The Orange Door (Gay Themes)

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by Wifetheif

My wife Amber and I were taking a walk around our neighbourhood when it happened. The walk is something we did with some regularity since we moved into our small apartment. It was the perfect time of togetherness for the two of us. Both of us were getting established in our careers. Amber, all five foot five of her, with long copper hair, fantastic legs, brilliant blue eyes, and great tits, was actually a junior editor for a woman’s fashion magazine. She likes to dress up for work at her office, but not at home.

It doesn’t bother Amber that I am not much taller than she is I’m five feet eight, but when I’m with her I feel like an NBA starting centre. I have black hair and, even if a say so, a nice physique. I recently took a job as an assistant tennis coach at the local university. Both of us could only go up and on to better things. The two of us had been married just over two years on the night of this particular walk. The moon was shining high and we were in fine spirits. The two of us were amused by a news blurb we had read.

Some tribe or cult, I forgot which, had made a prediction that the world was supposed to end at midnight. We walked arm in arm just before midnight talking about all of the past failed predictions. The year 1.000, the year 2001, 2012, all of the rest. False predictions were kind of hobby of mine. I had a little scrap book where I pasted the false Rapture ravings of televangelists, ancient Maya tribes, Druid, Roman, and every other flavour of error. I planned to put a big check mark next to the latest clipping in my scrapbook at 12:30 denoting another failed prediction.

We were four blocks from home when Amber noticed a bit of shimmering just ahead. It looked like an orange beam of light reflecting upon a gossamer curtain. My lovely wife mentioned that the oblong orange wispy shape looked like a doorway.

“Well then, Amber my angel, why don’t we take a step through that door?”

It seemed funny that shimmering seemed to stabilize and grow more intense as we approached. Still, in light spirits, we strode towards the flickering beams. Even though we could see our familiar city street through what we thought was a trick of light, once we set foot through the misty barrier we entered a vast darkness.

Amber screamed, “Ben!”

I tried to pull her close. Despite my efforts we became separated and my arms were filled with inky blackness. I heard Amber scream once more and then everything in my brain matched the black surroundings and I passed out.


I awoke an unknown time later on a dune of ochre sand. Nothing seemed normal. Right away, I noticed the three suns in the sky. Wherever I was it was not on earth. I called for Amber as loud as I could and heard her voice weakly off at a distance. After a half hour of searching, I discovered Amber buried to her waist about a mile away.

It took the two of us to dig her out. Our hands were sore and Amber’s nails were a mess before she was able to stand free of the sand pit. Her jeans were torn at the knees, but otherwise she was fine. She took off her light jacket and shook out the sand. Underneath her baby blue jacket Amber had worn a simple white blouse. It was fortunate that she was wearing a lace up brown boots or her footwear would have been lost in the sand-pit.

Amber and I scaled a dune and took a gander at our surroundings. For kilometre upon kilometre there seemed to be only the ochre sand. Amber is a brilliant woman and deduced as quickly as I had that we were not in any place known as earth.

“Well, Ben, IF we ever get back home, you will have to put a big question mark next to tonight’s entry.”

Amber scanned the horizon and thought she spied some trees behind one of the dunes off to our west. If that direction was the west.

We were fortunate that the weather was reasonably cool, as the walk was arduous. What had first appeared as an indistinct green blob revealed itself to be a plateau dotted with foliage. Whatever they were, they looked similar to trees on earth. We heard the unmistakable sound of rushing water; that was a gift from heaven as both of us were parched. We came to the foot of the prominence to discover what was clearly a stairway cut into the rock surface itself. The carved staircase was geared for beings a bit taller than humans. We had to take three steps to tread over each riser.

At the top of the staircase was a flagstone lined plateau and a beautiful pool surrounding a small waterfall. The plaza was evidence of civilization and the water provided evidence that we would live.

Amber and I had not talked much during our hike to this oasis, our parched throats were not conducive to conversation. We began to make up for lost time.

