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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader thought dating an older woman might help…

I always kind of knew I was well undersized but it hit me pretty hard when I met a divorced mom who had a prepubescent son, while in my twenties. I had trouble dating girls my age so I was hoping a more nurturing and mature lover would overlook my inadequacy. I had met her at a club and we hit it off quite well though I could feel things didn’t go as fast as she would’ve wanted so one evening while I was meant to sleep over she made it clear she wanted sex. She had been single for over 2 years and only had sex a couple of times since then.

I was apprehensive because of my insecurities, yet it had been a while since I felt any pussy too. She was really flirty, sweet like sugar, and put me at ease. I guess she was probably as desperate as me. So after a couple of drinks she put her kid to bed and led me to her bedroom. It was summertime and I was just wearing a t-shirt and a pair of nylon shorts. She came up to me and put her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and caught my briefs at the same time and lowered it down.

She held a surprised look for a few seconds and put her hand to her mouth as she started giggling. She even asked if it was hard! I felt so belittled I went limp. Then she apologised profusely saying she wasn’t expecting to see a child penis on an adult. I could see she was annoyed so I started to pout asking if we were going to have sex anyway. I know she didn’t mean to laugh yet she couldn’t help being upfront to me. She finally said it would feel awkward having sex with me cause her little boy’s penis was bigger than mine. It would not feel right in her mind she said.

Her brutal honesty stunned me. It hurt me deeply but I somehow was unable to contradict her. As it sank in I started to overcome my disappointment. Still I insisted. I said I didn’t believe her that she was bullshitting me. Her son had just turned 10 for god’s sake! How could that be possible? Anyhow the mood was off so we ended up not having sex. We watched a movie instead to sort of avoid the conversation, and I ended up sleeping on the couch. But the worst part happened next morning while she was getting ready to drive her son to the local swimming pool.

She called me in while she was bathing her kid in the bathroom. I asked what she wanted and she said to come in. Then she pointed towards her kid’s dick saying “See my boy, didn’t I tell you?”

The boy obviously didn’t have a clue what she was talking about yet she was right. His soft penis looked longer than mine for sure. I was crushed though now it all made sense to me and I couldn’t justify me being mad at her anymore. What woman would want to have sex with a guy that’s smaller than her ten year old son? I kept quiet the whole drive mumbling to myself how it sucked to have such a tiny dick. Needless to say that was the end our relationship.


One reader seemed perfectly happy as a kid until a visit to the Doctor…

This is a very short, but true, story. I was born and brought up in the USA and at age 15 was still going to the family paediatrician. I was given a full physical exam, at the end of which the doctor told me to get dressed and then called my father in. Without warning, he said to my father, ‘Do you think Mark feels inadequate because he has such a small penis?’ I was shocked and mortified and didn’t dare look my Dad in the face, though I could feel myself blushing like mad. I was already very short-sighted as a kid, and very shy, so I could never see well enough in the showers at school to know what size other boys were. So this was the first time I was made aware of my shortcomings. I don’t remember if my father said anything in return, I’ve blotted the rest out. But I think in retrospect that this was where my shame about my size started. Imagine a children’s doctor telling you when you’re 15 that you have an unusually small penis, when he has seen 5-year-olds naked? Has anyone else experienced something like this. or was I just unlucky to have such a blunt doctor?


This reader had a bad experience on a school trip where it was obvious he didn’t measure up…

Hello, I (male) took part in a biology excursion to the Baltic Sea with our biology course from our university in Berlin. A female lecturer, plus 16 women and 4 men. When we had a rest at the Baltic Sea, two female students jumped in topless and swam around. One fellow student pulled down his pants and jumped also in. He urged me in, too. so, I pulled my pants down and jumped in. We splashed and swam around and had a lot of fun. Then, I noticed that some of our female female students were giggling, others were smiling, and pointing at me, whereas other female students stared at my colleague. Why? When I looked around, I noticed that my colleagues penis was 6 inches (16cm) long soft, and dangling around, whereas my penis was tiny 1.5 inches (4 cm) soft and stood forward. Some female students took photos.


It’s common that males first discover their inadequacy in High School as this reader shows us…

I never really realised I had a small penis until I entered high school. Entering Grade 8 and the locker room turned out to be unhappy experiences for me. At the start of the year there were about half of the boys with no pubic hair and a few who had not really started to develop but by the end of the year I was the only one with not only no pubic hair but still a very small penis and balls. I was popular in school so teasing, thank god, was limited to the locker room, where my nickname was “peewee”. There was no way to hide either as unlike the girls change room and showers, the boys was all out in the open.

