Wrong Place To Pull Over

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By runtz4 (edited)

I really had no idea where I was, I was in Dallas on business, but as I drove around the DFW it was clear I was lost. I fumbled into my bag in the seat beside me for my phone to pull up Google Maps. And just as I pulled it out I dropped it on the floor. After a few attempts to reach it, and nearly running into a guardrail, I decided to exit and look for a place to stop and get my phone.

As luck would have it, I pulled off at the wrong place. No fast food joints, no gas stations to be seen, and to make matters worse, I really needed to find a restroom. Finally, out of desperation, I pulled around to the back of an empty shopping strip. I turned the lights off, grabbed my phone off the floor of the car, and quickly hopped out of the car. I put my phone away and pulled my little dick out and started pissing beside the dumpster.

I was kind of zoned out in my own little world, so relieved to finally be relieved. Just as I finished and turned around I was met with a spot light and a – Whoop Whoop – siren blast from a police car.

“Shit!” I uttered to myself.

“Sir!” A strong female voice shouted. “Hands on your head and turn around.”

I am no troublemaker; I did exactly as she said.

“Sir, are you alone?” She shouted.

“Yes, I’m alone,” I answered back immediately.

“What are you doing out here?” A second female voice demanded.

“Officer, I’m so sorry. I not from around here and got lost, I stopped here to pull up directions on my phone.”

“Where’s your phone? Why were you out of your car back here?” She fired back.

“Ma’am, I am so sorry. I had to go to the bathroom real bad. I thought I could come back here without anyone seeing me.” I shyly stated, knowing I could get busted for indecent exposure or public urination.

“Sir, do you have any weapons or drugs on you?” The first officer asked.

“No, ma’am!”

“Don’t you move a muscle.” She commanded, as she approached me from behind.

“Do you have weapons, drugs or needles on you?”

“No, sir.”

“Sir? I like that.” She retorted, and began running her gloved hands over my shoulders, up my arms, down my sides and around my waistband, she then reached around front and cupped my penis and balls in her hand.

“Sir, I am asking you again. Do you have any drugs on you?” She asked with stiffness in her voice.

“Officer, I don’t have anything on me, I know it was wrong… And I am so sorry and embarrassed…”

“You got something?!” The other officer called out, cutting me off.

“I think I’ve got a couple balloons here.”

“What?!” I questioned.

She grabbed my left arm and bent it down behind me clasping a pair of handcuffs to my wrist, then pullet the other arm down locking behind me.

The other officer approached and I could hear her holster her weapon.

“You want me to check?” She asked.

“I got it.”

The officer behind me slid her hand in my right pocket and pulled it inside out.

“Nothing!” She called out to her partner. Then switched hands and did the same to my left pocket. “Nothing.” She called out again.

“Sir, do you have any balloons in your pants?”

“Balloons?! For what… No.”

She slid her hand down my crotch again. “I feel something odd.” She announced, and pinched my dick through my pants.

“What’s that?”

“Sir, that’s me… That’s me… You know… My genitals.” I said, trying to use polite wording.

“Sir, I know what a grown man’s penis feels like, this feels more like a tar balloon.”


“Heroine,” she announced.

The second officer came around and faced me. “Sir, I’m going to have to touch you now,” she said, as if repeating some sexual harassment class training. She reached down and felt my penis through my pants.

“Sir, we’re going to need to see what you have in your pants. As per regulation, you have the right to request a male officer, however, if you do that I want you to know we’ll need to take you to the station and fill out an official report.” She paused long enough for me to think it through. “Do you wish to exercise that right, or would you like to get it over with now.”

“N-n-n-now?” I stammered, not wanting to waste any more time on this stupid mistake.

The officer behind me unfastened my belt and the one in front unbuttoned my khaki’s and pulled the zipper down. She then slid her hand down my pants.

“There it is,” she exclaimed, and the officer behind me pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees.

“Flashlight,” the one in front said to her partner, and immediately there was a bright light shone down on her hand. I looked down as she opened her black-gloved hand still gripping my penis.

The one behind me asked, “What is it?”

“Jesus,” the officer squealed, “It’s his dick, a tiny… little… thing.”

Looking down I couldn’t argue with her one bit. It was small, cold and limp in her hand. The thing is, it wasn’t any smaller than it normally is, I’ve always been a bit smaller than average. The one behind me turned me around toward her. “Let me see,” she exclaimed, “Oh my God,” she coughed, as she covered her mouth. “You can’t blame me for this, you felt it too… It seemed too small to be his penis.”

“No… You’re right, it felt like a balloon. They can’t get mad at us for this,” she shot back.

