Angie was a Size Queen

By TooSmallDave.

Part One: Humiliation

My girlfriend Angie was a size queen. Why she went out with me, I don’t know. When I got off with her, I wasn’t aware of just how small my penis was. I was young and horny and confident, and my libido made me unself-conscious.

My dick is 3 inches long when it’s fully erect.

It didn’t seem to matter to her much at first.

I was cute, in my mid-twenties, and calm. Angie was 31. She was very experienced sexually. Much more than me. She told me inspiring stories about her sexual history, which I found arousing.

She had a good job and her flat in north London. I had a shit job and an illegal sublet room in a council flat. We dated, fell in love, spent nights and days in bed in her tiny attic flat, and when my landlord kicked me out, I moved in with Angie.

It wasn’t long before she became frustrated and cross about our sex life. She didn’t mince her words. She was unequivocal with me that I came too quickly, that I was boring in bed, that my penis was small.

I said it was average, probably, and she sneered at me. She said that I had the most petite dick she’d ever seen.

“You might be average. Maybe I’ve been fortunate then, but I don’t think so. I’ve seen a lot of dicks, and they’ve all been a lot bigger. A lot bigger.”

She said that I was too small for any woman but especially her as she had always been proud of her capacity and liking for very large dicks.


My younger brother Mike has a huge dick. It was no secret. His girlfriend Dee boasted about it. All the time. She would show off how often he fucks her and that she always cums when he fucks her.

This would wind Angie up, and then she would take her anger out on me.

The two women got on okay but were quite competitive, and Angie bitched about Dee to me when we were at home


Despite that, the four of us were close. We lived in the same part of the city and would go out to the pub, go to gigs, go to one another’s homes, eat and drink and crash out. We went to the beach together and to swimming pools, and we went on holiday together, camping usually. We shared hotel rooms a few times.

We were young, and we liked to party. We hung out with a tight-knit group of friends. We’d all get drunk and dance together, go skinny dipping in the sea or the pool.

So we’d all seen one another naked.

They’d all seen my dick.

Angie used to joke that she had got off with the wrong brother. When she was drunk, she would ask Dee if she could borrow Mike for the night. Or she would suggest going back for a foursome and swapping brothers. It never happened.

Dee was very jealous and possessive to the point of obsessiveness. Mike often caught the eye of girls and got chatted up when we were out. He’s one of those guys who seems to be able to make women want to shag him without saying a word. Dee would always pull him away from girls and keep him on a short leash.

Angie made sure she was next to him whenever she could, and I’d often catch her leaning forward so he could see down her top and letting him touch her legs when Dee wasn’t looking.

My brother was quiet, but he enjoyed the attention.

He and I never talked about any of this.

At night Angie would take her frustration out by teasing me when we were in bed. She said she couldn’t feel my dick inside her when we had sex. She would often compare me to my brother. When I went down on her, and she was cumming, she said stuff about being fucked by my brother.


One year, for Angie’s birthday, we all went to the pub. Dee and Mike and about twenty of our friends were there.

Everyone drank a lot. This was back when all pubs closed at 11, so we had already planned to go to a nightclub afterward.

We were very drunk as we piled out of the pub and tried to hail cabs to take us to the club. It was confusing, and some people jumped in cabs and shot off while others wandered down to a chip shop where there was a taxi rank. I was very drunk. Dee got into a cab with a load of girls, she couldn’t see Mike, and before she could get out to look for him, another friend jumped in, so the cab driver drove off.

As I got into another cab, I saw Angie and my brother slope off down the road. They were holding hands. I chased after them. They ran. I caught them up because they had stopped to kiss against a tree. It looked like they were going to fuck there. I interrupted them. Angie said it was her birthday, and her birthday treat was getting fucked by my brother. She said I could come if I wanted to. I begged them not to. They ignored me. We walked through the streets to our flat. They kept stopping to kiss. I sulked and crossed the road. I wandered off, unsure what to do. Eventually, I decided I was being immature and possessive. I should let them fuck. I found my way to the flat.

