Chloe Discovers SPH 2

By SilknSmooth.

Read Part 1 Here.


Part 2…

“Let’s go to bed. I want to play with your penis,” the words echoed in Greg’s ears.

He had just licked his new date Chloe to climax in the living room, and now he was standing in front of her almost stark naked, wearing only his boxers while she was still dressed. He was incredibly nervous because the way he was standing in front of her, she could see the big spot of precum on his boxers, and he was afraid things would develop into him undressing completely here in front of her. Greg knew that he was not very impressively endowed. Especially for a tall guy like him, he was frankly under-equipped, which was putting it kindly. True, Chloe and Greg had had sex before, but that hadn’t involved his dick being the center of attention.

In that respect, he was glad that Chloe now wanted to go to the bedroom, where the light was less bright.

On the other hand, Chloe had announced that she wanted to “play with his penis.” So, she wanted to devote herself to his cock in particular. That made him nervous. What if she hadn’t noticed the lack of size before and would now realize it? Would she make fun of him, would she even laugh or not want to have sex with him anymore? He worried she might end the relationship, given his short dick.

Greg tried to calm himself down. After all, she had slept with him before, she seemed to enjoy cunnilingus, and she had met him again tonight. And again, he clung to the hope that perhaps an Asian woman preferred smaller dicks. Despite his self-meditation attempt, Greg remained very nervous.

Chloe saw Greg’s inner struggle. She felt slightly sorry for him, but she was mainly terribly aroused. She was still sitting on the sofa, eyeing Greg and the little tent his boxers formed. His little hard-on was still pointing directly at her. She could feel the wetness between her legs.

Her plan had worked beautifully so far. She had undressed Greg but had remained clothed herself. She had made him kneel in front of her and lick her. She had also belittled him as a good boy and called his manhood a “penis,” though Greg would undoubtedly have preferred “dick” or “cock”. But those terms just weren’t adequate for him, and Greg would have to get used to that.

She could feel his fear of exposing himself here in front of her. Again, she grinned broadly. ‘Relax, boy,’ she thought.

“Let’s go then.” And so, Chloe stood up and walked past Greg towards the bedroom. As she passed him, she let her hand brush lightly over his hard-on as if by accident. Greg flinched briefly, took in a short breath, and followed her.

Chloe and Greg kissed and sank onto the bed. She wore her dress and pushed herself to lie half on top of Greg from the left. As they kissed furiously, she let her right knee slide up his thigh. Carefully she massaged his cock with her knee. She could feel the wetness of his precum. She worked her way down his body with gentle kisses on his cheeks, neck, chest, and nipples. Greg leaned back and closed his eyes, hoping for a blowjob.

But Chloe wasn’t in a rush at all. She laid her head flat on his hip and looked toward his groin, where that shapely mound continued to show.

Chloe giggled, for the sight reminded her of Mount Fuji near Tokyo, which she had once seen from a distance as a small child on a trip with her parents. It had been winter, and there was snow in the heights. Mount Fuji is an ancient volcano and, therefore, cone-shaped. The upper half was covered by winter snow at that time. And that’s what Chloe had to think of when she looked at the cone-shaped elevation in Greg’s boxers from close up. Before her eyes, the top half of the little mountain was not covered in snow, but it was damp. ‘A lot of precum, little guy,’ Chloe thought.

She teased the head of the volcano with her fingers. It was already hard as a rock, and Chloe could see the little head pulsating and swelling from this short distance. She needed to see it now.

She grabbed the waistband of his boxers and gently pulled them down. Greg had to lift his butt a little, which he did with little hesitation. Greg’s best part was pulled down along with the waistband initially but then popped out from under it when Chloe had pulled it down far enough.

His member was now lying flat on Greg’s stomach. Chloe observed it intently and slowly stroked with her right index finger from the base to its head. Greg shivered.

‘So, little man, this is exactly what you look like,’ Chloe thought. Pale and pink with neatly trimmed pubic hair, it lay before her. She liked its exact shape, almost a perfect cylinder. Even the head was virtually precisely as wide as the shaft. Since he was so stiff and swollen, she could also see some veins protruding. She thought they weren’t those threatening and aggressively pulsating veins she knew from the big guys, more neat and peaceful veins. ‘Just like Greg,’ she thought and had to grin again.

