Trust Issues

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by Misfit Mind ( (Edited with Ginger)


As I thrust my small hard cock in and out of my girlfriend’s juicy pussy I began to feel the familiar boil stirring in my nuts but this time heavily amplified by what I knew was about to happen next. We had been lying in bed cuddling after a good fuck session the other evening when she had turned and asked me again if I had any fantasies that I wanted to explore.

It was almost certainly the fault of watching too much porn over the years which had given me a variety of desires that I had never told anyone about but Jen, and I had a very strong and sexually charged relationship. I felt like I could possibly trust her with this and subtly confessed a secret desire that I had held for a long time now but had so far been unable to fulfil.

In the past I had tried on my own but it was almost as if there was some sort of safety catch to prevent me from reaching the goal. I had already considered that with my lovely sexy girlfriend’s help it might just be possible to bypass the blockade. My heart had been pounding in my chest as I heard the wanton words coming out of my mouth.

She turned over to face me better. “Really?”

I could see her wide-eyed and smiling strangely at me in the dim light. “Yeah,” I had dumbly replied as my pulse fluttered from
being suddenly so exposed.

I could tell she was slightly bemused by my request but after a brief pause of consideration she came in close, and said, “Ok baby, if you want to we can try that next time.”

She gave me a long passionate wet tonguing kiss goodnight and as we fell asleep together my cock throbbed hard with pornographic imagery dancing in my mind.

Now, as I buried my small four and a half-inch shaft inside of her hot cunt she pulled me close to her, mashing her luscious tits between us and huskily whispered in my ear “I want it. I want you to cum on my face with your little dick.”

“Yeah?” I excitedly whispered back as my hips continued to pump between her legs.

“Yeah baby, I want it, cum all over my fucking face!”

Flashbacks of porn scenes and cum-shot compilations throbbed in my mind and I could feel the surge beginning to swell in my balls as I slapped my hips into her. I
pushed myself up from her hugging grip and looking down on my Jen, her tits bouncing around on her chest and that pretty face…

“Oh fuck…” I moaned as the feeling began to overtake me.

Pulling out of her steaming cunt I quickly shuffled up the bed on my knees towards her head holding my stiff prick in my hand as she slid down underneath me, her mouth open and tongue sticking out.

“Fuck yeah, give it to me,” she cried out, as I jerked my cock right above her face.


My body tightened as the first heavy ribbon erupted, splattering across her mouth and cheek. The next heavy dollop shot out and landed on her forehead leaving a thread across her right eye followed by another that creamed across her nose and began to dribble down her other cheek. As I continued massaging my cock the next thick wad to dropped out right onto her lips just before she took the head of my cock into her mouth where I could feel the last pulses cumming heavily on her playful tongue. Looking down on her, my sexy girlfriend suddenly looked like a used porn star making my body twitch one last shot into her mouth.

I was delirious in the post orgasm fog and before I had time to think or change my mind Jen sprang into action. She was suddenly up on her knees, pushing me back down onto the bed and rolling on top of me. The same safety catch suddenly woke up and desperately tried to engage itself but it was too late as her wet sticky lips mashed into mine.

The strong pungent aroma of my cum was invading all my senses and instinctively I tried to resist but holding my head firmly in her hands Jen began kissing my mouth. I could feel the hot gooey wetness covering her face smearing onto mine and was both repulsed and excited at the same time. The safety catch was rapidly coming loose.

Jen was clearly turned on by this new kinky experience and as I felt her grinding her clit against my throbbing hard cock that was squashed against my stomach between us, the catch finally broke. I gave in and began kissing her back.

Feeling my resistance buckle our mouths began slobbering together and I felt Jen pressing to get her tongue into my mouth. Without thinking I opened my lips to receive her and suddenly felt and tasted a mixed load of my sticky cum and her saliva slither past my lips and onto my tongue. With her mouth locked to mine I freely had no choice and swallowed the salty mixture. For a long while our tongues licked and lapped at one another’s mouths sharing my cum between us and when Jen turned her face to offer me the streaks of jizz splattered on her cheeks, in some sort of animalistic lust I gladly licked her face clean.

