“We” are waiting until Marriage

By Luv4hotwives.

“You seriously haven’t fucked yet?” Max asked incredulously.

“You’ve been dating for what, seven months now?” Russ added.

“We’ve done other stuff,” I stated in defense.

“Dude,” Max shook his head and chuckled dismissively.

“Eight months,” Lexi answered. “and no, we want our relationship to be pure. It will make the first time after our wedding even more special.”

“You guys are really virgins?” Sara asked.

“Yeah, what the hell? I get teenybopper over here,” Max said, motioning my way. “but Lexi, you are so sexy! I had you pegged as a dick addict.”

Max was a friend of Russ, my roommate. I never liked Max. He tries to act like the typical alpha make and always gave me a hard time. What made it worse is life seemed to validate his attitude. He always seemed to advance at his work, he’d become the popular guy at every party he attended, and he always scored the best women. My one trump card since I met the guy was my fiancé, Lexi. She is a total bombshell, funny, smart, witty, and incredibly down to earth, considering how beautiful she is. Her only flaw is she sees only the best in people.

It sounds like a virtue, but when other guys hit on her or come on really strong, she always thinks they just want to be friends. And she seems to think that they truly don’t have any other intentions. Even with Max, he practically bullies me. Yet, she doesn’t see it. Lexi just says she’s trying to be funny, or I’m reading too much into it. At least we won’t see much of him anymore. This upcoming weekend Russ was moving into Sara’s place. This was like a final get-together. With Russ moving, it was implausible we’d be hanging out with Max again.

“Hey,” Lexi replied with a playful laugh and a punch to Max’s shoulder. “I’m not a virgin, but I’ll have you know I haven’t been that many guys.”

“If you aren’t a virgin, then don’t you miss sex?” Sara asked.

Max blurted out. “Nah, she figured why to bother with Kevin’s little penis.”

Everyone laughed.

There Max was with the jokes again. He doesn’t even know how big I am. I could have a huge cock for all he knows. Granted, I don’t have a huge one, but it ticks me off that he assumes I’m tiny. But I know he’s just trying to belittle me again. Now, if I said something, it would just make me look pathetic, and if I tried explaining to Lexi why this was hurtful, she’d just say it was a joke.

“No,” Lexi shook her head but was still giggling at the joke. “That part doesn’t bother me. I really think waiting will make the ultimate act that much better after we get married.”

Hold on, that just doesn’t bother her? Did Lexi just confirm I had a small dick?

As everyone laughed at my girlfriend’s seeming admission of my inadequacy, Max said. “It doesn’t bother you. Does Kevin have a small dick? But you are saying he does, in fact, have a tiny dick, though? Ha! I knew it.”

“I love Kevin for who he is. Not exactly a great defense for me there, I thought. Penis size doesn’t matter,” Lexi retorted.

Even though she was laughing too, Sara shook her head. “yeah, come on, Max, be nice. It’s not like Kevin has any control over it.”

“Oh, really, Sara,” Max asked, still chuckling at his own humor. “Russ must be little too, huh.”

“No, he is perfectly proportioned, you ass,” Sara replied. “I like dicks average, like six to six and a half inches. Too big hurts me.”

A grin took over Max’s face. In a mocking tone, he asked. “So Lexi tells us, is my little buddy Kevin here an average six to six and a half inches?”

“Dude, that’s not cool,” I said defensively.”Lexi, you don’t need to answer that. He’s just exaggerating to be a jerk. The average size is way smaller than that.”

Lexi put a hand on my shoulder.”Please, Kevin, don’t be defensive. It’s just harmless joking around. And Max didn’t even say what average was. Sara did first, and she’s right. I was with a few guys before you, and that is pretty average” Then she turned to Max. “Sorry, Max, sometimes Kevin gets a little worked up.”

“That’s OK,” Max replied. “I’m sure it’s not easy knowing you’re on the smaller side.”

He just had to slip one more jab in there, didn’t he?

“I personally can’t imagine giving up sex,” Sara said, apparently moving on from the subject of my endowment. “I’d be so bored!”

“Oh, but we can still have fun, though,” Lexi added. “just nothing penetrative. No sex, anal, or blowjobs, but we can do everything else.”

“To each their own, I guess,” Russ said. Everyone quickly moved on and thankfully didn’t bring up sex or anatomy again the rest of the night.


The following week was busy as we helped Russ move. It wasn’t until the following Saturday morning we finally had him fully moved out. Around lunchtime, Lexi and I were finally alone and able to relax.

We both plopped down on the couch.

“You know, now that this is our place, we have free rein. We can fool around whenever and wherever we want!” Lexi said with an adorable smirk.

Before I knew it, we were stripped down to nothing. As we made out, Lexi’s hand moved to my cock. It immediately got rock hard in her hand. Her touch felt amazing, and I yearned for more. The waiting for marriage thing was not my idea at all. Lexi had way more experience than I did when we started dating. This was evident the first time she touched my bare cock. I immediately came in her hand. What initially decided to wait until I learned more self-control became waiting until marriage once we were engaged. I just rolled with it because Lexi was honestly way out of my league. Despite having to wait to have sex, there was no way I’d ever find a girl like Lexi again. Still, it was hard not to think about what I was missing looking at her perfect naked body.