Greg felt immensely vulnerable. Here he was, the light in the bedroom yet brighter than expected, lying there naked. And Chloe was lying so close to his cock that she could see everything. He couldn’t hide anything. But Greg’s shame was mixed with equally great arousal, which surprised him.
On the one hand, he was concerned about the size of his cock. On the other hand, revealing everything to his date for the first time was arousing. He didn’t know why, but there was no way he was going to stop Chloe from doing whatever she meant by “play with your penis.”

Chloe saw herself confirmed. The little guy barely reached halfway to Greg’s belly button. She still vividly remembered the best sex of her life and her black ex-lover, whose manhood extended past the belly button. Chloe had discussed the belly button test with Jade, even though they both knew it wasn’t an accurate measurement method. A first approximation, after all.

She aligned her hand flat over Greg’s penis from the bottom up. ‘Okay, it’s as long as my index finger. Congratulations,’ Chloe chuckled to herself. Slowly she slid along his shaft and finally took it in her hand. ‘Not exactly thick either,’ she thought. Certainly not as thick as her Korean date a few years ago, to whom she had only given one blowjob. That one had been the short but fat type of cock that she could barely get into her mouth. “This one here is certainly much more…hm… delicate, ha-ha,” she thought. She squeezed lightly and eyed the head that just about protruded cheekily from her hand. “Hmm, that should be an extra inch there, kinda.”

Greg felt Chloe take her time, doing a strange dance with her hand around his cock. “I wonder what she is doing,” he mused. She probably just really likes this teasing. He was rock hard and eager to cum. He couldn’t wait for Chloe to give him a blowjob or handjob finally. He almost liked handjobs better than blowjobs or even sex. Somehow that was always just a more intense feeling for him.

Chloe had completed enough of her measure mission and now stretched out on the bed again so that her face came to lie next to Greg’s. With her hand, she continued to embrace his cock. She now wanted to find out a little more about his submissive nature.

But she also knew from their first evening that Greg wouldn’t necessarily admit anything about it too quickly. She had to keep him in constant arousal to tease out his secrets. And she still had to proceed extremely carefully.

“I love playing with your…penis,” she breathed in his ear. Again, she hesitated deliberately to emphasize the word choice. Slowly, she moved her hand up and down. “Do you like it too?”.

Greg’s breathing quickened. Chloe’s hand and her whisper in his ear sent him into great arousal. Also, that she had decided to now only ever speak of his “penis” was strangely arousing. “Yeah, don’t stop there. It’s great.”

“Do you know how to say penis in Korean?” asked Chloe.

She increased the speed of her strokes again.

“I don’t know. What do they say?”

Greg didn’t care, but he wanted Chloe to keep going no matter what.

Chloe slowed the rhythm of her hand as she wanted to feel his reaction to her next test. “In Korea, we say ‘little brother,’ isn’t that funny?” Chloe laughed.

Greg almost spilled it right there. Chloe associating the word little with his dick was outrageous, brazen, and embarrassing. Did she mean his dick? The uncertainty made Greg nervous, but this was certain. It also made him hot. Chloe noticed his reaction and was electrified. The pulse beats in his little man were suddenly extreme, twitching as if he wanted to cum right then and there.

“Wow, I must have hit a nerve there. Seems like someone likes it when I talk about his little brother. How come?” Chloe laughed again. “No matter what age, shape, and so on, we always say ‘little brother.’ Standard expression language thing, I guess.”

Greg felt relief. So maybe she didn’t mean his member’s size in particular. Or did she?

Chloe started pumping a little faster again now. She was very pleased with how her plan was working. She had gathered a few clues about the size of his little man. She had consistently called him “penis” and “little brother.” And while Greg may not have known it himself, his little hardon in her hand told her she was on the right track. She knew it wouldn’t take much more to push him over the cliff tonight. Greg’s breathing quickened again, and she was sure he would hardly be able to hold it much longer. But she had one last detail in her mind: He had to lose it while utterly embarrassed.

“You know what would turn me on?” she whispered in his ear.

“What is it?” Greg could only force the words out quickly between his breaths. He was so close.

“I want you to shave all your hair until next time. Completely hairless.” She breathed.

