True Story: My First Time!

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By Anon.

The first time I attempted sex it was with a girl I had met in high school when I was 16. We had been on a few dates where there was some heavy petting (1st base) but nothing else. She was 16 also and was a brunette and fairly athletic in her build with smallish B size breasts from memory. I guess she was thought of as a bit of a nerdy girl as so was I.

I stole some wine from home one Saturday night and after a few drinks with her we started french kissing like usual and for the first time she let me touch her tits under her blouse which was so cool. Things were progressing the more wine we drank the more daring we were getting with each other.

She suddenly whispered in my ear she wanted to ‘do it’ and I couldn’t believe my luck. I was about to lose my virginity!

We started making out again and she suddenly reached down and undid my pants and in a flurry of sexual lust I pulled them down as she whipped off her panties under her skirt. Then we kissed again and I felt her her hand touching my cock and I nearly blew my load right then. She was the first girl to ever touch my cock.

But as she touched me her facial expression changed from one of lust to one of …surprise…then horror…then a smirk!

“No offence,” she said, “…but I just can’t believe it’s this small and it’s hard!”

She giggled a bit while playing with my dick.

She then teased, “My younger brother has a boner bigger than this!”

My penis was and still is really small, and fully hard it’s 4 inches long. Today it is still exactly the same size it was when I was 14. Back in those days I knew other boys my age were usually a bit bigger than me as I had seen them nude in the gym. But I didn’t think it was a problem and the guys never really made fun of me. My soft cock was a bit smaller than most of the other guys but not massively smaller.

In my class there was no guys who were exceptionally big either so I thought my cock was average just like all the other guys were. Apparently I was wrong according to my date. Very wrong in fact!

But she was playing with my hard cock anyway and I was dying to put it inside her pussy but the sexual tension was too much for me and I cum all over her hand and on her skirt. Some even landed on her blouse and jacket! Jesus, cum shot out of me like a fire hose in quantities I never thought humanly possible.

She got kind of pissed off at me.

“Wow, 4 inches and you can’t even last a minute. I feel bad for you.”

“I am sorry!” I stammered.

“Uch! I am covered in your jizz too! This is so gross get the fuck off me!” she pushed me then wiped her hands on my clothes.

So my first time with a girl was a disaster and after that night she gave me the ‘I just wanna be friends’ speech and I knew my chance to fuck her was gone. It wasn’t going to be the last time I heard that speech in my lifetime. I only asked she didn’t tell anyone about that night and she agreed.

I felt a bit embarrassed by the whole experience and though some guys (jerks) would brag they fucked a girl even if one just looked at them I preferred to keep the whole thing quiet. Nobody needed to know how I screwed up my first time, otherwise I’d never get a second time, or a third, or a fourth…

I stayed friends with that girl for a while but sometimes when I seen her she’d hold up her little finger at me when she thought no one could see her but me. She’d write notes in my books calling me ‘pindick’ or ‘babydick’ which I would cover with black texta.

One day a friend told me he had heard a rumour that I had a tiny cock and I could not last a minute.

She had blabbed it to her friends.

So much for keeping it a secret!

But it got worse as time went on. Up until that point I was what i called a middle class kid. That meant I was not the most popular kid in school or in the ‘in’ group, but I was also not unpopular so the bullies left me alone.

Once my secret got around the bullies started hovering around me like cheetahs on the savannah’s of Africa stalking their prey. I became a bully victim and everyone in my school eventually started calling me ‘Piwi’ in honour of my small cock.

High school sucks!

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