Just a Cuckold Fantasy?


The Husband – Antony

“Your cock is so small compared to every other man I have had inside me,” she said as she wanked my cock slowly in her hands as we lay on the bed. “Look at it while I wank you, how small it looks, doesn’t it? You try to satisfy me with it, but it does not compare to having a nice big dick stretching my pussy. Take your friend Stephen for instance, I bet he has a lovely cock, and I would love him to fuck me with it. Would you like to see that dear – your friend fucking me with his big cock while you sit and watch us as you wank that tiny thing? Tell me, would you like to see that? Do you want to see Stephen fuck me? Would that turn you on?”

I didn’t have to answer. We both had noticed how hard my cock was as a result of hearing my wife say such things. I knew that if she kept talking that way it would not be long before I would cum. I had no control over my cock when she was this way with me.

So how had it come to this? Why does the thought of my wife fucking someone else turn me on so much? Actually, it’s not even her fucking someone else – because I know she wouldn’t actually do it, but rather it’s her pretending that she would like to, that she describes what she would do, and that she wants me to watch them – it just turns me on so much – hearing her say such things and knowing that she is saying it for my benefit. It doesn’t feel right, and yet it feels so right, and it doesn’t take many minutes on the internet to know I am not alone in this fantasy but having a wife willing to play along, all be it pretending to play along makes me just love her more.

“Do you think Stephen finds me attractive?” she asked as she increased the pace of the stroking. “You know he does” I replied, “He can’t keep his eyes off you, especially when you wear those tight t-shirts.” This was true. He had told me how much he wanted to have her. My wife is petite but with great breasts and she sometimes showed off her cleavage to great effect which he found every opportunity to have a peak when he thought she wasn’t looking. When she wore really tight fitting clothes it was even better – her breasts pressed against the material, her slim legs encased in tight jeans, or even better when she wore those short shorts – you get the idea. He told me he often jerked off thinking about her. Thinking about being able to hold her and touch her. Should that make me jealous or angry? It did neither, it just added to the fantasy, and besides I said much the same in response to him about his wife – it was a sort of conversation close buddies sometimes have about their spouses. The difference is that I tended just to say it about his wife to encourage him to say more about mine – which he frequently did. I don’t particularly find his wife attractive, although to be fair she also has big breasts and likes to show them off, but she isn’t in the same league as my wife – and I’m not just saying that. She is the type to get noticed by others, even without her realizing it or wanting it. She can look good without effort, but when she does do herself up, she is gorgeous.

“Your cock is so hard, you are so turned on, but it is still so small. I can get my hand all the way around it. I want a cock that is bigger and better. I want Stephen’s cock. Would you let me hold his big cock, wanking it – would he like that? Would he like me naked or in one of my nice tight outfits? Could I put his cock in my mouth and suck it – would you like to see that? I bet you would – the hardness of your cock tells me you would. Has it just got a bit harder because you are picturing us together? But most of all I need him to fuck me, to feel that big cock sliding inside me – that would be great. Would you let him do that for me? Please say yes, I want him to fuck me. Please”.

I wasn’t going to last much longer. Her small delicate hand sliding up and down my small delicate cock. Hearing such things, just made my cock pulse and throb. Emotions all intertwined. Yes a bit of jealousy, but pleasure, fantasy, ecstasy, and a wife that turns me on so much.

“You are so turned on by the thought of me and Stephen fucking. I can feel your little cock getting ready to cum soon. I want you to think about me as you cum. I want you to think about Stephen’s big cock so deep inside of me – oh that would feel so good. He is going to cum too, and you will watch him as he cums inside of me. Tell me, as you are about to cum, tell me that I really can fuck him, that you want me to. Tell me now – you are about to cum. I want him to really fuck me, tell me that you want me to.”

“Yes,” I cry out as I cum in wave after wave of wonderful release. She milks every drop from me. God, she is good at this. I am drained, tired and content. I give her a cuddle once I clean myself up then roll over and drift off to sleep.

She rolls over to her side, but is not sleeping, but thinking.


The wife – Jules

Men are funny creatures. Some want to dominate everything and everyone but may not be capable of any of the important things like holding down a job and keeping on the straight and narrow, some are useless and weak at everything, and some like my husband is a strange mixture – good career, very well respected and liked, used to being in control in work and general family life, but in the bedroom is happy to let the woman take charge. That’s fine with me. I prefer to decide when to have sex. Otherwise, we’d be having it all the time! In return, it does mean that I have to play out this fantasy for him when I am wanking him off. I hated doing it at first but now it’s more routine I’ve got used to it. I still don’t think I am very good at it, but I must admit I can tell that it really turns him on so I must be doing something right. Practice makes perfect as they say and it’s a great way to make him cum quicker, especially when I add something new to take it that bit further.

