Our Readers SPH Experiences 156

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader wins a bet but loses at life…

I had a friend who always thought he was better at basketball than me back in high school. We were about equally skilled if that’s what you want to call it (we weren’t any good). Let’s call my friend Jim. We haven’t played in 5+ years, and we finally got a group together recently to play. Things get competitive, my team wins, and he gets super aggressive.

Jim starts talking shit, saying, “I’d beat you one on one anytime; you just had the better team.”

I say. “Whatever, man, you couldn’t beat me in high school, and you can’t beat me now,” as I’m taking off my shoes.

He challenges me to a one-on-one, and at this point, I’m exhausted having not much physical activity in 5+ years. I say no, I’m good.

Jim: Well, let’s make it interesting

Me: What do you have in mind?

Jim: The first one to 11 gets $100.

Me: I’m good; I don’t want to take your money.

We continue to haggle until Jim finally says, “The winner gets a handjob from the other’s girlfriend.”

Me: Deal.

Long story short, I beat him 11-8.

I met up later that night with his girlfriend Sarah, who wasn’t very happy about the bet. I get in the passenger seat of her car, and I’m stoked.

Sarah: Alright, take it out. Let’s get this over with.

I pull out my flaccid cock

Sarah: Ha! cold in here, is it?

Me: it gets bigger

Sarah: Yeah, right. With that, she grabs my cock and starts jerking me off. When I got hard as a rock, Sarah said, “I thought you’d be bigger.”

Me: There you go, that’s every inch I have.

Sarah: You weren’t kidding. But it didn’t get much bigger.

Me: What do you mean?

Sarah: You may be good at basketball, but you have a small dick.

Me: Pshhh. No, I don’t.

Sarah: If it were any shorter, I wouldn’t even have to use my whole hand.

Me: I’m about average!

Sarah: You’ve got the smallest dick I’ve ever seen.

At this point, I’m close. Me: Please don’t tell anyone

Sarah: I’m going to tell EVERYONE.

Sensing I’m about to cum.

Sarah: Haha, my hand keeps slipping off of this short dick. Hurry up. I wanna go home.

With that, I came hard. Sarah: Hahaha. Okay, now get out, baby dick. I gotta go tease Jess (my gf) about her man’s little problem.


Another reader’s morning sex turns into disaster…

So my girlfriend (22) stays at my (21) house every weekend as we both still live at home, and we usually have sex at night because we usually prefer that. I mentioned SPH to her a while ago, but nothing ever really happened afterward. This morning we were spooning, and I got horny, so I started to kiss her neck and see if she was in the mood too, luckily she was, so I took my cock out while we were still spooning and pulled her pants to the side. Anyway, I was only able to get the tip in because she has a pretty big ass, 30 seconds in, I couldn’t help but cum, so I immediately said: “Fuck, sorry, I’ve just cum.”

She turned around with a very disappointed face and said, “Really… Already? I couldn’t even feel anything.”

I felt so small. The fact she couldn’t feel anything made it worse. I pulled the covers off to tidy up and make sure I was inside and not going crazy, turns out it was more than the tip, and over half my cock was inside her (I’m a Bronze Member). I asked, “Did you feel nothing?”

She replied, “I mean, I could tell you were in, kinda, but I couldn’t feel much.”

What makes things worse for me is I know for a fact an ex of hers is hung like he’d be big even by porn standards. I can back this up as I went to the same school as him and he used to change near me in the changing rooms. The dude was bigger than me, soft, never mind hard.


Meanwhile, this reader has given up the power to his wife…

A few years ago, my wife finally decided to make me pussy free and no longer allow me PIV sex, ever, because of my tiny penis and premature ejaculation. All this time, I’ve begged her for even just a few seconds, only to be turned down time and again.

Early this morning, we both woke up horny, and I snuggled up to her and pressed my little boner against her ample ass. As I fingered her, she moaned and said that I could put it inside her. I started to move into position, and she stopped me and told me to put on a condom. I bolted for the nightstand and grabbed one, opened it, and rolled it on, all while she laughed at me for how tiny both my penis and the special ordered condom were.

