Our Readers SPH Experiences 6

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader tells us about his first time…

There was this woman at the factory I worked at who was cute, and I liked her. Her name was Debbie, and she was about ten-years older than me. She worked at the factory with her sister who was also a good sort, and a nice person. I used to smoke weed with her sister’s husband occasionally, so there were connections between us all. Anyway Debbie had a partner, and a kid; and one day I heard there had been a big fight and her partner had left her and his kid. When I say left, I mean he was a Kiwi, and he went back to New Zealand.

While all this was going on my relationship with Debbie was just a casual friendship. We joked and mucked about at work and that was about it. So I was pretty clueless that Debbie had developed a bit of a crush on me. In hindsight, I think it was a bit of a rebound thing for her. Never really destined to last, but as I was still a virgin, and in my early twenties, I was too inexperienced to really know anything what was going on. The reason I was still a virgin at that age must be obvious given what site this is. I have a small penis. My dick back then reached an impressive four-inches when hard. It’s a tad smaller now because I’m fatter in my middle-age. I knew I had a small one, and I was terribly shy. I was so scared of being with a girl that I actively discouraged them from wanting to be with me in that way. I always kept them at arm’s length, and just stayed friends with them.

One day at work Debbie asked me round to dinner at her house, telling me her sister was going to be there as well. In my naivety, I said no problems. I liked Debbie, but I never really thought of her that way. We had a nice dinner the three of us and chatted, and laughed. We drank some wine, and I thought the evening was going well. At about ten PM Debbie’s sister suddenly said she had to leave, and before I knew what was what, I was alone with Debbie. The ambush had been sprung. While Debbie wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world, she had that girl next door prettiness to her. She was also a red-head and had freckles. I’d say she was pretty cute in her own right.

She made her move on me, and I was completely flabbergasted. I was good usually preventing these situations from arising, so now I was in one I had no idea what to do. I really was clueless about Debbie’s real motives for inviting me around. So things ended up in the bedroom, and as you can imagine she wasn’t impressed with the size of my dick. However, she had never really been with a small one before so she was at least prepared to give it a go. She handed me a condom. I had never put one on in my life, and I had no idea how. I somehow rolled it down a little but it was wrong.

So the sex started. She was giggling at me, not moaning with pleasure. Her pussy felt nice, too nice. I wasn’t going to last long, I could feel it. Then the condom came off inside her. She asked me if it had come off and I said I didn’t know. After checking me, it was off. Then she spent a few minutes digging it out of her vagina with her finger. Laughing the whole time. I was so embarrassed. After she found the condom, she grabbed my dick and jerked me off until I came. Then she kissed me goodnight and went to sleep.

That’s how I lost my virginity.


Another Reader tells us how teasing about his penis affected his life…

I’m 4.8 inches erect, a Bronze Member according to The Small Dick Club. That’s not exactly tiny but it’s still ‘below average.’ I’ve never actually hated being small, even when I was younger. But when I was 14 I was bullied, and actually sexually harassed by these girls in camp. Somehow they found out about my dick size, and then started asking me all these rude questions to ‘tease’ me. It was a pretty humiliating and creepy experience.

Looking back, I should have told someone. I know that if a guy did that sort of ‘teasing’ to a girl and got reported, they’d probably wind up in big trouble. Anyway, after that I became a lot more scared of other people finding out and being cruel to me like they were. It kind of worsened my anxiety in general. That combined with my weight kind of yo-yoing all the time, bladder incontinence, and other problems; I really became shy about my body.

I began to hate wearing shorts, t-shirts, etc. I felt like nobody wanted to see my body even if my face and hair weren’t bad. I guess I thought of it as being ‘objective’ or ‘honest’ even if my self-esteem was poor. Thankfully I’m pretty much over it now. Between accepting what I have, and (honestly) becoming more slim and healthy due to changes in diet; I now really am starting to like my body.


Another reader shares a common theme of embarrassment during a medical exam…

I’m 45 years old with a very tiny penis, about 1.5″ soft/flaccid and uncircumcised with smallish balls and a very tight scrotum. After a dip in the pool I look like a woman with a large clit.

I have spent most of my life ashamed of my small equipment and have done my best to avoid any situation where it might be exposed, i.e. gyms, public restrooms, etc. It’s even kept myself from sexual experiences. I did eventually find a great girl without much experience at the time we met, and have now been married 20 years. However, even with my wife she only really sees my penis when we’re making love, so she only sees it when it’s erect at 3.8 inches. Not at its flaccid tiny length.