A few minutes later we were lying together panting in the afterglow of our carnality. The taste and smell of cum seemed to cling to my mouth and nostrils and I was abruptly not quite sure if what I’d just done was actually really wrong in some way. I’d always figured that if girls can be ok swallowing cum then it can’t
really be all that bad… can it?

“That was fucking awesome,” Jen whispered in my ear while gently stroking my softening cock.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” I replied rather honestly, my heart thumping hard.

“You’re kinkier than I thought,” she tickled me.

“So are you,” I tickled back a little defensively.

With a deep passionate kiss and a giggle we snuggled together and happily drifted off to sleep, the residue of my cum drying on our happy faces.


We didn’t really talk about what had happened but we both knew that an interesting line had been crossed. Two nights later I was slipping my cock in and out of her wet pussy once again. I had just finished pounding her to orgasm from behind and now she was on her back under me with her legs splayed out widely to each side so I could slowly and deliberately sink my full length into her.

Suddenly she reached up and pulled me down on top of her and I felt her legs lock behind my back holding me bodily inside of her.

“Can we try something tonight?” she whispered heavily.

“What is it baby?” I asked, gyrating my hips in her tight grip.

“Just do what I ask, ok?”


“Trust me, I think you’ll really like this,” she continued, without giving anything more away.

“Ok, baby,” I agreed slightly nervously. “What do you want me to do?”

“Right now I want you to fuck me nice and hard, and deep,” she snarled at me as her legs released my hips to resume penetrating her wetness. “And let me know when you’re going to cum.”

I had a feeling it was going to have something to do with cum and I found the thought only spurred me on. Fucking her hard and deep only a few moments later I felt my balls begin to swell.

“Oh fuck, baby, I’m going to cum,” I warned, and in a flash her legs wrapped tightly around me holding my cock buried deep inside her as she ground her hips up against me while clenching her pussy muscles.

I couldn’t take so much pleasure and a moment later I felt the streaming surge of goodness rush down my shaft. Bodily spasming I shot a brilliantly massive load deep into her juicy cunt that left me twitching limp in her grip. She then pulled my mouth to hers and started us kissing and licking like last time before she pulled back and in super sexy suggestive mode, she moaned, “Lick my pussy, baby.”

I couldn’t quite tell if it was a question or not, but with a follow-up, “Go on, lick me, baby.”

Followed by a big smile while she was already pushing my head down toward her pussy. With only moments to think the same safety mechanism was trying to engage itself but weakened from the other night I suddenly found myself passing her breasts with only time for a quick kiss on her stomach as her hand on my head pushed me on. Suddenly down between her legs I was staring at her swollen pink pussy which looked tight but for a dribble of her juices running down into her ass crack. Before I could reconsider I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me roughly towards her and suddenly my face was mashed against her mushy wetness.

Instinctively bracing my hands under her soft thighs I pulled back a bit and tentatively began to kiss and lick her pussy but the hand on the back of my head just pulled me in tighter so I stuck my tongue out hard. Feeling it suddenly slip into her cunt I heard Jen moan loudly and tasted our wetness. Held firmly in place I began to lap deeply at her cunt and then with both hands holding my face to her cunt I felt her squeezing. As I licked suddenly I had a mouthful of my hot sticky cum and her wet pussy juice.

Without choice I swallowed the sordid juices and kept lapping away as she moaned and writhed about all the while holding me tightly in place. The wet mixture just seemed to keep coming as she bucked and tightened her muscles forcing me to swallow everything until she came again. As her orgasm finally subsided she released her grip on my head and without prompting I finished lapping up the last dribbles of her pussy juices until she was all clean again. Looking up over her shaved mound I could see her looking down between her tits at me, a big happy smile on her face.

Climbing back up she pulled my mouth to hers and we passionately kissed only reconfirming that I had just done a really good job.

“Oh… My… That was fucking hot,” Jen hummed as we relaxed into each other’s arms.

“I’m glad I could be of service,” I replied jokingly.

“You’re a really good boy,” she said while giving me small light kisses, “Tell me, did you like licking your cum out of my pussy?”

Confronted by the question I had little choice but to answer honestly, “Yeah, I did.”