It’s strange that he wants me to say that his cock is small. Although it’s kinda small—below average—I still find it strange he wants to be teased about it. I do take every opportunity to humiliate his cock now that I am used to saying such things – and that took a while – but it’s all for his benefit, not mine, although I do get a bit of a buzz when I can make his cock throb when I say something particularly naughty or humiliating. It’s true that I have had bigger cocks inside me, but you get used to whatever is available at the time. A bigger cock does feel nice to stroke up and down and to suck on, but it’s not something worth risking a marriage for, is it? However talking about Stephen like that did turn me on a little. My pussy did feel a little tingle. I think he may like me – we always have a little flirt with each other when we see one another, and he always compliments me on what I am wearing, especially if a bit of flesh is showing – there is no harm in that, and I know that if my husband saw it, it would only add to his fantasy. I wonder if he does have a big cock? I guess my husband would know as they went on holiday together as teenager’s years ago and did some nude sunbathing. Thinking of which, our two families are going on holiday together soon, somewhere nice and hot. Maybe I should get a really sexy bikini to parade before the boys. Wouldn’t it be funny if that gave Stephen a hard on – at least I could maybe tell what he really was packing down there. And if he “accidentally” bumped into me and I felt it up against my body, well that would be his fault, not mine, wouldn’t it?

She smiled to herself as she drifted off to sleep, thinking about the holiday to come. Her pussy wet and tingling at the prospect.


The Husband – Antony

The squash matches between Stephen and I were usually tight affairs that went a full five games, but occasionally when one or other of us was not up to our usual standard, then they could be over quite quickly – as was the case this week. Which is why, as we had time, I went back to Stephen’s house after the match for a quick cold beer – much needed to cool me down as the sweat dribbled down my flushed face and neck.

We sat in his lounge on the sofa in sports shirt and shorts sipping the refreshing drinks as we discussed the game. We then moved on to talking about our upcoming holiday where our two families would be heading out to the southern states for a couple of weeks of sunshine.

“So Teresa has been spending a fortune on clothes ready for this trip, I think she thinks we are going for a month, not two weeks,” Stephen complained.

“I must admit Jules has been quite good,” I replied. “She has got a few things but has been looking for bargains.”

“Yes, but let’s face it she looks good in most things – she doesn’t need expensive clothes to show off that body,” Stephen said with some envy in his voice. “If she was my wife, I’d just get her to wear as little as possible! In fact, she wouldn’t need any clothes because she would be in bed with me all day fucking.”

“That is my wife you are talking about, you know!” I said with a big grin but I knew he would not stop and he knew it did not bother me to hear it.

“At least tell me that she has got a sexy bikini to take on holiday – you know she looks great in a bikini. It’s why I have to wear sunglasses when she is around in one, so it’s not so obvious that I am looking at that great rack of hers. I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and she will need some sunscreen lotion put on her and I will be right there first in line. The thought of running my hands up and down that body, mmm,” he tailed off deep in thought.

“See, now look what has happened, just even thinking about it.” He was looking down at his shorts. There was an unmistakable tent in them. He adjusted his shorts, but it wasn’t going away.

“This is so uncomfortable, and it’s your fault because you married that sexy bird who has now got me in this state – and these tight shorts are killing me.”

After some more rummaging around in his shorts, he apologized and said he had no choice and moved his shorts down his leg exposing a large and very hard cock. I wasn’t sure where to look. Seeing his cock did nothing for me sexually, I’m not into men, so I was slightly concerned as to where this was heading. He wasn’t stroking his cock, but he was moving his fingers up and down against it, like slowly playing piano, keeping himself hard.

“What do you think Jules would do with this if she had the chance?”

I didn’t reply, but I was starting to get a response from my cock as I thought about it.

“This isn’t going to go away,” he said, “I’m going to have to jerk off to get rid of it. I don’t suppose you have any naked photos of your wife to help me along?”

I replied that I didn’t have any photos like that, and that should have been the end of it, but something about him wanting to look at my wife that badly got to me and without thinking it through I got out my phone and found a photo that I knew he would like. It was Jules standing out in the sun in a tight top and short denim shorts – it was one of my favorite pictures of her. I handed the phone over.

“Oh yes, that will do. She is so hot. I want to fuck her so bad.” He gave his cock a couple of strokes whilst looking at it and then got up and made his way past me taking the phone with him to the bathroom.

He returned some minutes later and handed back the phone.

“That was great, I came really hard looking at that. I’ve transferred a copy of that photo to my phone. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll use it to jerk off to again later. Any chance of getting some other photos? Something a bit more revealing, perhaps?”

I didn’t commit to anything, but finished my beer and went to leave.

“Thanks for the photo, you are a real mate. I’ll do the same for you sometime,” he said as I left him looking at it again.


The Wife – Jules

“You did what?” I asked as we got ready for bed. I had already heard Antony tell me what had happened earlier that night at Stephen’s house but I wanted to get it straight in my head, as I was not sure what to think.

“I want to discuss this some more. Get naked, and get into bed and come lay next to me and tell me again.” He did as he was told, unsure whether he was in big trouble or not. I was not sure myself whether he was in trouble. Should I be angry or flattered, or both?

“So he took his cock out in front of you, and he was hard?”

“Yes,” he replied looking sheepish.

“Describe it to me.”

He sighed and eventually said.

“It was longer than mine and looked bigger around as well. He had a big cock head that swelled as he got excited.”

I noticed Antony’s cock start to rise as he told me. I put my hand around it and slowly stroked it.

“Does it turn you on to talk about Stephen’s cock?” He was fully hard by this point, and I teased around his cock head making precum leak out.

“No,” he replied emphatically, “but it is a turn on that you are interested in hearing about it and making me tell you. He really does fancy you, and he said he wants to fuck you.”

“With his big cock?” I asked.

“Yes,” he confirmed.

“No, I want you to say it,” I said firmly. I slowly pushed his hard cock down, so his cock head was pointing more towards his feet. He likes it when I do it a little bit to keep pushing it down and increasing the angle soon makes it uncomfortable for him.

