High School Reunion

By Babydicklover.

My name is Michelle, and today is my 10-year high school reunion. The student council felt inspired to host a festival like a carnival on the football field. Primarily, I’ve heard high school reunions are boring and not worth the effort, but this piqued my excitement. It will be nice to see some old friends since staying in contact with folks you are far away from is challenging.

My boyfriend, Kyle Maverick, picked me up, and I was looking forward to him seeing what my high school years were all about. We parked and walked past the gymnasium to the football field. Immediately, I traveled back to the high school days of mismatched outfits and my irrational interest in counterculture. Now, I was a fully grown and confident woman wearing a slim black dress with a leather jacket, a style I never thought I could pull off.

I held my boyfriend’s skinny hand because he is who you would label a “scrawny” fellow. He is a thin white boy who looks like he has never lifted a weight. He was probably slimmer than I was. But I’ve never judged anyone solely on their looks, and I don’t care about stereotypes. People can’t control their appearance, and who am I to judge them? I love him for who he is, and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

It was nice to reunite with friends I hadn’t seen in years and hear about the adventures they encountered. Many of them were successful, and I couldn’t be prouder. After many tales told about our lives, we had the opportunity to connect again and decided to keep it that way. We promised to visit each other more and scheduled times to see each other more often.

I was in this moment of nostalgic bliss at the popcorn station until I took wind of the putrid sight of Drew Williams, who was the “stereotypical” jock like they would show in the movies. I briefly dated him in high school, which many people warned me about. He rarely dated anyone in high school and had a reputation for being a jerk who only cared about himself. But he continued to pursue me and seemed sweet and kind to me. I decided to give him a chance. He was a pleasant surprise because he wasn’t who I expected him to be. We had more in common than I ever imagined with a sports star.

He did have a problem when I took charge or made plans. He had this need to dominate everything. Eventually, it wasn’t the best relationship, but it wasn’t the worst. He also never wanted to be intimate with me. I didn’t feel valued or deserving of it. My self-esteem declined, so I just didn’t like him anymore. One night, I told him I didn’t want to be with him anymore. He exploded and told me everything that was wrong with me. This evil, horrible side of him that people warned me about was unleashed, and he called me every word in the book. I was heartbroken because I didn’t deserve to be treated like that. I originally wanted to be friends but never wanted to see him again after how he treated me.

Since he was the popular jock on campus, everyone believed this rumor he spread where I begged him for sex and acted like a miserable slut. It was a rough time in school because nobody was on my side. Guys gawked and stared at me, whereas girls disrespected and bullied me. They constantly threw me dirty looks that ate at my insides. I was alone; like everything, the rumor dried out, and someone else was victimized.

I prayed I wouldn’t see this heartless demon again, but he stood by himself with his bulky muscles. He was obsessed with his body in high school, so I wasn’t surprised he became a professional bodybuilder. He toured worldwide as a prolific speaker and participated in different lifting competitions. He was also the spokesperson for other health-based brands. I tried my best to ignore him and walk right past him, but based on my crummy luck, he saw me.

“Well, well, well, look who it is. It’s the girl who was lost out on the biggest deal of her life.”

“Really? Can’t you just let that go? You made my life a living hell; I suffered through that time.”

“Well, you deserved it. Look at you now. I am a huge success, and you are dating that spineless twig over there. You messed up, didn’t you, little Michelle?”

“No, I am happy with my choices. You are the one who’s hurt and alone. You didn’t come with someone. There may be a reason for that. You acted like a jerk after failing to express intimacy with me.”

He walked up to me and stared into my disapproving eyes.

“You want me to be intimate with you?”

He slowly graced his meaty hand upon my butt and tightly squeezed, like how a mother touches her son’s feverish head. I felt disgusted but stood frozen by this man’s assaulting grip.

My boyfriend saw what was happening and came up to me.

“What the hell is going on here? That’s my girlfriend you are touching with your perverted hands.”

Kyle shoved Drew in the chest. Drew moved forward and crept over Kyle.

“Buddy, don’t ever touch me again. We were having a conversation first. I don’t care if this is your girlfriend. She used to be my property.”

People began noticing what was happening and started watching the growing dispute.