That’s when I really looked at them, they were both now standing in the light from the squad car and I could see that the one that had been behind me was the younger of the two; maybe late twenty’s with blond hair tied tightly behind her. She was cute, not movie star attractive, but cute nonetheless. She was shorter, around 5’4″

The other one was older, definitely the senior officer, maybe early forties and attractive in her own right. She had a sterner demeanour about her, I am sure from her years as an officer. She had short dark hair and was roughly 5’8″, her face was slimmer and carried more character, but in a normal situation with regular clothes and makeup she would be stunning.

“Wait, look at the car,” the blonde smiled, revealing good news to her superior.

“You parked it wrong again,” the front of the car was pointing away from us, the light on us was from the side spot light.

“Yeah, that means the camera isn’t on us, no one has to know about this,” she said, wide-eyed hoping her superior would just follow her lead.

“Wait right here,” the older one grunted through her stern jaw. She walked toward the car, leaning in she looked around. “The camera is nowhere near us,” she called back. Then she reached into the car through the window, popped the trunk, took something out of it and slammed it closed.

The blond asked, “What are you doing?”

Walking quickly back to us, I realized my pants were still around my knees. She walked right up to me with something in her clenched hand, and held it out against my dick. It was a balloon with something inside.

“See?” She said to both of us. “They’re almost the exact same size.”

“Donna,” the blond spat out, calling her partner by name, “Is that heroine?”

“You never know when you might need to do a little bartering,” she educated her partner.

I looked down and it was very similar. “Can I go now, are we done?” I sheepishly asked.

“Look, we still have you on indecency, and public urination charges. And from where I stand, it seems like the only thing keeping us from busting you on possession of narcotics is our word against yours. Who do you think the judge will believe, you or us?” She charged holding up the heroine to my face.

“You, sir. They’ll believe you. What do you want from me?”

Donna looked over to her young partner and cracked a half smile. “You know this job is tough, and we don’t get a lot of fun. So I’ll tell you what, you entertain us, and we’ll let you go. No charges,” She offered.

“What… What do you want me to do?”

“God that is the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. What about you Casey?” She asked her partner.

“No doubt, I honestly thought it was way too small to be a dick. I’ve seen trannies with bigger cocks.”

“Hey, it gets bigger… And it’s a little chilly out here,” I tried to defend myself.

“Oh, really it gets bigger?” Donna laughed. “I bet it doesn’t get more than four inches.”

“It’s got to get to at least five, right?” Casey challenged back.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure,” Donna said, raising her eyebrow. Then she walked over to me and grabbed my package, dick and balls and cupped them in her right hand. “Let’s see what you got.”

Donna’s leathered hand felt strangely nice. “Oh my god… I can fit everything in the palm of my hand,” Donna chuckled. Casey came up beside her and lifted my shirt up over my head to get it out of the way.

“Oh,” she smirked. “It’s just tiny,” Casey teased.

“Listen, you show us how big you can get, and we’ll let you go,” Donna promised.

“I’ll try,” I gulped. “But, it’s kinda cold.”

“Here, maybe this’ll help,” Casey said, and then kneeling in front of me gently exhaled her hot breath on me. My dick twitched a little feeling her warmth.

“Oh, you like that?” She cooed, and followed up with an even bigger burst of air.

“He looks even smaller when you’re right up on it.”

Donna knelt down and joined Casey in front of me. “We don’t have all night,” she said, and leaned in taking me into her mouth.

“Jesus,” I said, shocked, she felt amazing.

Her hot wet mouth sucked my little dick hard like she was trying to suck venom out of me. “This feels so wrong,” Donna giggled. “I feel like a child molester or something. Your dick is SO small… Here you try,” she directed to Casey.

Casey kissed the tip of my quickly hardening penis, and ran her tongue underneath it, before slurping my dick inside her mouth. She held me tightly for a few seconds and tongued my head inside her mouth.

“You’re right,” She gasped breaking her embrace. “It’s like I’m sucking a baby bottle.”

My penis jumped when she said that. “Oh? Does little babydick like us making fun of him?” Casey teased in a put-on baby voice.

“Maybe this widdle baby needs his Mommy to help him get big and hard,” Donna played along.

Then stood up ripping open her snapped shirt exposing her large breasts spilling over her black bra. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her cleavage. “Here you go, babydick, get nice and hard for momma.”

Casey played with my penis in her hand while I slobbered all over Donna’s soft white flesh. “He’s getting bigger Don, keep it up,” Casey encouraged.

Donna let go of me long enough to look down and check me out. I was getting harder, but unfortunately didn’t seem much bigger. She then reached into her bra and pulled her left breast out, followed by the right. Her breasts, still being lifted up by her bra, looked massive and jetted out from her chest. Her nipples were a dark red, almost burgundy. Her flesh jiggled showing her age, and hinted that she has had kids. But they were sexy as hell.

I dove in with no encouragement needed sucking her tits and moaning in appreciation.