Soon we were both on the floor, and I moved down between Lexi’s legs. I took pride in that I had gotten pretty good at eating her out. I was somewhat jealous that while it was OK to perform oral on her, it was not OK to get oral. According to Lexi, a blowjob would be penetration since my cock would be inside her mouth. Still, I did my best to show off my sexual prowess by giving amazing oral. I closed my eyes as I continued sucking her clit and massaging it with my tongue.

“Mmm, yeah, baby,” Lexi moaned. “that feels amazing.” Then she paused before yelling. “Oh my God, Max!”

I sprung up, and to my horror, Max was standing above us. We were too much in shock to cover immediately, and he glanced at our exposed bodies. Lexi, with her legs, spread her wet, aroused pussy on full display. My still erect penis was sticking straight into the open air.

Finally, the shock wore off a little. I covered my crotch with my hands. Lexi put her legs together and hands over her breasts, still lying there. She asked Max. “what the hell are you doing here?”

“Uh, sorry. Russ asked me to pick something up for him. He said no one would be home and gave me his key.”

“Um, I suppose I forgot he hadn’t given back his key yet,” Lexi said.

“Yeah, sorry,” Max mumbled. “especially sorry to see I was right in Kevin’s case.” He pointed down at my hand-covered crotch, chuckling. “Just kidding, man! Sorry I was just trying to make a dumb joke to break the awkwardness.”

Lexi chuckled a little herself. “It’s OK. This is definitely awkward all around.” She now seemed to have relaxed and become less irritated. “So, what did Russ forget?”

Max knelt next to Lexi, who was still naked on her back, as he replied. “A bottle of wine he wanted to have with Sara tonight. They were still unpacking his stuff, so I volunteered to get it for them.”

I couldn’t believe the nerve, Max. Lexi and I were still naked, trying to cover up, and he kneels beside her and engages in idle conversation. Of course, if I were to speak up, Lexi would tell me I’m just overreacting again.

“Oh yeah,” Lexi said. “It’s right over on the counter.”

She pointed towards the kitchen. She removed a hand from one breast when doing so. Max clearly took notice.

“Great, thanks,” Max replied, putting a hand on Lexi’s knee as he got up. He grabbed the bottle and, as he left, added. “Sorry for the interruption. See you guys later.”

After Max left, we got back to fooling around. To my surprise, Lexi was really wet, even after our embarrassing encounter. In fact, I couldn’t recall a time she had ever been so wet. It wasn’t until I had Lexi moaning again that I realized Max never left the extra key behind.


The rest of the day was uneventful. We spent most of it set up some new smart home tech. It included some Wi-Fi cameras. I thought they were unnecessary, but Lexi liked the idea of seeing our entire apartment when we weren’t home.

For some reason, I just couldn’t sleep well that night. Sunday morning, we did some shopping, and by the time we got home, I was exhausted.

Lexi saw me yawning. “Are you tired, Hun?”

“Yeah, I slept like crap,” I replied.

“I’ll finish putting these groceries away,” Lexi told me. “go ahead and take a nap.”

“Thanks, babe,” I kissed Lexi, then pulled off the hoodie I was wearing and tossed it on the back of our couch. “You’re the best.”

I headed to our room and drifted off to sleep. At some point, I was woken by the door to our apartment opening. Lexi was talking to someone. She sounded surprised. Then I heard Max’s voice. He was obviously picking up yet another thing that Russ forgot. We were going to have to get that key back from him. I still was kind of out of it, and my eyes were closed. I could hear Lexi creep up to our bedroom door. She must have been checking to see if I was still sleeping. I didn’t want to have to talk to Max, so I pretended to be still asleep. Lexi gently closed the door.

I could hear more talking, but it was hard to make out. Then it occurred to me. I could use our Wi-Fi cameras to eavesdrop. I brought them up on my phone and put a wireless earbud in.

“Well, I’m just a little embarrassed. You saw every inch of me.” Lexi said.

“Nothing to be ashamed of. It’s the human body,” Max said. “except for maybe Kevin having a baby dick.”

“Oh, stop it!” Lexi said with a playful laugh. “I know it’s a little on the small side, but it’s not that bad. Plus, it’s not fair, you saw us, and now I’m at this awkward disadvantage.”

“Disadvantage, huh? What if I show you mine?”

“What?” Lexi replied. “you can’t.”

“Why not? It’s not like seeing me naked is cheating. And then we’ll be even, and you don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore.”

After a moment of consideration, Lexi agreed. “OK, let’s see what you’ve got!”

I couldn’t believe that my fiancé just agreed to have the man I considered my enemy show her his cock! Max unfastened his jeans and pulled out his cock.

