Boundaries Redifned

By atlflirt.

Amid the unmistakable sounds emanating from the master bedroom, I stared at my computer screen, preparing to chat with James, known as ‘clairesHubby,’ on the interracial cuckolding website.

loveHer: Hey, James. Remember when you predicted Jackie might have me going down a… certain path soon? You were spot on.

clairesHubby: Oh? Do tell. I’m intrigued.

loveHer: We met this bull, Marcus. He’s something else. The last time we met, after he’d been with Jackie, he ordered me to clean him up. I was in front of him, his size intimidating, and I… I took him into my mouth. Your prediction about me sucking cock was dead on. It was my first time, and the mix of Jackie watching and Marcus’s dominance made it incredibly intense.

clairesHubby: It’s a profound step in this journey. My first time was somewhat similar. Claire’s bull, Alex, had just been with her. I was standing there, watching, and Claire, taking charge as she did, grabbed Alex’s cock, pointing it directly at my face. With a gentle but firm hand on the back of my head, she guided me down to my knees in front of him. The next thing I knew, I was taking him into my mouth.

loveHer: That’s… incredibly hot, James. Hearing you describe it just now… it’s strangely arousing.

clairesHubby: It’s a mix of emotions, right? The submission, the feeling of being controlled, and the shared intimacy with your partner. It’s something else.

loveHer: It really is, James. Everything’s changing so rapidly. I might be called into the bedroom soon. Jackie and Marcus seem to be building a routine, and I’m still trying to find my place in it.

loveHer: Gotta go. They’re calling me. Later.

clairesHubby: See you later.


There was a brief pause before a commanding voice called out from the master bedroom, “Spencer! Time for clean up!” Jackie’s voice followed, an amused lilt evident, “Come here, honey.”

Walking hesitantly into the master bedroom, my eyes immediately took in the scene before me: Jackie lay spread-eagled on the bed, her body glistening with sweat, legs apart, evidence of Marcus’ climax plainly visible. Marcus lay beside her, his massive 10-inch black cock, slick with a combination of both their juices, resting semi-flaccid on his thigh.

Marcus’ gaze met mine, a smirk playing on his lips. “You know what to do. Start with me.”

I hesitated only momentarily before crawling onto the bed. Approaching Marcus, I took in the thickness and color of the man’s member: deep ebony, veiny, and intimidating even in its semi-erect state. Tentatively, I started licking it up and down, familiarizing myself with the taste — a mixture of musk, sex, and a unique tanginess.

Encouraged by a low groan from Marcus, I took the head into my mouth, drawing it further with every passing second. The sensation was unfamiliar — the hardness contrasting with the soft foreskin. I could feel Marcus’ cock growing in size and firmness with each suck.

Just as I attempted to pull off, considering my cleanup duties done, Marcus’ hand firmly gripped the back of my head. “Keep going,” he ordered huskily.

Jackie sat up, taking in the scene with a mix of surprise and delight. Reaching over, she deftly unlocked the chastity device encasing my small penis. As she began stroking me with a thumb and finger, my arousal was evident from the rapidity of my breathing.

The hardness of Marcus’ dick was unparalleled — it felt like hot, pulsating steel encased in velvety skin. The engorged veins provided a unique texture that I couldn’t help but explore with my tongue.

As Marcus’ moans grew louder and his hips began to thrust upward, Jackie’s pace on me quickened, her hand mimicking the rhythm of my bobbing head.

Feeling the impending climax, Marcus’ body tensed. Suddenly, a torrent of cum erupted into my mouth, filling it with a warmth and a salty-bitter taste. Unable to process the sensation quickly enough, some of the cum dribbled from the corners of my mouth.

At the same time, with Jackie’s rapid manipulation, I felt my climax approach. My release was sharp and intense, a reaction to the myriad of sensations I was experiencing.

With our climaxes subsiding, the room was filled with heavy breathing and palpable tension, leaving all participants to ponder the evolving dynamics of their relationships.

After the intense moment passed, Marcus rose from the bed, his powerful frame moving with languid grace as he headed to the bathroom to freshen up. The sound of running water created a soft background noise.

Still a little dizzy from the overwhelming experience of swallowing Marcus’ cum, I was snapped back to reality when Jackie, with a mischievous glint in her eye, spread her legs, revealing her cum-soaked pussy. “You’re not done yet,” she purred, her fingers beckoning me closer.

