Consoling the Widowed Neighbour 2

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by timmywells


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It’s not like I’m a clairvoyant or anything but I knew the phone call would come from next door. I knew it would come from Melody Parker and I knew it would come on a Monday because that was the weekday she had off from the library.

The call would have me come over on some shallow premise, like fixing a drip or killing a spider, and it was then that Melody would try to seduce me. Seeing how awkward and almost childlike her husband Paul had been in “seducing” me in his basement bar, I could only imagine hoe Melody would pull this off because she was even more straight-laced and puritan looking than her husband.

Paul was right out of central casting, with his nerdy glasses and appearance leaving no doubt that he really was a bean counter at a bank, and Melody was the stereotypical librarian if there even was one.

Melody wasn’t unattractive but was very plain. About 5’5″ with mousy brown hair, she had had a pleasant enough face even if most of the time she had a more deer-in-the-headlights look about her than her husband.

Melody was about average in weight, and having seen her in a bathing suit a couple of times – a drab very modest one-piece than was as outdated as my own suit was – I had managed to get enough glimpses at Melody to figure out much of what was under the suit.

Melody’s body was rather pear-shaped, and if I had to put numbers to her I would guess the thirty-year old would measure out to be around 33-28-38. Very small on top, as I learned when the opportunity to look down her front presented itself, a little thick in the waist and fuller in the butt.

The lower part interested me because I like a healthy sized butt, and in addition my careful scrutiny had revealed that Melody had needed to do a little gardening down below, even in a frumpy bathing suit like hers. I had seen the razor bumps around the leg openings at her crotch, and that meant there was likely a lot more hair to be found. Since I’m a Renaissance Man at heart, I didn’t mind that at all.

So when Paul, in between giving me head and rimming me, mentioned several times about how he wished some built along my lines would go over and ravish his wife – even giving me her work schedule and mentioning that she had been just as entranced by the bulge in my bathing suit as he was – I knew the call would come.

I wasn’t even surprised when it came the Monday after Paul and I had enjoyed our little rendezvous in his family room. I had showered early and had enjoyed a few cups of coffee on the front porch, waving to Paul as he got in his car to go to work just like always.

Paul wasn’t going to work. He had tried to give me that impression but he wasn’t headed for the office because not only hadn’t he bothered to wear his tie like every other morning, he was missing another very important part of his wardrobe. His pocket protector and the row of pens it held.

I suspected that little Paulie was going to drive around for a while, maybe go have breakfast in town somewhere – imagining Paul sitting at a Mickey D’s with a Happy Meal made me chuckle because even though he was 30 in many ways he was very juvenile – and then when the time was right Melody would call me, and Paul would have already snuck back home to assume whatever position he was planning on observing from.

I figured the time would be noon, and I was guessing that the premise would be me fixing that kitchen faucet that I had tightened before but had a habit of getting loose. Melody would be wearing something provocative, at least my her standards.

This game I was playing with myself was sort of like Clue, the adultery version. Instead of Professor Plum in the library with a candlestick, I was guessing Melody with a leaky faucet and a husband under the bed.

The phone rang at 11:30, and I call that close enough to noon.

“Steve?” Melody said softly, her voice even more meek than usual. “I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”

At the end of the conversation I was patting myself on the back, although instead of a leaky faucet Melody something from the crawl space attic and since Paul was at work and she was shaky around ladders and really needed this box of things…

Of course I was happy to oblige, I said, and on my way over I walked down to the road ostensibly to check the mailbox, but when I looked down the road I could see Paul’s car all the way down towards the stop sign.

“You little pervert,” I muttered to myself as I went over to help poor helpless Melody out.

The woman who answered the door had done little to make herself look sexy and was still in her bathrobe, and the nervous way she greeted me was sexier than she was herself. Putting her on the defensive, I leaned down and kissed her good morning, and unlike the peeks on the cheek she had given me a couple of days ago, I planted this one on her lips, setting her back on her heels, or rather on the backs of her fuzzy blue slippers.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” Melody asked, her hand clutching near the neck of her bathrobe, making me wonder if maybe she had bought something sexy from Victoria’s Secret for the occasion.

