Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend


My dick is kinda small. Not tiny, but definitely smaller than average. Small enough that I remember a lot of teasing in the high school locker room. To this day I’m still shy about showing my body to anyone. Thankfully, most girls are too polite to say anything, and so after going out with a few girls in college I got to the point where I could strip off in front of a girl without too much embarrassment. It still makes me a little nervous though, enough that I pay close attention to a girl’s expression when she first sees me naked. It’s pretty telling that none of the girls I’ve slept with have had an enthusiastic reaction when they’ve seen my dick, and none of them stayed with me very long.

Until Jess, that is. My girlfriend Jess and I got together 18 months ago. My friends tell me she’s way out of my league, and I have to agree. She’s 22, blonde, blue-eyed, with large firm boobs and a tight body. I couldn’t believe my luck when she agreed to go out with me, and was psyched when she slept with me on the first date. For her it was as casual as trying on a pair of jeans. For me, it was the night of a lifetime. I mean, she is seriously hot and I never imagined I would get to sleep with anyone half as sexy as her. At the end of our date she invited me in to her apartment and poured me some wine. Before I had finished half of it she pushed me down on the couch and pulled off my clothes.

I watched her face carefully as she slipped my boxers down past my little dick. There was definitely a hitch there, a moment in which she seemed to be deciding whether to continue. Then she gave a little shrug and dropped her face into my lap. She held my dick between her thumb and index finger and rapidly swiped her tongue around the head. It made my dick tingle like it had been shot with novocaine. It was an exquisite feeling. She drew it out for several minutes, making sure not to stroke me. Instead she aggressively licked the head all over with the flat of her tongue. She was able to heighten that tingling feeling to the point that waves of sensation went up the back of my neck and all over my body.

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly take it any more—I was begging for release—she popped my dick in her mouth and started forcefully sucking me. I mean, it felt like I had put my dick in the hose of a canister vacuum. After about five or six forceful sucks, I blew a load down her throat. She just gulped it down, licked her lips and grinned at me, before grabbing my wine glass and sucking the rest of it down.

I was stunned. Before I met Jess I could at least take pride that my small dick had staying power. I had never jizzed in a woman’s mouth before, and I could last maybe forty-five minutes when I was pumping a vagina. With Jess, it was more like fifteen seconds from when the sucking began.

“I’m sorry”, I said.

“For what?”

“You know, for popping off in your mouth. I should have warned you.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. If I didn’t want that to happen I wouldn’t have blown you so hard. I kinda like it, actually.”

“Wow, okay. That’s great. But, um, it kind of doesn’t leave anything for you.”

She looked down at my spent erection and just laughed. “No worries”, she said airily, “you can do me with your tongue.”

I don’t really like cunnilingus. I had tried it once before and it was pretty nasty. I mean, the girl just tasted bad. But as I was trying to figure out a polite way to decline, Jess jumped up and pulled her clothes off, climbed up on the couch and pushed her muff into my face. Shy of pushing her off of me, there wasn’t much I could really do. So I got to licking. Tentatively, at first. Surprisingly, she tasted okay. I mean, it wasn’t chicken parmesan but it wasn’t bad either. She wasn’t satisfied with my pathetic licks, and she grabbed the back of my head and started mashing my face into her crotch. I had to lick harder in self-defense, just to keep my nose from being crushed against her clit. At first I was really miserable. I mean, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see anything, and I had a 120 pound person crushing my face. Her thighs pressing against the sides of my head were making me claustrophobic.

Then I started to get into it. I think it was because she really seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. That was a first for me. She was panting like a dog and bucking back and forth, rubbing her pussy lips all over me. Looking up, I could watch her big boobs swinging back and forth, and admire the flatness of her belly. Towards the end, she mashed her clit against my tongue and bucked back and forth, moaning loudly and shaking her whole body. Then she tensed and held herself quite still. I could feel her pussy lips pulsing against my chin.

With that she fell back on the couch, exhausted. She didn’t say another word, just took my arm and pulled me into her bedroom where we collapsed into a blissful sleep.

This is where it gets a little weird. I told you we’ve been together 18 months, right? Well, technically that’s true, in that I moved in with her shortly after that. But my dick has never been inside her vagina. Not once. Some people would say we never consummated our relationship. We live together, we share a bed, eat together, sleep together. In every other way we are a normal couple. Once in a while she gives me one of her incredible blowjobs. And always, right after that, she climbs on top of me and fucks my face. I won’t say I give her head, because really she’s giving it to herself. She just wails on my face with her gorgeous little cunt until she shudders in orgasm. Every single time. I can take pride in that, at least.

The other part I’m not so proud of. I mean, if I knew you I wouldn’t tell you this. None of my friends know. It’s only in this anonymous forum I can share my secret. I’ll start at the moment where things got seriously fucked up.

A couple of months after that first night when Jess and I got together, we were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Jess looked incredible as always. Her pajamas, while fairly conservative, were gapping open as she talked, her heavy breasts straining at the buttons. I remember that detail because it was the one thing that kept me from getting up and walking out on her. She was leaning toward me sipping her coffee, so I had a great view right down the front of her pajama top.

“I need more”, she said. No preamble, no beating around the bush.

“Okay, sure. I agree, we’ve been in a bit of a rut.” By which I meant: Yes! Let’s fuck!

But that wasn’t what she had in mind. “I’ve been thinking about how I can get what I need. You’re good in bed and all, but sometimes a girl just needs a good deep dicking. You know what I mean?”

“Sure hon, I’ve been wanting to fuck too. I’ve been wondering when we were going to get around to that.” I was getting pretty excited about this turn of events. I had tried to fuck her before and she had always shut me down. The idea of finally getting in that tight little pussy, watching her tits bounce up and down while I fucked her, I couldn’t wait to get started. I mean, I was ready to go right then.

“No hon, that’s not what I meant. I’m sorry, but you’re not nearly big enough to get me off.”

