Chloe Discovers SPH 1

By SilknSmooth.

Nervously, Chloe chewed on the straw of her iced coffee latte and waited for her best friend Jade to arrive. She hadn’t seen Jade in weeks, and Chloe was still single. Not anymore, though.

So, there was an awful lot to talk about, and Chloe couldn’t wait. As usual, Jade was unpunctual, and although Chloe usually didn’t have a problem with that, today, she was just too excited.

Chloe and Jade had known each other since elementary school and came from the same small town. In addition, they had both immigrated from Korea with their parents, so they shared a common cultural background and spent most of their free time together.

During their studies, which they completed a few years ago, they had always kept in touch and were delighted that they had finally found a job in the same city. Now 25 years old, with a steady job and unmarried, the party life was about to begin in their planning.

The two friends differed significantly in looks and character.

At a moderate height of 5’4″, Chloe was the extrovert who quickly initiated conversations with everyone. Her looks helped her always to have enough – mainly male — friends or even strangers to talk to. Her face was a poem. The typical Asian almond eyes and pitch-black, silky-smooth hair were complemented by a full mouth, unusual for Asian women, which no plastic surgeon could have shaped more sensually. She also loved experimenting with makeup and turned all men’s heads when she walked into a room. Her only regret was that the good Lord had not blessed her with larger breasts. She had to be content with an A-cup but knew exactly how to show them off best in tight dresses and happily took advantage of small boobs not needing a bra.

Her petite frame had kept her from starting an Instagram career long ago. She had even sometimes thought about having her breasts enlarged but were ultimately too scared, and anyway, she could justifiably be called an absolute hottie without that. She was proud of her slightly honey complexion and thought nothing at all of the white fetishes of Asian culture. She was already used to being asked for her number by strangers. And while she enjoyed the attention, she was also annoyed by such superficial advances. Because, as she had decided early on, she liked nerds and not the players who always approached her. She didn’t like it when guys tried to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do. She knew what she wanted and felt more comfortable with a bf who accepted that.

On the other hand, Jade hardly ever publicly asked for her number. Not that she wasn’t attractive. She, too, had fine Asian features and a pretty face. But she was more the shy type, hardly ever used makeup in everyday life, wore braces, and mainly dressed inconspicuously. Yet she was pretty tall at 5’8″ and slim. Her C-cup breasts, for which Chloe envied her from time to time, remained usually hidden under loose clothing, and it was only on special occasions, especially when Chloe and Jade went out together, that Jade also dressed up. The two formed a duo infernal in the city’s clubs.

Anyone who saw the two of them together in everyday life certainly had the impression that Chloe had to be the man-catcher and Jade the wallflower. Chloe was usually happily or unhappily stuck in a committed relationship. At the same time, the seemingly aloof Jade enjoyed herself in the city’s beds and hardly ever accepted a steady boyfriend. Breakups were the worst for Chloe because guys couldn’t break away from her, which always resulted in endless drama. Jade was uncompromising about it, and it probably helped that she didn’t look like a model. She changed dates almost every week.

The two were so different in that respect that they always had plenty of stories to share.

Finally, the door to the cafe opened, and Chloe impatiently waved Jade over.

“You’re late again, baby! As usual!”

“Yeah yeah, I know, honey. Sorry. Some things never change. You look excited. How’s it going with your new guy? He looks hot. What’s his name again?”

“His name is Greg, and he’s super cute.”

“Cute? If I remember correctly, he looked 6’5″ in the pictures and was pretty athletic. I’d call him strong, hot, sexy…but cute?”

“Ah, I’m just not as superficial as you are. He’s cute more than anything else,” Chloe countered.

“And have you guys slept together yet? I mean, you guys must have had three dates or something. I don’t like to buy a pig in a poke.”

“Yeah, I know that. And yes, we’ve already slept together.”

“And how was it?” Jade wanted to know.

“It was great,” Chloe said.

“I can imagine, with that huge guy, I’m sure you get your money’s worth. I know your taste for the big guys,” Jade giggled.