“I want you to say it,” I repeated.

Eventually, when he could not bear to have his hard cock bent over any further, he reluctantly repeated.

“He wants to fuck you with his big cock.”

I smiled, having made him say that. I resumed wanking him.

“And would you like to watch me get fucked with that big cock? After all, you have seen it, and I haven’t. Do you think I would like it, to feel it going in and out of me as he fucked me with it?”


“No, I want you to say it,” I prepared to push his cock down again, but he had already learned what he had to do.

“Yes, I would like to watch him fuck you with his big cock, and I think you would love it.”

I asked to see the picture that Stephen had wanked off to. I didn’t particularly see why that one was so good when he showed me. I’m sure I could be sexier than that, but the thought of Stephen getting hard looking at it did make my pussy wet.

“So if you took another photo of me, you would give it to Stephen, and that would get him excited?” I enquired. He nodded, as I increased the pace on wanking his cock. “Do you want to give him another photo of me?”


I gave his cock a playful slap – something else he loves if it’s not done too hard. This time it was a bit of a harder slap than usual – just to let him know that he wasn’t off the hook yet with what he had done.

“So you want him to wank his cock while looking at another picture of me? You are so dirty. So what sort of photo would it be – not that I agree to do it – yet?”

“I don’t know – you naked, showing your big breasts?”

I slapped his cock hard again.

“I’m not having you show my breasts off to him as if I was a piece of meat. I would want something a bit more classy but sexy.” After some thought, I continued, “I know, I could be naked but lying on my front, so you only see my back and bum, would that turn him on?”

“I’m sure it would,” he replied. His cock throbbed at the thought, confirming his answer.

I climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto his cock and started to ride him. He went to hold my breasts, but I pushed his hands down to his side and put my legs either side of his arms so he couldn’t move them. I was riding him, and he was trapped. I leaned down to him, my breasts pressing against his chest, and bit his ear gently – another one on his list of turn-ons. Then I whispered in his ear.

“If you want me to let Stephen have another picture of me to wank off to, and if you want me to let you watch and let you play with your little cock while I fuck his big cock, you need to cum in me now.”

He was thrusting up into me, but it was difficult for him because he couldn’t move his hands.

“Come on baby, cum in me just like Stephen will with his big cock.”

He was breathing harder now, it won’t be long.

“I want Stephen’s big cock inside me, but you need to cum now if you want me to let him fuck me.”

He exploded inside me. I leaned down again and kissed him gently and said,

“Well done baby, maybe you will have your fantasy come true.” From his expression it was as if I could see into his brain as that thought was digested – what bit of the fantasy, the photo, fucking him – both? Smiling, I left him thinking about that as I climbed off and went to the bathroom.

I certainly wasn’t going to fuck Stephen, although it was a turn on to think about it. My pussy wasn’t just wet from the fucking I had just had but also from thinking about what had happened that night and what Stephen wanted to do to me. I wasn’t sure about Stephen having a photo of me. He already had one, so I guess another one wouldn’t matter, would it? Antony could take it and give it to him without telling him that I knew anything about their photo sharing scheme. That way I was innocent in all of this. I smiled as I pictured him stroking that big cock thinking about me. Okay I thought, I’ll give him such a sexy picture he won’t be able to keep his hands off that cock of his.


Antony – the husband

The bodies around me swayed and moved as if as one to the rhythm of the beat that blared out from the club sound system. The dance floor was packed, there was barely room to move, and it was stifling hot, the air conditioning seemingly giving up with the onslaught of a mass of hot sweaty bodies on a warm evening. After a day in the hot sun, I would have preferred an evening of sipping a cool beer at the bar in the hotel, rather than this. I thought we had come on vacation to relax rather than this cardio workout, but I had to admit it had its benefits. There she was before me, my gorgeous wife. 5ft 3, 110 pounds, and a double D of curves in all the right places!

She was glowing as her newly acquired tan was set against her white summer dress. A dress that displayed just enough cleavage to keep me entranced as a bead of sweat made its way down her neck and tunneled in-between her perfect globes of her breasts. She knew how to dance. Normally a little shy, but not here, not when there was a deafening beat to gyrate to. She was in her element. Some people just know how to dance – how each movement times perfectly with the music.

Arms aloft, full of joy, and loving every second of it. She exuded confidence as she displayed a natural rhythm that just can’t be taught. She had the attention of those around her, but she didn’t care or notice, or maybe she did? Maybe she likes being the center of attention occasionally. Whilst the masses danced on oblivious, those in close proximity looked on discreetly and in some cases not so discreetly, with a mix of envy, appreciation, and lust.

“Do you want to get a beer?” he asked. I had almost forgotten he was there, so engrossed as I was with my wife. We had come on this vacation with our two best friends, Stephen and Teresa. Stephen was not a great lover of dancing and was looking for an excuse to sit down.

“Ok then, let’s go,” I replied, and after telling Jules where we were going, we slowly made our way from the crowded dance floor to the equally crowded bar, with not an obvious dividing line between the two. Finally, we reached a gap by the bar and waited our turn.

“This place is obviously a popular place to come,” I said, “half of the people staying at the resort must be here.”

“I reckon they have all come to see Jules. Did you see the way she moves? She is sex on legs that girl. I got an erection just looking at her.” Stephen grinned as he said it and moved his hips as if he was giving her a good fucking.