“There ya go, little one,” Donna said, pressing her arms under her breasts lifting them toward me even more.

Just then I felt Casey engulf my little penis in her mouth again, sucking me all the way in. This went on for what felt like several minutes, but in reality was likely only 20 seconds. “I think that’s all,” Casey exclaimed, pulling away from me. “He’s not getting any bigger, and I can fit the whole thing in my mouth without straining.”

Casey laughed in a way the conveyed pity. “Damn… It’s smaller than I thought it would be,” Donna snorted.

“Is that as big as you get, little one?” Donna asked, looking me dead in the eye, her gorgeous breast still on display.

“Yes, ma’am, that’s as big as it gets,” I said softly.

“Do you know how big it is?” Casey asked.

“No,” I lied.

“Take a guess,” Donna demanded. “Which one of us is closer, four inches or five?”

“Umm… I think it’s close to five,” I said sheepishly.

Donna reached to her side and ripped open a Velcro pouch and pulled a metal tool out.

“Here,” She said, handing it to Casey. “My Leather-man has a short ruler on the side.”

Casey held the cold metal multi-tool against me. “Oh dear,” She cried

“four inches, right?” Donna asked.

“Not even four,” She announced, we all looked down at it.

I pressed with all I had, making it bounce in Casey’s hand. “Oh are you trying to make it bigger?” She smiled. “I don’t think it’s going to help much.”

“Read it,” Donna grunted at me.

“Three and a half inches,” I read aloud. They both burst out laughing. “Can I PLEASE go now?”

Donna stood behind me and unlocked the cuffs; her breasts still hanging in the cool night air.

I started to pull my pants, when Donna puts her foot down on them. “You know, Casey, we still have a law on the books from the eighteen-hundreds that says that it is illegal for a man to be in public with an erection in his pants.”

“No, I didn’t ma’am,” Casey sounded off.

“Sir, you’re going to have to dispense of that erection before we can allow you to leave,” Donna said regaining her officer’s voice.


“You’re going to need to jerk it off, before you can leave,” Casey chimed in.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me?”

“Sir, are you disobeying an officer?” Donna countered.

“No, ma’am,” I gave in.

I reached down and grabbed my still hard dick. “Look at how small he is,” Casey chatted. “I swear if my boyfriend was as small as you I’d dump his ass.”

“No, no, no,” Donna corrected, “Sweetie, you don’t get rid of a man like that.”

“What? Why?” Casey asked.

“Young girls are so short sighted. You take control of him… You learn to control him, and take a lover on the side. Make him a cuckold,” Donna explained.

“You see, a man with a little penis is a man that will never cheat on you, and will be glad sharing you with men with big cocks. They know they can’t satisfy you, but don’t want to lose you either. I had a boyfriend in college that was small. Not, this small,” She said pointing at me.
She continued, “But barley five inches and thin. I liked him, he was sweet and attentive, and his parents were loaded. They had a beach house we would visit regularly. But, after a time I made him admit he was small, and that I needed something more. Before too long, he was begging me to fuck guys with bigger dicks, he loved watching too, and would pump his little dick while I got the pounding I needed.”

“Donna…” Casey laughed embarrassedly.

“You have a ring on, you’re married right,” Donna asked me.

“Yes,” I choked out, still fondling my dick.

“Does she know you’re small?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Does she fuck other men?”


“Good for her, and good for you for knowing your place,” Donna praised. “Now show us what you can do. Come on… Squirt for Mommy, little one.”

I kept pumping, but just it just felt numb and lifeless. “I’m not sure this is going to happen,” I bashfully confessed.

“Oh,” Casey chuckled. “Not only is it tiny… It doesn’t even work. Your poor wife… Has she ever let you fuck her?”

“Yes… She lets me fuck her… I swear it usually works just fine.”

“Does she even feel you?” Casey asked mockingly. “I don’t think I would even be able to tell you were inside me. The smallest guy I’ve been with having to be twice your size.”

“Why don’t you give him try and see,” Donna challenged.

“Okay,” Casey lit up.

Casey grabbed my hand and led me over to the squad car, took off her tactical belt and laying it in the trunk, and pulled her pants and panties down in one motion.

Bending over the trunk she looked back at me, saying, “OK, little fellow, let’s see if I can feel it.” She winked at Donna.

Donna stood right beside me taking it all in. I got right behind her and looked at her ass. She had one of the most perfectly shaped butts I’ve ever seen; she must constantly be working out her legs and ass. Casey spat on her right hand and rubbed it on her pussy, then bending over a bit more spread her lips open with her fingers.

“If I can feel you, I’ll let you fuck me till you cum. If not, I’m taking your clothes and leaving you naked,” Casey said, raising the stakes.

