A Trio of Mean Girls 2

By Dio1511.


Read Part One Here…


Part Two…

After my adventure with the girls the previous weekend, I went home and rubbed out three more orgasms, my cock boiling with lust from what had happened. I fell asleep after the last one. All my strength has left me with my jizz.

On the following Monday, I went back to school. No longer aroused, I was aware of how awkward things would be now that those girls knew about my “little” secret. I wanted to keep my head down, but I knew it’d be impossible while I was still working in their group.

In the hallway, I spotted Gina talking to her friends. We briefly locked eyes, and she held up her thumb and index finger, pinching them close together as if to say she was fully intending on bringing up my undersized cock whenever she could and fully intending to humiliate me for it.

Embarrassed but also a little aroused, I rushed off to class. I had English as my first class of the day, and when I entered the dreary room, I shrank into my seat, trying to be as invisible as possible. Unfortunately for me, Emily also had English at the same time as me, and she swaggered in shortly after I sat down, looking as bitchy (and sexy) as ever.

On this particular day, she had on a fairly tight, form-fitting indigo dress. It had an opening that showed a generous amount of cleavage, and her creamy white jugs jiggled quite a bit with every swaying step she took. They were soft, pillowy mountains that were just barely concealed by the thin strings that were holding her dress together. Her torso certainly didn’t detract from her shapely hips, which were attached to a lovely, fat white girl ass that jutted out behind her, straining against the fabric of her dress. Her smooth, enticing thighs flowed down sultrily from her hips, while the black heels she was wearing added to her height and made her seem intimidatingly hot.

She confidently plopped down in her seat, which was directly across from me on the other side of the room. When she crossed her legs, I had a clear view of those powerful thighs that rose into the opening in her dress, leaving me trying to sneakily grab a glimpse to see if I could spot what underwear she was wearing. Finally, though dark and scarcely visible in the shadows, I managed to snag a peek of what appeared to be hot pink panties.

She coughed slightly, and as I looked up, her piercing blue eyes glared directly into mine. She caught me checking her out, and I was scared of what she might do in retaliation. She smugly brushed several strands of her dirty blonde hair off of her face and gave me a quick smirk before turning her attention back to her phone.

I sat through the mind-numbing class, half asleep and half aroused from the eye candy in front of me. When the bell rang, I got my backpack and stood to get up. As I was walking out the door, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around and saw Emily looking me up and down.

“Keep walking. I don’t want this to look too suspicious,” she commanded.

I went along with what she said and continued a brisk pace alongside her. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to sneakily check her buxom figure out of the corner of my eye.

“So, what exactly do you want?” I inquired.

She swung her head in my direction with a sadistic twinkle in her eye.

“Did you already forget what happened last weekend?” Then, she venomously added, “The other girls and I have A LOT of dirt on you, so you’ll have to answer to us now unless you want your ‘tiny problem’ to be found out by everyone.”

I blushed and felt my face reddening, knowing that I was at the mercy of these cruel sluts.

“Anyway,” she resumed, “I want you to come over to my place today. Be there at four o’clock, little buddy.”

With that, we parted ways, but not before she took a chance to reach down and give my crotch a gentle squeeze, giving me a mischievous grin while doing so. I watched her plump, round behind, walk away, feeling my cock hardening, although thanks to my size, it was invisible in my sweatpants.


I was sitting in the library later that day, doing my homework. Having forgotten all about what happened earlier that morning, I was surprised when I got a notification on my phone about a text from Emily.

I opened my messages and saw that she’d sent me a video. I opened it up, and my jaw dropped. It was a video of her in the school bathroom. Her dress hiked up with her fat pussy lips spread wide open, giving me a clear view of her pink, swollen pussy as she fingered it with her other hand. Her tits were out in the open, spilling out of her dress as she gave me an HD look at her soaking wet cunt.

She followed it up immediately with another text.

Don’t show that to anyone if you know what’s good for you. I hope this gives you some more incentive to not flake on our meeting later today, baby dick.

My cock was throbbing hard, and my sweatpants had a small wet spot from all the precum.

I was gonna get up to go to the bathroom and rub one out, but her next text dashed my hopes.

Oh, and as horny as you might be from a real woman taking pity and letting you see the goods that’ll never be yours, you better not touch yourself before you come over. Trust me, I’ll know 😉

My cock was aching with desire, but I knew I’d be in for it if I disobeyed her. So I went about the rest of the day, my balls aching, eagerly awaiting an opportunity for release.