“Wait, what? What do you mean? I mean, how do you know that?” I was stunned. Here was the girl I loved, this gorgeous woman with an incredible body that I was aching to fuck, telling me that my penis was not big enough for her.

“You’re just going to have to trust me on this. I’ve had a few men before, you know. Well, more than a few. And you’re definitely not big enough for me.”

“Oh.” You can imagine how I felt. I wanted to just slink off and never be seen again. I mean, that is pretty much as low as it gets for a guy. I might have a small dick but that doesn’t make me any less of a man, and like most men I had a pretty healthy ego. Had.

Now I know what you’re thinking. I should have left. I should have said “fuck you, then, I’m out of here, you slut!” Yelled at her, stormed out, or at the very least said goodbye and left with my head held high. But that’s not what I did. I don’t know if this makes me a loser or not, but at the time I was thinking, there is no way I could ever get a girl this hot again. I love her and I want to make her happy. Let’s see what she has in mind. Maybe I can get her off some other way.

“Maybe a dildo then? We could find you something that’s, you know, the right size for you…”

“No, absolutely not”, she said. “That would just be so pathetic, settling for a piece of plastic when there are so many better options.”

“Ooo-kay”, I said, getting a little nervous about where this was heading. “What are we talking about, then?”

At this point she kind of halted, licked her lips, glanced at me quickly sideways. I remember this because she is normally not shy to voice her opinions. Her self-assuredness was the thing that drew me to her in the first place. Well, that and her killer body.

“I had this guy once. Not exactly a boyfriend. I mean, that would be weird. He was just kind of a, you know, fuck buddy. He’s not the marrying kind, ya know, not even the dating kind. Just somebody I used to hook up with once in a while.”

At this point she stopped and looked at me. I was too stunned to answer. I just kind of gawked at her.

“Soooo, anyway, I was thinking maybe we could invite him over once in a while, when I’m feeling, you know, especially horny, and he could take care of me.” Then she batted her big blue eyes at me in that way women do when they are trying to be irresistible. It wasn’t really working. I mean, this was the furthest idea from my mind. I wanted to be the one to fuck her. She was my girlfriend. Why would I want some other guy to come over and fuck her? That was my job. That’s pretty much the definition of a boyfriend, isn’t it? The guy that gets to be the one to fuck you. The only one to fuck you.

“So what do you think?” She asked, too lightly.

I know now where I made my mistake. This was the exact moment. Looking back on a situation later, it’s always easy to identify where things went off the rails. I mean, that’s where you say no thanks, I’m not into that, and I’m not into any woman that’s into that, I thought I was more than that to you, blah blah blah. I didn’t say any of that. What I said was—

“So, who is this guy?”

And that’s when she knew she had me. She immediately brightened and started telling me about him.

“His name is Pete, he lives about an hour away, he is tall and good-looking and very self-assured, he has lots of women always chasing after him but so far none of them have caught him, ha-ha, so there would be no attachments, he would be the perfect guy for us to hook up with!”

After babbling on like this for a while she stopped and looked at me, obviously quite pleased with herself for coming up with the idea. But I had only been half-listening, because in my mind the film was playing. You know the one. The one with tall handsome guy on top of my beautiful blonde girlfriend, shoving his big dick into her over and over while she screams bloody murder. I was starting to feel a little sick to my stomach. More than a little.

“So how big IS this guy?” was all I could ask. I didn’t want to know. I really didn’t want to know. But I couldn’t stop myself from asking. I mean, this guy had fucked my girlfriend, more than once apparently. He used to stick his big dick in the same woman who was sitting in front of me with her boobs poking out of her pajamas, the same gorgeous woman who, despite having a healthy sexual appetite, nevertheless did not think my penis worthy of putting inside of her. I had to know just what exactly she considered a good enough penis for her. More than that, I had to know if he was as big as the guy in the film playing inside my head. ‘Cause that guy was really big, and she was really into his dick. Really, really into his dick. He didn’t have to lick her, he didn’t have to be satisfied with a quick blow job. He got to just shove that big thing all the way up into her, and she was enjoying the hell out of it.

“Oh, he’s not huge or anything, not porn star big. That shit is so overrated. I mean, who wants to have one of those big things stuffed inside of you. It’s not worth it to be walking around in pain for days.”

Even in the daze I was in, the implications were not lost on me. She had fucked a guy who was “porn star big” before. I had to let that one go for now. That way was madness.

“So how big is he, then?”

“Oh, you guys are so hung up on size! I don’t know how big he is, I just know he fits me perfectly, that’s all. He’s big enough, okay?”

“I’m hung up on size? I’m hung up on size? You’re the one who won’t fuck me because I’m too small! You’re the size queen!”

At this point the smile dropped off Jess’s face like a window being slammed down. She quietly got up from the table and stalked off to the bedroom. She got dressed for work and left without another word.

I called in sick that day and stayed home, feeling sorry for myself. But of course, that wasn’t the end of it. After moping around half the day, I went to a porn site and started watching videos. Anything to cheer me up. I watched a few videos, but they didn’t do anything for me. So I typed a search term in the box and looked through the results until I found just the right video. I dropped my pants and watched it with my mouse in one hand and my sad, unwanted little dick in the other.

You know what kind of movie I watched. God help me, I tried to get it out of my head but I couldn’t.

The title?

“Big Cock Fucks Blonde Girlfriend.”


Jess didn’t come home that night.

When she wasn’t home by dinner, I was mad. I mean, I’d had all day to think about it and I knew I was in the right. How dare she freeze me out? Just because I called her a size queen? She wouldn’t have sex with me, her own boyfriend, and claimed she needed this guy Pete because he had a big dick. What other word is there for what she is? I was pissed.

By 9 o’clock anger was starting to give way to fear. She never worked late, certainly never that late. I figured she probably went to a girlfriend’s to complain about me. The thought made me cringe. She would definitely be telling her friend how small my dick is. Ugh. I know she talks about sex with her friends, but I’d prefer not to think about that. The idea that she was laughing about my small dick with a girlfriend made me a little woozy.

