Big New World

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by AronB


Friday was always the best day of the week, and this friday was especially good. I got a date! Apparently, she thought I was cute. And funny, interesting… That’s what her friend told me anyways. I was putting on my clothes, thinking about it, when I saw the small orange circle hanging on the door. My heart skipped a beat. She met me on the day I didn’t have to wear it… I slowly put it on the hem of my shirt, and headed slowly downstairs.

“Good morning,” my brother said from behind. “Where you headed?”

“To a date,” I said as I turned to face him, careful not to lie.

He smiled cunningly from the top of the stairs. “I thought it was something social… you had your tag hidden away. She’ll see it, you know. Better to wear it with pride.”

His green tag was displayed proudly on the sleeve of his t-shirt, and he made sure I saw it. “Yeah, I’ll keep it in mind.” I turned towards the kitchen.

“I could call Eric, and have him TELL you to put it somewhere more visible…”

I thought about Eric, and his vibrant blue tag… always wearing it on the top of everything he wore. He treated Chris like shit for his red tag, and more often than not sent me on errands for him.

“Fine.” I unclipped the tag and put it higher up on my shirt. I immediately headed for the front door, and left without another word.

I tried not to look at my license plates as I walked to my car, aware of the orange marks there as well. I dreaded the moment of arrival half the way there, when I was honked at by a car full of drunk girls at a stop sign. They waved at me, and I rolled down my window.

“Show us!” They yelled at me.

“Fucking…” I muttered as I undid my belt. The driver of the car to my right chuckled as he tapped his yellow tag on his window. I undid my pants and pulled out my semi-hard dick. They laughed and waved their pinkies at me.

“Jerk it!” One of them yelled, as the light turned green. I ignored them and started moving. I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot, driving past blue and green reserved spots, before finally finding a decent parking spot. A young teenager with a green tag smirked as he walked by my car. I finished buckling my belt and left the car.

The walk to the Starbucks felt like forever. I dreaded the moment of entering, and the look on her face… Uh… her name… Ella, right, of course. I wouldn’t want to have to make up a name.

I had barely opened the door when she came crashing through, obviously pissed. She said nothing and grabbed me by the hand, pulling me through the parking lot behind her. Reaching a nice silver sedan, she turned around suddenly and pulled me in for a long kiss.

“You got here just on time,” She said, sighing. “it’s good to see you,” she said with a smile.

“Good to see you too. What happened?”

“Assholes with green pins wanted to fuck me. I said no, they said they’d call their blue friend over. I was about to get the fuck out when you got here.”

I was astonished. I’d arrived at dates to find the girl getting spit-roasted over the table by greens, spilt coffee on the floor. Did she not care about that? “You want to get out of here?”

She grinned. “I thought you’d never ask.”

We talked as she drove down to the beach with our recently purchased smoothies, laughing and joking. This girl was perfect. But… had she even noticed my tag? Wait… I didn’t have my tag on!

“Uh… shit. I left my tag somewhere.”

“Oh, really?” She glanced over. “Is that a problem?”

I hesitated. Blues didn’t have to wear tags, greens had a lot of flexibility, yellows would get a small fine, oranges get heavy fines, and reds could get jail time.

“We’re here,” she said, pulling into the parking lot. This lot ONLY had spots for greens, blues and females. I would’ve had to park on the street a half-mile down.

We got out and started towards the beach. We walked down the stairs, past tall guys with blue or green tags flirting and talking with various people. I noticed Ella didn’t even glance at any of the blues. Didn’t want to get their attention, I guess.

There were plenty of oranges and yellows around. They do make up the majority of the male population…

I noticed a guy with a tiny dick doing jumping jacks in front of a small crowd of sunbathing girls. His swimsuit was nearby, torn and partially covered in sand. A small red circle was sewn into it. Ella stepped over it and glanced back at me, raising her eyebrows. I chuckled.

A girl gave me a look as we passed, and whipped out her smart phone. She aimed the camera at me, and looked at it. She shook her head with a smile and walked by. Fucking dick-check apps.