Angie and Mike were already there. I told them I didn’t mind them fucking. I apologize for my behavior. Angie said it didn’t matter whether I cared because they were going to do it anyway. Mike gave me a large whisky, and they kissed and began to make love on the sofa. I was already very drunk. I went to the toilet.

When I got back, Angie told me if I was going to be there, I should make myself useful and join in. Having two brothers was a proper birthday present, she joked. So I kissed her, and we all got undressed. I sucked her tits while my brother kissed her on the lips and fingered her pussy. She wrapped her hands around his huge erect dick.

We changed positions, and I went down on her while she sucked his dick.

I kept losing my erection and desperately rubbing myself to get a hard-on. Angie noticed and laughed. She said I was getting in the way, and they pushed me aside. She lay on the sofa, and he got on top of her.

I went to the kitchen and poured myself another drink. When I came back, I tried to take part, but they got cross with me. They told me to put some music on. I took a while doing that, then I sat on the armchair, drank more whisky, went to the toilet, came back. It’s a haze.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke to find myself alone on the armchair with a duvet on me and a pillow under my head. I needed a piss, went to the bathroom, then stumbled into the bedroom, got into bed, and fell asleep.

Later I woke up to the sound of them fucking, the bed shaking, and Angie’s knee jabbing into my side. Angie was making noises I’d never heard before.

I stumbled out of bed, went back to the armchair, and slept until morning.

I didn’t recollect much of this until later.

When I woke up, I had no memory of anything that had happened.

My brother was in the bathroom. I went to our bedroom. Angie was in bed, sleepy but awake. I got into bed, and we kissed, then I went down on her. She giggled and asked if I was sure about doing that after last night. I didn’t know what she meant, so I carried on. She said she’d been a naughty girl. I still didn’t know what she meant, but something about the way she said it turned me on. I licked her cunt, and she murmured with pleasure and stroked my head.

My brother came into the bedroom. He got into bed, and they kissed while I was eating her pussy. She pushed me away, and he fucked her. I watched them. I didn’t even try to join in. I finally had an erection. When he’d cum they kissed, and he rolled off her. She let me climb between her legs, and I poked my tiny dick in her swollen sticky wet pussy.

She chatted to my brother while I was doing it. I came very quickly.

She said, “Oh, have you finished? I didn’t even know you’d started!”

We had coffee. We didn’t talk much. We went to the pub to meet Dee and our other friends. They told us about their night, going to the club, and asked where we’d got to. I covered it with a story about me being too drunk and Angie and Mike taking me home.

After that, Mike would fuck Angie whenever they had the chance.

When Angie, Mike, and Dee went out as a foursome, I kept Dee chatting while my brother fucked Angie in the restaurant toilet or car park. When we went out as a group, they would slope off and take me with them to keep looking out to make sure they weren’t caught while they fucked against a wall behind the pub.

They fucked when we went to family events, weddings, birthdays, christenings. When the four of us went to Sunday dinner with our parents, Mike and Angie went upstairs and fucked on our mum and dad’s bed.

He fucked her at our flat when I was there. She sometimes let me have sloppy seconds.

They met up without telling me because eventually, they were caught when Dee came home to the flat she shared with Mike and caught them in bed.

She went crazy. She kicked Mike out. He came round to ours in a state. He stayed that night, and they fucked. Dee came round to our flat in the morning and fought with Angie.

She was furious with me for betraying her and letting this happen because of my tiny dick. She said she had never cared about me having a small penis and had always defended me when girls took the piss out of me at school and later, but now it had become her business because it was why my girl had fucked her man, and she was going to make my life hell and tell everyone.

Mike had to move back into our parent’s house, so our family knew everything.

Our sisters thought it was funny and teased me.