“Oh, come on, you’re crazy. It’s not like that at all,” Chloe said, holding her hand over Jade’s mouth.

“I know you, darling, when you slept with that black guy, all you talked about the whole time was how well hung he was.”

“Well,” Chloe admitted. “True, that was unique.” But with Greg it was good too, very


“Why that ‘but’?”

“That’s what I wanted to gossip about today,” Chloe said. “It was special. Greg’s the first guy I’ve ever met who went straight for the dive.”

“You mean he licked you right away?” asked Jade.

“Yeah, before we even did anything, after a few kisses. I was slightly surprised but didn’t hold him back, haha.”

“I can imagine that lucky you. It often takes a bit with my guys. So how was the sex otherwise?”

“That’s, well, kind of funny. He kept his underpants on for a long time and didn’t want to pull them down in front of me.”

“He was probably afraid that the Asian hottie would get scared of his monster,” Jade speculated with a smirk.

“No, not at all. On the contrary, I think. He’s, shall we say, seems rather average in that department.”

“Never mind, an ‘average’ dick of a guy of 6’5″ height should probably still suit your taste,” Jade guessed.

“Well, he would be average for a 5’7″ guy, too,” Chloe responded.

“No way. What’s with that stupid ‘rather average’ expression all the time? How big then?”

“I don’t know that exactly, of course. I hadn’t measured it myself, and there was little light in the bedroom. But I know I stroked him with one hand only when he finally got out of those underpants, and I felt that I couldn’t have used two hands even if I wanted to.” Chloe laughed.

“Really? Baby, you don’t exactly have big hands, you know. I can’t imagine that. Is that why you said he was cute? I thought you meant Greg and not his dick.”

“Haha, I DID mean Greg. But I still think you might be right. You know, all my ex-boyfriends had huge dicks. And they were always arrogant and just out for their fun. Their main thing was to cum and maybe see what was up with the woman much later. That was completely different with Greg. And that’s when I began to suspect something.”

“What is it?”

“I think his small dick is why he’s so nice and accommodating and licks me right away and does an hour of foreplay. Because he knows he doesn’t have a big dick. It is to compensate me. I don’t think that’s bad, either. He kind of exudes such a submissive character, especially in bed. And that makes me hot.”

“Hahaha, you might be right. I read about that. So, the sex itself was a complete disaster, then? Could you feel him?” Jade chuckled.

“Come on; he is not that small. I could feel him, well, kind of, but let’s say, the sex was not the night’s highlight, and I didn’t cum from it,” Chloe admitted.

“So, it might not be your thing in the long run, right? Are you already thinking about breaking up again? No judgment, not from me for sure.”

“Breaking up already? Hm, no, not for now, at least. I think I can still have a lot of fun with him. I’ve never had a submissive boyfriend before. I asked him that directly, by the way.”

“What did you ask him?”

“I asked him if he was a sub.”

“What, you just asked him that directly? That’s bold. Well, what did he say?”

“He blushed, ha-ha, and then he said, ‘Hmm, I don’t, I mean, maybe a little…I…I don’t know.’ He started stuttering, so cute.”

“That’s funny, maybe he is a sub, and maybe it has something to do with his little secret. You know what I think?”

“No, what is it?”

“First, you should find out if he’s a sub, and second, I want to know exactly how big his dick is. Besides, I want to meet him some time too. Such a big, handsome guy. I think the whole thing is pretty funny.”

“Hmm, and how will I find out all this?”

“I’ve got an idea, listen…”


After she met with Jade, Chloe was now really excited. Jade had many exciting ideas about how Chloe could take the following steps in her new relationship with Greg. And although Chloe thought it was all pretty crazy at first, she had to admit that she liked the idea more and more. Just talking about it with Jade had made her so hot that she could clearly feel her wet panties and even worried that Jade might notice this on her bright short skirt.

On the other hand, Jade didn’t need to notice this. She could also clearly see that Chloe was secretly all fired up for the thing. Chloe just wished she could be there when it all would play out. In any case, she was sure that her best friend would tell her everything later.