You stripped off naked in a big open room, walked to a large open room with shower heads around the walls and walked back naked to dry off. Entering Grade 9 though was the most difficult year. My first day in the locker room was “holy shit peewee when are you going to grow”…I was still by far the smallest and the only one with no pubic hair. Now at 14 I should have seen a Doctor but who would at that age. By the end of grade 9 the boys were clapping as I had some pubic hair but was still tiny.

There was not one boy who, when soft, was not larger in girth and length then me when I was fully hard and my balls were tiny. Today it doesn’t bother me, I’ve had women tease me, laugh at me and now it only turns me on. Today I measure exactly 4 inches long (a silver member).


Ever been humiliated by a webcam site? Try this one on for size…

Well let me first off say that living with a small penis isn’t far from depressing sometimes. In my life I’ve been bullied and teased about my penis size. I’ve managed to overcome the bullying and teasing I endured in school and other various social settings growing up. I even managed to turn this in to something I find arousing, I enjoy being humiliated in SAFE situations, with mutual understanding. (I’m into some kinky stuff so these situations are not uncommon.)

Then there are these moments, these small insignificant moments that really bring me down. These situations do not happen in my life all that much, only once or twice in my adult life I’ve been mocked about my penis size in a public setting. These moments are not what I find arousing at all. It is actually annoying and makes me angry.

Now some back-story to this latest event. I like web-camming with my buddies: having some online fun while I jerk off and show my small penis off, you know the drill. I’ve been using a well known site to have some fun and with “success” I might add. I’ve met awesome people there and had so much fun with them in an anonymous environment. Sometimes I get some wicked SPH that really makes my cock twitch, but most of the time I get all these people who really love my small dick and we chat and share fantasies. Who’d a thought such small dick lovers existed, I didn’t until I began web-camming online.

Then I got this notice that I cannot stream anymore until I send them an age verification (copy of my passport or some other crap, like that will happen), because they do not believe that I am over 18. Christ I am in my 30s, fat, 6’1. Not a minor. WTF? They don’t consider me over 18 because the size of my penis is similar to a minor. That’ll boost up my confidence. I’ll just add this to the list of “experiences” this guy with a small penis has to encounter in his life. I couldn’t care less that I lost the account I just find it extremely annoying that once again the guy with the tiny penis gets beaten down.


This readers has a disappointing time with his new sex toy…

I was so nervous when I went out to buy a fleshlight (and super horny as well). After seeing guys fuck one on the internet I thought it must feel wonderful, almost like the real thing. I got the ‘Jesse Jane’ model vagina and the lotus texture. I hadn’t done too much research on this particular model to be honest but I had recognised the porn star whose vagina it was modelled on. The girl at the store told me most guys buy that one so I thought it must be a good thing. I had a boner all the way home thinking of using this sex toy and was barely in the door at home when I had ripped it out of its box and had my pants down around my ankles.

My dick was already lubed from precum so I couldn’t wait anymore I thrust my cock inside the fleshlight and began to grind it up and down my cock. It felt OK but to be honest after a few moments of fucking I began to think something must be wrong with it. I pulled it out and took a close look at it. I stuck my fingers down the opening and while I could feel the texture with my fingers it seemed my cock didn’t for some reason. It must be a defective model, I thought.

So I rifled through the packaging to find the instruction manual as who knows, maybe in my haste I missed some crucial step that you need to do before you fuck it. I joked to myself that even a representation of a female’s vagina still took this much work to get into bed. So I was reading the book and then a passage hit me. This fleshlight was made for men 5.5″-7.5″ in length and appropriate girth. My dick is only 4″ in length. That’s why I didn’t get the sensations I was hoping for. My fleshlight was too big for me, or more to the point I was too small for it.

I went online and I found no fleshlights that were made for a penis my size. The smallest was the 5″ one. This depressed me for a while as even a sex toy is asking me, “Is it in yet?” Having a small dick sucks.


Another High School memory that’s left a scar…

I was in high school and I was experimenting with this girl. She would let me try anything on her. It was great, well one day she said, “You’ve done everything to me and I have yet to try stuff on you.” So she started kissing me, my hands started doing the things I knew she liked. Well it came time to where she wanted to try sucking my cock, I was too ashamed to pull it out for her. So she grabbed me by the belt buckle and pulled me to her as she was kissing me she stuck her hand down my pants.

