way he could bully me when I’d seen how virtually non-existent he was. I stood facing him directly as I dried off my dick and balls at him.

None of us ever said anything about it ever again. After that, I thought I maybe had an average dick. Admittedly all afternoon in class that day, I kept getting unwanted erections thinking about them naked. As soon as I got home from school, I went straight to my room and spent the rest of the evening furiously masturbating!

By 16, my dick had pretty much stopped growing. My dick is upper-level Bronze Member-sized hard, and it never grew any bigger. It wasn’t until 18 that I got the chance to see any other mates’ cocks again, and when I did, all of them were way bigger than me, not just longer but much, much thicker.

I had my first few small penis humiliation experiences, then with accidental dick slips getting changed in front of my best friend and another guy. Both of them had big dicks, laughed at mine, said it was tiny, and then told other guys about it. After that, I realized I had a small dick, and many other guys have said so since!

But thanks to Jamie exposing his unbelievably, hilariously tiny baby dick, I got to spend a few years thinking I was OK.


Meanwhile, this reader thought his virgin cum was magical…

This story is not fiction. It’s true. I’ve never told this to anyone, and I’m not a writer, so I apologize if it bores you. Growing up in a rural area, there was not much to do, so Jesse (a family friend who lived just down the road) and I spent most of our summer down at the river near our home. Wading, fishing, swimming. We had just graduated from high school. The first summer started a new chapter in our life. Both 18.

After a warm day at the river, Jesse decided to spend the night at my house. This was when we didn’t have central air, and my window air conditioner was torn up. So we had a box fan blowing with my bedroom window open. We got into bed in our tightly-whities. I didn’t even own a pair of pajamas. We went to sleep in my twin bed, and sometime in the night, I got against Jesse. He had pitched a tent in his tighty-whities. I could feel it against me. I got so aroused that I had to feel it. I put my hand on his bulge to see how he would react. He sighed and opened his legs.

So I pulled his underwear down a little, and when I did, he raised his ass and pulled them off. Jesse was naked in my twin bed. I always knew he seemed younger than me even though he wasn’t, but his dick was tiny. It wasn’t even as big as my finger. He only had a few hairs around his little dick. I was about six inches at the time. But I was so excited that I went down on him.

Back then, sucking cock was taboo, and being labeled queer was the last thing you wanted. I knew the chance I was taking, but something overcame me. I loved the feeling of his tiny cock in my mouth. I’ve heard of cock drunk, and it’s an authentic experience. I was dizzy. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. But I couldn’t stop. I sucked like I was starving. His dick was so small that I licked his little balls while he was in my mouth. Then he pulled on my head and moaned.

His ass tightened up, and a small amount of cum shot into my mouth. Maybe a thimble full. I kept sucking, but he pushed me off his tiny dick. He then said, “You just sucked my dick.”

Damn, I was hoping he was asleep. Now what? Is Jesse going to tell everyone I sucked his dick? I was terrified but still, cock drunk at the same time. I waited till I thought he had gone back to sleep, stroked my dick, and shot the most powerful load of my life. Then the shame of sucking a dick set in, and the worry. Thankfully he never mentioned it, and we remained friends.

A couple of months later, toward the end of summer, we were down at the river, wading, and fishing. Jesse said he had to pee. He dropped his cutoffs, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. He had a full bush, and his cock was man-size. Bigger than mine.

It seemed as though my cock had been shrinking. My ass had gotten fuller too. Seeing him standing in the river with his shorts pulled down, a full bush, tan lines, and a thick cock was breathtaking. He even had a treasure trail running up to his belly button.

I said, “Damn, Jesse. You’ve changed.”

He said, “My cock has been growing since you sucked it. That was the first time I had ever cum.”

Damn, I guess he wasn’t asleep. He said, “Maybe if I suck it again, it will get even bigger.”

I couldn’t resist. He walked up to me, put his hand on my head, and pushed me down. My knees folded, and I took his cock in my mouth again. But this was not the same cock. He gagged me with it. Here I was cock drunk again. Just guessing. I would say he was seven inches thick. This time when he came, it flooded my mouth.

After that summer, I went to school, and he joined the army. I realized that he was a late bloomer when I sucked him the first time. That first cum shot set off a natural change in him. But that first shot of virgin cum did something to me too. My dick has shrunk ever since. I went from six inches to a member of this club. Very first virgin cum is magical.


While this reader goes for a naked stroll while everyone’s asleep…

On holiday last year and me and mates stayed in a big private house with a central kitchen. It was a bit of a boozy night around the pool, and we all went to bed at about 1 am. I had a shower to get clean, which was coke due to the dodgy boiler. My girl fell asleep around 1:30, and I needed a glass of water after my shower.

I’ve always had a bit of an exhibitionist kink and toyed with the idea of getting it naked. I debated for a minute or two and decided it was late. I could hear nobody else and thought, ‘Fuck it, we’re mates. We’ve seen it all before.’

I strolled to the kitchen naked and, as quietly as possible, got a glass of water. I stood there in silence for a few moments, drank it, and decided I had come this far. Why not chance walking a little further? This was pretty bold after a cold shower. I strolled down the corridors naked and walked back to the kitchen for another glass after a few minutes.

Somebody must have heard me as, at that point, the light came on, and in walked my buddy and his girl with their glasses of water. Silence ensues for a few moments before a giggle from her as they notice my penis.

Whispers of, “Oh my God, you’re brave,” and, “I know your room is just there, but still,” followed.

What made the situation doubly embarrassing was that my mate in boxers had the largest soft bulge I’d ever seen and dwarfed what I had.

He pulled his boxers off in front of his girl in the kitchen and me, joked, “Well, if that’s the dress code then,” and stood there humiliating me without saying a word.