For those that have not read the previous chapters, you should know that Stephen is quite taken with my wife, and wastes no opportunity to tell me so. Thankfully, I’m not the sort to be offended by that. I take it as a compliment that someone who has chosen to be with me is hot enough to be wanted by others.

Once served at the bar, I took the drinks for Jules and me over to our table with Stephen following behind with their drinks. Teresa was already seated at the table waiting, so I was surprised that Jules was not also there seeing as they normally travel as a pair. Teresa must have seen me looking around for her.

“She is still on the dance floor, she is having too much of a good time to come off.”

“Fine,” I replied.

“Careful, Antony. A good looking woman like that. Someone might make a pass at her, seeing as she is now dancing on her own. What would you do then?” Teresa smirked.

“He wouldn’t do anything.” Stephen chipped in, “He likes it when she gets attention. Did you know I had the pleasure of having a good feel of her body today by the pool?”

“No, you didn’t!” I exclaimed a little too defensively.

Anthony continued, “Oh yes, it was when you went for a swim. Her back was getting red, so I offered to put some lotion on for her. I didn’t want her to get burnt now did I? I was just doing my good deed for the day.”

“Pervert,” said Teresa to her husband. “I saw you, and you loved every minute of it, and you took your time with it too – savoring every moment no doubt. I’m surprised you didn’t ask her to turn over so you could do her front. I know you would be first in the queue if she ever asked.”

Without hesitation, Stephen replied, “Damn right – I dream of the day that she does. Just rubbing the lotion in her back today took every bit of my willpower not to slide my hands down to feel a bit of side boob that was on display. Next time I won’t be so restrained!”

I took a good gulp of beer then headed for the gents restroom. It was going to be difficult to pee whilst having a semi-erection. All this talk about Jules had got me a bit worked up. I took my time until eventually, it subsided, and my pee began to flow. When I got back to the table, Teresa was on her own, so I sat with her to keep her company and finish my beer.

“So do you mind the things that Stephen says? He means no harm, but I’m afraid your wife gets him a bit worked up.”

“It’s just a bit of a laugh,” I said unconvincingly.

“It’s a bit more than that I think. Would it surprise you that we bring Jules into our bedroom fantasies? Stephen has always had a thing for women tied up. We make up stories together about what we would do if we found Jules all tied up, naked and helpless. Sometimes when he is fucking me, I get him to imagine he is fucking Jules. That always gets him off!”

“And you don’t mind him thinking that way?” I queried.

“Far from it. I’m not a lesbian or anything but a know a beautiful woman when I see one, and the thought of getting the opportunity of running my hands all over her lovely fit body always gets me wet. But more importantly, what do you think about it? I think some husbands would be very turned on by that sort of thing. Some might even encourage it, and help to make it happen for real. Does the thought of Stephen and me being with her bother you? Let me put it this way. If I told you that Stephen was dancing with your wife right now and convincing her to let him fuck her, would you go over and rescue her or stay here and see what happens?”

This was all moving too fast. I have always had fantasies about Jules being fucked by someone else, but it was just a fantasy, it wasn’t real. I’d better go over before it gets out of hand. It didn’t help that a few minutes earlier the music had reached its crescendo of disco favorites and had now moved on to some slow numbers to end the evening. Couples were on the dance floor making the most of the opportunity. I could just about make them out across the other side of the club. I think she was smiling and there were definitely talking. She was dancing very close to him, her slim arms draped around his neck. I sat down. Maybe I’ll just give them to the end of the song. It would be rude to interrupt. Teresa smiled.

“Stephen was right about you. This is so exciting. Maybe this opens up some opportunities for the rest of the vacation.” Teresa patted my leg, noticing the small hard lump in my trousers. She smiled again and went back to her drink.


Jules – the wife

I had a great night, but now I feel totally wiped out. Our hotel bed feels so comfortable after a long night at the club. I look over at my husband lying next to me. Such a lovely caring man. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t even be on this vacation if it wasn’t for him working hard all year and earning a good salary so we can afford the little perks in life. He looked deep in thought, staring up at the ceiling from the bed. He had been quiet ever since the club. Not angry or upset, just quiet. I wonder if that because I was dancing with Stephen. I know that’s one of his little fantasies, to see me flirt with another man. Silly boy. He was only keeping me company while Antony got the drinks in.

There was apparently such a long queue at the bar. When the music changed to a slow number, what was a girl to do? It would have been rude not to ask him to dance as he was right there. I like Stephen, he is fun, and we both love to flirt a bit. So when I felt him hardening against my leg, he just made light of it and said it was my entire fault for being so gorgeous and said I was a danger to the male population – which made me laugh. I didn’t complain when we stayed on for the next dance, then the next. Yes, it was a good night, but my job as a wife is to keep my husband happy, so I turned my attention back to him. I knew just how to do that. I know all his quirks and kinks.

“Get your cock out, your wife wants to see the little man.”

He knows, and I know that when I start talking dirty, he can’t refuse. He is in my control to do with as I please. He duly complies. As I remove my clothes, I continue.

“Now get it hard for me. I don’t know what I am going to do with it yet. Maybe slide my hand up and down it, or maybe take it into my mouth and suck it, or maybe lower my pussy on it, but whatever I choose I want it hard, just as hard as Stephens cock was against me on the dance floor tonight.”

There is a definite twitch of his cock at the mention of that, and his hand instantly drops to it to stroke it hard.