The class ended at around three, so I hung around in the library for a while. Emily’s house was only about five minutes away on foot, so I planned on relaxing until then.

At about three-forty-five pm, I gathered my things and went to Emily’s house. I walked quickly, fearing how she might act if I were late.

I soon found myself standing on the sidewalk in front of her house. She wasn’t quite as rich as Gina, but she still lived in an upper-middle-class neighborhood with a decent-sized house. The atmosphere of the perfect-looking house and the fancy foreign car parked in the driveway suited Emily away. The house gave off the impression that its owners were superior, and Emily certainly subscribed to that line of thinking.

Steeling my nerves, I texted Emily and asked if she was home. She swiftly responded that the door was open and no one else was home, telling me to come in.

I took a deep breath to quell my anxiety, my heart beating fiercely. I walked up, opened the door, and stepped inside her house.

Just like its exterior, the inside of the house felt stuck up and snooty. I took a few steps and figured out the lay of the land. The living room was direct to one’s left when walking through the door, and the kitchen was on the right. At the end of the short corridor was a flight of stairs leading to the second floor.

“If it’s you, Leo, then come upstairs. My room is the first one on the right,” Emily called out, her voice muffled.

This was it. I’d have to confront her and whatever she had in mind for me. I hobbled up the stairs, my legs shaking from anticipation and arousal.

In no time at all, I found myself turning into her room and walking in. She was sitting on her bed, texting someone on her phone, and cast a glance my way when I stepped inside.

“Oh good, you made it,” she muttered.

She was wearing the same purple dress as earlier, but something about her seemed, I’m not sure, sluttier? She was attractive enough that morning, but now she gave off less and fewer vibes of a beautiful woman and more the impression that she was a dirty whore looking to get fucked. Her aesthetic beauty was pushed to the side in favor of raw sex appeal. Her chest seemed to be perkier and firmer, so maybe she was wearing a push-up bra? Her legs were now covered up, but in black pantyhose, that gave the opposite effect of modesty. Her face was caked in makeup, her eyes alluringly dark, her cheeks flushed with youthful color, and her lips a vivid red and deliciously pouty.

She winked and beckoned me to come to sit down next to her. I tentatively sat down beside her, the intoxicatingly sweet and flowery fragrance of her perfume clouding my mind and nostrils.

“So, you’re probably wondering why I called you over,” she began. “Well, later tonight, I have a date with my boyfriend, Mike. Hence why I’m dressed to kill,” she accentuated that part by grabbing her busty chest and giving it a couple of squeezes.

“But I also wanted to have some fun with you. You have sort of a cute face, and I kind of want to try giving your little pecker a chance.”

My mouth dried up. Was she actually insinuating what I thought she was…?

“Of course, given your lack of endowment, I don’t actually think I’ll enjoy it much, and it’s more out of pity than actual desire. Although, it does kind of turn me on to treat you like the little dicked boy that you are.”

Her comments stung a bit, but the words sent blood pumping into my cock. I felt ecstatic at this vixen degrading me.

“So basically, I want you to warm me up for my date later tonight. I think it’s a win-win for both of us. I get nice and ready for my hung stud, and you get to lose your virginity to a girl who’s way above your weight class.”

My chest felt constricted, and my hands were trembling. I looked at her face, painted to look like a cheap skank for her boyfriend, and as soon as we made eye contact, she leaned forward and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

The kiss caught me off guard, and I felt like I nearly came (or passed out, I’m not sure) from that alone.

I was stunned, but as she kept pressing her lips to mine, I slowly kissed her back. I put my arms around her and felt her soft body through her dress.

We continued to make out for a bit before I grew a bit bold and moved my hand further south. I tried to grab at her ass, but at once, she brushed my hand off and pulled away.

She gave me a snide look and said, “Nuh-uh, little guys like you don’t get to make the moves. I’m nice enough to grant you access to my perfect body, so you’ll have to play by my rules and follow my lead.”

She got closer to me, and while I thought she’d go for another kiss, she instead pulled her tits out of her dress. I ogled her luscious boobs, round and pale, soft and jiggly, the nipples pink and perky. She gestured for me to get closer.

I reached out and closed my hand over her right breast. It was very soft, and I gave it a couple of light squeezes. Then, I leaned my head forward and brought her melons close to my face. I stuck out my tongue and flicked it across her petite, erect nipples. She gave a few soft moans, her voice implying she was enjoying it. I continued to kiss, lick, and squeeze her boons for a bit before she pulled away and decided to move on.

