Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 18

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader doesn’t get out much…

I’m 33 years old Gold Member of The Small Dick Club. I have never had sex, I have never showed a woman my wee wee, I have never seen a naked woman, and I have never touched any fully clothed women in any places considered sexual. All I do is sit at home all day and try to stroke my tiny noodle. I often wear huge butt plugs for long periods of time to see how much I can stretch my asshole.


One reader finds his wife’s version of doggie style perplexing…

My wife is several inches taller than me, and sometimes loves to wear four-inch heels, which allow her to tower over me even more. With my short legs and small cock (Silver Member), I’m also unable to enter her and penetrate her at all when she is in a bend over (doggie style) position wearing high heels. I simply cannot reach her. Even on tippy-toes my dick cannot touch her pussy in this position. She sometimes likes to wear heels, bend over, and tease me to enter her this way. Of course, I fail, but I’m very turned on by it. I get so excited I often ejaculate my load on the back of her snowy white thighs while she laughs at me.


One reader found this Turkish not so delightful…

I’m just back from vacation, and suffered my worst ever small penis humiliation. I went for a Turkish bath and steam session with my swim trunks, as I’d usually do. I was told that the facilities for men and women were totally separate, so swim turnks aren’t necessasry or allowed. Once I got into the steam room amongst the other men, most of whom were well hung with big balls, I heard them exchange short snippets in Egyptian. Not understanding the language, but seeing their growing amusement and interest in my small cock and balls made me feel uncomfortable (Silver Member here).

One man in broken English asked me if I was in the right steam room. This brought lots of laughter and various other comments I couldn’t understand, but seemed to keep the laughter going. Being there and not understand what was being said, but knowing my small cock and lack of visible balls was their source of amusement was the worst humiliation I have suffered. Often there can be an element of erotic pleasure in seeing someone notice my small size etc., but this was just total embarrassment. I didn’t last long in the steam room and left the place with literally my tail between my legs.


One reader proves that women can be just as abusive as men…

My wife is having a bad couple of weeks at the office. She has been coming home and taking out her frustration on me. Last week I burnt some meat I was cooking and it smoked up the house. After she bitched me out, she told me not to wear any clothes for two weeks. Also, I am not to sit on the furniture with my naked ass.

Yesterday, I don’t know exactly what happened, she told me to go into the bedroom and bend across the foot of it. She came in with the yardstick and spanked my ass! Then she reached into the top drawer of the bureau and pulled out the black anal probe and began to fuck me up the ass with it. After she finished, she screamed at me, “You had better be glad I’m tired, otherwise, I would use the strap-on and fuck you like the dickless bitch you are!”


This reader discovered that marriage counselling isn’t always helpful…

My wife and I decided we needed sex therapy, as our sex life was awful. The way it worked was we needed to go through counselling first to assess whether we’re right for the actual sex therapy part. During the counselling sessions we got to the point where my wife was asked about her enjoyment of sex with me. Things had been frank up to that point, and she opened with, “Most of the time I just lay there wishing he’d cum, and roll off so it would be over with.”

The lady counsellor looked directly at me, I blushed, that was pretty hard hitting and I was very embarrassed. She turned to my wife, and asked, “Why is that?”

“Because my husband has a small penis, and I can’t feel it inside me. It doesn’t stimulate me in any way, so I just lay there waiting for him to finish,” my wife said.

“How small is it?” the counsellor asked.

My wife held up her hand with her finger and thumb a few inches apart. I protested at this, but my wife ignored me, and said, “The last time I measured his cock it was about three-inches fully erect, and around an inch wide.”

Having my measurements thrown out like this to a stranger, and a female at that, was crushing for my ego. The counsellor looked at my wife and asked bluntly, “Is there any point in you having sex therapy?”

“No,” replied my wife. “Sex therapy won’t make his dick bigger, so I think it’s a waste of time.”