“No thanks Melody,” I replied. “I’m full of caffeine as it is. Now where is that box you needed?”

“Have to pull the stairs down in the hall,” Melody explained as she led the way. “I hope I didn’t take you away from anything important.”

“No, not at all,” I replied, realizing that my passing on the coffee might have made it seem like I was in a hurry. “The chance to spend some time with a pretty lady is far better than anything I would do at home.”

Melody blushed at that, probably because she wasn’t called pretty very often, but I’m not your average guy in that I find the plastic and slick women that many guys find sexy anything but. Melody was not that kind of woman, and her plain and somewhat natural look was erotic to me in a way. the fact that she had checked me out in my bathing suit the other day didn’t hurt in my mind either.

“I could never get those stairs down by myself even if I could reach,” Melody said as I reached up and grabbed the handle. “Paul sometimes has trouble getting them down.”

“I guess they can stick sometimes,” I answered as I tugged them down with little effort, causing Melody to giggle nervously.

“Must be nice to be tall and strong,” Melody said, even batting her eyes at me while she spoke, and for a second she reminded me of that cartoon character Krazy Kat who always had stars in her eyes after the Ignatz, the mouse she had a crush on who would hit her in the head with a brick back in those politically incorrect 60’s.

“I don’t know about that,” I said as I started to climb the steps up to that little storage area that all the houses in that development had, and when I looked up there and saw only a few boxes that eliminated one of the places her husband could be hiding. “Now which one of these do you need?”

“It says HOLIDAYS on it,” Melody said from down at the foot of the stairs, and then she made me jump when I felt her hand on my calf, making me glad I wore shorts over, and then she apologized for shocking me. “Don’t want you to fall.”

“That’s okay,” I replied as I felt her hand on my calf gently rubbing it. “You have a soft touch.”

“Nice legs,” Melody threw in, although I didn’t think so. “Hairy.”

“Is that a good thing?” I asked as I took my time reaching for the box.

“Sure. I mean guys are supposed to be hairy, aren’t they?” Melody said, and then added for whatever reason, “My Mom asked me if Paul shaves his legs.”

“Oh well,” I said with a chuckle. “We’re all different in our own ways. Variety is the spice of life isn’t it?”

“I guess,” Melody said as I decided to grab the box because her timid stroking of my leg was making me a little excited.

“Now where would you like this?” I said as I climbed down, and after she had me set it in the kitchen I peeked inside and saw the Christmas decor in the box that she so badly needed in July.

“There!” I declared. “Anything else you would like me to do for you? I’m a man of many talents.”

“Uh no, I don’t think so,” Melody said, and I could almost hear the gears grinding in her head as she tried to come up with something to make me stick around.

I decided to give her time to think, so after asking if she minded if I washed my hands, I retreated to the bathroom which had a slight dampness to it that suggested Melody had taken a shower just before calling me.

Inside the stall I saw the stuff; her Prell shampoo, the barely used bar of Dove soap so new the logo imprinted in the bar was still readable and a can of shaving cream next to a Bic razor.

I wondered whether in addition to shaving her armpits and legs she had trimmed her bush as well. It didn’t matter to me because while I preferred a woman’s legs to be smooth I loved a nice thick bush. My hands got a brief scrubbing and then after rinsing and drying them I arranged my stuff in my shorts and headed out to rejoin my neighbor.

Melody was not in the kitchen where I had left her, and after I stood waiting for a minute I heard a quivering voice called out, “Steve?”

Since these houses were all made from the identical floor plans I knew where the voice was coming from. The master bedroom. I took my time going down the hall, wondering what I would find when I made the turn at the end.

I wasn’t expecting the dimmed room with a lava lamp – for crying out loud – and the massive religious black velvet painting over the headboard was even more disconcerting that one of Elvis or a bullfighter would have been. The king-size bed was freshly made with just a small part turned down, and I was surprised that there weren’t rose petals on the sating sheets.

And then there was Melody, cowering over on the far end of the large bedroom with her hand still clutching the neck of her robe, although the slippers were now off. Melody gave me a weak smile as she seemed to be breathing heavily already.