“Good boy,” was all she said as she rolled over inviting me to spoon with her as we fell asleep. As I lay there I could smell the musky pungency of our juices still on my tongue and face. I swallowed again tasting the last of our cum and fell asleep in a delirious daze.


Over the next few weeks Jen really got me into a routine of eating her out after I’d shot a load of my hot jizz up inside of her. The safety mechanism was now well and truly screwed and without hesitation I would now gladly plunge my tongue deep into her snatch after I’d finished fucking her so I could lap out all my cum and pussy juices and drive her to another orgasm. After the first couple of times doing this she had told me to cum in her mouth again but when I had instead excitedly unloaded my jizz all over her face she suddenly got angry and stomped off to the bathroom to clean herself up.

“What the fuck was that?” she asked as she came back out a minute later.

“What? I thought…”

“I told you to cum in my mouth, not all over my fucking face!”

“But I thought…”

“If you don’t want to do as I ask then this isn’t going to work” she threatened.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“Enough! Now lick my pussy and you’d better make me cum!”

I was rather shocked by the sudden aggressive attitude but I did as I was told and in return she let me cuddle with her as we went to sleep. As I lay there behind her I found myself strangely thirsty and salivating while thinking about licking and tasting cum, images of past porn racing through my mind. When she finally next asked me to cum in her mouth I made sure to do exactly as I was told. I was fucking her from behind when I informed her of my imminent orgasm. She lithely slipped off my shaft and turning around on her knees she took the head of my cock into her mouth just as I began ejaculating my heavy load.

As the last shivers throbbed Jen was suddenly kneeling up in front of me and pressing her lips to mine. Reactively my mouth opened to kiss her as she forced her
whole mouthful of my cum right back into my mouth. While I was used to gradually licking my cum from her snatch this was a lot at once and came as a bit of a shock but I had no choice but to swallow it all quickly. Kneeling there together we shared the last of my cum in a passionate kissing embrace before Jen pulled back slightly and like a hunting cat looked me in the eyes.

“Did you like that, my little-dick cum slut?” she asked menacingly, as I licked my lips clean.

“It was a bit…”

“Aw… You know you fucking love it, dinky dick,” she goaded. “You love the cum, don’t you, bitch?”

The sense of humiliation from her harsh words was strangely arousing. As we both noticed my cock twitching back to life I realised she was right.

“Go on, admit it,” she pushed my chest playfully, before leaning her face in close to mine. “Tell me you love the cum.”

“I… uh…”

“Come on, dinky dick, don’t be a little pussy.” She laughed. “Tell me the truth.”


“That’s it.”

“I… love… cum,” I said meekly.

“That’s right, you’re my good boy, aren’t you,” she smiled and with a peck on the lips she rolled over and went to sleep leaving me to awkwardly cuddle up behind her.

And so it went.


Jen was late home today. I had tried her cell but it didn’t answer and as another three-quarters of an hour passed I sent her a worried text asking if she was ok. Finally half an hour on her car pulled into the driveway. When she came in I could tell she was a bit dishevelled from a long day at work but after tossing her jacket over a chair she stepped in close and warmly gave me a big long wet kiss, her tongue playing in my mouth.

“It’s been a long day, and I’m really fucking horny, baby,” she informed me as she slumped onto the couch, her short skirt riding up her thighs slightly.

Kneading her tits under her blouse she spread her legs slightly inviting me forwards. I made to move in on top of her, but she held out a hand. “No, on your knees,” she pointed at the floor between her feet smiling.

Without really thinking I did as I was told as she watched me closely. With one hand erotically reaching inside her blouse to squeeze her left breast she pulled her short skirt up slightly further with the other and spread her legs wider.

“Go on… eat my pussy!” she demanded seductively.

I didn’t need to be asked twice and shuffling in close I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs pushing her skirt up to her hips as I reached for her underwear and that’s when I was suddenly surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any.

I was instead face to face with her bald pussy and could immediately see she was clearly turned on as her pussy was all puffy and wet. As I leaned in close I could smell her hot sex radiating outward, but there was also something else which made me salivate. Sensing my momentary pause she reached down grabbing a handful of my hair and roughly pulled my mouth to her waiting cunt. With my face buried between her legs I began reflexively licking the folds of her pussy as she moaned above me.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, baby, lick my dirty cunt,” I heard her groaning.