Taking in the stonework and the artificial bottom to the pool surrounding the waterfall demonstrated that there was intelligent life upon this planet. We also wondered how we had travelled here. As best as we could discern, we had passed through some sort of inter-dimensional gateway.

“How will we ever get home Ben?” Amber asked me.

“We passed through that door once, perhaps we can find it again.” I replied.

“We have no idea where that door is, or if we find it that it will transport us back to earth. I afraid, Ben, we’re stuck here. Maybe forever.”

My heart fell as I considered Amber’s words.

“There HAS to be a way home.” I replied stubbornly.

“I know that you want to believe that Benjamin but we have to be realists. In any event, it will make a marvellous book one day.”

Whenever Amber called me ‘Benjamin’ and not just Ben, It meant she thought I was acting childish and stupid. I decided to quiet myself. We took a look a long walk around the flagstone topped oasis. There was a definite pattern to the layout. Trees in one area, large succulent looking bushes in other areas. There was a strange alphabet on various objects and walls. It was an odd script it looked like a cross between Chinese and Korean. There were not as many characters as Chinese and it seemed to have a uniformity like Korean. We saw many of the letter patterns repeat themselves in the script all over the landscape.

“You know Ben, I think I could figure this alphabet out if I had a week and some sort of Rosetta stone. Despite the complexity of the characters it looks like a fairly simple and straightforward language.”

After a while we took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our pant legs and dangled them into the beautiful clear pool surrounding the small waterfall. Our backs were turned to the staircase that led to the plaza as we talked softly. The only sound was the steady, gentle roar of the waterfall. We were not aware of and never heard our captors until we felt their arms encircle us. I fought like mad, but I was hopelessly outmatched. Then I saw why. The man pinning me down was huge, at least six foot five with iron sinews for muscles. In moments both Amber and I were hogtied and had been set down next to each other on some kind of furred mat.

My eyes drank in the sight of the entire tableau. There were seven of them, all tall, muscled and very dark. On earth I would have taken them for Middle Easterners or Indians from the subcontinent. Their eyes, however, were all a steel grey with flecks of blue. Some had brown hair the rest had hair as black as pitch. With them were beasts of burden. Great bipedal birds that resembled giant emus, they were greyish blue. Instantly I realized that these were obviously the creatures that the staircase had been built for. My eyes caught Amber’s, she was a terrified as I was.

We heard them talking excitedly among themselves. Their language reminded me a bit of the Mandarin you hear on shortwave out of China with a darker, guttural thread passing through it. The discussion was quite animated. Four of the large men produced guns that resembled old time blunderbusses but each was mounted with a stiletto like a bayonet. The way the quartet handled the weapons, they clearly understood how to use them for maximum efficiency. I feared that they had decided to kill us right then and there.

Instead, the one I took to be the leader unfastened the ropes binding first Amber and then myself. Warily we rose to our feet, working out the kinks form having our limbs restrained. Amber and I each tried to say a few words, but the leader frowned. He made motions with his hands and pointed to his own garment, a green Nehru type button-less shirt and a pair of loose slacks. At last Amber understood his meaning.

“We’re prisoners, Ben, and he wants us to strip.”

“My God, Amber, are you sure?”

“Yes, darling, and I think we best get moving the leader seems to be getting impatient.”

Just as Amber finished speaking the four rifle bearers leaned in menacingly towards us.

Hastily I tore off my sweatshirt and unbuttoned the blue shirt I was wearing underneath it. I could not help but notice that the leader and the other men were eying myself and Amber quite differently as we pared down to our birthday suits. I could not help but notice Amber’s actions as well. She slid off her jacket and then unbuttoned her white blouse. The eyes of the leader and the men manning the rifles eyes filled with appreciation once they spied Amber’s fabulous tits, barely restrained by her white lace bra. I must have dawdled a bit because I was yelled at for not moving fast enough. I slid off my pants and briefs. Amber loosed her tits to the elements and I could tell that these aliens were equipped with penises just like men on earth. Obvious bulges filled their pants. At last Amber slid off her peach coloured panties and her delightful copper covered pussy was obvious to all.