“Oh my,” I said as I looked at the lava lamp churning away on the night stand. “Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?”

It was clear as I took a couple of steps around the bed towards the center of the room that Melody was oblivious to the movie reference, and when I explained that it was a line from “The Graduate” she nodded.

“Heard of it – didn’t see it,” Melody said. “We – uh – don’t go to the movies that much.”

“That’s right,” I replied. “I recall you saying once that your favorite movie was The Ten Commandments – or was it King Of Kings?”

“Both. They’re both great,” Melody mumbled, taking a step back as I approached.

“Right,” I responded. “Now which one of them was John Holmes in?”

The look on Melody’s face was priceless, and after her mouth moved a little bit and nothing came out he managed to squeak out, “Paul told you about that?”

“Sure, you know how guys talk,” I said. “We talked about a lot of stuff downstairs the other night. Where are you going?”

That comment was in response to Melody taking another step back and having her back hit the wall as I got closer.

“Are you afraid of me?” I asked, and after melody shrugged her shoulders I asked her if she wanted me to leave.

“No,” Melody said, her voice actually clear that time as she looked up at me as I hovered over her with my hand on the wall above her head, her lower lip quivering a bit as sweat beaded up on her forehead.

“Paul, is he under the bed?” I whispered as I bent down and kissed the top of her head, and after she shook her head no I continued, “In the closet?”

“Yes,” Paul’s wife replied in a barely audible voice.

“I see. Well, now here’s the $64,000 question. What is it you two or looking for? Do you folks want me to fuck you while Paul watches, or do you want me to to fuck you both?”

Melody nodded, which I guessed was an answer, but I wanted to hear it from her – that it wasn’t just Paul wanting this to happen but that she wanted it too, and when I whispered that question in her ear she answered.

“Yes I do, but I’m scared,” she said with those deer-in-the-headlights eyes.

“That’s okay honey, so am I in a way,” I responded and with that I stepped back while trying not to look at the closet where Paul was no doubt looking through the slats of the bi-fold folding door.

“So Melody, want do you have under that bathrobe?” I announced loud enough for all to hear. “Something sexy?”

Melody shook her head, and after I told her that I wanted to be the judge of that she finally let go of the neck of the robe and let the robe slide off her shoulders and onto the carpet.

As Melody stood there shivering, her hands spastically trying to cover up everything and managing to fail totally, I thought that was one of the bravest things I had even seen, baring herself totally to me like that.

“Put your hands down Melody,” I said as I began unbuttoning my shirt. “You look nice.”

In truth she didn’t look bad at all, especially when I thought about what I feared she might look like. Her waist was thick but she had no belly to speak of, and she had no scars or tattoos. Her breasts were small – barely enough to fill her hands – and her pear shaped body was made more obvious with her naked, but I had seen much worse.

“Want to help me with these?” I asked, motioning to my shorts, and as she got close to me I touched her round shoulder, squeezing the soft skin gently as she fumbled with my belt even worse that her husband did before.

“Why don’t you go down here?” I suggested as I put a little pressure on Melody’s shoulders, and as she went to her knees I heard a little noise coming from the closet, making me wonder how many times little Paulie had cum already and exactly when I would have him join us.

Not yet though. I was relishing looking down at his wife who had finally managed to undo my shorts and was taking them down, all the while keeping her eyes on my baggy boxers. I saw Melody’s eyes really bug out when I lifted my foot to step out of my shorts. Apparently that movement had caused the tip of my cock to peek out from the leg of my boxers and her reaction was enough to get me even more interested than I already was.

“You alright, Melody?” I asked while cupping her cheek and lifting her face upwards, because she looked ready to either faint or cry as she found herself doing what those people in the dirty movies did, and for the first time unless she was the greatest actress in the world.

“I’m sorry,” Melody mumbled as her chest heaved. “I’ve never – I mean Paul is the only man I’ve… and his is so tiny compared to… THAT!”

“If you want to keep it that way, I understand,” I replied, and as I spoke the librarian glanced over at the closet before her hands gave be the answer to that question when they went up to the elastic of my boxers to begin pulling easing them down with a slowness that was almost painful.