With her hand firmly holding me in place I pressed my tongue deep into her soft mushy pussy tasting her strong sopping wetness. Suddenly she squeezed her pelvis muscles and I found I had a mouthful of wet juices sliding over my tongue and down my throat. I was already swallowing when I recognised the familiar taste.

“Ungh… Fuck yeah… Take it, bitch,” she said roughly clutching my hair forcing my mouth into her.

All I could do was to keep lapping at her sopping cunt as more thick juices coated my tongue forcing me to swallow several times. Jen began bucking her hips roughly against my face as the wetness from her wet lips dribbled down my chin.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck,” she cried out convulsing on my mouth as her orgasm rippled through her body.

As her last few twitches subsided she suddenly pushed me back away from between her legs. My cock was throbbing in my jeans and I was about to unbuckle them when she just stood up and ruffled my hair.

“Good, boy,” she said and then just walked off to go take a shower leaving me kneeling awkwardly on the floor.

By the time she was finished in the bathroom I was already in bed waiting for her hoping I might get to have some more fun before we went to sleep. Sauntering out naked she climbed in next to me and without even a quick kiss she lay down facing away from me and turned off the lights to go to sleep.

“Baby…” I said quietly in the dark.

“Yes?” she replied without turning over.

“Still horny?” I tried.

I rubbed my cock against her ass letting her know what I wanted. She rolled over and I felt her fingers wrap around my stiff prick as her mouth moved in close and breathed warmly in my ear.

She whispered, as her hand slowly worked up and down my hard shaft. “Tell me something, did you like eating my pussy tonight?”

“Yeah, you were really hot and wet,” I said, enjoying the feeling of her jerking me off.

“That’s because I let Mark fuck me this afternoon,” she suddenly hissed while working my shaft.

“Y-You… Y-You what?” I stammered, as my cock throbbed.

“When everyone went home this evening he asked me to come into his office to go over some spreadsheets, but I knew what he really wanted,” she informed me. “He’s been wanting to get into my pants for a while now.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but for some reason it was only turning me on even more as my sexy girlfriend told me of her infidelity while stroking my stiff prick under the covers.

“He has a really nice big, thick, cock too. Perfect for sucking,” she huskily breathed into my ear.

A part of my brain was frantically trying to object to what I was hearing but at the same time Jen’s hand was bringing my own orgasm closer and closer.

“He wanted to pull out and cum in my mouth, but I told him to shoot deep up inside me instead, so my good boyfriend could clean me up when I got home.”

“You told him…”

“Yeah, it really turned him on too and he started pounding his huge cock hard into me before unloading a big heavy load of his hot cum inside me.”

The combination of her hot breath in my ear, her hand around my cock, the naughty story she was telling me and the fact that I had licked another man’s cum from her snatch was all becoming too much to take.

She giggled. “I had to keep my pussy clenched the whole way home just to keep all his cum from pouring out. You liked it didn’t you? Tell me you liked licking my boss’ cum out of my pussy, my naughty little cum slut.”

I didn’t want to admit that I had but I was right on the brink and suddenly her hand stopped moving.

“Tell me and I’ll give you a treat,” she breathed heavily.

“I liked it,” I said.

“What did you like?” she pushed, her hand squeezing my shaft gently.

“I liked…”


“I liked licking your boss’s cum out of your pussy,” I surrendered.

“You’re my good little bitch” she said resuming her pumping of my cock, “Now, cum for me!”

It only took a few seconds before my body began to twitch. With her hand cupped and massaging around the head of my prick I felt several heavy shots erupt out. As the pleasurable sensations were subsiding I felt Jen pull her sticky hand free and suddenly it was over my mouth and smearing my jizz onto my face.

“Lick it, bitch!” she demanded.

I started to lick.

“That’s it, my babydick bitch, clean it all up,” she hummed in my ear as she turned her hand this way and that until I had licked and swallowed my second helping of cum for the evening and then with that she rolled back over and went to sleep.


Jen was late home twice more the next week and each time she had a pussy full of her boss’s cum.