The men pointed and laughed at my penis. That stung, but Amber never complained about my size. I was always able to make her happy, or at least that’s what she told me. Next the bayonets were fixed upon my throat, holding me in place while the leader examined Amber.

My wife was quite brave as the huge man ran his fingers through her long copper hair, sniffed her head to toe. I was really pissed off when he practically inserted his nose into Amber’s lovely thatch of womanhood and inhaled her feminine essence. He gave her a very thorough inspection everywhere. When he was satisfied the man moved on to me. I knew better than to protest when he forced my mouth open to examine my teeth and had me move around so that he could ascertain how nimble and fit I was. He sniffed me as well, but not with the interest or intensity he had shown in examining Amber. The crowning indignity was when he shoved a finger up my asshole. I nearly forgot where I was and struck back at him. Instead, I filled his ear with English and French invectives.

The last order, we understood at last was to hand over our jewellery. I ceded my watch, wedding ring and my college fraternity ring. I knew I would never see them again. Amber had several earrings. She took her time removing them. I saw her eyes fill with tears as she slid off her wedding and engagement rings. The big leader pocketed all our rings and other baubles. I saw one of the men gather up all of our clothing, even our shoes and socks that had been sitting by the pool.

The leader then shouted a series of commands I saw a large man approach me with something metallic in his hands. I tried to shrink away and was hit by a rifle butt. Amber screamed and the man continued to bear down on me. I came out of my daze just as the large man had finished locking me into the device I stood up to realize that I was now clad in some sort of chastity belt. It held my penis in a downward curve. I could urinate but erections were clearly now impossible. I did not know if I should be thankful that they intended to preserve my chastity in this new world or fearful that I would never be permitted to have sex again.

To my right I saw another man step away from Amber. She too was clad in a chastity device of some kind. It hid her womanhood in a metal cloak with straps running up to just below her navel. The leader then presented Amber with a white cloth and instructed her to put it on. It resembled a cropped T-shirt and hid Amber’s luscious breasts from view, something she seemed thankful for. The shirt still exposed most of Amber’s taut muscled tummy, but at least her tits were not exposed. Amber and I were bound once more and strapped to the back of one of the large birds. I was reminded of the time, as a child, when I rode an elephant at a circus. Amber and I were gagged so that we could not talk, but we communicated as best we could with our eyes, head nods and body language.

The group of men was out of our view for a long time. Apparently they were busying themselves with whatever business had brought them to this oasis to begin with. We were moved into the shade to keep the now hot suns off our backs. After a very long time the bird we were strapped to was led to the pool where it drank its fill of water. The men mounted the remaining birds, the leader mounted our bird and followed the others down the staircase.

At the bottom of the stairs awaited some wagons. Obviously they had been unhitched from the birds so that the animals could climb the stairs. Amber and I were placed on the fur lined mat and the mat was placed into the back of one of the wagons. The cargo of the wagon, boxes and barrels, was shifted to make room for us. Amber and I were placed face to face. I forced my body to crawl and close the short distance between us. Her soft, warm skin felt wonderful against my own.

It was at least several hours later the three suns had shifted in the sky, creating an eerie type of twilight. The orbs of two moons began to climb the sky. We entered a city. The architecture seemed to all be stone and brick. The wide streets were lined with huge trees and smart little houses. Whatever else, I thought to myself, this world certainly has pretty towns.

I noticed lights going on behind the windows. It was not the glow of electric lamps like on earth, nor was it candle, or gas. Apparently this world had some sort of science. That was good, perhaps some resident of the city knew where the orange door opened and could direct us home. It was the only hope to hang onto.