“Property? That’s how you describe the women you date?”

“That’s what they are precisely. Why don’t you run home to mommy because we were in the middle of something?”

“You don’t mess with my girlfriend or me. Who are you anyway?”

I finally spoke with my soft, victimized voice, “This is Drew.”

He looked up at Drew, “Oh, you are the infamous Drew. I’ve heard so much about you, and not anything too good. You screwed up Michelle here, and I’ve wanted to confront you for all these years of dating her.”

He winked at me, “Glad to know I made such an impression.”

Now, people were keeping their distance but actively surrounding us.

“You won’t get away with it.”

“Oh yeah. You and what army?”

With that, Kyle, with his right hand, instantly punched Drew on the cheek and pushed him onto the floor. Drew was stunned by the brute force this man held. He then kicked him in the stomach, making Drew feel pain. Drew picked himself up without hesitation and hurled a bold punch, which Kyle easily blocked by grabbing and clenching his fist and punching him in the chest with his other hand. Drew fell on his back. Kyle jumped on him and began punching him indefinitely.

I stood there with my mouth open in marvel. I didn’t know Kyle knew these MMA moves. There was a whole life to Kyle I never realized.

Finally, after several blows to his face, Drew pushed Kyle back. He removed his shirt and threw it in the crowd, revealing his clean-cut enormous six-pack abs. Drew manically threw as many punches as possible, tiring himself while Kyle precisely blocked every jab. Kyle kicked Drew right in the face, which made Drew spin around, so his back faced Kyle. Kyle took advantage of his cluelessness and yanked his pants down, exposing Drew’s meaty legs to the audience. Everyone vindictively laughed because Drew wore an extremely tight thong with a luminous cheetah print. He turned around, saw his pants around his ankles, and looked visibly upset.

Kyle laughed, “Nice thong, stud.”

Drew tried to pull them up, but Kyle kicked him in the groin, which made him wince in tragic distress. He fell to the grassy floor on his stomach and was unmoveable from the pain. Kyle grabbed his pants and threw them off his body. He also took his shoes and socks off, leaving him half-naked around our encircled graduating class, who all starred in stupefaction. Knowing Kyle, this wasn’t even close to the end. He had something even more sinister and humiliating for Drew.

He whispered in Drew’s ear, “This is what you get for messing with my girl.”

He ripped the thong right off Drew’s big body, leaving him completely naked with his perky, bubble butt sticking in the air for everyone to see. His smooth, bare butt was like a baby’s. Everyone started laughing and recording everything with their phones.

“That is more like it. Since you are a bad boy and fight like a little weakling, you deserve to be punished like one.”

Drew quietly said, “Stop, please. I will do anything.”

“It’s a little too late now. You, wuss, are powerless. Refrain from judging a book by its cover. You are unquestionably weak and have a poor, judgemental heart. I shouldn’t assume you are a strong, mighty fighter. You’ve proved me wrong very quickly.”

Kyle sat on the floor and held Drew down. He wriggled and fiddled, trying to get himself up, but to no avail from Kyle’s strength.

“Don’t even try, little man. You brought this on yourself.”

Kyle rubbed his bare bottom like a boy about to receive corporal punishment. He then began spanking Drew’s exposed buttcheeks. Each spank left Drew even more emasculated than before. Each cry howled by Drew was a symbol of him being feminized by a smaller, less intimidating alpha male. Drew described himself as an alpha male, but a true alpha male doesn’t control his woman but protects her from cruddy men.

Drew’s ass was ripe and red from the spankings of a real, masculine man. He stretched his big butt cheeks, showing everyone his tight hole. This was a sight I had wanted to see for a long time, where Drew finally received a fair and equal punishment. This is what I call justice. I stood there smiling as everyone watched Kyle spank Drew like an immature boy with apparent daddy issues, pretending to be a man.

Kyle told the entertained audience, “That may be enough for the minor child. Is that enough for everyone?”

Everyone screamed “No” in unison with excitement.

“Should I flip him over?”

“Yes,” they shouted back.

“Let’s see what little Drew here is packing.”

