Alex’s First Date

By helpfulcuck.

My name is Alex. My first sexual experience was unusual in many ways. First of all, I was already 21-years-old, never had sex, and never even kissed a girl. I was fit and looked good, but I never felt comfortable enough with a girl to go on a date for one reason or another. As I got older, I got more confident, and finally, one day, I downloaded a dating app. I lived in the dorms at a college, so the app was filled with girls.

After a few days of trying it, I finally matched with someone and started up a good conversation. It was with a girl named Ash. She was like my dream girl. She was 19, had short brown hair, and a flat chest. She was very fit and somewhat muscular from being on the rugby team, and she was very tall. I’m not too short myself, I’m 5’8″, but she was a solid 6’2″. I didn’t know any girl that tall. I found it attractive.

We started talking a lot about music and movies. We had similar tastes and were getting along well. One day after maybe four days of talking about mundane things and interests, out of the blue, she suggested we meet up sometime. It was a curt, but I was so into her that I didn’t even think about it. I suggested we meet at the coffee shop, but she said we should just hang at my place. I explained how it’s awkward since I have 3 roommates total in the 2 rooms of our dorm apartment, and the walls are kind of thin, so any conversation we had, they could be able to hear.

Ash just persisted and said, “No, I think your place is fine.”

So we planned to meet up the next night.


My Dorm’s apartment is set up so that there are two bedrooms and two people per room. Jordan’s always having girls over and loudly fucking while I have to wait it out in the living room or the library. The girls he hooks up with always moan so loud that I can hardly get any work done at the apartment, and more often than not, they fuck all night, forcing me to sleep on the couch to the sounds of their fucking. My other two roommates Logan and Ryan, did pretty well themselves, often each fucking a girl at the same time in their room. All of my roommates seemed sex-crazed while I never once brought a girl over before.

Since I never had a girl over, when I brought up to Jordan that I’d need to the room to myself night, he laughed out loud.

“What?? Is little Alex really bringing a girl over?!” he asked loudly.

“Well, it’s just a chill hangout, nothing like you guys.”

“Don’t be so down on yourself, I bet you guys will fuck right away, and if not, I’ll help out!” Jordan again laughed in my face.

Although his comments for the next day were pretty demeaning, he agreed to let me have the room, and as the next day came around, I heard a knock at the door. I opened the front door, and there was Ash. She was a goddess. I had to turn my head up almost straight up to make eye contact. She was wearing a skin-tight crop top band t-shirt that showed off her abs and short shorts that made almost all of her legs visible. I couldn’t see from the photos on the app, but she had a fat ass, and her short shorts only accentuated it. She had a strong jawline, which perfectly framed her beautiful big eyes.

While I was nervous and already starting to blush, Ash walked right pasted me and started to check out the apartment.

“Wow, this place is pretty chill.” She said.

Her confidence only made me more embarrassed, and all I was able to mutter out was a meek “Thanks.”

Ash walked into the living room, and right away, my roommates stopped the game and started gawking at Ash.

“HOLY SHIT! Alex, who is this fine ass you brought here!” Logan yelled.

Ryan got up and stood next to ash. “Damn, I’m just barely taller than her. Alex, you better be packing something big, or she’s gonna leave disappointed!”

Ash laughed. “Wow, you guys sure seem fun.”

I ran into the room on the verge of a heart attack and tried to pull Ash by the hand out of the room out of embarrassment, but she pulled back and was way stronger than me. Just then, her and Jordan’s eyes met, and I could tell they knew each other.

“Ash, what are you doing on a date with this pipsqueak?” Jordan said confidently

“Oh Jordan, wow, it’s been forever. How are you?” Ash said smiling

“Much better now that I see that fat ass again! Hahaha!”

Obviously, I could tell they fucked before, and if it was anything like what I’ve heard in the past, I’m sure Ash remembered it well. I was uncomfortable, so I pulled harder and managed to get Ash’s attention away from her past fuck and had her follow me to my room.

“Sorry guys, talk to you later!” I yelled.


Once in my room was so relieved not to have to deal with the situation. Ash, on the other hand, found my humiliation likable.

“You’re pretty cute, you know. I like how embarrassed you are. I didn’t think you’d be so short from your profile, but that’s okay. I like shorter guys. It’s easier to manhandle them.”

