A Shared Interest

By writer4hire69.


I’d like to tell you that it was hard to say why Tina and I got together, but that part was actually pretty easy. It was because of her best friend, Samantha. What’s more accurate to say is that it’s hard to explain why Tina and I got together. That part was far, far more complicated, and even now would be a difficult piece of luggage to fully unpack.

The truth was that Tina and I didn’t really like each other that much. Not specifically in terms of personality. We actually were more alike in that regard than different and shared a lot of the same interests—one in particular, but more on that in a minute. Though, we did always seem ready to start a fight with one another. There was this constant tension between us.

But beyond that, there was also the physical part of it. For my part, she wasn’t really my type. She was pretty, mind you, but not anything crazy. Messy blonde hair, large blue eyes, wide hips, and breasts with dark pink nipples that overflowed past the palms of your hands. But her teeth were too big for her mouth, her legs had a thigh gap (which I know many people are into but wasn’t ever really my thing), and I was just never that into blondes.

To be fair, it wasn’t like I was anything special myself. In all honesty, Tina and I were in the same league. I was the slightest bit overweight, had a nose too big for my face, and possessed one other rather unfortunate feature. But I carried my weight decently well, had a great smile, and possessed a thick head of hair and soulful eyes.

So why date each other if we weren’t that attracted to each other? Like, I said, easy: Samantha.

Tina’s best friend was her physical opposite in many ways. Shorter with chocolate brown hair, dark, almost black eyes, barely any hips to speak of, and small boobs and a mostly flat butt. However, she had a perfect smile, thick thighs, and sexy calves, and exuded a level of sex appeal that made guys want to hook up with her despite only having a moderately attractive body. Something about her made you want to fuck her.

Not that Sam did that of that. That was the other contrast between the two. Tina was very sexually experienced while Samantha had yet to do anything. She loved to flirt, loved to dress and act sexy, but was still a virgin in every way.

As you can probably tell, it was no secret that I was seriously into Sam. Everyone knew, including Tina. She knew this well before we got together. But despite my continued pursual of her, Samantha never really showed that much interest in me. Interest in many other guys minds you, just not me. So, it was very much an unrequited attraction. Again, something Tina was very aware of and enjoyed regularly reminding me of.

For a long time, I just assumed Tina was protective of her bestie, and that she was annoyed with my constant quest for Samantha’s attention and affection. However, that theory sort of went out the window the night we first hooked up.

A group of us had been hanging out at my place, drinking and playing board games. Samantha naturally had my attention most of the night, my eyes lingering on her bare legs extending out from her short skirt, and when she and our other friends left, I barely paid attention to Tina asking to chill for a while and sober up before heading out. Having lost count of the number of drinks we had had over the previous few hours, her and I just sat on the couch relaxing. I was slouched into the cushions, scrolling on my phone when she reached over and pulled the device out of my hand. When I turned to follow the path of her hand, she leaned over to kiss me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, jerking back from her advancing face. Tina stared at me with tipsy eyes and a drunken half-smile and gave a simple shrug before leaning in again. Maybe it was my own intoxicated state, but Tina actually looked really cute at that moment. She had just gotten her hair cut, still messy and layered but now with a line of bangs that really framed her face well. So, with a shrug of my own, I met her halfway, and this time our mouths connected, and we kissed.

What started as simple exploration, lips pressed tight together before breaking and returning, became hungrier and tenser. Soon enough, our lips had parted, and we were breathing into each other’s mouths. Tina began to climb into my lap when I again jerked away. “Wait, no. Why are you doing this? You know I’m into Samantha.”

“She’s not into you,” Tina said, sitting back into the couch with a huff and a roll of her eyes. “You have someone that is interested in fooling around with you right here.”

“Well, she’ll definitely never be into me if I fool around with her best friend.”

“I won’t tell her,” Tina countered. I responded back with an extremely skeptical stare. She let out a heavy sigh. “Don’t tell her I told you this, but… even though she’s not into you, she’s told me that she loves the attention you give her. She likes that you’re into her. It’s like you’re hers even though she doesn’t want you. So, she’d be pissed if she knew we hooked up.”

“She likes the attention I give her?” Look, I knew I was concentrating on the wrong part of what Tina just told me, and that I should have focused on the fact that she enjoyed owning my attention without ever intending of reciprocating. But, well, people aren’t exactly rational when it comes to some things. “I don’t know, Tina. Why are you even—”

“Do you want to know what color her nipples are?” The rest of my sentence fell out of my mouth as my jaw dropped. The thought of Samantha’s tits filled my brain, and my dick began to swell in my pants. Tina grinned wickedly and placed her hand on my thigh, right near the small tent forming underneath the fabric. “Let me touch your dick, and I’ll tell you about Samantha’s nipples.”

As Tina spoke, her hand was inching further up my leg to the hem of my pants. My mind raced with questions, uncertainties. I asked myself, “What if she’s lying or tricking you in some way?” but the other part of my brain fired back, “What if she isn’t?” Tina leaned her face closer, her eyes searching mine, and her teeth no longer looked big for her mouth but perfect for a seductive smile.

When I stayed quiet and didn’t object to her wandering hand, she closed the distance between us, pressing her lips back onto mine, and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. My breath was coming fast, and when Tina broke our kiss, I lifted my hips so she could tug down my pants and underwear enough to expose my hard cock, which stuck up into the air. Unfortunately, it didn’t spring very far, because that was the other unfortunate feature about me.

“Hm… you’re not that big,” Tina said with a strange glint in her eye. She reached over and wrapped her hand around my shaft. The head of my dick barely stuck out the top of her grip, but her fingers only just managed to fully encircle it. “You’re actually pretty small, but decently thick.”

