Anything For Lindsay Part 3

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by allaboutcontrol

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“Oh god, oh my….,” Jason said, in pure pleasure, trying with every ounce of his body to hold back from cuming.

Lindsay was sitting next to Jason, slowly stroking his penis. Jason was completely naked laying on Lindsay’s bed. Lindsay was fully clothed in a tank top and a pair of jeans.

“Its only been 50 seconds Jay, hold on, you still got a little over two minutes,” Lindsay encouraged him.

Lindsay continued to stroke Jason’s little penis, now picking up the speed and concentrating on full strokes of his penis. Lindsay was an expert at giving hand jobs, she had given her first one at 14 years old.

Jason, meanwhile, was trying as hard as he could to ignore the immense pleasure that was surrounding his dick. He was practicing for the bet that was now only 4 days away. He needed to hold out from cuming for 3 minutes, while Cindy gave him a hand job. He had his eyes closed and was picturing baseball, his grandma, anything he could to take his mind of the gorgeous girl jerking his dick.

“One minute and fifteen seconds, you broke your record sweetie,” Lindsay shouted as she now picked up the pace even more, this time concentrating on the head of his penis.

“I can’t hold out…nooooo,” Jason screamed as his dick exploded. Rope after rope of semen shot onto his stomach. The feeling was soo amazing.

“I cant believe you Jason, you are barely getting any better at this, and this is the third time we’ve tried today. You really want to see me get fucked by Tom, don’t you?” Lindsay asked.

“No, I don’t, trust me, that’s the last thing I want to see,” Jason responded, still getting over the mind blowing orgasm he just had.

“Ok well, get on your knees, we gotta train your mind to think cuming quick is not OK,” Lindsay said.

Jason, with his cum still all over his stomach, got onto his knees and got ready to suck Lindsay’s strap on for the third time today. Lindsay had offered to help Jason train for the bet. She would give him 3 hand jobs a day, and if at any point he could hold out for 3 minutes before cuming, she would finally allow him to see and play with her amazing tits. If he shot his load before 3 minutes, he had to suck the strap on for 5 minutes

Lindsay dropped her jeans, revealing her perfectly tanned legs, and cute pink underwear. She then slipped the plastic cock on and forced it into Jason’s mouth. As usual, she verbally encouraged him as he sucked.

“Good job my little cock sucker, you really are getting so good at this, I may have to let you try a real one some day,” Lindsay said to him. Her hands were on the back of his head, just in case he tried to stop.

Jason continued to suck away at it. He was almost starting to enjoy these little sessions. He wasn’t sure why, but afterwards he would always have a raging hard on, and no matter how recently he just came, would be extremely horny. Lindsay also took notice at Jason’s love of sucking her plastic cock.

After the five minutes was over, Lindsay pulled Jason up, and gave him a small kiss. She then grabbed a towel and through it at him so that he could clean himself off.

“Jay…don’t you think it’s kind of weird that you get a raging boner every time you suck my dick,” Lindsay asked him.

“I…uh…it’s just from being around you, you are soo hot,” Jason tried to play it off.

“Hmmm…maybe that’s it, or maybe you secretly think it would be hot to suck a dick,” Lindsay said. “Either way, its pretty cute. See you tomorrow, 9 am for the first practice session,” she finished, before heading into the bathroom.

Jason quickly got dressed and headed down stairs. On the way out, he saw Cindy, in her robe, watching TV. Cindy immediately noticed Jason walking down.

“Oh, hey little guy. You ready for our bet?” Cindy asked as she made the jerk off motion with her hand.

“I really don’t think the bet is such a good idea Cindy, I mean, what’s the point, really?” Jason asked.

“THE POINT, LITTLE DICK is that I would much rather see my gorgeous step daughter with a big sexy man like Tom, then a little dicked nerd like you. I need to prove to her that you can’t even last 3 minutes during a hand job, let alone sex. Then I need to prove to her that Tom is 10 times the lover you will ever be. What better way to do that then a threesome with both of you?” Cindy explained.

Jason was shocked to hear this come out of her mouth. Cindy had really been nothing but nice to him. He couldn’t believe that she thought like this. The look of sadness on his face must have been apparent to Cindy.

“But…on the other hand, if you last longer then 3 minutes, you will prove me wrong, and will have the night of your life. I am a sexual goddess Jason. A threesome with Lindsay and I would be a miracle for you. You should thank me actually. I don’t think Lindsay will let you near her tits or her pussy for a long long time, unless you win that is,” Cindy explained, this time as sweet as ever.

“Well I hope I can prove you wrong,” Jason responded with confidence.

Cindy smiled, stood up, and opened her robe, exposing Jason once again to her breathtaking body. Her breasts looked even bigger then the last time and the light showed off the cuts in her stomach perfectly. Before Jason could even get down to her vagina, she closed her robe back up.

“I don’t think you stand a chance, mini meat,” Cindy said before turning her attention back to the TV.

Jason sighed deeply and walked out the front door. He walked over to his house and into his room. He jerked off, cumming for the fourth time that day, before he went to sleep. His new plan was to wear his dick out so much, it wouldn’t be able to shoot off in less then three minutes no matter what was happening to it.

Once again the next morning Jason showed up at 9am, eagerly awaiting his first handjob. He knocked on the door and Cindy opened it and welcomed him inside. As usual, she sported just a small robe.