Standing side by side in my small bedroom, the height difference was clearer than ever. Ash put her hand on the wall over my head. Standing straight over me, I realized that I might not have known what I was in for with this date.

“Hey, so do you wanna maybe sit down and listen to some music or something, we could watch a movie?” I said.

Ash looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “I have a little something more exciting in mind.”

I really didn’t know what she meant, but she made it abundantly clear as she bent down and literally picked me up off the floor and threw me over onto my bed. I had never felt so unmasculine, but it was the hottest thing I’ve ever felt.

Ash crawled onto the bed and got close to me, pressing her mouth against my ear. She asked, “Do you want to kiss me? Do you want me to make you feel good?”

I was blushing bright red, “Oh uhh, I guess whatever you want to do.”

“Whatever I want to do? Are you sure you’re okay with that?”

“Sure, whatever.”

Ash then placed her hand on my dick and grabbed it hard. “Does baby like that?”

I was as hard as a rock, the blood was leaving my head quickly, and all I could think about was how good it was. “Yes, that feels amazing.”

Ash then, out of nowhere, with her free hand, smacked me across the face with her full force, leaving a huge red hand mark. I screamed because it hurt so much and couldn’t help but notice that she was squeezing my dick harder than before.

“CALL ME ‘MOMMY,’ YOU LITTLE BRAT!” She screams at me

I was so caught off guard I had no idea what to think. I said, “Yes, Mommy, whatever you want, but please could you not be so loud? These walls are so thin that I’m sure my roommates can hear you.”

Ash then slapped me across the face again and said, “I don’t give a fuck, brat!”

I was stuck in a place of feeling the greatest sexual pleasure of my life from something as simple as a hand over my jeans and feeling great pain from being slapped twice across the face by this amazing goddess who had all the power over me.

Ash seeing how much control she had over me, realized she was free to do whatever she wanted. She stood me up and starting talking off my clothes. I was completely naked, standing in front of her with all of her clothes still on. As she pulled down my underwear, she saw my dick. It was hard and precumming from her touching it, and it was the first time I was about to show a girl my dick, so whether or not she had hit me or wanted me to call her mommy, I was proud to show it off. But to my surprise, when she revealed my throbbing cock, instead of being in awe of it, she immediately fell laughing at it!

“Oh my god, I realize you’re short, but what is that thing?! I’ve never seen a dick so small! It’s hardly a dick at all. I couldn’t even put that in my pussy if I tried! What a waste of time for me to come all the way over here just to see this.”

I had no idea my dick was small. I was a solid 2 and a half inches and always felt like it got the job done. Plus, I’ve read articles saying that girls prefer smaller dicks, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. As Ash was rolling around, laughing about my small dick, I became acutely aware of the lack of video game sound coming from the living room. I think I even heard some laughter coming from out there.

Ash composed herself and looked me straight in the eyes. “Well, baby boy, you’ve done bad and need to be punished.”

Ash then picked me up again and laid me on her lap with my ass in the air. She put my tiny penis in between her knees and squeezed them together, crushing my dick. I yelled, and right as I did, she spanked my ass. Again and again, she spanked my ass, and each time she did, my dick would feel the pain of being stretched in between her knees, and I flailed around in pain.

Ash was laughing and seemed to love being able to inflict pain on me. “You told me you’re a virgin, is that true?” She asked as she spanked me again.

“Yes, it’s true!” I yell in pain

She spanked me harder, “Who are you talking to, you little shit!!”

“Yes, it’s true, Mommy!” I screamed.

“It makes sense with a dick like that. I doubt you even could have sex. I bet each of your roommates has bigger dicks. You’re pathetic.”

As she said that, I heard a loud “Fuck yeah, we do!” from the living room along with tons of laughter.

It was obvious they could hear every word spoken. I had never been so humiliated.

“Have you kissed a girl before?” She asked.

“No, I haven’t, I haven’t done anything with a girl. This is my first time doing anything.”

She giggled, “Well, lucky you because I’m going to help you lose your virginity today!”

