By atlflirt.

Compersion noun

kəm•ˈpər•zhən, •shən

1. The wholehearted participation in the happiness of others.

2. The positive thoughts, emotions, and sensations derived from knowing of another person’s gratifying experience, irrespective of direct involvement or benefit.

3. Often considered the antonym of jealousy and possessiveness.


– Empathetic joy: This term can represent a broad sense of shared joy in another person’s happiness.

– Vicarious pleasure: A sensation of pleasure felt because of someone else’s experience.

– Altruistic joy: Joy felt in response to someone else’s success or happiness, without any self-centered motives.

It’s important to note that while these terms may have overlapping meanings with “compersion”, they might not capture the full essence of the word, especially in specific contexts like polyamory, cuckolding, and other forms of non-monogamy.


As the city lights of San Francisco illuminated the skyline in the distance, I reflected on how Jackie and I had come so far. We lived in a cozy small town just outside the city, surrounded by the tranquil sights and sounds of nature, providing a stark contrast to the bustling urban life of San Francisco. But tonight was special, marking our 25th wedding anniversary. And instead of the traditional role where the husband plans a romantic evening, it was Jackie who took the initiative, sweeping me away to a setting of grandeur in the city.

The Fairmont San Francisco, perched atop Nob Hill, offered breathtaking views of the bay and beyond. As we entered the lobby, I was struck by its majestic elegance, from the intricate marble floors to the gilded ceilings. It was a world away from our daily life, and a wonderful surprise that Jackie had orchestrated.

We were seated at a private table at the hotel’s upscale restaurant, surrounded by soft candlelight and hushed conversations. As I looked into Jackie’s eyes, I could see the excitement and love she held for me.

“Spencer,” she began, her hand reaching across the table to find mine, “I want you to know how much I adore and appreciate you. Especially for how you’ve embraced your new role in our marriage.”

The soft glint in her eyes held my gaze. “I deeply appreciate your understanding, your commitment to abstain from being with me physically, to venture into realms many wouldn’t understand. My love for you grows even more because of it.”

A warmth spread through me, not from the wine, but from the realization of how deeply our bond had grown over these last two years. The challenges we faced, the experiences we shared, they all culminated in this moment, under the opulent chandeliers of The Fairmont’s dining hall.

“We’ve evolved together, Jackie,” I whispered back, my voice thick with emotion. “I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.”

As our courses arrived and we delved into the exquisite cuisine and deeper conversation, I realized that this was more than a celebration of our marriage. It was an affirmation of our unique journey, our choices, and our endless love for each other. With its timeless elegance, the Fairmont was the perfect backdrop for this significant milestone in our lives.

The evening progressed, and as the ambient light dimmed, casting soft shadows across the dining room, Jackie’s eyes held a mischievous glint. Leaning in, she took a gentle hold of my hand and whispered words that were both comforting and evocative.

“You know, Spencer,” she began, the tenderness in her voice almost contrasting the content of her words, “I feel so much closer to you when you’re in chastity. It’s not just about the physical aspect of it. It’s that every touch, every gesture, comes from a pure place. I know you’re not trying to lead things to sex, and it makes me feel cherished in a way I can’t fully explain.”

As she spoke, a waitress approached, her poised figure adorned in a sleek uniform that perfectly fit The Fairmont’s ambiance. She looked to be in her early thirties, with an air of confidence and elegance about her.

But Jackie didn’t miss a beat. “And honestly,” she continued, her voice still soft but firm, “I love how you’ve embraced your tiny dick being locked up. It might sound strange to some, but it’s just another testament to your devotion. You’ve understood and accepted where we are, even to the point of being willing to fellate the man who now sexually satisfies me.”

I could feel my face heating up, a mixture of embarrassment and thrill rushing through me. The waitress was trying to focus on refilling our wine glasses, but I could tell from the slight change in her posture and the brief pause in her actions that she had overheard our conversation. She tried her best to remain professional, avoiding direct eye contact with me. Still, I couldn’t miss the fleeting smirk that danced across her lips.

A sense of vulnerability washed over me, knowing that this stranger had just been privy to our intimate secrets. But that vulnerability also came with a heady rush of excitement. I was both humiliated and exhilarated by Jackie’s candidness and her courage to speak her truth, regardless of who might be listening.

As the crescendo of our dinner reached its peak, our friendly and efficient waitress returned with the bill, gracefully setting it on the table. With her usual assertiveness, Jackie turned to her, “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name earlier.”