I got between her legs and started licking her clit. Her writhing and moaning had me so aroused that I couldn’t take it anymore and got up and positioned my tiny hard dick an inch or two away from her opening. But before I could go any further, I came into the condom. She saw it or sensed it, and she asked if I had just cum. I meekly nodded and said I had, and she laughed and called me pathetic.

She ordered me to get the “real cock” out of the nightstand so she could be fucked properly. After I satisfied her with that and began cleaning it up, she came and stood next to me and told me again how pathetic I was for having such a tiny, prematurely ejaculating penis. I believe she had known this would happen, and that was why she allowed me to attempt to fuck her. She was surprised I lasted long enough to put on the condom and almost get inside her, and I had to admit that it was because I had masturbated only a few hours earlier before going to bed.


While this reader’s sister has a big mouth…

My sister humiliated me in front of my aunt and her cousin. Not on purpose. We were getting ready to go out to a fall festival a few weeks ago, and I had just gotten out of the shower. My sister was in the kitchen and yelled that I shouldn’t wear my grey gym shorts anymore. I asked why. She said cause nobody wants to see your tiny 1/2 inch penis poking out at them. I yelled at her to shut up, and she said, seriously, dude, last night it looked like you had an acorn stuffed in the crotch of your shorts, and then she laughed. As she said that, I was walking to the laundry room and thought, since it was just sis and me there and I knew she was in the kitchen, I would be safe. But I didn’t know my aunt and cousin had already arrived and sat in the living room. I walk in the living room naked, drying my hair with a towel just as my sister had said the acorn comment. I hear my sister laugh from the kitchen, followed by their laughter from the living room where I was. I looked up from the towel and screamed and covered myself, and ran to the laundry room. When we left, they were still laughing, and my aunt said I was still just like I was as a kid, and they all call me acorn now.


This reader feels nothing but hate…

I see guys posting on social media platforms about how small their dicks are, and they’re making fun of themselves for it, and I know some people somehow get off on being made fun of but seriously, how the fuck can anyone be into that? I fucking hate having a small dick. I fucking hate having to cover up in the showers or at the gym while other lads strut about with their dicks on show bc they’re hung. I fucking hate if I’m at a gig or at a club that I can’t piss against a wall or a tree or in the urinal, I have to go in a cubicle in case anyone sees it. I fucking hate that my dick is pretty much the same size as when I was 12 or 13. I fucking hate that I have the smallest dick out of all my friends (not that they know that). I fucking hate how unfair it is that some of the fucking dweebs at school who would be too scared to even look at a girl have a bigger dick than me because it’s no use to them at all.

If I had a big one (or even an average-sized one), I would have fucked so many girls by now, but because I’ve been unlucky with my size, I’ve only had sex two times in my life, and one of them ended up being a disaster. How the fuck is that fair? Seriously how the fuck can anybody be into that shit? I’ve legit had two different people laugh in my face when they saw my dick, and I fucking hated every single second of it. I don’t get how that could turn anyone on? I know people can be into whatever they want, but I swear I don’t understand that one, so can someone please explain?


Another reader loves his tiny dick…

I would shamelessly flaunt my small softie in the locker room in college and after. At about an inch or so soft, I was usually the smallest in the room. I’m tightly circumcised, yet my penis is so tiny soft that the skin still covers it. My old gym was an open shower room. Just a bunch of showerheads in a tile box, essentially. I went in one day after a workout to take a cold shower. There were a few other guys in there already, no one too big but all a few inches long soft. One guy was rocking a semi and was about 5 inches. He was probably 6 inches fully hard. I started my cold shower and shriveled up to be a mighty nub. Like, my whole penis was just the tip.