“Well, you have a very nice penis. But I’ve got to say you aren’t that much bigger than Kevin. You are thicker and maybe an inch and a half or so longer,” Lexi tilted her head. “It’s not like way bigger, though.”

“This is just soft, Lexi. I’m not even a little hard yet.”


I felt a sting of humiliation seeing my fiancé learn this jerk was bigger soft than I am hard.

Max began stroking himself. “You know, it would speed this up if you gave me something to look at.”

Lexi shook her head. “I’m not undressing for you, Max. Besides, you’ve already seen me naked.”

“Exactly,” replied Max. “I have seen you naked, so there is no harm in me seeing it again. And it would help with this.”

He lifted his cock for emphasis.

Lexi thought for a moment and shrugged her shoulders. “You make a good point, I guess.” She began taking off her clothes. “But I’m leaving my panties on.”

“Damn, Lexi, you have an amazing body,” Max said, still stroking his lengthening cock.

“You have a pretty nice body yourself, Max,” Lexi said.

She was right. Whereas I was short, with skinny arms and a gut, Max was tall and muscular. I noticed Lexi was lightly stroking her inner thigh. She was clearly getting turned on and was trying to resist touching herself.

Max smiled. “So, what do you think? Bigger than your fiancé now?”

He nodded down to his now hard cock.

“Um,” Lexi nervously giggled. “Yeah, it’s a lot bigger.”

“How much bigger?”

“A lot. I’m not sure exactly,” she said.

“OK, I’ll use my finger. Is it this big?” Max placed his finger next to his cock right below the head.

Lexi laughed. “No, not nearly that big.”

Then Max slowly moved closer to the base of his cock, and Lexi continued shaking her head. He had already seen it when he walked in on us the day before. This was just another way to belittle me to Lexi.

When Max got about halfway down the length, he paused and looked at Lexi. She giggled and shook her head. “No, still smaller.” He moved down about another inch, and she finally said. “OK, stop, about that size. But like half as thick.”

Max laughed while stroking again. “Poor girl.”

“What do you mean?” Lexi asked. “We aren’t having sex yet, so it’s not like it’s been an issue.”

“Well, it’s leaving you horny. That’s why you are touching yourself as you watch me,” Max said with a satisfied smile.

I hadn’t noticed, but he was right. Lexi was rubbing herself over her panties.

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed,” she said.

“Why?” Max asked. “I am too. You can take those off and keep going if you want.”

Lexi clearly still turned on, despite her embarrassment, was still touching herself but said. “I can’t, though.”

“It’s not like it’s cheating. Do you let Kevin watch porn?”

“Well yeah, but…”

“And do you care if he masturbates to it?” Max asked.

“No, I don’t, but—”

“This isn’t any different. Think about it. It’s a safe way to release some of that pent-up horniness,” Max said confidently.

Lexi bit her lip and slid her panties down. “You’re right.” She made a self-assuring nod. “If Kevin can masturbate to porn, then I can do it too.”

“That a girl!” Max said. “Why don’t we sit on the couch, so we are more comfortable.”

Max removed the rest of his clothes. There was no talking as they both masturbated while staring at each other’s bodies. I couldn’t believe this. First, Max emasculates me by showing my fiancé his cock is more than twice the size of mine. On top of that, he talked her out of her clothes and got her to agree to a mutual masturbation session. I should have been angry, but at this point, I had started playing with myself too.

Lexi came first. Seeing her orgasm must have been too much for Max, he erupted. His load was huge and landed on Lexi across her stomach and chest. After catching her breath, she grabbed my hoodie that I earlier left on the couch and used it to wipe the cum off her.

Max laughed to himself. “Yeah, you are clearly not sex-starved at all,” he said sarcastically.

“OK, I admit it, I miss it,” Lexi replied. “But I’m still committed to this and think it’s important for Kevin and me to see it through.”

“Maybe you can satisfy yourself and still see it through as you and I did just now,” Max said.

“Yeah, true,” Lexi answered. “that was fun, but…”

Max finished her sentence. “Masturbation can only take you so far. You need more.”

“But Kevin and I can’t.”

Max smiled. “I can always help.”

“I’m not cheating on Kevin,” Lexi said in complete seriousness.

“OK, Lexi, tell me, what is cheating?” Max asked.

Lexi shrugged. “having sex with someone who isn’t your partner, I suppose.”

“Exactly, and you are waiting to have sex with Kevin, right?”


“But you do other things with Kevin. And that other stuff isn’t sex, right?” Max asked.

“Well, no.”

“So, if you did those things with a friend, you wouldn’t be cheating, would you?”

Did Max really just suggest that my fiancé should fool around with him? Lexi would never go for that!

Lexi’s eyes widened as if she had a great revelation. “Yeah, it wouldn’t be cheating at all, would it?”

“Just think of it as a friend helping you keep your commitment to wait with your fiancé by helping you release any urges.”

“You’d do that for me?” Lexi asked.

“For you, absolutely!” Max answered enthusiastically.