“Lindsay’s asleep. She was up late last night talking to Tom,” Cindy said to him.

“What?” Jason replied.

“Yeah, he came over late last night and said he really needed to talk to her. I don’t know what time he left,” Cindy continued. “On a good note though, I’ve been thinking about the bet and I’ve decided to help you out,” Cindy finished, quickly changing the subject.

“Oh? How is that?” Jason questioned, fearing it was a trick.

“If you do a favor for Mr. Mac and I, I will agree to change the length of the hand job from 3 minutes, to 40 seconds,” Cindy proposed.

Jason immediately got very excited. He held out for 1:15 last night, surely he could last 40 seconds.

“What’s the favor?” Jason asked.

“Just come with me for now,” Cindy instructed him.

He followed her into the master bedroom where Mr. Mac was laying asleep on the bed. She got up on the other side of the bed and removed her robe, revealing her spectacular body. She quickly grabbed Jason’s head and pulled it to her breast. He sucked on it like it was going to save his life.

“Good job sweetie, suck on my big tits,” Cindy encouraged him.

Next she pushed him off and started to take off Jason’s pants.

“Take them off, I wanna play with it,” Cindy said to him, Mr. Mac sleeping in his robe only feet away.

Jason didn’t care and wanted Cindy so badly. He took off his pants, and stood proudly, all 5 inches sticking straight up in the air. Cindy rubbed his penis expertly, even leaning down and sucking on the head of his penis for a minute here and there. Jason was on edge, and once again his only concern was getting to cum.

Cindy slowed her stroke to a slower pace as she began to fully explain the deal to him.

“Mr. Mac is awake now, has been the whole time. All you have to do, in order to change the bet to 40 seconds, ensuring a 3 some with Lindsay and myself for a whole night, and receive a mind blowing blowjob from me right now is…suck Mr. Macs dick for 3 minutes,” Cindy told him as she opened up his robe, revealing what looked to be a 9 inch penis.

“It’s just like with Lindsay and the strap on. I will be right here waiting to suck your cock once the 3 minutes are up,” Cindy said as she continued to expertly manipulate Jason’s tiny penis.

“Like Lindsay, Cindy didn’t wait for an answer and just pushed Jason’s mouth to Mr. Mac’s large cock. Jason parted his lips and accepted it into his mouth. He really never had a choice, his dick once again controlled his brain.

Jason opened up his lips and took the large mushroom head into his mouth. He just imagined a night with Lindsay and Cindy and bobbed up and down on Mr. Mac’s dick.

“Good boy. That is so fucking hot. Keep sucking and you will have the best night ever. Keep going little dick, worship this man meat,” Cindy continued encouraging him.

Cindy grabbed Jason’s hair and controlled the pace as which he sucked. She was now bobbing his head up and down pretty steadily. Mr. Mac was groaning and began thrusting his hips into Jason’s face.

Jason was a little freaked out, and a little turned on at the same time. It was somehow strange and sexual to be sucking the dick of a man who had twice as much of a “package” as he did. It didn’t taste that bad, and it kind of was just like with Lindsay and the strap on. Cindy was right here, naked, stroking his dick, how gay could this be. He was starting to get into it, sucking away at the large cock, still he wanted it to be over with.

“Time,” Cindy shouted out.

Jason was ecstatic. He rolled over and watched as Cindy began to suck his cock. She used her mouth and breasts to tease Jason for 15 minutes before she looked up at him and said, “Get ready to black out from pleasure.”

Cindy’s mouth flew up and down Jason’s cock. He was 2 seconds away from release when Lindsay busted opened the door and Cindy quickly shot up.

“What is going on in here?” Lindsay asked.

Jason’s heart dropped as he realized that not only was he not going to cum, but his girlfriend just walked in on him getting a blow job from her stepmom.

“I, uh…we…,” Jason stumbled, quickly putting his clothes back on and running after her as she stormed out the door.

Jason walked into lindsay’s room and tired his best to explain.

“Sweetie, I just went in there because she said she would shorten the bet if I did something and…” Jason stopped as Lindsay cut him off.

“I don’t care Jason, I really don’t. You are just like every other guy I’ve ever dated. You can’t keep your dick in your pants,” shouted Lindsay.

“NO, I CAN!” Shouted Jason. “I promise, I will never do anything like that ever again without you allowing it,” Jason continued.

“You have made a promise like that before. How do I know I can trust you?” Lindsay asked.

Jason just stared as the girl of his dreams and realized that he may lost her forever.

“PLEASE!” Jason begged.

“Well…I guess there is one way,” Lindsay said as she reached into her drawer to pull out the penis cage. “You have to wear this whenever your not with me,” Lindsay added.

Jason was so under her spell, he didn’t even need to think before agreeing.

Lindsay walked over to Jason, dropped his pants, revealing his little dick. She clicked the cage on tightly before he even had a chance to get hard again.

“I’m still so upset with you Jason. I really think you should go home,” Lindsay said.

Jason stared at her in shock. He had just put the cage on? Didn’t this get him back to even, at least so he could stay.

“When will I see you again?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know. I may need a few days to get over this Jason. I just caught you getting a blow job from my stepmom!” She screamed at him before locking herself in her bathroom.

Jason walked out of the house and back to his. He felt as if he could cry at any moment. The bet was a little over 48 hours away and he was now horny as ever and locked in a cage. Not only that, but he had just sucked a huge penis in order to get the bet shortened, which at this point didn’t matter because Jason would never last even 15 seconds after 2 days of being locked up in this cage.