“Alicia,” she replied with a polite smile.

Jackie tilted her head slightly, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Alicia, earlier this evening, you overheard an intimate part of our conversation. Did you happen to share that juicy tidbit with any of your colleagues?”

Alicia hesitated for a split second, caught off-guard. “I assure you, we always maintain discretion for our guests,” she began.

But Jackie continued, gently prodding, “Come on, you can tell us. It’s okay.”

Alicia sighed, a reluctant smile crossing her face. “I may have mentioned it to one other waitress. It’s not every day we hear such things.”

“And did she find it amusing?” Jackie asked, raising an eyebrow.

A soft, embarrassed chuckle escaped Alicia’s lips, “Well, yes. We… laughed a bit.”

I felt a cold rush of humiliation sweep over me, making my face burn yet intensifying the forbidden thrill of the situation. My pulse quickened. Knowing that our personal life, my submissiveness, had become a topic of amusement for the staff was a new height of vulnerability.

Jackie leaned forward, her voice a mix of playful challenge and genuine curiosity, “So, Alicia, it’s our twenty-fifth anniversary tonight. Considering all you’ve heard, what’s your opinion on granting my husband here a little… freedom? Releasing his little friend from its confines and letting him try to satisfy me? Mind you,” Jackie continued with a teasing smirk, “Spencer tends to get overly excited and finishes… prematurely. It won’t be a long affair, but perhaps it’s a fitting treat for our anniversary?”

A wave of raw emotion flooded me. The bittersweet blend of embarrassment, desire, and submission was overwhelming. The chastity device became even more noticeable, constricting, and uncomfortable as my body responded to the conversation, precum betraying my arousal.

Alicia looked between the two of us, her eyes widened a bit as she spoke. “Considering it’s your anniversary, why not let him have a brief moment?”

Jackie’s laughter echoed softly in the dimly lit ambiance, “Well then, perhaps we’ll retire to a suite upstairs and make this anniversary memorable in more ways than one.”


The ambiance of the suite was intoxicating. Soft, amber candlelight cast romantic shadows, and the faint scent of roses permeated the air. Jackie, her eyes twinkling with a mixture of mischief and affection, softly instructed, “Undress for me and lie on the bed.”

As I obediently shed my clothes, the weight of anticipation pressed heavily on me, evident in my restrained arousal desperately pushing against its confines. Once I was entirely exposed, Jackie initiated her own tantalizing strip tease, pausing when only her lingerie remained. Slipping her panties down, she said with a playful smirk, “With Marcus away, I saw no need for shaving,” as she unveiled herself in her natural, hairy splendor.

She then lay beside me, and I could feel her warm breath as her fingers delicately grazed my hairless thigh, eventually trailing up to my chastity device. Its design was such that my shaft seemed non-existent, with just the head of my penis visible, imprisoned behind a series of intricate bars. Suspended from the chain around her neck, the key shimmered in the dim light, swinging slightly as she leaned in to kiss me softly.

Lost in the intoxicating haze of her tender kisses descending my body, my mind was flooded with anticipation when her fingers finally ventured to the cage. As she began to unlock it, the combined sensations — her warmth, her touch, the promise of release — became unbearable. And then, to my astonishment and mortification, without any direct stimulation, it happened. My penis throbbed violently, each pulsation sending a jet of cum spurting out. The feeling was intense, a cascade of pleasure and relief, each spurt reinforcing the wave of emotions that had built up inside me over the evening.

Jackie’s immediate reaction was an affectionate, hearty laugh. She gasped out, still chuckling, “Oh, Spencer! Your little guy couldn’t handle the excitement, could he?”

Blushing intensely, I was momentarily lost for words, but the genuine warmth and amusement in her voice helped temper my embarrassment. The whirlwind of emotions was simply overwhelming.

Jackie leaned in close, her lips pressing gently against mine. “Don’t worry, darling,” she whispered sweetly, her breath warm against my skin. “We have all night.”

She gracefully moved up, positioning herself to straddle my face. I was met with the intimate sight of her unshaven womanhood. The curly tendrils of her pubic hair framed the delicate folds of her labia, glistening slightly with arousal. The scent was deeply feminine, earthy, and musky, arousing me further, even after my recent release.

Feeling her lower onto my face, I began to trace the contours of her intimate area with my tongue, navigating through her dense, curly hair. The taste was salty and tangy, yet sweet. As I focused on pleasuring her, I couldn’t help but become acutely aware of the wetness from my earlier ejaculation cooling against my skin, a slick reminder of my previous spontaneity.