Drew immediately became overprotective of himself as he wiggled, squirmed, and shouted. He tried his hardest to fight Kyle’s grip, but that wouldn’t do anything. Drew was outmanned, and nothing would stop his fate.

Kyle flipped him over, revealing something no one ever anticipated. The entire field fell noiseless, and there was a considerably long stroke of silence. The awkward quietness stretched to almost an eternity, followed by hysterical laughter and teasing. Everyone was pointing at poor Drew and what was revealed to all. Something so daring and unbelievable, even to the most imaginative minds.

Kyle peeked at Drew’s groin, whistled, and loudly said, “You’ve got one tiny, little dick, don’t you, Drew?”

It was true, and it laid across our astonished eyes. Everyone saw what little Drew had. It was clear as day Drew had the smallest penis I had ever seen in my life. He was circumcised and had a sizable pubic bush covering his entire dicklette. It looked like a tiny egg in a bird’s nest. It was so tiny, so soft, so delicate, and so inexcusably unfortunate. Up to that point, I thought he was packing a giant dick, but I was proven wrong by the little thing bouncing around as Drew tried to escape.

“No wonder you act like such a macho creep. You’ve got that little pinky dinky to worry about. I actually can understand your anger with the world. Nobody wants a tiny, worthless, ineffective, and pathetic conjoined to their legs. What could you even do with something so damn tiny?”

Drew broke free from Kyle’s hold and covered his scared, little penis with his hands, but Kyle held them down, showing everyone how tiny he was.

People with cameras were filming the whole thing so you could see Drew’s entire body.

“Don’t be shy, camera people. Get as close as possible because it must be almost impossible to see the little micro-shrimp from where you stand.”

People came as close as possible and filmed Drew’s teeny weeny.

One of them said, “Wow, I could barely see it from there, and I still can hardly see it.”

The student council allowed a cameraperson to project what was happening on the giant screen, so everyone could see Drew’s baby dick. Even the teachers were laughing.

Kyle flicked it and grabbed it with two fingers. It hardened in his fingers.

“Look at what we have here. Although it is excruciatingly minuscule and depressing, we have a live one. This must be an inch or something. You bring shame to the normal, sweet little-cocked men everywhere. Does all of this turn you on? You must enjoy having your little dick humiliated.”

Drew thought he was being clever to save face and said, “No, it is 1.5 inches.”

Everyone convulsed in cackles and chuckles at Drew’s little baby hard-on. It was probably half the size of my pinky with the girth of my index finger. Pre-cum dribbled from the shaftless, grape-like head. It was like a little thumb but way thinner. Even his balls were like a child’s.

“Poor baby, that doesn’t help your case, little man. You just admitted to having a 1.5-inch hard cocklette. I am sure even toddlers have bigger ones than that. Nothing is more embarrassing and cringe-worthy than that.”

“Shut up, loser. I will kill all of you.”

“Doesn’t matter, boy. We all know your little secret. You thought you could hide behind those big muscles. You can get those muscles as big as humanly possible. It won’t change the size of your little dingy wingy.”

“Fuck you.”

Kyle kicked him in the face, “Oh, shut up.”

“Does anyone want to see if this little thing will last longer than 60 seconds? It’s probably never been touched by a woman before.”

A beautiful blonde woman named Claire Medfield came forward.

“Drew treated me like shit in school for years, so I am happy to do the honors.”

She plumped her sexy ass next to Drew and grabbed his baby boy boner with two fingers. She compared it to her pinky, larger than his little boy-sized penis. She gradually stroked his undersized wiener. Drew looked mortified as she giggled and played with his tiny cherry tomato.

People shouted, “C’mon baby dick, you can do it. It’s a penis, only incredibly smaller. It’s like a baby carrot but probably half the size. He must still be a virgin. He gets his dick size from his mom’s crotch.”

At around 30 seconds, Drew began screaming as his little guy erupted like an unimpressive volcano. His little dinky winky exploded, but hardly any cum came out. It evoked no admiration or respect. That was not striking at all. Everyone started laughing loudly again.