I heard a little gasp when the boxers got down past of silver and black bush, and after she exposed the entirety of my semi-turgid cock Melody leaned back a bit and made a choking noise when she looked at what really might have been the second cock she had ever dealt with. I was tempted to calm her down by letting her know that even though it was pointing straight down it wasn’t going to get much bigger than it already was but I held my tongue, instead reveling in the expression of awe and wonder that this old geezer wasn’t used to seeing recently.

“Go ahead, honey,” I said as Melody started to reach for my member, and when that little hand with the twinkling wedding band finally grabbed it and tried to lift it up, the still-rubbery hose flopped around on the girl, forcing her to use both hands on it. Sweetly, after lifting it up to a horizontal position she kissed the tip of my foreskin – something she wasn’t used to dealing with – but then her hands manged to coax the shroud down a bit to expose the glans, which got a kiss of its own.

“That’s it, Melody,” I said with encouragement as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting her lips slide down a ways before opening her eyes and seeing how far she had to go. “I bet you want to deep throat me like you do Paul, don’t you dear?”

Her mouth full of cock, the formerly mousy librarian was unable to speak but her eyes spoke volumes as she was probably thinking exactly that same thing while looking at her fists wrapped around the part of the shaft that her mouth had no hope of reaching.

“That’s good honey,” I sighed as she actually was doing a nice job on the three or four inches she was sucking on, and giving her husband in the closet a mention I added, “Paul’s a lucky man to have a nasty cocksucker like you. Why don’t you give my balls some of that love?”

I took my cock from Melody’s mouth and lifted it up, making it easier for her to get to my balls, and my neighbor got the hint pretty quick. Plopping my cock onto the top of her head, I relished the feel of her tongue lapping at my balls after she was unable to take one into her mouth.

“Paul?” I said to the closet, deciding that it was time for my nebbish friend to join us. “Why don’t you come out of there and join us?”

The door creaked open, exposing Paul in all his glory, his naked body glistening with sweat and his 4″ boner pointing at us.

“You told,” Paul said as if this was a playground, but I cut him off.

“Melody didn’t have to,” I informed him. “I could here you panting and doing who knows what else in there. Why don’t you come over here and get some of this?”

I held my arm out to Paul and as he got close I brought him to my hip, positioning him so that Melody had two cocks to choose from as we surrounded her, our dicks touching.

“See how much bigger Steve’s cock is honey? I told you,” Paul said as he moved her hip closer so we rubbed together more, and Melody looked up and nodded, seeming to be confused as to what she was to do.

“Stick your tongue out and lick them both,” I instructed. “Then give each of them a little sucking. That’s it.”

I leaned over to Paul and whispered in his ear, “You know you give better head than your wife. Why don’t you go down and show her?”

Paul was on his knees in a flash, grabbing my tool and starting to suck on it crazily while Melody looked at him as if it was the first time she saw him. Could it be that she didn’t know what happened in the basement before? I had thought she knew.

“You can share it, Paul,” I said with a laugh as I turned to face his wife. “There’s plenty for both of you.”

Paul reluctantly handed over my cock to Melody, who sucked while her husband played with my nuts, and after they went back and forth a couple more times I had them moth licking my cock on the sides, their tongues even meeting on the tip before I decided that we should go to the bed.

“I think you know what I want, Paul,” I declared as I had him lay on his back, and as I straddled his face and squatted down a bit I pulled Melody on to the bed and gave her a kiss while kneading her little titties.

“What’s Paul doing?” Melody asked when our lips separated, and when I told the curious librarian he was rimming me she asked, “What’s that?”

“You don’t know?” I asked, and although Paul’s tongue was just getting into it I decided to call and audible, and after I dismounted from Paul’s face I had the confused Melody get on all fours with her skull at the headboard, and after I got behind her I told Paul he was free to stand at the foot of the bed and go back to doing what he was doing.

Before me were the plump pale buttocks of Paul’s wife, and as I put my hands on the soft cheeks and spread them apart I told Melody, “This is what rimming is.”

