My Wife’s Big Mouth.

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by Anon (edited)

My wife and I were friendly with our neighbours and one in particular a forty-five year old divorced woman, named Rebecca, who was kind of hot in that MILF kind of way. She was a full figured curvy woman with big boobs, long sandy blonde hair, and often wore low cut blouses to show off her ample cleavage. She was constantly busting me looking at her tits. I am a man after all, only human.

OK, I admit it I was hot for her, but I’m also happily married too. Sara and I were younger of course, I am twenty-eight and she is twenty-six years old. However, we liked Rebecca, and I think Sara kind of adopted her as a surrogate mother or something. Since Sara’s mom lived in another state, and she hated my mother.

One Saturday night Rebecca invited us over for drinks which we gladly accepted as we had done this on a number of occasions. Also present was Ruth, a friend of our neighbours who was around her age, and Juan her younger lover who was about my age. We were all sitting around drinking beer and tequila, and generally having a good time when Juan excused himself to go have a piss.

While he was gone my wife suddenly bravely remarked about Ruth having such a toy boy for a lover, and asked her if she cops any shit for it. I had to admit I felt embarrassed, as Sara was being so cheeky when plainly it was none of her business. Still my wife was half-tanked now, and she always was a bit of a loudmouth when drunk.

Luckily Ruth laughed off my wife’s cheekiness. “Juan is such an awesome fuck, I really don’t care what people say about us? No man has ever made me come as hard as what he does.”

My big mouth wife wasn’t done yet. “So what makes him such a good lover? Maybe John (that’s me) could get some tips.”

Then she laughed at her own joke about me, making Rebecca and Ruth look at each other strangely.

Rebecca suddenly said, “From what I hear, Juan’s number one asset in the sex department is about ten-inches long and as thick as your wrist sweetie.”

The women broke out into knowing looks and giggles. I just smiled, playing along to show I’m a good sport as I couldn’t compete with a cock like that, and I confess the discussion made me feel a bit inadequate, all of a sudden.

Then Rebecca said, “But sweety, John is such a hunk surely everything is OK in that department?”

My wife looked at me and smiled. “He tries hard, I will give him that! But…”

“Size matters eh?” Ruth winked.

“Sadly, it does,” Sara said, then sighed.

There was an awkward silence in the room all of a sudden as the three women stared at me, and made me feel like I wanted to shrivel up and die on the spot.

Thankfully the tension was broken as Juan walked back in at that point. “Hey, this is supposed to be a party isn’t it?” he said, noticing our sudden awkwardness.

Abruptly, the women all broke out into uproarious laughter, and started drinking again. I admit I blushed like a school girl.

Rebecca leaned over towards Sara while looking right at me, a mischievous glint in her eye. “It surely can’t be that bad, my husband had six-inches and he was good in the sack?” she said.

“Well – let’s just say it’s appropriate that we’re drinking tequila tonight,” Sara said with a grin.

“I don’t get it,” Juan said, with a frown.

My wife chuckled at her joke, the punch-line was about to come. “He brought: ‘the worm’!”

Rebecca, Ruth, and my wife Sara rolled back pissing themselves laughing at me, which made me blush again. My blushing only increased their reverie.

Juan didn’t find the conversation that interesting, or amusing. Talking about other dudes dicks wasn’t his thing. “We need some music eh? Liven this night up,” he suggested.

Ruth said, “Oh I have just the song for the occasion.”

She started to fiddle with her iPhone, and then when she found what she was looking for, docked into Rebecca’s stereo system and pushed play. To my horror the song ‘Short Dick Man’ started playing, and of course all the women including my wife sang it while pointing derisively at me.

They were also holding up their pinkies at me, or gesturing to indicate a tiny cock with their index fingers and thumbs, dancing around me drunk and laughing. Having a ball at my expense.

Strangely, I had a hard-on the whole time, which I don’t think they even noticed. The song repeated about four times until Juan got up and changed it to something else. He didn’t look too happy to be honest, when he realised the women were making fun of me.

I loved it though.

After we went back home I was so horny from being teased I ate my wife’s pussy like a champ, and made her gush onto my face, and then I had sex with her twice. The second time, instead of coming in her, she jerked me off in front of her face while teasing me about how tiny my dick is, and how it’s like a baby’s. She even sang a few of the lyrics of ‘Short Dick Man’ to me again. I came all over her lips, and into her mouth, and she licked it up like a greedy slut.


The conclusion to this story came about a week later, when I helped Rebecca carry some groceries in her house for her. How could I refuse, that cleavage of hers was like a magnet. Once I deposited the last bags of groceries on her kitchen table, I bid her farewell and was about to leave when she blocked the door.

“Is there something else?” I asked surprised.

“I wanna see it,” she said smiling at me.

“See what?” I didn’t understand.

She looked down at my groin and said, “Show it to me. I wanna see how small it is?”

“Bec, I am not sure Sara would be pleased with us if I did that,” I blushed.

“I’m not going to fuck you, John. Just show it to me,” she insisted.

“I’m not sure…”

“I’ll make a deal with you then. I’ll show you my tits, that you slobber all over all the time; if you show me your tiny dick?”

She suddenly pulled her sweater up, and she was nude under it, as I knew already as you could see her nipples. I stared at them to be honest, and my cock went hard straight away. I was in a trance they were so big and beautiful, that I didn’t feel her undo my pants and drop them to the floor.

So we stood there in silence. I was ogling her gorgeous large breasts, while she considered my tiny cock.

My reverie was broken by her laughing. “Oh my! Poor Sara, that is a tiny cock. I mean I thought she was exaggerating, but you really are a short dick man.”

“I can’t help it if I was born like this,” I said, blushing.

“Make it cum for me,” she urged.

“That would be crossing the line wouldn’t it?” I argued thinking it wasn’t cheating if we just looked and not touched.

“Do it, short dick man,” she teased.

I’d like to say I was strong, but I wasn’t. Those tits – ugh – let’s just say I jerked off and blew a load in about two minutes; which made her laugh hard at me. It seems not only was I now a small cock loser in her eyes, I was also a premature ejaculator. She went on about how it must suck to be Sara, putting up with all these deficiencies I have.

She then made me pull my pants up and clean up my jism off her tiles, and then I left feeling really humiliated by it. Rebecca stopped wearing low cut blouses around me from that day on. Oh I have seen her in them now and then but whenever she was hanging out at home, or around our place the sexy clothes were gone.

Sara and her often sniggered at me, and humiliation play has become more and more a part of our sex life now. Sara is now hinting at cuckolding me, and wants to have sex with guys who have bigger dicks. I’m not sure really, and at the moment I am resisting it.

That’s my story anyway, and I hope you liked it.

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  • Peanutbobby

    I love the story.
    My wife sister came over for the weekend. Both of them are very hot. They had a wild wild past. When we all would get get together.we would start to party. Then they start talking about all the guys they had sex with and how big their dicks were.
    My wife than told her sister how tiny my dick is. Her sister wanted to see it. My wife said go ahead show her your tiny accorn dick,the one inch wonder. I got totally naked and they both laughed their asses off.


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