It was already Friday, and Chloe couldn’t wait to get off work. She worked at an advertising agency. While this was often stressful, she was a diligent worker and far superior to her mostly older colleagues because of her youthfulness and creativity. In the company, her colleagues considered her a somewhat crazy, attractive chick. Her colleagues often would comment with raised eyebrows about her provocative style of dress, heavy makeup, or flashy hairstyle.

But Chloe knew that this was just a pretention by her male colleagues to be able to talk to her at all and the possibility to stare at her perfect face. Her female colleagues were just full of envy anyway.

She liked the job and was especially free in her time allocation. She still had a few things to do, but then she wanted to start the weekend.

Greg was already waiting for her at the door. She didn’t make him wait on purpose, but it felt good to have someone there waiting for her. And Greg was quite the gentleman who would never complain about having to wait for a little. After all, he knew he was waiting for the hottest girl in the entire office building.

As usual, Chloe did not disappoint his expectation either. She had opted for a light but skin-tight short summer dress today. Her bra, which she had worn during the day, disappeared from her bag. The dress had no low-cut neckline, as Chloe didn’t want to look cheap, already showing off her legs with the short skirt. But the shape of her perky breasts could be seen clearly under the thin material. Her makeup was flawless, and as she left the building, Greg could hardly decide where to look.

“You look stunning,” he said in greeting. He knew how lucky he was to be dating such a hot girl.

“I know,” Chloe giggled and gave him a big kiss. “Let’s go.”


Chloe loved spending time with Greg. He was eight years older than her, which she didn’t mind. She enjoyed that he had more life experience. Their conversations were never dull, and they always had things to talk about. They had pasta and pizza at their favorite Italian restaurant and headed home to Greg’s house.

During dinner, Chloe had forgotten entirely about her plans, but now on the way back, she was getting more nervous by the minute. How would everything go? How would he react? She was sure, however, that she would just have to proceed carefully enough, and everything should go well.

Greg and Chloe hadn’t known each other long enough to hold back for long after getting home. They started kissing on the couch, and Greg soon wanted to take off Chloe’s dress. She shook her head and fought off his hands but intensified their kiss. Instead, she took off his shirt. She loved his muscular torso. She let her hands slide over his chest, scratching him lightly and playing with his nipples. She already knew he was extremely sensitive there, and as she pressed against his body, she could feel his hard manhood pressing against her belly. Today she wanted Greg to lose his clothes first. And more importantly, she wanted to stay completely clothed. That was how she had discussed it with Jade.

She let her hands slide further down Greg’s body and tampered with his belt. He attempted to remove her dress, but Chloe stopped him one more time.

“Let me undress you, baby,” Greg tried to convince her.

“Shhhhh,” Chloe put her index finger over his lips. “I want you to be naked first today.” Greg wasn’t thrilled about this. He didn’t want Chloe to have a full view of his cock while she was still fully clothed. At the same time, though, the thought excited him.

Chloe undid his belt and the buttons of Greg’s pants and let them slide to the floor. ‘Well then, let’s get to the little guy,’ she thought. Playfully she let her fingertips slide over his swollen member in his boxers.

Chloe greatly desired to take off his underwear, but she wanted to spare him, at least for now. She could feel his nervousness. This poor guy was so cute.

“Kneel,” she said abruptly.

She was curious to see if he would follow her instruction. It was her first test for the evening. An alpha male would probably rip her clothes off and fuck her on the couch. But a cute sub guy would surely die to be allowed to kneel in front of her. ‘Well, my dear Greg, what type of guy are you?’ she thought.

Greg hesitated for a moment. ‘Wow, she’s very brash today,’ he thought. It felt a bit embarrassing to kneel in front of his still-dressed date, but somehow it also excited him, and he sensed the blood pulsing in his cock. Besides, he was glad he still had his boxers on; if he knelt, his position would be somewhat protected from her gaze.

So, Greg got down on his knees.

Chloe couldn’t avoid a grin and lowered herself onto the sofa behind her. She now sat directly across from the kneeling Greg and eyed him challengingly.