I bent down and put my face in the steamy canyon, not surprised at all that her thick bush extended right up between her legs and up her crack, but my tongue had found many a puckered ring in such jungles and as I pushed my face in and began probing Melody lurched forward and gave the headboard a tap.

“Steve!” Melody cried out. “That’s my bottom. You’re licking my – omigod!”

I snorted, stifling a chuckle but I was too busy eating her virgin asshole to explain, and with Paul eagerly rimming be from behind I was in the middle of a Parker family sandwich of sorts.

Melody had been squirming, so much so that I feared she was going to bolt, but I think it must have felt good because she stopped trying to get away and instead grabbed on to the headboard with her hands to save her head.

I reached my hand up between Melody’s legs, and if there was any doubt as to how the prim librarian felt about the proceedings all it took was feeling her pussy hair which was practically dripping. Melody’s pussy was like a vice, with my finger needing to push hard to get in, so after fingering her for a minute I had our little daisy chain break up.

“Fuck her,” Paul snorted, the little guy looking all fired up with his eyes blazing and his dick bouncing in front of him, but as I helped Melody onto her back I had other ideas.

“Warm your wife up for me,” I said as I knelt at her hip and pulled her thigh towards me while raking my fingers through her thick bush. “Loosen the lady up.”

Paul nodded like an obedient puppy, scrambling between her spread legs and without ceremony plunged in to her, thrusting his hips briskly for about 10 seconds before his face contorted and he groaned.

Just as quickly as he mounted his wife, he was climbing off, his dick shrivelled down to a nub like a babydick, and the only evidence of what had happened was his seed that stood out on the lips of her fur-ringed sex. Poor Melody must have been used to it because she hardly had time to blink and just lay there with her legs spread and her eyes looking up.

“Your turn, Steve,” Paul said, and while I was stunned at what I saw my cock was still hard as I looked down at Melody, her already small breasts reduced to small swells with her on her back.

She turned me on. I couldn’t explain it even to myself, because her body wasn’t even as shapely as my wife’s had been at twice Melody’s age. Maybe because she still looked like the prim librarian from the neck up, or maybe it was because of that thick bush. More likely it was because I’m just horny by nature.

“Here Paul,” I said as I climbed between Melody’s thick thighs and assumed the position he had just left. “I want you to put my cock in your wife for me.”

As Paul knee-walked over to our hips I saw Melody getting up on her elbows to watch for herself, her eyes wide as she saw Paul’s left fist around my shaft while I leaned downward, his right hand working on his own spent dick.

“Omigod!” Melody moaned as Paul skinned back my foreskin, either by choice or by chance, and brought the bulbous head of my cock into the bush with the lubrication he provided me not bothering me at all. “OW!”

“Just relax, baby,” I purred as Melody’s elbows gave out and she fell back onto the bedding again, the whites of her eyes matching the sheets as I tried to push the head of my dick into what felt like a keyhole. “Give that pussy to me.”

There was a locomotive next to me, snorting and panting as Paul finally let go of my tool, and when I finally squeezed into what felt like a virgin and his wife was squealing while squirming and contorting beneath me he almost sounded like he was sobbing as he whispered, “Yes.”

I only had about half of my cock in Melody, saving the rest for later, and as I worked those first 5″ in and out slowly Melody looked like she was having a religious experience underneath the black velvet painting. Even half the length of my dick was bigger and fatter than Paul’s. Her head was rolling from side to side and she was mumbling something inaudible, her hands squeezing the little titties as I started to nudge her closer to the headboard.

“Help your lady out,” I told Paul, motioning that he should move up and make sure her head didn’t start denting the wood, and he dutifully scrambled up there while I grabbed her hips and pulled her back in my direction.

In and out I went, the sight of my messy cock sliding deeper and deeper into in womanhood too erotic to watch for long, and the sight of Paul up toward the head of the bed holding her down in a way while asking her if she was liking it.

She was liking it alright, and so was I so he wasn’t asking the question looking for an answer because Melody was too far into what she was experiencing to be giving answers. Melody came after a couple of minutes, her mouth opening in a silent scream as every vein in her neck bulged and her legs quivered as they shook in the air while her pussy tried to snap my cock in two.