At length we arrived at a building that reminded me of a barn. The wagons of our caravan entered the building and the doors closed behind us. Other carts and wagons with goods were already in the large open room. Suddenly I realized that tomorrow must be market day. Suddenly I was very fearful.

Amber and I were loosed from our bonds and marched over to a cage in the corner. There was straw on the floor and something that I took to be a toilet and water fountain. At last our gags were removed. We understood the body language of the leader, we were not to yell or speak loudly. The door to the cage closed behind us with a sickening thud. A formidable lock looked unpick-able, even if we had a bobby pin or some other piece of thin metal. Amber and I drank. Amber figured out how to use the toilet. Her device did not impede urine. I took a piss after she was finished. Until the lights went out Amber and I tried our hands at removing our chastity devices. I had to admire the engineering even as I cursed its achievement.

Amber and I hugged and spoke in whispers.

“What do you think will happen to us honey?” I asked.

“You know as well as I do, Ben. It’s a vile word… Slavery.”

“Oh come on, not in this day and age.”

“Benjamin, don’t be so dense. This isn’t Earth, we’re nothing more than commodities here. Just another good to go on the wagon.”

“Look, Amber, it can’t be that hopeless. This planet has to have scientists. One of them must know the way back to Earth?” I replied, trying to inflect hopefulness into my tone.

“Ben, what scientists here would know about that orange door we passed through on Earth? Why would anyone on THIS world know about it? Earth is probably more advanced than this place. Face it, Ben, we’re shit out of luck.” There was an air of finality in Amber’s voice as she said those words.

Amber’s last words that night were a dire. “I swear, I’ll kill myself before I let one of those gorillas have their way with me.”

Not able to conceive of a reply, I simply took Amber in my arms and kissed her deeply. She kissed me back. Sex was impossible in our devices. My penis was in agony as it fought to become erect but failed miserably. The cold metal about my loins was the worst kind of prison. I kissed Amber all over and nibbled her breasts until she cooed with pleasure. We might be separated soon so we were going to enjoy every moment that we still had. Several hours later we fell asleep in each other’s arms. My sleep was fitful and I had horrible dreams, so did Amber.


We were awakened the next morning when one of our captors slid a tray of food into our cell. The meal consisted of a deep yellow bread and some purple fruits shaped like pears. Amber and I were so hungry that we dug into the food with gusto. The bread reminded me of sourdough. I can’t describe the taste of the fruits other than to say That I had never tasted anything like them before and that they were delicious.

After eating, we washed our hands and faces in the fountain. After bathroom breaks, we sat and held each other some more. The leader of the gang and two of his companions who had captured us appeared before our cage. The leader was carrying a whip and all of them held a large pistol.

“I think it best we cooperate!” Said an alarmed Amber.

The leader cracked the whip twice. He did not strike us, but it sounded like a firecracker next to our ears. Following his urging we were led out into the daylight and down the paved walk to a large open plaza. Amber and I were led to a series of poles. They resembled nothing so much as giant hitching posts. We had our hands bound and we were lashed to the tall posts. Amber looked at me forlornly. A short time later other people were brought into the plaza and tied to other poles.

The women of this planet were gorgeous. They were all about three inches taller than myself. Their legs were long and shapely, like Amber’s, and they had lithe arms, flat tummies, and ample busts. Their hair was long and lovely and their eyes were so striking when compared to their dark skin. There were also men lashed to the line of poles. All of us were clad in chastity devices, and the women in cropped tops. Judging by the forlorn looks on all present, there was no doubt that we were all intended for sale.

“Ben, I love you,” said Amber. “I doubt that we’ll ever see each other again. I do NOT want to die, but if these creeps think that they can use me like some sex toy they’re in for a surprise. Ben, I’ll say goodbye to you now, for if one of these awful men touch me, I swear that I will find some way to off myself. No man can ever take your place, and no man ever will. Promise me that you’ll live, find some way to escape, and find the doorway home.”