I placed my left hand on her hips and used my right to guide me in. The only problem was that her butt was too bulbous, I couldn’t quite reach her cunt the way she was standing. “You gonna do this?” She frowned impatiently.

“I… I can’t get close enough.”

Donna looked over my shoulder and laughed. “Good God, he’s too small to reach you. Your ass is in the way,” she said.

“Is this better?” Casey asked, adjusting her stance bending over a bit more.

I tried again, and just touched her opening with my head.

“Oh, I felt that,” She said, seeming surprised. “Just push it in.”

“I can’t… That’s as far as I can reach… Can you bend over a little more?”

“Seriously?” She huffed, then backed away from the car and bent down grabbing her ankles. “Is this enough?”

I got back in position and successfully pushed my little dick inside her hot, wet cunt. “Yes, that’s good. You feel good.”

“Well, I can sort of feel you, It just makes me wish for more,” Casey reluctantly said, “Go ahead, and fuck it if you want.”

I pumped her as hard and deep as I could, but having a small dick also means shallow strokes. “It’s like watching a little rabbit humping,” Donna said.

“That’s kinda what it feels like,” Casey confessed. “I’ve had thicker fingers in my pussy.”

I just kept humping away, she felt good to me, a little loose, but I am used to that. I began to feel alive again, my breathing became strained, my blood pumped faster, and my humping increased. I gripped Casey’s hips. “I think I’m cumming… Just a little bit more…”

“Let me know when you’re about to cum,” Casey demanded.

“I’m…” huff.

“Really…” huff.

“Close…” huff.

“Slow down,” she insisted.

Slowing my humping down I gently pressed in and out of her pussy. My jaw clenched and I grabbed her hips, pulling her into me. “I’m cumming…” I shouted

Donna grabbed me from behind and pulled me away. While Casey straightened and turned around just in time to see me hump the air in rapid fire and shoot my load. I got to cum, but my orgasm was ruined. “Wait… No…” I cried.

Donna reached down and gave my dick three hard jerks working the rest of my cum out, and giving me only the smallest amount of pleasure.

“Well, I guess it does work… It’s just useless for pleasure,” Casey said.

As Donna held me, Casey pulled my pants and underwear off over my shoes. Then Donna yanked my shirt off. I was standing there totally naked except my socks and shoes. Casey opened my wallet and looked at my driver’s license, and found the hotel key card.

“How long are you in town?” She asked sternly.

I refused to answer.

“You tell me, or you’ll leave here naked.”

“Three more days.”

“Don’t be surprised if you see us again. I think you still owe us some entertainment for letting you off the hook, and letting you fuck a police officer,” Donna said.

“Now get out of here before we charge you with indecent exposure.”

“You can’t send me to the hotel nude, they’ll call the police on me,” I begged.

Casey slid her pants off and threw her panties at me.

“Here that will be enough to keep you covered,” she said with a smirk.

I reluctantly pulled them on. They were like a spandex Speedo, bright red and obviously cut for a woman’s form. But honestly, they fit pretty well.

Casey fished around in my pants and pulled out my phone. They quickly took several pictures of me in her underwear. And close up of Donna rubbing her tits on my covered dick. You couldn’t see her face, but you could tell it was me, and you could see her gorgeous tits.

“I’m sending these to my phone, as well as your wife’s phone number. If you try to skip out on us, she’ll get these pictures texted to her,” Casey said, with a devilish grin. “I recommend you doing exactly as we say.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I forced out.

I got in my car, Casey handed me my phone and wallet, but held on to the key card.

“You don’t get this,” she teased, “You’ll have to go to the front desk and get a new one made.”


I left there and my head was spinning, trying to make sense of it all. As I drove to the hotel I wondered if I should stop off and buy some clothes. I decide to just go to the hotel and play it off that I’d been swimming and forgot my key. Maybe the desk clerk will believe this was a swimsuit.

At the hotel I tried to enter through a side door, but it was locked. I had to go around front through the main lobby. Luckily no-one was around except the girl at the desk.

“I’m so sorry.. I went down to the pool and forgot my key,” I said, laughing, hoping she would buy the story.

“Oh my,” she gasped.

“I’m in room two-o-two, can I get a new key?”

She double checked my license and the name on the reservation. Then, as she was making the new key looked at me and said, “Sir, it’s none of my business, but we don’t have a pool, and that’s not a swimsuit.”

She smiled and stepped back from the desk. Lifting her shirt and pulling the waistband of her pants away, she revealed she was wearing the exact same panties.

“Victoria’s Secret,” She smiled, “I’m guessing yours is too.”

She handed me the key card. “Thank you.” I sighed.

“No biggie,” she giggled locking her eyes on my crotch. “Definitely no big deal at all.”

I went to my room and showered, wondering what was going to happen next.

The End.


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