Hesitating only briefly, I leaned down, the musky scent of their combined arousal wafting up to me. The aroma was heady and intoxicating: a mixture of Marcus’ strong masculine scent intermingling with Jackie’s unique fragrance. The taste was a complex blend of tanginess, the familiar taste of Jackie, and the alien salty essence of Marcus.

With deliberate strokes, my tongue began its journey, starting at her sensitive asshole and gliding up past her sodden folds to her engorged clit. I repeated the motion, savoring the cocktail of flavors, each sweeping lick pulling more of the combined juices into my mouth. As I continued my task, my naked ass pointed upwards, exposed and vulnerable.

The sound of footsteps announced Marcus’ return from the bathroom. I barely had a moment to register his approach when I suddenly felt the strong presence of Marcus’ hips pressing against my ass. The initial touch caused me to flinch in surprise, momentarily pulling away from Jackie.

Marcus’ actions were playful yet assertive, simulating the motion of fucking me from behind. His large, flaccid cock swung forward with each thrust, rhythmically slapping against my balls. Each mock thrust sent waves of confusion through me, a mix of apprehension, humiliation, and a strange kind of arousal. The sensation of Marcus’ member against me, combined with the taste of Jackie, was sensory overload.

Jackie watched, her lips curling into a smile, clearly entertained by the scene. The power dynamic in the room was palpable. As Marcus continued his mock assault, I realized that this journey we had embarked on was far from over.


The next morning, the brightness of the day felt so out of sync with the heaviness of the previous night. The sun’s rays peeked through the blinds, warming the room. Turning to face me with that all-too-familiar mischievous glint in her eyes, Jackie cheerfully proclaimed, “Shopping Day!”

I sighed internally, anticipating the tedious hours ahead. The mall was bustling when we got there. In no time, I found myself lugging around bags from various stores, trying to keep up with Jackie’s enthusiasm. The aroma of fresh fabric and the fragrance from perfume counters wafted through the air, all set against a backdrop of distant chatter and soft melodies.

I muttered under my breath, shifting the weight of the bags, “I really don’t see the fun in this.”

She spun around, her lips curving into a teasing smile. “Oh, come on! It’s just a little shopping. It’s fun!”

And with that, our day continued. I trailed behind her through trendy boutiques and watched as she tested various makeup shades, nodding occasionally to show I was still present.

As we approached Victoria’s Secret, Jackie’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Let’s go in!” she chirped, pulling me eagerly through the entrance.

The store interior was like a different world, with intricate laces, fine silks, and soft satins of every conceivable color beckoning from every direction. Jackie went to work almost immediately, sifting through racks and selecting a variety of lingerie sets. Before I knew it, she was handing them to me, one after another. My arms quickly filled with bras, panties, and negligees, making me feel a bit out of place amidst the store’s feminine aura.

It wasn’t long before we reached the dressing rooms. I hesitated at the hallway entrance, feeling quite like an out-of-place guard, surrounded by shopping bags and draped with lingerie, as Jackie vanished behind a curtain.

Every so often, she’d emerge, showcasing a different lingerie set, twirling for my input. And each time she’d return behind the curtain, our piles would shuffle — one growing, one diminishing.

A passing assistant glanced my way, her eyes filled with amusement. “Someone’s got their hands full,” she teased, winking playfully.

I grinned back, albeit a bit sheepishly. “You have no idea,” I replied, shifting the growing weight in my arms.

When Jackie eventually made her selections, I was more than relieved. Yet, seeing the pure joy in her eyes, I reminded myself that her happiness was worth my minor discomfort.

At the checkout counter, we were greeted by a striking middle-aged woman who exuded grace and authority. Her soft makeup highlighted her features perfectly, and her graying hair was stylishly tied back. A shiny name tag identified her as “Gloria.”

As Gloria processed each item, I caught her glancing at me occasionally, probably noting my discomfort. Once Jackie settled the bill, she turned to Gloria, a playful glint in her eye.

“Gloria, could you help with one more thing?” she began, nudging her head in my direction, much to my dread. “I’d love to get some panties for my darling husband. He really needs something more… appropriate.”

A playful smirk swiftly replaced Gloria’s initial surprise. “Of course, madam. We cater to all desires here.”