I started to think that this torture I was being put through might come to a close but right as I thought that, I started to feel pressure on my ass. Ash forcefully inserted her middle finger right into my asshole, taking my asshole virginity. I had never put anything in there, I was so tight, and her finger alone was causing me pain. She started moving her finger back and forth, and involuntarily I started to moan.

“Oh, does baby like that?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

She then inserted another finger and started to push her hand faster. She had a grip on me like a bowling ball, and I could feel her slamming my prostate with each thrust. I had never felt such sexual pleasure in my life, even with all the pain and the fact that I was being fucked in the ass.

“Does baby like having his little boy pussy treated like this?” She asked loudly

“Yes, Mommy, my boy pussy feels great.”

“Say you want Mommy to make you cum from your boy pussy.”

As Ash says it, she slammed my prostate hard, causing me to yelp, “I want Mommy to make me cum from my boy pussy!!”

At this point, we were being so loud my roommates couldn’t have been focusing on anything other than the noises from my room. As I yelled ‘Boy Pussy,’ I heard a thunderous round of laughter, and Logan yell, “Be careful with my roommate’s pussy!” Then more laughter.

Ash leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Cum for me, baby. Let it out for Mommy.”

Uncontrollably, at her will, I came harder than I ever had before. I blew all over the ground and her converse shoes. And just as I did, I knew that was just another part of her plan.

Ash grinned and said, “It looks like my baby made a mess. Well, you’re going to have to clean it up.”

With her two fingers still in my asshole, she pushed me off her lap and onto the ground. I felt like a dog with a leash, and the post cum clarity was starting to hit me full force. Suddenly, I realized that I had just had my first sexual experience, and it was in the strangest situation possible. This younger girl had so much physical and mental control over me, and I could hear my roommates still laughing from the other room. This was such a disgusting, humiliating place to be in, and the last thing I wanted to do was anything sexual, but Ash just grabbed my head like a dog who pissed on the floor and pushed my face into her cum covered shoes.

“Lick up that cummy messy, you little bitch!” she yelled, definitely loud enough for my roommates to hear

With my own cum on my face, I tried to stop what was happening. “Please, Ash, could we take a break? This has gone a little far.”

With all her might, Ash then dug her fingers into my asshole. Her fingers were so long and slender. She managed to push them so deep inside of me. I couldn’t believe the pain and sexual pleasure I was feeling. I never imagined I could fit something so deep in my asshole.


I had never felt the kind of pain that being fucked hard in the ass brings, but as soon as she pushed harder, I did exactly as she said. I started licking up my gross, dirty cum off her shoes. It was lick and tasted horrible, and I had never cum even close to this much before. There was so much to lick up. What made it worse was the absolutely horrible stench coming from her feet. Before coming over, she must have had a rugby practice because I had never smelled such bad feelings that the stench was coming through the shoes.

I was in the worst position imaginable. On all fours, with Ash’s long, slender fingers deep in my ass, with my face down licking my own cum up off her feet. I was gulping up one lick full of cum after the other when all of a sudden, I saw a flash. Ash had taken a picture of me!

I turned up in horror and yelled, “Oh no, please, Mommy, please don’t show that to anyone, Mommy, please, I’m begging you!”

“I can show this to anyone I want.”

“Oh please, Mommy, anything please anything, just please don’t show that to anyone.”

Ash then seemed to lighten up a bit. “Okay, baby, I’ll keep this to myself. I promise.”

It was easily the most embarrassing and damaging photo that had ever been taken of me, and I was completely frightened of what would happen if that got out, but her promise eased my worry. Even though she’s a sadistic woman, I trusted her to keep it to herself. As I finished licking up the last of the cum, Ash finally pulled her long fingers out of my ass but then made it even worse.

“You’re not done cleaning bitch boy,” she said, and she shoved her fingers into my mouth for me to lick clean.

They tasted like shit. This was the grossest, most humiliating thing I’ve ever done before. Ash just laughed as my face twisted in pain from the filth I was dealing with.

“Wow, you’re Mommy’s little helper. You clean me up so well. How about you help me a little more.”

She then started taking off her shoes. I realized this was just going to worsen since the thing Ash seemed to get off to the most was my own pain. I was still on all fours with my face next to her feet, and as Ash took her shoes off, the stench amplified. The smell was almost unbearable, like rotten eggs. She loved seeing me recoil at the putrid stench. She pulled off her right sock and started stretching her toes out. She had the biggest feet I had ever seen a woman have. Besides the stench, they also were visibly dirty. Covered in dirt and filth with lint between the toes.