She pulled her dress up and directed my hands to her ass, this time permitting me to feel her up. Despite carrying a bit more fat on her frame than the other girls, her ass was wonderfully sculpted, and it was clear that playing sports tightened up the muscles underneath. Again, I sunk my hands into her ass, feeling the soft flesh give way and jiggle around my fingers.

“I know this must be fun for you and all,” she said, “But I have a date scheduled soon after this, so you’re gonna need to hurry up.”

She took my hand and guided it to the front.

I rubbed her thigh. Even through her dark pantyhose, her legs were smooth, white, and radiating heat. I got a little bit braver and started moving my hand up her thigh. I was worried she might have ordered me to stop, but I guess she was more worried about being on time for her boyfriend, so she just let me continue.

I brought my hand close to where her legs fed into her pelvis. I briefly made eye contact, and she shrugged as if to say, ‘go ahead.’

I placed my hand right over her crotch and could feel the damp heat of her pussy through the pink satin panties. I rubbed her gently through her underwear, which elicited a few sighs of pleasure. I continued to run my hands over her and felt her panties getting wetter. Finally, she took things a step further and pulled her panties down. I took a good look at her slutty little hole. Aroused as she was, it looked perverse and hungry. I slowly stuck a bit of my index finger inside, and she shuddered from the sensation. Inside her folds, my finger was getting suffocated by her wet walls, which were hungrily clamping down on it. I fingered her for a while longer, sliding my index in and out.

“Okay, that’s enough foreplay. We need to cut to the chase,” she announced decidedly.

She stuck her hands down my pants and grabbed my cock. She giggled at how she could fit much of it in her palm. Then, she made me stand up and pulled my pants down.

My unimpressive member sprang out at full mast.

“Oh my god, it’s still so fucking funny to see that little thing between your legs. It’s gotta be like, what, four inches? And it’s pretty thin, so you can’t compensate with girth either. It doesn’t look much thicker than a pen. I actually think your finger was thicker,” she whispered, her cocky smirk widening slowly into a grin.

She reached out to grab it. My tiny cock throbbed when I felt her wrap her fingers around it. At its full length, the head was barely visible when she wrapped her hand around my dick.

“Holy shit, my hand practically makes your little wee-wee disappear!” She gasped slightly and was struggling to hold her laughter back.

“Well, whatever,” she said. She rolled her eyes and gave my dick a few gentle tugs. Then, she snickered and opened her hand, now grabbing it with her thumb, index, and middle finger. She smiled devilishly as she started jerking me off with just three fingers.

“Honestly, I think even three fingers might be too much. Two might be better suited for your little buddy.”

It was all getting to be too much for me, and I could feel my cock start to throb and twitch in her grasp. I guess she caught on because of my face, so she started jerking even faster. She brought both hands together so that she could catch my load, and I wouldn’t spill all over her and her bed. My head felt light, and I shot a huge load all over her hands in no time at all. Her eyes widened a bit as she saw the rather ropes of cum fly from my underwhelming cock and balls. I left her hands sticky and splattered with small globs of thick jizz.

“Wow, not only are you small, but you’re fast? I feel bad for any girl that’s dumb enough to date you,” she mused.

“Well, you coated my hands, so you better fix it yourself!” She thrust her dainty hands in my face and made me clean them with my tongue.

I felt degraded, but I knew I’d have to listen. So I ran my tongue all over her hands and made sure not a drop was left.

“Holy shit, it’s even funnier when it’s soft!” She was laughing without restraint now.

I looked down and saw that while soft, my cock shrunk down to less than half its size, now just under two inches and as thick as a pen cap.

She regained her composure and said she’d do what she set out to do. She grabbed my dick again with her fingers and started jerking it fairly quickly. I winced a little since it was sensitive, but I was really backed up from earlier today, and I was willing to push myself a bit.

She jerked for about a minute, but since it was so soon after my last load, it did little besides rubbing my sensitive dick raw. Then, she made a strange face and suddenly leaned forward and took my cock in her pretty red lips.

The wet, soft, and warm confines of her mouth were like heaven to my cock. She sucked and sucked and sucked, and in a matter of seconds, my dick was at full length again, ready for more. She pulled her head away and chuckled.

“Even at full length, I can easily fit the whole thing in my mouth. I could deepthroat it without trying if you could call it deepthroating with something so small.”