The mix of my emotions was intense: servitude as I sought to pleasure her, combined with the subtle humiliation from earlier. Every sensation, every taste and touch, just heightened the connection and desire I felt for Jackie in that moment.

As Jackie swung her leg over to straddle my face, my eyes caught a glimpse of the Queen of Spades tattoo on her ass cheek. That small inked symbol was a powerful reminder: even as we shared this intimate moment on our anniversary, she held the power to cuckold me with black men whenever she desired. The weight of her body settled above me, and my nose pressed directly against her asshole. The raw, musky scent was intoxicating, fueling my arousal further. As her dampness met my lips, every touch, taste, and scent was amplified, a blend of our intimate evening and a testament to our unique bond.

Almost simultaneously, I felt her fingers delicately wrapping around my still-flaccid penis. The sight of it, when limp, was almost pitiful – a mere inch in length, dwarfed by just her fingers. However, as she began to take me into her mouth, the sensation combined with our current position caused a rush of arousal, and I began to harden swiftly.

In no time, I was fully erect, though this didn’t present a challenge for Jackie. Even at my peak arousal, she could easily accommodate my entire length in her mouth. There was no strain in her eyes, no hint of her gag reflex being triggered. She seemed to relish this control, her tongue expertly swirling around the now taut length, which still fit so comfortably in her mouth.

My own attentions were divided between her mouth’s ministrations and the sight and scent of her above me. Each time she shifted, my nose would press gently against her wrinkled hole surrounded by a few whispy pubes, the heady, musky scent of her serving as a potent aphrodisiac. This intimate act and our shared vulnerability only deepened our connection in that charged moment.

Jackie gracefully shifted her weight, positioning herself above me. My eyes locked onto hers, absorbing her intense gaze, which spoke a thousand words of love, passion, and teasing dominance. She grasped my erect penis, which pulsed eagerly in her delicate hand, guiding it to her entrance. I braced myself for the intimate sensation of her enveloping me, yet as she sank onto it, her inner warmth didn’t grip every part of my slender erection as I remembered; there were spaces, gaps that remained untouched.

Given what Jackie had shared about her encounters with Marcus, it wasn’t a complete surprise. Every thrust of his sizeable endowment had undeniably resized her, and the difference was tangible. My relatively small size felt almost lost inside her. There was an odd juxtaposition of emotions — the humbling realization of my inadequacy mixed with the thrilling intimacy of our union.

But this realization didn’t diminish the intimacy of the moment. Her rhythmic movements, combined with the visual feast of her body moving atop me and the weight of our shared history, intensified the experience. The sensation was more psychological than physical, and it was electrifying. A mere minute or two after entering her, the euphoria overwhelmed me. I could feel the familiar tension building up rapidly and then releasing as I ejaculated inside her. My chest heaved, and my vision blurred for a moment from the sheer intensity of the climax.

Jackie didn’t miss a beat. With a playful smirk, she lifted herself off of me, leaving a trail of our combined essence along my torso. My heart still raced as she positioned her hips above my face, her recently vacated intimacy hovering just inches above my mouth. Her familiar yet uniquely intimate scent, now mixed with my own release, met my nostrils.

“Clean me,” she whispered, her voice soft yet commanding.

Obediently, I extended my tongue, tasting the intimate cocktail of our passion. The humbling act was strangely satisfying, a testament to the depths of our trust and intimacy. Her musky flavor, tinged with my own saltiness, was a testament to our shared moment. It was a reminder of the complexities of our love — a mix of dominance, submission, tenderness, and raw passion.

The night was far from over, and Jackie had no intention of letting me rest just yet. Whenever I thought my body had reached its limits, Jackie seemed determined to prove otherwise. She’d renew my arousal with her touch, her lips, her body, and her words, pushing me to a state of heightened sensitivity I hadn’t thought possible.

She’d bring me to the edge with her mouth, taking my small size in fully, teasing the very tip with her tongue. The sensation was overwhelming, and I’d erupt, filling her mouth with whatever was left in me. Then, she’d climb up, pressing her lips against mine, sharing the intimate mix in a passionate cummy kiss. The feeling of reclaiming my release, the taste and texture mixed with her saliva, was humbling and erotically charged.