“Wank it a bit faster for me. I love to see you stroke your little cock for me. Do you think Stephen is doing the same to his big cock thinking about how close it was to me tonight? Do you think he would want to see me naked like this? You wouldn’t let him touch me, would you? Once he started feeling me all over, I don’t think I could resist him, and I would have to ask him to fuck me. Please fuck me Stephen is what I would say, please fuck me. Would you want me to say that?”

“No, well yes. Maybe, I’m not sure. I am so turned on I can’t think straight.” He was sweating and precum leaked from his throbbing cock.

“I’m going to put your cock in my wet pussy in a minute, but I want you to stroke it even faster for me before that. I want you to think about the things Stephen wants to do with me. Do you think I would like his big cock? Maybe I would have to fight him off if you won’t stop him.”

Anthony replies breathlessly, “If you were tied up, you couldn’t. You would have to do what he wanted.”

Oh, bondage talk now is it? Another kink of his I think to myself. Whilst I’m not particularly keen on bondage, I know he loves it, so I’ll play along.

“What, you would leave me helpless and all naked? The shame of it. I’d be embarrassed to look at him as he ogled my flesh. I think I would need to be blindfolded so I wouldn’t have to see him or to see what he was going to do to me. He could run his hands all over me, and there would be nothing I could do. He might make me suck his big cock. That’s not what you want is it?”

“Maybe,” was the reply.

I lean over to him, resting my breasts on his chest, I give him a long deep kiss then whisper in his ear.

“Well, let’s find out. If you want to stick that little cock inside me, do it now because my pussy is so wet, but if you do, we will talk no more about this. Or, if you really want to tie me up so you can watch Stephen have his wicked way with me and see me get fucked right in front of you, then I want you to make yourself cum now”.

A moment’s hesitation, but then he carries on wanking, stroking very fast now.

“You can’t cum until you tell me to fuck Stephen. If you cum before you have told me, then I won’t do it.”

“Ok,” he pants.

“Tell me exactly what you want to happen,” I say, still with my lips brushing against his ear.

“I want to tie you down, blindfold you and let Stephen fuck you.”

“Say please,” I whisper as I nibble his earlobe.

“Please let him fuck you.”

I slowly move my face directly over his and give my best sultry look as we gaze into each other’s eyes.

“Antony, I would love for Stephen to fuck me. I can’t wait, let’s do it.”


Antony – the husband

I could hold on no longer and hearing her say those words I just exploded. It was the best hand job I’d ever had, and she didn’t even touch my cock – how does she do that? I seemed to have cum a bucket load. Gradually my heartbeat decreased back to normal. I was just drained and lay still on the bed contemplating what just happened. A series of questions ruminated around my mind. Why did I turn down sex just to keep the fantasy of Jules being fucked by someone else alive? Did Jules just agree to what I had always fantasized about or was it still just part of the fantasy? What did Teresa think I had agreed to as I hadn’t stopped Stephen and Jules dancing? What were Jules and Stephen really discussing on the dance floor – was it what Teresa had told me, and did that mean that Jules had orchestrated tonight to make me tell her to take it further? Did Jules know that Teresa was also involved?

My desires and fantasies drifted away following my subsiding orgasm and with it went my ability to talk about the events of tonight. I was now too embarrassed to raise any of these questions with Jules, but that didn’t stop me from thinking through the different permutations. One thing was clear, a line had been crossed today, and there was now a blurring of fantasy and reality as something that up until this point had been between husband and wife had now been extended out to Stephen and Teresa. How far Jules and I would be prepared to continue that journey was unclear, but so was whether I had actually any control over the situation anymore.

I guess when we see Stephen and Teresa tomorrow things will come to a head one way or another. I closed my eyes and listened as Jules buckled on the bed as she gave herself a huge orgasm. I should have helped with that I thought, but I couldn’t look at her right now. Too frightened of what I might see in those deep blue eyes of hers, perhaps an indication that there is more to come or perhaps that there may not be. I was unclear which I feared or wanted more.


The following day

Antony – the husband

Isn’t funny how something seemingly so insignificant can have a profound impact on your life. There are two buttons on the phone I am staring intently at, Dial and Cancel. Depending on which I press right now could change my marriage forever. There are two scenarios. First, I key in a number and press Dial and then say something to the effect of ‘Stephen, it’s your lucky night. Come to our room now’. Or, I key in the number and then press Cancel but then have the same, but this time pretends conversation. Jules and I then indulge in our usual fantasy role play. Choosing one different button makes all the difference in the world. I lift the handset of the phone and start to dial.

But I have got ahead of myself, let’s backtrack a little.

It was the following day after the night at the club. The teasing had been present most of the day at the pool. Nothing overt, but things like when Stephen went for a beer he would get me a half pint and himself a full pint with Teresa making much of how the other guys cock was so much bigger than mine and how Jules would have to use two hands on his (glass) if she wanted to hold it, or at the buffet lunch when I went to get Jules some food I was told she likes big portions but rarely gets them. I took it all in good humor. I had always got aroused in the past when teased by Jules so couldn’t really complain now, but it did feel different and slightly uncomfortable that others were now doing it.

Jules took it all in her stride, just smiling and telling me that they are just having a laugh. They eventually bored of the teasing but the flirting, that was always there between us all, continued. Both the girls had bikini’s on but Jules, as always, looked fantastic. Hers was black with gold studding around the edges. Her breasts swung gently as she moved encased in the tight bikini top but showing plenty of cleavage.