I was stunned didn’t have time to react or anything. She touched my cock and it was already hard and just kept moving, played with my balls and kept feeling around. Finally she looks at me and says, “Where is it?” I squeezed my cheeks and thrusted forward exposing my tiny dick and put her hand on it. She was like, “OHHHHH!”

She could tell I was embarrassed she tried not to laugh and with the same phrase you would say when you see a cute kitty purring or a tiny puppy in the window, “Awwww, it’s cute,” she said! She pulled her hand out and suggested we just make out. We did make but to this day whenever I see her I can’t even look her in the eyes. I’ve had experiences with other girls but for some reason she’s the one I can’t get over.


Discovery is often a road filled with angst for the small dick man…

When I was a teenager I was kind of obsessed with measuring my penis and waiting for it to grow, which I guess is fairly normal for most boys, although I remember thinking I was smaller than other guys and hoping for a growth spurt so I’d catch-up. At 15 years old I was only 3.5 inches hard and still jerked off with my thumb and two fingers, when I knew most guys used their whole hand. So I was sure it was pretty small.

At 16 I was still under 4 inches hard, and when I had a school friend stay over one night, we played a game of truth or dare. It started off with just talking about girls we liked, but soon we got onto the topic of sex and eventually penis size. I was kind of curious to know how big his was, and figured he’d exaggerate when he told me anyway. I had seen some guys naked in my school and their soft dicks were much bigger than mine, but I had never seen Todd’s for some reason.

I don’t think he’d seen me naked either, but when he told me his size he looked pretty proud of himself. He said he was 8 inches hard and around 5 inches soft, which pretty much blew my mind. I felt intimidated already and really thought that maybe I should lie about mine. He asked my size and said not to worry if I wasn’t as big as him. The way he said it made me feel at ease for some reason and so I told him I was around 4 inches. He then asked me how big was it when it’s hard, and I blushed so badly that he realised that was hard.

At first he was kind of sympathetic, but after a few minutes he started to find it funny and began laughing at me. So I told him I thought he was lying about his size, which was a mistake since he then dared me to show mine next to his. I wanted to see if he was just exaggerating and maybe save some of my pride, so I agreed. He stood up and pulled down his boxers and his cock was swinging at least 5 inches soft, he wasn’t lying after all. He demanded I show my dick to him right away so my face burned red again as I dropped my pants.

He found this all pretty hilarious and told me it was smaller than a kid in grade-school. Thankfully he didn’t tell anyone about it at school as I think he felt bad for me since I was so embarrassed by it. We’re still friends to this day, and he always refers to me as his ‘little buddy’. Not many people get the joke but we always have a bit of a laugh about it. I eventually grew to around 4.7″ which is still smallish, but workable. He topped out at 8.5″ he once told me, but we don’t compare it as we’re not ghey.


One reader told us he has Klinfelter’s Syndrome…

I have Klinefelter’s Syndrome and one of the affects is micro-penis (a Gold Member). I’m only about an inch or so flaccid and a bit over 2.5 inches erect and in both states have a very small circumference and typically for Klinefelter’s, small testes. Although sterile I can ejaculate a little, but it more oozes than spurts and only a little thin clear liquid drips out of the tip.

I obviously cannot fill a woman’s vagina or satisfy through penetration, she can’t really feel me stimulate her. I’ve had sex with women and have learnt to do it by rubbing my dick on her clit, pretty much the way two lesbians would. Hand jobs are not an option but taking my penis between the tips of the thumb and pointer finger and making tiny strokes does work. Also blow jobs are more licking the little head (pretty much like you would licking a woman’s clit) and sucking the whole thing into your mouth for the world’s easiest deep throat. Of course, I can give oral and that is my favourite because then I am equal to anyone.

I would have to say that even though my relationships with women have technically been heterosexual, our way of interacting and making love has always been lesbian. I have had partners who wanted to “do it” like a man and woman and the typical reaction is, “When are we going to start?”

My reply: “I’m in you already.” See it just doesn’t work.

Some women have seemed a bit confused or unsure and asked me how we should do it? So then I have shown them. Although I have had comments before, during, and after sex about my penis size from women, the most hurtful inevitably come when she breaks-up with me. Then several times I have heard how much she has given up and how she is looking forward to being satisfied for real. By a real man who can fill her vagina and even stretch it out. Or the: “You’d be better having sex with a man instead of trying to and failing to satisfy a woman.” Only problem is I’m not gay and I don’t want to have sex with men.

But life goes on and I keep trying hoping one day I’ll find a woman who can accept me the way I am.


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