“Amber, it can’t be that bad. Promise me that you will live. I could not go on if I thought you were dead.”

“My mind is made up, honey,” said Amber with finality.

I don’t know how long I hung there one my tiptoes and hanging by my wrists. There was a puddle of urine under each one of us lined up for sale after a while and the suns climbed a bit higher in the sky. If this was earth I would consider this part of day noon as the three suns were all the zenith of the sky.

As I feared the sales began a short time later. A pair of rough looking attendants, much taller and burlier than the ordinary huge men of this planet untied and began to lead away each victim in turn. I was surprised there was not more resistance. Some dragged their feet at first, but the big bruisers knew just where to apply pressure to the body to force compliance. After seeing them work on the first few “items of merchandise” everyone else glumly complied. They disappeared behind a wall, but the cadence of an auctioneer is plain as day no matter the language.

At last they came for Amber. I hollered to her to be strong. She simply nodded in reply. I heard some gasps as my wife hit the selling floor. Apparently she would sell for a high price. At last it was my turn. Knowing that the attendants could easily crush me if they wished I walked between them obediently. Behind the high wall I was led up a staircase to a dais. Some officious looking attendant removed my chastity device and I was marched to the middle of the stage buck naked.

Unlike the reaction my wife received I was greeted by laughter. Many of the crowd pointed at my penis. I took it that I was seriously under endowed on this world. Let’s face it, I was seriously under endowed for my world too. I didn’t attract many bids. At last I was placed back in my chastity belt and marched off the stage. A bearded man awaited me. He was tall and powerfully built like all of the men on this planet, but he had streaks of grey hair on his head and on his neatly trimmed beard. He seemed to be rather fit aside from a noticeable paunch. He smiled when he saw me. Before I knew what was happening, he bent down, wrapped me in his arms and kissed me!

I was too shocked to do much of anything. I had NEVER kissed a dude before! I heard the crowd titter with even more laughter as my ‘owner’ slid a collar about my neck, took my bound hands and led me another hitching post. I roasted in the triple suns for a while in total shock. Never had I considered the possibility that I would be purchased as a boy toy! Now I knew what Amber said about offing herself rather than being violated. That prospect had great appeal, but I recalled my promise to her and decided that I would stay alive and try to escape for Amber’s sake.

Sometime later, my new owner came to claim me. While I was lashed in place He ran his hands all over my body. He seemed to take delight in stroking my ass. I could just envision the scenarios going on in his head. He said some things in his language to me. I perceived that he wanted me to repeat the words. After a fashion I was able to and that seemed to please the old guy. Next to my owner this time was a huge man wearing a collar and a brief set of green trunks. I understood that this was one of my master’s fellow slaves, but somehow I doubted that he played hide the salami with this guy.

I was unleashed and lead to a closed coach behind one of the avian beasts of burden. Inside the carriage was all decked out in fine cloth and gold highlights. I quickly understood that I had been bought by a wealthy man. The large slave stepped into the driver’s seat of the coach leaving me alone with the old man. My hands were still bound. I discovered that my new owner was quite powerful as he picked me up and sat me in his lap. I tried to squirm away but he withdrew some sort of object from his pocket and pointed it at me. Instantly the collar tightened and I was gasping for breath. When I stopped struggling my owner restored my breathing.

He seemed fascinated with me, examining my skin, looking deep into my green eyes and stroking me all over. Now I knew what women meant back on earth when they described a bad date as all hands. Again and again he kissed me. If I failed to kiss him back, he cut off my breathing. What choice did I have?

The carriage went to what was evidently the wealthy part of town. The houses were larger and stood apart from each other on manicured lawns. We drove through a gate and pulled up before a rather beautiful house. I really did enjoy looking at the architecture of this planet. Once we arrived and the carriage came to a stop, my master’s manservant grabbed me by the collar and escorted me through a side entrance.