The advantages of wearing dark sunglasses are that people can’t see where you are looking. Stephen and I both took full advantage of that, and I was in no doubt that his eyes, like mine, was fixed on those golden globes of lovely flesh. The subject of sex eventually came up with Teresa declaring that she fancied a bit of bondage that evening. Jules and I exchange glances. It may seem a strange thing to talk freely about, but Teresa and Stephen are very open in their sexuality and don’t shy away from discussing such things in front of us. Stephen and Teresa debated about who was to be tied up out of the two of them and eventually decided that it would be Teresa.

Jules and I had no such conversation, but it was suggested that it would be really erotic if both the girls in our separate rooms were tied up at the same time. The previous night’s conversations were very much on my mind, and I wondered if this was acting out a pre-planned conversation. Jules said nothing at the time but the fact she didn’t outright say no gave me some cause for optimism and anxiety. As we left the pool area to go back to our respective rooms, Stephen said he should be finished fucking Teresa around 8pm, and so he would be available then should I decide to call him and that I’m sure Jules would appreciate it.

So the time is now 7.55pm, and we are in our hotel room with some soft music playing in the background and the warm evening air gently fluttering at the curtains by the open window. We are due to meet Stephen and Teresa at 9pm for a late dinner, but that’s not occupying my mind right now. I am looking down at Jules lying naked on the bed. I can’t tell if her eyes are open as they are encased in a red blindfold – a complimentary gift to help sleep on the plane from the airline that brought us to this idyllic resort. She moves but only slightly, testing out what limited freedom the ties that are attached to each arm and leg provide her.

It’s a bit of a makeshift affair using the security straps we use on our suitcases when we go on vacation, but it does the job. There is no way she can get out of them as they are wrapped twice around her wrists and ankles and locked around each wooden corner post of the bed. We don’t tie each other up as often as I would like so I savor the moment, knowing that her whole body is available to me to do as I please. I was surprised she had agreed to it. In fact, she suggested it which was very unusual. She had said that anything they could do, we could match, and anyway it could be fun knowing that both couples were doing the same thing.

I run my hand slowly across her bare midriff. Jules is slim but not too thin, and I marvel at her flat tanned stomach. I slowly move my hand up her body and circle one of her breasts. She sighs as my finger lightly brushes across a nipple. I lean down for a kiss, and she responds enthusiastically. As I continue to kiss her my hand slowly makes its way back down her body and through her tightly trimmed mound of pubic hair. As her legs are parted by the straps, so I easily continue the journey until my fingers part the lips of her pussy. She breaks off the kiss as she needs more air in her aroused state. She wants me to probe deeper, but my fingers stay circling her clit and her entrance to her pussy. I say in hushed tones.

“It is close to 8pm. I am going to ring Stephen, and I am going to tell him to come here to finally see you naked and for him to fuck you. I am in charge. You do not have a choice, but I think you want him to see your body.”

She remains silent except for her deep breathing as I continue to play with her pussy. Reluctantly I move away from the bed and over to the room’s phone. It is a push button model but fairly old fashioned. It has a keypad as normal and then a dial button and a cancel button. I knew their room phone number, 1357. Stephen had said it often enough when we were discussing making the call earlier in the day.

So this was it. What did I want? What did Jules want? I wished we had had a proper conversation after the events of last night and today. I didn’t want to spoil the mood by having one now. I wanted to get back to her warm body.

I lifted the handset and dialed.



Jules – the wife

Fantasy is important in any marriage. It keeps things fresh and alive. Different fantasies come and go, but it bonds the couple together in secrets that they both share. I read somewhere that you should always take your partner’s fantasies seriously. They may not coincide with yours but dismiss them at your peril because eventually, they will find someone who will be willing to indulge them. That doesn’t mean I do everything he wants but what I ask myself is does it do me any harm to play along if it gives him pleasure. As long as he does the same for me, then why not. So when Stephen said about having both the girls tied up at the same time, I thought why not, where’s the harm in that. I know it will give Antony a kick thinking about it.

So here I am displayed out for my husband. My pussy feels like its dripping from the attention it had just been receiving, and I’m now listening to my husband act out the fantasy. He is good at this. In a similar situation at home, he once went and opened the front door to supposedly let in his friend from work. When you are tied up and blindfolded your hearing becomes very much attuned to every sound, so I was slightly panicked at the time hearing the door open and close. But of course, it was just part of the fantasy.

I listened to Antony on the phone.

“Stephen, it’s your lucky night. Come to our room now.”

My pussy tingled. Much to my frustration he didn’t return to me to carry on what he started but waited in silence. He did turn up the music, so all I could hear was its rhythmic tones.

After a couple of minutes, there was a knock at the door. He thinks of everything – I appreciate the detail. The door was opened. Then a pause, where I nearly get to the point of saying (or rather shouting) above the music as to what is taking him so long, but then a solitary finger touches my skin which makes me jump. It makes its way slowly up my leg, up the right side of my body to my shoulder and then backs down the other side. I have goosebumps, and my pussy starts to leak again.

The single finger is replaced with what feels like two fingers, maybe three, which proceed to trace the same route. The next time it is the full palm of his hand, but when it reaches my shoulder, rather than moving down the other side, it moves across to my breast and gently squeezes it. I let out a small sigh. Both breasts are now being caressed, gently at first and then with some more force.