She said she didn’t have a whole lot of time left before her date would come to pick her up, so she climbed up onto the bed and spread her long legs wide, her pussy spread and its depths calling me in. She said she was on birth control, so we could do it raw.

“Aren’t you worried about cheating on your boyfriend?” I asked apprehensively.

She raised an eyebrow and responded with, “I’m pretty sure you’re not big enough for it to count as cheating. This is more out of curiosity and pity than anything else. Plus, I am kind of a hoe.”

I shrugged off the thought, eager to stuff my cock inside. Instead, I climbed up on top of her and slid my cock in. The feeling of her slippery wet cunt around my cock was divine, and I started driving my hips back and forth.

“Wait, is it already in!?” She asked incredulously.

She really knew how to push my buttons, though I suspected she wasn’t entirely exaggerating about it, given how much she slept around and the bigger guys she was used to.

“Well, let’s just hope you last longer this round.”

She kept complaining about how little it was and that the thinness made it so she couldn’t feel anything. I felt stings of humiliated pleasure course through me with every wicked jab she made at my size. I kept thrusting inside her pussy, although it didn’t feel very tight around my slender cock. She complained that even my finger felt better than my dick.

The sight of her whorish face making those bitchy remarks at me while her fat tits flopped about in front of me was getting to be too much to bear. I started humping faster, my breath getting shallow and my balls tightening. She made a confused face as she picked up on what was happening. I started grabbing at her tits, squeezing and molesting them with my hands.

“No way, you’re not gonna-”

I grunted as I drove my hips as far forward as I could, my balls clenching and relaxing several times as I spilled every last drop of semen I had as deep as my little cock could inside her.

She threw her head back and laughed maliciously.

“You really are a premature little guy, aren’t you? Well, make sure you take care of that mess of yours,” she commanded.

I bent down to her soaked pussy. There wasn’t much indication she’d been fucked, besides the white streams of my cum. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her crotch.

I licked, kissed, and suckled on her sloppy pussy, eagerly cleaning up my mess and making sure her cunt was in pristine condition for her boyfriend later, if only rather wet. She made me swallow down every drop of my salty cum out of her pussy, saying she needed to be clean for her man later tonight.

After I was done, she told me to get dressed and leave since her date would show up at any moment.

“Honestly, I fucked you because I thought it’d be nice prep for my boyfriend’s massive cock, but I think even using my fingers would’ve been more effective,” she murmured.

She quickly shooed me out of her house, promising me she might reward me later but that I certainly hadn’t had the last of my punishment at the hands of her or the other girls.

I walked home, my cock shriveled up and drained from my experience. It was degrading, yes, but also very satisfying.


I was sitting in my room later that night when I got another text from Emily. Several in a row, in fact.

She sent me videos and pics of her fucking her well-endowed boyfriend, Mike.

Mike’s cock was nearly double the length of mine and appeared to have over a whole inch of girth more than me. It was spreading her pussy apart and slamming deep into her. Unlike when she was with me, she was crying out deep, visceral moans of unrestrained lust. Her cunt was stretched out wide to accommodate the vast length and girth of his bigger cock.

When she tried to blow him, it was a stark contrast to mine since she had to struggle to fit most of it in her mouth while she could deep throat me with ease. Whereas her one hand nearly covered mine, she had to use both hands to fully grab his cock.

When she rode him, cowgirl, I saw the clearest difference in size. She plopped her ass up and down on his big, thick cock, the force causing her plump booty to ripple every time his cock entered her stretched hole. She twerked her fat ass up and down all over his dick, her submissive persona complete shift in attitude from her domineering self earlier. She was a total, utter slut for her well-endowed stud.

I was rubbing my cock through my pants, sore and sensitive as I was.

I opened up her last two pics, which showed off the results of her dick appointment from the front and pack. Her makeup was running and smeared all over her face. Her eyes were dark and slightly teary, while her lipstick was smudged all over her mouth. Her tits and ass had bright red handprints all over them, having been brutally groped and worshipped. Her pantyhose was torn up, and her panties were completely gone. Her pussy looked much more torn apart and raw than when I last saw it. Her labia was swollen and puffy, the pink insides of her cunt were leaning more towards a rougher red. Her stud’s cum was oozing out of her well-fucked and well-used hole.

Her smile was a naughty, evil one.


For several days after my encounter with Emily, I found myself doing nothing but rubbing my cock senselessly to the memory of fucking her loose cunt while she humiliated me, and the videos and pictures she sent of her very hung boyfriend.