“Max, you are the sweetest, thank you!”

Lexi hugged Max, pressing her naked body against his. I was stunned. After hugging Lexi stayed next to Max, he rested his hand on her side.

“Is it OK to put my hand here?” he asked.

“Technically, you can touch me anywhere, and that won’t be cheating. Right?” Lexi asked.

Max moved his hand to Lexi’s breast and used his thumb to gently rub her nipple. “not cheating in the slightest.” He responded. He gently moved his fingers down across her tummy. He was tracing around her naval then down along her labia, causing her to spread her legs slightly.

I debated if I should be running out to stop them, but instead, I just resumed playing with my own erect penis.

Max’s teasing fingers caused Lexi to moan. “Mmmm,” she rested her hand on his torso. She felt his muscular abs. “Your body is so different from Kevin’s. You are so muscular.”

Max’s fingers found their way to Lexi’s clit, she gasped. He gently rubbed it, asking, “So if sex is penetration, what about fingers?”

Lexi’s hand was now lower on Max’s abdomen. She moved it down to his large cock, grasping it. “I think fingers are OK.” Then squeezing his cock. “You just can’t put this big guy inside me.”

Max slid a single finger into Lexi, causing her body to contract and her hand to squeeze his cock again. After an initial gasp, she giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Max asked.

“Oh,” Lexi said, still giggling. “It’s nothing. Just feeling your penis, it’s different than what I’ve grown used to.”

“Different how?” Max asked with a chuckle.

He knew what she meant but was clearly enjoying this and wanted to hear it.

“Well, you know the size it is.” Lexi had to catch her breath; Max was still fingering her as they spoke. “When holding Kevin, even when he’s hard, it disappears in my hand. When he’s soft, I can’t even hold it like this. But yours, oh, that feels so good.” Lexi was having more trouble focusing. “But with yours, my hand feels full, and it’s not even hard.” She gave Max’s cock another squeeze. “But actually now um, are you getting hard again?”

Lexi had started stroking Max’s cock. He smiled and replied, “Is that really a surprise?”

“It’s just you came earlier. When Kevin cums he can’t get hard again usually.”

Max laughed. “I guess I’m full of surprises.”

He slipped a second finger into Lexi, then massaged her clit with his thumb as his fingers stimulated her g-spot.

“Holy shit!” Lexi yelled. “Oh my god! I’m…” She lost her words as her body began to shake violently. It seemed to go on forever until she began to get her body under control. “Oh wow,” she said as her legs still twitched involuntarily.

Lexi got off the couch, kneeling between Max’s knees still stroking him. “I can’t remember the last time I had one like that. Now I need to return the favor.” She moved both hands up and down the thick shaft. “I can’t believe how big you are. My fingers don’t even touch when I wrap my hand around it.” Lexi let go with one hand and put her forearm next to Max’s cock. “It’s like the size of my arm, almost!”

Lexi reached a hand between her legs, then returned it to Max’s cock. Then she repeated with her other hand. “Damn,” Max said. “you have to be really wet to use that as lube.” He threw his head back in pleasure as Lexi worked his cock with her hands faster and faster. Finally, he grunted, cumming again. This time his cum covers her chin and upper chest.

Lexi licked some cum from her lower lip. “Mmmm,” she said. “It’s a little sweeter than I expected.”

Max smirked. “I’m surprised little miss no BJ’s likes to taste cum.”

“Well, it’s really not a blow job if the penis isn’t inside my mouth.”

“In that case,” Max replied. “Maybe you can help me clean up a bit too.”

He lifted his pelvis, indicating the cum dripping from the large head of his cock. Lexi’s mouth had never touched my cock in any way. Would she really do it, I wondered?

Lexi smiled and said, “Always happy to help.” She licked the tip, swallowing Max’s cum. Then twirled her tongue around the head several times, leaving no drop behind. She finished with a kiss. “What do you think of my cleaning service?”

“Oh, five stars for sure!”

They both laughed.

“So, what now?” Lexi asked, retrieving my hoodie to wipe the remaining cum from her chest.

“Wanna grab a drink?” Max asked.


“So, are you going to tell Kevin about this?”

“Why not?” Lexi said. “It’s not cheating. But it may take time to explain that to him. So I may not tell him about today yet, but I think I will let him know you’ll be helping from now on.”

They both got dressed. I decided this would be a good time to go out by them finally.

“Finally awake sleepy head?” Lexi asked. “Max had to stop by again for Russ. We were going to grab a drink. Do you want to go?”

“Nah, I’m still waking up. You have a good time,” I saw a large wet spot on the couch. Max must have made Lexi squirt earlier. “What happened on the couch?”

“Oh, just a spill,” Lexi replied. “Mind grabbing a towel and drying that up since you are staying home?”

“Uh, sure,” I answered.

“Thanks, babe!” Lexi kissed me and left with Max.