“Isn’t it magnificent?” She asked.

“Yes, Mommy, I love your huge feet.”

“Does baby like helping Mommy clean?”

“Yes, Mommy, whatever you wish.”

Ash looked so happy at my disgust and seemed even happier to say, “Okay, Bitch Boy, time to clean this foot.”

I slowly inched forward with my tongue out and eyes closed, but unexpectedly Ash jammed her foot straight into my mouth. Suddenly I was gagging on her toes, and the horrible stench was filling all my senses. My eyes were watering with how deep she managed to lodge her foot into my mouth. She then stood up with the other foot and was towering over me. She was pumping her foot in and out of my mouth as I tried to lick in between her toes. All I could sense was the smell.

Right at one of the most humiliating moments, I heard the sound of the door opening. It was all three of my roommates standing there, laughing their asses off at the sight of a fully clothed goddess standing over me with her foot in my mouth while I laid all fours on the floor and my gaping asshole in the air. They all were laughing and taking pictures with their phones out.


“God damn, you two are having a party in here!” Logan yelled.

“It looks like you need some help in here Alex, hope you don’t mind,” Jordan said with a smile.

Ash pulled her foot from my mouth, and I could finally breathe again. She put her hands on her hips and look at my roommates. “You boys think you can just walk in here and do what you want to me? Fuck no. But maybe you can help me out a little. Come over here and line up by the bed.”

As they started to walk over, Ash picked me up and stood me up straight with my little, flaccid penis out in the open. Now the guys were really starting to laugh. They started taking pictures of my tiny dick and talking about how they’ve never seen one that small. The boys’ line went Ryan on the far-Right, then Logan, Jordan, and finally Me. Jordan was the tallest in the room. He was about 6’6″, although even the shortest of my three roommates, Ryan, was still taller than Ash. By a huge margin, the shortest in the room, I was completely naked with a tiny flaccid penis. I felt like a woman.

With us all lined up, she looked me in the eyes and said, “This little virgin needs to learn a thing or two about sex and what real men are like, so I was hoping the three of you could help.”

“I don’t know, Mommy, I think this is a bad idea,” I said

She slapped me and yelled, “Shut up, you pathetic little bitch boy! You need to learn what real cocks look like, or you’ll never understand how worthless you are!”

Ash got down onto her knees and then started undoing Ryan’s pants. She pulled down his underwear and out-flopped a thick flaccid penis. She started stroking it to get it to grow, and as it did, it revealed itself to be at least three times the size of mine.

Ash said, “Well, look here, nice length and thickness, his balls are even of a good size. This is probably about six and a half inches.” Ryan cheered and fist-bumped Logan.

She then scooted over to Logan and undid his pants. As she pulled down his underwear, his penis came out swinging and knock Ash in the face. She playfully laughed and started stroking it. She wasn’t shy at all to be stroking multiple dicks with four men watching her. It was like any other activity for her like this was her job like she’d done it thousands of times before. She used two hands this time.

When he was finally erect, Ash proclaimed, “Wow! Nice, this must be almost eight inches!” Logan raised his fists to the sky, and Ryan was annoyed.

Ash finally moved over to Jordan and looked straight up into his eyes. Jordan smiled back and said, “I think you’re going to be happy.”

She pulled down his pants and underwear, and to everyone’s surprise, not only was he unquestionably the biggest cock in the room, but he was fully erect already. As Ash pulled down his pants, his hard cock bounced up, slapping her in the face and bouncing into her wide open mouth.

Ash pulled his giant cock out of her mouth and spit on the ground. “Oh fuck, that smelled horrible! I see you still don’t like to wash your cock. The smell from your balls is filling the room!”

And she was right. For as long as I and Jordan have been roommates, I’ve had to smell his balls and ass. After he fucks it’s the worst. All my clothes smell like his balls.