I wanted to object. Her words stung, but Tina had started beating her hand up and down, slowly jerking me off and causing the words to catch in my throat and instead come out as an extended moan. My small size had been a constant struggle for me, especially in terms of killing my confidence when it came to women. That’s why it’s hard to say that Tina’s words even hurt my ego because I certainly didn’t have one. She was simply stating the truth. But the truth still hurts. At least, it half hurt in this case because her handjob was muddling that emotional pain with pleasure.

“Don’t worry, I’m okay with it, but she’d be disappointed if she knew how small your dick was.” Tina licked her lips, her blue eyes staring at the drop of precum leaking from my tip. Her words were giving me such mixed feelings. Her insults were demeaning, especially when bringing Samantha into it, but then again, I was sort of the one that gave permission to bring Samantha into it. I agreed to the deal of sexual favors for information about her. However, the deal was to talk about Samantha’s tits and, most certainly, not her potential reaction to my penis.

However, despite her disparaging words, Tina’s handjob felt incredible. She used my precum to lubricate her fist, twisting her hand as she pumped, and because of my size, she had quick and constant access to my sensitive head. She increased her speed, and I was jerked closer and closer to the edge. “She’s never had one, but she watches a lot of porn. She’d want a big one.”

With her experience, Tina knew exactly when I was about to cum without me even needing to give her adequate warning. Grabbing a napkin off the table just as my dick started pulsing, she covered the tip as I spewed glob after glob of cum into the flimsy tissue, soaking it with my sticky seed. I groaned, reveling in the pleasure that comes from expending your load, before finally sighing and relaxing my tense body. Tina wiped me clean before tossing the napkin into an empty glass.

“Chestnut brown,” she said, plopping back into the couch. Her voice returned completely to normal as if we were just having a regular conversation. “She has really fat nipples, too.”

And that was the first time Tina and I hooked up. It absolutely wasn’t the last. We got together regularly after that night, many times after a group hang or a night out with Sam, but sometimes just the two of us meeting up at either her place or mine. But no matter the set-up beforehand, every single time we got together, Samantha was involved in some way.

At first, Tina would basically bribe me with information about our mutual friend’s naked body, and then once we got hot and heavy, clothes off and hands roaming all over each other, she’d proceed to include some light insults about my size, but always in the context of Samantha. Like when she went down on me for the first time. Tina was sitting on the couch, and I was standing in front of her with my pants around my ankles, my tiny soldier at attention.

“Think I can get it in one go?” She asked cheekily before easily fitting the entire thing into her wet, hot, orifice. She may have had teeth too big for her mouth, but my cock certainly wasn’t. Tina bobbed expertly, sucking and slurping, swishing spit around her mouth, pulling back, so just the head was inside, and she could swirl her tongue around the tip. I nearly fell over multiple times, her skills making my knees weak. Every now and then, she’d pull her mouth away to say something while she blew me, but she eventually realized she could just talk around my dick without a problem. “Mmmm… Samantha would never deepthroat you, you know. Mmph mmph… Not just cause she’s not interested…” slurp ssllrrrp “but because you’re too small to even come close.”

It really pains me to admit it, but the insults were worth it. Not only was Tina’s blowjob the best one of my life, because holy shit, that girl can suck a cock, but after she was finished, swallowing my cum without so much as a hint of hesitation, she looked up at me and said, “Her pussy’s trimmed not bare. Landing strip. She’s got a thick patch, though. She’d have a jungle if she ever let it grow.”

Things had continued like that for a while, with Tina’s “bribes” giving me more and more information about Samantha. By the time we had reached our “month anniversary,” I had a pretty vivid picture in my mind of what Sam looked-like naked, pieced together from all the details Tina had given me over the weeks. I could imagine her pale tits, just smaller than my palm and without the slightest bit of sag, topped by chestnut brown areolas and nipples fatter than a penciler eraser. I knew her mound sported a landing strip of dense black hair and that when aroused, her outer lips masked her inner ones and that her clit was bigger than average. I even found out her butt was flatter than I thought, but her thick thighs and lower back dimples framed it in such a way that made its lack of curvature still sexy as hell.

Of course, this window into Sam’s body did come at a bit of a price, namely that of my dignity. Tina seemed to really enjoy insulting my small size while talking about Samantha. She brought me to multiple climaxes with her hands and mouth, but every time included at least some reference to how small my cock was. It wasn’t until after she made me cum, many times getting herself off along the way—whether fingers pumping into her dripping snatch or like when she sat in my lap facing away from me, rubbing her cunt lips on my dick, so my tip stimulated her clit until she came—that she’d casually tell me about Samantha’s body. To say it was a confusing experience would be an understatement. But we were clearly both getting something out of it.

Things changed the first time we had sex, though: nothing drastic, but another step in the direction of sexualizing Samantha together.

Tina and I were in bed naked, and despite not being that interested in her previously, my feelings regarding that had changed somewhat, especially after experiencing her sexual skill and seeing her naked form on a regular basis. I had to admit, Tina looked pretty damn good nude.

Her tits were bigger than Sam’s, and while the weight caused them to succumb to gravity’s pull just the slightest bit, they gave her an hourglass curve when paired with her thin waist and flared hips. Her nipples were small and a pink color that grew darker when you sucked on them. Her ass was bigger and wider than Samantha’s as well and felt amazing to grab onto and squeeze. She also shaved completely bare.

