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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader can’t pack the pouch…

Sometimes I will wear boxer briefs, and my wife was kind enough to get me ones with the ‘joey pouch’ type. These separate your balls from coming in contact with your legs. My inch dick (soft) with a tight ball sack doesn’t need that. My balls have no hope of going into the pouch. My wife asked how they fit and felt where my balls were and said, “Well, damn. I didn’t realize your balls were so small. You don’t need a pouch.”

I said, “Yeah, these types of briefs are for men with big balls and a big penis.”

She responded with, “You mean an average-sized penis and balls. Yours doesn’t even hang down like most men your age. You could wear panties no problem.”

I just responded with a nod. Since my wife’s a nurse, you can’t bullshit her about penis size as she’s seen thousands of them doing her job.

She went to her underwear drawer and threw me a pair of her pink bikini panties, and said, “Guess you should wear these for support. I was trying to get you real men’s underwear. But you’re not a man.”

I almost came right there.


Another reader gets a different kind of French…

A few nights ago, my wife was kind enough to give me a handjob. After I came, she was kinda messing with my penis, looking at my slight curve, hair, and urethra. She’s a nurse and said I think I would use a French 12 on you. I was confused and asked what that was, and she told me how they measured catheters. I asked if that was big or something, and she said no 14 is average. So actually, I think a ten would fit better. I asked why not an average one. She said, well, you need a little one for a little penis. It’s sometimes difficult to get them in a little penis like yours when they’re soft because we have to search for it and just use two fingers.

I’m 4 inches hard and 1.5-2 when soft. She told me the ones she can grab hold of when soft is better. Then she told me a story of how this one patient had at least a 7-inch soft penis that she put a catheter in and said his wife was just staring her down when she grabbed his penis. My wife looked at his wife when she held it, and his wife kinda smiled. She said it was a giant penis but very easy to manage to do her job. I said, well, you manage mine fine. She laughed and said, well, this is you hard, and he was definitely twice you, and he was soft. I stayed hard that whole time she was talking and probably could have cum again.


Meanwhile, this reader is getting some from his girlfriend’s mom…

A couple of years ago, my girlfriend and I were staying at her parent’s house. I had just finished taking a shower while everyone else was downstairs, so I was walking around completely naked.

My willy is around one inch soft, so laughter is usually the reaction at first sight until it grows to a respectable girthy bronze member size.

I could hear someone coming up the stairs, they spoke, and I heard the voice of my girlfriend’s mother. She is in her early sixties but is still smoking hot.

As a bit of a backstory, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing her completely nude a few years back. I, my girlfriend, and her mum were staying at a family friend of theirs house in separate rooms.

My girlfriend asked me to get something from her mom’s room, not realizing her mom had just got out of the shower. I walked in as she was drying her hair with a towel, which gave me a good few seconds to examine the goods. Great body, lovely large breasts, and a very thick dark bush. She saw me standing there and tried to cover up, but her towel was only bigger enough to cover her boobs or pussy. She chooses boobs and quickly puts on her white cotton bikini briefs. I apologized and explained why I was there, and she was fine with it. So ever since then, I’ve always had the hots for her.

So, this brings me back to the SPH. As I could hear it was her coming up the stairs, I decided not to cover up. As she came to the doorway, I pretended like I didn’t have time to get my towel and cover-up.

She stopped dead in her tracks and just took in the view of my little penis with a big grin on her face. She said, “Oh, how the tables have turned. We’re even now, but I feel you may have got the short straw. Because I now know your little secret.” (While doing the pinky wave).

She then walks to the room she was originally heading to, gets what she wanted, returns back past the doorway for one more look and a giggle, and then back down the stairs. She told my girlfriend what had happened. But she told her that she didn’t actually see my dick, I guess, to save my girlfriend any embarrassment over my size.

Ever since this encounter, she has made private comments between her and me about me having a little dick. Like she got some cocktail sausages out of the fridge and said, “They look familiar, don’t they?”

At a family gathering, she was sitting opposite me with some other female family members, who were laughing about small cocks, when she said to the others, “Well, I think it’s not the size that’s important. It’s what they do with it that counts,” while making eye contact with me.

Needless to say, I was hard as a rock under the table.


While this reader gets a comment that gets his juices flowing…

I’m a silver member of the small dick club, and I get regular massages and oftentimes know/enjoy the feeling when only a soft, thin sheet covers my erect, barely noticeable soft penis and the massage therapist.

Today’s massage was with a new masseuse, and it was OK. Towards the end, when laying on my back, the whole time knowing I was barely showing a bump, I often got the sense she was noticing or looking. Nothing was said during the massage.

After it was over, she said, “Alright, and that’s today’s session. Get dressed, little guy, and I’ll see outside.”