I blurted out, face burning, “Jackie, I really don’t think–”

She interrupted with a smirk, “Relax, dear. We’re already here, and Gloria seems eager to help.”

Gloria, ever the professional, responded, “Indeed, madam. However, first things first, we need his measurements. Has he worn women’s underwear before?”

Jackie shook her head, suppressing a grin. “Never. He’s an absolute rookie.”

That playful glint in Gloria’s eye only brightened. “Let’s head to a dressing room, then.”

My stomach knotted as I followed them. Inside, Jackie looked at me expectantly. “Go on, drop those pants. We need accurate measurements.”

With a hesitant gulp, I unbuttoned my trousers, revealing my standard boxer briefs as Gloria prepared to measure. Jackie and her exchanged glances, clearly enjoying the situation.

“Those boxer briefs seem too… manly for someone like you, don’t they?” Jackie teased.

Gloria nodded in agreement, chuckling, “Absolutely, madam. We’ll find something much more fitting.”

The two chatted and laughed as if I weren’t there, discussing fabric types and styles. Their genuine enjoyment only heightened my embarrassment.

As I began to pull my pants up, Jackie interjected with a glint in her eye, “Before you do that, darling, I’ll need Gloria’s professional opinion on how the panties actually fit on you. After all, she is the expert.”

I looked horrified. “Jackie, you can’t be serious!”

Gloria cleared her throat, “Well, typically, customers don’t model for us, especially not in the main area.”

However, Jackie was not easily dissuaded. “Surely there’s a way? Perhaps he could stroll out into the main area for a little display?”

Gloria pondered for a moment, “Actually, while we can’t allow that due to store policy, I am the manager here. We can arrange for one of my attendants to watch the front. Then, the three of us could utilize our backroom for a more… private showing.”

After a few moments of arrangement, we found ourselves in the backroom of the store. It was a cozy space with a tiny break area and a bathroom adjacent to it. Jackie selected a few sets of panties and handed them to me, instructing me to try them on one at a time. Resigned to my fate, I entered the bathroom.

With each new pair, I would hesitantly step out, allowing the two women to inspect the fit. They both examined closely, occasionally chuckling and whispering to each other. At one point, Gloria, upon noticing the chastity device beneath a sheer pair, raised an eyebrow. “What do we have here?” she inquired, a smirk forming on her face.

Jackie winked, “It’s for… disciplinary purposes.”

They continued the parade of panties, from thongs to lace briefs, each more humiliating for me than the last. Once they’d gone through the entire collection, Jackie chose seven of them, one for each day of the week. “I think he should wear one now, don’t you agree, Gloria?”

Gloria nodded with a mischievous smile, “Absolutely. He should get accustomed to them sooner rather than later.”

On our drive home, I could feel the unfamiliar sensation of the delicate fabric against my skin, a constant reminder of my submission. Once home, Jackie made her final declaration. “Alright, from now on, those are your daily wear. Get rid of all your male underwear. You won’t be needing them anymore.” I nodded, realizing that my life had taken yet another unexpected turn.


At work, my mind was constantly torn between professional responsibilities and the evolving nature of my personal life. The office environment, which once felt comfortable and familiar, was now a minefield of potential embarrassments. One of the recent additions to my daily life, the need to wear women’s panties beneath my business attire, weighed heavily on my psyche. Added to that, due to the chastity device, I had to sit every time I needed to relieve myself.

The restroom setup at work was standard: urinals and stalls. This meant that every time I entered, I would bypass the urinals, hoping none of my colleagues noticed my avoidance.

Today, I was delivering a presentation to the upper echelons of the company regarding claim audits for the past quarter. As I projected figures and statistics onto the screen, I felt an unexpected and inconvenient sensation in my groin. A leaking feeling. I could sense growing wetness, causing my dress pants to cling to the chastity device and, even worse, the lace of the panties I was forced to wear.

Panicking, I shifted behind the podium, attempting to conceal the damp spot forming around my crotch. My heart raced as I tried to focus on my presentation, but the looming embarrassment clouded my mind. “Perhaps now’s a good time for a ten-minute break?” I suggested cutting my presentation short.

I stole a glance downward. To my horror, the outline of the metal cage was becoming increasingly discernible through my wet pants. Desperation gripped me as I sought a route to the restroom without drawing attention.