Lying there facing each other, we made out for a while, my stiff dick in her hand as she fondled and stroked me. She broke our kiss with a gasp, and her eyes met mine, a familiar wicked twinkle in those sapphire blues. Her other hand joined in manipulating my genitals. One stroked me all over, rubbing and caressing, cupping my short length so the tip pressed into her palm and the fingers and thumb ran down the top and bottom of the shaft all the way to the base. The other held my balls, rolling them between her fingers, juggling them in her hand.

“What do you think she’d look like sucking on a cock?” Tina asked, her head rolling back as my fingers probed her lower folds. “I bet it’d look fucking hot.”

“What?” I moaned, Tina’s motions on my dick becoming more urgent, her thumb brushing across my tip. “Samantha?”

“Of course, Sa-man-tha,” she said, breath hitching in her throat when two of my fingers sank into her. “I’m sure you’ve, ah, jerked off to the thought of it before. Her lips wrapped around a cock. But I’m not talking about yours. That wouldn’t be very hot, would it?” I groaned, and Tina smiled, her pumping picking up speed. I matched her pace with my pistoning fingers. “Mmm… she’s got such a wide mouth. A mouth like that was made for a big, thick cock, not a small one like yours. Her sucking you off would be pathetic. Oh!”

Tina frowned, brow furrowing in concern when I yanked my fingers away from her. I could tell she thought maybe she went too far, and I was about to lash out at her, kick her out of my place, but her frown turned into a surprised grin as I shoved her legs apart and climbed between them. I lined myself up with her slick hole and shoved all the way into her in one plunge, burying my length inside of her until our hips met. I even thought I might have seen a look of genuine joy cross her face when I entered her.

“Ugh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck!” she cried out in pleasure while I slammed my hips into her, fucking her with hard, aggressive thrusts, trying to make up for my lack of size with sheer passion. “She needs a fat cock for those lips. That would be so fucking hot. She’d look so sexy, sinking her face onto a big dick. A big one that’ll stretch her lips apart, that’ll make her gag when she’s only halfway down. Hnnggh!”

Tina reached both arms up to grab the bedhead behind her. She wrapped both legs around me and gritted her teeth, lifting her hips off the bed. She suspended herself into the air, biceps straining, while I fucked her.

“Just fucking picture it. Picture that cute face of hers bobbing on a big cock. Ungh god! Getting it all the way in her throat. Ah ah! Cum for me. Cum while thinking about Samantha sucking a cock three times your fucking size!”

Tina tossed her head back and came at the same time as I did, her cunt spasming and clenching around my pulsing cock as it unloaded inside of her. As much as I was cumming thinking about exactly what she was describing, I was equally enthralled by how she looked in that moment, pulling on the bedhead while forcing her hips toward mine, stretching her body seductively. I finished before her but stayed with her, supporting her hovering body until she finally relaxed and collapsed onto the mattress.

From that moment on, Tina and I had sex regularly, and always while Tina described Samantha sexually engaged with a big cock. She’d talk about Samantha sucking off a big-dicked guy, spreading her legs for someone just because of their dick size, bending over a table in the middle of dinner for her serving of thick sausage.

Every now and then, she’d still throw in an insult, but they started to come less and less, and the focus of our dirty talk instead became almost solely on Samantha, and a monster cocked man. The last time Tina really insulted me, we were fucking face-to-face on the couch, with her sitting in my lap. She was panting into my ear, telling me how “You’d never be able to fuck her in this position. You’re barely inside of me, and she needs a cock all the way inside of her. She deserves bigger. She deserves better. She deserves someone that’ll stretch her out. Ahhhh, fuck!” She had leaned back and spread her legs as wide as they could go, angling herself, so as much of my cock was in her as possible, grinding into my pelvis. “Say it. Oooohh. I want to hear you say it,” she begged. “Say, ‘Samantha deserves a big fat cock, not my tiny dick.'”

I had grabbed onto Tina’s ass, holding tight to her fleshy globes, and lifted my lower body off the couch, sinking as deep into her as I could get. Eyes locked onto each other, we both came as I grunted out what she told me to.

Beyond the sex, Tina also enjoyed playing another game with me, still centered around Samantha but with its own strange, wicked twist. On multiple occasions, she had me masturbate to Sam while she watched. But she wanted me to jerk off specifically to the idea of Samantha and another guy, one with a big cock.

Sitting with her legs spread over the arms of a chair or straddling the corner of the bed, Tina’s hands were a blur on her cunt while I stood in front of her and rapidly jerked my cock. Sometimes she’d even have me pull up a picture of Samantha that we could both look at. I’d beat myself off myself while she described Sam doing all the dirty and depraved things I used to imagine her doing with me, only now it was with someone else. On a few occasions, Tina had me take charge of the narrative. She would moan and wail in pleasure as I described in detail the size of the guy’s cock that Sam would be shoving down her throat or that would be pounding into her stretched out hole.

As crazy as it sounds, my behavior when I was alone started to change as well. It felt like I was betraying Tina if I thought about Samantha and myself together when masturbating at home. So even in those instances, I made sure to jerk off to the idea of Samantha and a well-hung stranger, busting my nut over the easily visualized image of a naked Sam getting railed by a big cock, its wide girth stretching out her pussy in a way I never could.

We were dating for three months when my birthday came around, and Tina surprised me with something unexpected. She had me undress and stand in front of her bed, and I fully prepared for another jerk off session, but instead, she pulled up something on her iPad and laid it down on the mattress. Then she slinked behind me and reached around to wrap her hand around my cock, which instantly sprung to attention at the image on the device. It was a picture of Samantha taken from the back. She was standing in front of her dresser, one leg bent, completely and utterly naked. I couldn’t see any of her front, but there was a clear, unobstructed view of her ass. It was exactly like Tina had described but actually seeing it was a whole other thing.