“Omigod omigod omigod!” Melody was mumbling when her body stopped shaking, and I leaned over her more, my face almost next to her husband’s as we looked down at her while the slightly loosened pussy took more of me in.

“Now that we’re all relaxed at bit,” I said as I straightened up and extracted my cock almost all the way out before sliding back into her – not half but almost all of it.

The look on her face – and Melody for all her stoic and prim looking self was proving to be a very expressive woman – was like that of somebody who had been on a carnival ride. She thought it was over, but when I started thrusting into her hard and fast, she realized that it wasn’t over but had just begun. I hadn’t been one of those men who got it up time after time in quite a while – not like her husband for sure – but instead I had become more a marathon man, developing a knack of being able to go for a long time. One time, but that was enough for an old man and was usually enough for my partners too.

Melody came again a few minutes later. I was about to change positions because my knees were aching, either going to let her ride me or maybe take her from the side, when I felt Melody almost trying to push me out of her while her arms were flailing like a female Joe Cocker while her eyes bulged. I pulled out and looked down just in time to see the girl squirt, the fluids erupting out of that hairy pussy and splashing all over me not once but twice, and Melody had tears rolling down the sides of her face after I slid back into her.

‘Can’t – no more please – can’t,” Melody cried, and I remembered that the times my late wife used to squirt that she had enough by then.

“Paul,” I said to my neighbor who seemed in shock, and as he made his way back to me I whispered. “Get back here and squeeze my balls. I want to fill your lady’s pussy with my seed.”

“Harder,” I hissed while I kept my cock deep inside of Melody, barely moving while Paul reached down and rolled my sweaty nuts in his equally sweaty palm, and as I felt my orgasm near I implored him. “Harder, you know the way I like it. Milk my nuts!”

I came, and although it seems like your last orgasm is always your best, while my cock jerked inside Paul’s wife and unleashed what felt like a ridiculous amount of semen I knew that I hadn’t had many better. My dick jerked and Melody let out a sigh as my warm seed probably soothed her raw insides that had obviously never been reached before, and when I was done I slowly pulled my cock out of Melody whose thighs were still twitching after I climbed off of her. I sat there for a minute as Paul joined my in looking at his wife, who looked like she had been out in a hurricane. Especially compelling was the sight of my cum which was oozing out of Melody’s pussy, with what didn’t trickle down her crotch hanging on her hair, and I could have watched longer but her husband had other ideas.

His dick hard yet again, he climbed onto her wife and started thrusting again, not as vigorously as he had earlier, but still brisk enough. He lasted longer too, almost a minute before he made his cumming face and spurted into what resembled a corpse on the bed.

I patted him on the back, giving him credit for is resilience if not his consideration, and I got up to go to the bathroom as my back and knees suddenly sent me a message that I was not a kid any more. When I reached the door and made the turn to go take a leak I happened to glance back. Paul had climbed off of Melody and had slid down to bury his face between his wife’s legs, lapping at the steamy cauldron and what the fluids of the three of us had created.

“To each his own,” I mumbled to myself as I left them alone to take care of my own business.


I thought it was the rain hitting the roof that woke me up the next morning, but as I came too I figured out that it was somebody knocking on the door. A squint at the alarm clock that I rarely used anymore told me that it was 9:10, which was way too early for a salesman or some religious outfit, so as I eased my aching body out of bed and put on a robe I was getting ready to let the asshole know what I thought of him.

It wasn’t the front door though but the side one, and when I got there a peeked out to see who was meekly tapping I saw a familiar face huddled in a pink raincoat and carrying something wrapped in aluminum foil.

“Good morning Melody,” I said after opening the door, and as my head cleared I finally remembered my manners and let her in.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you,” Melody said as she came into my kitchen.

“Take off your raincoat and relax,” I said as I went over and hit the switch. “I’ll get the coffee brewing. What have you got there?”

“Muffins,” Melody announced as she pulled the foil back to expose the tray of the still warm goodies and set them on the table before taking a seat.