By midnight I was starting to get worried. I hoped she was sleeping over her friend’s to teach me a lesson. I know how women work, and Jess was certainly not above playing games to get what she wanted. I knew if I called her, then she would have won. But dammit, I was really starting to think something could have happened to her. I also started to suspect this was a test to see how much I cared. And if it was a test, then I didn’t want to fail it by not calling.

So I called. It went to voicemail. I called again. Voicemail. God help me, I called her eight times between midnight and 4 AM. I told myself it was because I was worried about her. I even considered telling the story here that way. But that would be bullshit, and you wouldn’t believe me. You know what I was thinking about. I was thinking about Pete and his big dick, and Jess writhing naked on a bed with that dick shoved up in her.

I thought about all the things I would say to her when she got home. I needed to set things straight, find out if she slept with Pete. I promised myself I would hit the road if she had. That much was clear: if I wanted to retain any shred of self-respect after this, I had to leave her. But first I had to find out what happened. I figured if she DID have sex with Pete, she would lie about it, but I thought I might be able to catch her in the lie if she did.

I went to sleep on the couch so I would hear her come in. She burst through the door at 6 AM, still in her clothes from yesterday. Instantly awake, I jumped up off the couch. Her blonde hair was frazzled but otherwise she looked as amazing as ever, maybe a little more so because of the defiant look in her eye. She stood there in the entryway with one hand on her hip, waiting for my reaction. One look at her and I could tell she was not going to take any shit from me.

All the things I had thought about saying went right out of my head. I looked at her beautiful face and her blazing eyes, and in that moment I was just grateful that she had come back to me. Wordlessly, I walked over and hugged her, holding her a long moment. When I stepped back, she had a smug look on her face.

“Aren’t you going to ask where I’ve been?” she asked with a smirk.

“No, I’m just glad you’re home. I figure you’ll tell me when you’re ready.”

“Damn right”, she said, stalking off toward the bathroom. I waited a moment and then quietly followed her.

She swung the bathroom door shut, but it didn’t latch. There was a crack in the door and I moved closer to peer through it. She took off her work clothes and started the shower. Then she turned to the mirror and peeled off her bra, freeing those gorgeous breasts. I was stunned to see multiple bruises there. She rubbed the bruises tentatively, but didn’t seem too concerned about them. When she dropped her panties to the floor, she rubbed two fingers against her vagina and brought them up to her nose. A bemused smile crossed her face as she stepped into the shower.

I went back to the living room and hunkered down on the couch, my head in my hands. There wasn’t much question about it anymore: she had fucked Pete. I waited there until she came out again, dressed in fresh clothes for work.

“Will I see you tonight?” I asked.

“Maybe”, she said offhandedly, making for the door.

“Are you going to Pete’s house, then?”

“Oh no.”

“So you’re done with him, then?”

Reaching the door, she turned and smiled broadly at me. “No, of course not, it’s just he fucked me so hard last night I won’t be ready for him for at least a week!”

Then she flounced out the door. I watched out the window as she walked to her car, and she was definitely walking gingerly. He must have ridden her pretty hard.

Miserable, I walked back toward the second bedroom where I keep my computer. I needed to send an email to my boss, because I was definitely planning on being sick again today. As soon as I booted up my computer, I saw that I had email.

The subject line was “HEY DICKLESS!” It was from Pete.

It said: “Jess gave me your email address. She told me to rub it in good. She said you have a tiny dick and she doesn’t even bother fucking you because she wouldn’t feel it. That’s why she came over last night. Dude, your chick is so hot I fucked her three times. She really liked it, too. She screamed a lot. Man I love watching those big tits bounce up and down while I fuck her. I figured you would want to see, so here’s a pic. If you stay cool and don’t act like a complete douche, I might even send you the video I took. Haha. Talk to you later, pin dick!”

Now my humiliation was complete. Jess had not only fucked this guy, she’d told him how small my dick was. She even told him she wouldn’t fuck me, so now this guy knew that he was getting to put his penis where I wasn’t allowed to go. I wanted to die.

I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but I couldn’t help myself. I clicked on the attachment. It was a large photo, so all I could see at first was her face. She was arched back over a pillow, her blonde hair splayed out. The look on her face was pure ecstasy. Her eyes were rolled up in her head, her lips parted in a moan. I scrolled down a bit and there they were, those big beautiful mounds thrust toward the camera, their heaviness causing them to bulge out to the side, but firm enough to retain their shape as they jutted toward the camera. Her engorged nipples were poking straight out. Her chest was red and splotchy. She was quite obviously in a state of extreme arousal.

I scrolled further, down past her flat belly and her tightly cropped bush, and there it was. Pete’s cock, disappearing into Jess’s pussy. I couldn’t tell how long it was, but the part that was hanging out of her pussy was as long as my entire dick. But what really got me was how thick it was. You could see how her swollen pussy lips were pushed wide apart to accommodate it. Her juices were coating his rod.

To one side of her body, you could see her hand grasping at the sheet. She had never done that for me, not that I knew of. She might moan a little when I was licking her, and I was definitely good at getting her off with my tongue. But I had never been able to make her grab a sheet like that, and I had definitely never seen that face before.

I studied the picture closely for a while. Then I opened the drawer, got out the vaseline, and scooped a little out with my fingers. I’m not gonna lie to you, that picture is easily the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. My dick was almost painfully swollen as I stroked it, my eyes taking in every inch of my girlfriend’s body as she was pounded by this guy I didn’t even know.

Then I remembered Pete had a video. I thought if I played my cards right, I might be able to see that video. I came harder than I ever have, thinking about watching Pete’s big dick pounding my beautiful Jess.