However, Emily wasn’t the only girl who had plans in mind for me. Gina, the bitchy one, schemed up some devilish machinations of her own. On an otherwise normal Thursday, I found out just what they were…

I came to school with my dick still grinding against my jeans, despite having blown three loads the previous night to the footage Emily sent me. I was in a state of near-perpetual arousal from everything that had happened to me recently.

The day was ordinary, for the most part. I went through my boring classes in my boring schedule. That is until I got to gym class.


I had gym class towards the end of the day. Being that everyone was a senior now, no one really cared to do much, so, for the most part, the teachers let it slide as long as we did some barebones minimum participation. However, on this particular day, the teacher didn’t feel like doing anything, so we were sent outside to play football or walk for the entire period. Coincidentally, while she wasn’t in my specific class, Gina also had gym class during this period, and all the teachers agreed to send us outside.

I stepped outside into the glare of the dry, heavy sun, the wind brushing gently against my face. The relaxed atmosphere did nothing to quell my paranoia over chancing an encounter with Gina. I stuck towards the inside of the cluster of students walking outside and tried to keep a low profile.

“Did you know that dorky guy has a small dick?”

The sadistic voice sent chills down my spine as I recognized who it came from, and I heard two other female voices erupt into a fit of barely suppressed giggles.

My plan had backfired! Despite trying to avoid a confrontation with that cunt Gina, I positioned myself right in front of her. I couldn’t bring myself to turn around and face her, so I kept walking, feigning obliviousness to the scornful laughter of the cruelly amused high school whores behind me.

My face felt hot out of embarrassment, and I struggled to keep myself composed.

“Yeah, his thing is barely four inches when hard, and it’s so thin too!”

The girls kept laughing at my expense. I walked briskly and stoically, showing no outward emotion despite the humiliation I was enduring.

Eventually, we reached the football field, though not before Gina viciously dug into my masculinity with dozens of harsh comments about my size. I was planning to sit it out on the bleachers, but life had other plans, it seemed.

I went to sit down and took note that Gina and her friends sat down a couple of rows directly above me.

While I tried to drown out the outside world by playing on my phone, the incessant noise from the girls was showing no signs of stopping. Until suddenly, it did.

It was slightly disconcerting to hear all the chatter vanish so abruptly. I stopped and listened for a second, then felt a hand on my shoulder.

I looked at the long, pink fingernails and up the thickset arm to see one of Gina’s friends eyeing me. She was a slightly chubby blonde, with a massive pair of tits enclosed in a white crop top and way too much makeup on her face to make her look prettier. Along with her top, she wore a pair of black tights pulled up extremely high on her waist, leaving a glimpse of her stomach available. It was pretty obvious she was trying to hide a bit of unwanted stomach fat, meaning she wasn’t supermodel hot, unlike the vapid chicks that Gina typically hung with. Gina likely kept her around either as a means of validation since she looked better by comparison or because the girl appeared to be somewhat wealthy. Either way, her money enabled her to look decent even at her size, and her thickset frame outweighed mine, which made her seem quite intimidating.

“Get up. My friend wants to speak to you,” she said.

I started to protest, but she gave me a look that made my heart skip a beat.

I stood up and followed her. She guided me behind the bleachers into a section that was practically invisible to outsiders due to the poor lighting. I saw Gina was waiting for me in a yellow dress, her tits halfway spilling out. Next to her stood another girl, an athletic black girl wearing a sports bra and a skintight pair of shorts in her very pronounced hourglass physique, made almost purely of muscle with arms more toned than my own.

Standing side by side, the girls were scary for me to face head-on. The Amazonian ebony was taller than me. She had to be about six foot one, with no shortage of muscle. The chubby blonde had a larger presence and could probably overpower me too. But Gina had a cruel bitch face that showed she meant business.

I opened my mouth to speak, but before even a syllable left my throat, Gina and her cronies lunged at me and tackled me down. I tried to wrestle back, but I had a thin frame and couldn’t handle three girls who were my size or bigger, all trying to subdue me. I soon found my body going slack, my mind and muscles no longer caring to resist whatever the girls had in store.

The Amazon had my arms pinned down, though she hardly needed to at that point. Gina stood above my face. I looked up at her dress and saw she wasn’t even wearing panties. I took in the sight of her pretty pink pussy, a pussy that had had countless boys at countless parties during her drunken, whorish escapades.