Afterward, she’d position herself above me, taking me in, riding me with a rhythm that heightened my arousal. I’d climax inside her, and almost immediately, she’d position her drenched twat over my face, commanding me to clean up. With each round, the sensation of release became more intense, yet paradoxically, the amount that came out of me grew less and less.

By the time the last orgasm rocked my body, the sensation was one of complete emptying. There was the unmistakable feeling of ejaculation, the spasms of my muscles, and the pulsating of my penis, yet, nothing more than a drop emerged. The sensation was surreal, a mixture of satisfaction, emptiness, and a deep ache that spread from my balls to my perineum.

Exhausted, Jackie and I collapsed into each other’s arms. We were a sweaty, satisfied tangle of limbs and emotions. Without speaking, we both recognized the profound intimacy and trust that the night had encapsulated. As the adrenaline waned and exhaustion set in, we curled up together on top of the covers, her head resting on my chest, our fingers entwined. Sleep overcame us, the outside world forgotten in the cocoon of our shared experience.


The soft hum of the shower grew louder as I slowly stirred awake, my eyes adjusting to the light filtering through the opulent curtains of our upscale hotel room. My initial grogginess quickly gave way to the discomfort of dried sperm on my face and all over my torso. An odd mixture of embarrassment and arousal gripped me. I felt the now all-too-familiar constriction around my penis, realizing that, once again, I was locked up.

Making my way into the lavish bathroom, the cool marble tiles sent a refreshing sensation up through my bare feet. The oversized shower, surrounded by a glass enclosure, was slightly fogged, and the chrome fittings gleamed in the light. I could make out Jackie’s silhouette, water cascading over her body.

“Can I join you?” I tentatively asked.

Jackie peered out from behind the glass, her eyes twinkling. “Sure, but I have a task for you.” The warm water enveloped me as I entered the shower. Jackie handed me a razor. “Shave me,” she ordered, directing my gaze towards her unruly pubic hair, which trailed down between her thighs and around her asshole. As I carefully began the task, the sight of her so vulnerable yet so in control sent a surge of mixed emotions through me.

As I meticulously removed the last traces of hair, she broke the silence, “We’re heading to Baker Beach today.” The surprise in my eyes must have been evident, but she continued, “Pick up some sunscreen from the hotel store, and remember, you’ll be walking with me, completely nude.”

As the weight of her words settled, she pointed to her ass cheek, showcasing her ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo, then down to my chastity device, “Everyone will see these and know, with just one glance, what you are.”

A rush of anxiety and an inexplicable excitement flooded over me at the thought of being so exposed, our private life on display for all those strangers on the beach. It was going to be an unforgettable day.


Walking hand-in-hand along the soft sands of Baker Beach, Jackie and I kept our eyes peeled for the clothing-optional section. The soft crash of waves, the distant laughter and chatter of beachgoers, and the gentle touch of the cool breeze painted the perfect backdrop to our adventurous day.

As we approached the clothing-optional area, the diversity of bodies, all basking under the California sun, came into view. I could feel my heart racing with a mix of nervousness and anticipation. Stopping abruptly, Jackie turned to face me, a mischievous glint in her eyes, “Alright, love, time to shed those clothes.”

I was excited but nervous. With trembling hands, I began to undress, feeling the weight of a dozen curious eyes on me. Once I was fully nude, Jackie took the sunscreen from our bag, her fingers working it methodically into my back, then down my legs. Her touch was both reassuring and electrifying.

With every pass of sunscreen-covered hands on my skin, I glanced around, catching smirks and whispers from the onlookers. The feeling of exposure was nothing compared to the reaction my chastity cage received. Trying to shake off the embarrassment, I turned to Jackie, “I love you so much, you know that, right?”

Now in her bikini, Jackie laughed, “I know, darling.” I looked at her, slightly puzzled, expecting her to disrobe fully as well. “Weren’t you going to join me in the full beach experience?”

In response, she turned around, revealing her t-back bikini bottoms, which left her Queen of Spades tattoo on full display. Smiling cheekily, she remarked, “See, just like I said. Everyone will know.”

Stuffing our discarded clothes into my backpack, we began our stroll, walking side by side. With each step, I could feel eyes on us, or more specifically on me. While I was the one fully exposed, Jackie, in her own way, was making just as bold a statement. The contrast between her being clothed and me being naked made the experience even more tantalizingly humiliating and intense. The day was turning out to be one of profound vulnerability and connection.