After the first night I had resolved to put a stop to this but she had quickly threatened not only to break up with me but also to tell everyone we knew about what I had been up to so instead I ended up lapping her used pussy and swallowing the load of cum she brought home for me a few days later. I had just finished cleaning up her pussy on the second evening when she bluntly informed me that her boss would be coming over this weekend to go over some work. I was afraid of what this meant and where our relationship was heading but she told me that if I behaved then she would make sure to give me a good treat in return.

At half seven on Saturday night Mark showed up. He was about six-foot two, really well-built and I immediately felt small in his company.

“So, this is your boyfriend, eh?” he knowingly smirked at me.

“Oh, don’t worry about him, honey. Why don’t you be a good boy and go make us some drinks?” Jen waved me off as she stepped up to him for a kiss.

It wasn’t really a question and by the time I came out of the kitchen they were both sitting on the couch kissing and fondling each other. I set the drinks down on the coffee table in front of them and stood awkwardly for a moment watching them. His hand was already kneading one of her tits through her shirt while their mouths mashed together and I saw her hand caressing the bulge between his legs. Breaking for a moment they both looked up at me.

“Sit,” Jen instructed.

I sat down in the armchair next to them as they picked up their drinks and for the next few minutes they just sat chatting to each other as if I wasn’t there, his arm around her, her hand gently caressing the large swollen tube running down the inside of his right leg. I didn’t know what else to do so I just sat there listening and watching as they finished their drinks together.

“Why don’t we go in the kitchen and get a refill” Jen suggested to her boss. “You stay here,” she said, and pointed at me and with that they both got up and went into the other room.

As I sat alone in the living room the time slowly ticked by and I wondered what they were doing. Then from the kitchen I suddenly heard Jen giggle. Straining to listen I realised I could now make out a light repetitive patting sound and then a loud moan of female pleasure. My cock was getting rock hard in my trousers as I listened to the now unmistakable smacking sound of flesh hitting flesh and closing my eyes I could just imagine Jen bent over the counter with Mark slipping his huge cock into my girlfriend’s willing cunt.

For the next several minutes the loud smacking sound reverberated through my senses along with various moans and grunts coming from the two of them as they fucked each other.

“Oh yeah… Fuck me harder… Right there,” I heard her suddenly cry out. “Ungh yeah… ah… oh… fuck that big cock into me, right there! Yes!”

“Ungh! Ah Fuck!” I heard him call out and then everything went quiet.

“Honey, can you come in here for a minute?” I heard Jen call out to me.

Adjusting my throbbing cock in my trousers I gingerly walked through into the kitchen and there was my girlfriend splayed out naked on her back on the kitchen table. Mark was also naked and holding each of her ankles up in the air as he stood right between her legs.

“Come here,” Jen nodded towards them.

I walked over and stood beside them. Jen looked down between her legs and I couldn’t help but follow her gaze. There between her legs was Mark’s cock buried half way inside her stretched pussy, glistening with her juices. It was way bigger than mine. It looked nine-inches and as thick as a soda can.

“I told you I’d have a treat for you,” she smiled and with that I watched as Mark slowly withdrew his member, her pussy lips clinging to his long girth.

As the bulbous head popped free Mark released Jen’s ankle closest to me and stepped to one side, his huge wet softening prick waving around slightly in front of him.

“You know what I want,” Jen bent her leg so I could get past while her boss stood to one side watching me, “And I know what you want.”

As if in a trance I stepped in front of her looking down on her sweaty tits as she stared up at me. This used to be my view just before I sank my cock into her sweet pussy but…

“That’s it, now get on your knees,” she instructed.

Looking down between her legs at her swollen pussy I licked my lips. Realising that I did want this I knelt and without prompting pressed my mouth to her sopping cunt. Knowing that Mark’s huge fleshy meat had just been fucking this pussy and that he’d cum inside of her only seemed to make my constrained cock throb harder as I began to lap deeply between the folds of my girlfriend’s snatch. Jen flexed her pelvis and a wash of hot juices slithered into my hungry mouth. I could taste Mark’s potent cum and swallowed it down as I pressed my tongue deeper for more.

“Oh fuck, that’s it, eat my fucking cunt, bitch,” I heard Jen moan above me.