Gina sat straight down on my face, and I found my mouth being mashed into her cunt, dripping with sadistic lust. I hungrily lapped my tongue at her pink walls, eliciting a few soft moans from her. I was borderline suffocating underneath her, and when I tried to make myself more comfortable, she only brought her weight down harder. Finally, I felt a hand rub my thighs over my gym shorts. Though I couldn’t see what was going on, I could only assume the chubby blonde girl was curious about what I was packing.

Gina was bucking her hips back and forth into my face, spreading her sticky pussy juice all over me. The hot, damp scent of her cooch was getting to me, and my cock rapidly grew to full mast.

I heard a smug giggle. The thick blonde was amused at how my little cock was poking through my shorts. I felt her hands wrap around my waist. She made me raise my hips, and she yanked my shorts off.

“Ahahaha, look at it! This tiny little thing is so cute. It’s like a little munchkin. My pinky must be bigger than that!” She did not attempt to mask her glee at seeing my small dick.

I felt her warm, soft hand grab my cock and give it a few joking tugs. It throbbed in her grasp.

While the buff black girl held me down, I locked eyes with her briefly. Seeing me there, with a she-demon riding my face and a curvy basic white yanking on my short, thin dick, she gave me a cruel smirk, as if to say that I was being put in my rightful place.

Knowing that I was unlikely to resist any longer, the athlete let me go and pulled down her sports bra to let me get a glance at her perky, toned chocolate chest. She sexily stood and shook her shorts off, giving me a proper view of a massive black booty so toned that it even showed Gina. She sat back down and played with her dark nipples in front of me, pinching and prodding them till they stood as erect as my cock.

The whole scenario was overwhelming. Gina’s aggressive riding was making it hard to gather my thoughts, and the view of the perfect black tits in front of me, coupled with the awkward but agonizingly satisfying handjob, was intense. Gina grabbed tufts of my hair and pulled violently, jamming my tongue in deep as she squirted buckets out her cunt. When she finished, she let out a satisfied sigh and climbed off.

I didn’t even manage to catch my breath before Gina joined her curvy friend, and the ebony jumped on my face. If Gina was intense, then the Amazon was practically crushing my face with her strongly sculpted glutes and thighs. She was heavier, with a much firmer ass, and I found out that she was just as rough as Gina when it came to facesitting.

Meanwhile, Gina and the fat slut were laughing at my tiny cock, giving it a few pity strokes in between their venomous jabs at my masculinity. Finally, the chubby bitch wrapped her stubby fingers around my cock and gave me several firm tugs.

“Wow, Sammy, that thing completely disappears in your hands!” Gina cried.

The ebony girl on top was riding my face pretty hard and rubbing her nipples while I was diving into her dark, wet cunt. Already aroused from watching the spectacle earlier, it wasn’t long before she started swaying her hips forward and letting out soft sighs. While Gina and Sammy rubbed my little dick, the buff-brown girl dribbled her sweet cunt juice all over my face as she came.

“Was it good, Leana?” Gina asked.

“Ohhhhh fuck, you weren’t lying, Gina. This little bitch boy really is good at using his tongue. Can’t believe that white Emily wanted to hog him all to herself,” she replied.

Thoroughly satisfied, she climbed off, gave me a wink, and joined her friends in the evil handjob they were giving me. Leana chuckled when she got a good look at my stub of a cock. Next to her fit frame, it looked pathetic.

While the other two laughed and chattered, Sammy gave me long (well, as long as she could), decisive strokes. Her fingers were thicker than my cock, and she alluded to that frequently. Then, she decided to take things a step further by grabbing Leana’s discarded panties and enclosing my cock in their satin folds. Eager to wrap this up, she started rubbing faster.

Seeing what she was attempting, Gina and Leana showed off their bodies to get me to finish faster. They pushed their chests out forward and shook their hips from side to side. Leana pulled Gina towards her and kissed her, full French. Gina’s eyes bulged in apprehension. She aggressively assaulted Gina’s pretty little lips with her tongue, and while Gina resisted and tried to fight her off, her smaller frame was unable to make a serious effort.

Seeing the two sluts kiss puts me over the edge. The damp, sweaty panties were a soft little furnace around my diminutive cock, and Sammy gave several final strokes before I flooded Leana’s panties with my sticky cum. I felt them growing much thicker and wetter around my cock as my jizz filled them up.

“Oh my god, they’re so gooey and warm now, you little perv!” Sammy exclaimed.