The sun beat down on the sands of Baker Beach, warming my exposed skin as Jackie and I continued our stroll. She seemed on a mission, her gaze scanning the crowd, searching for something specific. Each time her gaze would linger on a black man, I could feel the pulse of anticipation in my chest. I watched as she subtly assessed them, not only for their appearance but seemingly the size of their equipment. A few potential candidates had been dismissed with just a passing glance.

As we walked further, a man approached from the opposite direction. He was unlike any we had seen so far. Not particularly tall, standing at about 5’10”, he had deep, dark skin that seemed to absorb the sunlight and a bald head that glistened with a sheen of sweat. But what captured my attention most was the size of his manhood. Even in its flaccid state, it was remarkably long and thick, moving with a hypnotic sway with each step he took. As we neared him, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of humiliation, contrasting his impressive size with my confined, pitiable nub.

Our paths converged, and as we passed each other, he deliberately slowed his pace, attempting to capture Jackie’s attention. For a moment, Jackie feigned disinterest, but as we continued on, I sensed a shift in her demeanor. Unable to resist, I stole a glance back at the man, and to my surprise, Jackie did the same. The black adonis had paused, his smile evident even from a distance, his eyes locked onto Jackie’s, then subtly dropping to the revealing QoS tattoo on her backside. With a gracious nod, he acknowledged the symbol, sending a rush of excitement through me.

Jackie hesitated, then flashed a shy smile, mouthing a silent “hello” across the distance. I felt a torrent of emotions: envy, excitement, humiliation, and even a strange sense of pride. The instant connection between them was undeniable, and I was a mere spectator, my mind racing at the possibilities of where this encounter could lead.

Seated on the expansive beach towels that we had spread out on the sand, the atmosphere was oddly relaxed and intimate, given the public setting. On my left, Jackie and the black man, whom we’d find out is named Terrence, were already engrossed in deep conversation, their newfound connection palpable. The sound of the waves crashing, coupled with the distant chatter of other beach-goers, created a unique backdrop to our peculiar setup.

As they talked, Jackie’s slender fingers began to trace circles on Terrence’s thigh, inching ever so closer to his now noticeable growing arousal. She closed her small hand around as much of his thickness as she could and slowly stroked him. The sight was overwhelmingly arousing and humiliating in its own right, but more than anything, a profound sense of pride was swelling within me. The realization that both Jackie and I were deriving pleasure in this way in such a public setting underlined our shared trust and deep understanding of each other’s desires.

Passersby presented a myriad of reactions. There were the discreet observers who, under the guise of indifference, would steal quick glances in our direction, their curiosity evident. Others, perhaps more familiar or at ease with the beach’s norms, would offer a knowing smile or nod, appreciating the dynamic at play.

But the group of younger women, likely in their early twenties, truly cemented the depth of my feelings. One of them caught sight of us and immediately tugged at her companions’ arms, drawing their attention to our trio. They paused momentarily, their laughter ringing clear above the sound of the waves. I felt a rush of heat to my face, an acute awareness of our display, my caged state, and the humiliating contrast of Terrence’s obvious endowment. Yet, even amidst that embarrassment, there was an undeniable thrill. It wasn’t just about being seen but about embracing who we were, what Jackie desired, and my unconditional support for her pleasure.

My feelings weren’t solely rooted in humiliation or embarrassment; they were more profound. As I watched my wife connect with another man so openly, I truly felt happiness in seeing her pleasure in recognizing her autonomy and desires. We were reshaping the traditional confines of our relationship, and in that moment, I felt more connected to her than ever before.

The atmosphere was thick with anticipation and desire in the opulent confines of the Fairmont suite. The luxurious drapes, plush carpet, and tasteful art on the walls seemed incongruous with the scene unfolding before me.

Jackie, still donning her bikini from our time at the beach, had now pulled the top aside, fully exposing her breasts. The delicate fabric of her bikini bottoms stretched taut over her hips, hinting at the secrets beneath. She knelt gracefully before Terrence, her hands deftly tugging down the waistband of his swimsuit. His massive manhood sprung free as it slid past his thighs and pooled around his ankles, drawing an appreciative and excited gasp from Jackie.

As she wrapped one hand around him, then another, I was taken aback by his sheer size. The contrast was stark. Even with both her hands stacked around his shaft, an impressive length still jutted out. She glanced at me with those familiar eyes, a playful yet reassuring smile on her lips, before leaning forward to envelop the remainder of Terrence’s length with her mouth.