I beat my meat three times that day, looking over every inch of that photograph. I really liked the way Jess’ breasts were thrust toward the camera. You could see all the little bumps on her swollen nipples. Pete must have a really good camera. Scrolling down, you could see the way her pussy lips were spread wide by his cock. But the thing I liked best was her face, the complete ecstasy she was in as Pete snapped this picture of her from a few feet above. I imagined what it must be like to be him, completely owning this beautiful woman, pounding the shit out of her until she was so far gone she didn’t even care if you took pictures of her. Maybe she didn’t even know.

I thought about how she was feeling in that moment, with that big dick inside her, pushing in and out of her, driving her crazy. I thought about how she reacted to my dick, how she didn’t even want it inside her. I looked down at my sad little dick in my hand, erect and yearning to fuck, but not big enough to satisfy her. It would never be big enough. The shame of it was too much. That’s when my little dick exploded, pumping cum in spurts high into the air. Ashamed, I wiped up my spunk and closed my computer, vowing not to repeat the experience. It was just too humiliating.

And yet, a few hours later, the photo was calling to me again. I sat down again and read the email, thinking about how Pete must feel, getting to fuck my girlfriend with his big dick, getting to own her. And, let’s face it, own me.

I didn’t know how to respond to Pete’s email. I mean, I had no idea what to say. I really, really wanted to see the video, but the idea of asking Pete for it was just so humiliating. He had just fucked my girlfriend, and he knew I didn’t get to fuck her. He knew he got to have a part of her I never did. That’s what made me want to see the video so bad. I had never seen my girlfriend getting fucked in real life.

Later that day, Pete emailed again. “WHASSUP, DICKLESS?” was the subject. I really was starting to hate this guy. I quickly looked to see if there was an attachment. No dice. Reluctantly, I read the email:

Hey Tiny Dick,

Did you like the picture? Did you wank your useless little dick to it? Jess said you would. She said you jerk to porn all the time coz she doesn’t let you fuck her. You’re a loser, dude. What else can I say. I get to fuck your girlfriend and you don’t. Ha ha. But I’ll tell you what. Since you like porn so much, send me $100 and I’ll send you the video.

-“Big” Pete

Oh god. I really, really did not want to admit to Pete that I wanted that video. I was hoping he would send it to me, to taunt me. I mean, it was humiliating enough to have Jess go to his house and fuck him, even worse for her to tell him about my dick. But to admit to Pete that I wanted that video, that I wanted that video so much I was willing to give him $100 for it? That was the worst.

Thing is, I really did want that video. There was a video out there of my gorgeous girlfriend getting deep dicked, something I had never seen in person. This would be way better than even my favorite porn video, because the girl in it was my girl, the sexiest girl I ever met. Of course I was was willing to pay $100 for it. It would be my most treasured possession. I would beat off to it for years to come. I just didn’t want to admit that to Pete.

But I did. You know I did. I sent him a P2P payment from my bank, and he was true to his word. He sent me that video:

Ha ha Tiny Dick,

I knew you wanted that video. Does it get you hard thinking of me doing your girlfriend? Do you like that I can make her come over and over without really trying? Ha ha! Here it is. Enjoy, loser!

-“Big” Pete

And attached to it was a 20 minute video. A flush of shame came over me as I clicked on the video and saw Jess’ face looking into the camera. She was on her back on Pete’s bed, her tits bouncing up and down, a look of pure bliss on her face.

I paused the video. My hands were shaking. I felt a little sick. Trembling, I pulled my pants to my ankles, took my dick in my hand and pushed play.


I watched that video repeatedly over the next week. I couldn’t get enough of it. Pete didn’t make love to her, he barely even touched her. He never kissed her or said anything to her. He just held the camera above her while he pounded away at her.

Sometimes the camera would zoom in on her face, and I could see her look of pure pleasure. She would look at him with lust in her eyes and moan, “Fuck me, Pete. Oh my god, give me that big dick. You’re so good, oh my god.” On and on she would go, encouraging him to fuck her harder, deeper, until she lost control and would just scream out in ecstasy.

Sometimes the camera would move to her tits, and I would watch as they thumped downward when he thrust into her, then upward when he pulled out. Her gorgeous mounds were heavy enough that they were bulging out to the side, but still firm enough that her pointed nipples were perking straight up in the air. I always thought Jess had movie-star-perfect boobs, and here they were on video, thumping up and down in rhythm to the fucking she was getting.

Sometimes the camera would move down to her pussy, and I could see how big Pete’s dick was. He would pull all the way out, her lips clinging to him, then thrust all the way back in. He never came all the way out, but when most of his dick was visible I would pause the video and try to figure out just how big it was. I figured it was somewhere around 9 or 10 inches long, and thick. It was a very large piece of meat that he was giving her, and she was loving it. I would push play and he would shove it back into that trim blonde mound. On and on he went, pistoning into her for the whole length of the clip. It was really quite impressive.

Jess was very vocal throughout the clip. Sometimes she just moaned. When she got more excited, she egged him on, shouting things like “fuck me, Pete! Give me that big dick!” Three times she threw her head back and howled in ecstasy, grabbing at the bed sheets and thrashing around on his dick, her legs quivering.

It was incredible. I’d never seen anything like it. The best porno actress in the world couldn’t fake the pleasure she was experiencing. Finally I understood why she needed his dick so bad, why she kept going back to him even though she was with me. There’s no way I could hope to give her half what he was giving her. The thought made me sad and ashamed. But despite that, or maybe even because of it, I found the whole scenario thrilling. Pete was giving her a really good fucking, and I was loving it. I watched that video over and over throughout the week. I lost count of how many times I shot my load watching Pete fuck Jess.

The next weekend, Jess went out shopping and I stayed home. I tried to be good, tried not to even think of the video. But my mind kept going back to it, and after a couple hours I found myself in front of the computer, my pants around my ankles. Jess was writhing around on the screen and I was pounding my poor little pud when I heard a gasp behind me.

Surprised, I quickly tried to hide what I was doing. I covered my lap and turned off the screen, but it was too late.