The counsellor nodded, looked at me, and said, “I can’t recommend sex therapy for you two, but I do recommend you come back for marriage and relationship counselling.” I was gutted, but the counsellor looked down at my groin and gave me a simple smile, before adding, “I think you should get used to handling your own sexual needs from now on.”

Nervously I asked, “So are you going to keep a record of why you’ve refused us sex therapy?”

The counsellor nodded, “Yes, otherwise we might waste someone else’s time in the future.”

Fuck, I thought, the size of my dick is going to be on permanent record for all these counsellors to see from now on. That was embarrassing.


A reader got the message after a fight with his wife…

During one of many pointless arguments with my wife, I noticed she was becoming furious at the fact that I was right this time, and she was clearly wrong. She hates being wrong, this is just her personality. For the rest of the night night she ignored me and pouted around making it very clear that she was upset. I told her several times she was acting childish, but it didn’t help. She had the shits on good and proper.

The next morning, I go to my computer and notice that the homepage had been changed to some website for ‘penis enlargement pills’. I guess this was her passive aggressive way of telling me off. Immature? Definitely! Clever? Not really. Insulting? A little, as I am a Bronze Member of the small dick club. But I simply laughed at the thought that she took her time searching the internet for such a thing.


This reader thought if you can’t beat them, join them…

I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club. When soft its very thin and looks like a cute miniature cock. In high school, I hung out with a pretty large popular group with many guys and girls. Honestly, for a long time I tried to hide my cock in the school gym shower, but eventually my cock was seen. Initially I was crushed, and became the joke of the shower. After a while, I decided that if I act all embarrassed and upset about my small cock then I will continue to be treated as a joke, and get bullied. So I quit trying to hide it, even laughed at their jokes and went along with them to show them I’m a good sport about it. The word got out to our group, and eventually everyone in school knew I had a little cock. Sure I got teased for it, but by laughing it off I took away the power they thought it gave them over me. I even started getting turned on by some of the comments. My real friends didn’t care about my dick size, and that’s all that mattered.


One reader discovered that birds of a feather can flock together…

Once I found out a neighbour of mine was also member of the small dick club, like me. His wife showed pictures of him to a lot of the women in the apartment complex, including my now ex-wife. This is how I found out, as my wife happily told me I was no longer the smallest dick in the apartment complex. He was humiliated knowing a lot of the people knew about him, but he didn’t know exactly who. I felt sorry for him. His wife openly dated other men, and brought them home for sex. My wife started going out with her too, and sometimes they would send him to sit with me while they had sex in his apartment with men they picked up at a bar. He said he understood why she needed other men, and he showed me his little dick. I was actually amazed, soft you couldn’t hardly tell he had one. He was a real Gold Member.

I showed him mine (I’m a Bronze Member) and we ended up masturbating each other. He sucked me off, and weeks later he coaxed me into putting my mouth on his soft dick and I licked and sucked it hard. I had the whole thing in my mouth without any trouble. He promised not to cum, but he did. It became a routine, the girls fucked other men while we sucked each other off. Not wanting to admit it then, but I looked forward to sucking him and his tiny dick. Funny thing was I eventually dumped my cheating wife because she was a slut, but he stayed with his. Maybe he thought he couldn’t do any better? Maybe he enjoyed how she treated him. I really don’t know. I just knew I couldn’t go on like that.


This reader dodges the long arm of the law thanks to his cock…

I’m a Gold Member of The Small Dick Club, and a gay man. It’s hard to get regular sexual partners as I’m often too shy because of my tiny dick. Every now and then I go to a local public toilet where gay and bi guys go to have anonymous sex. It’s not my most favourite place to go, or thing to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. Anyway, this one time I’m sitting in a cubicle and I notice a guy trying to look into the crack between the door and the wall from the urinal. I lean over and spy he’s jerking off as he tries to cop a look at me.

I reach over and unlatch the door and expose myself to him. My cock was hard and I had been in there about thirty minutes edging. He looked at my cock with surprise, not expecting to see one so small. He couldn’t take his eyes off it. Meanwhile, I noticed he had one of those “Prince Albert” piercings in his cock, which impressed me. The way he looked at me was pure SPH, and I found myself shooting my load while he watched. After I milked every last drop of cum from my tiny dicklette, he put his away and walked out.