As my orgasm ended, Leana let go of Gina. Gina tried to say something, but Leana shot her a mean look that shut her up before she even started.

“It’s getting sort of late. We should go back to class,” said Leana.

The duo walked off, leaving Sammy and me. I thought it was over, but Sammy had other plans.

“Uh-uh, you gave those bitches head, so you better do the same for me, especially on account of me being the one who rubbed your little pecker till you gooed up Leana’s underwear,” Sammy said, with a stern look in her eyes.

I sighed and accepted. Fortunately, Sammy was already pretty wet and willing, so it didn’t last long. I finished her off with my tongue, and she bent down, kissed me on the forehead, and thanked me.

I stood up to get dressed but saw that my underwear was gone. So I asked Sammy if she’d seen it.

“Hehe, Gina took it with her. She texted me and said, just to make you wear the panties you came in.”

I protested, but she shut down my arguments by threatening to tell the entire school about my tiny cock. I begrudgingly let her put Leana’s soiled panties on me. They were sticky and felt strange, rubbing up against my dick.

“Ha, your duck fits so snugly! There’s like, no bulge whatsoever!” Sammy had a smug grin as she spoke.

I blushed at how well my cock was hidden inside Leana’s panties.

Sammy and I got dressed, and we returned to what the rest of the class was doing. No one has noticed we left.

I went through the rest of the day in that cum drenched pair of panties, my own jizz coating my cock through the fabric. The soft texture of Leana’s underwear and knowing its origin gave me several hardons throughout the day.

When I got home, I rubbed my dick two more times with the panties the girls gave me.


That Friday night, I got a text from Gina.

Come to my house tomorrow morning. I have a surprise for you 😉

Following that text, she sent me a pic of her crop top pulled down and her perky tits spilling out.

I jacked off once to the picture and then went to bed, excited for what the following day would bring.


That morning, I went to Gina’s house. I had a bit of a skip in my step because of my anticipation.

I approached her luxurious house and felt my dick instinctively stir in my pants, awaiting what Gina had in store. When I rang the doorbell, she opened it to let me inside. I noted that she was covering up more than usual, but her clothes were still skin tight and showed off her form perfectly. The black yoga pants clung to her ass and draped over her legs nicely. The navy blue shirt she wore was apparently a size too small and struggled to contain her tits.

“Follow me. I have plans with another friend today, but I certainly won’t go easy on you either,” she said.

She walked to her room, and I followed close behind, once more taking in the view of her luscious hips and ass swaying tantalizingly in front of me.

“All right, here we are. Take a seat on my bed while I go call my friend,” she ordered.

I sunk into the comfortable bed and eyed her curvy body as she walked out. I had a hard-on just from watching that sexy slut boss me around. I rubbed my cock softly through my shorts, excited that I’d get a chance with Gina too.

After a short while, Gina walked back in, her face radiating a slight glow.

“Alright, everything’s set up. He should be here any minute now,” she said.

“He? I thought you said you were bringing your friends over?” I asked.

She frowned.

“Yeah, I’m bringing a GUY friend over. Well, he’s not really a friend or even someone I know, but he has a big dick. Or did you think I’d take pity like Emily did and let you thrust that little prick inside me for 30 seconds while you grunt like an animal? You’re lucky I haven’t spread the word about your little cock more than I have, loser,” she snarled.

I was about to defend myself, but before I even opened my mouth, the doorbell rang. Gina’s eyes widened.

“That’s him now. Shoo, hide in the closet. I’ll teach you a lesson about what kind of cock women like, and if you’re good, I’ll even get you off later,” she said.

She ushered me into her closet and hid me in there. I had a fairly clear view of her room through the cracks, and it was too poorly lit for anyone outside to see me there. I saw Gina jog outside and heard her footsteps get more and more distant, followed by the distant sound of a door opening.

Gina’s voice was muffled, but I could hear her chatting with the guy she invited over. Their voices got louder as they grew closer and closer to her room.

“It’s just up ahead. I can’t wait to tear your pants off and see what’s inside,” Gina said, like the vapid slut she was.

I saw them walk in and noted how odd the pair was. Gina was objectively a beautiful girl, if only very smug and conceited. But the boy she was with was shorter than her, slightly chubby, and had greasy hair above an even greasier face. Despite this, Gina acted like a giggly, airheaded schoolgirl around him.

They wasted no time in getting down to business, however. Gina started making out with him, and he was groping her body very roughly and without any hesitation. His hands were assaulting her tits and ass.