As I was rinsing the shampoo from my hair, I noticed a new guy showed up and was facing away from me. He was just under 6 feet tall and had an average build. Nice butt, if I say so myself. After about 30 seconds, he turned around to scrub up with body wash and revealed what had to be at least 6, very thick, inches of soft penis. I very blatantly stared at it for like 30 seconds. He noticed. He looks at me, notices mine, and smirks. His soft penis was about the same volume as 3 of mine hard, and he knew it.

In college, I had the smallest soft penis on my team and was a bronze member hard. After getting comfortable with each other, one of my teammates called me out in the showers one day. “Dude, you have a tiny dick.” It was very blunt and kind of under his breath. He called me and two other defensemen the tiny defense.

For the rest of my two years there, my nickname was ‘tiny dick,’ with my consent, of course. They were cool about it. It was about poking fun at each other, not belittling and hurting people


Meanwhile, this reader learns the folly of sending dic pics…

This one girl once asked me to swap nudes, and I did. But what I didn’t know at the time was she also asked my best friend too. She replied, laughing when I sent her a picture of my hard dick. (I’m a silver member of the small dick club). She said I was more than half the size of my best friend, and she continually called me ‘baby dick’ and ‘wittle peepee’ after that. She also never sent me any nudes back. I still jerk off to that memory.


While this reader has also given up all power to his wife…

So, my wife has decided she wants to cuckold me because I always cum within 30 seconds, and I’m on the small side (Bronze Member). She was already sleeping with one guy a few months ago but now wants it to be regular. To get me into it, she decided to do so solo play in front of me. She masturbated with a vibrator until she was wet then started to get me to fuck her with her thick 8-inch dildo. Then we went into the 69-position, and she made me fuck her with the dildo in my face. She was really into this, moaning loudly, and started to squirt. It happened three times in a row, and it soaked my face. We’d never tried that before, and she’d never squirted so many times in a row.

After that, she let me fuck her. I could barely feel her after the dildo, and she barely made a noise in comparison, and I only lasted about 20 seconds before I came, but she didn’t seem bothered as she couldn’t feel me. She had to finish herself off with the dildo afterward. Now she seems more convinced than ever she wants to cuckold me with a bigger guy.


This readers step son feels no threat from him…

So my wife has a son from a previous relationship. I had only met him a few times before, and my wife hadn’t seen him for a while. His father raised him. At the time, he was 18 years old with a large and slender frame. He was visiting us for two weeks (he lives in another city). One day we decided to go swimming. We go into the changing rooms, and I am not concerned with the situation. I know I got a small dick (Silver Member), but who cares anyway. I was a bit turned-on, if I am sincere, but I tried to put that out of my head since it didn’t seem appropriate.

As I get undressed, I notice he looks nervous. I am guessing he is shy. He could have used the privacy booth, but I think he didn’t want to seem weird as they only have two stalls, and the rest of the changing room is open. I finally get down to my underpants and peek over at him. He only has his shirt off. I pull down my underpants, and I see his eyes bulge. Pure shock and confusion on his face. He has never seen one so small. It’s just a nub poking through pubes. Tiny. Pathetic. He is speechless. I decided to stretch things out and “look” for my swimming suit in my bag. With his sideways gaze, my tiny dick retracts into my balls as I bend over.

His head is down now, and he is not looking at me. He is looking more confident. And then it happens. He pulls down his underwear, and he is hung like a horse. The biggest guy in the locker room easily. Uncut, thick, and long. The comparison between us was genuinely shocking. He was less than half my age but had a cock so much bigger than mine it was absurd. He looked up at me, and we stood face to face. I saw it in his eyes. He no longer saw me as an equal. I couldn’t help but get excited. I got a tiny semi and was even more embarrassed. I got my trunks on. I could see a slight smirk on his face. He was no longer nervous. He knew who was the man and who was the boy.