I felt a bit disappointed that I had cum at the time, and cleaned myself and also walked out. When I’m doing shit like that once I cum it’s over for me as the lust is the only reason that makes you go there, and keeps you there. As I sat at the bus stop on the opposite side of the road to the toilet, waiting for the next bus, a cop car pulled up at the toilet and they went inside. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that my premature cumming had actually saved me from being arrested. That was a close call. I’ll never forget how that guy looked at my dick though, it was great.


One reader laments that micropenis men have it worst of all…

The most common response to seeing my micropenis by most females was to call an end to the date and never date me again. It had even got to the point where some girls would stop dating me because their friends gave them a hard time because they were dating me – they were asked how they could date a guy with a little boy’s willy. So either girls didn’t date me at all or dumped me after a couple of dates.

I was also hearing horror stories from those friends who had fucked a girl about the difficulty of getting it in right, these were guys whose cocks were much bigger than mine and they were struggling to get it right, and I feared I had no chance.

The first time I got anywhere near having sex was when I was sixteen with this girl from out of town who was happy to go out with me. She was easy, and a few minutes after starting to kiss I had my hand inside her panties playing with her pussy lips. I eased off her panties with her help and went down on her, licking all round her smooth mound and cunt lips, tasting her as she got wetter, she asked me to do hers. I pulled down my trousers and underpants and eased between her legs, I was panicking, thinking of all the stories of not getting it in right so I asked her outright to put it in. She stopped me dead by saying, “You’re a virgin, and you don’t know where to put it?”

I said, “Yes, I’m a virgin, but I do know where to put it. I just want you to put it in so we do it right.”

At that, she pushed me away and told me she wasn’t going to let someone who didn’t know where to put it, ride her. She wasn’t going to let me practice on her. I was so embarrassed that I just let her pull her panties back on as I dressed too, then walked her back to where we’d met. I was so glad she was from out of town, but a few weeks later when my group was playing close to where she lived, she was standing with another guy and was whispering in his ear as she pointed up at the stage to me. He was the lead guitarist with our support band, so I think he took joy in telling everyone that I didn’t know where to put it! Yes, she told him about the date and put her spin on my asking her to help me get my cock inside her. By the time we came off stage everyone had heard how I was a virgin, and didn’t know what to do!

Since I’ve been married my wife has taken long term lovers (usually other married men) who fucked her regularly over long periods. One of my biggest put downs I ever got was when I hit on the wife of one of those long term lovers. We saw my wife and Gerry walk into this party together, and it was obvious they had just fucked. I thought it a great idea to hit on his wife, Dawn, to get revenge on them. However, she turned me down, and asked me, “What universe are you in? If your own wife won’t part her legs for your ‘tiny dick’, why should I? Fuck off, loser.”

My wife isn’t the only women to reject me because of my tiny cock, but by far the worst was one lady who insisted I stop after a few minutes because she wasn’t feeling anything. I’ve told that part before, but this part I’ve only shared with a few people. This was actually my second date with her and when she insisted I stop part way through riding her. I asked why this time, when she’d been okay the first time? She told me it was bad the first time, but she didn’t want to close me out from just one time, but that the second time was in some ways worse. She said she just felt like I was flopping about in her, and sexually she wasn’t feeling anything.

Since her, my confidence has been totally shot, often if I date a lady I’ll go down on her for quite a few dates before I’d let her see my cock. Some have got stroppy when I make excuses not to ride them when they are ready for sex. Many good prospects have ended because I wasn’t ready to let them see how small my cock is. So, since leaving my ex-fiancée, I’ve only had penetrative sex one and a half times, and that was five years ago. I’ll be honest and admit since that woman made me get off in the middle of riding her, I haven’t had penetrative sex since. I’ve limited myself to lesbian style sex with women.


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