About 3 months ago I was due for my annual physical exam for my job. I decided to go to one of the local Emergicare Centre’s, as I did not need to make an appointment, and my regular doc was booked for over a month.

The yearly physical was always one of my least favourite trips due to my extreme embarrassment at exposing myself, even though my doc is male and usually only did a quick hernia check. I seem to shrivel to an even smaller size in that exam room.

Anyway, I’m in the exam room at the Emergicare Centre. The nurse has finished taking my medical history, blood pressure, etc and I have changed into a gown with my underwear on and my anxiety level at peak. After about 10 minutes or so a knock on the door and in walks the doc. The doc just happens to be an early 40ish very nice looking female. I can feel my face turning hot and red and my equipment withdrawing further into my body.

She does the usual physical exam, heart, lungs, reflexes, etc.; then asks me to lie back on the table. She palpates my stomach gently and listens with the stethoscope in a few areas and then to my absolute terror asks me to raise my hips so that she can pull my underwear down and examine my testicles. Well, there I am lying completely naked before an attractive woman with my penis barely the size of a button, and my scrotum so shrivelled that it’s barely visible. She has to palpate my scrotum pretty firmly as my balls are drawn up into my body but eventually is able to examine both.

Then using two fingers she peels back my foreskin and examines the head of my penis and urethra then pulls the foreskin back into place. Well during this exam I was ready to explode. I have never felt such a rush of pure adrenaline. My heart is pounding, I can feel the blood rushing to my head and my face must have been red as a beet. She then has me stand beside the table, still completely exposed, and does the usual hernia check. She then finishes writing in the chart, tells me I can get dressed and says goodbye.

Although the doc was professional and there was nothing sexual about the experience I can’t stop thinking about it and the pure rush I felt being naked in front of this woman after years of hiding myself. Must be the same feeling skydivers get jumping out of a plane.


One reader is very worried…

My husband takes great pleasure in showing off his small penis, and while he doesn’t seem to care what comments he receives – I get embarrassed for him. For example, when we go to the public swimming pool (or a non-nude beach), he wears very tight speedos-bathers that leave nothing to the imagination. He gets in the pool, then spends his time walking around showing himself off. Acting like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, or that his bathers reveal his tiny penis size. The reaction on peoples faces makes me feel bad for him, but to him it just adds fuel to the fire. Sometimes I stay near him in the pool, close enough to hear their comments too. He likes me to see and hear what people say.

Also, he’s the first to get it out at parties with our friends, all of our friends have seen him naked, and as a result I get lots of offers from his more well endowed mates. His friend’s have a running joke that all he needs is two beers, and tiny Tim will appear. He’s even got naked at his office Christmas party and all his co-workers have seen it. The first time I was sure he’d get fired as a result, but his boss told me not to worry it was all just harmless fun. Then he hit on me.

I often catch him jerking off on webcam to people as well. He wants me to play with him on cam but I refuse. I asked him why he is doing this, and he told me he was addicted to showing his cock to people. He just can’t get enough of it, and wished he could walk around all the time with his dick on display. He does this at the only place he can legally get away with it too. The place he really loves going to is nudist beaches.

He walks around a nude beach as proud as a peacock, knowing that people are looking at his tiny cock and laughing at him. I don’t really understand why he gets such a kick out of this. I read on this site stories of men like my husband doing this kind of stuff. I don’t understand why he needs to embarrass me so much. As a result of guys seeing his small dick they all think they can hit on me, as I obviously must be unhappy in bed. I think I am unhappy, not because of our sex life, but because I live in fear that he’ll be arrested for public exposure some day.

Then, what seems like a harmless joke to my husband and his friends will become serious. If he goes too far, and flashes somewhere that such actions would be illegal, he could end up in court and in the papers. Maybe in his warped mind that’s what he wants, public notoriety? Then all his so-called friends will disappear, and it’ll be me that’ll have to pick up the pieces. I think he has a problem, more than just some harmless streaking at a party. He won’t listen to me when I bring it up. I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve stopped going with him to places where I know he wants to flash. I just can’t watch it anymore. It’s wrecking our marriage.

