Adventures of a Micropenis 1

By DangerousDomain.

Chapter 1 The World.

Enthusiastically, I woke up in my king-sized bed from my happy slumber for the day that awaited me. I was born with a micropenis, which means that my days and experience with women are easy and enjoyable, though twisted. I’ll explain that in detail later.

I want to explain that since the great plague, men with penises bigger than what is considered a micro, which is pretty much every man, have lost their sexual drive and will only mate for children. Also, men have lost interest in societal power, with all politicians being women. It seems that this plague has skipped out on us less-endowed folks. The reason, however, is still a mystery.

Some speculate it is a secret scheme to stop wasting time seeking short-term pleasure and to return to an age of discipline and hard work. Why micropenises were excluded may be because of what many call ‘small dick energy,’ where these short dick men would fear getting ridiculed and exposed means the supposed government had nothing to fear.

The answer, however, will always remain a mystery.

However, this small dick energy is not an outlandish insecurity we hold. It is justified and expected with the virus’s effect on women. They would always laugh and tease, but now, the phrase SPH has become mainstream, with many women over eighteen interested in ridiculing and mocking small appendages. Again the real reason is indeed a mystery. Still, one thing for certain is that all men with micropenises will never expose themselves to their lustful eyes to feast at extreme vulnerability and humiliation.

What scientists have discovered thus far, however, is that when women mock micropenises, they become stimulated sexually. Also, the ringing laughter of other women when they look at it stimulates like a pack of hyenas looking at food. That being said, they still constantly crave a big, thick dick to ram them, so around half the women we meet dress provocatively in a futile attempt for a good fuck.

Now, I said I woke up enthusiastically. The reason why my excitement is prevalent is that I have a sex drive, and not only that, I love showing off my literal nub of a penis, where it is a ‘flaccid inny’ soft. It’s just the penis crease visible when soft. And when erect, it’s one and a half inches hard, where you only see the head. The feeling of people’s public nudity is something I crave. Seeing the shocked faces of women turn into full-on guffaws, the infamous raising of the pinky or the pinching fingers, or even then raising their phones to post it everywhere, I love it! With the plague, it’s not only completely legal but encouraged for men to get naked, and women crave the sight of men.

Now. I woke up and got dressed in a plain t-shirt and shorts, no underwear needed, with my keys, and onto the outside world seeking an adventure.


Chapter 2 The Mall

Ahh, the grand plaza mall at the edge of the town. I park my lifted truck right by the entrance of the building. Upon entering, I am greeted by the luscious cold AC and a swarm of people of various backgrounds and shapes mingling and walking about. I’m excited. I ponder how to get my rocks off and go to Victoria’s secret.

Similarly, a nice cold breeze washes over a room, and to my corner, I see a group of five teenagers giggling and talking amongst themselves. One mature woman with big breasts and thick glasses wearing a dress a couple of sizes too small, where I can see a slight crevice of her pale white lower ass cheek. My leering was interrupted by an attractive store clerk asking me if I needed help.

This store clerk resembled the opposite of the mature women. Young, tanned skin, a boyish figure with a few cute freckles splattered sporadically. I replied, “Yes, I want to see the lingerie section.”

“Of course, sir. What size is your wife?” she asked.

“Oh, these are not for my wife. They are for me!” I reply confidently and happily.

“Oh right, sir,” apprehensively says the clerk as we get to the section.

Looking at the impressive selection in front of me, I look for the more revealing and humiliating panties and find the perfect pair, a nice bright pink thong. I pick it out in a hurry and ask if there are any changing rooms, which we go into.

The changing room is spacious at the back, with a thick, velvety curtain and a large full-body mirror. I take my shirt and shorts off and leave them on the floor, secretly hoping one of those bawdy teenagers grab it from below the curtain to leave me here buck-naked. Turning to the left, I gaze at the mirror to find a normal male body with a little mushroom sporting. It is just the head and all I murmur with glee.

“Time for the panties then,” I say hurriedly.

When I realized, pulling it up, it did not fit me at all, and I realized upon answering the saleswoman question from earlier I never gave her my size, and it was far too big for me! As I ponder, I think of just walking out and talking to the saleswomen, but my nerves rapidly come up, stressing my body. You see, I fantasized heavily about all this, but to do it is another thing. I focused on starting small and calling the saleswoman for help.

She slightly opens the curtain and is shocked to see me in just a thong. Her eyes wander down to see a lack of endowment present anywhere. I tell myself mentally I would love to know what she is thinking here. Instead, I turn around and show her my very visible ass cheeks while slightly bending over, telling her it’s a couple of sizes too big and would like a smaller one.

In a rather expected and husky tone, she pinches my left ass cheek and says, “I’ll help you with that, baby.”