Several female slaves were hard at work on a meal when we entered. The manservant said something to the women gathered there. I could tell right away that these women were slaves. They all wore collars like mine. They also wore very short green skirts and cropped tops that hid their breasts but exposed their midriffs. I noticed that all of them were quite beautiful. They cooed over me, examined my skin and rubbed it to see if I was wearing some form of body makeup. Satisfied that I was real I was placed under the charge of one. The huge manservant left. The slave put in charge of me was taller than myself by about five inches. She wore a no nonsense expression as she picked up a whip, used a controller to constrict my breathing until I went down on one knee, and spoke to me sternly.

She marched me to a bathroom. The tub was pure alabaster and huge. The female slave began filling the tub. When she was satisfied with the depth and temperature she took out a key from a pocket in her skirt and removed my chastity belt. Having been cooped up for so long I was instantly erect. Her riotous laughter at my erect member did not help my mood any but I followed her lead and stepped into the tub.

I must admit that the next several hours were quite pleasant. The female slave who kept repeating something I took to be her name. I was getting a brief sense of the lingo. My repeated words sounded harsh compared to how they had been said to me, but she seemed pleased that I made the effort. I thought that perhaps she had thought that her master had purchased a moron and that she was testing my intelligence.

I did absolutely nothing as she washed me head to toe not missing a single millimetre of my body. After a wonderful bath I was led to a stone floored booth and the female slave produced an object that looked like an iPod. I don’t know how it operated, but as it was passed over my body every follicle of hair on my skin tumbled out and landed in a small pile at my feet. There was only a slight buzzing sensation as she took particular attention to denude my crotch. In a few moments I was more hairless than a newborn everywhere except the top of my head. She even ran the device over my face. I never had a smoother shave.

Once she was finished with the depilatory she had me step out of the chamber and stand in the middle of the room. From a cabinet she produced another chastity device. I could not help but notice that this one was much smaller, and fastened it over my crotch. Her handling of my shaft to get it in the tube was as a matter of fact, as a doctor telling me to turn my head and cough. Last I was presented with a brief green skirt. It was really two flaps connected by fabric. It revealed as much as it hid, which I gathered was the point of the garment.

The manservant returned and forced me into an elevator. We arrived at the top floor of the house. I was led to a room. I quickly perceived that this was my master’s bedroom. A bed sat on the floor in one corner. The decor really caught my eye. On the ceiling was a huge mural of a slave performing fellatio on his master. The artwork was impressive, even if the subject turned my stomach. On the walls were relief carvings of men being anally penetrated. I was under no illusions as to what happened in this room. As the manservant exited the room, he flashed me what looked for all the world like a devilish leer. I felt the bottom fall out of my stomach and I began to hunt for a sharp object.

I had made no progress in my search when I heard the door open behind me. I turned to see my master. He was obviously freshly bathed, he wore a loose fitting robe and a lot of cologne. He pointed out the artwork on the room and indicated that I was to reenact the scenarios portrayed in various art pieces. I tried to indicate that I was not interested, but it was hopeless. I knew he could cut off my breathing if I denied him his desire and if he wanted to; with his mass and bulk, he could easily force me to do his bidding. My mind preformed the delicate calculus or acceptance or rebellion. I was still debating when he cast off his robe.

I’ve never been fond of locker rooms. Naked guys are usually invisible to me except for one aspect. I am not well endowed at all. It’s hard not to notice that the flaccid guys all around you have more girth and length than you do fully erect. You can’t help but notice the mockery in their eyes when they give you the once over. You try to ignore it and say tell yourself that it doesn’t bother you but it does. So much of a man’s pride is between his legs. I can remember no time in a locker room where I wasn’t the smallest guy. It was bad enough not being tall, but it seemed as though the powers that be were really rubbing it in by giving me a child’s pee-pee.

