Our Readers SPH Experiences 94

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader helps his roommates with some shopping…

I live in a house with three women. We are all friends and have a close bond. A couple of days ago, I walked in on them, sitting in the living room and discussing what dildo they were going to buy. (One had started thinking about buying a new one, and the other two wanted to as well). One of them was looking at this one made of glass and about 5.5” by 3.5” on her phone (the type with a big round head), and the two others started laughing and saying that it was way, way too small.

One of the comments was, “You’ll need at least 7.5” by 5” to have any fun with it.”

The worst part was when they asked me, “Don’t you agree?”

I was too scared to say anything else than yes. Then the girls all laughed at the smaller dildo while I was sitting there trying to hide my embarrassment because I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.

When the new dildo’s arrived. They all opened the packages in the living room and started to compare. I asked how big the biggest one was, and the answer I got was. “Eight inches, the ideal size, but bigger is also fun.”

This led to a long conversation about the ideal penis and how big the biggest they’ve had. One of the girls had a 9.5-inch penis. The girls all agreed on 6” long being the smallest they would accept. So I asked what they would do if they ever met a guy who is smaller than 6 inches (erect). The answer was clear. Laugh and tell the guy to fuck off. One said that she would have sex with him just so she could invite him over for a three-way with another guy with a bigger penis and cuckold him.

There I was, a couple of inches below their standard, embarrassed, afraid of them knowing anything about my size and rock hard. One of them might actually know about my small dick, and she passed me while writing this. She smirked at me but did not say anything.


Another reader got the shiatsu scared out of him…

My ex-girlfriend had booked me as a birthday present a shiatsu massage in a spa in Berlin. I checked in, undressed, and entered the completely empty spa, which was underground and consisted of a room with loungers and some niches with showers. I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed, took a shower, and then waited for my masseur on a lounger when two pretty young girls entered the room. Both wrapped in a towel and searched for their seats on the opposite side of the room. Without further notice, they took off their towels and lay naked on their chairs.

What I noticed first was that both girls had completely shaved pubic areas. It would have been strange if I had looked into a corner or the ceiling of the small room. Therefore, I looked at the two talking softly. One of the girls opened her legs slightly, and I had a good look at her hairless vagina. When I noticed that my ogling did not go unnoticed, the two began whispering even more softly and looked at me alternately.

When the two noticed that my little penis slowly straightened, they started to giggle. Of course, I was terribly embarrassed, and I blushed with shame. I straightened up a bit and wondered if I should cover myself with my towel when one of the girls said, “Well, all right down there?”

Then both girls burst out laughing. I got up quickly and took my towel to cover myself. However, both girls continued to laugh and showed me with their little fingers a small penis gesture. I decided to wait in the corridor for my massage appointment, listening to the girl’s continued laughter. I could barely enjoy my massage, which started shortly after that.


While another reader is checked at the gym and found wanting…

I go to this same gym every time. Being in shorts, I’ve noticed that sometimes my shirt lifts, and a really small nub exposes my small dick. It’s really embarrassing. I have avoided doing certain weights at the gym because of that.

Anyway, at the gym, I work out at, I noticed one particular girl that works there has eyed me a lot. I’m not the best-looking guy to go in there and work out, but I noticed she constantly gives me ‘interested’ glances. Like maybe, she just thought I was a little cute.

One day, I’m running on the treadmill. The girl that gives me glances decides she is going to clean the treadmill right next to the one I’m running on. I think she was really trying to see if I was packing anything because there were plenty of other machines.

This girl is on her knees, cleaning the machine placing her face practically in my crotch. I mean, it’s the next machine over but definitely put her at eye level to my groin. At this point, I’m freaking out because even if her intention was not to see my crotch area, I know she is going to see it now, and I know how small it is.

Anyways I’m pretty sure she realized what was in my shorts because I swear I heard her laugh. She then called her other female co-worker to ‘help’ her with something. I don’t know what she needed help with, but now both girls are at eye level with the small nub, and I’m hoping they can’t see.

I considered getting off the machine, but in my head, I finally decided, ‘Fuck it,’ and kept going. I could hear them talking in a smirking voice. I mean, I guess I’m not sure they could see it, but they were definitely laughing at something.

Nothing I can do now. It’s the closest gym to me. I guess I’ll just be the gym’s small dick member.


This reader is found wanting at a nude beach…

My girlfriend and I have been going together for two years and became sexual with one another after a month from when we met. We’ve had a very satisfying sex life. We went to a beach where there is a lot of allowed nudity. Collins in Oregon. In fact, most people there were nude, and some were not. For some weird reason, I got turned on by the guys who kept their trunks on as they checked out my girlfriend. It turned me on more than the nude guys, getting to see her in the nude. She is beautiful. I’m 21, and she’s 19.

Afterward, we got back on the road and continued our drive to Reser Stadium for the opener of the Beavers v. Oklahoma State. We got to our hotel room, and I asked her if she’d ever do that again, go with me to a nude beach.