“Let’s go,” she said with a slight smile as she put her arm around my ass to guide me.

“Umm, but people can see both my ass cheeks and cock”

“But you didn’t mind showing me your sexy ass earlier. I’ve even given it a little pinch! So please don’t be shy. Besides, I’m not seeing much,” she said with a playful wink.

I exit the changing room in my thong, feeling like a fire in a dark room. Immediately, that mature, busty woman notices me and stares boldly at my ass cheeks and then shifts her gaze to my cock. Her face shows confusion for obvious reasons, but she conveniently stands a few paces behind and pretends to look for lingerie while keeping an eye on me and my ass.

As the saleswomen and I gaze at the smaller-sized thongs to my left, I see that same small crowd of teenagers giggling and murmuring to themselves. Two of them even have their phones out! As my excitement is gaining, my micropenis is getting hard, but still, no bulge is present. That is until the store clerk notices my thong slipping off and stands right behind me, where I can feel her warm, moist breathing latching around my skin.

She whispers, “Do you want to be publicly embarrassed and exposed to everyone?”

My horniness and exhibitionist side kicked in for me to give a resounding, “Yes, baby. I want my little baby dick exposed to all these women,” in a horny and submissive manner.

She then unexpectedly gives me a massive wedgie with a hard slap on the ass, forcing me to moan, making the crowd shocked and giggle. Unfortunately (or fortunately ), it’s made my erect penis very visible to everyone. A tiny nub peeks out of my now skin-tight thong to a crowd of interested onlookers.


Chapter 3 Shame

General silence in the store quickly turned into loud, deafening screeches, almost like a bunch of manic harpies. The woman behind me, pointing at me with genuine tears in her eyes at the hilarity; the teens raising their pinkies recording me no longer in any secretive manner; and the ravenous saleswoman pressing and grinding on my ass cheek. The cute, slender saleswoman from earlier was gone and instead became a fiend that sought to humiliate. The best part is I want it all. Please give it to me! My arousal and lust were unleashed.

“You want to come into my store and expose that eeny-weeny to us?” she says while grabbing my ass even harder, giving it a few good smacks for good measure.

“Mmmmm, yeah, I love to show off my micropenis. I love showing off my one-and-a-half-inch hard tiny pecker to you beautiful women,” I said while pinching my fingers and looking at the teens recording me with a smile.

“If that’s what you want, have it then,” she almost cries with pure passion, pulling up my thong again.

The feeling of it going up my ass crack makes me yell and moan, and I am met with boisterous laughter around me. At the pinnacle of the wedgie, her surprising raw strength, perhaps from sheer horniness, managed to pull me off the ground, resulting in more wailing from me until the thong completely ripped apart mercifully, leaving me stark naked.

“Your baby dick is buck-naked here with all these sexy girls watching and laughing at you,” she whispers hoarsely into my ear while firmly holding onto my waist.

“Mmm, yeah, I want them to see everything!”

She pushes me toward the teens while inviting the MILF over, which she jogs over, giggling to get front-row seats. The saleswoman behind me, holding both my arms behind me, looks over and down at my loins. “I’ve never seen a cock so tiny before,” she said.

The mature woman replies, “Yep, they always hide it with their small dick energy!”

All the teens collectively murmur in agreement. At this point, I am rock hard and so horny I can’t control myself and beg anyone to jerk my clit while staring at the camera still recording. The saleswoman puts out her delicate soft thumb and finger while smirking, giving me a nice slow finger job.

“You like those girls looking at your baby dick?” she asked me.

“Mmm, ladies get a nice look and film any crevice you want,” I responded desperately.

At that statement, she starts jerking extremely fast while sticking her finger in my ass, just outside the hole, undulating, making me stick my ass out, while the crowd giggles, making the pinching hand signs at me.

“Mmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, don’t stop. Jerk my microdick. Yeah, yeah.”

The sexy mature woman lifted her skirt slightly and realized she wore no panties. With wide eyes, I glare and thrust my hips like a madman, humping the saleswoman’s fingers and air while my ass bumps into her pussy.

The beautiful sight of the MILF’s slightly protruding labia, with a pink hue, makes me horny, and just then, I see a see-through drop of a liquid drop from her cunt, which makes me look at her and she gives me a happy wink and a little wave of her pinky finger.

“Mmm… Don’t stop. Yeah, ooh, yeah. Look at my baby dick, ladies. Mmmm….”

I feel the cum about to explode like a nuke onto the pristine white floor of Victoria’s Secret, and my ass clenches in anticipation of this ecstasy. Then, to my horror, the saleswoman stops jerking me off. I am left humping the ground begging the camera for the short dick man to cum hard to the sea of women who have witnessed my humiliation, but one hard ass slap jolts me back to reality.