Thursday, Jason tried to get Lindsay to see him, but no one would even let him in the house.

Friday rolled around and Jason was ready to break the cage with a screwdriver. Luckily for him, Lindsay sent him a text telling him to come over.

Jason jumped out of bed and ran to her house as quickly as possible.

She was in a tiny silk robe and from what Jason could tell, she was completely naked underneath it. She then proceeded to undress Jason, take off him cage, and lastly slip a blindfold over his eyes.

Jason was now laying on the bed, naked, with a raging hard on, not able to see a thing.

Suddenly Jason felt a thin piece of silk material fall onto his penis, sending chills down his body. He then felt his hands being cuffed to the bed posts. Finally he felt the weight of her tiny body and huge breasts being pressed against his chest.

She slid her body up and down his, driving his penis insane with pleasure, but not quite enough to achieve release. Lindsay did this for at least 40 minutes, Keeping him on edge the whole time.

Lindsay slid down and wrapped her breasts around Jason’s dick, the pleasure was so great. Jason would do anything to get this blindfold off and see what she was doing to his penis. Finally, she took his dick into her mouth and slowly sucked. Jason was almost weeping at this point, begging Lindsay to let him cum.

“Pleasseeee Lindsay, please, I need…” Jason started.

“I don’t really care what you need,” Lindsay interrupted him. I have decided what I need from you in order for us to stay together,” she began.

Lindsay slid up so that her mouth was right next to his ear. Her huge breasts were squashed against his chest and the head of his penis was pressing, just slightly, into her vagina. He could barely breathe.

“If you want to stay with me, you are going to have to do whatever I say for the next week. No matter what is it,” Lindsay whispered into his ear. “If you so much as question one demand, it’s over. I will never speak to you again,” she continued.

“O…ooo…kkk,” Jason barely could speak he was in the most sexually gratifying and frustrating position of his life.

“The first thing you are going to do for me…,” Lindsay started to explain her first request. As she did, she pushed down a little on his dick so the head slipped into her soaking wet pussy. “…is lose the bet tomorrow,” Lindsay finished.

Jason’s mind was blown. He thought more about trying to win this bet then anything else in his entire life and now she told him he had to lose. He wanted to argue, but couldn’t risk losing this beautiful girl, whom he was so close to having sex with. He just shook his head in acceptance.

“Good boy, not like you would have a choice anyway, you won’t last 15 seconds tomorrow. Especially since I plan on teasing your little penis all night long,” Lindsay laughed as her control over Jason finally escalated to it’s highest possible point.

Lindsay pulled the head of his dick out of her pussy and got up off him completely. Jason heard some shuffling around a minute later Lindsay was taking his blindfold off. Lindsay was back in her robe, and lubing up her hands. She spend the next couple hours brining Jason as close to orgasm as possible without cuming, and then taking a 10 minute break before doing it again. At one point she spent 40 minutes riding Jason’s face. She came four times as he sucked and licked her pussy and ass. Finally, she shoved some panties into his mouth so he couldn’t even beg her to let him cum. He was becoming delirious.

Finally Lindsay announced she was stopping, before she put the cage back on. She then turned off the lights, and crawled in bed with Jason. Lindsay fell asleep with in 5 minutes, but Jason was so horny, he didn’t sleep a wink all night.

At 10am, her alarm went off. The bet was 30 minutes away. Lindsay took off Jason’s cage and teased his dick for 15 minutes, getting it good and ready to shoot off in less then 40 seconds. Jason was as horny, and as depressed as he had ever been in his life.

Finally it was time, Jason walked downstairs in just a robe, awaiting his fate. As he walked down, he saw Cindy and Lindsay’s dad sitting on the couch. They were also both dressed in a robe.

The room was all set up, a spot for him to sit, with some towels laid out on the floor where he would soon shoot his load, a stopwatch on the table, some tissues for Cindy’s hands. Jason took his spot on the chair and dropped his robe. He was sitting there naked, on display for 3 robed voyeurs. It didn’t matter though, because of the situation, Jason’s cock was already hard and dripping precum.

The crowd collectively smiled at how small Jason’s penis looked paired with the fact that this was actually going to be easier then any of them had imagined. Jason was surprised to see Cindy stand up and take off her robe. Her body was even better then Jason remembered. Perfect large breasts with a sexy cut stomach. Her pussy was shaved completely.

Lindsay grabbed the stopwatch as Cindy squirted some lotion into her hands.

“On your mark, get set, go!” Lindsay announced.

Cindy pushed her perfect breasts into Jason’s shoulder as she grabbed his dick and within 3 seconds of her hand touching his penis, Jason came. He screamed out in pleasure as cindy milked his little penis for a sold 30 seconds, emptying out 4 days of frustration.

“Oh my god, that was a fucking joke,” Cindy laughed as she wiped off little globs of Jason’s cum that had gotten on her hands and arms.

Cindy and Lindsay’s dad almost immediately walked up stairs, Cindy still laughing to herself. Lindsay’s dad hadn’t said a word, but was smiling the entire time.

Lindsay’s dad’s smile was nothing compared to Lindsay’s smile. She was giddy. Jason was so confused as to why she so was so happy.

As if on cue, Lindsay chimed in, “I’m so happy you did what I said Jason, I really didn’t want to break up with you, I like you a lot,” she said, looking amazing in her little robe.