I licked and lapped and swallowed breathing in the pungent scent as it coated my mouth and chin until Jen started humping my face as her orgasm rippled through her body. Tasting only clean pussy now and sensing her satisfaction I pulled back.

“See, I told you he fucking loves it,” she said to Mark.

I turned and looked up at him standing next to me and then couldn’t help but glance down at his big thick prick hanging there just in front of me, a small drip of cum emerging from the tip.

“I think he wants to suck my cock,” he suddenly said to Jen.

I turned and looked up at her in slight shock as she quickly sat up on the table grinning down on me.

“Do you? Oh fuck, go on, suck Mark’s cock for me,” she beamed.

I tuned back just as he stepped in closer to me, his thick meat now hovering only inches away from my face. Jen sensed my hesitation and hopped off the table to kneel beside me. Reaching out she grasped the base of Mark’s shaft making the heavy head wobble at me.

“You know you want to,” she licked the air seductively close to his flesh at me. “You love cum don’t you sweetie? You want this cock in your mouth. You want the cum,” she hummed.

Looking past Mark’s gently swelling member at my luscious girlfriend she licked her lips in anticipation and then with her other hand she reached up and started pushing my head forwards towards the swollen head. I sort of resisted but as my lips parted I closed my eyes and took the head of his meat into my mouth.

“Oh yes! Good boy, take the cock,” Jen hummed, her face right in there with me as I tasted his last drop on my tongue.

I found that my mouth seemed to form easily around the strange smooth wobbly tubular sensation I felt sliding across my tongue and it felt obvious for my lips to suck him gently as Jen, clutching a scruff of my hair, pulled me sliding back off. A few moments later I was being forced to let the cock to slip all the way in and out of my mouth. Soft, flexible and stretchy it fit in my mouth perfectly and as the tip of my nose bumped Mark’s hard abs I could feel the tip just tickle the back of my throat. That’s when it noticed its dimensions starting to swell.

“Ah, you’re my good babydick bitch, aren’t you?” Jen moaned.

As I opened my eyes her face was right there, moving back and forth at me next to the base of Mark’s growing cock, staring at me. We locked eyes intimately as I
noticed the long thick hardening shaft that I was bobbing my face on.

“Yes! Suck that fucking cock real good!” she hissed at me.

It was getting huge! Soon I could only take about three-quarters of his thick length as Jen forced my head back and forth faster and faster though she really didn’t have to. I wanted Mark’s cum. I wanted it in my mouth, on my face, all over me. I was a possessed sex fiend in lust for sticky jizz on my fucking mouth and as I sucked him as best I could Jen knelt there coaxing me on.

“Oh fuck!” I head a deeper voice say.

“No way!” I heard Jen exclaim excitedly, “is he gonna make you cum?”

“Ah fuck,” I could somehow feel the deep voice vibrating on my lips as it spoke again.

With a heavier hand suddenly on top of my head the hard wet slobbery shaft in my mouth throbbed hard dumping a hot splurge of his jizz across the back of my tongue. I could instantly smell his musk as I swallowed, pulling the second heavy dollop into my mouth. Using both hands, as I milked every last drop of his cum from his beautiful cock, I could hear a strange humming noise. It was only when the cock in my mouth finally started growing soft again that I realised that it was me.

“Excellent,” Jen beamed as my lips finally released his softening cock with a plop.



Mark went home shortly after that and without bothering to shower Jen and I climbed into bed naked together. She immediately rolled on top of me and after a quick deep wet kiss instructed me to lick her pussy and give her another orgasm before sleep. With that she clambered up over me and planted her juicy wet cunt on my mouth as my tongue went to work once more.

Mark started to come by a lot after that, sometimes in the form of a deposit left at work which Jen would carry home to me, but more and more often he would stop by in the flesh which was way, way better.

Unfortunately, Jen quickly began to get jealous after one evening she caught Mark letting me suck him off in the bathroom without her. It wasn’t long after that when she left me. Little does she know that Mark still drops by occasionally to have his cock sucked.

These days I can be found roaming the lonely roads, a lusting vampire of cock in search of glorious cum so you never know, the next time you stick your cock through a gloryhole in a wall it could be me on the other side, greedy for your cum. Please help out a babydick bitch.

The End.


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