“Oh. My. God.” said Jess. Her hand covered her mouth in shock, but she didn’t seem embarrassed at all. She seemed amused, even thrilled. “You pathetic fuck. What are you doing? Are you whacking off to me and Pete? I can’t believe you. Pete told me you paid him for it, but I had no idea you would whack off to it. What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m sorry, Jess”, I said, my face burning as I frantically grabbed at my pants and pulled them up.

“Does that shit turn you on? I can’t believe this. Holy fuck, you are such a freak. Why would you want to watch that?”

I couldn’t look her in the eye. I tried to find something to say that would explain all this, that wouldn’t make me seem so pathetic. “I—I like that you’re getting so much pleasure.” Which was true. It wasn’t the whole truth, but I figured it was the only answer she might like.

“Wow. I’m stunned. I can’t believe you would want to watch me getting fucked.” She came over to me, gave me a little hug, then ran out the door. I could hear her on the phone as I cleaned up. I figured she was telling one of her girlfriends about me. My heart sank. I felt miserable. Now the secret was out and she knew how pathetic I was. She was fucking another guy and not only was I not man enough to do anything about it, but she had caught me secretly whacking off while watching them.

She came into the bathroom while I was washing my hands. “Okay”, she said, “it’s all set up.”

Suddenly I was afraid. Very afraid. I had an inkling what she meant, but I was too afraid to speak. She took one look at my face and laughed.

“That’s right. Pete’s coming over tonight and he’s going to fuck the hell out of me while you watch.”

As soon as Jess told me Pete would be coming over that night, I started trembling. I got lightheaded and found it hard to breathe. I went in and laid down on the bed for a while. Suddenly I realized, this is right where Pete would be fucking Jess, in just a few hours. I was overcome with a wave of nausea. I went to go find Jess, and found her on the couch watching TV.

“Hon?” I said, timidly.

She looked up at me expectantly. She had to know what was bothering me, but she just sat there with a slight smirk on her face, waiting for me to spit it out.

“I think you should call Pete and cancel,” I said, trying to sound as firm as I could.

“Oh, come on, I saw what you were doing in there. You were watching Pete fuck me and you were loving it. Why pretend? Let’s just get it all out in the open. I like fucking Pete, you like watching. What’s the hold up?”

“I—I—I don’t know, I’m just not ready for this. I mean, a video is one thing, actually being in the room, I can’t take that.”

“Well it’s all set up, he’s coming and that’s that. If you want to leave, that’s fine. But I’m staying. I need a good fucking.”

My heart sank. I slunk out of the room and went into my office to think. I sat down in my chair and stared at the blank screen of my computer. I could stand watching the video because it was like porn, but with someone I knew. There was a certain distance between me and the act. The idea of being in the same room when it was happening, with Pete actually able to see me, maybe even taunt me while he was fucking my girlfriend, that was too much. From his emails, I could tell that’s exactly what he was going to do.

Suddenly I had an idea. Jess had actually suggested it. She had said I could leave; that’s exactly what I was going to do. Only I would find a way to come back and watch them without them knowing. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard because our apartment is on the first floor. I made sure to leave the blinds in our bedroom just slightly open. Then, about half an hour before Pete was supposed to get there I walked into the living room and announced that I was leaving. Jess looked at me—I could tell she was a little surprised—but she just shrugged and went back to watching TV. She looked so sexy, sitting there in casual T-shirt and shorts, it made my heart ache a little. I thought about trying one more time to get her to cancel with Pete. Only, God help me, I was kinda looking forward to my plan now. The idea of watching them do it through the bedroom window was getting me pretty excited.

So I went out the front door, got in my car and drove off. I drove to the next lot in our apartment complex and walked through the buildings until I was behind our apartment. It was still a little light out, so I sat in a deck chair on our back patio and tried to act as casual as possible, in case any of the neighbors were looking. From where I was sitting, Jess wouldn’t be able to see me. I was hoping she wouldn’t look out the sliding glass door, but I figured she would be preoccupied pretty soon.

I waited there patiently, my heart beating hard. I wasn’t sure if it was fear of getting caught, or excitement about what was about to take place. I could hear the TV in the apartment; I was pretty sure I would hear when Pete came in. Right on time, I heard a knock at the front door and Jess’ footsteps as she bounded to the door. I couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other, but whatever was said, Pete laughed heartily. Then things went quiet. After a few seconds, I got out of my chair and sidled up to the back door. I was trying to be as casual as possible in case anyone was looking. It was getting pretty dark at this point, but light was flooding through the door and I figured I would be silhouetted against it.

When I looked through the sliding door, I could see them embracing in the entryway. He was kissing her full on, his tongue in her mouth. He was quite tall, so he had to lean way down to reach her. His hands were all over her, roaming up and down her back, grabbing her ass. For her part, she had her hand in his crotch, grabbing at the bulge in his pants. He reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and he started ravaging her breasts with his hands and mouth. She reached out and undid his belt, grabbed his waistband and pulled his pants down.

His cock was pretty stiff at this point, so it sprung straight out at her. She grabbed it and rubbed it against her belly. It looked like a thick white snake rubbing against the length of her abdomen. His balls were pressed against her belly button and the tip was poking out above her breasts. She only had to lean down slightly to start sucking the tip, holding on to the shaft firmly with both hands.

He was staring down at the top of her blonde head, watching as it bobbed up and down on his giant penis. There was no way she was going to get that thing in her tiny mouth, but that didn’t seem to bother him. Pleased, he leaned back against the door and let her go to work on him. He closed his eyes for a bit and enjoyed the sensations. Then he opened his eyes, and he was looking right at me. I saw his eyes narrow as he focused on me. I quickly ducked away from the slider, but it was too late. I could tell he’d seen me because I heard him shout “Hey!”

I took off across the yard, running as hard as I could between the buildings to my car. I quickly started it and drove off, my heard pounding so hard I could barely think.