Jason smiled back at her with a look of acceptance.

“Now let’s go upstairs, we need to lock you back up. Then I want you call Tom, tell him that you want him to come over and help you fuck your girlfriend on Saturday. Say it word for word,” Lindsay instructed.

“But, that’s ridiculous…,” Jason began.

“What did I say Jason?” Lindsay swiftly interrupted him. “Just for that Tom will be going first on Saturday. And if you question me again or I find out it wasn’t word for word, the threesome will become a twosome, and I will never talk to you again,” Lindsay said

Jason simply shook his head. He then walked upstairs to have his penis locked up in a cage, and invite another guy to fuck his girlfriend.

“Keep sucking my pussy baby…yeah….yeah…oh god baby…oooohhhhhh!!!!!,” Lindsay screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded throughout her body.

Lindsay then rolled off Jason’s face, which was now covered in her juices, and began to slide her pajama pants back up over her spectacular legs and ass.

“Wow…I love the power that this little device gives me,” Lindsay said as she tapped on the metal cage encasing Jason’s small white penis.


The cage had been locked into place for the last 6 days. Ever since Jason lost the bet to Cindy and blown his load in less then 5 seconds. In fact, that was the last time Jason had cum. Jason begged Lindsay every day to take the cage off and let him cum. Every day she gave him a list of things to do, and if he accomplished all of them, she would take off the cage.

The last 5 days had been like a set routine. Jason would wake up and orally please Lindsay, while she rode his face, for at least 45 minutes. The first few days he would just suck on her clit and pussy, but the last 2 days, she had been turning around halfway through so that he could tongue her asshole. She really loved the empowering sensation that no one had ever given to her before, and Jason was happy to be the first person to once again give her that pleasure.

The rest of the day would consist of Jason taking Lindsay out to eat, running errands with her, giving her full body massages, and of coarse going down on her when ever she requested. At night, she would tie Jason up to the bed and take off his cage, letting his full 4 inches spring free. Lindsay would then slowly massage lotion into his penis. The feeling that this gave Jason was sensational. He had no physical contact with his dick for the majority of the day, so just the feeling of her hands on it would make him wither in pleasure.

Then Jason would begin the begging. He would start to moan and beg Lindsay to make him cum. During this time she would usually just giggle and continue to bring him to the edge and then stop. One night, she licked the head for a couple minutes, another night she rubbed the head of his penis against her clit for a little while. Every night so far, though, had ended with Lindsay icing Jason’s hard penis back to its soft form and locking the cage back around his manhood.

“I would let you cum, but I don’t think you have earned my trust back yet…,” she would always say as she put the key back around her neck. Jason would then stare at the key, as it dangled between her breasts. Jason had given Lindsay well over 100 orgasms and amazingly he had still never seen her tits. That was the icing on the cake of this whole situation. The tits that Jason had been dieing to see since he know what tits were, still seemed to elude him.

Today though, Lindsay told Jason that she was going to spend the day with her step mom and later that night he would have a great chance at being able to cum. After all, they were one day away from the threesome with Tom. Jason remembered the phone call so well.

“Hey Tom, it’s Jason, Lindsay’s boyfriend. How are you?” Jason asked, as he called the cocky asshole.

“Ohhhhh, hey little dude, hows your girl and her spectacular tits?” Tom responded.

“Ummm they’re good…that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. You see we decided to have a threesome and we both thought you would be a good choice as the third,” Jason explained. It pained him beyond belief to say those words.

“Wait, what? You want me to bang your girl with you? Do you have a some wish to never feel her pussy again? She told me you have a worm dick, you know that right?” Tom continued, so shocked to be asked to fuck this goddess.

“Yeah we’ll I would love for you to come teach me how to fuck her,” Jason finally got out the line that Lindsay had commanded him to say.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. O man. You are one of a kind, little dude. Yeah. Just text me the time and the place and I will be there. Just remember you asked for it!,” Tom said as he hung up the phone.

That was 6 days ago. Now they were almost there. Jason had so many feelings regarding tomorrow night, but now all he could think about was tonight and getting his rocks off. Jason sat at home, waiting for Lindsay to call him and invite him over for the night. His prick was pounding, all he could think about was getting off. Every once in a while he would begin to fantasize about Lindsay or Cindy, or even that cunt Katrina, but as soon as his penis began to harden, it would hit the restraints of the cage and turn the pleasure filled thoughts into a feeling of pain. He had to get this thing off now!

Once again Jason found himself tied to Lindsay’s bed as she took off his cock cage. His penis immediately sprung to life as Lindsay giggled to herself. Lindsay then began to gently trace her fingers along the outside of Jason’s dick, allowing them to gently brush against the now bobbing swollen penis. After a few minutes of this Jason once again began to beg Lindsay to make him cum.

“Please, please baby…I need to cum so badly,” he whined to her.

“Aww…my little penis boy wants to cum, does he,” Lindsay teased as she began to circle the head of Jason’s penis with her hands.

Next she squirted some lotion into her hands and started to lightly massage his penis and balls. Jason had so little contact with his cock over the last few days, this was the most mind blowing pleasure he ever had, his eyes began to water and he was complete putty. Lindsay continued to stroke his penis up and down, paying extra attention to the head.