Needless to say, my little dick was hard as I put on clothes, left the room, and loved seeing her face when I opened the door. Even though the massage was just OK, and I think I might explore this.


This reader had a life-changing experience when he was in college…

I was 19 years old, in college in Texas, and a virgin. I’m a white male, 5’7”, and never once in my life did I even think about the fact that I might have a small penis. I met a beautiful girl (Lisa) at a party. She had long auburn hair, a perfect body, a little taller than me, same age, and also a virgin. Her roommates and friends, however, were not virgins and, in fact, we’re very sexually active, with most of them dating basketball or football players. Lisa was friends with my friend Anthony, and they spoke often. He was a bit of a player and had been with multiple girls, including one of Lisa’s friends I mentioned earlier. Anthony told me that Lisa wanted to lose her virginity to me! I was very excited, to say the least (I later found out it was because I was 5’7” and Lisa and her friends figured I wouldn’t be packing too much, so it would hurt her as much)

So, the day finally came, and we both lost our virginity to each other. It was very quick, and the condom actually came off inside of her, and she had to get it out. She did not orgasm and was a little upset about it but didn’t really expect it because it was our first time. We fucked again and again over the next week or so, trying multiple different positions, all in an effort to get her to orgasm ( I made her cum with oral, but she wanted it from penetration). At one point, she was on her hands and knees, and I was behind her.

She looked at me while I was thrusting and said, “I don’t understand? This is supposed to be the most pleasurable position for me, but I can barely feel anything?”

I was still oblivious. I thought something was wrong with her. That very night I came home from work and heard sex noises coming from my bedroom. I looked in, and Lisa was riding Anthony, and she loved it!

I lived off-campus with two other guys, and Anthony was a friend to us all. He’s tall, athletic, half white, half black, and all the girls loved him. He could bring ten girls to a party by himself. He was that guy. He regularly stayed at our place, and nobody ever really cared where anyone slept. In fact, the rule was if you had a girl willing, then you had the first crack at the beds. Anthony knew I was fucking around with Lisa. He practically set it up, but in his mind and his world, all pussy was fair game, and he had no idea how hard I had fallen for Lisa in such a short amount of time.

I went into shock, which lasted a long time. I left the apartment and didn’t come back until I knew they’d be at class. I grabbed my things and went to a hotel. I stayed there for a week, I think. It felt like forever. I didn’t go to class, didn’t talk to anyone. I was drinking a lot, but it wasn’t until I decided to smoke that I came to the realization that any relationship I thought I had with Lisa was all in my head. We had fucked a bunch but never discussed anything else. We only really hung out at my apartment, and Anthony was just being Anthony. It dawned on me that maybe I was overreacting, so I went back home.

It was about 7 PM on a weekday, and Anthony was there, but nobody else, and he was devastated. He had no idea how I felt and was so sorry. We smoked and drank and cleared the air, and I told him not to worry about it. Bro’s before Ho’s, you know. I went to bed that night, and around one AM, Lisa came into my room, and she had been smoking weed. She is crying and says she was so worried about me. I told her the same thing that I overreacted and not to worry about it. She said she had no idea I cared so much about her (nobody ever had), and she wanted to be my girlfriend!

Me being the idiot, jumped at the opportunity. She was fucking hot. We proceeded to hang out a lot over the next few weeks, and during one of our conversations is when she told me about her friends suggesting she try someone more gifted down below and Anthony’s ex suggested him, and she thought he was perfect because she knew him already and felt safe. I asked if it was better, and this is when she said yes as far as penetration. She came a lot because he was able to hit certain spots, but he refused to go down on her, and she said nobody does it as well as me. So, I went down on her a lot, and we had regular sex a lot at first, too. But I remembered what she sounded like and looked like with Anthony, and I couldn’t give her the same pleasure just from fucking her because my dick is small (Bronze Member).

At first, she was nice about it, but as time went on, she would get very frustrated when I would cum way before she was even close. She noticed I lasted longer if I drank beforehand, so we tried that, but it didn’t matter. She couldn’t orgasm with my small dick, no matter how long I lasted. One night I had one too many drinks and couldn’t cum at all. But she wasn’t even making a noise when I was fucking her, so I stopped. She asked if I came, and I said no as I laid down next to her, still hard. She got on top of my stomach and told me what she wanted to do. As I laid there hard as a rock, she said she was going out to see if Anthony was there and if so, she was going to tell him I was asleep and ask him to fuck her and if I was still awake when she got back, I could get some head or handjob!

She didn’t wait for a response and didn’t even look at me after she said it. She just got up naked and walked out. I was pretty buzzed, and crazy turned on at this point. I just laid there and laid there, and then finally, about 45 minutes later, she comes back in exhausted, hair a mess, and smiling. I knew, and she knew I knew, and she didn’t care. She got into bed with me and told me to get some lotion. I grabbed some and handed it to her, and she asked if I could do it myself because she just was too tired now.