My mother was sympathetic and kept taking me aside to tell me that size doesn’t matter and how much she’d worried about how small I was when I was growing up. My father said he thought it was all my fault and couldn’t blame Mike and Angie. He told Mike was doing me a favor giving my woman what I couldn’t.

Dee wouldn’t have anything to do with Angie and me.

Eventually, she let Mike back, and soon afterward, they got married and moved away. They’re still together and have four lovely kids who are now in their twenties.

I stayed with Angie. We continued to hang out with the same friends. They all knew about what had happened.

All of our male friends started hitting on Angie whenever we went out. They would hang back after the pub shut, hoping to be invited back.

Angie was frustrated and horny without my brother fucking her.

Every time we went out, she brought one of our friends home and slept with them.


Part Two: Acceptance

I was baffled. One moment I would feel angry, upset, and humiliated; the next intensely sexually aroused and submissive.

Some nights I would enjoy watching Angie getting fucked, having her laugh at my dick, going down on her afterward, and tasting some other man’s cum.

I couldn’t bear it other nights, and I would go out and walk the streets all night while she got fucked.

Either way, I masturbated all the time.

Something had to change.

One night as I was leaving the pub with Angie and a guy, one of our friends took my arm and asked me if I wouldn’t rather go back to her place instead.

I liked Sally but didn’t know her all that well. So her offer was unexpected.

I wanted to go with her, but I was nervous and terrified of disappointing another woman.

I was lacking in confidence and self-esteem, and I was terrified of sex. Maybe that’s why I was willing to play the humiliated cuckold and eat Angie’s cum filled pussy: it was a sexual act that I knew I could fulfill.

I asked Sally if she meant to go back to hers as in fuck. She smiled and said maybe, but only if I wanted to.

Sally was sensual, and I felt that lovely warm sexy feeling you get when a woman you hardly know links your arm, presses against you, and smiles at you like you’re unique.

She sensed my hesitation. She stroked my crotch and kissed me. “We all know you’ve got a little dick. Your Angie’s made sure of that. So don’t worry about disappointing me. No expectations. Come on. Let’s see what happens.”

I told Angie I was going with Sally. She appeared annoyed, but I didn’t stay to discuss it.


I was still nervous when I got to Sally’s flat. She said we didn’t have to fuck, but she wanted to see my dick. She made me undress. I stood in front of her naked. She knelt and looked at my dick.

She kissed my little cock and stroked it, and rubbed it against her cheek. She explored every inch of my cock and my balls and the skin around. She looked up at me and asked if she could put it in her mouth.

Of course, I said yes.

She sucked it and rolled her tongue around it and did things with her teeth that made me shudder.

Before I got too excited, she stopped and looked up at me again with a smile. “You’ve got such a sweet cock. No pressure, but I would like to feel it in my pussy.”

Sally was still dressed. She stood up and stroked my chest. I went to take her blouse off, but she stopped me. “No. Not yet. I haven’t finished with you. My pussy is quite wet, but it’s nice.”

She explored my body with her fingers, her lips, her cheeks.

She stroked me and made my skin tingle in places I wasn’t aware of. She told me I had dimples on my bottom, muscles on my legs, and downy hair on the back of my neck. I didn’t know any of that.

She didn’t let me touch my dick. “It’s not all about the cock.”

Then she let me undress her.

I did the same as she had done to me. But starting at her shoulders and leaving her pussy till last.

She giggled when my fingers tickled her.

She asked me if I liked her tits. She seemed nervous. “Angie’s got much bigger tits than me. I thought you might think I was too small.”

I was astonished that an attractive woman, any woman, would care what I thought. That any woman would hope that their body was appealing to me. That they would feel the same nervous desire for approval that I felt.

It sounds awful, but it made me feel so much better.

I held her tits in my hands and kissed the space between them, below the collar bone, where she had some beads of sweat. I told her, truthfully, that I thought her breasts were the perfect things in the world.

“It isn’t about how big they are,” I told her.

She giggled. “Not with tits anyway. All tits are beautiful,” I said quickly before she could say anything clever in comparison.