She responded with, “Yeah, today I got to see what a real man’s cock looks like.”

I was naked at the time, and she looked down at my lower torso and smirked at me. She had never before made a comment of that kind. I was totally humiliated.


Another reader suffers classic small dick overcompensation…

I was always kind of a bully and a douchebag in school. I was always teasing and picking on my classmates, and I was suspended several times throughout middle and high school for fighting and once for sexual harassment. I was a piece of shit. This behavior was partly because I realized at a really young age that my dick was freakishly tiny, and I started acting out to make up for it, to try to make myself seem like a tough guy, a real man. Pretty pathetic in retrospect, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

One of my favorite things to target was dick size. Any chance I got, I would make fun of another guy for having a small dick, even though most of them were either average or if they were actually small, they were still bigger than me. It was all projection obviously, a defense mechanism. My dumb-ass brain thought if I made fun of other guys like that, then nobody would ever think mine was small. In truth, I probably had the tiniest dick in that entire school, and I was always scared shitless that my little secret would get out. Honestly, one of the things I’ll never stop wondering is how my former victims would react if they knew the truth…What they’d say or do if they found out the whole time I was acting like that, I had a literal micropenis in my pants.


While this reader has his wife to keep him in check…

This has never been a big thing for me (pun intended), but like most guys, I have made dick jokes among friends from time to time. “Your dick is so small…”, “That’s what she said…” etc. I guess I’ve done that all my life when other friends are doing it too. However, I don’t think I’ve ever singled anyone out and made intentionally cruel remarks. I suppose I would have feared them finding out just how small my own penis is.

Now, where it gets more interesting is that my wife loves to make fun of my tiny penis, and she quite often does it in public, whether we are around strangers, friends, family. When I have been hanging out with friends and made dick jokes with her in earshot, she always sets the record straight for everyone. For example, if I start to say someone else’s dick is small, she quickly and loudly replies with something like, “Hmm… Didn’t you tell me that 9 out of 10 guys have bigger dicks than you? I highly doubt anyone in this room is smaller than you.”

Whenever someone says something is big, and I reply without even thinking, “That’s what she said…”

My wife always says, “It’s too bad nobody ever said that to you.”


This reader was humiliated by his doctor…

When I was 17, I had a physical. I was frightened because I knew my cock was small. On top of that, the doctor’s office was freezing. All of this combined made my already small dick even smaller. When my doctor opened my boxers, he had a look of shock on his face and asked, “Aren’t you seventeen?”

I was with my parents, and I was humiliated. Then he proceeded to talk about it in the hallway in earshot of everyone in the waiting room. I walked out, embarrassed, and my ego forever scarred. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience like most of you freaks would enjoy, it was traumatic. It still haunts me today.


Another reader got caught naked…

The first year of college, my high school sweetheart and I were at different schools. One weekend, I was visiting her, and after a night of drinking, I decided to take the empty beer bottles down the hall to the recycling. It was the middle of the night, and we had had sex sometime before. I was still undressed. I thought it would be funny to go naked to the recycling bin, figuring that I would not run into anyone.

Now, I have an average size dick when I’m hard, but soft I’m really small (like an inch). My girlfriend is always amazed at how much of a grower I am from soft to hard. Well, I made it to the bins okay, but then who comes walking around the corner, but some jock who lives in the hall. I kinda squealed girlishly and ran back to my GF’s room. She and I laughed about it, and I was drunk, so I didn’t mind too much.

Later that week, when I’m back at my school, my GF tells me that she ran into this guy in the coed bathroom, and he asks if it was her boyfriend who was running around naked last weekend. She said yes it was, and allegedly, his response was, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

In relaying this story to me, my GF pretended like she didn’t know what he was talking about. However, it was obvious to me he was talking about my incredibly small soft dick. Honestly, my GF could have been pretending to be clueless so as not to hurt my feelings. I felt humiliated and even told this girl who was my friend who lived on my hall cos it was bugging me a bit. Now, it’s an enjoyable story to remember.


Littledickwanker shares another personal experience…

I was about 20 years old, and my sister is 2 years younger. At home, I was used to having authority when our parents were out. You know, getting to decide what program is watched on TV and stuff. I’m her big brother after all.

The story began when the plumbing in my room was having some problems, and I had to use my sister’s bathroom for a few weeks until my dad fixed it. It was one of those days when I was just about to step out of the shower in my sister’s bathroom, and her best friend Sharon walks in. She didn’t know that I was there. And….well….she saw it.

By ‘it,’ I mean my dick. Unfortunately, puberty had been a bitch to me. While the rest of me grew, my dick stayed tiny. I’m literally hung like a little boy. To this day, I’m still a gold member of the small dick club.

Sharon instantly burst into laughter. Then my sister came in to see what happened, and they both laughed. I was still in the shower naked but with my hands covering the essentials. I remember Sharon tossing me the smallest towel she could find and commenting about how I wouldn’t need much. They probably got another glimpse at me as I awkwardly tried to catch the towel and wrap it around me. My sister seemed a bit more compassionate about it. She just looked me in the eyes as if to say ‘sorry.’ But I could hear both of them giggle after they closed the door behind them.