‘God, she is just so hot.’ Greg could still hardly believe his luck. Greg could scarcely get enough of her slender calves and perfect complexion. Her short dress had ridden up even further, revealing her shapely thighs. The dress perfectly accentuated her slim body and small, perky breasts. He noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra for the first time tonight. Her nipples stood out clearly under the dress. From his position, he could almost see under the hem of her skirt; only her closed legs prevented his clear view.

“What are you looking at?” Cloe coyly with a big grin.

She caught Greg off guard, who had kept his gaze between her legs a little too long.

“Well, I’m… I’m just looking because you look insanely gorgeous and…” stammered Greg.

“It’s ok, baby, I know, ” laughed Chloe. “I’ll let you in on a secret,” she said, leaning in towards him. She whispered, “I forgot my panties today.”

“Oh, shit,” Greg felt his cock pulsing. This girl was just crazy tonight.

Chloe leaned back on the sofa and slowly opened her thighs. First just a little bit, then more and more, and finally so far that it was almost obscene. Her shaven sex was open to the world.

Before Greg’s eyes revealed the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. Yes, he had licked Chloe once before on their first date. But that was under the bed sheets, and he couldn’t see much. All he knew was that Chloe preferred to be clean-shaven. Now and here, he could see everything in the brightly lit living room. Her perfect, full labia, the clit, and he could visibly see her arousal as her pussy juice was already flowing onto the sofa.

Chloe knew that Greg would not be able to resist this sight. And she felt her incredible wetness. She had always been easily aroused and dripping like crazy when she was horny. And today, she was horny.

She left her thighs wide open and guided a hand between her legs. She spread her labia and played with their moisture. Greg was mesmerized, staring at the spectacle in front of his eyes.

“Lick me!” She didn’t say it in a loud or overly commanding tone. It sounded more like a matter-of-fact statement of what was about to happen. And it also only took that quiet hint to get Greg going right away.

Hungrily, he plunged between her hot thighs and began to lick her.

“Good Boy,” Chloe said it barely audibly, almost more to herself.

Good boy was one of those expressions she had talked about with Jade. Alpha males would never like to be called that, but it should hit a nerve with submissive guys. While she was pretty sure Greg was in the second category, she didn’t want to be too forward. She would deny having said it if he complained, but maybe he hadn’t heard it. In any case, he didn’t seem to mind but continued to lick her, and Chloe even had the impression that he was now only licking hungrily and penetrating his tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Greg had heard the good boy. ‘Oh god, last time she already asked me if I was a sub. And now I am kneeling in front of her fully clothed, licking her pussy, and she is calling me a good boy, fuck, I shouldn’t be so obvious.’ His cock, however, couldn’t care less. He was more aroused than he had been in a long time. Being a submissive guy is one thing but having a date or girlfriend who knows it could end in disaster. Or it could end in paradise if she was the type.

In any case, this was not the moment to do anything stupid. Greg also couldn’t keep his eyes and tongue off this pussy presented before him anyway. So open and so swollen. And so incredibly wet. He knew he was a good pussy licker. He somehow grew into this over the years. It was nothing intentional. He just realized that most girls he slept with would be louder, moister, and much more likely to cum from him licking them than from the sex they had. He loved to see a girl cumming, and eventually, he would happily go down on his dates early on. He told himself that sex with him was probably great, but his pussy licking was just from another world. In any case, he had enough practice.

This situation indescribably aroused Chloe. Here she had Greg kneeling in front of her, still only in his boxers, buried in her pussy and licking her like there was no tomorrow. She was also happy with how her plan had worked out so far and was already looking forward to what else she had in store. She felt her orgasm approaching. She had always been one to cum quickly. And with her current arousal, she knew it wouldn’t be long. She grabbed Greg’s head and directed him over her pussy. She would spread her pussy juice all over his face. Oh, how she loved her wet, wet pussy.

She could feel the convulsions in her pussy, slowly but steadily at first, then in faster and faster succession. She knew that each of these convulsions was contracting her pussy and producing new pussy juice for Greg to lick. Her breathing quickened, her torso rose and fell with each breath, and her ripe breasts and eraser-like nipples threatened to split her dress.

