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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds Karma is a bitch…

OK, my girlfriend and I are 20, and her friend is 19, and my little brother is 18. This happened a month ago. We were swimming at my house. When we were done swimming, we got out and laid in the sun and started talking when my brother got out of the pool, and his swim trunks slipped off. I think he purposefully took them off because he knows he has a bigger penis than me so he can show my girlfriend how much bigger he is. So, he came out of the pool unknowingly fully naked, showing his big penis. When my girlfriend and her friend see jaws drop and my girlfriend is laughing uncontrollably. When she finally calms a bit, she asks, “Why is he so much bigger than you?”

I’m uncircumcised, and only 1.5 inches soft, and a silver member erect, and my brother is 6 inches soft and circumcised and claims to be 8 inches erect. Then her friend laughs so hard and says, “No way, he’s bigger than you.”

My girlfriend shows how small I am with her fingers with a big grin on her face and whispers, “Sorry,” with a smile on her face and grabs my hand, and kisses me on the cheek. She says, “I still love you.”

Her friend asks my brother if he is really bigger than me, and he says, “Yeah, show her.”

I say no, then my girlfriend says to show her, and I still say no.

A few minutes pass by, I get up, and as I get up, my little brother pants me and throws my trunks on the roof. Her friend sees how small I am and laughs and says it’s so small and notices I’m uncircumcised and points that out and ask my brother if he is uncircumcised too. He says no, and takes it out right in front of us to show her and gives my girlfriend another chance to see how much bigger he is than me.

My girlfriend lets out another laugh, and her friend asks how small I am? My brother then says he’s only an inch. My girlfriend says, “and a half,” and then asks me to show her.

I finally show them. Then my brother stands next to me for them to compare me to him and my girlfriends with a big smile on her face, eyes focusing on my brother’s penis and her friend laughing, saying we’re the difference between a cock and a dick, making my girlfriend giggle. I then wrap a towel around myself. They’re just talking about how my little brother has a much bigger dick than me when he’s the younger brother.

After they were done teasing me and time for them to leave, my girlfriend and her friend gave us nicknames mine is ‘baby,’ and my brother is literally just ‘big dick.’ After they left, I asked him if he did it on purpose, and he said, yeah. Then I ask why, and he said, “It was for teasing me about how small my penis was when we were younger.”

When we were younger, I had the bigger penis just because I had a foreskin, and I always teased him about it in front of everyone. So he’s getting me back for that. The moral of the story is karma is a bitch


Another reader finds a new toy changed the dynamics of his relationship…

I thought I would tell the story that led my wife and me to explore a more female-led relationship. For starters, I am 38, and my wife is 34. We’ve been married for 12 years, and we have two small children. Now my wife is a stunner. I married WAY up! She is about 5’6”, has brownish blonde hair, green eyes, DDD breasts, and gorgeous feet that I can’t get enough of. Her skin is very light-complected and looks so flawless she could pass for a porcelain doll. I’m nothing special. I am rather dark completed (Native American) with an average build and a rather small package (I’m ever so close to four inches erect if I press in extra hard).

We have had an amazing marriage so far, I mean, after 12 years, we have definitely had our fair share of fights, but we chose over and over again to keep working on it, and through it all, we love each other more today than we ever have before. Our sex life has been somewhat difficult at times for various reasons, but we communicate well, so we haven’t been afraid to tell each other what we want. It took me a while to learn just what gets her off, and it has never been intercourse. I have never made her cum from sex. I always have to use my tongue or a vibrator. She often masturbates, though, and she usually will let me know and invite me to come to watch.

Up until the day in question, we had kind of gotten into a routine, I guess you could call it a rut, but I wasn’t unhappy with it. The actual sex was very rare, only about once or twice a year, but we did other stuff. She knows I love to give her oral, so she would ride my face or just let me go down on her, we often did the mutual masturbation thing, and she would give me footjobs and handjobs. A lot of you reading this probably think that sounds pathetic, but I truly was happy. I love her feet, and I love seeing her satisfied, so I was good.