“Get down here and check this out,” Ash yelled as she pulled me down by my arm. Suddenly I was face to face with my roommate’s throbbing cock. Ash had to use two hands to even prob it up straight. “Wow, Jordan, you’ve grown. This is probably nine, or god, maybe even ten inches. Take a good look at this, Alex. He’s five times as big as your little penis is. Jordan could use this as a bat and beat your little clit black and blue.”

Ash reached down and gripped my balls, squeezing so hard I started to tear up. She whispered, “You will never please a woman with this.”

“Damn, sorry, bro,” Jordan laughed, as Logan and Ryan all gave each other high fives. “I feel bad for you, but honestly, you’re not worth the pity.”

As he said, he raised his hand to my face and gave me the middle finger while laughing. Ash found herself unconsciously stroking Jordan’s cock. The smell was filling her senses. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. “Hey, Jordan, how about you help me show this bitch how a real man does it?”

I couldn’t take what was about to happen to I tried again to stop it from going further. “Ash, okay, please, let’s stop this now.”

Ash just grabbed me by the back, oh my head, and forced it to the ground. In a quick motion, she pulled off the sock from her left foot and disgustingly wiped my ass with it, and then stuck the putrid sock into my mouth.

“Now shut up, baby, while the adults are talking!”

Jordan laughed and said, “Ash, I think it’s time you get satisfied.”

He picked her up and threw her onto my bed. “I hope you don’t mind, bro, mine’s dirty,” he Scoffed.

I tried to mutter a protest, but besides but the putrid sock in my mouth, as soon as I made a sound, Ryan slapped me across the face and told me to shut up. I was totally powerless, and my three big-cocked roommates were going to do whatever they wanted to do.

Jordan ripped off Ash’s short shorts and a crop top, and suddenly I was staring at the most beautiful woman I had seen in my life. She had perfect tiny nipples on her flat chest, a perfectly toned body, and long legs with juicy thighs. I was in such a whirlwind of emotions after going from having never been touched by a woman to having one rape my asshole. At the moment, all I could think about was how beautiful Ash was. I think I was beginning to fall in love with her.

She laid on the bed with her pussy displayed and legs open. She was looking at me with a little grin, and then Jordan bent down and stuck his tongue in her pussy. Immediately while keeping eye contact, she moaning and moaning as loudly as all the other girls Jordan’s fucked in this room.

Quickly the other two got onto the bed on each side of Ash and started jerking off over her.

“Fuck, we’re gonna ruin this whore.” Logan said

I spat out the sock and yelled, “Don’t talk about her like that!” and as I did, Ash easily forced her putrid foot into my mouth, this time the unlicked one.

“It’s okay, baby boy, just enjoy the show while Mommy takes these huge cocks in front of you. You have to see what real men do to a woman, what you’ll never be able to do.”

She started jerking off both of the cocks with her free hands while Jordan stood up, positioning his cock in front of her pussy.

“Get ready bitch. This is gonna hurt!”

And with that, Jordan slowly started inserting all ten inches of his huge cock. With each inch that entered, Ash moaned louder and louder. And after a little more than halfway, Jordan shoved the rest in at once, causing Ash to scream with pleasure. As she did, Ryan took the opportunity and shoved his cock into her mouth.

“That’s it bitch. Take this dick!” Ryan yelled while he started pumped as hard as he could into her mouth.

Jordan was pumping all ten inches in and out of her pussy. His penis looked like a baseball bat, and her pussy was getting destroyed.

Ash was moaning uncontrollably while getting fucked from both ends. I was still gagging on her foot, which from all my licking and sucking still hadn’t started to smell any better.

“Alright, you wanna be a whore, we gonna treat you like one.”

Jordan then pulled out and got underneath Ash’s back. His huge cock was soaking wet with Ash’s pussy juices, and he was able to easily slide his cock into her ass. He was really able to pump the full ten inches in now, and while he did, Logan started fucking her pussy. Ryan was still face fucking her with all his might.

“Fuck yeah, take it bitch! Ryan yelled as he fucked her face as hard as he could. She was able to deep throat his cock, and I could even see she was licking his balls.

While she was getting fucked from every hole as hard as these three brutes could fuck her, but I noticed she was still looking at me. Mascara running down her facing from the tears she had from gagging on Ryan’s cock. She was staring straight at me and sticking her foot further into my mouth.