Another reader has a pool party rejection experience…

So in high school, my Best friend tried to set Me up with a friend of his. This friend is a girl named Nicki. So Nickie is this short, thin curvy with small breasts and a bubble butt for those who want to know what she looks like, and I had a big crush on Nicki. So one thing that I had always felt was that Nicki and my friend had perfect chemistry, and the only reason they weren’t together at the moment was that he had a gf already. So Nicki being single and I being single, my friend decided we were perfect. Well, anyway, Nicki and I fell in love HARD. I was the only one in my friend group who did not have a girlfriend or didn’t even have my first kiss yet, and it was embarrassing. When we all talked about sex, I was always the only one who never had a story to tell, so I felt at this time that it was my moment

I was finally going to have a girlfriend, I was finally going to be able to join in on the sex talk, I would finally get a girl to value me, and for a while, it was true. We never kissed, but when we went to the mall, she sat on my lap, we walked with her arm locked in mine, I made her laugh, we would text all the time, we would sit together for lunch. It was everything but official. One day, a friend of ours named Emily decides to throw a pool party Friday night. Her parents were gone for the weekend, and she was an AP student who never got in trouble, so they trusted her not to do anything. So Emily threw a small pool party of just our closest friends, and naturally, we all went, and the plan was to sleep over at her house Friday and then hang out Saturday too.

So we all showed up, and it was me, Nicki, my friend, Emily, Emily’s boyfriend, these two other guys, and another girl. Well, anyway, we were all swimming and having fun, and Nicki was sitting by the edge with her feet in the water by the steps, so my friend went to get out, and he walked out, and his swimsuit was clinging to him, and his dick was visible. Now my friend has a huge dick, so Nicki immediately says out loud that she can see his dick and that he has a boner, which he denied. (I don’t want to make this too long, so I’ll speed it up) but they went back and forth until the idea of him showing it was tossed out, and he said he doesn’t care, he’ll show it, but he wants everyone else to show something too, which led to us skinny dipping together the first time.

The guys took their swimsuits off first, and I went last. My friend showed his off first, and he was right; he had this soft dick that looked like it was hanging about 5 inches soft, maybe a bit more. It was bigger than I was hard, and when I took my swimsuit off, I could see Nicki turn her head and let out a giggle. The girls got naked, and that was the first time I had ever seen a girl naked, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I felt something was different with Nicki. Like her energy was different now. She wasn’t looking at me as much anymore; she wasn’t laughing at all of my jokes like she used to; she instead was laughing at my friend’s jokes more.

She swam more with him than me; she just paid more attention to him than she did me, which only started happening once we dropped our shorts. I remember one moment we were by the table, and I went to get some more cups for us inside, and as I was walking in, I saw in the reflection of the glass on the door Nicki making the small penis sign with her fingers, followed by laughing from her and the two other girls. Another thing that happened was we ordered pizza, and at one point, Nicki was talking with the girls, and I was with the guys talking. We could hear the girls laughing, and we were like, I wonder what they’re laughing at, and then about a minute later Nicki came over to us, and she handed my friend a full breadstick, and then she handed Emily’s bf a smaller piece of a breadstick, and then the rest.

The guys didn’t know what the girls were doing, but I guess I was paying more attention because of my insecurity. I don’t know, but the breadsticks the guys got correlated to the size of their penis. So my friend got the biggest piece, and then the rest got smaller pieces until Nicki finally handed me one, which was the smallest piece out of everyone’s. Still, instead of giving it to me, Nicki instead stopped, and then she bit half of my already small piece of bread and handed that little piece to me, and she walked back to her table laughing while the girls were cracking up. The other guys did not understand what they were doing, but I did.

After this, it was like Nicki forgot I existed. She stopped hanging out with me at lunch, she never texted me anymore, and when I would text her, it would take forever for her to respond. She started talking to my friend instead, and to make it worse, Emily told everyone About us skinny dipping and told everyone that I had a tiny penis. So this kid that I hated named Adrian started to make fun of me about that too. I know it’s not as bad as some of the other stories on here, but this was my very first time being confronted with women’s size preferences and sph.


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