Only Amber had been able to convince me that I was a man. I wondered where Amber was, but those thoughts quickly vanished. When I first spied my master naked. Saying he was hung like a horse is an insult to horses. It looked like he had a sawed off baseball bat between his legs. It was huge, veined, and throbbing with intensity. I felt butterflies in my stomach the size of rabbits. He pointed to the ceiling, indicating that he expected me to suck the python he owned.

I backed away from him until stopped by a wall. I felt the collar about my neck tighten and I gasped for air. He grasped my shoulders and forced me to my knees. I thought that I would pass out and not just from the lack of oxygen to my brain. Calling every bit of reserve I possessed I tentatively began to explore his monster with my tongue. The return of air was a godsend. I resolved that I had to stay alive for Amber. I had to find an exit from this world and the only way to do that apparently was through repulsive acts such as this. With difficulty I was able to get my mouth around his cock. I tried to remember how the women in all of the porno’s I had watched had acted and I tried to emulate them. My master seemed delighted in my technique. Suddenly he made a sound that clearly was not a word and he grasped the back of my head and held me fast against him. His cum shot in huge waves all over my mouth and chin. The taste was repulsive I wondered how women were able to choke it down.

My master grinned from ear to ear as he watched his mammoth rod become flaccid. From a table next to us he picked up a towel and mopped his seed off of my face, lips, and chin. Then he kissed me deeply and his tongue did several complete circuits of my mouth. He held me close. I realized that I was a tiny novelty in a world of giants. I was the “cute” woman of tiny stature. Or perhaps I was a sideshow freak. He stroked me with intensity, apparently delighted with my now soft and hairless flesh. I wanted to die as I knew the worst was yet to come. I could not imagine that my sphincter could contract enough to accommodate his equipment. Amber and I had experimented with a strap-on, but this was ridiculous.

I took a look at the man who now controlled my life. Apart from his noticeable paunch he was in fine shape. His muscles bulged and he really was a handsome man. I was sure that if I had been a woman I would have found him devastating. His beard was scratchy when he kissed me. He held me close and whispered soft words into my ear. Apparently I was a hit. With dread I noticed that his massive member was recharging itself. I braced for the inevitable. Carrying me as though I weighed nothing, he transported me over to the bed sitting on the floor. He had me get on all fours. I felt something warm lubricate my anus. Whatever he was using smelled like honey.

I tried to relax and to my master’s considerable credit, he went very slowly, working himself in millimetre by millimetre until I felt him deep inside of me. He gently began to rock. Although I was physically appalled, the sensation was actually quite pleasant. As I said, Amber and I sometimes engaged in anal. I always enjoyed it when she penetrated me. I tried to think of Amber and imagine that it was her using the dildo we call ‘Sylvester’ on me. All at once I felt my master cum deep inside me and his penis began to retract.

He wrapped his body around me and stroked me all over as we laid on the bed. I knew now that the worst was over. I felt confident that I could handle my master’s future demands. I had to for Amber’s sake. My master returned to kissing me. I kissed him back. A short time later he pushed a button and one of the female slaves entered carrying two trays of food.

My master bid me eat. I was famished, so I dug in. The food on this planet was phenomenal. Every bite was a symphony in my mouth. There were more of those purple pears and some sort of meat. There was also something resembling coffee. It was black as tar and scalding hot, but it was very good. I cleaned my plates with no problem whatsoever.

The same house slave entered and retrieved the trays. She left two books with me and some kind of writing device. I looked at what I had been given and I quickly deduced from the simple illustrations hat it was a reading primer for children. There was also a blank notebook. I knew that I would be writing down all of my experiences as soon as I had a moment alone when escape was impossible. My master took some time and pointed to each letter and demonstrated the pronunciation. I tried to imitate him as best I could. I could tell he did not like my inflection which I simply could not master. Apparently my new owner wanted a toy he could converse with.