Inside the bathroom, I frantically grabbed handfuls of paper towels, desperately trying to blot away the moisture. But it was clear that dabbing at the fabric was insufficient. In my growing desperation, I decided to take off my pants entirely, aiming to use the hand dryer to expedite the drying process.

Standing there, with my dress pants hoisted up to the dryer, I felt the sheer vulnerability of my situation. The lacy panties, together with the very visible chastity device beneath, left me completely exposed.

Then, the nightmare scenario occurred. The bathroom door swung open, and one of my subordinates walked in, freezing as he took in the sight before him. Time seemed to stand still. My face burned with humiliation, my heart hammering loudly in my ears. There was no hiding now, no explanation that could bridge the vast chasm of this awkward moment.

Regaining my composure was nearly impossible, but I couldn’t hide in the bathroom forever. Drawing upon every ounce of courage, I put on my slightly damp pants, took a deep breath, and walked back into the meeting room. I could feel the stain, cold against my skin, a cruel reminder of the ordeal. But I had a job to do, and with sheer determination, I continued my presentation, all while battling a tide of internal humiliation.


While the oven preheated and the salad lay freshly tossed on the table, I felt the weight of the day’s events pressing down on me. Cooking was often therapeutic for me, but today, even the aroma of the simmering sauce couldn’t distract from my turmoil. When Jackie walked through the door, she looked exhausted from her day at work but still flashed me a tired smile.

As we sat down to dinner, the weight of the silence was palpable. Taking a deep breath, I finally said, “I had a… rather difficult day at work.”

I recounted the entire ordeal to her: the leaking, the wet spot, the drying of my pants, and the mortifying moment when one of my subordinates witnessed my humiliating state. “Jackie, this can’t continue,” I pleaded, my voice trembling. “While it may be amusing to you if such events keep happening, I could compromise my position at work. What if I lose my job?”

Jackie sighed, her gaze fixed on the table. “I understand your concerns,” she began slowly. “But I think we should consult Marcus before making any decisions.”

Before I could protest, she had her phone out, dialing Marcus. After a few rings, his deep voice filled the room. “Hello, Jackie.”

“Marcus,” Jackie began, her voice a blend of concern and authority, “We’ve had a bit of a situation at Spencer’s work today.” She relayed the details, emphasizing the potential risk to my professional standing.

After a moment of silence, Marcus responded, “While I appreciate the control aspect, I don’t want to jeopardize his job. That would affect all of us. He doesn’t need to be in chastity at work. But he should still wear panties. That’s non-negotiable.”

I sighed in relief, feeling a weight being lifted off my shoulders. But before I could fully relax, Marcus added, “But there will be a condition. Spencer, from now on, you’ll be my cocksucker. Whenever I call, you come over and give me a blowjob.”

Jackie’s lips curled into a small smile. “That sounds reasonable. It’s agreed then.”

I wanted to protest, to have a say in this new arrangement, but I felt my voice get stuck in my throat. The power dynamics in this triangle were clear, and my place in it was becoming ever more defined. The evening meal continued in silence, a new chapter in this unusual journey unfolding before me.


I was deep into a spreadsheet when my phone buzzed with a text. Glancing down, I recognized Marcus’ number. “Come to my condo during your lunch break.” The message was short and to the point.

Anxiety coursed through me as I considered the implications of the text. I decided to clear my lunch hour, making sure I had no meetings and that my calendar appeared occupied. Walking to Marcus’ condo was a surreal experience. Every step was filled with dread and anticipation.

His condo was situated in a posh part of the city. Modern, sleek, with an aura of wealth and sophistication. When he opened the door, I was immediately struck by the elegant minimalism of his place. High ceilings, large windows, state-of-the-art gadgets, and plush furniture.

Without wasting time on pleasantries, Marcus got straight to the point. “Was going to have some alone time with some porn, but now that I have a Personal Cocksucker, why should I use my hand?”

Feeling the heat rise to my cheeks, I gulped. Marcus led me to his study, where his computer sat on a grand wooden desk. As I got into position, kneeling under the table, I realized just how vulnerable I felt. The air was thick with a musky scent, more pungent than I remembered from our previous encounter. As Marcus unzipped his pants, the strong, sweaty aroma hit me, almost making me recoil. It was clear he hadn’t showered yet.