She was going just slow enough that it wasn’t quite pushing him over the edge. Jason’s constant begging got him nowhere and he was going insane. He would done anything to cum. As if seeing it in his eyes, Lindsay stopped stroking and removed her top. Underneath she was wearing nothing but 2 pasties covering her nipples. She looked like perfection. Jason had been a breast man all his life and never, in porn, in playboy, at strip clubs, had he ever seen such perfects breasts, and that was without seeing her nipples. They were large, very perky, and the perfect teardrop shape.

Lindsay then laid down over Jason so his penis was in between her magnificent tits. She smiled up at him knowing she owned every inch of him. She then used her hands to push her tits around Jason’s cock. Her large breasts completely hiding his small dick. She then looked up at him and broke the silence.

“You have two options,” Lindsay said, as she very slowly gave a few strokes to his penis using her breasts. She was very careful not to go too far. She knew he could explode at any moment.

“Option A, I stand up, take my pasties off and give you 20 minutes to ravish my breasts with your hands and mouth. I then lay down and allow you to straddle my chest and tit fuck your heart out until you cover my chest with your cum. Afterwards I will put the cage back on, which you will leave on for one week…and yes that includes tomorrow night, where you will also wear a blindfold,” She explained, watching the first option weigh in on him.

This was everything Jason had dreamed of since dating her. He was dying to see her breasts, yet alone suck them and fuck them. Most importantly he would get to cum. On the downside, he would have to lay there and listen to Brad fuck the shit out of her all night. That was his pussy to fuck.

“Option B, I stand up, put my shirt back on, go downstairs, get some ice and put the cage back on. You will then eat me out a few more times and we’ll go to sleep. Tomorrow however, you will be just as much a part of the threesome as Tom, and you will get to see my full body on display all night. Then we can leave the cock cage off for at least 2 weeks, as long as you promise not to jerk off without my permission,” Lindsay finished explaining the double sworded question and waited for his answer, still with her breasts wrapped around his cock.

As much as it pained Jason to do this, he just couldn’t allow his girlfriend to be ravished by another man, while he sat there blindfolded with his cock locked up. He was going to have to tell this beautiful, perfect girl with her tits wrapped around his dick, to put back on her shirt, and lock up his cock. It would only be 1 more day and he would get to cum then. He had made it this far, and had to wait one more day!

“I choose B,” Jason said rather softly.

“Hahaha…of coarse you do. That’s why I like you so much,” Lindsay said to him.

True to her word, she then stood up, grabbed her shirt and put it back on, and went down stars to grab the ice. Jason almost immediately began to to regret his decision. This was everything he had wanted. Had he really just told her to put her shirt back on and not let titty fuck those perfect goddess like breasts?

Lindsay came back and applied the ice to his raging hard cock. Slowly it began to deflate against the cold, and as soon as it was small enough, Lindsay locked the cage back in place. She then slid her shorts off and climbed on top of his face, ready to enjoy his oral assault on her clit and pussy.


The next day, Jason arrived to Lindsay’s house at 5pm. The threesome was still 2 hours away but Lindsay wanted him there early. He didn’t mind. He was going nuts at his place. It had been a week since he had cum and being locked up in the cage only made him more horny. Jason saw the door was open and walked in. To his shock, Cindy was leaning over Mr. Mac, sucking his huge cock. Her perfect body was on full display and Jason couldn’t help but start to get a hard on. Before even reaching half mast, his penis hit the cage and he grimaced in pain. Still, he could not take his eyes off the gorgeous older couple hooking up in front of him.

“Jason, stop being a pervert and come upstairs,” Lindsay called down to him.

He ripped his eyes away from them, right as Denise took his cock out of her mouth and began to climb up on it.

When Jason entered the room, he saw Katrina laying on Lindsay’s bed, wearing only a small robe. Lindsay was also wearing only a small robe.

“Since you are being such a good boy and having a threesome with me and a guy, I thought I would let you have one with me and a girl first,” Lindsay exclaimed.

Jason wasn’t sure what to say, but they seemed to be motioning for him to come lay down, so he followed their lead.

“Take off your pants first, silly,” Katrina said to him as she stood up and dropped her robe.

She had very small but cute breasts and a perfectly shaved pussy. Lindsay then stood up and dropped her robe. She was wearing the same pasties from the other day, but her breasts still took Jason’s breath away. Her pussy was also clean shaven. Jason felt his dick fight against the steal of the cage and quickly dropped his pants and underwear, hoping that they would take off the cage. He then quickly retook his spot on the bead.

Katrina broke out in laughter when she saw his small penis locked in the cage before them. Lindsay took the key and unlocked his penis. It immediately sprung to its full length. Katrina wasted very little time before hopping up and straddling Jason’s face.

“Sorry Jason, but I would much rather fuck your face then your small penis. It’s not even that its just short, it’s fucking thin too” she said as Jason worked her clit, excited to be eating her out.

In the mean time, Lindsay crawled up next to his hardened penis and began to lightly drag drag her fingers up and down the shaft, making it bounce as he withered in pleasure. That’s all she did for the next 30 minutes while Katrina rode his face to 4 orgasms.

“Wow, your boyfriend is a sex machine,” Katrina said as she got up off his face.

“I know, I can’t wait to take a turn,” Lindsay said as she replaced her friend on top of her boyfriends face.