I approached the couch feeling the wetness with my hand. Next, I dropped my pants. I tried using the wetness as lubricant like Lexi had with Max. It didn’t work great, but the thoughts on everything that happened caused me to cum anyway. I grabbed my hoodie; I was going to have to wash it anyway. When I grabbed it, I could feel Max’s cum on my hand. It dawned on me how emasculating this whole day was. This was only the beginning of things.

Lexi was only out for a couple of hours.


During dinner, Lexi finally brought it up.

“Hey sweetie, I want to tell you about an excellent idea that Max had.”

“What’s that?” I asked, pretending I did not already know.

“It’s about how we are waiting until marriage. As you know, I’ve had a lot more experience than you. What you may not realize is that, because I know what I’m missing, the wait is actually much harder on me than you.” After a brief pause, Lexi continued. “Well, Max kindly volunteered to help out.”

I’d have to disagree about this being harder on her and wasn’t thrilled about Max being involved. Maybe I could put her on the defensive a little.

“So you want to be with Max now?” I asked.

Lexi shook her head. “No, of course not, silly. I only want to date and marry you. There would be no cheating because there would be no sex. Just fooling around like you and I do now.”

“So, you want to stay together, but both fools around with other people?” I asked.

Lexi laughed. “Well, you don’t need to, you goof! As I said, you don’t know what you are missing out on like I do. I mean, you are fully satisfied by what I do for you, right babe?” She looked at me sweetly. “my handjobs are still the best thing ever?”

“Well yeah, I am, and they are,” I replied. Before I could continue, Lexi chimed in again.

“Oh, good! Thank you for being cool,” Lexi said. “I knew it shouldn’t be a problem because it’s not cheating. But hearing you say you are totally supportive of me just gives me the added validation.”

Wait, what happened? Did I really just agree to this? Was it too late to say no? Did this conversation give me a fucking erection?!

“Max is actually going to stop by tonight. He’s even fine with you watching! It would be like live porn for you. He even understands if you are uncomfortable with him watching us since he saw you naked. He said he knows you are small and might be embarrassed. I just can’t get over what a sweet guy he is!” Lexi said with enthusiasm.

I didn’t have much time to ponder my new situation before Max arrived. “Hey Max, thanks for coming!” Lexi exclaimed as Max waltzed right in like he owned the place. She quickly ran over and hugged him. “good news, Kevin is completely supportive of you helping out.”

“That’s great!” Max replied. “Now, I can do this in front of him.” He boorishly grabbed both of Lexi’s breasts. She quickly pulled her hands up and made a faux-shocked expression. “Or this,” he added, spinning her in the opposite direction and smacking her ass.

“Max!” Lexi yelled while still laughing.

Max walked up to me, saying, “Happy to hear, little guy.”

Then as if I were some kids, he grabbed my head in almost a headlock and ruffled up my hair.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Lexi asked.

“Sure,” Max answered. “Perfect backdrop to get my hands in your panties.”

“Max! You are so bad!” Lexi teased.

Lexi may have found it funny, but I found it more than a little rude.

“I think as punishment for grabbing my boobs, you are going to have to sit on the floor,” Lexi said, laughing and running to the couch.

Max raced over and grabbed Lexi, effortlessly lifting her from the couch, then sat down himself. She adorably tried pulling him off the couch with no luck. Finally, Max patted his lap.

“This seat is free, Lexi,” he said.

Lexi shrugged then plopped down then asked me, “Can you grab the remote, Hun?”

“Sure,” I replied weakly. “If you need more room, there is space by me too.”

I knew I sounded like such a tool as the words left my mouth.

Lexi and Max paid little attention to the movie. Lexi paid little mind to me as Max slipped his hand between her legs. Soon they were kissing and stripping each other on the couch. I felt like a third wheel. Honestly, the pair not noticing me made me feel a little less self-conscious as I watched them.

“I think we’ll have more room on your bed, don’t you think?” Max asked Lexi. They were both now fully nude.

Lexi nodded. “let’s go!” She popped up and took Max by the hand. There was something about my fiancé’s naked body excitedly bouncing as she pulled Max behind her. His massive erection was swaying from side to side. I followed, having an erection of my own forming.

“I have an idea of something new. You wanna try Lexi?” Max asked.

Lexi smiled. “I’m intrigued. Let’s try!”

Max lay on the bed on his back, his large cock flopping down onto his muscular belly. “OK, now straddle me.” Lexi obediently swung her leg over him. Her pussy hovering just barely above his cock. “Alright, now lower yourself down against me. Move your hips and grind against me. I won’t be inside you, so it’s not cheating, right?”

“Right,” Lexi affirmed.

Max was now feeling my fiancés pussy against his cock. “Lexi, maybe you and I should try this,” I suggested.

“I don’t know if you want to risk it,” Max said, addressing his comment to Lexi, not me. “Kevin’s penis is tiny, and if you try this with him, he might accidentally slip into your pussy.”

“Good point. I can just stick to doing this with you,” Lexi said, now starting to lose herself in the pleasure of the moment.