“With what then? When does size matter? What things have to be big?” She kissed my shoulder.

I felt confident and relaxed. So much so that I could joke and talk. “When you’re fishing. Nobody wants to catch a tiddler. Not even you. Or building skyscrapers. Skyscrapers always have to be massive, or they’re not skyscrapers.”

We laughed. She kissed me on the lips. I felt her breasts press against my chest. My dick rubbed at the hair between her legs. She murmured.

She put my hand between her legs. I felt the wetness. I pushed my fingers inside her. I wanted to know her pussy as I had explored every other inch of her body. I knelt and kissed her pubic mound gently. I rubbed my nose at the top of the opening, pressed and inhaled, smelling her, then breathed into her. She stood and widened her legs, almost losing her balance.

She held my head to stop herself from falling. “Can we do this in my bedroom? I can open my legs more easily when I’m on my back.”

She thought that was hilarious and dragged me laughing to her bedroom.

She lay on her bed on her back while I kissed and touched her pussy.

It was the first time I’d done this. I’d licked many fannies but never gently and patiently.

Sally showed me where and what felt friendly, gentle, and didn’t like being touched unless she was horny, then loved it.

I licked and stroked her with my tongue, my face, my fingers. She began to pant and grabbed my head, pushing against me. She told me to use my fingers and be harder and faster, then she moaned and shouted and told me to stop now. Then she asked me to lick her gently.

She laughed and said, “Wow. God, I needed that so much. Ooh yes. You can come again.”

I went climbing on top of her as I was accustomed to. The ‘my turn’: the quick, perfunctory fuck, an ejaculation as a reward for giving an orgasm to a lover who barely tolerated my presence.

She stopped me. “Not yet.”

I was relieved. I didn’t want to be allowed to do anything I’d done before.

She made me lay by her side. We lay side by side. We held hands and turned our heads to kiss, awkwardly, sensitively.

Then she crouched over me and kissed my lips, holding my arms down with hers, pinning me against the bed. I felt her nipples brush my chest. I felt her damp pussy on my balls. She moved down my body, kissing me until she got to my cock. She blew on the head of my dick. She kissed the shaft then my balls. She looked up at me with a naughty grin. She moved so that first one nipple, then the other stroked my dick. It felt wonderful.

“I want to feel your lovely dick inside my pussy.”

I nodded.

She straddled me and held my cock, then lowered herself down until my dick was inside her. I’d never felt anything like it. I held her waist and began to move my hips. She stopped me. “Don’t move. I’m on top. Relax.”

I panicked that I might lose my erection if I wasn’t moving. She seemed to sense my anxiety.

“Don’t worry. Relax. Feel.”

She did something using muscles inside her, tightening and squeezing me. Then she wiggled backward and forwards, gently, slowly. I stopped worrying that I might slip out as often happened. She made movements from side to side and round and round. I felt myself cumming and gasped.

“I’m going to…”

She smiled back at me. “Ooh yes, it feels so nice. I want you to cum in my pussy.”

She stopped moving, delaying my orgasm, then moved in smaller, gentler motions.

She sat back, and my dick pressed against a different part of her.

We maintained eye contact. My eyes and mouth were wide open. She smiled and moaned. “Good. Cum inside me.” She put my hands on her breasts. I gasped as I experienced the most powerful, long-lasting, intense orgasm.

As it subsided, she held me inside her and smiled. Then she leaned forward, and we kissed. My dick was soft and slipped out of her, and she giggled.

She kissed my soft dick, licked the cum from it. She said it tasted nice.

It shrank to the small acorn nub of its softness. I was usually ashamed of this. Nobody had ever looked at my flaccid dick with anything but scorn.

She kissed it. She stroked it and told it to rest. Then we kissed and hugged and eventually fell asleep.

We woke up in the night and had sex. Unremarkable, sleepy, nice sex.