“Really? Don’t…don’t you think that’s…unmanly?” Greg’s head was already bright red from his excitement, and beads of sweat were forming above his upper lip.

“Not at all. I might have some kink there,” Whispered Chloe in his ear, and with a hot breath, she said slowly, “I like the teenage boy style.”

This was too much for Greg. With a loud groan, he shot out a thick stream of cum, his torso and thighs tightening, his face contorting into that grimace of arousal and loss of control that makes male climax so adorable. Chloe kept her grip on his little man, and he shot more cum onto his belly, forming a little pool in his belly button.

“Uh uh, I think I am getting what’s doing it for this submissive mind,” Chloe chuckled to herself. “Can’t wait to meet Jade.”


Chloe still laughed when she thought about yesterday’s meeting with Greg. The poor guy was so aroused by her little game that he sprayed his semen, even though Chloe didn’t jerk him off intensely. It had been her most effortless handjob ever.

This was probably some kind of brain orgasm, she thought. She had read about that. Of course, the brain is everyone’s biggest sexual organ, but people’s sensitivities differ. For some people, what matters most is the pure mechanics of sex play, the friction of cock or pussy, and the massaging of breasts and nipples. Dirty talk can bring such people to orgasm more quickly, but it is not their main thing. Chloe saw herself in this category. She liked the dirty talk, but besides that, she needed either a talented and persistent tongue on her clit or a hard cock stretching her pussy and making her pussy juice flow and make her cum.

But then, some can climax primarily through their imaginations, hearing, and fantasies. Greg seemed to fall into this last category. He hadn’t needed much friction, and he almost came yesterday even when Chloe had just held him in her hand and talked about the “little brother.”

Chloe found this fascinating. Could she someday bring him to orgasm with just one or two fingers and proper mental stimulation? Would she even be able to get him to soak his pants without her even touching his little penis? All these thoughts were already making her wet again.

Chloe took a sip of her coffee. She was waiting for Jade again, as she often did. But this time, she didn’t have to wait long. Jade was also curious about how it had gone with Greg, and just twenty minutes after the appointed time, she came in with a big grin.

“Hey, Sweetie, sorry, I had to do some quick shopping,” she apologized.

“Wow, you’re almost on time! What happened? Did you run away from a failed date?” joked Chloe. Jade looked pretty. She had put on some makeup and, for once, was wearing a top with spaghetti straps that showed off her breasts.

“Not that, but Woah, I’m telling you, that guy last night wasn’t good for anything.” Jade made a dismissive hand gesture.

“Better tell me about you and…what’s that cute guy’s name again? Ted?”


“Ah, right, sorry. I will remember next time,” Jade promised.

“Yeah, you should. Because I think I’ll keep that one for a while,” replied Chloe.

“Oh, so it went well then? Did you do everything as discussed? And what was the reaction?” Jade sat up and moved closer to the table. “Tell me, and don’t let me pull everything out of your nose.”

“Well, where do I start? First, his eyes almost fell out when he picked me up from work. It’s not like I can help it that I’m so hot. I am to blame for the missing bra, but I won’t apologize. Well, anyway, he was already nicely aroused during the evening. And when we got home, I did everything according to our plan: first, I stripped him down to his underpants,” Chloe began.

“And you stayed dressed?” asked Jade.

“Yes, classic CFNM. So almost, I was gracious enough to let him keep his underpants on.”

“You’re so nice.”

“I know,” Chloe chuckled. “I told him to kneel and to lick me right there.”

“Without taking a shower first,” Jade inquired.

“Exactly, the full workday Chloe pussy smell. And he didn’t hesitate for a second,” Chloe beamed.

“Very well,” Jade gestured a little fake applause.

“I’ve called him a good boy, albeit quietly and merely audible, and called his ‘manhood’ always just ‘penis.’ He should get used to it.”

“Did he fight back?”

“Not at all. I felt that although he was embarrassed, it also excited him. Anyway, his little man was sooo stiff the whole time. He almost poked through his boxers. And he was leaking so much precum I almost thought he had already cum.”

“And did Mr. Tongue deliver again?”

“Oh yeah, he’s good with the mouth. I smeared my pussy juice all over his face, and my orgasm was intense. He then lay there with his face in my pussy for another 2 minutes because I just couldn’t move,” Chloe laughed.