“Take this, you dirty slut.” Ryan said as he turned around and sat his ass on her mouth, making her tongue his asshole. “Aaaahhh fuck yeah, that’s good,” Ryan moaned.

Jordan, from behind, started to yell, “FUCK! I love feeling this fat ass hug my cock. You got one fat ass, did you know that bitch?”

Ash pulling her tongue out of Ryan’s ass, said, “Yes, Daddy, fuck it!”

Logan said, “Fuck, this pussy is good. I’m gonna cum!” He started pumping faster but suspiciously looked at me. “Wait, I have an idea.”

He pulled out and, while jerking off, pulled Ash’s foot out enough that only her dirty toes were resting on my lips, and with my mouth wide open, he positioned his cock in front of my face.

“Get ready bitch boy! I’m gonna paint your face white!” and with that, he blew a huge load all over my face and Ash’s foot.

My entire face was covered in cum as well as most of my mouth was filled with cum. I gulped down the massive amount of sperm that had accumulated in my mouth, but I wasn’t as worried about the cum on my face. At this point, I had been contentiously precumming for half an hour and was basically sitting in a pool of my own cum, so the thought of more being on me didn’t have as much of an effect.

They started to ease up on her. Jordan was going slow on Ash’s ass, and after apparently having his asshole sufficiently licked, Ryan turned back around to let Ash lick at his cock.

Ash was able to look at me again and giggle when she noticed all the cum on my face and hair. I wanted to stop licking her nasty, cum covered feet but tried to push it back, I resisted, and then she said, “Come on baby, it’s good for you, lick it up. Do it for Mommy.”

I couldn’t help but do what she asked after her asking me like that, so I begrudgingly opened my mouth back up to lick her foot, but out of nowhere, she again shoved as much of her foot as she could into my mouth. At once, I was met again with her horrible stench and a huge amount of another man’s cum. I pulled her foot out and started coughing up Logan’s cum. Ash started laughing while licking Ryan’s dick.

Ryan started pumping into Ash’s mouth harder again. He was thrusting in with all his might, absolutely face fucking her. Tears were streaming down her face, and she was moaning with each thrust. Ryan started going fast and fast, pulling on her short hair and absolutely destroying her face.

Ash’s face was being thrown back and forth so aggressively. I was starting to get worried. I mean this woman, touched me where no one else had ever and had a motherly power over me. I felt almost like she cared for me. When she looked into my eyes, I felt love. I really was falling in love with her and cared about her, and all I saw was the worse, most vile, careless act being performed on her. Her face was being used like a rag doll. Ryan was moan and yelling with joy as he abused her face, and she was covered in runny mascara and tears, all the while Jordan’s enormous ten-inch cock was fully inserted into her asshole. I called her mommy, and she felt like my mommy, but she was being used like a $5 hooker.

Ryan started going even faster, pumping his full shaft into her mouth and slapping her chin with his balls. “OH FUCK! I’m gonna blow in this cunt’s mouth! Get ready bitch.”

I felt like crying, almost seeing her treated and talked to like that. And then Ryan shoved his cock as deep as he could into her mouth while screaming, ‘AHHHHHH FUUUUCK!” His balls resting on her chin, I could see him pumping hot cum into her throat. He seemed to pump over and over, it lasted forever, and Ash took it all.

When he finally stopped shooting cum he pulled out and clasped next to her. Ash was gulping down cum, but there was so much it was pouring down from the sides of her mouth and onto my bed. Ryan was sitting with his wet asshole on my pillow.

Jordan finally pulled out of Ash’s ass and stood up. I was sucking on Ash’s rotten foot but now was faced with a horrible, shit smelling cock, bigger than I had ever seen before, even in porn. He smiled down at me, and I already knew what he wanted me to do.

“Ash’s ass is great, but if i’m gonna cum I need to fuck her pussy, so I need to clean the shit off, and from what I heard, you’re great at cleaning.” Jordan and the other guys laughed.

I stared at the massive cock presented before me and thought I couldn’t believe possible touch it. It disgusted me. I recoiled, but then Ash butted in. “Come on, baby. I know you’ll like it. You must be gay from how much you like it in the ass.”

“I don’t like it in the ass!” I yelled

“Yeah, you do baby, you loved my fingers deep in your asshole.”