Now I have always suspected that I have a small penis, but my wife has always told me it was ‘perfect,’ neither calling me big nor saying I’m small. She assured me often that she loved my penis and thought it was the ‘right-size’ again, neither calling me big nor saying I’m small. I think for a while, I actually believed her even though, as I mentioned above, I’m a silver member hard, pretty thin, and to top it off, I have small balls. I brought up what I had seen in videos, and she assured me that most of those porn videos were using special lenses and angles to make the guys look way bigger than they were, and most men were the same size as me. I should also probably mention that she is a nurse and has worked in a variety of different capacities, so she has seen a LOT of penises and would know what normal is, so I believed her.

Then it arrived, the day that would forever change our sexual dynamic. The day that we would evolve to a heightened level of transparency and honesty in our relationship. The day that a package arrived in the mail. The doorbell rang, and the UPS delivery man had left it on the doorstep. My wife (we’ll call her Sarah, that’s not her name, but you get it), Sarah jogged to the door and picked up the package. I was walking through the kitchen and asked what she had ordered, and she said, “Oh, it’s nothing, I’ll show you later.”

I said, “OK,” and went about my day.

This was a Saturday, and strangely, Sarah started the kid’s bedtime routine a little earlier than usual. I didn’t question it and got up to assist her. As soon as the kids were in bed, she instructed me to go into our bedroom and to take off all my clothes. Again, I didn’t question her instructions (no man would ever question those instructions) and did as I was told. She went into the bathroom and came out with no clothes on and carrying the box that was delivered earlier that day. She lay down next to me, handed me my pocket knife, and asked me to open the box.

I asked what was in it, and she said, “You’ll see it once you open it.”

So yet again, I did as I was told and opened the box. Inside I found another box with a picture of a dildo on it called, of all things, the ‘Mr. Perfect’ dildo. I said, “Oh, you got you a new toy, which is cool.”

She had other toys, but she has always made it a point to try to buy toys that were similar in size to me, which meant her collection was mostly limited to clit vibes. I know that she buys toys that are my size, so, despite the size of the box, I was expecting to find something similar when I opened it.

That is not what happened. As I took the dildo out of the box, I felt a deep sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was almost painful as it just continued to keep coming out of the box. Once I finally had it completely removed, I just starred at it. It honestly looked incredible. Overall, it was more than eight inches, and as I held it, I noticed that my fingers could not come together around its girth, and then just the weight of it was remarkable. It was extremely realistic looking with correct coloring, veins, a perfectly formed head, and shaft, and it also included balls that were literally three times the size of mine. Sarah said nothing as I initially examined this monster cock.

It wasn’t until I finally looked up at her that she asked me, “well, what do you think?”

I stammered for words, but I was struggling. I finally asked, “Is this what you meant to order?”

She said, “Yup, it is exactly what I wanted.”

Please understand how naïve I was at this point. I haven’t been with many women, Sarah, on the other hand, had been with several men before me, so my next question was as heartfelt as it could be. I asked, “Won’t this hurt you?”

She said, “No, I’m actually looking forward to it. I have wanted to order one of these for a VERY long time.”

That statement and the way she emphasized ‘very’ renewed the sinking feeling in my stomach. I was near physical pain. I honestly didn’t know what to say next. Fortunately, she did. She said, “You know I love you, baby, and I love sex with you, and I love your penis, but I’ve just been feeling sort of hungry for something a little bit bigger. Is that OK?”

I said, “Of course, it’s OK, all I ever want is for you to enjoy yourself. But it’s SOOO much bigger than me!”

Sarah said, “Yes, I know, it’s almost three of you,” and then she giggled a little bit.

It was then that I couldn’t leave well enough alone and asked, “Be honest, like completely honest, am I really average?”

Sarah paused, looked up, and said, “You really want my honest answer?”

“Yes!” I said emphatically.

Then Sarah said, “No, honey, you’re not average. You’re not average at all. An average dick would be at least two inches longer than yours, and my new toy is another three inches longer than that. I’m sorry, baby. But you really do have a small penis. It’s not the smallest I’ve ever seen, but it is definitely well-well below average. I really do love your little pee-pee, though. It’s pretty, and I think it’s extremely cute.”