My heart raced, not just from the sight but also from the myriad emotions swirling within me. There was envy, of course, at the sheer size difference between Terrence and me. But more than that, there was an overwhelming sense of happiness. Watching Jackie, the woman I loved, revel in her desires and experiencing pleasure in ways I couldn’t provide was strangely fulfilling. It was as though, by witnessing her happiness and satisfaction, a part of me was also fulfilled. The love I felt for her intensified, and I was proud of her for openly embracing her desires and grateful for the trust she placed in me to share this moment.

While my body remained seated on the suite’s plush couch, my soul felt intertwined with the scene before me. Each of Jackie’s moans and the appreciative grunts from Terrence resonated deeply, reminding me that love isn’t confined to mere physical acts but extends to the very essence of seeing our partner truly happy and fulfilled.

The atmosphere in the suite thickened with a tangible sense of sensual tension. In this charged moment, Jackie’s dominance and clear intentions shone brightly. Despite being a well-endowed man who might typically exude confidence in such situations, Terrence seemed a bit lost within this unique dynamic. But his evident attraction to Jackie and her audacity made him open to her direction.

“Terrence,” Jackie started, her voice sultry and commanding, “this isn’t merely about the act of sex. It’s about intimacy, connection, and fully embracing every facet of our desires. Spencer here,” she gestured toward me, “has journeyed with me every step of the way. For this experience to hold its true meaning, I need him to be an intimate part of it. I need him to introduce you to me.”

Terrence’s gaze bounced between Jackie and me, his brow furrowed in a mix of confusion and intrigue. “I’ve… I’ve been with couples before, but never…”

“That’s because what we share is special,” Jackie replied with a cheeky wink. “Trust me on this. Let go and enjoy. Just follow my lead.”

Her eyes then met mine, her expression a mix of tenderness, playful mischief, and a hint of vulnerability. “Spencer, come closer and do what’s required of you.”

With hesitant steps, I approached the pair. Up close, Terrence’s manhood seemed even more formidable. Its warmth, solid presence, and throbbing all seemed amplified, especially when contrasted against the mental image of my confined penis. The feel of its velvety skin, the weight of it in my hand, felt strange, yet there was an odd familiarity, echoing past experiences I’ve had in such scenarios.

I guided the swollen head of Terrence’s member towards Jackie’s glistening entrance, and her arousal coated my fingers. I slid it up and down, ensuring he was well-lubricated with her juicy anticipation. Positioning him at her opening, memories from the past flooded my senses — moments laden with humiliation, submission, and feelings of inadequacy. But now, these feelings merged with a burgeoning sense of joy for Jackie. Here she was, on the verge of experiencing something that I could never offer, and I was the bridge to that union.

Slowly, I eased Terrence’s shaft into Jackie. The sensation, the sheer reality of the moment, was unlike any other. A swell of emotions washed over me: deep-seated humiliation, overwhelming pride for facilitating their connection, and profound happiness for Jackie. Watching her face, her eyes fluttered shut as she took him in, every inch. The realization struck me that this act, as intense and complicated as it was, represented the depth of our love and the lengths we would go to ensure each other’s happiness.

I took a step back, allowing Jackie and Terrence to connect in the way they naturally would. As they became engrossed in one another, a sudden urge overtook me to immortalize this intimate moment. Perhaps it was the surreal nature of the situation or the intensity of the emotions that surged through me, but I wanted to capture this raw, passionate encounter between them.

Clearing my throat, I timidly ventured, “Would…would you both be okay if I videoed this? For us?”

Terrence’s rhythm momentarily faltered as he glanced over at me. After what felt like an eternity, he smirked, “I’m fine with it.”

Jackie, her eyes half-lidded, and cheeks flushed with passion, murmured her consent in time with Terrence’s deep thrusts. “Yes… Yes… Just be discreet, okay?”

With their blessing, I brought out my phone, its lens becoming the witness to their fiery union. The camera captured the sheer lust in their movements, the slick sheen of sweat on their bodies, and the intoxicating sounds of pleasure. Zooming in, I documented the intimate dance of their genitals, how Terrence stretched and filled her, and occasionally, the contrasting image of my encased, diminutive member below the screen’s frame. I lingered on Jackie’s face, capturing every moan, every shudder, and the sheer ecstasy she felt with Terrence.

An overwhelming compulsion to be part of their union gripped me, to touch, to feel, to become more involved than just a passive onlooker. With trepidation, I reached out to gently massage Terrence’s heavy balls as he continued to thrust into Jackie.

Terrence let out a surprised grunt. “Jackie, your husband is… handling my balls.”