I’m submitting this here because I know he loves this site. He reads it often and has even posted pictures of his dick here. Hopefully this may get through to him that his choices don’t only affect him. He needs to discuss it with a Doctor, as what he is doing isn’t normal.


This Reader confessed he’s developed a strange fetish…

I’m a forty-something guy who works in the city at an advertising agency and I commute every day to work on the train. I’m reasonably fit for my age, and like most men who work in the city I’m always wearing a nice business suit. I know I have a smallish penis but I’ve been happily married for twenty-years, and have three children of which I’m very proud. So it’s never been an issue in my marriage as far as I knew. One morning I caught the train into the city as usual, but when we reached the station I found myself busting for a pee.

I can tell you the toilets at the train station are disgusting. I’m sure they’re never cleaned as they smell like stale piss. I wondered if I could hold on until I reached the office, but in the end I gave in. It was peak hour, so when I entered the toilet there were lots of men there. The toilet cubicles were full, and the ones that were empty were so filthy, there’s no way anyone would use them. I never understand why some men seem to miss the bowl at public toilets and leave their piss and shit all over the place. God knows what they do at home.

So all that was open was the urinal. Surveying the scene I knew immediately that I wouldn’t get into the corners. The refuge of a small dick man on urinals is the corners. You can turn your body into the corner of the urinal so no one can see your penis. So I wriggled my way in between the guys and unzipped and let it rip. I’ve never been on such a crowded urinal in my life. Our shoulders were literally touching, like sheep crammed into a pen.

I tried not to look down but it was impossible. In my peripheral vision on each side were penises all pissing and all so much bigger than me. Black, Asian, and white dicks – all bigger than my limp little dick. Then the guy to my right said, “Holy fuck man, that’s a fucking tiny one.”

I looked at him. He was an Asian guy younger than me (probably early thirties) with a big smile on his face and twinkle in his eye.

“What?” I said.

“Your dick man, it’s fucking smaller than a Koreans,” he said, and laughed (I later looked it up and found the average for Koreans is 3.8 inches erect).

I shrugged, trying to look like I didn’t care. “Everyone’s different,” I said.

“Not that different. Take a look for yourself. Compare it to all these dicks right here.”

Again, I found myself scanning up and down the packed urinal at all the dicks pissing away. They all looked much bigger than mine. The guy on my left was also dressed in a business suit and looked nearer my age. His white dick was long and thick and he caught me looking at it. “Makes yours look a child’s penis doesn’t it?” he suddenly said to me.

“Eh?” I was a bit stunned by all this urinal discussion.

Thankfully, my urine stream at this point ended and I quickly tucked it away and hurried out of there. My heart was pumping, my head was spinning and as I walked to my office the memory of the incident swam around in my mind making me get a partial boner. I swore to myself I’d never do that again.

Several days later I went back on that promise, as the memory of those guys looking at, and commenting on, my dick seemed to do something to me. The way they thrust out their hips to show off just how much bigger than me they are. It turned me on and eventually I masturbated while thinking about it. I decided to do it again and see what happened. I drank two cups of coffee before leaving home and a bottle of water on the train. So by the time I reached the city I really needed to pee badly.

Again the toilets were packed, and needing to pee badly I found myself on the urinal line again between a black guy and a younger white guy who looked like a college student. I pulled out my nub of a dick and began to pee feeling the relief as my bladder emptied. I didn’t look at anyone and just tried to do my thing. I heard a snigger beside me, it was the black guy. When I looked at him I found him looking straight at my dick. He looked up at me with a big toothy grin, then indicated with his head for me to check him out.

I looked down at his cock. He leant back and thrust his hips out. It was an enormous cock, the biggest I’ve ever seen. Even his piss stream was bigger than mine. I looked down at my nub and then back at his dick. The comparison was laughable. I felt the white guy move and turned my head to see him checking us both out. His eyes were bulging as he went from my dick to the big black cock next to me. I looked at the white guys dick and he looked fairly average. Then my stream ended. I zipped up and left.

Later I jerked off in my office.

This began a thing for me. A fetish you may say. I never touched any dicks and neither did anyone touch mine. Sometimes the men beside me wouldn’t openly acknowledge my dick, but they’d always lean back and thrust their hips out when I looked at them. Sometimes nothing would happen other than guys taking a piss. But often once guys seen my nub of a soft cock they invariably liked to show their dicks off to me. To show me how much bigger and better they are. I love it, and now use that urinal on the way home too.


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