My breathing rate increases and I arch my back pushing my breasts into those willing hands. The hands are replaced with a warm wet tongue which flicks my right nipple causing me to gasp out loud. The tongue circles around my nipple and lifts off but then his mouth closes in on my left breast as he tries to get as much of my breast as he can get in whilst his tongue flicks my nipple. A finger or two is probing my pussy and pushing inside me. It takes no effort to enter me, I am so wet, so horny. The feeling of my pussy being played with and my breast being sucked on and my other nipple is still being flicked sends me close to orgasm.

Wait, what, is that right? Both my breasts are being sucked on, how can that be? I can’t think straight. Too close to orgasm. God, it feels so good. But it means there are two people here with me. Oh god, he really has done it this time. But don’t stop, it feels too good. Both tongues swirling around my rock hard nipples. Pussy, so dripping wet, fingers probing. Can’t stop it, going to cum, going to cum. I am not normally a screamer, but that is the best orgasm I have had in my life, and I scream as I am hit by the wave of ecstasy.

“I think you liked that, Jules.”

That voice was unmistakable, and it was not my husband. I didn’t have long to contemplate that fact before his hands start to roam over me again. Part of me wants to cover myself up, although of course, I can’t. It feels wrong being naked in front of him. I am so glad I can’t see him. But another part of me wants him. If my husband has invited him into our room, it means he really is ok with it. Besides, I can’t move, so I am not responsible for what happens.

“Tell me you want me, Jules,” Stephen says softly so I can barely hear him above the music.

“Antony, what do you say?” I ask.

A long pause

“I want Stephen to fuck you, and I want to watch,” was the eventual reply.

“Then, Stephen, I want to feel that big cock of yours inside me. Tonight I am yours.” Did I really just say that? Is this is a dream?

I feel a warm long shaft of a cock brush against my cheek. That certainly feels real. I turn my head, and the bulbous cock head passes through my lips into my waiting mouth. It feels different and big and wonderful. Bigger than I have been used to.

“That’s right Jules. Suck my cock. I am going to fuck you with it soon, so get it nice and hard for me.”

You mean it’s not fully hard yet, and it’s going to get bigger, I think to myself. I love the taste and feel of it as he slowly fucks my face with it. Then he moves away. I feel kisses on my face, and then a tongue enters my mouth. I know that kiss. Antony has taken Stephen’s place. I suppress a giggle as I think about Antony kissing where Stephen’s cock has just been.

“I know this is what you have always wanted, my love. I want you to enjoy every moment,” my husband says in-between passionate kisses.

At the other end of the bed, I feel hands move up my legs to my thighs as something big and hard grazes against my pussy lips. I feel like I am dripping down there in anticipation. He slowly pushes into me. Oh my god. He continues to push. It’s still going in, and I am so full of his cock already. A new tongue starts to explore my mouth. He is a bit more gentle than I thought he would be but a great kisser. He starts to fuck me as he kisses me. I can’t get enough of him, and my tongue pushes into his mouth.

“It’s time you saw your lover,” says Antony, as I feel him push the blindfold up and away from my eyes. The light floods in. It’s difficult to focus as I continue to be kissed and fucked but as my eyes adjust I look straight into the eyes of Teresa as she continues to kiss me.

“Surprise!” she smirks and resumes her kissing.

I’m shocked but don’t stop responding to her kisses. She is a very good kisser.

“I have wanted to do this to you for a very long time, Jules. Stephen and I have spoken of this moment when we could both have you and do what we want to you.”

To emphasize the point, she moved her hands down onto my breasts and pinched my nipples causing me to cry out.

“Now look at what my husband is doing to you.”

She moves out of the way, and I take my first look at Stephen. His body is shimmering with beads of sweat. He slowly withdraws his cock from my pussy and crawls up to me and puts it to my lips. I get to see that cock for the first time. I am not disappointed. Whilst it’s not what I would call a porn star cock it is certainly bigger than my husband both in length and girth.

“Nice cock,” I say before taking it in my mouth once again, tasting myself on him.

Teresa takes the opportunity to move to my pussy and starts to lick and gently bite. It causes me to sigh deeply again giving Stephen the opportunity to push his cock deeper into my open mouth. I glance around the room and see Antony. He is sitting in a nearby chair. His cock in his hand. We stare at each other. What must he be thinking as he sees his wife sucking his best friends cock and having her pussy licked by her best friend? I lose my train of thought as I can feel another orgasm building. It feels so wrong and so right. My best friend is going to make me cum, and there is nothing I can do about it, not that I want her to stop, its feel so good. I twist and turn pulling against my straps as a huge orgasm engulfs me. I relax, and Stephen takes his cock from my mouth. Teresa moves up to me, so her breasts are right on my face.

“I think I deserve some fun now. You know what to do.”

I have never sucked on another woman’s breasts before and have had no inclination to do so until tonight, but right now that is all I want to do. I lift my head and feel the soft breast around my face and take a very large and very erect nipple into my mouth.

Teresa turns to Antony.

“Come here, little man. I want you to take me from behind as she sucks on my tits.”

He does as he is told and climbs on the bed avoiding my outstretched legs. He puts his cock in her and gently starts to fuck her. She rocks back and forth as she is fucked, then after a few minutes leans down to me.

“You poor girl, having to put up with this small cock. I can hardly feel it. It’s like being fucked with a finger. Don’t worry; from now on you will get proper cock. Isn’t that right, Antony? You wife needs proper cock from now on. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes,” was the reply.