“You’re fortunate. That guy is a hopeless sub. So how did your measuring mission go?” Jade said with a thieving grin.

“Well, I got some clues. It doesn’t even come close to the belly button, running out halfway there.”

“That’s concerning,” Jade chuckled. “What else?”

“It’s a little longer than my index finger or about an inch longer than the width of my hand. So, I’m guessing something like that…” Chloe started to calculate.

“Well, why guess? Here, I have something for you. I just shopped for this, so I was late because I had to go to the children’s department to get a gift for you… or him, that is.” Jade handed Chloe an oblong object.

Chloe snorted, “A 6-inch Hello Kitty ruler…really?!”

“Yeah, I thought it was very appropriate, pink and with little hearts and bows” Jade also had to laugh out loud. “I hope it’s long enough.”

“Oh yeah, babe, don’t you worry, ha-ha-ha,” Chloe was laughing so hard now.

The other people in the cafe looked over at them, wondering what was so funny about a Hello Kitty ruler.

“So, let’s see” Jade put the ruler in Chloe’s hand. “Your hand is three inches wide. You have dainty hands, babe.” An image of a penis in Chloe’s hand was now inevitably forming in Jade’s mind, and she tried to imagine the ‘size.’ “You’re sure it’s only an inch longer? That would be, yes, really only 4 inches? That handsome 6’5″ tall white guy with 4 inches?! Oh my god, that is hilarious. Just to double-check, let me see your index finger, maybe… Hmm, it’s only just over 3 inches long, too. What can I say? Just Wow.” Jade shook with laughter.

“Yeah, I’m telling you, he is tiny, really just a little longer than my index finger” Chloe shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “See, I’m telling you, there’s nothing you can do about it.” And she, too, snorted out with laughter.

“Do we still…do we still have to talk about the girth? Is there any hope?” asked Jade as she regained some breath.

“Let’s not talk about it,” Chloe had to wipe the tears from her eyes.

It took the two friends a few minutes to calm down again, which was difficult because the pink Hello Kitty ruler was still lying on the table in front of them. Jade stared at the number 4, lost in thought.

“So, did you guys even have sex yesterday then.”

“No, he spilled his load before that,” Chloe explained. “But that doesn’t matter, and it was fun too.”

“Wait, I forgot. Did you teach him some Korean as planned?” asked Jade with a sly grin.

“Ha-ha, yes, I did. That was a great idea of yours with the ‘little brother.’ That way, I could call his stiffy ‘little’ with a very innocent excuse. That was great. And meanwhile, I jerked him off so he was kept nicely aroused and couldn’t tell me any bullshit. Plus, I could feel his arousal in my hand. You know the old saying: if you want someone in your hands, you must grab firmly.”

“You just made that up, didn’t you?” asked Jade skeptically.

“Ok, true, ha-ha, but it fits so nicely,” Chloe admitted.

“And then did he spill his load straight away for the little brother comment?”

“No, not at that moment yet. Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part,” Chloe said, “I had another idea coming to my mind spontaneously.”

“What was it?” Jade was all ears.

“I told him to shave completely until next time because of my teenage boy fetish.”

“You have a teenage boy fetish?” Jade’s eyes widened.

“Of course not. Not so far, at least. But if he gets so aroused when I call his cute boner ‘small’ or call him a ‘good boy,’ then he seems to gain arousal from embarrassment. And can you imagine how embarrassed he must be standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the morning, looking at this big guy with the small pee-pee and a clean-shaven one? Like a 13-year-old boy. My ‘teenage boy.’”

Chloe spoke those last two words slowly, breathy, and in precisely the same wicked tone she had whispered into Greg’s ear.

“Wow, you are devilish. And that’s what made him cum?”

“He practically exploded in my hand,” Chloe had to laugh out loud again.

“Where did all this come from? Since when did you become so wicked and had such ideas?” Jade asked.

“I don’t know. I always thought I liked big dicks the best. And I still think that’s the case, too. Size matters. Everything else is bullshit. Of course, it’s not everything, but it does make a difference. If a woman can pick two guys and everything else is more or less the same, only one has four inches, and the other has seven, she will take the one with seven home. That’s a fact.”