That weekend my parents were gone for two days. Sharon would stay overnight, and I would be the one in charge. It soon turned out that I no longer had any authority. The house was theirs now. They decided on the program on the TV. They went to bed whenever they wanted, and they treated me like I was a kid and had to obey them. Once I tried to muster every bit of courage to command some respect but was put down by Sharon immediately.

She just laughed and said that I was a little boy to her. My sister was never that mean, yet this was the time when she started acting cockier and domineering toward me. She had definitely lost respect for me.


This reader also got caught naked…

So I used to live with two girls (Amanda and Briana, fake names). We had a small, 3-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms but only one shower. We also had a small balcony in the front that you could get to from my room. Since it was such a great place to relax, I let Amanda and Briana pass through my room whenever they wanted. Knocking to get in was necessary though, we settled on that early on when one of them almost walked in on me changing.

For a few months, everything went on without a problem outside of a small crush, I started to develop on Amanda. She was showing a bit of a crush on me too. Amanda’s 5’7 with long black hair, brown eyes, just tan enough skin to notice, and a fit girl body. She works out and bikes everywhere, including her ride to work every day about 10 miles away. Her personality was very chill and open. She and I would talk about anything and everything.

I’m 5’10 with short brown hair all over me, a beard, and a somewhat athletic body. I was an athlete all through college and am now boxing in my free time. I work a desk job, and I love food, so I know I’ll never be shredded, but I do have a strong guy look to me. I’m also a silver member of the small dick club.

I wake up for work every day around six. I don’t leave until nine, though. I just like to have time to work through the grogginess of the morning, and I don’t like rushing. The first thing I do every morning is taking a nice cold shower. After that, I’ll go lay around in a dry towel, or naked watching shows online, or playing some video games. Just something easy going to get me waking up.

One morning, I woke up a little extra groggy and a little sick. I barely pulled myself out of bed, and I hopped in the shower set at the maximum cold to wake me up. There was severe shrinkage. I typically walk around with 1.5 inches soft, which is hidden even more by large quads. Not feeling well combined with a freezing cold shower meant even more shrinkage. I was about half an inch long and the width of my index finger. The shaft completely is hidden while standing, and when I sat, the entire thing became a flaccid inny.

After my shower, I decided to go to my room to lay down for a bit. I swapped my wet towel for a clean, dry one and lay down on top of my bed. I set a timer for 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t sleep too long, closed my eyes, and laid my head down on my pillow. I immediately felt the towel open wide up, but I’m in my room with the door closed. I didn’t think a thing of it and fell lightly asleep.

After some small amount of time and a little tossing and turning, I get lightly woken up by some rustling. I figured it’s the blinds catching the wind or something, so I just stayed there. What I didn’t notice is Amanda coming inside from the patio after a morning smoke. She had to duck around the dark curtains to get in, so she did not immediately notice that I was in there. All of a sudden, I hear the clunk of a door closing that sounded suspiciously nearby. Then, almost immediately after, I hear a covered giggle. My heart sank, and I leaped to a sitting-up position. I had completely fallen out of the towel in my sleep, and now I’m uncovered and entirely exposed. The muffled giggling turned into more of a laugh as Amanda tried to get out an “Oh my god, I am so, so sorry!”

She scurried away while I laid in my bed, lamenting waking up.


A female reader vents her anger at small dicks…

I did some online sex dating and wanted to meet that guy who looked attractive and was into the same shit as me. He was young, he had muscles, was dominant, etc. However, he didn’t want to show nudes. I thought it’s weird but okay…maybe he’s a bit old school. He might even be more interesting.

So then, we met for a sex date, and it started fine. My date was dominant, could show me my place. I got naked, and my date ordered me around, I wanted to serve the man and blow his cock then. I crawled to him, opened his jeans…and there it was, this fucking little disappointment. I thought he might just be hard yet…but he was. It was a fucking baby dick. I lost all my sex drive immediately and looked at him super annoyed. That was the moment when his dominant role broke, and he became super insecure. I asked him if he was serious with this little clit. How he thought he would manage to fuck me with this etc.

I took my clothes and got dressed again, and all the time I had to hear his apologies, excuses, and weird ideas of how we could still manage to fuck. At some point, it was too much, and I just shouted at him, “You should not even be allowed to fuck because you have a useless little clit instead of a cock and will never satisfy anyone with it. All small dick men should be in permanent chastity, and it should be made sure they do not pass on their inferior small dick genes. It’s just unethical to produce more disappointing beta baby dick men. They’re their own gender, and this gender is simply ‘dysfunctional.’ Small dick men should be marked in public, so everyone knows what kind of loser they’re dealing with.”

I left, and I was super pissed. How do these clit boys dare to try to fuck someone?

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