“Yes, what?”

“Jules needs to feel proper cock. Mine is not big enough for her.” Antony eventually said and then continued, “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Already? That’s a disappointment. OK, I’ve got an idea.”

Teresa climbs over me and moves so she is kneeling on the bed just above where my head is and facing towards my body. She beckons the boys to kneel either side of me. Their hard cocks pointing towards each other above my face.

“We are going to have a little competition to see who is going to cum first. Now wank your cocks and cum over her face”. To add some encouragement, she cups the balls of both men and rolls them around in each hand. They are both wanking their stiff cocks inches from my face. This is so naughty, like something you would see in a porn film, but it’s very real and happening to me right now.

“Who is going to cum over her pretty face? Look at her lovely tanned complexion. Look how her eyes are fixated on your cocks. I’m sorry Antony, but I think she likes Stephen’s more than yours. Look how much bigger it is. You can’t blame her. You just can’t really satisfy her can you, Antony. Not with that little cock.”

Her words are having an effect on Antony. I know the signs. He is not far away from cumming. Mind you, Stephen is also wanking furiously, alternating between looking into my eyes and looking down and savoring my naked body. His other hand is caressing my breast.

Teresa adds with a grin, “Did I mention that the winner gets a final kiss with Jules, as a thank you to her for being such a good sport.”

“I can’t, I can’t do that,” Antony pants, but he doesn’t stop wanking.

“They are the rules, but stop if you don’t like them. But I think you want to cum all over your pretty wife’s face, don’t you. I don’t think you can stop and I think your little tiny puny cock is about to cum and we are all going to watch it when it does.”

Those words are the final straw and as I see his cock head expand I just close my eyes in time as the first spurt of cum hit me on the chin, then the nose, my mouth, all over. I have never known him to cum this much. Mind you, I had never before allowed him to cum over me like this. I hear Stephen cry out and the second wave of cum hits me. I can’t resist, I open my mouth. I want to taste it. More hits around my lips which I lick and draw it into my mouth. I think it tastes different to Antony, but it’s difficult to tell as it’s all mixed up.

“That was so hot watching that. I am going to cum many times thinking about that moment,” Teresa finally said, “come on Stephen, let’s get dressed and get outta here, you owe me a fuck and I am so horny, but I think these two need to be left alone for a bit. Just one thing I want to see before I go. Antony, give your lovely wife a kiss.”

Luckily, no cum went in my eyes, so I am able to look up at Antony and give my best puppy dog expression.

“Antony, I love you so much for allowing all this. Please kiss me.”

He leans down and gives a brief gently kiss. He starts to pull away but thinks better of it and comes back for more, now exploring my mouth with his tongue. His eyes are closed, and I can’t tell how he is feeling. It doesn’t help that Teresa and Stephen have given him a round of applause.

“Wow, Antony,” Teresa exclaims, “you little cum drinker. I didn’t think you would have the balls to do that. There is a man who loves his wife and will do anything for her. You hear that, Stephen?”

And with that, they were gone.

Antony breaks off the kiss and gently unties the straps. My arms and wrists are numb from the time spent stretched out, but it certainly made it more erotic.

He sits with me on the bed. Cum is now dripping down my face. I scoop up some with my finger and offer it to his mouth. He takes it in and sucks my finger clean.

“Good boy,” I say with genuine admiration and love, “we are going to have so much fun.”

Antony – The Husband

I can remember that night as if it were yesterday, even though it was now six months later. Every detail, every thought, every action. Life had changed a lot since that night. Jules and I are still together, but it is not the same. We now have a different marriage, not a bad one, just different. Whereas before, she and Tressa would go to their exercise class every week and then stop off at a bar for a quick drink before coming home, they now go back to Teresa’s where they shower and get clean together before jumping into bed. If Stephen is there, he fucks them both or sometimes it is just the two of them. Teresa has become more of a lover to Jules than even Stephen has.

Their long friendship grew into something much more. Both girls are talking about seeing Jules with another man other than Stephen. It’s only a matter of time. It’s now apparent to me that Teresa was the instigator of all this all along. Once she became aware of my fantasies, she was then out to make something happen. Although I had suspected Jules at the time of concluding with one or both of them, actually she had known nothing of what was going to happen. She thought it was all just a fantasy and nothing more. Of course, I cannot complain about how things turned out or blame anyone else, as it was my actions that resulted in it.

Nothing would have happened if it had not been for me. I still think back to those two buttons on that phone, Dial, and Cancel. Did I press the right one? I should be the happiest man alive. My every fantasy has now been realized. I’ve done things then and since which just don’t happen to a ‘normal’ person like me. I’ve seen my lovely wife taken to the extremes of pleasure that I could not accomplish alone and I love to see the happiness that brings her and her new found zest for life. She is a more confident, radiant person. Yet I miss the fantasy. Fantasy does not involve any jealousy or real humiliation or anxiety on what the future might hold.

Fantasy is exploring your greatest desires with the one you love with you both bound by that shared secret that you hold. When I used to encourage her to flirt with others it was in the knowledge that they couldn’t have her, she was mine and mine alone. I no longer have that, and I no longer have that fantasy as it is now a reality. Dial or Cancel? Those two buttons will be with me for the rest of my life.


Jules – the wife

We should have done this years ago. I am having the time of my life.

The End.


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