Adventures of a Micropenis 2

By DangerousDomain.

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Chapter 3


Ahh, I fell into my big leather couch. What a great day, I think to myself. Thinking about the day made me realize I have not orgasmed yet. While putting my fingers onto my nub, I get a timely message from Abigail begging me not to orgasm and to only orgasm from a woman’s hands. Because, according to her, the more desperate I am to cum, the more I will humiliate myself. Well, I can’t argue with that logic and turn on the tv to ignore my constant ache of arousal.

The world regards small penises as a joke, and women are the cause of it. So much of the fun women have been run by humiliating little appendages. This is why I have to sift through female comedians making jokes about having sex with micropenis’s, fully knowing they never actually did. And girls dancing to Rihanna size queen references, ‘Are you big enough, take it, take it,’ which all girls look up to. Finally, I look wide-eyed at my own humiliation of the day on the news. Billions of women will see me across the globe in high resolution spreading my asshole for the girls as punishment.

As I gaze at the TV, I ponder that most of my humiliation came from Abigail and not from me. This is why, with the help of my aching balls, I decided to go to the club tomorrow on my own. A perfect place, I reasoned, as women only go there since men lost interest in women long ago and hopefully get a nice, sweet orgasm at the end.



Groggily, I stumbled out of bed. The constant ache of my penis kept me awake through the night, and I realized I must get rid of it!

While staying nude, I look out the window, optimistically hoping some sexy ladies catch a glimpse of me and jerk me off. But also to ponder where a party can be where girls get drunk and naughty!

Upon sitting back on my couch facing my open window and having the sunshine crash onto my nub, I came across a party at 8 pm. The premise is to bring your costume, no matter how much or how little it is. This piqued my curiosity, and with a smirk, I went off to get my outfit.

After getting dressed in a plain black T-shirt and some black shorts, I hop onto my truck. I decided to go to a small shop on the outskirts of town for my outfit. I was not planning on embarrassing myself here. I knew I could go to the plaza again. Still, I didn’t want to see Abigail as I wanted to be the only author of my humiliation today. Maybe next time, for sure.

A well-lit, surprisingly larger store than expected is what I see when I park here. I entered the store to see a few customers milling about. Still, I head straight to the saleswoman, a beautiful African American woman with thick dreads going to her large, firm breasts. She wore a dress that was quite sheer in the well-lit building, and under intense scrutiny, I could make out she was not wearing anything under. I slightly buckle my knees at the beauty before me but restrain myself from staring to avoid being accused of small dick energy and having her call the cops.

“Hey baby, do you know where party clothes are I say with a wink?” I ask, failing to hide my horniness while staring at her large black areola presenting itself to me.

With a haughty laugh, she exclaims loudly, “We sell party clothes. If you want to dress nicely and casually, we got it! You want ladies to see that nice ass; we got it! You want eloquence; we got it.” She says rather loudly and shamelessly.

Remembering Abigail’s message that the hornier I become, the more desperate I will act, I ask to see the more risqué clothing available. With another loud laugh, this time having all the customers look over, she says, “Yeah, man, we got clothes to show off a big cock.”

‘If only she knew,’ I thought, grinning.

Looking at the large assortment in front of me, the sales lady tells me they have loin clothes and thongs. Whatever else she said, I don’t remember as I was put in a trance at the piercings on her cunt lips. The nice big puffy pussy made me nearly start drooling at the sight of it. I look up at her eyes and see her staring at me with a knowing grin.

“Ah, boy, you staring at my cunt,” she screamed, trying to look angry but failing with the obvious biting of her lips. “Aaah, you want to look at my big tits too?” she says as she shakes them, and they respond well, jiggling under the perfect lighting, making me hard.

Suddenly she reaches her hand into my penis, making me spread my legs and thrust it out.

“Eww, where is your cock, boy?” she screams in confusion, making all three other customers have a look.

My horniness from the events before and my dick getting groped led me to take my shirt off and rip it in half, which startled everyone. I proclaim to my small audience, “I’ve got a micropenis.”

Then rapidly pull my shorts off and kick them across the room, spreading my legs, flexing my ass, and pointing at my tiny dick. The stunned silence reverberated across the room. All eyes from all directions stared intently at my rock-hard, throbbing mini-erection that only amounted to a head and nothing else. Soon after, laughter spread across the room from all directions making my dick throb frantically. In front, however, a vicious screech from the sales lady of pure mockery and laughter showed in her eyes. Her boisterous laughter made her heavenly tits bounce like a yo-yo, which excited me further.

Suddenly she comes to me yelling, “Where is your cock, boy? It makes sense why you went to a party. You got a micropenis. Real men lost interest in us sexy women.” She says this frustratedly while teasing her dark, hard nipples. “Well, you want to show off, boy, then wear this,” and she hands me a tiny loincloth.

With an audience watching, I put it on, tying it on the side, immediately noticing that it barely covered my minuscule penis. Not just that, my ass cheeks and hole were completely and utterly bare for full viewing pleasure for any leering woman.

“Wait here, man,” loudly exclaimed the woman to go to the shop’s storage room.