“Don’t you have to go to work today?” I asked as I gathered up another cup for my company.

“Called in sick,” Melody said. “First time in over 6 years.”

“Oh, I’m sorry you don’t feel well.”

“No, I’m okay. Just a little sore,” Melody said with a smile. “Paul just left himself.”

“Oh,” I said as I brought the pot over and joined by neighbor who seemed nervous, although not nearly as much as she had been the day before.

“I wanted to talk about yesterday,” Melody said as he pulled a couple of muffins out of the tray, and after I tasted one of them declared them dandy while waiting for her to continue.

“That wasn’t something we normally do,” Melody said, wringing her hands. “In fact, we’ve never ever done anything like that. I think it’s the dirty movie Paul rents.”

“Well they do put thoughts in your head,” I agreed.

“It was Paul’s idea. Everything,” Melody said. “But I went along with it. Guess I was curious.”

“Everybody should try things once,” I said. “Now that you’ve tried it you…”

“I liked it,” Melody said as he eyes welled up. “I felt like a slut and I was ashamed at how I acted but god forgive me I liked it. Loved it.”

“I’m glad,” I said, patting her hands like a father. “I enjoyed it too. You’re quite a woman you know.”

“No, I’m not. I know I’m nothing to look at, and when I remember how pretty your wife was – well, I think you’re sweet to say it anyway.”

“It’s the truth. Paul’s a lucky man.”

“I didn’t feel him.”


“After you – you know – I couldn’t even feel him. He got on me right after you – and then after you left I stayed in bed. I didn’t even get in the shower until this morning and Paul – he kept cuddling and he would get hard and put it in me again. Five or six more times.”

“The man has amazing recuperative powers,” I threw in.

“Nothing. Paul was the only man I ever had experienced before, so I had nothing to compare him with. He would put it in and move around but unless he was making the right contact I felt nothing, and then it would be over right away anyway,” Melody admitted. “I don’t think I ever had a real orgasm until you. Nothing with Paul at least.”

“Paul’s a good guy, so I wouldn’t say that to him. You know, maybe you get him so excited that he…”

“I already told him,” Melody confessed.

“Oh. I can’t imagine he liked hearing that very much.”

“It didn’t really bother him,” Melody said. It’s like he looks up to you so much that he was happy that I was so satisfied.”

“It’s that his – you know – it’s so small,” Melody explained. “What I mean is that when you were making love to me, it was so different. Like the difference between being with a boy and a man. You’re incredible.”

“I’m flattered,” I told her. “I think if Paul tried to work on lasting longer you would find him better.”

“All last night you were all I thought about. Even when I slept I dreamed of you,” Melody said. Kept thinking about those orgasms you made me have, and even though I was very sore – you know where – I was wishing you were there in bed.”

“Look, why don’t you take your raincoat off,” I said. “It’s tough talking to you when you look like your waiting for a bus.”

“I didn’t dress for the occasion.”

“That’s okay,” I chuckled while noting my pajamas and robe. “It’s not like I’m all that dapper myself.”

Melody got up and pulled her raincoat off very hesitantly, and it was then that I realized what she meant. She hadn’t dressed up, she hadn’t dressed at all. Melody was naked, wearing only the marks that she had experienced during the lovemaking.

“Oh,” I said after Melody shrugged and sat down again. “Does Paul know you’re here? I don’t know whether…”

“He knows. I told him,” Melody said. “I told him that I was going to come over and try to seduce you.”


“He said that was great and all he wanted me to do was tell him everything.”

“Hmmm,” I said as I looked while her tiny nipples blossomed. “I thought your – what did you call it – was sore.”

“Not as bad today.”

“What is?”

“You know.”

“No I don’t. Tell me, and don’t say vagina either.”

“My pussy,” Melody said after swallowing and saying the word for probably the first time.

“That’s better. I like it when librarians and teachers talk dirty. If I wasn’t an old aching man I would love to still but cock in your pussy.”

“You’re sore?” Melody said after flinching at the word again. “I can give you a massage.”