“No, that’s not true!”

“Of course it is, baby. I took a picture.”

Immediately Jordan said, “Woah, you fingered his ass and took a picture?!”

I was overtaken with embarrassment, “No, she didn’t!”

Ash smiled maliciously at me. “Of course I did guys, check it out.” Then she pulled out her phone and showed all the guys the embarrassing photo of me liking my cum off of Ash while she fingered my ass, and they all started laughing their asses off.

I was in tears and yelled, “You promised you weren’t going to show anyone! How could you?!”

“Aww, don’t be a sad baby boy. But now that ever knows you’re gay, why don’t you help Jordan clean up?”

I still had tears in my eyes when Jordan looked down at me, put his hand on the back of my head, and positioned it directly next to his cock. I finally stuck my tongue out and started licking side to side, trying to get all the way from the top to the bottom of the incredible cock. I thought the smell of the inside of Ash’s ass was going to be the worst, but I couldn’t imagine how intense the smell of Jordan’s cock was going to be.

I had grown extremely familiar with the smell of his cock and balls, but now acting licking it and putting it into my mouth, I was completely overtaken by it. It was taking control of me.

I was licking every inch of Jordan’s cock with my tongue, which Ash sat on the bed, laugh and fingering herself. She got so much pleasure from seeing me in pain. Jordan’s cock was soaking wet, and then he said, “Well, as long as you’re down there, you might as well lick it all,” and then he took his balls and shoved them into my mouth. It was disgusting. I could barely fit them in, and they tasted like they hadn’t been washed in forever. I was absolutely engrossed with the smell of Jordan’s cock, and balls and Ash loved seeing me fall in love with it.

Jordan then pushed me off and turned to Ash. I had seen her go through so much that the last thing I wanted to see now was Jordan fuck her senseless and cum all over her, but the was exactly what happened.

He pushed inside her, starting slow and building up. Ash was enjoying it more than before. She started moaning so loudly and then screaming.

“OH FUCK, fuck me with that big COCK!” She screamed.

“That’s right, take it bitch. I know you love this cock!”

“I Do! Your dick is amazing, Jordan! I love your cock Jordan!”

Ash’s eyes were going back and forth between rolling to the back of her head and staring at me. She was losing control of herself while getting fucked. I had never seen such pleasure, and I could tell she was going to orgasm soon.

“Pleeeease fuck me, Jordan, this is the best sex I’ve ever had!” Ash screamed

“Damn right it is. Do you think a bitch like Alex could ever satisfy you like this?”

“Never. There’s nothing Alex could ever do to please me as your cock does. It’s so biiiiigggg. Alex would need five cocks to match yours!”

Jordan leaned in, “You know what I want to hear, say it.”

“I don’t know Jordan,” Ash said

Jordan started fucking her harder. “Say it!”

“AHHH, OKAY, I Love You! I love you, and I love your huge cock. I don’t care that you fucked me and never called me back. I’m in love with you! I could never love Alex as I love you!” Just as she said this, Jordan pushed her over the edge, and she started having the most intense orgasm I had ever seen. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her whole body started shaking uncontrollably. She was spasming around on Jordan’s huge cock.

I was in tears and could hardly take what Ash was saying about me. It’s been 2 hours since she walked into my apartment and changed my life, and that’s all the time it took for her to make me fall in love with her. I couldn’t stand her telling my asshole roommate that she loved him and that no matter what I do, I couldn’t live up to him. He treated her like a whore, one fuck and done, and now he’s back just to take her away from me with his big cock.

“Holy shit, dude, she’s cumming so hard on your dick. I bet she’s never cum this hard!” Logan yelled

“Not since the last time I fucked her!” Then they all high fived while Jordan continued to fuck her brains out.

Jordan turned to me and said, “Fuck, sorry Bitch Boy, but you know I gotta do this.” With Ash still orgasming on his dick, Jordan extended his arm right in my face and extended his middle finger. Then while flipping me off, she started pumping inside Ash faster. “I hope the view is good for you back there bitch, because you’ll never get to fuck her like I am!”