Jason went back to work, using his mouth to pleasure a new pussy, as Katrina began her teasing assault on Jason’s penis It was now purple, and Katrina was just lightly swirling her hands around the head of his cock, using the pre-cum to keep her hands and fingers gliding. Jason was dieing. He had been denied and teased numerous times before by Lindsay, but this was the worst it had ever been. He was literally thrusting his pelvis at her hands, praying he could make enough contact to drive him over the edge. Katrina didn’t allow this though and simply giggled at his attempts. This went on for another 20 minutes before Lindsay climbed off his face and went to go shower.

Katrina didn’t move though and continued to make sure his cock stayed on the edge of eruption. At one point she leaned over and put the head of his penis in her mouth, but kept her mouth wide enough so that it wasn’t making contact with him at all. She then lightly trickled her tongue around the head of Jason’s penis, making his entire body quiver. She then quickly popped back up, laughing at the poor boys predicament.

“You see Jason, I usually suck guys off until they cum for me. I usually wrap my lips around their thick penises and pleasure them until they are moaning out in ecstasy. Lindsay told me, that If I wanted to, I could suck your penis while she changed. Unfortunately for you though, I’m not going to suck your little penis. It turns me on way too much to see your squirm. I am simply going to tease you for the next 20 minutes, until your threesome,” Katrina said to him as she continued to toy with his rock hard dick.

Finally the 20 minutes were up and Katrina stood up. She tossed Jason a robe and got dressed herself, before letting herself out. Jason was now in his robe, as horny as he had ever been, waiting for Lindsay and Tom. Lindsay emerged from the bedroom wearing her little red satin robe.

“OK baby, I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship. I think it’s great that you are willing to do this with me, but I am still so hurt about the fact that you hooked up with Cindy. I know you say you’re sorry and you will never do it again, but I need to be really sure that you are sorry and you feel as bad as you are saying. If you really do feel that bad, then you will do everything I say during this threesome, without hesitation. If you do, I will give you an incredible orgasm and we will be back on a level playing field in my book. I will never bring up the fact that you got a blowjob for my step mother, or hold it against you. However, if you choose not to do what I say, I will take it as a sign that you are not truly sorry and I will never speak to you again,” Lindsay explained her terms.

Jason was beginning to wish that he had taken her up on her offer last night. He was terrified of what was about to play out. The were looking at each other and smiling as a knock on her door sounded. They both turned to see Tom’s large frame emerge. He was also wearing a robe, and a huge smile.

“OK guys, we know why we are here. Let’s get this party started,” Tom said as he quickly took off her robe.

He was naked underneath. Jason couldn’t help but gasp as Tom’s monster cock sprang into view. It was so long, and the thickest cock Jason had ever seen. It was circumcised with a huge mushroom head, and looked more like a weapon then a penis. Jason could not even fathom the idea that his cock would fit in Lindsay’s tight pussy.

“Now that’s a cock!” Lindsay said with an enormous grin on her face.

She then walked over to Jason and tugged the belt of his robe, before pushing it to the ground. Jason was still rock hard from the night of teasing and week long orgasm denial. Even hard, his penis was half the size of Tom’s semi erect cock. He felt like a little boy next to his Dad. Lindsay then grabbed Jason’s hard penis and pulled him over by Tom. She made them stand side by side.

“Wow…what a comparison. Jason your penis always looks small, but next to Tom’s it looks TINY!,” She giggled.

She then went into her drawer and pulled out a tape measure.

“Jason’s penis is 3.9 inches long and 3 inches around,” She said as she quickly measured him.

She then went over to Tom and began to stroke his large cock. Her hands looked so small holding his manhood, she had to use two hands to properly jerk it. It started to grow and she leaned forward and took the head and the first few inches of his shaft into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on it for a good 3 minutes, every once in a while, taking it out of her mouth and licking it up and down for a little, before dropping back down and slowly sucking on the shaft and head. Tom could only moan in pleasure. Finally she stopped and admired the cock in all its glory. She then proceeded to measure it.

“Tom’s cock is 9.7 inches long and 6.4 inches around!” She shrieked in excitement.

She then took her right hand and jerked Tom as she used her left hand to jerk Jason.

“Oh my god, I have to vary my stroke so much,” Lindsay giggled.

Next she leaned forward and took Jason’s penis into her mouth and slowly sucked up and dick it’s full length. She did this for about 40 seconds before she felt Jason’s body begin to tighten. At this point, she quickly took her mouth off of it and began to suck on Tom. Jason was miserable. He had to cum.

5 minutes later Lindsay took her mouth off of Tom and began to suck Jason’s penis, one again though, stopping right when he reached the edge. She then stood up and slowly and seductively removed her robe.

The moment Jason had been waiting 5 years for was here. Finally, she dropped the robe completely to the ground, and the most perfect breasts in the world were out on display. Enormous, prefect teardrops with no sag what so ever. It was amazing to see breasts so large yet so tight. Her nipples were fantastic. Light pink, and the perfect size. Lindsay’s breasts did not even have the slightest bit of imperfection. Jason just stood there in shock, with his mouth open.

Tom on the other hand, went right up to Lindsay and began to massage her perfect breasts. His large hands covered her nipples and Jason was saddened that the moment was already over. Tom went back and forth sucking both of her breasts as she fondled his enormous cock. Jason stood next to them, looking for a chance to join.