In the meantime, I noticed a blue-haired teenage girl with an average body but a pretty face. Upon making eye contact, she looked nervous, but I reassured her, making her feel at ease. I eagerly lifted my little flap and posed, standing upright with my other hand holding my pinky finger up. The crowd made a few mocking comments which I couldn’t hear well, and a few laughs. In my excited haze, I then turned around.

I presented my asshole to the crowd, and the girl recording loudly exclaimed, “Oh my god, gagahahah.”

“Oi, shrimp dick!” shouted the sales lady who returned, interrupting me from my fever.

She told me she got an addition for the outfit she beamed happily. She walks up to me with a permanent marker and quickly writes ‘Shrimp Dick’ in massive writing on my chest, then an arrow pointing down to my loins. She then turns me around, pinches my ass, and writes, ‘Slap Me’ on both cheeks. True to the writing, she gives me a few slaps and the crowd laughs and applauds my new outfit. I requested to pay, and she immediately said the only cost was my shorts which I happily obliged.

I say my goodbyes to the sales lady.

She responds, “I hope that loincloth gets stolen from you at the party.” She winks, and to top it off, to my fascination, she lifts her full dress up. To the shock of everyone involved, her cunt was shiny and well lubricated, and her nice dark big areoles led to her firm, erect nipples. I savor the beautiful sight before me and fight not to jerk off.

She put her dress down and said, “A parting gift to you, boy,” in her classic loud voice, and I left the store.


The Rave…

I enter the back of a line toward a flight of stairs going straight down. What awaits me there remains a mystery. Thankfully within the line, I get a lot of attention from the ladies, some of which are already drunk. Unfortunately, it’s very dark out, so it’s easier to see my attire if someone’s close to me.

“Mmm, nice, exposed ass, baby,” says the new stranger from behind me in the queue, where her groping hand intrudes my skin.

A pretty blue-eyed blonde hair wearing a slutty cat costume tries to stick my finger right inside my asshole. I moan loudly, not caring who hears or sees, and bend over a little, and she begins piercing her finger into my asshole like a spear. From the commotion, the women in professional business attire standing in front turn around and look at my face in shock, then laugh once they read what is on my chest.

“Somebody insulted you, sir,” one of the girls says, grinning but addressing me respectfully.

“Mmm…yeah…ooh..” I reply, excited at my ass getting railed while onlookers watch.

“Well, whatever,” her friend says. “I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’ve got a little pecker for the life of me,” she states confidently.

Finally, I get into the club to find women of all sorts of costumes to buck naked doing all sorts of cool dances and activities. ‘The underground rave is massive,’ I think, wondering where to go first. I am torn but get interrupted when I feel a hand pinch my ass and realize that young blond woman with that catsuit.

“Didn’t forget about me?” she asks in a sultry sexual voice.

“Mmmm, of course not, baby.”

“Come, let’s dance,” as she grabs my hand.

Rihanna’s rude boy starts blaring from the speakers. “Come here, rude boy, boy. Are you big enough?”

I start gyrating my dick into her pussy while staring into her ocean-blue eyes. Her eyes stare back in awe and horniness. Still, soon after, she goes to my chest and predictably questions the accuracy of it.

I reply by gabbing her soft hand and pulling my cloth up for her to grab my erect pin-dick. Her eyes bulge in amazement. “Holy fuck!” she exclaims with her eyes popping out.

“Hahaha, glad you like it!”

“Fuck! That must be so humiliating. I’m sorry,” she points, still holding onto my erect dick. Her expression was of genuine sorrow but also a slight smirk protruding.

“Oh, baby,” I moan until I’m before her.

I’m staring at her big blue ocean eyes with her straight blonde hair cascading onto her small bra straps from that sexy, very revealing cat costume.

With us touching clits, I exclaim, “You haven’t seen humiliation yet. I’m going to embarrass the fuck out of myself tonight because I love it.”

“Well, I can’t wait to see that,” as she cups my ass cheeks with her hands. “You better show off that tiny dick of yours really good, “she laughs.

I’ll show you now, ” I exclaim, running up the stage, talking to the female DJ, and whispering in her ear. As the only man in the rave, I get given special privileges to enact my shame.


The Shame…

The DJ calls on everybody attending to stop what they are doing and set all eyes on me and the stage. To ensure this, bright lights blast me on the center stage. Then the famous soundtrack, 20 Fingers by Gillette, begins, which the crowd applauds.

I begin my dance by pointing to my chest, making women interested and simultaneously wondering if it’s true. The opening lyrics begin, and I start my dance.

I turn around and twerk. Left right, left right, up and down, feeling my ass undulate like a wave. The cheering and applause commence. I continue twerking, then voluntarily spread my ass as wide as it can go, giving a clear look to everyone hoping to see my asshole. The atmosphere is electric, with women screaming, shouting to the lyrics in a wide array of clothing, and the laughter at the scenes on stage. I continue moving side to side, with my spread ass cheeks. The DJ pans all the lighting onto me and puts it on the big screen for anyone to see.