His girl turned around, noticed him naked, and giggled, “Oh my God, put that away. You’re always getting it out, and besides, you’ll make (my name) feel—” She stopped mid-sentence and re-iterated that he should just put it away.

I decided to own it and chuckled before walking back to my room naked after a minute or two of small talk while we were both naked and his girl was in little pajamas. They never mentioned it to anybody, but we still joke about it.


This reader gets something over the obnoxious son of his partner…

Everything in this story is 100% true, except I’ve changed the names of the people involved. I hope you enjoy it. I know I did.

I’m a 41-year-old guy from the north of England, and earlier this year, I moved in with my girlfriend (aged 42) and her son (18 but will probably be 19 by the time people have read this).

My girlfriend’s son (whom I’ll call Jamie) and I have never got along. He’s always been moody and rude around me, which I can partly understand because no kid likes seeing their parents divorce, but that was long before I met his mum and has nothing to do with me. He’s gone from being needlessly rude (literally ignoring me when I speak, as if I wasn’t even there) to stepping things up since I moved in. Just the way he says to me and sometimes tries to goad me into hitting him or something because he knows if I ever did that, his mum would leave me. It’s like he’s trying to provoke me as much as he can.

Take last Monday night, for example. My girlfriend was away for a few nights, so Jamie and I were in the house. As usual, we generally stayed out of each other’s way, but when I got home on Monday night, I found him in the living room drinking one of my beers with two empty bottles on the table. I’ve spoken to him about drinking my beers before. I wouldn’t mind if he sometimes bought some I could drink, but it’s just one-way traffic. He takes mine and is entirely unapologetic about it.

I had a bit of a row with him and told him not to touch my beers any, and, like a typical teenager, he stormed out of the room ranting to himself, swearing at me, and generally being as obnoxious as ever.

A minute or so later, I heard glass smashing in the kitchen. I thought he’d injured himself on our patio door, so I raced into the kitchen to find an unopened bottle of beer smashed on the ground. I then saw him lift another two out of the fridge and drop them on the floor, where they smashed. He took great joy in telling me there were no beers left.

I shouted at him again and told him what I thought of him, and he came close to my face and said something like, “What are you going to do about it?” When I didn’t answer, he said, “Nothing as usual. Didn’t think so,” and walked up to his bedroom laughing.

Much as I wanted to run upstairs and kick the shit out of him, I knew I couldn’t, so I just stayed downstairs, tried to calm down, and stayed away from each other for the rest of the night. I had to be up early for work on Tuesday, so I thankfully had no real reason to stay up and risk having to reencounter him.

I left the house at around 6 am on Tuesday but returned home at around 11 am because something was missing from my toolbox at work. I knew Jamie had used it a couple of times (not always with my permission, of course) and assumed he had lifted it again and not put it back.

I called up the stairs to him. No answer. I called again, louder. No reply. I then shouted his name as loudly as possible, leaving no doubt that he would hear me. He continued to ignore me.

So I ran up the stairs, opened his bedroom door, and didn’t initially see him. For a split second, I thought he’d maybe gone out but was quickly alerted to a bright light and him talking around in the corner (the shape of his bedroom is almost impossible to explain).

When I looked, I saw why he hadn’t heard me shouting up the stairs. He was in his gamer’s chair, had his headphones on, and was taking advantage of having the house to himself by having a very loud sexual conversation with a girl on a webcam. I remember him saying, “Yeah, you’re daddy’s little slut,” which made me cringe beyond belief.

I had seen her on the screen before realizing that Jamie sat in the chair completely naked and wanking.

I knew this was too good an opportunity to pass up, so I decided to creep up beside him, tap him on the shoulder, and say hello. Because there’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught wanking, especially when you’re naked, right?


When I got up beside him (still standing in a position where he couldn’t see me), I realized he had the tiniest little cock I’d ever seen.

I haven’t seen many, but I’ve been in locker rooms and public showers and have never seen one as small as his.

No exaggeration. He had a micropenis, what you’d call a Gold Member of the Small Dick Club. It was also skinny, like a pinky finger, and this was all when he was erect. He wanks with his thumb and index finger. All while telling this ‘slut’ how much of a whore she was for getting her tits out for him.

This was perfect. Not only would he be embarrassed at me catching him wanking, but he would also have to live with me knowing he has a tiny baby dick.

But before I could prepare to reach out and tap his shoulder, the Gods smiled at me again. He suddenly shouts, “I’m gonna cum,” into his microphone.

And before I knew it, he groaned, and that’s when I made my move. I tapped him on the shoulder and said hello just as he was cumming, and I wish I had a video of the look on his face; it was priceless.

He swivels the chair away while shouting at me to get out and tries disconnecting the webcam with one hand while keeping his tiny privates covered up with the other. I just stayed where I was and laughed. He screamed at me to get out, and I took great joy in saying, “Why are you covering yourself up? I’ve already seen it, and you’ve got a tiny baby dick.”

To which he starts shouting and swearing pretty much uncontrollably.

He finally stands up from his chair (still with one hand covering his now shriveled cock) and starts pushing and hitting me with his other hand, but I’m much stronger than him, and he’s powerless to do anything. He knows he needs two hands but can’t leave his cock uncovered.

He’s nearly crying at this point, so I keep making jibes about his small dick repeatedly until I eventually decide it’s time to end his torment and walk out.

When I got downstairs, I saw the missing piece from my toolkit besides the front door. Had I noticed that I’d never have had the absolute pleasure of humiliating Jamie in such a perfect fashion when I first came home?

It’s been over a week, and I take the opportunity to call him out for his tiny dick at every opportunity. Any time it’s just him and me in the room, or we pass each other on the stairs, I remind him. He’s still the same obnoxious little shit to me, but I know he’s wholly humiliated inside, and I love it.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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