I didn’t last very long. Tina jerked me off frantically, lustfully hissing about Samantha’s sexy flat butt, telling me to imagine that ass bouncing up and down while it rode a thick fat pole, to picture it sticking up in the air as she bent over to welcome a slab of cockmeat into her dripping cunt. When I did cum, Tina quickly latched her palm onto my cockhead and tugged me backward, away from the iPad, so I ended up erupting into her hand and not the image. As I emptied myself into her palm, she cooed into my ear, “That was a close one. Your cum is never going to touch her, even in a picture. It’s not meant for her.” Once I was done, she had lifted her cupped hand up to her mouth and slurped down every drop of my cum.

It was one hell of an odd, bizarre, unbelievable birthday gift.

It was a different birthday that ended up fundamentally altering everything, not just between Tina and me but Sam as well. It was Samantha’s, a few weeks later, where everything came to a head.


By the time I arrived at Samantha’s place, the party was already in full swing. The apartment was filled with many of our friends and acquaintances and a few friends of friends I didn’t recognize. I quickly grabbed a drink from the kitchen, saying hello to a couple people before making my way to the living room. The furniture had been pushed out to the edges of the area, creating a makeshift dance floor where several guests were swinging their hips and grinding against each other. I tried looking for Tina but didn’t immediately see her. However, I did see Sam in the center of the crowd, and my jaw dropped at how insanely hot she looked.

She wore a slinky red top with a plunging neckline that showed off what little cleavage she had. Her short black skirt flew up into the air and gave peeks at her panties as she danced, and a pair of black boots drew your attention to her perfectly shaped legs. When she saw me standing off to the side, watching her in awe, her eyes went wide and she half-ran, half-stumbled over to me with a huge smile plastered on her face.

“Hey!” she said, throwing her arms around me and giving me a very drunken hug and a kiss on the cheek, only barely missing my lips. Arms still wrapped around my neck, Samantha tried to focus her brown eyes on mine, the alcohol making that simple task quite a challenge. “I’m so glad to see you and so happy you’re here.”

“Uh, glad to you see you, too. Happy Birthday.” I held up her present, a small box in ocean-themed wrapping paper. Her eyes lit up, and she grabbed my hand in hers, dragging me away from the crowd and toward her bedroom.

“Come on, I’m going to open it now away from everyone else.”

When we got to her room, Sam shut the door behind us, drowning out the sounds of the party. She faced away from me, stretching her arms far above her head and giving a cute squeak. The extension lifted her skirt a few inches higher, and I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks for a brief moment before she turned around to face me, still stretching. My eyes locked onto the hidden apex of her thighs. She dropped her arms and grinned, noticing where my gaze was concentrated.

If only she knew that I knew exactly what she looked like under that skirt, that I could already picture her naked sex in front of my eyes.

“Gimme,” Samantha said, holding out her hand. With a smile and an “I hope you like it,” I handed over her present, and she tore into it. Seconds later, she held up her unwrapped gift. It was a necklace in the shape of a dolphin, her favorite animal. “Oh my god, I love it!”

Samantha again ran over to give me another huge hug, pressing her body tightly into mine for what felt like a prolonged amount of time. When she finally broke away, she stepped back to put the necklace on, the dolphin landing right between the sea of creamy skin between her breasts.

“How does it look?” she said, pulling open her shirt a bit to show off the figure. I saw the edges of her perky breasts peeking out. She gazed up at me and bit her lip, tugging her shirt open a little more. I saw more and more of her pale flesh until just the slightest bit of chestnut brown began to come in. “You’ve always been so great to me…” She said, letting go of her shirt before strutting past me back to the door. “Come on, let’s back to the party… for now.”

Needless to say, the entire encounter left me completely and utterly confused, and I stood there for a moment after she exited the room, unable to move. Snapping out of it with a shake of my head, I hurried back out to catch up with her and nearly ran right into Tina. She immediately grabbed me and yanked me past Samantha’s room toward the private bathroom. For the second time that night, a girl dragged me into a room, shoved me inside, and then closed and locked the door behind us.

“What were you doing?” Tina said. She tried to hide the bit of edge in her voice by pushing up against me and running her hands over my chest, but I caught it in her tone.

“Nothing…” I stammered. “Just giving Samantha her birthday present.”

“I see,” Tina said. She paused for a moment, searching my eyes. I was just about to tell her how amazing she looked in her blue dress, to the point where she was giving Sam a run for her money when she reached down between our bodies to unbuckle my belt. “I want to suck you off in her bathroom. You can leave your cum in her wastebasket!”

“What?” Tina’s sudden aggressiveness threw me off guard as much as Sam’s strange behavior moments before. I grabbed her hands in mine, stopping her from pulling my belt loose. “We can’t do that! Not here. What if we get caught?”

“So?” Tina said, struggling in my grasp. “Makes it even better. Come on, forget the blowjob. I’ll fuck you right now, right here on top of her sink.” She spun us around and jumped up to sit her butt onto the edge of the marble. “I want your cum.”

“Tina!” I said, grabbing her by the biceps and yanking her back to her feet. “What has gotten into you?”

“What?” she said petulantly, shrugging off my grip. “I thought it might be fun.”

“Is there something in the drinks tonight? First, Sam is acting super weird—”

“She is?” Tina said, crossing her arms. She looked off to the side, shaking her head, before turning back to look at me. “Ugh. She’s going to do it then.”

“Do what?”

“She wants to fuck you tonight.”