Claire looked at sad little Drew and said, “Aww. Poor baby can’t even last 30 seconds. That must be a world record or something. You are so ‘powerful’ with your small pee-pee, unable to please a woman. You say you are an alpha male, but how can you be with nothing between your legs? I am bigger than you. Imagine being smaller than a woman. It amazes me how tiny your dick is. Admit you are tiny where it matters.”

“I don’t need to do anything for you, bitch.”

“Tsk, tsk–you still haven’t learned, have you?”

She grabbed his tiny balls and firmly squeezed them.

“Oww. Okay, fine. I have a tiny, little, baby dick.”


“That can’t please any woman, no matter how hard I try.”

“Good boy. That’s a good little dicklette, boy. It will never fill anyone up, and I’m glad you accept it.

Everyone cheered for Claire on her victory. She pushed in his little boy dicky like a clitty. He looked appalled and upset. Several girls approached him and gave him a piece of their minds about how he treated them in high school.

“It feels nice to have the upper hand now. Get used to being down there, as that’s where you will forever belong with that little, virgin tinkle.”

Even lanky nerds who were bullied but were now successful men snorted and made fun of his inadequate, laughable shortcomings.

“After all those merciless wedgies you gave us, it’s nice to see you get what you deserve. That is a small penis, and it deserves this public treatment.”

Eventually, security came and tried to take him away for ‘streaking,’ but he kept throwing mindless death threats. The security thought it was humorous as his little thimble dick bobbed around like a little acorn. It was a hilarious sight.

They looked at each other, thinking, “Yep, another infant-like dick fiend angry with the world for his dinky deficiencies.”

The main security guard was unamused by his inappropriate antics, “Look, baby cock, you wanted to expose yourself, so you need to live with the consequences.”

He was resistant and wouldn’t back off, so they ultimately, after many chances they gave him, had to use a taser on him. If his dinkle was tiny, it was even more of a lifeless nub after he was tazed. It shrunk inside him, clearly afraid of the cheerful world. I would be, too, if I was a tiny turtle like that. With each aggressive movement, I could only giggle as Drew’s petite wee-wee sunk inside him. Poor baby boy with his mini ding-a-ling. Even babies were smaller than him.

They lifted him, and he covered his micro-dick. Then they handcuffed him behind his back, so you could still get a little view of his soft, half-inch tee-tee as they dragged him off the field. They thought it was more appropriate to leave him exposed since this is what he wanted. Everyone was cheering and clapping as little-dicked Drew was escorted.

I stood in front of Drew before they took him away. I regained my strength to say what I wanted to for years.

“This is what you get for treating so many people horribly. I hope you learned something through all this. And if you didn’t, which is most likely the case for someone like you, just look down between your legs as a reminder for yourself of your place in society as a dude with such a small newborn baby-like micropenis.”

The security officers laughed at my candid monologue.

He looked at me with a defeated face, “The truth is, I loved you, but I was worried you would have dumped me for my small penis.”

I looked at his shriveled-up crotch, “It is tiny, but I don’t judge anyone on looks. I wouldn’t have minded being with a man with a little inch, but you decided to be a massive egotist, which is the most unattractive characteristic in the world.”

I flicked his cold, little, shrunken penis and walked away with dignity. I walked up to my boyfriend and thanked him for his chivalry. I kissed him romantically, and we had the best night together.

Weeks after the incident with Drew, his reputation was over, and his brand as this big man was over. Eventually, the videos of his behavior and little, short, tiny dicklette went viral online. He lost several brand deals and became a joke in the communities he belonged to. People would give him the small penis sign everywhere he went or pretend to jack off their pinkies. There were so many memes created in his unhung honor.

He and his baby penis were the laughingstocks of the world. Drew eventually moved back to live with his parents in my hometown by the high school. Everyone knew he was packing a baby twig and reminded him of it whenever he encountered someone at the store or church, especially the women. He’s currently coaching the high school football team, and they all tease him for being so poorly endowed. Imagine being teased by high schoolers that are bigger than you.

Drew learned that size does matter when you make it count. He was obsessed with being the biggest and the best. If he accepted himself as having a very small cock, he might have saved some heartache. Hopefully, he will change from this, but we all know his little penis will never change or grow. Drew’s permanent exposure has been burned in the minds of many, and it’s something he will never live down.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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