For her part, she was definitely enjoying it, let him be as aggressive as he wanted and rubbing his crotch through his pants.

He pushed her away and slapped her across the face quite viciously.

“On your knees now, slut,” he commanded.

I thought she was gonna flip, but she made a submissive face and sunk immediately. Then, she pulled his pants down and grinned when she saw what was inside.

His cock had to have been a good eight inches and even thicker than Emily’s boyfriend. The veins were bulging, and it was attached to a heavy set of balls that made for a very imposing image. I thought that a blow job was a wasted effort, but to my surprise, Gina started sucking like a pornstar. It seemed that with all the experience she’d had, even a cock as big as his was something she could handle, if just barely.

She licked and slurped all over his dick, eventually lubing it up enough to even deepthroat most of it. It made an obvious bulge in her throat when she did, and I was impressed by her lack of a gag reflex.

His throat fucked her till she was tearing up. Her face was a mess from the rough fellatio. Soon though, he wanted more than her mouth could offer.

He yanked her to her feet and threw her onto the bed.

“Alright, skank, pull those clothes aside and spread ‘em,” he demanded.

Gina once again complied like a servant and soon presented her pretty pink pussy to her lover.

He brought his face down between her thighs and licked her pussy. The head he was giving was fast and sloppy, and it seemed he was doing it more to lube her up than for her pleasure.

He ate her out the bare minimum he had to, and as soon as he felt she was ready, he straightened up and brought his cock to her cunt. He prodded her and slowly brought the head in.

“Ahhh… a little slower,” she murmured.

But he gave no heed to her words. As soon as he was able, he started jackhammering her pussy like a dog. She cried out. Clearly, she was in pain, but judging by her track record and how little she resisted, she apparently liked it. She enjoyed being used like a fleshlight by a man, or at least one with a beastly cock.

I was stunned seeing her pussy lips spread out to take the length of his cock, and how the entire length of it disappeared in her walls. Without even realizing it, I was rubbing myself through my clothes, watching this primitive mating between the two.

He grabbed Gina and flipped her on her stomach. He apparently wanted to see her fat, toned-by- squats rear end as he fucked her senseless. I saw his overweight stomach slam into Gina’s ass as he violated her pussy with his cock.

Seeing the whole spectacle was too much for me, and before I even realized it, I felt the pressure building in my balls. My little dick spurted out my load into my underwear, seeing Gina, a girl I lusted after, being battered by a man with a bigger cock. I felt my pants grow sticky with my shame and arousal.

While the other boy had lasted longer, even long enough for me to start getting aroused again, he was soon nearing his limit in Gina’s young pussy. He sunk his cock in as deep as he could, and I could swear I saw his balls contract and twitch as he emptied their contents into Gina’s snatch.

“Ugggghhhh, fuuuck,” moaned Gina.

She had been fucked silly, having had an orgasm or two on her own part, and she made stupid noises and twitched as she felt his big cock fill her up.

As soon as he was done, he cleaned himself off, dressed, and left. Gina lay there, her body making small, spazzy movements from her post-orgasmic bliss.

I left the closet and slowly approached her bed. I could see that she had been used quite maliciously, with her previously fresh, pink, tight pussy now gaping out at me, sticky with their combined juices and red and raw from the rough dicking she’d just received.

She moaned softly and said to go down on her. I felt helpless to say no and dove my face into her torn-up little slut hole. I sank my tongue deep into her folds, and I heard her give a few pleased sighs. Her pussy was salty and seemed a lot more sensitive after what had happened.

The whole ordeal was a lot for me to endure, and I stood up and pulled my pants down, wanting to fuck her myself.

“Hah, I won’t feel you anyway, but you’re welcome to try,” she cooed.
I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I slid my little cock inside her loose, soaked folds. She giggled softly at how easily my cock went in and that she was so loose around it.

While she was still Gina, she was much gentler after the hard sex she’d just endured, and her quips stung less than usual.

I started pushing my hips and was amazed at how my cock slid in with nearly no resistance. Despite my previous orgasm, I didn’t last long and soon added my own load to her youthful pussy. My cock shot out a few ropes of my own cum into her already overflowing vagina.

She sighed satisfactorily when she saw that I was a quick shot on top of being small.

“Alright, get dressed and go. But don’t think I’m done with you,” she whispered.

I redressed and left her house. But, humiliating as it was, the experience was fun.

But it wasn’t the end just yet.

To be continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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