Finally Lindsay turned towards Jason. She turned her body so she was in-between Tom and Jason, with her legs spread so that Tom’s huge cock was sticking out right below her perfect pussy. Tom was bending his knees so it was the perfect height. The edges of her vagina lips gripping Tom’s cock lightly. It was an almost ironic site. This perfect angel with the most spectacular tits in the world, with a thick 9 inch cock jutting out between her legs.

“OK baby, this is what I need you to do. This is redemption for you. If you ever want to touch and suck on these perfect tits, if you ever want to see me again. I need you to get down on your knees and suck my dick,” Lindsay said to Jason.

As she did this, she once again began to stroke Jason’s penis, making sure he was thinking with his penis and not his brain. She took his right hand and put it on her breast, never taking her left hand off of his dick. Lindsay’s breast was the most incredible thing Jason had ever felt. Once he was putty in her hands, she pulled hard on his penis so that he dropped to his knees in front of her. Lindsay then pushed Jason’s head slowly forward towards the huge cock. Jason looked like a deer in headlights as his face approached the monster dick.

“It’s just like the strap-on, please do this for me baby,” she said to him as his mouth reached the head of his penis.

Jason was a wreck. He hadn’t cum in a week, he had been teased to the edge and back hundreds of times. All he could really think about besides cumming, was when he was going to touch Lindsay’s tits again. He looked up at the goddess in front of him, and those spectacular tits.

“That’s it back, suck my dick, and these tits will be yours for life,” Lindsay dropped the magic words as she pushed again on the back of his head, this time Jason opened his lips and took the large head into his mouth. Lindsay was controlling the pace of his head, just a slow bob up and down.

“O baby, this is the hottest thing I have seen in my life, please don’t stop!” Lindsay continued to encourage him.

Jason bobbed up and down, really servicing his cock. He couldn’t help think about how much bigger it was then his. Jason was driven but his lust for Lindsay and his swollen dick. He sucked on the large cock like he was in a contest. Up and down, his mouth stretched almost to the max. He was really going fast now.

She kept this up for another 5 minutes before pulling his head away and standing up. His mouth popped off Tom’s cock and it bounced in the air, covered in Jason’s saliva.

“Lay on the bed. I’m going to take a turn sucking on this beast, while you get me wet with your mouth. I need to be nice and lubed up if I’m going to take this giant in me,” she instructed what was to happen next.

Quickly, she was straddling his face. He sucked at her clit. He was an oral service boy so far tonight. Jason could hear Lindsay enthusiastically sucking away at Tom’s dick. He was even moaning, as to emphasise that Tom’s role was to receive pleasure as Jason’s role was to give it. After about 10 minutes, she climbed off his face and laid back on the bed. Tom pretty much pushed Jason out of the way and began to mount Lindsay. He tried to force the head of his cock into her, but even with Jason’s oral work, it wouldn’t easily go in.

“Jason baby, please go help Tom put his cock in me,” she said like it was a normal request.

Jason knew his role and crawled down so his hands and face were right next to their torsos. He then took the huge cock into his hands. It felt so different then his thin penis. It was so thick, and it pulsated. Jason proceeded to rub the head of the penis around her opening before plunging it into her. They both moaned as Tom began to sink as much of his meaty tool into her as possible. Jason moved away, now standing next to the bed watching. Over the next 10 minutes Tom worked his slow thrusts into a heavy fuck. He was now pounding away at the small girl.

“Jerk it for me Jason. Baby, don’t take your hand off it, but don’t you dare cum,” She finally acknowledge Jason, but only for a minute as she turned attention back to Tom slamming his cock into her.

So now Jason sat there, periodically stroking his dick and then stopping before he came. All while never taking his eyes off this huge guy, fucking his perfect girlfriend with a cock that was almost double what he had. Jason was at the peak of frustration, but felt helpless.

“O baby, I feel so filled, you cock is a miracle,” Lindsay screamed out in pleasure.

She was really starting to moan now. Their bodies were covered in sweat and they seemed to be in a passionate level of sex that made Jason as jealous as possible. He just wanted it to be over.

“Ahhhh, fuccckkkkkkkkkk,” Tom screamed out in pleasure as he shot his load into Lindsay’s vagina.

He seemed to cum for minutes as he moaned out in pleasure while depositing his cum deep into her. Finally he collapsed onto her body. Only for a few seconds though, as he rolled off of her and headed towards the bathroom.

Lindsay looked exhausted, but seemed to be in ecstasy. The smile on her face was huge. Jason just stood there, his penis in his hand. He had no clue what to do next. What kind of fucked up threesome was this.

“Baby, I only came four times, and I really wanted to cum five times, can you please suck me off,” She said to him as she spread her legs and pointed down at her freshly fucked pussy.

Jason had already gone through a lot tonight, so he figured, why not? He crawled down in between her legs and put his face in her pussy. The lips were all raw and spread wide apart. Tom’s huge cock had made a serious dent on her beautiful pussy. Jason could also tell that he had blown a huge load because some of his cum was dripping out. Jason began to suck on her clit, hoping to get Lindsay off as quickly as possible. After a few minutes, Lindsay pulled on his hair.

“Suck on my pussy babby, fuck my cunt with your tongue,” Lindsay said to him as she pushed his face deep into her freshly fucked snatch.

Jason close his eyes and went to work. He tried to just concentrate on pleasuring her as much as possible, hoping not to notice which juices was hers and which was his. Jason ate her pussy like he was born to do it. After a while, he moved back to her clit. The dominating position she was in turned Lindsay on so much, and she quickly came hard onto his face.