“Absolutely, and if he’s eight or nine inches, she won’t even think for a second,” Jade agreed.

“But playing with Greg also gets me incredibly hot. This power that I feel that’s arousing. I can tell him what to do, to kneel, and order him between my legs with his mouth anytime I need it. His nervousness when I play with his little man and his embarrassment when I make small, tiny innocent comments about size gives me a damn thrill, and I get incredibly wet in those moments.” Chloe couldn’t quite gauge her feelings herself yet. It helped to express it to Jade, though.

“So, what are you going to do about it now? You can’t give up big cocks forever, can you?” Jade tried to reason.

“Forever, probably not. But we haven’t been dating that long, so that I can put up with it for a little while. And who knows, maybe there are ways to stay with Greg and still do my pussy justice.”

“What do you mean?” Jade wanted to know, “How would that work?”

“I have some ideas about that, but it will take some time. The next time I meet Greg, I’ll have to very gently get him to admit that he has a small penis. That will be the most important thing.”

She looked at Jade with a wicked grin and mouthed silently into the air: “TEENAGE BOY PEE-PEE.”


Greg had a tough time concentrating on work this week. The scenes he had experienced with Chloe last weekend repeatedly played out in his mind. He felt he was becoming increasingly attracted to her, physically but also mentally.

If he was honest, he knew he was submissive regarding sex. He liked it when the woman took control. He enjoyed it when his partner told him where to go in bed.

However, none of his dates or ex-girlfriends had ever awakened this hidden vein in him. It certainly had something to do with his appearance. He was indeed six foot five tall and exercised a lot. His body was athletic and fit, with broad shoulders and quite muscular. His former partners or bedmates automatically assumed he was an alpha male. He had neither the will nor the clear realization that it was not the case. Or, at any rate, he repressed it. His sex life was, therefore, very vanilla. He mostly assumed the missionary position on top.

It was ok, but he didn’t like it very much if he was sincere. And his female partners probably felt the same way. Because eventually, most of his relationships turned out to be very oral as far as sex was concerned. Greg just liked licking his partner more than actually fucking. And he was a devoted, persistent pussy licker. He wanted everything about it, the smell (most of the time, anyway), the feel and taste on his tongue, and the reactions he could elicit with just his tongue.

It could happen (though rarely) that he didn’t like the smell or taste of a partner’s pussy. Then sex life was doomed to failure. But if he liked the taste, if she tasted sweet and aromatic at the same time, if the pussy juice first flowed out of her transparently and then, with increasing arousal, finally oozed out of her thick and creamy, then he was in paradise.

Visual characteristics of the pussy could also increase his arousal. True, even expansive big pussies with labia hanging out could sometimes excite him. But for this, he had to be in an incredibly submissive mood. His perfect pussy, however, was somewhat compact, small, and clearly defined.

Chloe’s pussy combined all the qualities he loved. She was like coming directly out of a perfectionist manga comic, relatively small and neat. Still, with full labia protruding just as much as needed, a cute little clit covered by soft skin and all this in a light to dark pink that was just made to be licked and would attract anyone’s tongue, certainly Greg’s. And she tasted like honey to him. Since she had that basic sweet smell, Greg didn’t mind licking her after a long day at work either. He knew that underneath what might have been the salty smell of the day, the sweetest ambrosia was waiting for him.

He also enjoyed the position he was in during this service. Lying between a woman’s legs was the best place for a sub. It played perfectly with his submissive nature. She was in control, able to close her thighs and restrain and dominate his head and mouth, taking his breath away. The pussy had the power. His mouth was only the servant. This pussy that usually served other daily needs of its owner forced the man’s mouth to open, surrender, receive, and lick up.

This feeling of submission was intense and continuously increased when Greg looked up from this position. On Friday, he could see Chloe’s face from above her still clothed flat belly and aroused breasts, her satisfaction, that grin. It was driving Greg crazy.

God, how he had enjoyed this last Friday night!

But that was not all his thoughts rummaged about. What bothered him even more, and to this day, was the nervousness about his dick. He knew, of course, that he had a small dick. To be exact, it was four inches under perfect conditions. Every guy knows his size. And if he doesn’t know it, he is lying. Greg had always seen the other guys showering in the locker rooms at school and university, with their cocks already bigger flaccid than his when fully aroused.