Breathless and lost in pleasure, Jackie asked, “You okay with it?”

He hesitated for just a beat before murmuring, “Yeah… Yeah, I guess I am.”

Emboldened, I lowered myself onto the bed, positioning my head directly below where Terrence penetrated Jackie. My tongue darted out, delicately licking Terrence’s hanging nutsack, tasting their muskiness mixed with Jackie’s distinct essence.

“He’s… he’s licking them now,” Terrence whispered in a raspy voice.

Jackie arched her back, meeting Terrence’s thrusts with more vigor, pulling him down for a passionate, deep kiss. “Let it happen,” she gasped between moans.

Being so close, feeling the warmth of their combined bodies, and being involved in such an intimate act brought me a whirlwind of emotions. From humiliation to profound love, each sensation painted a complex tapestry of our shared experience.

Jackie’s fingers dug into Terrence’s shoulders, and she pushed gently, signaling him to switch positions. I quickly backed away to allow them the space they needed. The switch was fluid and seamless, and soon Jackie was on top, her body gracefully straddling Terrence. She took control, her hips grinding and moving in rhythm with Terrence’s upward thrusts.

Drawn once more into their intimacy, I moved closer, positioning my head just below where their bodies connected. The sight before me was nothing short of mesmerizing. Jackie’s tight entrance was stretched considerably by the girth of Terrence’s cock, revealing the delicate, puckered rosette of her asshole just above. It seemed so vulnerable, a soft pink contrast to the tanned skin surrounding it. Every thrust from Terrence caused it to flex and twitch in response.

As my gaze traveled further down, the underside of Terrence’s enormous member was equally fascinating. A prominent vein, almost like a thick pipeline, ran along the length, pulsating with every heartbeat. It spoke to the sheer power and vitality he possessed. His balls, sizable and hanging low, moved rhythmically with each thrust, creating an almost hypnotic motion.

Unable to resist, I leaned in, my tongue gingerly exploring Jackie’s asshole, traveling from her perineum to the base of Terrence’s shaft and then to his swinging balls. Their combined taste was heady, an intoxicating mix of sweat, arousal, and pure carnality.

Every slurp and lick sent a jolt of both humiliation and arousal through my body. The sounds of their moans, combined with the wet, slick noises of their lovemaking, created an erotic symphony that only heightened my own senses. Every texture, every taste, was imprinted deeply into my memory. The very idea that I was so intimately involved that I was tasting and experiencing their union in such a visceral way was both degrading and deeply connective. It was a testament to the profound love I felt for Jackie and the strange, compelling bond that was now forming between the three of us.

The connection between Jackie and Terrence was raw and powerful, their movements echoing a hunger only the two of them understood. I withdrew to give them room, and with a sense of purpose, Jackie repositioned herself on her hands and knees. Terrence’s towering figure loomed behind her, casting a shadow as he aligned himself for their next act.

I began recording again, my phone capturing every moment, every gasp, every thrust. Terrence’s muscular back glistened with sweat, and his fingers dug into Jackie’s sides. She responded to his advances with urgency, her voice crescendoing with every push.

Through the lens, I caught Jackie’s ecstasy building. Her cries grew sharper, more insistent until her entire body shook. She was experiencing an orgasm so intense, so profound, it made my own body quiver in empathetic delight. The mix of pride and elation I felt was intoxicating. My wife was reveling in pleasure, and I was here, not causing it, but a part of it.

Yet even in the throes of her climax, Terrence maintained his pace. Jackie’s moans resonated with a blend of pleasure and anticipation with each thrust. Finally, she gasped out a command, her voice hoarse, “Lick me.”

I quickly set my phone aside, understanding her command, and moved to align myself beneath Jackie in a 69 position. The vantage point provided an up-close view of their intimate connection, an intimacy so raw and detailed that it took my breath away. Jackie’s flesh welcomed Terrence deeply, and I could feel the rhythm of their movements, almost as if it echoed through my own body.

Eagerly, I began, my tongue brushing against Jackie’s swollen clit. The sensation was electrifying, heightened by the occasional unintended brush of my tongue against the underside of Terrence’s shaft. Each thrust he delivered drove his length past my lips, forcing me to taste both of them together. Furthermore, the weighty drag of Terrence’s balls moved across my face, a tactile reminder of their union, leaving a moist trail with each rhythmic push and pull. Every sensation and touch drew me deeper into their intimate dance, making me feel even more connected to the moment.