Lindsay then crawled around to where Jason’s erect penis was, and licked it up and down. She did this for about 8 seconds before Tom turned the corner.

“Don’t forget about me guys,” Tom said as he crawled back into bed, his cock back to its full mast.

“O good, Jason just had his turn with my pussy, so now it’s your turn again Tom,” Lindsay said to him as she crawled around and positioned herself on her hands and knees with her pussy directly over Jason’s face, as he layed on the bed.

“It would be so hot if you licked my clit as he fucked me. After Tom cums again, then you’ll get to,” Lindsay said to him.

Tom then got up behind her and began to slide his thick fuck stick back into her still soaking wet pussy. They both moaned out in pleasure as his entire length disappeared inside her. Jason started at her pussy being fucked only inches away from his face. He could do nothing but stare.

“Jason, suck my clit baby, please!” Lindsay moaned as she grabbed his penis.

Still his penis controlled his brain and her touch reminded him of that as he leaned forward and took her clit into his mouth. He sucked on it as Tom continued to plough his huge cock deep into her pussy. Tom was laughing, but Lindsay just moaned as if she was in the greatest pleasure of her life. Having her boyfriend suck on her clit while a big cocked stud slammed her pussy was not only fulfilling all her pleasure zones, but the idea of it turned her on to new heights.

Tom then took a hold of Lindsay’s ass and really started to fuck her hard. For some reason Jason took this as a challenge and began to suck harder on her clit. Lindsay screamed at the top of her lungs and her entire body shook, spasming around Tom’s huge tool. The sensation set him off as he shot his second load of the night deep into Lindsay’s pussy. The two of them then collapsed down onto the bed, Tom’s cock still inside her, and both of them laying on Jason’s face.

Finally Tom got up, and began to put his robe back on.

“OK, well that was a fun night. Lindsay, thanks for the pussy, I trust you can take care of pee wee here, yourself. Let me know if you guys ever wanna have another “threesome”, Tom said as he laughed on his way out.

He had got to just show up and have his way with Lindsay’s fantastic breasts and gorgeous pussy, not to mention Jason. Then he left to go do whatever he wanted. Jason was stuck her to clean up the mess, still having not gotten to even lick her breasts.

“Baby, come here,” Lindsay moaned to him softly, still in ecstasy from the fuck and suck she had just received.

Jason cuddled up next to her so that she was behind him. She rubbed her huge tits all over his back and took his small penis in her hand.

She then whispered into his ear, “That was so fucking hot baby. When you sucked his cock for me, I have never been more turned on in my life. You really have shown me how sorry you are, but I am still a little upset,” Lindsay said as she rolled him over onto his back so that he dick was pointing straight up in the air.

Lindsay traced his fingertips alongside Jason’s penis, and more and more pre-cum leaked out. His dick was literally purple and so hard it looked to be straining itself. This entire ordeal has turned Jason on. He could not believe how much he had enjoyed all this despite not having yet cum. But now that was the only thing on his mind. Getting to cum. It had been over a week since he had cum, despite being teased the edge over and over again throughout the seven days. As Jason rolled over he gawked openly at Lindsay’s breasts, completely bare and absolutely spectacular. He almost shot his load just at the sight of her perfect tits.

“So we have another deal to make, Jason,” Lindsay started up again, she blew on his cock before starting up again.

“It is your decision, either A, you can fondle and suck my breasts while I jerk you off to the most absolutely intense orgasm of your life, Then well take a shower together, and I will put your cage back on, and it will stay on for 4 days until we make another deal. Or you can choose option B, I go and get some ice, and well get you penis to shrivel back up into turtle form, and I put you back in the cage, and in a week I will be all yours however you want for 24 hours. Sex, blowjobs, my tits, whatever you want, all at your full control,” Lindsay finished explaining before sticking her tongue and lightly licking just below the head of his penis.

Jason shook in pleasure. He had to cum now. 24 hours ravishing her was all he wanted, but no way he could go another week without cumming. Plus, if this was part of the current deal, maybe it would be part of the next one too. No way, I have to cum way all he could think. His 5 inch penis was controlling his entire body.

“A. I choose A. Please baby, make me cum. I need to cum. Please!,” Jason begged.

Lindsay’s famous wicked smile came out and Jason almost immediately began to regret his decision. Lindsay made sure he didn’t regret it for long as she took his hand and put it on her breast. They were like pillows, the most amazing pillows ever, so perfect. He reached up with his other hand to fondle and squeeze her huge breasts and tits. He leaned forward to suck them, but she leaned forward first and took his penis in her hand.

“Ooooo myyy,” Jason said as her hand began to stroke. Her hands on his penis, combined with his hands on her breasts gave him the most euphoric experience of his life, and within 10 seconds he was shooting the biggest load of his entire life. Lindsay pulled back so his hands fell of her breasts but continued to milk him as he blasted shot after shot of cum onto his own chest and face. Lindsay was aiming it like a toy, giggling as he sprayed himself. Jason didn’t even mind, he was in the most pleasure of his life.

Finally it stopped, and Jason collapsed into exhaustion on his back. He rested for what felt like 5 minutes. He then woke to a familiar click as the cage reminded him that his 60 seconds of bliss was only temporary. Lindsay even had a bikini top on for the shower they were about to share.. His next four days of torture had just begun…

The End.

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