A 25th to shrivel up for!

By Minime20.

Billy’s roommates (Alice and Hannah) and sister (Claire) had been planning the party for over a month. Twenty-five-years-old needed a big party but more importantly to the three women, payback for Billy!

Claire had been humiliated by Billy on her 25th when he projected a slideshow of Claire’s nude photos he’d hacked into on her phone. Billy had pranked Alice and Hannah many times, like locking them out of the flat in their underwear after faking a fire alarm. Billy was in for the ultimate payback!

Billy was a good-looking guy but had a small frame, a little below average in weight, height, and strength, and adding that to having a tiny penis, he was very confident with women.

Billy and Claire’s mum regularly reminded anyone in earshot at family parties that Billy had been told he had a micropenis by the doctors, so likely he wasn’t going to be having sex with such a tiny little willy between his legs. It was fair to say Billy took any opportunity to see naked women without hesitation!

The plans were put in place, guests invited, and Alice had even arranged a date for Billy. Billy had told most of his work colleagues about the party, and Vicky (whom he had a huge crush on) asked if she could be his date. Vicky was much older (45) but very fit and curvy. She had been contacted by Alice and was told the plan. She was more than happy to assist!

A few days before the party, Vicky handed Billy a small package at work and said to open it at home and use it for the party. Billy stowed it in his bag and continued his work.

Billy was eager to open the package when he returned, so he quickly did so in his room. Vicky and written a note and included a photograph of herself. ‘Billy, looking forward to your party. If you use the following items before your party, then you can be sure I will give you the full version of the picture and spend the night with you!’ the note read.

Billy looked at the photo before thinking he was jerking himself off to her picture. She was wearing a matching set of pink see-through underwear. He could make out nipples and a thin line of pubic hair above her pussy. she looked incredible for a woman her age!

Billy cum into his boxer shorts quickly and carried on looking through the package.

There was a bottle of hair removal lotion and a freshly packed pair of frilly pink French knickers. The bottle had a post-it saying, ‘Use this to remove all your pubic hair. I need you to be clean, smooth, and hairless before I let you fuck me! If you wear the panties on your birthday, I will let you have whatever you want!

Billy couldn’t believe his luck, without much time to think over exactly what he was doing. Billy stripped off and made his way to the bathroom with the bottle!


The day the party arrived, Billy was given some furniture-lifting tasks while the girls sorted out everything else. Vicky arrived with some colleagues, and the party started soon after.

Claire, Alice, and Hannah asked plenty of friends and family to be there, so Billy had all his closest friends and family present for his celebration. Vicky pulled Billy to one side at about 10.30 pm, both a bit tipsy but coherent. Vicky asked if Billy had completed the package – with a beaming smile.

Billy nodded and said, “Oh yes, I can’t wait for later.”

Vicky winked and said, “Oh, let’s have some fun now,” and with that, pulled Billy down to his bedroom at the end of the corridor. She locks the door and says, “Strip for me now. Let me see you in your panties!”

Billy removes his shirt, t-shirt, shoes, and socks. He then slowly unbuttons his trousers and lets them drop to the floor.

“Oh, that’s amazing, you look so good! Let me take a quick picture.” Vicky swiftly takes out her phone and clicks away! “Now, we don’t want you getting overly excited too soon, so hold still while I do this.”

She kisses Billy on the lips and slowly stuffs ice cubes from her drink inside Billy’s panties, making his penis and balls shrivel.

“So, I don’t want you making a sound, so I’ve something to put in your mouth, OK? Just go with it, OK.” Vicky is speaking quietly into Billy’s ear. She opens his mouth and inserts a dildo attached to a harness which she then clicks behind his head. Billy tries to speak but just makes noises. Vicky puts her finger to her lips and says, “Shhhh. I’ll be right back, birthday boy.”

Not a moment passes before the door swings open, and in walks Claire, Alice, and Hannah, with the latter two, quickly jumping on Billy’s arms and holding him down!

“Well, then, little brother, it’s time for your happy birthday song,” Claire said. “All your guests can’t wait to sing it to you! Look how bald you are like the day you were born! And some very wet panties. Have you had an accident? Well, no time to change. Let’s have you.”

Claire signals Alice and Hannah to pick up Billy onto his feet, and before going further, Claire puts a pair of pink handcuffs on Billy’s wrists behind his back, steps back, and takes it in!

“Oh, this is something I’ve been waiting for, little brother. You made my twenty-fifth so memorable that I had to return the favor, so let’s meet your public,” Claire said.

Billy trying to make a no sound and wriggling to get free of Alice and Hannah just made them laugh.

“Alice and I and more than happy to help you greet your guests, Billy. Happy birthday,” Hannah says through giggles.

Claire leads the group out of the bedroom and down the corridor, and as she approaches the lunge area, she starts singing happy birthday. The group assembled at the end of the room starts singing, phones out recording (suggested by Vicky!), and Claire opens her arms and shows Alice and Hannah pushing Billy in front of them. Laughter starts to break out as everyone gets to see Billy.

This hairless body wearing only a pair of French frilly pink knickers is put on the coffee table, and Claire brings the group to a hush!

“Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, thank you so much for joining Billy for his 25th birthday,” Claire shouts to the crowd. “As you can see, he has been very excited about this moment, and we couldn’t wait any longer. Vicky very kindly had you prepared with cameras. Our mum is on FaceTime somewhere on Auntie Sue’s iPad. Vicky also kindly ensured Billy was fully prepared physically for his birthday present.

“For many years, Billy has ensured everyone shared their natural selves with their closest friends and family members. Having such a gift, it is only fitting he should share what our mother proudly presents to her baby boy on his birthday. Ladies and gentlemen, please wish Billy and his little Willy a happy twenty-fifth birthday.”

And as the group all raise glasses and cameras, wishing Billy and ‘willy’ happy birthday, Claire turns, places her hands on either hip of Billy, and without a moment’s hesitation, pull the knickers down Billy’s legs and whips them off his feet.

After a brief moment of silence, Billy felt like it was in slow motion as he felt the knickers whizz down his bare cold legs, clicks, flashes of light, and then cackles of laughter. They laughed at him for wearing panties. And the ice cubes that melted on his already tiny penis and balls washed clear of any hair a few days ago. Billy was now on full show to his birthday guests of thirty people with what could only be described as two grapes holding up half an acorn!

The humiliation continued as people walked up to Billy holding objects bigger than his penis, a cocktail sausage, cigarette lighter, box of matches, and plenty of people’s pinky fingers.

Alice and Hannah hushed the room once more. “The party can continue, everyone. We will just put Billy on the naughty step for wetting his panties.”

Hannah and Alice led Billy out of the kitchen door and onto their very small patio.

“Right, that’s you then for the night. Happy birthday,” said Hannah. She then kissed Billy on the cheek.

Alice did the same and said, “Oh, don’t worry. Claire and Vicky have asked everyone to take a photo with you before going home. You look just great there. If you wiggle a bit, you might warm up.”

And with that, Billy was left naked on the patio. His arms are now handcuffed around the clothesline pole.

Vicky and Claire appeared as the last guests left, and both took photos. Claire removes the strap-on and undoes the handcuffs. Billy covers himself with his hands.

“So, Vicky, will you give Billy what you promised him?” Claire asks.

Vicky winks at Claire and says, “If Billy behaves himself from now on, then we can maybe look at giving him some reward, but for now, that little willy will have to wait.”

Both women laugh and walk off. Billy slowly returns to his bedroom, naked, cold, and alone. He won’t be losing his V-plates tonight.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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