“The store is closed, and you must leave,” the saleswoman sternly said.


Chapter 4 The Store is Closed

The saleswoman thanks the ladies and urges them to leave to close the store, which reluctantly they did. The older woman invites herself to smack my tender ass as she does, and the teens continue muttering to each other, stating that it’s so funny that my dick is so tiny and my ass is red.

I only want to walk to the changing room to get changed, and she sticks her hand to stop the curtain from closing.

“What’s the matter, little dick? You enjoy having your ass and baby carrot out for sexy girls to see, so why are you getting dressed?” she asks curiously.

Perhaps she enjoys humiliating me too?

“Mmm, your right, but you are closing, so I have nothing to do,” I said.

“So? Then I want you to streak!”


“Mmm, yeah, baby. Walk with me. I’ll take you to your car. My name is Abigail, by the way,” she says as she assertively walks to me and rubs my nipples, staring at my micropenis, making me moan in pleasure.

“Mmm, OK, sexy Abigail,” I say with a wink due to my horniness. “Let’s go,” I state nervously but excitedly.

And just like that, Abigail got my truck keys, and she threw my clothes out in the trash on the way out while looking at me with a wicked grin. I stand outside waiting for her to finish the shop, and to my sorrow, nobody’s outside, but regardless the feeling of my exposed ass and feet make me extremely shrouded as I wait in agony for her to come.

“OK, let’s go, baby dick,” she says, holding my hand with an excited grin. “I’m afraid many people have left the mall by now, so only a few girls will see your micropenis. However, there’ll be many people outside who will look at it,” she said as we walked side by side, holding hands.

While walking to the exit, I was rushed by two short twins with similar features and body types that were slender and very short, both clearly of Asian background, Perhaps Japanese? Nevertheless, their attire struck me the most; one was wearing a miniskirt with a tight crop top, her nipples hard and pointing at me. The other is wearing a tight dress where I can see the outline of her sexy figure, no curves but tight and supple.

To the dismay of everyone involved, my blind wild horniness made me reach out to cup the girl’s crop top, resulting in Abigail’s slap on my penis.

“Ahhhh,” I screamed, falling to my knees, realizing I had an audience of about thirty scattered around watching in the distance.

Some were laughing, and others were recording the degradation on their phones. ‘I’m going to be infamous after today,’ I thought as the pain in my penis stopped.

Abigail screamed, allowing more onlookers to hear and see what was happening. “You have small dick energy from trying to grope a girl and an actual small dick,” she yelled.

Which onlookers found hilarity in. The girls, however, started singing the short dick man song, “Eenie-weenie, teenie-weenie,” to which even Abigail giggled slightly.

Perhaps those girls just wanted to embarrass me further by pointing out what everyone thinks I think to myself.

She wanted me to apologize to those girls, which I genuinely did, making my dick soft to add embarrassment and humor to all involved. And then she told me to turn around and go on all fours, which I did questioningly. To address the large audience that gathered over the screaming and chanting from earlier, she stated that this humiliation lesson would never make me do something like this again. She ordered me to spread my ass cheeks to the shock of the girls and onlookers, which I did since I was horny from my abject humiliation.

The two girls begin openly laughing at me and pull out their phones and ask her, not me if they can take a picture which she happily agrees. They approach and put their hands on my ass which makes me moan, to the enjoyment of the girls, and they take a close zoomed-up picture of my humiliating parts to keep forever.

It is then she stands me up, and with a slap on my already burning ass, making me yelp, she makes me walk to the truck with the crowd in the background chanting, “Small dick energy. Small dick energy….”

Finally, after much humiliation, I tell her this is my transportation, which makes her giggle. “Of course, you need a big truck to overcompensate for a baby peen,” she said as she wiggled her pinky finger.

She gives me my keys from her purse and hands them to me. She stands there gazing into my eyes while biting her lip.

“You know, I had a lot of fun today. I was hoping we could be friends?” Abigail says in a hopeful manner, which for the first time, I realized she’d shown any nervousness the entire day.

“Well, let’s see, you gave me a painful wedgie, stopped me from an orgasm, made me spread my asshole to about forty women who have filmed it and will be uploaded who knows where. How could I say no?” I respond with a cheeky grin.

“Mmm, well, you are my favorite little incey-wincey, eenie-weenie, teenie-weenie shriveled little short dick man,” Abigail said as she rubbed my ass cheeks.

Then she spread my ass cheeks for the onlooking audience, who were shocked and giggled. We exchange goodbyes, I give her my number, and I ride back, still stark naked home. The ride home was uneventful. With my massive truck, nobody could see me. I pondered that maybe later, I would change to a small, low car that people could see inside from outside.


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*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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