Not only was Max now taking extra liberties with Lexi, but he was also blocking me from doing the same with her! It wasn’t penetration, but in a way, his cock knew how her pussy felt now. Still, having this sight in front of me was an incredible turn-on. I pulled out my cock and began masturbating to Lexi and Max. I looked down at my own size, then at Max’s massive cock. It glistened with Lexi’s juices as she feverishly continued to grind her pussy on it. It was too much, and I came all over my own hand.

Max came on his own stomach. Lexi got off of him and laid on her back, looking at me. “Can you finish me off, sweetie?”

I got between Lexi’s legs, quickly inspecting to make sure none of Max’s cum had gotten on her pussy. Even still, it was strange having my mouth on her pussy right after it was grinding against Max’s cock.


Life continued like this for a couple of months. Sometimes they’d fool around alone, but a lot of the time, they end up grinding, I’d get myself off, and I’d go down on Lexi after.

We were only a month from the wedding now. Soon it would be my turn to have to go all the way with Lexi, and Max would be a memory. The night started like many others. After Lexi and Max got naked, we all moved onto the bedroom.

Lexi straddled Max, like always. Max spoke up. “Hey, I had a thought of how we can do more, and you can keep your vow with Kevin.”

He grabbed his cock and rubbed the head between her pussy lips. Across her clit and the opening to her vagina. She shuddered as he did so. It was almost like he was teasing her with his cock.

“Do you want to hear it?” he asks.

He had done this a few times now. I didn’t like it. It seemed more intimate with Max rubbing the head of his cock directly against her as opposed to her just grinding on the shaft.

“Yes,” Lexi replied breathlessly.

“It occurred to me that you and Kevin can’t have sex until you are married, but that leaves a loophole,” Max teased Lexi again with the tip of his cock. “You took the vow not to have sex with him specifically. It sounds crazy, but if you look at it objectively, you can technically have sex as long as it’s not with Kevin.”

Lexi’s eyes widened with excitement. “So, we can have sex?”

Her body froze as she contemplated Max’s words. Her pussy resting directly above Max’s large cock. The massive head perched between her now soaking wet pussy lips, waiting directly at the opening to her vagina. It was like a hungry predator waiting to strike. Lexi’s hands were resting on Max’s muscular torso. I was grasping my own cock, but my stroking was frozen as I watched in shock as my fiancé considered having sex with Max. My heart filled with a mixture of excitement and terror.

Overcoming her own shock, Lexi appeared to center herself. Her eyes slowly closed, and she took a deep breath. Then smoothly began to lower her body down. She released a small gasp as the large tip of Max’s cock disappeared into her vagina. There I was, still a virgin, witnessing Max having sex with my fiancé. His bare cock was now feeling the inside of her vagina, something I had only dreamt of. I should have screamed, but instead, I resumed stroking myself. I was harder than I had ever been.

Lexi continued to gradually but steadily move her body down onto Max. At this point, Lexi stopped and moved back up several inches, then back down. It wasn’t long until more than half of Max’s cock was inside of her, and I realized his cock was now reaching parts I never would, even when Lexi and I did start having sex.

My own strokes began to sync with their movements. Each time Lexi moved down, she took more of Max’s cock. I was stunned that she was ultimately able to take the entire length. Her body seemed so tiny in comparison. Watching as the massive cock continuously penetrated my fiancé, it glistened and dripped with Lexi’s juices. I became entranced and lost track of time. It wasn’t until Lexi started to tremble in an orgasm that I broke the trance. As Lexi lost control of her orgasming body, Max grabbed hold of her hips and thrust hard from below.

It was too much for me, and I came. Max thrust in deeply one last time before ejaculating deep in Lexi’s unprotected pussy. I could hardly believe it. Max released his grip on Lexi, and she collapsed on the bed next to him.

“Honey, can you grab us a towel, please?” she asked me, panting.

“Uh, sure,” I replied.

I retrieved a towel. As I approached Max and Lexi, I looked at their naked bodies. Looking down at my own penis then back at Max’s was a humiliating comparison. Having just come, my own had receded to just the small head poking straight out while Max dwarfed it. His now soft cock was noticeably larger than I was, even when hard. It was resting on his lower abdomen, wet with a mixture of Lexi’s wetness and his own cum. Lexi’s pussy was on full display. The labia had separated slightly in its aroused state. Max’s cum ran from her vagina down to the crack of her ass. I handed her the towel.

As Lexi wiped Max’s cum from herself, she looked at me and said., “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you stroke yourself so fast! You always get off watching us fool around, but I didn’t realize you’d enjoy watching Max and I have sex that much!” She handed Max the towel before continuing, “I’m so happy Max, and I were able to do that for you.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Yes, I did get turned on. And I did get off watching them, but I also felt the sting of jealousy. It was like a knot in the pit of my stomach. How was it fair that I was still a virgin while this guy I don’t even like gets to have sex with my fiancé.

Max finished toweling off his own genitals, tossing me the towel and adding, “I don’t think Kevin was the only one to enjoy himself.”