I literally had to take a step back, nearly falling over from what Tina said. Samantha wanted to fuck me? I expected to feel instantly ecstatic hearing something like that, and part of me absolutely did, but another part of me felt somewhat odd, anxious, and unsure about it. Not just the truth of it, but the idea of it happening. I chalked it up to just nerves at my fantasy coming true. “She… what?”

“It’s so stupid. She wants to lose her virginity tonight, and she said she wants to give it to you because you’re, like, the closest not-boyfriend, boyfriend she’s had.”

“Holy shit. That’s… holy fuck.” I really needed to sit down, but somehow I kept standing, realizing that right now, I did not need to sit down. I tried to make my way to the door, but Tina stopped me with her hand. “I need to get back out there and find her.”

“You’re not going to do it, though, right?” She glared at me with angry eyes, and I stared back at her like she was crazy. “You can’t. You’re not fucking her.”

“Why the hell not?”

“What do you mean, why the hell not?” Tina shoved her hand against my chest. “Because we… Ugh! Just fucking forget it!” She threw her arms down and stormed out of the bathroom. Again I was completely flabbergasted by what the fuck just happened, but ultimately, I decided it didn’t matter. If Tina wanted to act like a crazy person, that was her business. If I actually had a chance with Samantha, there was no way I was going to pass it up. I left the bathroom and went searching for her.

For the rest of the party, Tina and I barely spoke to each other, but both kept looking in the other’s direction, despite trying to pretend not to. I spent most of the evening around Samantha. Not even entirely by my own doing. It didn’t take me long to find her after the blow up in the bathroom, and once Sam and I were reunited, she stuck to me nearly the entire night, one arm around my waist at times, dancing with me at others, and sitting in my lap when we were chilling on the couch. She was incredibly affectionate and flirtatious, giving even more credulity to Tina’s confession.

For her part, Tina kept herself busy by flirting with guy after guy until finally settling on a tall, very good looking one with blonde hair. Once she locked onto that guy, I actually felt a twinge of jealousy hit me, and I ended up looking their way more often, only to find them also looking toward Sam and me.

Eventually, the party wound down, and people started funneling out. Not me, though. There was no way I was going to leave. However, neither was Tina apparently, or her new friend, who I discovered was named Trevor. At the end of the night, it was just the four of us left, and while Trevor and I sat in the living room, Tina and Samantha were getting another round of drinks. I saw Sam whispering to Tina as they walked back, and Tina looked my way, a smile forming on her lips.

Samantha handed me my drink, plopping down next to me, and Tina gave one to Trevor, taking a seat between Samantha and him, before saying, “Let’s play a game. Spin the bottle.”

“Fun!” Samantha said with clearly practiced enthusiasm, nudging me with her shoulder.

“With two dudes? I don’t think so,” Trevor said, though his eyes were all over Samantha. I could see him undressing her with his eyes, wondering what it might be like to kiss her and likely more. I wasn’t the only one to notice, and I saw Sam blush under his penetrating gaze. “I don’t swing that way.”

“Okay, how about we add in a twist,” Tina said. “If one of the two doesn’t want to kiss, then they have to do a truth or dare. I think that’s fair.” Trevor still looked unsure, but Tina leaned over to whisper something in his ear, and he agreed to the terms. I was starting to feel uneasy. I knew Tina well enough to know when she was cooking something up, but I had really thought we were past all of this after everything we’d done.

“Yay!” Samantha said before I could voice my new hesitation. She grabbed a nearby empty bottle and placed it on the floor between us. “I’ll go first!”

Samantha gave the bottle a spin. Around and around, it went. I held my breath, praying it didn’t land on Trevor.

It landed on me.

Heart pounding in my chest, I leaned toward Samantha, and we pressed our lips together for our first ever kiss. Her lips were nice, soft, but not nearly as soft as Tina’s. I chastised myself for making the comparison, but I couldn’t help it. Even though the first spin was technically supposed to be a peck, we held for longer, lips parting briefly before Sam pulled away with a giggle, clearly still quite intoxicated.

I got to spin next, and as if by fate, it landed on Sam. We both smiled, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tina’s jaw clench. This time, Sam and I upgraded our kiss, lips parting, making out a bit. While the first kiss was innocent and simple, this time, I would be making out with Samantha, a dream I’d had for so long. The reality of that made me admittedly nervous as hell, and much to my frustration, that nervous translated to awkwardness, and when we separated, it was obvious that my kissing skills were less than impressive to her.

The next spin had Samantha landing on Tina, and Trevor sat up in excitement. I also felt a little thrilled, but I also knew how good of a kisser Tina was, and I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “What if she upstaged me?”

Tina clearly wanted to skip over the peck and give us a show, going for that upstage, but after barely a few seconds in, Samantha pulled away, giggling uncontrollably, and I let out a sigh of relief. Next, Tina landed on Trevor, and I again felt a surge of jealousy, especially after Tina gave me a quick look before leaning toward him, a hint of malice in her eyes. They started kissing, and Samantha was still smiling and giggling, but she quickly stopped as their kiss continued. Both she and I watched in rapt attention as Tina and Trevor made out. The smacking of their lips, tongues in each other’s mouths, made for an intensely erotic sight. I heard Samantha whisper, “Wow,” next to me, and for a moment, I thought about lunging over and yanking them apart.

When it was Trevor’s turn, I again held my breath, but I honestly didn’t know at that point if I would have preferred it landing on Sam or Tina. Thankfully it ended up being neither, the bottle landing on me. I let out a sigh of relief as he went for a dare, but before the rest of us could say anything, Tina jumped in and said, “I dare you two to make out!” pointing to Trevor and Samantha. “But you have to sit in his lap.”