I drove for about an hour, not sure where I was going, just trying to make sense of what had just happened. Obviously the two of them would figure out it was me who had been peeping on them. I wouldn’t be able to pretend otherwise. The thought was so humiliating, I didn’t think I could even face Jess again. I thought about coming back tomorrow while she was at work so I wouldn’t have to face her. Just clear out my stuff and leave.

Thing is, I couldn’t get that image out of my head. Watching the two of them standing in the entryway: my petite, gorgeous little Jess standing before Pete, working the head of his impressive penis in and out of her pretty little mouth. What an incredible sight. I wanted more. I had actually been invited to watch them do it. Oh, I knew what the price was. Total and complete humiliation. But I also knew the payoff was beyond anything I had experienced before. Watching the two of them fuck. Live. In person. That would be a memory I would have for the rest of my life.

Turning the car around, I went home to face the music.

When I got home Jess was in bed, alone. I crept in and slid under the covers as quietly as I could.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself,” she said.

I froze.

“Because tomorrow your punishment starts.”

I waited expectantly. I wanted to know what was in store for me, but too afraid to ask. I was deathly afraid that it would involve Pete. I laid awake a long time, thinking of what tomorrow would bring. I could not face Pete in person after being caught peeping on him with Jess. But I couldn’t deny how sexy it was watching them together. The image of them making out in the entryway was burned into my brain. At this point I had a raging hard on. It took a long time to fall asleep.

When we woke up Jess said, “Make me some breakfast.” I didn’t argue, just scurried into the kitchen and made bacon and eggs. When I placed it in front of her, she said, “Now clean the apartment.” I wasn’t excited about spending my Saturday cleaning, but I was somewhat relieved that this was to be my punishment, and all was apparently forgiven.

Several times while I was cleaning she inspected my work, and of course it was never good enough. She made me scrub the floors three times, and clean the toilet twice. She made me strip the bed and wash the bedding, “so it will be clean for my lover.” That was my first indication what my real punishment was going to be.

After a full day of cleaning, the apartment was spotless. I collapsed onto the couch, exhausted. Almost immediately Jess called to me from the bedroom, “Come in here and help me get dressed.”

I went in to the bedroom. She was fresh from the bath, wrapped in a towel and standing in front of her closet looking through her clothes. “Go get me a bra and some underwear,” she said. I went to her dresser and took out a matching white bra and panties and brought them to her.

“Not those,” she said. “Something sexy.”

I went back to the drawer and picked out a lacy blue bra and matching undies. When I brought them to her, she nodded, dropped her towel and said, “Now put them on me.”

She stood fully nude before me, her full breasts jutting out, her trim patch of blonde pussy hair on display. She was casual in her nudity, like a model changing clothes, and I was her dressing room attendant. I had watched her get dressed many times before, but I discovered it’s actually quite difficult to dress a woman. I slipped her hands through the bra straps and tried to put the bra in place on her breasts. She slapped at my hands and did it herself, clasping the bra around her upper chest and then pulling it down over her boobs.

Putting her panties on was easier, as I held them out and she stepped into them, and then I pulled them up over her hips. She adjusted them into place and then handed me a dress, which I pulled on over her arms and head. The dress was very short and barely went down past her butt cheeks. She adjusted it in the mirror, posing for herself and turning this way and that, admiring herself.

She barely acknowledged me throughout the dressing process. She seemed entirely unconcerned about me sharing this very private moment of preparing for her date. It felt oddly intimate, to be treated like an assistant whose job was to help her dress, nothing more. My opinion was not sought, and if I found her body stimulating it did not matter to her one way or another. Even though I was technically her boyfriend, I was keenly aware I was helping to make her look good for her fuck buddy.

As she was putting on her makeup, the doorbell rang. My heart leaped in my chest. Instinctively I started thinking of where I could hide.

Jess casually said, “Go get the door.” I stood there like a fool, my mouth open. She turned from the mirror and scowled at me. “Get the door,” she repeated, now with an edge of command.

Trembling, I walked toward the front door. I knew who was on the other side. I had an idea what he would say. Briefly, I thought about escaping out the back door, running like I had last night. I knew that would only delay things, that I would be punished again, possibly worse this time. But in the end I was drawn to the door by curiosity. What would Pete say? Would he taunt me like he did in his emails? Would it give me the same strange tingle I had felt then?

I braced myself and opened the door.

Pete was standing there, of course, a bottle of wine in his hand. When he saw me he smiled broadly. It seemed to me there was a glint of victory in his eye. “Hi, dickless!” he said, far too loudly. I was mortified that the neighbors might hear. “I’m here for my date with your girl.” He handed me the wine and brushed past me, looking around the apartment.

“Where is she, little man?” he said, clearly relishing the fact that he stood a good five inches taller than me.

“She…she’s getting ready.”

“That’s okay, I can wait. Some things are worth waiting for, am I right, little man?” I was already getting tired of being called that. I’m not a short guy, in fact I’m almost 5 feet 10 inches. It’s just that Pete was quite tall, maybe 6 feet 3 inches.

“Get me some of that wine while I’m waiting,” he said in a tone of command. I bristled a bit. It was one thing to have my girlfriend order me around, but I didn’t owe this guy anything. If anything I felt like he owed me something, after fucking my girlfriend behind my back. I glared at him for a moment, thinking about all the things I should have said. I should have yelled at him to get the fuck out. I should have told him what an asshole he was. I should have punched him in his smug face. He just glared back at me with that self-satisfied look, almost daring me to confront him.

What I did was…nothing. I kept my mouth shut and slinked into the kitchen. I opened the wine bottle with trembling hands. The bottle shook as I poured it into a glass, and some red wine spilled on the counter. I looked at the glass and briefly considered spitting in it, but when I glanced over at Pete I saw him eyeing me. Averting my gaze, I brought him the glass and handed it to him.