Lexi leaned over on her elbow, so she was facing Max. Her soft fingers traced around his large testicles, then along the length of his cock, finally teasing the tip. It must have still been sensitive because it caused Max to shudder slightly. This made Lexi giggle. She wrapped her hand around the flaccid cock and said. “I’ve got to admit this big thing hits all the right places.”

Lexi then lowered her mouth to Max’s cock and brought it into her mouth. She slowly started sucking. Yet another thing I had never experienced, I didn’t know what her warm mouth felt like on my cock, but now Max did. He was already partially erect again when Lexi pulled her mouth away. She looked up at my still shrunken, flaccid penis, back at Max’s, then back at me.

She said, “Hey, babe, do you mind giving us some privacy for this round?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess,” I replied.

Lexi immediately returned to the blowjob. I exited the room and then spent the next hour listening to them have sex.


I eventually fell asleep on the couch. I woke in the morning to more sounds of sex. When they exited the room, they were still naked. Lexi saw me and smiled.

“Morning, sweetie! Sorry, after all that excitement, we both fell asleep in the bed. Did you sleep OK out here?”

“Yeah, I slept alright, I guess,” I replied. “Did you just have sex again?”

“Um, yeah.” Lexi laughed. “Max woke up with morning wood, and well, I couldn’t let that go to waste!”

Max and Lexi looked at each other and laughed. Then she turned to me and said, “Max and I are actually going to jump in the shower. Mind making some coffee while we get clean?”

Of course, I could hear them fuck yet again in the shower. How many times could this guy go? After dealing with Lexi having sex with Max seemingly an endless amount over the weekend, I was grateful that Max was too busy to visit during the week. Of course, that changed when the next weekend arrived.


When I got home Friday night, I was greeted by Lexi, who was dressed up like she was going to visit a club.

“I’m going out with Max and a few of his buddies from out of town. Love you, don’t wait up,” Lexi said with a kiss.

Then she promptly left our apartment.

I fell asleep on the couch, waiting for Lexi to return. Hours went by until I was woken when I heard Lexi enter the apartment. She stumbled, obviously drunk, she mumbled something incoherent to me before promptly passing out on our bed. When she passed out, her skirt hiked up, and her legs spread.

The crotch of the panties looked wet. Out of curiosity, I touched them. They were soaked. Then hooked my finger around the edge of the crotch of her panties. I pulled them away from her body and to the side. It revealed a sticky mess of cum that the panties had barely been containing. Lexi’s pussy was covered in it, and I could see more slowly dripping out.

I knew Max could cum a lot, but this would have been too much for just him. Had Lexi fucked all his friends too? How many men were going to fuck my fiancé while I still was a virgin? But I still got hard looking at her used pussy. Through my mixed emotions of arousal and shame, I masturbated watching Lexi’s cum filled pussy.


As the wedding approached, Lexi and Max had sex regularly. I consoled myself by believing this would soon end and that I would be the one having sex with Lexi.

The big day arrived. We had gotten separate rooms in different parts of the hotel the night before. That way, I wouldn’t see Lexi until the ceremony. I was so excited that I would be having sex in less than 24 hours that it was hard to sleep. Once I woke up, getting ready, getting there, and the ceremony was all a blur! So much is happening and so quickly. Lexi, of course, looked beautiful. Everyone commented on it. I’m sure more than a few people wondered how I got someone like her. It wasn’t until the reception that time finally slowed down, and we could take a breath.

We sat at the head table, finally having a chance to talk. “The ceremony was perfect,” Lexi said. “I can’t believe how smoothly everything went.”

“I know. I was honestly so nervous before it that I had a drink,” I replied.

“I was nervous too. Luckily Max was able to sneak me away from the bridesmaids to help me relax.”

“Max?” Did Max try something on our wedding day?

“Yeah,” Lexi answered. “He sensed I was nervous and snuck me away. He let me blow him, which honestly distracted me and let me relax. He offered more, but I didn’t want to worry about the cum so close to the ceremony, you know. At least with a blowjob, I could just swallow everything without leaving a mess. I had just enough time to sneak back for everything too!”

So, Lexi had swallowed Max’s load right before we kissed at the ceremony, great.

“And of course, he had already done plenty for me last night and this morning in my hotel room,” Lexi added.

So, I wouldn’t even be the first person to have sex with Lexi on our wedding day. At least I would finally have sex with her, though. And since Max would be out of the picture, I suppose a couple of final romps were expected anyway.


After the reception, Lexi and I raced to our hotel room. After all this time, we were finally going to have sex! I practically ran.

The door to the room had barely closed behind us when Lexi and I started to make out. I couldn’t believe it was finally going to happen! I helped Lexi out of her wedding dress. Her body was as perfect as ever. I stripped too, and our naked bodies embraced. We kept kissing as my hands moved all over her toned body. Her hand gently felt my balls, then up to my shaft. Her soft hand enveloped my cock. Just then, the worst thing happened. Overwhelmed with excitement, I came, my cum dripped onto the floor between our feet and onto Lexi’s hand.