His cock had a heavy scent, the unmistakable smell of a man’s unwashed groin. It was muskier, saltier, with a raw earthiness to it. Trying to push past the initial wave of disgust, I took him into my mouth.

As Marcus focused on the adult content on his screen, I could hear soft moans and the clack of the mouse. The taste of his pre-ejaculate mixed with sweat was overwhelming. He grew harder, the veins of his shaft pulsing against my tongue.

Suddenly, Marcus grabbed the back of my head, his breathing ragged. I braced myself, feeling the first spurt of warmth hit the back of my throat. The taste was intense and salty, with a hint of bitterness. As he continued to ejaculate, I focused on swallowing, not wanting to spill a drop.

When he finally pulled away, I was left panting, the taste of him lingering on my tongue. Without even looking at me, Marcus muttered, “I’m going to take a shower now.” It was an afterthought, confirming what I had suspected about his earlier state.

Quickly, I got to my feet, feeling dazed, used, and completely out of my depth. I left his condo with a heavy heart, trying to wrap my head around this new dynamic and the depths of my submission.


The aroma of roasted chicken filled the air as I put the finishing touches on dinner. A knock on the door broke my concentration. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I approached the door with caution. Opening it, my heart raced at the sight of Cheryl standing there, a mix of anticipation and mischief in her eyes.

“Jackie invited me over,” Cheryl explained, breezing past me into the house.

“Oh, uh, okay. No problem,” I stammered, trying to mask my anxiety. Seeing Cheryl again after what had transpired brought back waves of humiliation. The images of that night, of her watching me masturbate and the taunting remarks about my size, played over in my mind.

Before I could recover, Jackie entered the home, her heels clicking confidently on the hardwood floor. “There you are, Cheryl! Thanks for coming over.” She glanced at me, her gaze unreadable, then made her way to the living room, getting settled in.

I tried to focus on serving dinner, feeling the weight of Cheryl’s amused gaze on me. Just when I thought the worst was behind me, Jackie spoke up. “Spencer, could you fetch your chastity device, please?”

Confused and embarrassed, I hesitated for a moment before nodding and making my way to the bedroom. As I searched for the steel cage, I overheard Jackie’s voice explaining to Cheryl.

“He doesn’t wear it during work hours. It’s not practical. And well… sometimes he has… accidents.”

Returning to the dining area, I tried to steady my breathing, holding the device in my hand. The two women looked up at me, Jackie’s expression one of authority and Cheryl’s one of glee.

Jackie continued, “Spencer, in order for you not to have any more Cuckold Tears, you’ll need to relieve yourself. It seems it helps with the… leakage.”

Cheryl giggled, her delight evident. “Oh, how fun!” she exclaimed.

Jackie’s eyes twinkled mischievously. “And to make things more interesting, you’ll recount your first events as Marcus’ Personal Cocksucker while you do it.”

As I began to undress, Cheryl’s eyes widened with realization and glee. “Well, what do we have here?” she exclaimed with a laugh, her gaze fixed on the lace panties that clung to my frame. The feminine fabric contrasted starkly with my masculine physique. “Looks like someone’s truly embracing their new role,” she teased, her laughter echoing in the room, making me feel even smaller.

My face flushed with embarrassment. Masturbating in front of Cheryl once was humiliating enough, but this? This was on another level. Yet, I couldn’t refuse. I took a deep breath and continued to undress, every moment of my submission to Marcus replaying in my head.

Cheryl’s laughter and teasing remarks punctuated my retelling. “Wait, so you’re telling me you actually suck cock now? This is too good!”

Feeling the sting of their laughter and the weight of my shame, I continued, each detail making me feel more exposed and vulnerable. My hand moved faster, and soon, I felt the familiar build of an orgasm. Once it was over, and I was left panting and exposed, the two women clapped sarcastically.

“Well done, Spencer,” Jackie praised with a mocking tone while Cheryl giggled uncontrollably.

And there I stood, more humiliated than I’d ever felt, desperately trying to gather the remnants of my dignity.