He took a sip and smacked his lips. “Ahhhh,” he said, “that tastes good. Almost as good as your girlfriend’s lips.” He was obviously relishing the moment and getting ready to start rubbing it in good. I could feel the blood rushing to my ears.

“How did you like the show yesterday, pervert? Did you like watching my dick in your girl’s mouth? Huh? Did that turn you on?”

“N—no,” I stammered, weakly.

“Aw, come on, you must have liked it, otherwise how come you were sneaking around in the bushes to watch us?”

“I wasn’t sneaking,” I said. Even to my ears it sounded lame. Of course I was sneaking. What else could you call it?

“Well, you don’t have to sneak tonight, perv boy. We all know what you want, you don’t have to hide it any more. Jess has told me all about you.”

“Wh—what did she tell you?” I was afraid to ask, but I had to know what she said.

“Oh, you know. How your dick is so small she can’t even feel it. But you don’t even care because what you really want is to watch a real man fuck her. That’s what you’re all about.”

“That’s not true,” I said. Of course it was, but I wasn’t about to admit it to this smug fucker.

“Sure you are. C’mon, tell the truth. What you really want to see is my big dick in your pretty little girlfriend. It looks sexy, doesn’t it? Even I think it’s sexy. Pretty little Jess squirming around on my dick. I can barely get my thing in her, and when I shove it in all the way it drives her crazy.”

I watched his face as he said this. He was completely secure in his own skin. He wasn’t shy about describing the most intimate details of sex. And, I guess, why would he be? The guy had a huge dick, and Jess couldn’t get enough of it. He had nothing to be ashamed of. I had never been able to make a girl feel the way he did, so I was naturally reticent about sex. Maybe if I had what he had I would brag about it too.

But in the moment, that’s not what I was thinking. I was thinking about how he could make Jess happy in a way I never could. In that moment I burned with jealousy. I wasn’t so much jealous of his dick as I was jealous of the way it made her feel. I wished I had that dick of his so I could make her feel the way he did. In that moment I had only one consolation. I couldn’t make her feel that way myself, but I could let her have his dick. I could give her that. And if I could watch it happen, I would get something out of it too. I would finally get to see what I’d been yearning to see since I first saw that video.

“Let me ask you something, little man,” Pete said. “Do you like men?”

“Wh—what do you mean?”

“I mean, are you a homo? Do you like dick?”

“Of course not.”

“C’mon, don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay if you do.”
 “Why would you even think that?”

“Well, shit. You’ve got a hot girlfriend, maybe the hottest girl I know, and you don’t even fuck her. You let her fuck other guys and you don’t say a thing. You even pay me a hundred bucks to watch a video of me fucking her. I think you must like the dick.”

“No, I like women.”

“I’m sure you do. But I think you secretly like the cock too.”

I knew he was just trying to get my goat. I mean, obviously I’m not gay. I’m attracted to Jess, not Pete. She’s the most beautiful thing in the world to me, and I find her sexy as hell. Pete was nothing to me. I mean, I could see that he was a good looking guy, thin and well-muscled. But his body didn’t turn me on the way Jess’ body did. Her breasts and pussy alone made me feel things that Pete could not. Still, I couldn’t deny that his penis held a strange fascination for me. Several times while we were standing there I had noticed the bulge in his pants. He was wearing nice slacks, and the thin material did little to hide the fact that he had a healthy package. I thought what it must be like for him to walk around in public like that, unable to hide the bulge in his pants even if he wanted to.

He caught me looking and just laughed out loud.

Just then Jess came out of the bedroom. In her short dress and high heels, her legs looked incredible. Pete whistled appreciatively. Without even glancing at me she went up to Pete and kissed him on the mouth. Then she grabbed him by the hand and flounced out the door.

Pete smiled back at me with a gleam in his eye, looking for all the world like a wolf making off with its prey.


I waited at home. In the dark. For hours.

I thought about jerking off, so I wouldn’t be tempted to spy on them again. I mean, I knew they were coming back later. And of course she was going to fuck him, to punish me. I thought about them fucking in the bedroom while I sat here on the couch listening. From the video, I knew she would not be quiet. I mean, even with me she was pretty vocal. With Pete she would scream loud enough for the whole building to hear. This was going to be humiliating. I could only hope she wouldn’t scream Pete’s name. I don’t know the neighbors well, but they at least know my name.

In the end, I didn’t whack off. I just sat there and stewed about what was coming. Around midnight I started to get worried, maybe they weren’t coming back here at all. Maybe they were going to Pete’s place.

That’s when I heard the key in the lock. Jess seemed to be having trouble getting the door open, so I got up and opened the door for her. When I opened it, the two of them were there, and they seemed to be pretty well lubed. Jess gave me a big wet kiss before stepping past me into the kitchen. Pete slapped me on the back and just grinned at me.

“Your girlfriend is amazing, man! We danced all night, and boy can she drink champagne. Hope you don’t mind, we put it on your credit card. Ha!”

That one stung. I mean, come on. I assumed he was at least paying for this date. Now I learned not only was he not paying for her drinks, I was paying for his.

Pete waltzed into the kitchen, clearly feeling like the king of the world. He went straight over to Jess and grabbed her boobs in his big mitts.

“Your girl has great titties, man. I’ve been feeling her up all night. Everybody in the club wanted to go home with her, but I got to be the one.”

With that he slipped the straps off her shoulders and pulled down the front of her dress. Her ample breasts bounced into view. Jess made no attempt to cover them up, she just stood there beaming, displaying her breasts to us proudly. She didn’t seem to appreciate just how weird the situation was. Maybe it was the champagne that made her so bold, but in the normal course of events you don’t often find yourself standing in a room with another man admiring your girlfriend’s bare breasts. She seemed to appreciate the attention, jutting her chest out and even swinging her body side to side to make her breasts sway enticingly. She boldly looked straight at me, daring me to say something. My cheeks burning, I looked away. God help me, I liked seeing her standing there half nude in front of us. I even liked the way Pete seemed to appreciate her breasts as much as I do. But for her to be looking at me, taunting me even, was just too much. I wanted to observe, not to be the center of attention.