Lexi stopped and looked at her hand and my now shriveling penis. “Um, I guess we were a little too excited, weren’t we?” Lexi giggled then reassuringly said, “It’s OK, we can try again.”

She walked to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for her hand. “Max will be here soon to help anyway,” Lexi added.

“Max is coming?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, I knew he wouldn’t need to give us much time. Being your first time, I knew it would be quick, maybe not quite that quick, though.” Lexi replied.

“But why is Max coming?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Lexi responded. “He’s done so much for us up until now, and I wanted him to come by so we can thank him!”

Of course, I thought to myself, because why wouldn’t I be grateful for Max having sex with my girl.

“Besides,” Lexi added. “What better way to celebrate than amazing sex, right?”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Lexi ran over, still nude, to answer it. Max looked at Lexi’s body up and down as he walked in. “Looks like you had some fun.”

Lexi shook her head. “Not exactly. Kevin got a little too excited and came when I touched him.”

Max glanced down at my now fully flaccid penis. It was now just the small head sticking straight out. It was humiliating having this fully dressed guy, who had been fucking Lexi, looking at my small penis.

He chuckled, saying, “I guess you’re still a virgin then, little Kev. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure your wife is satisfied on your wedding night.”

Lexi giggled and grabbed Max’s waistband pulling him closer. “You always do.” She kissed him deeply and reached a hand into his pants. I could see movement as she fondled him. “Of course, it’s easy for you with this big, beautiful cock,” she added.

“Trust me. I’m not just hung. I’ve got the skills to back it up,” Max said with a grin.

“Well, I guess you are just gonna have to prove it,” Lexi said with a wink.

Max ripped off his clothes and tossed my naked wife onto the bed. Her legs fell open instinctively, offering him an open invitation. He took it, moving between her legs and sinking his cock into her eagerly waiting pussy.

Only a short time before, I believed that marriage would mean this Max stuff was done and that I would finally be having sex with Lexi. Instead, I stood there, still a virgin and watching Max have sex with my wife.

It wasn’t all bad, though. I realized I was getting hard again! I usually never could get hard again so quickly. I might be able to have sex tonight after all!

“How does that feel, Lexi?” Max asked.

“Mmm, amazing,” Lexi moaned.

“Do you love this big cock?”


“Is it bigger than your husband’s?”

Lexi laughed. “you know it is!”

“Is Kevin’s prejac baby dick going to be enough for you?” Max asked. “Are you going to be able to give my big cock up?”

Lexi’s breathing had grown labored. “N-no, Kevin’s tiny clitty dick won’t be enough. Ahh. No way I can give up this cock of yours.”

Instead of this revelation pissing me off, I felt my cock grow harder. I was more turned on than ever before.

Lexi looked my way. “You never get hard again. It turns you on watching me get fucked, doesn’t it? Talking about how much I love Max’s big cock! I saw you stroking your little baby dick faster when I told him how much I loved it.” She looked back at Max and said, “Don’t worry Hun, because I am never giving up fucking guys with big cocks.”

Her words put me over the edge, and I came again.

“Oh God,” Lexi yelled as Max made her cum. He kept thrusting as her body trembled. “I want your cum,” she managed to say in a shaking voice. “Please cum in me.”

Max obliged, pushing in deep and filling my wife with his cum. He collapsed next to her.

Lexi slowly played with her pussy while talking to me. “Looks like you aren’t having sex tonight, hubby. But I want to make sure you still have fun. Come eat my pussy, baby!”

As I got close to her pussy, I noticed that Lexi had rubbed Max’s cum all over her pussy when she had played with herself. I’d have no way of avoiding licking it up as I went down on her. I had a moment of hesitation until Lexi grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her pussy.

I could taste Max’s cum. This is not how I envisioned my wedding night. I tried not to think about it by focusing on the task of getting Lexi off. Of course, the more she got into it, the more cum got pushed out of her pussy. I kept having to lick up and swallow it. I felt like it was endless. He had filled her with so much cum.

When it finally came to an end, Max said he needed to go. Lexi said, “Thank you, Max, for the amazing sex! You are a great friend!” She then prodded me with her elbow and, under breath, told me, “Don’t be rude, say thank you.”

Humiliated, I quietly said. “Thank you, Max.”

Max smiled and responded, “Anytime.”

After Max left, Lexi reassured me, “Don’t worry, honey. We’ll have plenty of chances for it to happen on our honeymoon. By the way, I changed our hotel reservations!”

I was a bit shocked. “we aren’t going to Jamaica anymore?”

“Oh, we are still going to Jamaica! We are just changing resorts. Max suggested it. He said this would definitely set the mood for lots of fun!” Lexi looked at me and smiled. “Max guaranteed that I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself!”

Was Max trying to get me laid? This might be the first nice thing he had ever done for me. Maybe once Lexi and I returned from our honeymoon, I’d really owe Max a thank you.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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