The sinking feeling intensified, and I wasn’t sure what to say.

We sat there in awkward silence. After a few moments of this, Sarah started laughing and said, “Oh my Gawd, you’re hard as a rock!”

She instantly reached for my penis which, much to even my surprise, was probably harder than it’s been in years. Sarah said, “You’re actually getting off on me telling you that you have a small pee-pee. I can’t believe this! I thought this was going to hurt your feelings, but you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

It honestly took me a minute to gather my MANY feelings, but the dick doesn’t lie, so I had to admit it was super-hot that she was this honest with me, and I was glad that she finally opened up about what she wanted. After that conversation, she asked if I would use the new toy on her. I, of course, said yes, and proceeded to get into position. I was a little nervous about putting it in her, it was just so big, but she assured me it would be OK, so I proceeded slowly. As I touched the head to her lips, she gasped a little. I could tell she was really looking forward to this. I rubbed the head up and down her increasingly moist lips until the head was covered in her juices.

This was new to me because I never have, and I mean never been able to have sex with her without using lube, so she was very turned on. I began to press the monster dildo into her, and after the head popped in, she gasped again. I paused and asked her if she was OK, and she very sharply said, “Yes, I’m fine! Don’t stop!”

So, I proceeded, I kept pushing and pushing and pushing for what felt like forever until the massive ball sack finally came to rest against her body. I couldn’t believe it! She had the entire thing in her, and to top it off, I encountered no resistance, and she was CLEARLY not in pain. I began to work it in and out of her slowly. As I went on, she got super wet and even developed some sort of cream that was building up on the massive shaft of the dildo. I began to speed up the thrusting, and her breathing was getting heavy. She was moaning in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever heard before as this toy was touching areas in her that I have never even been close to.

I was going at a pretty good pace when she said, “Harder!”

I couldn’t believe it, but I did as I was told and thrust harder into her. I began to twist the dildo as I thrust it into her, and that seemed to drive her wild. She was grasping at the sheets, breathing through her mouth, and had begun to sweet as I fucked her with that monster dick. And then it happened. I felt like time literally stood still as she announced she was cumming. I didn’t even know she could cum from penetration alone, I had never seen it before, and it was CLEARLY more intense than any clitoral orgasm I had witnessed prior to this moment.

She screamed, “OH YES, FUCK ME HARDER!”

So, I began to pound that dildo into her as I watched every muscle in her body tense, her pale complexion had turned beat red, and I continued to just pound her with that big plastic cock. She hadn’t breathed for what seemed like minutes, and then finally, she gasped for air and grabbed my hand to stop me. I removed the dildo from her, and it was covered, I mean covered in a white cream from her beautiful pussy and a wet spot had formed beneath her on the sheets. Again something I’d never seen when we would have sex before. I moved in to kiss her pussy and licked at the cream that was on the outside of her lips.

She stopped me and said, “Give me a minute, please.”

I got up, my penis was still harder than it had ever been after seeing this insanely intense display, and I took the new toy into the bathroom to clean it up. I looked back over my shoulder to make sure she wasn’t watching because what I was about to do would be humiliating if she had caught me, and then I sucked that fake cock for all it was worth, her juices and this strange cream that I had never seen before covered every inch of that huge thing and it was absolutely delicious.

I was in heaven. I honestly couldn’t even tell you how long I was sucking that fake cock, but eventually, I looked in the mirror and saw myself with a big ass dick hanging out of my mouth and finally came to my senses. I finished cleaning the dildo and went back into the bedroom. Sarah was fast asleep when I go in there, so I just lay beside her still hard as a rock, craving a release and in a bit of a daze. I just lay there, processing all the events that took place and reveling in the ecstasy of it all. I wanted to go ahead and jack off, but I didn’t. I was afraid of waking Sarah, and I felt a bit embarrassed about having to jack off after seeing my wife receive the most satisfying sexual experience I’ve ever witnessed without any real need of me, so I just lay there and slowly stroked my cock and replayed the night’s events over and over and over again until I finally fell asleep myself.