He had always been nervous about this in the past too, but his former sex partners made little fuss about it. They were pretty indifferent to this problem. Perhaps they didn’t care, or they enjoyed oral intercourse, or they wanted to avoid the embarrassment of making it an issue. It remained a taboo. So did his submissiveness.

Not so, Chloe. Greg wasn’t sure, but it seemed like she kept alluding to it. And she even seemed to enjoy it. On their first night, she told him straight to the face that she thought he was a sub. How could she have known that? It had been very embarrassing for Greg. Could she see it in his eyes or from his behavior? How awkward was it if any woman on the street could see immediately that he was not an alpha male but willing to get on his knees in front of any pussy?

On top of that, there were her innocent allusions to his size. Was it a coincidence that she always said penis and never dick or cock? He wondered if he had ever heard her talk about other guys and what word she had used there. He couldn’t remember for sure, though.

And what was it about that Korean lesson he had gotten? Was it just a nicety that she wanted to tell him what they called dicks in her native language? “Little Brother,” he had almost sunk to the floor in shame. Or rather, he almost came when she uttered this while holding his hard-on in her hand.

Finally, the incident made him lose it. Chloe and the revelation of her teenage boy fetish and her order for him to completely shave his private parts for next time. Even the expression alone was so embarrassing—teenage boy. She had briefly explained to him Friday night that this was because the first penis (yeah, she had said penis, hadn’t she?) she had seen in real life had been completely hairless. She had been sixteen at the time and had gotten the door wrong in the swimming pool locker room. When she opened the door to the men’s shower, she saw this teenage boy standing in front of her, completely naked. That incident had aroused her for days and has stayed in her mind.

And again, Chloe’s explanation was relatively innocuous and referred only to hairlessness, not the size. But how big could this boy have been? Was her fetish just hairlessness or the lack of size or both? Or had she just made the whole thing up?

All of this was driving Greg crazy.

It was Wednesday night, and he still thought about all that when he finally decided to do the shaving. The thought excited him, and he imagined what it would look like. He sat on the toilet to relieve himself and started checking the news on his phone.

“Oh damnit. Shit.”

Greg looked between his legs and quickly pushed his dick down. He had just let a stream of pee gush onto and over the toilet seat to the front, wetting his legs and underpants. Hastily he took some toilet paper to wipe up the mess.

“This could only happen to me.”

And he was probably right. Where most cocks would at least tend to point downward even if erect, it had happened to him more than once that when he was hard and not paying attention, he aimed too far up. ‘Small dick problems, oh man,’ he thought.

“Now for the shave, really,” he was determined to get it done tonight. His pubic hair was always trimmed, but he usually preferred to keep some since it looked more masculine. But he didn’t want to be a killjoy and absolutely didn’t want to disappoint Chloe.

He first applied shaving cream and then began to free his little man with careful strokes of his wet razor. It certainly helped that he was already rock hard again. Of course, the situation excited him, virtually at Chloe’s command, to carry out an order that robbed him of a specific part of his masculinity.

Little by little, his squeaky-clean little guy emerged. The hardest part was the balls; Greg was conscientious here. Cutting oneself while shaving was quickly done and uncomfortable, especially in this region.

When Greg was done, he used a gentle skin lotion to soothe the skin. He was smart enough not to apply his aftershave. He looked up and into the large mirror in his bathroom.

What a sight! He liked his body. Tall stature, steeled from countless hours in the gym, nice muscles, broad shoulders, well-defined chest, and abs. Greg was even a fan of leg day. His thighs were shapely and fit. ‘I’m quite a handsome guy,’ he thought. He should be confident enough to approach any woman he wanted. If only there weren’t that one detail.

His gaze focused on his midsection. There he stood, a proud four inches at attention, pointing back at Greg. Why was he still so hard? He felt more naked than usual, with no pubic hair. The last of his visual protection had gone. Not only naked but embarrassed.

He wondered what would happen that weekend. Indeed, he would meet Chloe. What was she up to? Would she come back to the dick topic? Part of him hoped not; another part of him longed for it.

Again, he looked down at himself. It looked like the dick of a pre-pubescent boy: clean, polite, harmless, and tiny.


To Be Continued…?


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