In the morning, she went down on me. I told her I had never cum like that and didn’t think I could. She laughed and told me she liked a challenge. It took half an hour. I told her I didn’t mind if we didn’t finish. Eventually, I relaxed and let myself cum in her mouth. When she saw how happy this made me when she realized she was the first lover who had done this, Sally was as excited as I was. We dressed and had breakfast, and she stopped me from talking too much but said that she would love to do this again and soon.

I left with a spring in my step. I felt happy.

When I got home, Angie wanted me to tell her what Sally and I had done. I didn’t want to go into details. She said she was pleased I’d found a nice girl to do it with. But she didn’t like it. She asked if I was going to fuck Sally again. I said probably. She disparaged Sally; she told me I was lucky to have found a weird frigid slut with a thing for little dicks.

Afterward, I tried to get Angie to do some of Sally’s things, but it didn’t work.

Angie continued to bring guys back, but I just tolerated it now. I didn’t watch them. I didn’t get undressed. I told them to go to bed and slept on the sofa. I still masturbated while they fucked, but I didn’t let them know.

The next time we went to the pub and Sally was there, Angie was overly friendly. At closing time, Angie asked if I was coming home to watch her get fucked or going with Sally, the bitch who likes little dicks. I went with Sally.

The next time this happened, Sally said no. She told me she wasn’t going to play a part in some weird shit that Angie and I had going on. She told me to decide what I wanted, and she would be there for me when I did.


A few weeks later, I left Angie and got a flat of my own.

I made it clear I wasn’t leaving Angie for Sally. Because I wasn’t. I didn’t have any contact with Sally while I left Angie.

Angie was more upset at our breakup than I had expected. She was distraught. She promised to stop shagging other men. She told me she loved me. It was tough to leave her. She cried a lot. We slept together, and she asked me to say to her what Sally had done. We had sex, and Angie started making weird fake orgasm noises. It was horrible.

It was nice living alone. I’d like to say that I became more sophisticated, but I mainly used my freedom to buy pornographic magazines, books, and videos, which was terrific. I discovered how much porn was about cheating girlfriends and small penis teasing. This was when I started to masturbate, thinking about Angie teasing me about my dick and cheating with my brother. I think of this as part of the healing process.

Sally and I spent nights together. It was never as intense as the first time, but it was joyful and loving. I began to feel good about myself as a man, lover, and sexual being. I learned what turned me on and what turned Sally on. I learned that the human body is full of erogenous sensitive nerves, and it’s not all about the dick.

Despite myself, I fell in love with Sally. How could I not? I told her how I felt, but she said she didn’t want a relationship.

Shortly afterward, she met someone else. She was sorry, but she wouldn’t be able to sleep with me anymore as the new guy was ‘the one.’ I asked her if it was love, and she said she thought so. I was very happy for her.

Half joking, I asked her if he had a more giant dick than me. She smiled at me, rolled her eyes, and said, “Oh god yes, so so much bigger.”

She said she had genuinely loved what we’d done together but that there’s something beyond amazing about the feeling of a massive penis inside her.

I was happy for her.

I didn’t feel humiliated. Maybe a little, but just a twinge, a pleasant twinge.

I was relieved. Deep down, I knew it wasn’t a long-term relationship.

I dated other women. Sometimes it was nice, sometimes not. Some of them complained that my dick was too small, but not all of them.

Eventually, one of those dates turned into romance, and we fell in love and got married.

I know I’m not the most exciting lover my wife has ever had, but she says it doesn’t matter, and I believe her. We make love, and it makes us feel happy and loved, and we’ve had children, and we’re growing older, and we’re still making love.

All flesh grows weak, but love keeps growing stronger.

I do believe that I was able to be the lover that my wife needed because of Sally, because of what she taught me, because of the confidence and self-love that she allowed to grow in me.

Sometimes though, even now, when it’s late, and I’m alone and feeling horny, I still masturbate to the memory of my brother banging Angie with his big cock.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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