My High School Sweetheart

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Cucked By Highschool Sweetheart By eatmebeatmeguy

Fifteen years ago we were a young high school couple going through puberty and exploring ourselves. We would often find ourselves on the couch at my parents’ house deeply kissing and groping one another, but the clothes never came off.

A few years later, after fading apart, we were re-acquainted at college and I decided that I wanted to be with Heather and to be a better boyfriend. She had developed into a beautiful woman. She was five foot six, one-hundred and thirty-five pounds, had a beautiful smile, deep blue eyes and double D breasts. When I finally had the nerve to tell her, she had news of her own. She had a boyfriend and she was no longer a virgin. The next year consisted of us getting together every month or so and her talking about getting her brains fucked out by her boyfriend who didn’t really like being with her very much.

Heather eventually went on to cheat on him with various other guys and she loved telling me about it. When I finally told her that I was still very attracted to her, she shrugged it off at first, but then realized it was pretty serious. We had plans to get dinner and to talk about things and my feelings for her and she showed up 45 minutes late and she was not herself. I was proposing for her to break up with her boyfriend and to be with me, but instead she found a freshman boy who she found attractive and let him fuck her brains out.

A few weeks later I put the moves on her, we were making out and groping one another, and she put her hand down my pants. Within a few minutes she stopped everything and said, “We can’t do this.”

More than a decade later, after that frustrating scenario, I happened to be in LA and decided to look Heather up and call her. I was fresh out of a divorce and had nothing to lose. We had dinner and caught up on old times and really hit it off like not a single day slipped past us. She was in yet another bad relationship, not into her boyfriend at all, and cheating on him from time to time. She was afraid he’d find out and was getting ready to break up with him in fear of his reaction.

We were really hitting it off at dinner and she asked if I wanted to go get drinks nearby. We walked to a bar and sat down. It was darkly lit and pretty loud. We had a small booth table and though we were surrounded by other people, it felt intimate. After a few drinks she mentioned that she felt badly for cheating on her boyfriend, even though she didn’t like him. She then made a comment that implied that she was going to cheat on him again with me.

I said, “I’d be so happy to have you in my life that I’d be ok with you cheating on me.”

She almost spilled her drink, “no you wouldn’t.”

“Yes, I would. I’ve masturbated so many times to the dozens of stories you’ve told me about over the years – where you fucked the waiter, your co-worker, your professor, the freshman boy. All of them get me so hot.”

“You’d be ok with me cheating on you, if we were together?”

“It wouldn’t be cheating if I was OK with it. So, who in this room do you want to fuck?”

She moved over closer to me and for a second, and I thought she was going to say me, especially when she slowly started sliding her hand down my pants. “That guy over there is really sexy,” she said, talking about the built GQ looking guy across the room.

I knew exactly who she meant. She smiled at him when we walked in, and he smiled back. “I bet he has a much larger cock than this little thing. You’re still the same size as when we weren’t fucking in college.”

I felt a rush go to my head while my cock flinched and got harder. “Feel how wet my pussy is, but don’t get too comfortable down there,” she said.

She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I want him tonight, and I want you to make it happen.”

I called the waitress over and asked her to order him a drink. He received the drink and winked at us, or I thought it was us. She continued to talk about how much she likes big cock. Then the GQ guy got up and went to the bathroom.

“Go seduce him, and I’ll follow,” she said to me.

“What do you mean?”

“Just go follow him to the bathroom, and I’ll be there soon enough.”

I got up and went towards the bathroom. He was exiting as I was entering and I said hi. He smiled and passed me. I sensed someone behind me once I was in the bathroom, and it was him. He was towering over me, six feet tall and model esque to my five-foot-seven athletic figure. I looked up at him and said, “My friend thinks that you’re incredibly attractive.”

“Of course she does,” he said. “She also loves this.”

He pulled out a nine-inch cock, thick, perfect head, veiny and fully erect. “I’m sure she would,” I said, looking at it with admiration.

“No, she does. I fuck Heather a lot. She loves this big cock.”

My heart stopped. I felt pre-cum in my underwear. He pulled out his cell and said, “Oh, she just text me this.”

He showed me his phone and it said: Make him suck it. I’ll be there soon.

I didn’t know what to say. She set me up. The next think I know, I was on my knees sucking his big cock. Taking it like a slut, being instructed on how to do it right and in comes Heather. She slipped into the already small bathroom and locks the door.

Guiding my head deeper onto his big shaft, she called me a fag, and made comments about my small cock. She then pulls my cock out, smacks it once, and took GQ’s cock out of my mouth and compared them. “Look at this difference. Here’s why you’ll never fuck me,” she told me.

I lay on my back while he gave it to her hard and good for about fifteen minutes. He stretched her beautiful pussy so far and so hard while she dripped onto my face and mouth. She was screaming, but luckily the noise and music in the bar made it so nobody heard. Finally, he came inside of her, packed his deflating big cock away and left us alone.

She was still worked up and knew that I was so fucking horny. She let me clean out her pussy with my mouth, bringing her to another orgasm while I tasted the GQ man’s cum. I never knew a guy could cum so much. She knew that I needed to cum, but wasn’t sure if I should be allowed to. So she pinched my nipples and instructed me to cum in less than twenty-seconds, which I did while beating off furiously.

The End.


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