There have been many more changes in our dynamic that I hope to discuss in future stories. Let me know what you thought of this one.


While this reader finds studying fun…

Anne came over for a study session, and we connected over something we had in common. It was pretty obvious we wouldn’t date because she was out of my league, with her perfectly curved figure. She took off her shirt to make herself more comfortable, leaving just her top on. It wasn’t meant in any sexual way, just for her comfort. We were sitting close to each other, and I couldn’t control myself, so I got hard.

It started poking out, and she looked at me and laughed that I was excited. She was sitting next to me, and she put her hand on my thigh but let it there. I grabbed her hand and moved it up to my dick, with my pants still on. She grabbed it through my pants, talking about how small and cute it was.

She said that she loved it and took my pants down, putting her mouth at head level. She told me she couldn’t deep throat her ex and proceeded to swallow my dick. Engulfing it in her mouth, she went back and forth so fast, and I came so quickly.

Once I finished, she hugged me, and I cuddled her, sitting up and putting her on my lap as my now flaccid dick was pressed on her back.


This reader decides to air it out…

This morning I woke up at my usual 5 am time. Yeah, I know, I’m one of THOSE people. As soon as I woke up, I knew I forgot to take out the trash the night before. Our pick-up is always super early, so I ran out to the side yard to move the bins out to the curb.

I sleep naked, so to provide at least some coverage, I grabbed a pair of loose PJs and slippers. I was still shirtless since I figured I would shower after this menial chore. The summer night was cool, and I thought, ‘Fuck it! I want to feel the breeze on my cock.’ So I pulled my entire cock and balls out of the front pocket and enjoyed the breeze on my bare skin.

I got the recycling bin to the curb and started to make my way back to the fence when I heard a simple, “Morning,” coming from behind me.

I turned around and was greeted by one of my neighbors who I have yet to formally meet. (We are new to the area) She was a busty MILF, probably in her 50s, sporting a comfy work out attire. She was also accompanied by what looked like a girl in her late teen’s early twenties. I’m guessing a college kid was working out with mom.

I stood there with my flaccid dick out on full display and returned this cordial, “Good Morning.”

They slowed their pace, and I could tell they were trying their best to make out in the darkness what exactly they were seeing. Yes, ladies, this is my dick. I guess they finally made out what I was showing, and I heard the mom whisper, “Oh my,” as the daughter tried her hardest not to laugh.

I waved one more time, and they did the same. I turned around and started walking to the back fence when I heard a loud spit-take-style laugh. A laugh that could no longer be contained coming from what sounded like the daughter. Followed by, “Sarah, be nice!”

Then a response that sounded a little too loud, “It’s not even cold outside, dude, what the fuck!”

I’m guessing she wanted me to hear that. This caused the mom to just yell, “Sarah! Stop! You’re gross.”

“But, mom, that dick was fucking tiny…” as they got further and further away.


SDC member ‘blindpoodle’ tells us…

OK, so I was in high school, maybe 15 years old, and very much a virgin as were all of my friends, although things were beginning to happen for us as they do at that age. There was one girl who had a reputation, although I don’t think it was fair or warranted in hindsight. She had agreed to give a friend and me a blowjob, but that was clearly not happening on the night in question. She did undress to her bra, which got us excited, thinking it was going to happen. When she returned, she asked each of us to come into another room one at a time, so my friend went in and five minutes later came out, and before he said anything, I was in the room where she was waiting.

She grabbed my little guy through my jeans without any finesse and quickly said that there was no way that she was going to do anything to either of us and with a bit of clumsy begging, we gave up and played cards for a bit, then we all went home. Nothing bad about that, just another day in the life of a virgin boy. It was a week later when all of the girls started calling one of my friends the choker and just laughing whenever they saw me and waving their pinky. It turns out that the girl was measuring us all up and passing the information to all of the girls in our year, so I was known for the rest of High School as the one with the smallest dick in my friendship circle while my best friend since three years old was the monster cock (he was too).

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