We reached a lonely part of the beach, and Ella turned to me and pulled me towards her. “Want to swim?” She grinned.

“I don’t have my swimsuit…”

“Aw, are you shy?” She said, touching my chin. “Wittle Kyal doesn’t wanna show?”

I laughed. “Ah shut up.”

She smiled and took off her shirt, and started on her bra. She really was attractive.. Perfect tits and nice legs… I took off my shirt.

She looked me up and down, and nodded a bit with a smile. She kicked off her sandals and started inching down her pants. I did the same. Soon, we were both in our underwear.

We both giggled, and headed towards the water. The next twenty minutes were spent splashing and swimming, laughing and touching. Soon we were both breathing heavily, and we hauled each other out of the water.

My heart skipped a beat. A police officer stood near our clothes, watching us. He motioned for me to come. Ella told me she’d wait back. I approached the officer. He held my driver’s license, and shook his head. “Not your day, Mr. Rend.”

“I know, I lost it earlier today.”

“Not an excuse. I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

“Look, please, is there anything I can do?” Anything to get out of a three hundred-dollar fine. ANything.

He paused, then looked at Ella. He smiled. “I want to fuck that sexy lady you’re hanging out with.”

…Anything but that…

I approached Ella slowly. The officer following ten feet behind. “Ella…”

“What’s wrong?”

“You know… I’m an orange.”

She let out a little smile. “Yeah, I was afrai- I thought that might be it.”

I thought about what she said. ‘was afraid?’ Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I put my hand against my head.

“Oh my… ELLA?” The cop said from behind me. “Good lord, you’ve changed.”

“Sorry?” She asked, confused.

“I was in Richard’s class, sophomore year.”

“Hm…” She paused. “Yeah. I remember you.”

The cop nudged me. “This whore fucked Eric and his friends every goddamn day after lunch. Usually right outside the door, but sometimes INSIDE the classroom!”

I looked at her, and swallowed silently. She shrugged awkwardly, and glanced away.

“Man, good luck satisfying her. She was the blue queen of the school. She was goddamn fuck-buddies with the resident purple! Oh, forget the ticket. Your situation is pretty pitiable as it is.” He walked off, whistling.

There was silence for a few moments.

“I really like you, Kyal.”

“It’s fine.” I looked up at her. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve lost girls before.

She laughed quietly. “No, really, Kyal, I like you. I’d like to stay with you.”

“I’d rather not be called a cuck every day.” I shook my head slowly.

“You don’t have to be…” She started smiling.

I tilted my head, confused. Then it dawned on me. “Oh.”

Dick extensions are regulated items. You have to get a permit to use one, and you get a new tag, your color, with a big white dot in the center. Can you imagine going around to everyone you know (and don’t know), and admitting you need to use a dildo bigger than you to get your spouse off? That shit fucking sucks.

“Oh god. Can’t we just…”

“Kyal…” She blinked her eyes, and frowned. Did I almost make her cry?

“Oh! No, not that, I just mean, can’t we try to make it work?”

“Oh.” She blinked a few more times, and let out a small smile. “That’s really sweet, but don’t we both need to get off for sex to work?”

“I could go down-”

“I need penetration. And you need to be able to feel me.”

“I need to… what?”

She sighed. “You want to try?”

“Uh… yeah. Yes. Please.” I smiled, and she smiled back. She pulled down her panties, dropped to her knees and pulled down my boxers with and efficiency I haven’t even seen in porn. She instantly got to work on my semi-hard dick, sucking it bottom to top like a pro.

I was almost immediately hard, and she still rammed her face into my crotch, taking it all like it was a lollipop. She took it back and forth for a minute or so, then slowly pulled off, yanking off with a pop.

“Holy fucking hell, you’re good at that.”

She laughed. “Thanks. You want to fuck?”

“I can get you wet first…”

“I’m already wet. Remember how those guys wanted to fuck me at the coffee shop?”


“That was fucking hot.” She winked. “Even if I didn’t want it at the moment.”