Jordan was fucking Ash hard. Her pussy was getting beat so hard it was bright red. He was pumping in his full shaft with every thrust. His balls were so big and heavy they were slapping Ash’s fat ass hard with each trust making a loud sound that was filling the room. At this point, Jordan was just fucking Ash as hard as he was to make me feel worse about my tiny penis. He had a huge shit-eating grin, and him flipping me off while fucking Ash was the most humiliating thing I could imagine.

Finally, Ash started to come back to consciousness after her insane orgasm. She was already moaning again, “OH GODDD FUCK! Jordan, I came so fucking hard on your shaft!!! Please keep fucking me, daddy! I need it! I want your cum! FUCK AHHH”

“That’s fucking right whore, now get ready,” Jordan said while still looking at me.

Jordan pulled out and started fucking her mouth rapidly. For how rough Ryan was with Ash, Jordan was twice as intense. His huge cock beat her face like a baton and choking her when he stuck it in. He was pumping in and out her throat, going as deep as he could. Ash’s face was turning blue. I have never seen a girl be used so rough, like a worthless fuck sleeve.

Then Jordan pulled out and got his cock ready to cum. “FUCK, here it comes!”

“Give it to me, Jordan. I want to get covered in your cum. I love you” Ash gave me a side look while she said I love you. I was still completely naked, covered in my own cum as well as Logan’s. Pathetic in comparison to the huge cock about to plaster her face with cum.


While Ash keeping eye contact with me, Jordan’s cock erupted with more cum than I had ever seen come from a cock. He shot out huge ropes, hitting her face, mouth, eye, the wall, covering my sheets as well as Ash’s face. One rope after another came out, and his huge balls raised each time he shot. He pulled back and covered Ash’s chest and my pillow, finally slowing down and wiping the tip of his cock off on Ash like a used napkin.

I finally stood up to get a better view of the damage, and it was incomprehensible. From the nipples up, Ash was totally covered in cum. It was all over her hair and in her eyes, and her mouth was fill liked a pool.

Ash shallowed the huge pool of cum in her mouth and said, “Thank you, daddy, that was great” She had the biggest smile of the evening.

Jordan, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care. “Whatever whore, I gotta go.” And just like that, my three roommates all just started to leave.

“Hey, wait, will you call me this time at least,” Ash asked, although it was still kind of hard to hear what she was saying with all the cum

“I don’t know about that. I have other things to do.” Then he turned to me. “Hey, Bitch Boy! I need you to find somewhere else to stay tonight and clean up this room. I got a date tonight.”

And like nothing happened, the three left Ash and me in the room, both covered in cum.

I slowly sat next to Ash on my bed. She had started crying.

“Hey, Mommy, don’t worry about that asshole. You’ll always have me!” I said, trying to cheer her up.

It didn’t work. She just cried harder. “It’s not the same! I mean, you’re a good helper and cleaner, but you could never fuck me! I mean, I can’t see having any satisfaction from you!”

“Well, I’ll try the best I can and maybe help you find someone else like Jordan?”

“There’s no one else like Jordan. I’ll never feel with you or anyone like what I felt with him, but you’re sweet for trying, my little helper.”

Ash then sweetly put her hand on my face. It was covered with fresh hot cum, further covering my face with cum.

I looked at her but wasn’t able to see her face that well since there was so much cum. She wasn’t even looking at me really since one eye was closed due to the cum, and the other was barely open. It was goosing down her face and chest, and all I could smell was Jordan’s pungent sperm.

Ashed started to warm up to the idea of having me around to help. She pulled me in and gave me a big hug. I was now absolutely covered with cum, but she didn’t seem to care. She was as casual as ever.

With her hands on either side of my face, Ash then looked me in the eyes and brought me in for a kiss.

She kissed me deeply and passionately. Immediately I was rock hard again. Her tongue was swirling around in my mouth, and I could taste so much. I could taste Ryan’s asshole and his cum, again taste Jordan’s smelly cock and, of course, taste Jordan’s cum. His cum tasted so strong it almost blocked out the other tastes.

Ash kissed me for so long, and so deeply that I actually came. I ejaculated without even touching my penis, which had never happened before. All my cum shot out onto myself, which made Ash laugh again, but when while laughing, she still was sticking her tongue all around my mouth, making sure I tasted every vile thing that had been in there.

It was my first kiss.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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