A College Experience

By Steven987.

I’m a fairly handsome guy, and girls have always found me attractive. Despite this, I’m not too sexually experienced as I’ve always been too nervous to actually shoot my shot a lot of the time. We’ll get into why that is a little later on. However, I do get lucky and find myself in bed with a gal from time to time.

One night I was at a house party with a bunch of friends from an organization I was a part of. One of the girls in the org, Molly, who was a year below me, brought her roommate Emma with her. Molly was a skinny blonde girl with a mousy face that was decently cute, but what really stood out about her were her massive boobs. They were easily D cups that looked unreal on her petite body. One of my good friends in the organization, Mike, had actually been hooking up with her and would always brag to me how great it was. Molly was also in one of the top sororities at our school and could sometimes come across as pretty bitchy when I talked to her.

Emma was overall a bit less attractive than Molly but still cute. She had dirty blonde hair and a decently pretty face and a fairly large ass but very small boobs. I was introduced to her at the beginning of the night and thought she was a really sweet girl. I found out we actually even had a mutual friend named Jessica that I knew from childhood. They were both a part of the same religious group at our university.

As the night progressed and everyone got pretty drunk, I started talking more and more to Emma. We were really hitting it off and began dancing together. It was the typical things like grinding and feeling each other up. Eventually, one thing led to another, and with a little liquid confidence, we began making out on the dance floor. It was going great.

Molly came up to me later and told me I should come back to their place with them tonight. I, of course, obliged as I hadn’t hooked up with a girl in months. I was very excited and was hoping my friend Mike would come along too, but he ended up leaving the party early and didn’t even see that I was with Emma.

When we got back to their apartment, the three of us talked for about 15 minutes before Molly said she was going to go to bed. She commented on us having fun together and gave a little wink as she made her way into her bedroom. It was finally time. I always get a little nervous about hooking up with girls as I’m a bit insecure about the size of my penis (four inches hard) and some past experiences along with it, but Emma seemed like such a sweet girl I didn’t think it would matter.

We got into her bed, made some more small talk, and eventually began making out on her bed. This time we were much more passionate as our tongues locked. I was biting her lips and kissing her neck. It was obvious we were both really turned on. We took off our shirts, and I pulled her on top of me so I could feel her ass as we were kissing. I worked my hands to her bra and released her b cup tits. She sat up, straddling me, and gave me a sexy little smirk. Emma slowly started rubbing her hand over my crotch area. I was already completely erect and throbbing. A few nerves came as I began wondering what she was thinking, her hand rubbing my hard dick through my pants. This was the first time a girl was touching my penis in a long time.

After moving her hand across the top of my pants for like ten seconds, she paused and said, “Just letting you know we aren’t gonna have sex.”

I immediately thought to myself that it must be a part of her religious beliefs to not have sex. She kind of seemed like that type of girl, and I knew that our mutual friend Jessica was a virgin for the same reason.

I quickly said, “Oh, no worries at all, we can do other stuff, though, right?” Not wanting this night to stop.

Emma smiled and said, “Oh yeah.”

As she bent down and pulled on my pants, I helped by lifting up my but and sliding off my jeans. Now in just my underwear, the outline of my meager tent was in plain sight. I thought I heard the slightest giggle come out of her at this moment, but I quickly convinced myself it was my imagination.

She looked up at me and gave me a smile before pulling down my briefs. Emma paused as she began to look at my package. What was just a few seconds felt like an eternity as she scanned my hairless dick. My pubes were shaved, leaving my penis, balls, and the surrounding area completely smooth. It’s a little unnatural looking considering how hairy my legs are, but I’ve always preferred it this way.

Her expression didn’t really change as she lightly gripped my dick with one hand. You could just see my pink head sticking out. I shivered at her touch and gave out the slightest hint of a moan. I’m not sure if other guys moan, but sometimes I just can’t resist it. She bit her lip and looked up at me, slowly starting to move her hand up and down. It felt so good. I’ve always loved it when girls gave slower handjobs.

The problem with having a shorter dick is that the motion to jerk it off is very restricted. Because of this, instead of wrapping her hand around my dick, she just had her fingertips on it, slowly moving the skin up and down. I do the same when I’m getting myself off sometimes as well.

Emma started picking up the pace after a minute. I could already feel myself building up to orgasm when all of a sudden, she put her mouth over the top of my pink head and swooshed her tongue around. My whole body started tingling, and I again let out a moan. Emma brought her hands up to my chest and started feeling up my sides and belly while she slowly worked her way down my aching dick. I had my own hands at my side as I’ve never really been the type to hold a girl’s head down while getting a blowjob.

After about 30 seconds of teasing, she now had my whole penis in her mouth, and I could tell I was about to cum. She knew it, too, as my whole body began shaking. She started sucking even harder, and sure enough, I busted into her mouth. It was an incredible orgasm. Emma swallowed it all and smiled at me. I couldn’t believe I came in less than a minute of getting a blowjob. She crawled up to me and kissed me on the lips. I was grossed out at first as I’d never kissed a girl after cumming in her mouth, but Emma was so sweet, and my body was in a fog, so I didn’t resist it. The kiss was only a peck too.

I was still catching my breath when I noticed Emma was staring at my now retracted, spent 2inch penis. I quickly sat up and said, “Alright, now let me return the favor.”

As I scurried down to the other side of the bed, Emma said, “Alright,” and lifted her legs so I could remove her pants.

I’ve actually always loved going down on girls and took it upon myself to research how to do it properly. Before taking her underwear off, I went up and started kissing her lips again. I then worked my way down her chest, belly, and naval region, slowly kissing her the whole time. I went back up and repeated the process a few more times, just to tease her.

After she was clearly worked up, I went down and kissed her pussy through her underwear. My hands slowly rubbed her inner thighs. I then started to pull down and remove her legs out of the last of her clothes. I smiled as I now had a beautiful girl lying completely naked right in front of me.

Emma looked up at me and said, “Remember, big boy, no sex tonight,” adding a grin as she said big boy, gesturing to my now hard penis.

I did an awkward chuckle and began to slowly go down to eat her out. Nothing turns me on more than pleasuring a hot girl. Emma began to breathe heavily and started rubbing her hands through my hair. She directed me on pace and pressure, which made it really easy for me.

I had been licking her pussy for probably close to ten minutes before she really started to moan. At this point, she was holding my head down on her crotch and began wrapping her legs around my neck and shoulders. I was honestly just as turned on as she was, hearing how much she was enjoying this.

After around fifteen minutes, she finally started to orgasm. She had me licking faster and faster until all of a sudden, it happened. I could taste her juices leaking out of her and the sounds of her intense moans. My face, held in place by her legs and hands, was now glistening with her cum. It was the wettest I’ve ever made a girl before.

Finally, she released me, and I crawled up to the top of the bed with her and began wiping up my face. She smiled and said, “That was amazing. You’re really great with your tongue. And it looks like you really enjoyed it too!”

She again gestured down to my small boner. It was completely upright, throbbing the hardest it’d been all night, dripping with pre-cum. I laughed with her and thought to myself that maybe she’d go down on me again, considering how quickly I finished the first time. But she turned around to face away from me and said, “Alright, well goodnight, big guy.”

With that, she pushed her naked ass against my throbbing dick, making my whole body shudder. I cuddled up to her, desperately wanting to fuck her or at least get a handjob or something but accepted that it was too late and to just go to bed in frustration. I started to close my eyes and thought to myself, ‘I wonder what Emma is gonna say to Molly about tonight. I hope she doesn’t mention how quickly I came or the size of my little dick.’


The End.



*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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