“So you really like em big, huh.”

“Ya think?” She said with a bit of a pitying smile.

She slowly swiveled around and got in position, wiggling her ass towards me. I could see a gape in her pussy, and I tried to ignore it as I placed my dick at the entrance.

I pushed… I could tell I was in a pussy, but… it didn’t grab me like the last time I fucked someone, in high school. I hung loosely, feeling one side, then the other, as I slowly pushed in and out.

She tensed her muscles, and the walls softly but firmly closed around my dick. “Unhhh…” I said. “That’s pretty good…”

“You really like it?” She said excitedly.

“Yeh…” I moved in and out, enjoying every moment. I grabbed her tits and pulled her up, pressing her back against my body. She breathed heavily as I massaged her breasts, and pinched her nipples. A moan escaped when my fingers found her clit and circled it.

“I’m glad you like it.” She laughed. “Really.”

“But you, uh…”

“I like being with you, Kyal. You really do try, and you’re good at what you do. But…” She pushed me off and motioned for me to get on the ground. I laid on my back and she lowered herself towards me. She looked at my dick, which stood straight up, pointing at her pussy.

She reached down, and after a moment found my dick, and I entered her…

She started to ride me- and I fell out. She grinned as she led me back into her, and started again- I fell out again. “Fucking…” I groaned.

“You go,” She said, and reached for her purse, nearby. I thrusted upwards, and she ignored all of my motions as she searched through her bag.

“Ah, here it is!” She pulled out a tiny cylinder, no more than an inch long.

“What’s that?” I asked as I continued to thrust.

“My dildo.” My hands massaged her hips and ass as she spoke, something she clearly enjoyed.

“Suddenly my talent for sex feels a lot less impressive…”

She laughed. “Yeah, it looks like that at first. But it’s a lot more than meets the eye.” She pressed a button at the base. “Nine by seven, thickest at middle.”

It opened, and a gray synthetic material expanded from its base, forming a perfect shape. Not quite the details of a cock, but all the shape and size of a good one…

My movements slowed as the understanding came over me. I was small for her. She needed big cocks, thick cocks…

She lifted herself off me, and dropped into the sand next to me. I leaned back on my elbows as she placed the pop-up dildo next to my dick. It was much thicker, and significantly longer. The look on her face as she watched my own reaction was one of glee and a playful sadism…

I chuckled a bit nervously. I had, after all, just found out that my girlfriend had a bigger ex. (Oh that’s not a horrifying revelation. Not at all.)

We sat and talked for a while. We figured it all out. I ate her out, she came, I told her I’d give it a shot, she kissed me (quite passionately), and we hugged and left.

On the way back from the beach, a group of three blues ordered her to her knees. She sucked their big dicks. She fucked them. For them, her pussy was tight. For her, their dicks were perfect.

Not only did she moan, but she screamed. She clenched the sand as they rammed into her, and she begged for it harder. They were thick as soda cans. Long as rulers. They were over twice my size, and I could only watch as she screeched with pleasure. I’d never get that response from her… Or maybe…

They fucked her till they came. (They didn’t have any problems making her cum, that’s for sure…) All four of them, and their green friends. Then… they made me fuck her, and recorded my dick slapping against the sides of her gaped pussy as I thrust ineffectually. They made me post it to all my social media pages… as if everyone didn’t already know…

Know what the funny thing is? We’re damn good together. Together and happy. I fuck her every night with a big-ass strap-on. She loves it, and I love-making her moan. She still pokes fun at me, every now and then. Blues and their girls still order me around and humiliate me, but hey. That little white dot on my tag isn’t that big a deal. It’s a trade-off. Or maybe there isn’t really a trade-off after all.

The End.



  • Brad the Volfan

    This is Hot & I Would Fucking Love to Live in This World Even if My 3in Dick But Would Love Getting Made Fun of Everyday & Being Exposed to All 😉

  • jay anthony

    Yes I too enjoyed this story of sex sci-fi – very imaginative. I’m a red…


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