Once I’d finished, the room was filled with a heavy silence, save for Cheryl’s stifled giggles and Jackie’s stern look. “Clean that up,” Jackie directed, nodding toward the mess I’d made. As I hastened to obey, I felt the weight of both women’s gazes on me, an unnerving blend of amusement and judgment. When the cleanup was done, Jackie approached, holding the chastity device, and swiftly locked it in place. I reached for my clothes, but she held up a hand to stop me. “Leave them. You’ll dine as you are,” she commanded. The remainder of the evening was surreal. The stark contrast between me, exposed and vulnerable, against the two women, fully dressed and comfortable, was palpable. And yet, beyond my obvious state of undress, dinner unfolded as any typical meal might – with conversation, laughter, and the clinking of silverware.


The weekend had arrived, and, predictably, Marcus was over. The sounds coming from the master bedroom were more intense than usual, with Jackie’s vocal expressions echoing throughout the house. Trying to distract myself, I signed into the interracial cuckolding site and was immediately greeted by a message from clairesHubby.

clairesHubby: Hey Spencer! How’s your day been so far?

loverHer: Hey James. Quite the day. Marcus is here, and let’s say Jackie is… really getting into it today.

clairesHubby: Ah, those days with Claire can be wild. Speaking of wild, how’s dealing with the cuckold tears going? You mentioned it before.

loverHer: It’s a rollercoaster, James. The humiliation is intense, yet there’s an underlying arousal. And Marcus? He’s dubbed me his “Personal Cocksucker.”

clairesHubby: That’s quite the development, Spencer. How’s that sitting with you?

loverHer: It’s… different. Very different. And the other day, after I cleaned Jackie, Marcus mimed like he was taking me from behind. Talk about feeling dominated.

clairesHubby: Domination can have its place. Claire and I have ventured there a few times. Just remember why you’re doing it.

Just as I was about to reply, my phone pinged with a message from Marcus: “Cleanup time.”

loverHer: Gotta run, James. Duty calls. We’ll chat soon.

clairesHubby: Of course, Spencer. Stay strong. It’s all for her.

Taking a steadying breath, I logged off, bracing myself for the imminent cleanup duty in the master bedroom.

I gingerly entered the bedroom, my heart thundering in my chest at the sight before me. Marcus lay sprawled out, his impressively large member semi-flaccid, draped leisurely over his left thigh. Jackie was cuddled close, nestled in a fetal-like position with her head resting on his chest, her gaze intently focused on his groin area. The air was thick with the musky scent of their lovemaking, and I could feel a mixture of dread and arousal course through me.

Reading the situation, I understood my role. Approaching Marcus, I gently began to lick the remnants of their shared passion from his balls and up the shaft of his imposing cock. As I took the weight of him in my mouth, the taste of both of their juices mingling was both humbling and intoxicating. As I worked, I could feel him growing, stretching my mouth wider as he hardened. Unexpectedly, Marcus gripped the base of his now turgid member, stroking himself while I continued to suck the tip. But just as suddenly, he pulled out and got up, leaving the bed and me in a daze.

Jackie shifted, lying on her back and spreading her legs invitingly. As I moved towards her, the sight of her glistening, gaped-open pussy hit me hard. The realization that Marcus had resized her in a way I never could with my four-inch appendage was a potent blend of humiliation and acceptance. So engrossed in my thoughts, I flinched when a cold, wet sensation touched the small of my back, dripping down onto my exposed rear.

“Get up on your knees,” Marcus ordered sternly as he applied more of the slippery substance around my puckered asshole. My mind raced, and as I realized what was about to happen, panic threatened to overtake me.

Sensing my trepidation, Jackie cupped my face in her hands, her eyes communicating love and assurance. Her gesture, though gentle, also conveyed a silent encouragement. I felt the pressure of Marcus positioning himself behind me and then the sharp, searing pain as he began his entry. The initial breach of my ring was almost unbearable, tears streaming down my face as a whimper escaped my lips. But as he pressed deeper, past that initial barrier, the sharp pain gave way to a dull ache and then to an unexpected, strange fullness.

Emotions swirled within me — shame, humiliation, and a perverse form of intimacy. I was being taken by another man right in front of my wife, the woman I loved. As Marcus’s movements grew more intense, a pressure built deep within me. My prostate, now under direct assault, sent jolts of unexpected pleasure through my body. As Marcus reached his peak, a torrent of sensations overwhelmed me, culminating in my release — a humiliating ejaculation through my chastity device.

The room fell silent, save for the trio of heavy breaths echoing our shared, raw experience.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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