“That’s not really a dare for Trevor so much as Samantha,” I objected, staring down Tina. I could see anger burning in her eyes at my comment, and she met my gaze with equal fervor. “Seems a little unfair.”

“It’s okay,” Samantha said a little too quickly. “I’ll do it.”

Tina smiled triumphantly, and at that moment, I wanted to strangle her.

Biting her lip, Samantha crawled over and onto Trevor’s lap. Tina scrambled over to sit next to me, claiming she wanted to get a good look at the action, but it was more likely that she wanted to see me suffer. Sam wrapped her arms around Trevor’s neck, and he placed his hands on her lower back. They leaned in and started kissing.

Unlike me, Trevor was all confident but even compared to his kiss with Tina, this was completely the next level. After barely a moment of a lip lock, they started to get more and more passionate. Within seconds, they were breathing heavily through their noses, mouths smashed together, their tongues shoved deep into each other’s mouths. Lost in the kiss, Samantha sat up, giving herself a better angle and also allowing Trevor’s hands to slide down from her lower back right onto her ass. I could hear a gentle moan coming from Samantha’s throat as he massaged her flat butt in his hands. I felt my dick twitch in my pants.

“Now that’s a kiss,” Tina said, a smarmy smile on her face.

Needing air, the two finally separated, and Samantha slid off his lap, clearly aflutter. With Tina repositioned near me, Samantha ended up sitting next to Trevor. The two girls had essentially switched spots, and it wasn’t lost on me that Tina probably did this on purpose.

Since the bottle had landed on me last, it was technically my spin. I desperately tried to will the bottle to land on Samantha again, wanting to prove myself after my sad display and Trevor’s far superior one. I intended to knock her off her feet with my next kiss, making her swoon by putting all my passion and desire into it.

Instead, the bottle landed on Trevor.

“Truth,” I said, wanting to just get it over with and dreading Trevor’s upcoming spin.

Again, Tina jumped in. With vindictiveness dripping from her voice, she glared at me and said, “How big is your dick?”

I gaped at her. My blood boiled. I could not believe she just did that. She basically had me trapped. From experience, she’d know if I lied, and if I did lie, she’d challenge me, making me have to prove it. If I wasn’t so mad, I’d almost have been impressed with her sinister play.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Samantha finally paying attention to me again, after having her focus almost entirely on Trevor since their kiss. At that moment, maybe she remembered she had planned to fuck me that night. I saw her eyes light up, and a smile slides onto her face. She looked somewhat aroused, excited, eager to hear my answer.

“Four inches.”

Her face fell… and my dick grew in my pants, getting even harder at her disappointment.

I expected Tina to say something, make a jab at me, embarrass me further, but before she could, Trevor tried to spare me by grabbing and spinning the bottle. At least, I thought that was what was happening. When the bottle landed on me, and he said, “Truth,” well, his and apparently Tina’s real intention became clear.

“How big is your dick?” she said in a singsong voice.

Trevor grinned, and Samantha snapped her attention back to him when he said, “10 inches.”

“Challenge!” Tina said excitedly.

Trevor stood up. He was right next to Samantha with her pretty face turned up to look at him as he unzipped his pants and tugged them down. “I’m a little hard already from my kiss with this hottie, so it might seem even bigger.”

His massive, thick slab of cockmeat fell out and hung down, inches away from Samantha’s stunned expression. Her eyes widened, and her jaw dropped in awe at his impressive package. It was insanely long and ungodly thick. If he laid it across Sam’s face, he’d cover over half her features. Sam’s hand twitched, and she almost reached up to touch it before catching herself. For a moment, we all just stared at his monster cock, and I had the image of her sitting up and opening her mouth, allowing the massive tool to slide into her mouth and down her throat like she was swallowing a sword. Precum leaked into my underwear.

Wanting to break Sam’s attention away from Trevor’s big dick, I spun the bottle again, and this time it landed on her. With an unspoken cry of joy, I called out her name, having to do it twice before she broke her gaze away from him. Samantha looked at me, confused, her drunk eyes swimming. I pointed to the bottle, and she looked down at it before turning her eyes back to me. Breathing heavily, she kept her eyes on me for a second before she turned to look at Trevor’s cock again, which was still out, and then back at me. I saw her slipping away. I saw it all happening like a premonition, and I realized there was nothing I could do to stop where she was headed.

“I… I’ll take a dare.”

“I dare you to blow him,” Tina said with zero hesitation.

Trevor grinned and grabbed the base of his cock, holding it up and out, and bent his knees slightly. His cock stuck out like a battering ram ready to beat down the door to Samantha’s virgin mouth. With a lick of her lips, Sam sat up and leaned her face toward his cock, mouth opening, when she suddenly stopped.

“I can’t do that here in front of you guys,” she said as if a public display was the crazy part of what was happening.

“Do it in your bedroom,” Tina said, delighted at the notion of Sam willing sucking off a guy she just met. Samantha turned back to Trevor’s dick, her drunken mind clearly captivated and hypnotized by it. “Go ahead. We’ll be fine out here.”

Samantha nodded, getting up. In a daze, she walked to her bedroom, and Trevor followed, dropping his pants and pulling off his shirt along the way. I heard Sam’s bedroom door open and then click shut behind them. And just like that, she was gone.

I turned toward Tina, read to rage at her, certain she was ready to rub it all in my face, proclaim her victory. Instead, she immediately lunged at me, kissing me aggressively and dropping her hand to the small tent in my pants. When she saw how aroused I was, she kissed me harder, more deeply and passionately, more intensely that she kissed Trevor. I kissed her back, hungrily, my anger disappearing under the familiar feeling of her lips against mine.