Then I asked, “What if I lick your pussy while you do it?”

She looked at me puzzled for what felt like ten minutes, but it was probably ten seconds, and gave me a smile and said, “It’s always the quiet ones.”

She got on top of my face and gave me a handjob while I ate her sloppy pussy and made her cum like she never has before (her words). It was magic, and we did this a lot over the next few months until we went home for the summer. We talked on the phone a couple of times, trying to make long-distance work, but it didn’t, and I never heard from her again until the day I was getting ready for my wedding. She called (saw the caller ID), but I didn’t pick up. LOL. What a crazy coincidence.

To this day, I wish I had picked up. The weird thing is I’ve never once felt inadequate about my size (Bronze Member). I still don’t, really. It turns me on to know that some women just prefer bigger than me, and I like to be reminded of it from time to time.

My wife is one of those women for whom penetration really doesn’t do much for her. Believe me, I’ve tried big strap-on dildos on her to test her, and they don’t make her come. For her, it’s all about her clitoris, which even a guy like me on the small side can easily stimulate because it’s not inside her vagina. But I love thinking back to that cuckold experience. It was wild.


Another reader gets attention from three women…

So, my size is around 1.5in soft, and I’m a silver member of the small dick club hard. Some seven years back, I was dating this girl who could be kind of a bitch often. But I was a horny 21yr old, and she put out easily, so I used to not worry about it. Initially, in the relationship, she wasn’t vocal about my size or anything. However, we had a talk about it a couple of times. I could easily make her come with the combination of oral-finger-penetration, and she had no issues in that regard. But slowly, I started noticing her remarks about my penis size becoming more and more frequent. Now every time she would blow me, she’d remind me how my dick wasn’t even touching the back of her throat in spite of her taking the whole thing inside her mouth. I didn’t mind as long as this stuff was said between just the two of us.

Then one fine day, I was on the way to her place after work, and she messaged me saying that she was chilling with her flatmates (Two other girls. One single: ‘Angela.’ The other one dating: ‘Susan.’), and the topic of dick size came up. Apparently, S’s bf was blessed with a nice thick penis, and she couldn’t stop gushing about it. Of course, my name came up, and my girlfriend happily shared my size with them. This was all without asking or telling me. I was so pissed.

So, there I was, walking over to god’s house, about to face her two flatmates that knew my secret.

When I reached Susan & Angela didn’t come out immediately. I sat with my girlfriend in her room, questioning her as to why she’d share my personal information with anyone else. That turned into an argument, and eventually, her flatmates came into the room and told me something like, “Hey, we’re friends, right? It’s OK if we know stuff like that. Don’t worry about it.”

I was put to ease upon hearing that and thought that these girls were mature about this stuff.


Later in the night, a few others have come over to the house, and we’re drinking. Angela few people are dancing. Angela few have passed out after smoking up way too much, and Susan comes to sit beside me and says that she would like to see my pee-pee. She goes on to tell me that she has never seen a small penis and is very curious about it and that she had already asked my girlfriend’s permission. I, of course, said NO. She asked a few more times, and even my girlfriend came and asked me to show her. It was so fucking humiliating. I felt like a showpiece in a museum.

Angela couple of days later, I went to their place again, and this time both Susan and Angela got after me to show them my small dick. They just wouldn’t let go of it. Both really wanted to see what a silver member hard-on looked like. My girlfriend was least bothered with all this. I finally relented and dropped my trousers to show them. All that stress and embarrassment had caused my dick to stay at its softest. Just as I pulled my boxers down, a small laugh leaked out of Susan’s mouth. Angela was just standing there with her mouth open. Both had never seen such a small penis. Angela asked me if she could touch it, and I reluctantly said OK for one-touch (since I didn’t want to get a hard-on in front of my girlfriend’s friends).

At that point, my ex jumped in and told Angela not to listen to me and that she could touch as much as she wanted. So, Angela started to play with my dick (not sexually, just like a little toy) while Susan basically laughed at it. Susan told me that I was less than half the size of her bf. All that playing brought about an erection, and that was when all three of them looked at each other and started laughing. Susan and Angela asked my girlfriend in front of me if she even feels something when I enter her and many other humiliating things.

After that day, they would keep bringing up my size every few hours at the least. Angela, a few weeks later, at another drinking session with around ten people, Susan brought in the topic of my size and basically told everyone. I was so pissed that I ended up drinking a ton of booze and passing out. In my passed-out state, Susan and Angela removed my shorts/boxers and opened up my small dick for everyone to see. Photos were clicked, and fun was made.

This was a time when SPH was traumatic for me. I love it now.


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