The Family Vacation

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Vacation Humiliation – by Teeny Weenie Paul (edited)

I was on vacation with my wife and 18 month old son in Hawaii having a great time enjoying the sun and surf. We took it easy and just laid around reading books, hiking, and other leisurely activities. It was just great.

As we we lazed around at the beach I was checking out other guys in their swim trunks thinking how I had only a few years prior stopped kidding myself I had average size cock. I’m not huge but nothing to be ashamed about I thought to myself. During this time I remembered different things people or my wife had said about it. There had been many references or jokes made about my penis but I was so sure I was not small that I either laughed it off or dismissed it. Sometimes I think it just went over my head to be honest.

My wife had said many times with a giggle that I was ‘a bit shorter than average’. Honestly I just thought she was talking about my height which is 5’8″. She also had said with a laugh how my name Paul had the meaning of small or humble. Again I thought of it as about my height but I realise now it clearly wasn’t.

But by now I was starting to embrace the thought of her making fun of my penis size as we rarely (maybe once or twice a year) have sex anyway. The last time we had any regular sex was when we were trying to conceive our son. Even then she’d just lay there and wait until I blew a load inside her. Then she’d say in a bored tone, “Are you done?”

I’d say yes and she push me off her and get out of bed. I always felt bad that she didn’t seem to enjoy having sex with me. So why not make it more enjoyable for her by letting her humiliate me about my penis size? Maybe it will turn her on more? But I can’t come right out and say it or she will think I’m some kind of freak. If she thinks she is the one that came up with the idea I know she will embrace it wholeheartedly. That’s just her personality.

Well after sun-bathing on the beach for a while mulling over my small dick issues I started getting hot so I went for a swim. I had a good swim in the waves for maybe an hour. The water was so cool and refreshing the body surfing the waves was great fun. I decided to head back to shore and as I waded in I started to worry that my new bathing suit might cling to my little cock and be a bit too revealing. Then I realised I was wearing trunks so it should not be a problem. Well as soon as I was to the point that the water was below my balls it felt like they were clinging to me but as I looked down it didn’t seem bad so I just kept going.

It was impossible to tell with everyone yelling, laughing, and pointing at everything and everyone on the beach as they enjoyed their day out if anyone had noticed or even cared about my crotch. I was pretty sure no one had or did, but I still had butterflies in my stomach each time I would exit the water. Like most small dick men I always felt nervous in public like this. I felt inadequate compared to the other men walking around.

However after a couple of days I started to relax about my bathers and just had a great time with my kid. It was his first time at the beach and I became cognisant that nobody was looking or cared about my penis or my hang ups about it. The fear was all in my head.

On our third day there I was hoping to have sex with my wife as it had been just under a year and a half since we last had done it. So I asked her if she felt like going to bed. She said that sounded good but maybe later that night when she would feel more romantic. I was fine by that and then desperately tried to get my little hard on to go away before leaving the room for the beach.

When we got to the beach it was very crowded so we decided to go to the pool for a bit instead. We had a ball and I spent most of the day with my son in the pool and had a blast with him splashing and yelling and such. My wife was starting to get hungry and called for me to go. I then made my way over to the steps and got out of the pool. As I approached where my wife was lying down I noticed three very attractive young women sitting behind her laughing and giggling, pointing at my son in my arm who was twisting around and really hamming it up.

As we got ready to leave the women were still gigging and quietly talking among themselves. My wife was holding my son and held up his arm to help him wave goodbye and they waved back in good spirits. As we were leaving I just happened to glance back at the three hot women and one of them then held up her hand and start to wave her pinky finger at me.

I almost died!

I quickly turned and followed my wife to the exit but I could hear them laughing at me behind me and I must have turned beetroot red in embarrassment. Thankfully my wife didn’t see what happened and didn’t take any notice of the laughter and jeers being directed towards me.

As we went to the room all I could think about was that sexy woman waving her pinky finger at me. It really happened! I now wondered how many people had noticed the same thing but just were too polite to comment or stare.

I was in a daze. Totally blown away.

When we got back to the room I went into the bathroom and to my horror I could see in the mirror that my wet bathing suit clung to me in such a way that it left very little to the imagination. I got undressed and then walked into the bedroom nude to dress for dinner. My wife suddenly started to scream. I anxiously looked over towards her expecting something bad. She was holding my son in his wet bathers and lots of pee was running down his leg and onto her. A big wet patch appearing on her dress as he continued to piss away merrily.

Weirdly she just froze. So I ran over and grabbed him just as the pee stopped and lay him on a towel on the bed and pulled off his bathing trunks. I then asked my wife to get me some wipes and a diaper to put him in. Well when she came over with a diaper she started to laugh uncontrollably and I said it’s not that funny, it’s only pee. It was then that she stated in between fits of laughter, “Oh my god, you’re the same size as Brad!”

I could only stand there fully exposed near my 18 month old son (also nude on the bed wriggling his legs in the air) making a comparison painfully easy. I said with a hint of anger, “I just got out of the cold water. You’ve heard of shrinkage haven’t you?”

She laughed, “Yes of course I have but he was in the water too!”

I was speechless and just quietly got dressed as she just giggled to whatever was going on in her head. It was what I wanted but when it happened the feeling of humiliation was so strong and I could feel it welling up inside of me. I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed kind of quiet.
Nothing else was said of it but of course we did not have sex that night or any other time on our trip (not until two months later!) and I really can’t blame her.

That was a crazy day, with both strangers and my wife in separate occurrences making public and private fun of my tiny penis. For the rest of our vacation I hoped to see the hot women who laughed at me at the pool again. But I never did see them. The experience turned me on so much that my jerk off orgasms were intense. So I decided to keep wearing those bathers just in case I get more public humiliation from strangers.

Each time I got out of the pool or ocean it was an intense experience as I was never sure if anyone noticed my teenie weenie. The idea though that some stranger might find my tiny cock a joke and laugh at it just made me so excited.

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