“I knew you’d understand this was better,” she said, pushing me down onto my back and working at my pants. She yanked them off and tore off my shirt, leaving me naked. She quickly dropped her dress, surprising me with her nakedness underneath. Her phone started vibrating, and she reached over to grab it, propping it up next to us before answering. As the screen came to life, a video call coming in, she climbed into my lap. “Good, he’s actually doing it.”

“Oh my god.” On-screen was Samantha, head bobbing up and down, and lips stretched wide around Trevor’s fat dick. Tina sat down onto my cock, sinking the scant few inches into herself, eliciting a moan from both of us. She began to ride me as we both watched Samantha choke herself onto Trevor’s cock. Despite her inexperience, she was making up for it with gusto, rapidly plunging her mouth onto him. It looked like she was trying to give a blowjob to a coke can.

“Fucking knew she’d look so hot like this,” Tina said panting. “God, look at her lips around that cock. She needed a cock like that. I fucking told you. She needs a big fucking dick to really fit those wide sexy lips of hers.”

Samantha shoved her face down over and over again. She forced herself further, a few inches of his cock sinking into her throat before she pulled up coughing. She tried again, getting more into her throat, her esophagus stretching on camera. “See? She wants it in her throat so bad. You’d never be able to give her that. Never. Oh, oh, fuck!” To my surprise, Tina came, already hitting her apex. However, despite her orgasm, she kept going, bouncing up and down frantically on top of me, seeking another one before the first even ended.

Grabbing Samantha by the shoulders, Trevor lifted her up, and we saw that she was already naked. Her body was exactly as Tina had described, except this time, it wasn’t in my mind. It was live and on screen. She laid back on her bed and spread her thick thighs, giving the camera a good view of her wet snatch. Trevor climbed between her legs and lined himself up. Tina and I watched as he slowly pushed just the tip of his fat dick into her, her folds separating around his invading member.

“Yes, yes, yes! Fucking yes! He’s going to fuck her!” Tina screamed, her bucking going wild. “He’s going to pop her cherry. Her first time is going to be with big cock and not your tiny dick. Oh god, do it, do it, do it!”

We heard Samantha cry out in passion from through her bedroom door as on-camera Trevor thrust his hips forward and fucked his big cock into her cunt. Tina came for the second time. Trevor started pumping back and forth, stretching Samantha wide open as his massive cock sank deeper into her hole. It took a while, a lot of grunting and groaning from both them, but eventually, he was buried all the way inside of her. They panted for breath, Sam’s hip wiggling in want and need. The next moment, they started fucking wantonly, Samantha wailing and screaming in pleasure, Trevor slamming his hips into her, flesh slapping together. We saw Sam cum on camera, her legs twitching before wrapping around his waist, hand digging into her own hair, and tugging at the dark locks. It was a surreal moment, watching the exact thing Tina and I talked about so many times happening in real life.

“This is how she should get fucked. With a big fucking dick. God, it’s so hot. Samantha and a big cock. Ooohhh! Can you imagine if she wasted her cherry on you? Say it. Tell me how hot it is.”

Tina and I had turned away from the screen to look into each other’s eyes as we fucked. We couldn’t see Samantha and Trevor, but we could still hear them. The banging of the headboard and Samantha’s cries of pleasure echoing all the way to the living room.

“It’s so hot,” I finally said, making Tina moan. “She looks so hot getting fucked by a big thick cock and not my tiny dick. It’s so much better than if she just fucked me. Samantha always belonged with a fat fucking dick.”

When Tina came for the third time, I finally exploded inside of her, emptying my cum into her spasming cunt. She collapsed on top of me, and we lay together, listening to the sounds of Samantha’s continued fucking.

Trevor lasted far longer than I had. While lying together in each other’s arms, Tina and I would turn back to the screen to watch their coupling continue. They fucked for hours, getting into new positions. Samantha on her hands and knees, his hands gripping her narrow hips. Sam riding on top of him, her ass bouncing up and down on camera. When he finally came inside her, it was while they were fucking on the floor. His aggressive thrust had become more rapid, signaling his approach orgasm, but the intensity ended up knocking over the phone, and the screen went dark. While we couldn’t see him cum, we heard them both crying out in joy when he finally filled her pussy with his seed.

Once they finished, Tina and I kissed, cuddled, and made out, like it was our own afterglow we were wallowing in.

A half-hour later, they started back up again. The sheer knowledge of Samantha getting fucked that much got us back up to strength, and Tina and I had sex one more time listening to their animalistic mating. We both got off on Sam enjoying getting her pussy stretched open by Trevor’s big cock, but there was also something else. Unlike before, Tina and I didn’t say anything while we fucked. No talk of Sam or Trevor’s big cock or my small dick. She lay on top of me, and I wrapped my arms around her as our bodies gyrated against each other, the two of us enjoying the sensation of being pressed together, of our sweat-slick skin mingling. Face twisted in pleasure, she breathed heavily into my ear, panting in passion, until with a groan, I came into her for the second time that night.

When we eventually left, almost four hours later, Samantha was still getting fucked in her bedroom.

In the weeks that followed, Tina and I spent almost all our time together. We’d go out to dinner, watch tv cuddling on the couch, talk about our day and what we wanted to do on the weekend. Once we were in the bedroom, though, things always turned back to Samantha. We fucked wildly while talking about her, all our fantasies from before having become a reality.

Trevor and Samantha kept seeing each other after their first night together. From what Tina told me—often graphically and in between heaving breaths—they fucked regularly, and Sam couldn’t get enough of his big cock. Finally, having stories of her own to share, Samantha told Tina everything, well almost everything, and Tina often relayed that information back to me in the middle of our own sexual escapades.