Greg sensed she was about to lose it. He focused on her clit, her thighs pressed around his head, and her moans grew louder and faster. And then, after a short silent pause, she exploded, her pussy tightening, her legs encircling Greg’s head, her torso stretching upward, a long, drawn-out moan, her body completely tense. Her pussy juice poured over Greg’s face. He didn’t care. He loved it. For a moment, he thought he was going to cum himself, too. He was so aroused.

Again, Chloe’s body tensed, and she finally fell back on the sofa, exhausted and tired. For several minutes Chloe couldn’t think nor move. Greg lay clamped between her legs. Only slowly, Chloe could calm her breathing and open her thighs.

She looked down at Greg, who was covered with her pussy juice. She grinned. “That was pretty good. How’s it going down there?”.

“All good down here,” replied Greg, visibly proud of his performance.

Chloe leaned forward but not to kiss Greg. Instead, her gaze traveled down his body and lingered on his boxers. She could see that he was rock hard. With some amusement, she also noticed his precum. She prepared for the next step of her plan.

“Looks like your … PENIS … loved it too.”

Chloe had chosen carefully to use this designation. She had agreed with Jade that while it would sound completely innocent, it would be a signal simultaneously. The two had their standards about sizes: Although cock, dick, and penis all described the same thing, there were differences in connotation. For the two friends, cock was the term for anything eight inches or above. A dick had to be at least five inches. Below five inches, one could only speak of a penis, at best. And she was very sure that Greg would fall into this last category. There was no way she would ever say cock or dick to little Greg again.

Greg noticed her brief hesitation and also the word choice. ‘Did she think about the right word just now? Was she referring to my size by saying penis?’ Greg didn’t have much time to think about it as he was concerned that a large patch of precum was visible on his boxers. There was no way Chloe hadn’t seen that.

Chloe said nothing, though, and just grinned quietly to herself. ‘He is a hopeless sub.’ She leaned back into the sofa.

“Better get up from the floor, babe. Your knees must be killing you.” Her words came with fake concern. “And I really wanna see your hot body.”

Greg was in a bit of turmoil now. Sure, he had fucked with Chloe before, but that was different. It was in the dimly lit bedroom, and both had been lying in bed. Getting up now would mean him standing in front of Chloe in full view in the bright light of the living room. He could not cover his precum-soaked boxers or his non-impressive hard-on. But what excuse could he come up with? What could he say to make this not awkward? ‘Whatever,’ he thought at last. After all, he was still wearing the boxers, and Chloe being Asian, maybe she mostly dated Asian guys and was not that familiar with sizes or didn’t care. He tried to comfort himself.

Greg got on his feet, standing in front of Chloe in full view.

Greg couldn’t be more wrong. Even though Chloe was much less experienced than Jade, she had seen her fair number of dicks. The smallest she had seen was a relatively thick five-incher of a Korean guy she dated a couple of times years ago, but she didn’t sleep with him. They only got to the blow job stage. The biggest was the one of a black dude she had a one-night stand with, he must have been a solid nine inches, and Chloe had been talking about nothing else to Jade for a couple of days after that night. Her other guys and boyfriends were mostly around seven inches. But none of them was nearly as tall as Greg, which made it all the funnier in her eyes.

Chloe didn’t care about the precum at all. She would have been upset if he hadn’t leaked any. She paid much more attention to something else: she realized that Greg’s member was not peeking out or tenting one of the boxer legs as a big dick would naturally do. Especially after kneeling for such a long time in this type of boxers. Instead, the boxers were tented right to the front, as she suspected, and only a little pee-pee would do that. She smiled to herself. He might be the smallest she ever had.

Chloe let her gaze wander slowly over Greg’s body. The muscular shoulders and arms, his broad chest with those sensitive nipples, and his belly hinted at a six-pack. And finally, the little wet tent that this 6’5″ tall white guy was sporting. Greg was dying inside of shame. She rested her glance on his tiny stiffy for another three seconds.

“Let’s go to bed. I want to play with your penis,” was all she said.

That word again.


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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