Terrence’s thrusts intensified, and his breathing grew shallow and rapid. “Where should I cum?” he asked, voice laced with urgency. “In or on you?”

Jackie hesitated for a brief moment, the anticipation thick in the room. Then, in a voice dripping with authority and desire, she answered, “In his mouth.”

Hearing Jackie’s words, a familiar yet still overwhelming surge of emotions washed over me. There was no shock this time, only a resurgence of the complex feelings I’d experienced before: submission, vulnerability, and a strange sort of pride.

The act wasn’t new to me, but the player was. Terrence’s dominance and his sheer size added layers to my anticipation. How would he compare to the others? Would he be rough or treat me with the same measured sensuality he had shown Jackie? The challenge wasn’t the act itself but the emotional context — the intertwining of love, lust, and our tangled web of relationships.

I considered the depth of my commitment to Jackie and our shared journey. Every step had been a discovery, a new layer of connection and intimacy. This was another challenge, another step into the abyss of our desires. My commitment to our shared adventure, the desire to see her pleased and to be a part of that pleasure, outweighed any reservations. The idea of taking Terrence in my mouth, tasting him, and solidifying my place in this trinity of pleasure sent a thrill down my spine. I was ready.

Terrence grunted in acknowledgment, his thrusts growing more frenzied. And then, with little warning, he began to withdraw, misjudging his timing slightly. His cock, pulsating with urgency, started to release its load just as he aimed it down. The first spurt landed along my cheek and chin, hot and unexpected. But within a heartbeat, his thick head found my mouth.

The sensation was almost overwhelming. The velvety texture of his head, the pulsating rhythm as he released inside my mouth, each spurt hotter and saltier than the last. My senses were flooded with the taste, the warmth, the sheer intensity of the act. It felt like time slowed, each heartbeat echoing the throbbing of Terrence’s release.

And then, as suddenly as it began, Terrence pulled away. Still panting, Jackie lowered her soaked opening onto my face, letting me taste the mix of her arousal and the remnants of Terrence’s climax. I drank in the taste, overwhelmed by the intimacy and rawness of the moment.

Terrence, spent and satisfied, headed to the shower. Jackie nestled into my side, her fingers lightly caressing my cheek. “You’re amazing,” she whispered, her voice thick with emotion. “I am so in love with you.”

Our journey, with all its twists and turns, had led us to this moment. As we lay there, I was filled with an unparalleled sense of contentment, knowing we’d walked this path together and whatever lay ahead, our connection would always endure.


Prologue: A Journey of Ten Years

Over the years, Jackie and Spencer’s unconventional journey into the realms of passion, power dynamics, and intimacy transformed them. Their path, once stumbled upon, became the mainstay of their relationship. It was a choice and an exploration that both of them undertook willingly. While many couples might see challenges in what they explored, Jackie and Spencer discovered profound growth. Their connection deepened, not despite their adventures, but because of them.

It was Spencer who had initially proposed the idea that Jackie become exclusively involved with Black men, or “Black Only.” It was an idea she embraced, and from that moment, no white man, including Spencer, was granted the privilege of intimacy with her. This decision, rather than creating distance, brought them closer, tightening their bond in an unexpected way.

Friendships evolved over the years. Greg and Nancy, once lost in the chaos of budding desires, re-entered their lives. The couples renewed their bond of friendship, sharing vacations, stories, and adventures, though the dynamics had shifted permanently. Greg, who had once been a pivotal part of Jackie’s journey, never again shared a bed with her.

Marcus, who had been such an essential chapter in their lives, drifted away. Relationships, like tides, have their ebb and flow, and while Marcus and Jackie shared incredible moments, their relationship had run its course. However, Terrence became a permanent fixture in their lives. With his dominant presence, he played a significant role in their explorations. It wasn’t just Jackie who felt his influence; Spencer, too, found himself drawn into Terrence’s orbit. Regularly, he would submit to both Terrence and Jackie, sometimes finding himself on the receiving end of their desires.

With each passing year, Jackie and Spencer’s bond solidified. There was an understanding, a mutual respect, and a shared thrill in their adventures. By the time their tenth anniversary arrived, the early days of their traditional relationship seemed a distant memory, overshadowed by the intense connection they now shared. They had carved a unique path for themselves, and it was evident neither would ever consider changing their course. Through trials, explorations, and moments of deep connection, Jackie and Spencer built a love story rooted in trust, adventure, and an unbreakable bond.


The End.


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