True Story: My SPH Experiences

By Pete.

I have always know my flaccid penis was smaller than some, as I have got larger round the waist it has got smaller. I enjoyed teenage fun the a school friend, we were about the same size erect, but when placid mine shrunk to no more than 1″, plus a very long and floppy foreskin. Whilst his just lost hardness and flopped to a 4 1/2″ beautiful cut cock.

There were plenty of boys at school that were similar to me, although I always felt the small circumcised ones looked bigger than my uncut one. Nobody really commented on size at school, but as I got older I became more conscious of my size.

In the summer of 1984 I was 18 my friend and I were bumming about in the pool in his secluded back garden, we had been skinny dipping and messing with each other. It was then his twin sister and her friend appeared in their bathing costumes. Alex had seen me naked before when I had stayed over, but she had never commented. She was a girl next door type with a nice body but very small boobs, her friend Helen was a stunner, larger boobs.

They asked if they could join us, we both eagerly agreed, but said we were naked and they would have to be the same. I was chancing my arm, I had never really seen a naked girl, only a quick glimpse of the girls in the changing room at college. Although it was summer there was still a chill to the water, the girls agreed but only to go topless, that was good enough.

They took there tops off, young firm breasts, then the shock, Helen said she wanted to see Richard and I naked before they got in the water, I think the shock and the cold water made me even smaller than normal, I tried pulling my skin back but it would not stay and just rolled forward. We got out and stood on the edge, Alex said nothing, she had seen us both before a knew what to expect, Helen on the other hand had seen neither.

She burst out laughing pointing to my shrivelled cock. “What’s that?” she blurted out.

I remember saying it gets bigger. Alex backed me up, thanks I said. Helen then started milking my long foreskin. “what’s this?” she asked as she flicked it.

It turned out, like Alex, her brother was also cut and she had not seen a foreskin before.

Things moved on that afternoon, we all lost our virginity that day me to Alex, Richard to Helen.
After that every time I saw Helen she would mock my size and my foreskin. This was my first experience of SPH.

Over the years I have had several girlfriends, and I always made sure I was aroused before revelling. Girls with small breasts are thought sexy, men with small cocks are laughed at!

August 1993 I got myself circumcised, I thought it would make it look bigger. I told the doctor what I wanted and he cut off loads of skin, but because of the size some skin still covers the ridge. I slept with Alex again, she asked why I had been cut. I told her that after Helen laughed it made me conscious. She said that she would arrange for me to meet with Helen again, but I had to be flaccid to start.

The day came for the meet, I was more nervous than the summer of 1983, I followed her instructions to drop my pants. I asked her to take her top and bra off, she obliged again, the sight was magnificent , but made no initial difference to my flaccid state.

Helen examined my cock. She said, “It looks much neater, but a small cock is a small cock and that’s all you’ll ever have.”

Years have gone by and I have been married for 20 years, I have been with several other men during this time and haven’t found any much bigger than me.

Of late my wife has started to take the piss out of my size, she says that she has never seen one so small, and now she has started to mention my size in front of friends. I heard her this weekend talking to a friend who was questioning her about my size.

Is this the start of SPH, I hope so maybe she will parade me to her friends, maybe she will let me watch her get fucked by a well hung stud, maybe she and Helen will talk about me.


The End.


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  • dreamweaverken72

    Your wife deserves a real man’s cock for her pleasure and everyone else deserves a good laugh at your pathetic dickette.

    • Brad the Volfan

      This is #SoTrue All Small Dick Guys Should Have there Love one Fucked Right there in Front of Them & Everyone Should Laugh at a Small Dick Like My 3in Thin Dick

  • Anonymous

    i love when my wife makes comments about my little dick in front of her friends and her sisters. it’s such a fucking turn on for me.

  • Humiliated

    My wife was really upset with me once and when her friends were over to have wine together my wife to my surprise out of nowhere told her girlfriends in front of me about my 3 inch penis at its hardest and I thought i would be so embarrassed but I was rock hard and so turned on and my wife told me to show her friends. So I took my pants off and everyone saw my 3 inch hard on and laughed so hard and then one of the girls said it was so cute and she took her thumb and index finger and rubbed it for about 5 seconds and I cummed all over and they couldn’t quit laughing and told my wife she needs to get fucked by a man with a good dick and I got hard again and that night one of her girlfriends brothers came over and my wife and him had sex for like 3 hours and made me watch and they both made fun of me the whole time. My wife has a boyfriend and he spends the weekends with us and I have to watch and be made fun of everytime and I’ve never been happier @


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