“You don’t have to…” I started to say, but the look on her face combined with the fact that I didn’t have anything else planned made me change my mind, so we ended up in bed.

As far as the massage went, while I had experienced better it wasn’t for lack of effort because the lady but everything in it. Melody rubbed my legs for a minute and spent about the same amount of time on my back and shoulders before asking me to lay on my back.

Melody was more thorough on my other side, spending about twenty minutes massaging my cock and balls and using up a whole bottle of lotion in the process. She thought it was her but I explained that I was an old man and wasn’t like her husband in that way.

“There is a way – at least it used to work in the past,” I suggested, and although she made a face when I reminded her of something I had done to her yesterday, she did slide onto the carpet and let me move my butt over to the edge of the bed while putting my legs over her shoulders.

That did the trick, as a couple minutes of the librarian giving me an energetic rimming at me pretty damn hard, and Melody even mounted me so the old man could get a rest.

She howled when she impaled herself with my pylon, but after that she energetically rode me like the librarian cowgirl she looked like. Melody came a couple more times, neither one as dramatic as yesterday’s orgasms but still plenty good according to her, and when she said she was getting too sore I let her finish me off with her mouth.

“Wait Melody,” I barked just before I came, and after I put her on her back I finished myself off, jacking myself off and spurting some healthy ropes of cum all over her face.

“Paul likes dirty movies so he might like that,” I told his wife as I told her to stay as she was while running over to the closet and pulling out our old Polaroid. and hoping there was still film in it.

“There!” I declared after the two shots developed, very happy with the first one although my semen had mostly slid down the sides of her face by the time I was able to take the second one. “You look just like Kay Parker now.”

“I wish,” Melody said.

“You look better in my eyes,” I said, although that was only true because Kay Parker wasn’t in my bed and wouldn’t become infatuated with me like my neighbor was.


Paul, not surprisingly, loved the photos and this began a rather regular relationship between the three of us, although there was no way I could keep both of them satisfied at my age.

I did manage to take Paul anally, like he had wanted so badly, and I did it with Melody watching. The lady shook her head and said she didn’t want to watch, but she stuck around and by the time I finished savaging her husband’s ass she was watching, even though she was looking through the spaces of her hand which she held in front of her eyes.

The second time I fucked Paul in the ass she made no pretense of not watching as was even fingering herself by the end. Soon after that she let me take her anally, the first and last time according to her, although that saddened Paul who enjoyed the view from underneath as he watched while licking his wife’s pussy as I tea-bagged him mercilessly.

About six months into this the two of them invited me over for dinner, and I knew something was up. Maybe they were going to tell me they decided to become monogamous again, which I understood even though I would miss it, but that wasn’t it.

“We’re pregnant,” Paul said excitedly. “I’m mean Melody is but – you know.”

“That’s great!” I said happily. “I know how hard you’ve been trying. Maybe you can make me an honorary godfather.

“Don’t think so,” Melody said. “You’re probably the father.”

“Me?” I said. “At my age. I doubt that very much and besides Paul, the way you fill Melody’s pussy with your seed almost non-stop…”

“I think Melody’s right. We’ve been trying so long and then all of a sudden you appear?” Paul said. “The bottom line is that I don’t care. We don’t care. We don’t want anything out of you because it’s our child but we just wanted you to know. If it was you we will love it just as much.”

“I’m flattered but like I said what the chances of an old man like me firing anything but blanks? I might just get a fertility test to put your mind at ease,” I said, and after dinner we celebrated in our very special way.

Before Melody gave birth she asked me if I ever got around to getting that test.

“No, I didn’t,” I replied.

“If you did take the test and it showed you were still fertile, you wouldn’t tell me would you?” Melody asked, having proved that in addition to knowing me very well physically she had a handle on other parts of me.

“Not unless I thought that the information would help the baby,” I replied.

“Thank you,” Melody said as she leaned over and kissed me, not only pressing her belly against me but her breasts as well. “I think that will be the best for all of us.”

“Hey, those boobs of yours are really getting big. Kay Parker-like,” I said. They better be because I think pretty soon there’s going to be three of us nursing on them.”

The End.


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