I turn around, catch my eye with the blonde woman, see her smile and wave, then lick her pinky figure. With the lyric, “That has got to be the smallest dick I have ever seen.” I jump up and down, seeing my loin cloth move incredulously. With the lighting on me, I assume the crowd has seen glimpses of my penis as shocked murmurs begin circulating around the club. The breeze on every crevice of my body and the lack of orgasms frustrated me.

I shout to the audience if anyone wants to dance with me on the stage. I immediately see a tall Korean girl run stark naked, her tits bouncing free with her small but rock-hard dark nipples. Her body leads down to her firm, taut stomach, and a nice hairy bush. She immediately starts twerking like a crazed barbarian to the joys of the crowd, her pasty white ass blowing free to the world. With each aggressive shake she does, her ass bounces and spreads wide, showing her clean asshole to the crowd, which I see on the big screen. Her large labia blew free in the wind and did a little dance.

I rush up to her and start grinding my dick on her face. The softness and cuteness she emits make me grab the knot from my costume and rip it off, throwing it to the crowd in front of me. Now we are both completely naked with the cameras and lights on us.

Amazingly, her eyes pop out of her skull, and she moans deeply. I turn her around in the heat of passion so that she is facing the crowd. I grind on her bubbly ass as the song ‘Short Dick Man’ continues. In tune with my grinding, she starts twerking on my dick. The electricity on my dick makes me moan like a caveman.

In a frustrated frenzy, I tell her to “Suck this dick.”

She immediately complied and stared at my face as she got both dick and balls to her mouth. She tries to get more, but there’s not enough dick. I close my eyes and grunt at the sky. The camerawoman pans to the side so everyone knows I have a micropenis.

“Don’t want no short dick man,” chants the women of the crowd in a drunken frenzy.

In turn, the Korean stands up, turns to face me, and whispers that I want this cunt fucked, as she gives it a slap with the impact making her tits and labia jiggle. I immediately comply, bending her over, giving the crowd a view of us on the side, and fucking her like a rabbit doggy. To my surprise, she is extremely wet, like a fountain of holy water leaking from her sex, and she moans. Does she really enjoy my microscopic dick fucking her?

Hmm…yeah…yeah…harder, Daddy,” she screams.

The crowd records and laughs at the comical scene. A sexy woman with massive breasts bouncing in the air, moaning like a bitch possessed by a little thimble. The electricity in my nub rose like a crescendo. I quickly throw her to the ground and spread those milky white smooth legs as wide as they can, with her pussy facing the crowd. I kneel and begin fucking get with gusto.

Her hands firmly grip my back, and she moans, “This is so fucking sexy, all eyes on me and my throbbing cunt. Your dick feels so good in my pussy. ”

I now move harder than ever before, feeling my ass jiggle with as much intensity as her tits. Her moans build up.

“Uh…Ah…uuiuhj…UHHH…UHHH. OHH FUCKING SHIT,” she screams in an ear-piercing shriek that people above could hear.

With that, I get my hand while keeping my dick in her and rub her clit in rapid fever. Streaks of liquid explode like a nuke on my chest, face, and groin until it looks like I’ve fallen face-first into a puddle of water. The explosive fireworks lasted 30 seconds. In the end, she pushes me off, ruining my orgasm, and stands me up facing the crowd, puts her hand on my ass, and jerks me off in rapid succession. Looking forward, I see flashing lights of cameras and groups of girls pointing their pinkies at me while winking.

And finally, I catch my eyes on the blonde woman. She drops her short shorts from her sexy cat costume and shows her glistening pussy, with her moist excrement overflowing. With that, I erupt like a raging volcano onto the crowd. The dunk girls from below lap my jizz aggressively. It’s like they haven’t drunk anything in years. I guess they realized cum from a micropenis is still cum. Others continued their recording of the spectacle in front.

With post-nut clarity, I look at the Korean woman and enjoy her lustful gaze, we kiss each other, and I tell her my phone number, hoping she will remember. She says she will, and I look at her taut, womanly body for the last time, say my goodbyes, and leave the stage. I also say my goodbyes to the blonde woman which she responds with

“Hope to see you again, baby dick,” as she gives me a naughty slap on the ass.

The crowd chants the song of ‘Short Dick Man’ toward me as I wave them all a long and heartfelt goodbye for the fun I had and the orgasm I got.


Home Again…

I moan to myself as I put my bare ass on my couch and rejoice at the fun I had as I stare at my thimble dick. I got a message from Abigail yesterday questioning me on what I’ve been doing with lots of laughing emojis and telling me to check Fox News. I do as she asks, and to my shock, I see myself on stage spreading my ass. I realize, to my surprise, that the whole world will see what I’ve been doing at that party. The thought makes me get horny again.

But I control myself and do not jerk off. I checked Reddit, too, to see if my antics were mentioned there, and fortunately, it was. It was the top post. I read the top comments questioning why such a hot woman would fuck a small dick like that man (me) or how I could dare to take my clothes off as I did. With a grin, I decided to go to bed, not bothering to put my clothes back on.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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