I tried to keep track of the days in my notebook, but I had no idea how long the days were on this planet or how they divided their year. I had estimated that I have been under my master’s charge for four months. My language skills had grown to the point where I was able to read and write short sentences. My days progressed in a steady order. In the morning I was bathed by a female slave and presented to my master. He spent several hours with me usually taking my ass twice and receiving one blow job. Then we shared lunch and my master disappeared until the evenings. The female slave who had first bathed me, her name is Dejan, would then tutor me in the language (that’s all it was called and apparently it was universal in all parts of this planet) for several hours. The process was slow going as we had no common language between us and she would have my collar strangle me if I lapsed into English.

Other days I was made to exercise to keep myself in shape. Sometimes I swam in the master’s pool, other days I was compelled to throw weights around. I was actually in better shape at this point, then I had been on Earth. One aspect of my life remained constant. Despite the daily liberation from my chastity belt, I had not been permitted to jerk off since I had been captured. My master took no interest in my equipment, contenting himself with my mouth and asshole. I realized that I might never have another ejaculation again. Some days my master put me on a leash and led me around his sprawling home. Even after all this time I had only seen a small fraction of the mansion.

It was on one of these walks with my master that my life changed utterly. Across a field I saw a group of Female slaves hanging up laundry. One of them was quite a bit shorter than the others and had golden red hair. Amber! I pointed to her and tried to get my master’s attention. At last he understood what I was looking at and walked me over to the group of females. They were all speaking the language of this planet and were tittering as women are want to do.

“Ben!” She shouted when she saw me.

Although by this time I had been renamed Delem, which means ‘little slug’ in the indigenous tongue. Amber looked as though she wanted to embrace me, but knew that that would not be permitted. The master informed me that I would be able to converse for a brief time he walked about five paces away and watched us carefully.

“I had heard rumours that there was another light skinned slave in the house. I had prayed that it was you.” Said Amber. “How is the master treating you??’

“Like an erotic toy. A celibate toy if you want to know the truth.”

I gazed at Amber she was gorgeous the green skirt and top beautifully complimented her skin. She appeared to be in fine shape physically and seemed to be settling into life on the master’s estate. Her legs were still long and fine and her bust was just tantalizingly out of view.

“How are you being treated Amber?” I asked her in return.

“Its Demaha now, it means ‘the golden twilight’. I really love the language, so much more beautiful than English, I can speak it very well and can read it even better. But I know what you want to know. The master does not make use of his female slaves in the conventional way. He does see to our needs, however. They have a device that can give women orgasms at will. That’s why I learned the language so well. For every lesson I completed flawlessly, I was given time with the device alone. I have not been with a man since I came here but…” She trailed off when she saw the hurt and longing in my eyes. She began again after a pause, “There’s something you MUST know. The master did not purchase me for himself. I’m to be a present to his nephew when he comes of age. I still haven’t worked out their complicated calendar, but I think it is about a year away.”

“And you are OK with that Amber?”

“I have met him, He is quite charming and, to be honest, handsome, but he wants me for a wife not a slave. That means that I will be free! If I pass the citizenship test I can go anywhere in the world and search for a way to get us home, I could NEVER do that as a slave.”

I bit my lip, and replied, “And you’ll sleep with the Master’s nephew to obtain your freedom? I’m your husband!”

“Benjamin, dear sweet Benjamin. We’re not on Earth any longer, and there’s no way we can return home if we remain slaves in this mansion. I will NEVER forget you, and I WILL find some way to be reunited with you. But until that time comes, both of us have to do what is best and most practical. I’m sorry, Ben, if that hurts you, but it’s the truth!”

I have no idea what I was about to say for at that moment the Master retrieved me and steered me back to the big house. Later that afternoon he was especially gentle with me. For the first time he tried to calm my emotions. “I know you must miss home. Home is a universal value.” He told me in the language. And then he held me tight while I sobbed like a baby. I shed tears about everything, from my capture to my celibacy, to my master’s unwanted sexual attentions to my wife’s betrayal. That night for the first time I really kissed my master with all the passion I could muster. Our subsequent time together was really special.

To be continued…


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