“She can deepthroat him all the way now,” she’d say to me while going down on my own cock. She was still easily able to talk around my small size and enjoyed doing it, rubbing in that Samantha wouldn’t be able to do anything close to it with Trevor. “Last night, she hung her head over the side of the bed and let him fuck her face. She said it was really hard, but she loved the feeling of his cock stretching her throat. We can do that, too, if you want, but it’d be a lot easier for me.”

“He wants to fuck her ass,” she told me during another occasion. “She’s worried because he’s so big, but I told her she should try it. I love the idea of that flat ass of her getting pounded by a fat dick. She doesn’t have anything back there as a buffer, so he’d get all of that thick slab of meat into her. Fuck!”

It was two months after Sam’s birthday when something truly new and unexpected happened. I was on top of Tina, her legs spread and wrapped around me, when she said, “This fucking tiny dick is all mine. Mmm… Samantha’s got a big, thick cock for herself, but I’ve got your small cock all to myself. She’s too fucking loose for you now anyway. Ugh, fuck, yes! I’m so glad she didn’t fuck you. She’ll never know what your dick is like. You’re never going to get to fuck her. You’ll never have the chance!”

A touch of guilt had washed over me at that because unbeknownst to her, that wasn’t technically true. I never told Tina this, but a few weeks after her birthday, Samantha had invited me over to her place. When I arrived, she had said she needed to finish an errand and ran to her room. She had emerged moments later completely naked except for the dolphin necklace I had gotten her.

As the night of the party, I was speechless and confused over what was happening, but that didn’t stop my eyes from wandering all over her body. Everything looked exactly the same as before, exactly like Tina had described it and exactly like I had seen on camera weeks prior, except for one detail. Samantha’s mound was now shaved completely bare. My assumption was that Trevor must have preferred it that way.

“Take off your clothes,” Samantha ordered after a moment. I stood motionless, trying to stammer a question out when she continued, walking over to me with a sway in her hips. “I had wanted to sleep with you on my birthday, but, well… I got pretty drunk, and Trevor was just… You’ve been a great guy to me for so long, and I just need to know what it would be like. So, if you want to, we can.”

“Of course I want to,” I thought to myself. “Right?” As if trying to convince me that I did, I pulled my shirt over my head and unbuckled my pants.

Samantha let out a little laugh and shook her head when I finally stood naked in front of her. “Wow, you really are small. I know Trevor’s pretty huge, but wow. Let’s see if you at least get a little bigger when you’re hard.”

That was the most surprising part for me. I wasn’t hard. Samantha was standing naked in front of me, ready to have sex, and my little dick was still limp.

She strutted closer and reached down toward my flaccid member. Her thin fingers grabbed me, but even her small hand engulfed my dick in a comedic manner. She ended up using two fingers to pump my cock, jerking the fleshy member with her digits. When that didn’t work, she lowered herself down to her knees. I was desperately trying to will my dick hard, and I was sure that when her warm mouth enveloped me, I would spring to attention. But even after her lips wrapped around me, my length barely making it past her teeth, nothing happened.

She sucked and bobbed, though she barely needed to move her head. My cock was in Samantha’s mouth, I should be rock hard and ready to blow just from that, but when I looked down to take in the sight, it did nothing. If anything, my only thought was how very unsexy and not how she looked sucking on such a small cock. She really did look so much hotter with a big cock in her mouth.

That’s when it hit me. I wasn’t going to get hard. I had spent so long getting off on and spilling my load over the idea of Samantha with a big cock that the thought of her and I together didn’t turn me on anymore. It wasn’t that I didn’t find her attractive but that I didn’t find the thought of her fucking me hot.

“I’m sorry,” I said, pushing her face away from me. Samantha stood up, a perplexed and almost offended look on her face. “It’s not…”

“Wow,” she said, grabbing a blanket of her couch and covering herself. She took off the necklace and threw it at me. “Just take your pathetic cock and fucking go.”

I had quickly thrown my clothes back on and walked out.

“You’re right,” I growled through gritted teeth, finally responding to Tina and rocking my hips into her. “I’m never going to fuck her. She deserves better than my pathetic prick. Samantha only fucks big cocks.” Tina wailed in pleasure under me. “My cock is all yours.”

“Oh god, I have to tell you,” Tina panted, her arms wrapping around the back of my neck, jerking her hips to meet my thrusts. “I talked to her yesterday. Mmmmm… she told me she was so glad she didn’t fuck you that night. Unngh, unnghh, yes! fuck me harder! She said, oh, she said she would have regretted it the rest of her life if she gave her OOoohhhh fuck! her virginity to your tiny dick instead, oh oh, instead of Trevor’s big fucking cock.”

Tina and I were rutting against each other like animals, sweating whipping as our bodies collided, both of us so close to the edge.

“She… oh god, oh fuck, she said…” Tina was thrashing about. “She said she’s in love with him and his big fucking cock… and she owes it all to find out… oh, I’m so close… to finding out how small your fucking dick was.”

Tina and I both wailed as we came together, her cunt clamping down around me as I ejected stream after stream of my cum into her.

However, all that wasn’t a new and unexpected thing. It wasn’t my failure to fuck Sam when I had the chance. It wasn’t Tina’s excitement and pleasure over having my small dick to herself. No, it came after all that. When we both collapsed onto the disheveled bed, gasping and panting. Tina threw one leg across me and wrapped her arm around my chest. I gave her breast a squeeze, making her smile dreamily.

Breathing heavily, our lips centimeters apart, Tina said, “I love you.”

And at that moment, I realized I loved her too.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, some punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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