Then Pete reached out a hand and roughly squeezed her breast, and the two of them locked lips. They stood there kissing for half a minute, Pete swirling his thumb around her swollen nipple. Finally he released her, and Jess gazed at him with a look of pure desire. She reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the bedroom.

Meekly I followed them down the hallway, hoping they wouldn’t notice me. All night I had been thinking about what it would be like to be in the room with them, to watch them fuck like they did on that video. So when she grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the bedroom, a little thrill went through me. My dick was already hard just from watching Pete kiss her in the kitchen. I couldn’t wait to watch him give her that dick.

When we got to the bedroom door, Jess pulled Pete inside. Then she turned around and looked at me, a big smile on her face. She stuck her tongue out at me, then laughed in my face and slammed the door. I stood outside the door for a while. I could hear kissing sounds and clothes hitting the floor. When I heard bodies hitting the mattress, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned the knob and quietly stepped in.

Pete was on top of Jess, both of them completely nude. He had both hands on her tits, squeezing them hard while he worked over her nipples with his tongue. His bulging penis was rubbing against the inside of her leg. You could tell she was loving it, as she was sprawled on the bed, her eyes closed, licking her lips.

I stood there in a state of shock. This was better than any scene from a porno. Two young people with gorgeous toned bodies, big tits, big dick. Both of them really getting into it. They were doing this for the love of it, not for money, and it showed. I couldn’t wait to see Pete take that big dick and push it into her.

That’s when Jess’s eyes opened and she saw me standing by the door.

“Hey! What the FUCK! What are you doing?” she shouted.

What could I say? Should I explain to her that I wanted, needed to see them fuck? That I wanted to see my own girlfriend get absolutely wrecked by a big dick? That this was the most erotic sight I’d ever seen and I wouldn’t miss it for the world? I was acutely aware of how pathetic this was, what a perv I was being. You’re not supposed to spy on people having sex, it’s just not done. And yet, they both already knew what a sick fuck I am, I figured I might as well make it work for me. I felt like after all the abuse I had taken, I deserved to see it happen.

Jess didn’t see it that way. She sat up and grabbed a pillow, pulled the pillowcase off of it and handed it to Pete. She had a little smirk on her face while she said “here, put this on his head so he can’t see anything.”

Pete got off the bed and walked toward me, his large erection bouncing as he walked. He was grinning ear to ear. When he was right in front of me he grabbed his tool and waggled it at me. I remember the way the large head swung back and forth, nearly hitting me. I shrunk away from it. Then he took the pillowcase and pulled it over my head.

“And don’t you dare take that off!” yelled Jess.

I could hear Pete walk back across the room to the bed, hear the sound of him getting back in the bed. For a few minutes I listened to the sounds of foreplay. Skin rubbing on skin, lips smacking. I tried to find a way to see out of the pillowcase, hoping for a hole. I even tried to pull it up a little so I could look out the bottom.

That got a reaction from Jess. “Hey, you freak! Stop that! I don’t want you looking at us.”

So I just stood there by the door, a pillowcase over my head, while this big-dicked jerk was in bed with my girlfriend, both of them completely nude and rubbing up against each other. My face burned as I thought of how they were treating me. I might not be as tall or as well-muscled as Pete. I might not have as big a dick as him, but I’m still a man. I didn’t deserve this treatment. If my dick wasn’t big enough for her, okay, I could understand that. She needed a bigger dick and I was even willing to give it to her. But there oughta be a quid pro quo. If I was going to let her fuck him, I at least ought to be able to watch. The unfairness of it all was just too much, and I started to get pissed.

But I could hear Jess on the bed, making those little horny sounds she makes when I’m doing a real good job of licking her out. And that’s when she whined, “ooooh my goooood, Pete, I can’t wait any longer, give me that big dick!”

It got quiet for a sec, with only the sound of bodies moving against the sheets. Then she let out an ungodly moan. Having seen the video, I could imagine what it looked like, seeing that big dick sliding into her trim pussy, her lips resisting that giant knob before finally giving way to it. Lips clinging to the sides of his penis while it slid further and further into her. Pussy swollen and engorged around his cock, her tight little anus puckering up as that dick pistoned into her. His swollen balls slamming up against her butt.

I could see how her face must look as he rammed her. Her eyes closed, her mouth open, her hands grasping the sheet. She would be completely lost to the pleasure of it all.

Of course, I could only imagine what was happening in front of me because I couldn’t see a damn thing through that pillowcase. The sounds of them fucking was pure torture. Her moaning, the slick wet sounds of his cock pushing into her. For a long time I just stood there and listened to the sound of their bodies smacking together, Jess getting more and more vocal every minute. My ears burned at the thought of the neighbors hearing all of this.

Finally things built to a crescendo. Jess’s moaning had transitioned to one long continuous wail. Pete was grunting over and over, the rate of his pounding getting faster and faster until he shouted like a wild beast and then, just as suddenly, went quiet. I could picture his big balls spasming buckets of goo into my beautiful blonde girlfriend. It made me a little queasy. How could I ever lick that pussy again without thinking of the load Pete had just dumped in it?

Then Jess sighed and said, “okay perv, time for you to go”.

My legs weak, I turned and fumbled for the door knob. I pulled the pillowcase off my head as I opened the door, so that I could take a quick peek as I left. I stole a look back toward the bed as I was shutting the door. The picture that is burned into my mind is the two of them lying on the bed all sweaty, Pete’s spent dick lying across her thigh. She looked completely satisfied as she lay there looking up into Pete’s eyes. The look on her face could only be described as: worshipful.

As I walked down the hallway toward the couch where I would spend the night, I could still hear the sounds of their lovemaking burning in my ears. I jerked myself twice on the couch before I finally managed to fall asleep, dreading what the morning would bring.

The End.


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