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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has learned to like his dick…

Growing up, I was always ashamed of my small cock. I’m four inches hard and when soft my penis shrinks to a one inch nub. I used to be so ashamed of my small cock never sleeping around even though I’m a 21 year old I’ve been described as handsome. I’m five feet ten inches, one hundred and eighty pounds, and fit. The last four months I became fed up with being ashamed of my size. I started googling ‘small cock’, ‘tiny dick’, etc, and came across this site. I read all of the stories and saw the pics of other small guys who are proud of their small endowments.

I recently decided to upload pics of myself full body with face and just cock shots. The admins rated me a Silver Member, and I felt so overjoyed seeing my face with the caption small dick club, and I’m a proud member now.

Last week I had my first SPH (well the first one I enjoyed). I like to sleep naked, and normally my room mate does not get home until seven PM. My room mate came home four hours early from work this night, and I didn’t realize he was home. I went to the kitchen to grab a beer. As I was walking back he saw my one inch nub. He just giggled a bit, and asked, “Is it cold in here?”

I panicked, part of me wanted to be my old self, ashamed, say ‘yes’, and run back to my room. Instead I drank some of my beer and laughed. I told him, “Nahh… I just have a small cock.”

He laughed with me and I told him to hold on as I went and put some clothes on. I apologised, and he said it was cool things like that happen. He also commended me about being cool with my size and we had a fun chat about how big I am. Fun fact I told him I failed the toilet paper roll test in girth and length (haha). I hope I can gather the courage to go to my gym and shower with my friends soon. So I can write a story here and help some other person who’s working through their size issues be cool with their size.


This reader got cuckolded by his second wife…

Debbie is a big blonde beauty. Too big for most guys, but I’m big also and give the impression that I can handle her. She was a ski instructor and entertainment director at a resort in New Hampshire. I was a well-known session musician/sideman playing a weekend gig with a well-known rock group Debbie had contracted to perform at her resort. While setting up my gear on stage I introduced myself and we got talking and arranged to meet after the late set. So, we met afterward and went back to her room and ate a bit and drank a lot.

Now you need to know a bit about my past. I was coming off a divorce from my first wife, Patti. Succinctly said, she divorced me due to my inability to adequately fuck her. I couldn’t consummate our marriage. I have a tiny three-inch erection and flaccid my dick disappears into my foreskin – and I’m circumcised! I just barely make it into the Silver Member category of the Small Dick Club. Well, Patti started cheating on me within a few months of our marriage. A year after we divorced she married a big cock paramour whom she said, “Could satisfy me sexually in ways you can’t.”

She revealed this to me when she announced she was divorcing me. Our sex life had been one of masturbation, I masturbated her and myself. I loved it, she hated it.

So, it had been around this time when this after-concert tryst with Debbie was to be my first venture back into what I hoped might be a night of partnered sex. Yes, Debbie matched me flavoured vodka after vodka and we became quite intoxicated. After a while she cheerfully exclaimed, “Let’s have sex!”

She started undressing so I followed her cue. Stripping off I turned to her, embraced her and and my dick touched her pubic area. It was only until we fell into bed that she then realised that my dick was at its maximum erection. She said something like, “I thought your penis wasn’t yet erect when we were standing. But it’s hard and it’s still little, like an adolescent boys. Doesn’t it get any bigger?”

“No”, I told her, “I’m obviously not what you would call a well endowed guy. And I don’t have much experience with partnered sex.”

“What do you mean, partnered sex?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Well, ever since my divorce a year ago all I do is masturbate.”

“So you mean I’m the first girl you have had sex with since you were divorced?’ she asked sounding surprised. “You’re a very handsome guy.”

Feeling my humiliation rising to a deliciously intense level I revealed to her that I never had penetrative sex with my wife, “I couldn’t penetrate her, so we never consummated our marriage! That’s why she ultimately divorced me.”

Immediately upon revealing my intimate sex history with Patti and as if almost to apologise I reached to fondle and finger her large cunt (that I well knew how to do) and lowered my body position to suck on her big breasts. Debbie didn’t react to what I had just revealed to her about my sexual dysfunction, but rather seemed to be enjoying my foreplay so I continued. After a bit, she abruptly sat up, and said, “I’m gonna ride you, and see how your little penis feels inside me.”

She then squatted over my full three-inch erection and with her fingers manipulated my tiny shaft into her cunt as she relaxed herself downward onto me.

“Hmm… It feels like something is… like poking at my pussy,” she said in a cheerful tone. And then, “Oh god… Did you just cum?”

I had. As I felt her cunt lips envelop my tiny penis I prematurely and uncontrollably squirted my little cum load. Well, I must have said something by way of an apology because she lifted herself off my spent dick, reached into her night drawer and pulled out a big pink dildo. “Try this,” she suggested with a touch of sarcasm.

I knew what to do.

Thus, began our unusual but beautiful relationship. After a few months of ‘dating and dildo-ing’ I settled in Portsmouth as my work-base and asked her to marry me. She consented to marry me if I consented to an ‘open marriage’- meaning her maintaining sexual relationships with her many boyfriends. Of course, I agreed! Knowing she fucked other men and that their big cocks satisfied her and brought her to orgasm became an important element in my sex life with her. My masturbation had intensified to chronic proportions with her good natured, cheerful domination of me.

On our wedding night Debbie tried riding my tiny dick for a second time. I lasted a little longer than the first, but that was the last time my tiny dick and her voracious cunt had intercourse. I exclusively used dildos to fuck her, and her boyfriends continued to be the major part of her sex life. My life as her cuckold was confirmed and I embraced it.

Like most cuckold marriages this one didn’t last long. Within a year Debbie divorced me for one of her boyfriends. Last I heard of her through a mutual acquaintance she’s still married to Scott, now working part-time at the ski resort and had two lovely children. I went back to NYC where a couple of years later I met Inez, whom I refer to as ‘the bitch’.


This reader is keeping a positive outlook…

It all started when I was in high school with my first girlfriend. She had already been sexually active at the time and we were dating for about a month. I grew up in a small town with a fairly small school. The kind of place were everybody knew everyone and their dog. We used to hang out at a baseball field on the weekends and do the stuff teens were not supposed to do. (cheers!) Early into the night my girlfriend took my hand and pulled me into some trees far away enough that nobody would find us. We were making out and eventually it ended up in her seeing my dick for the first time, and she kinda giggled and said she wasn’t ready yet and we just ended up going back to the group.

A few minutes later I noticed she was talking to some friends and they were laughing while looking at me. I knew immediately that she had told them! I just shook it off though, and kept talking to my friend. A few minutes later somebody had the funny idea to “pants” me in front of the fire. Everybody had a good look [at my dick] and the group erupted in laughter. I felt pretty angry so I just left without saying anything to my girlfriend.

That Monday my girlfriend met me in the hallway before first period (she was one year older than me) and told me we were breaking up. This was no big deal because I was going to break up with her anyway. One cool thing that happened after that night was that everyone called me ‘S‘ (S for ‘small’ and being the first initial of my name). So, for the next 2 years that was a constant reminder, yay!

Fast forward four years: I meet a girl and we kick it off. We start spending basically every day together and having so much fun that I ask her to be my girlfriend. I told her about the event that happened at school and that I’m not well-endowed, but she said doesn’t care at all and she’ll wait until I feel ready to have sex.

She doesn’t care? Jackpot! Right?

We were about three months in and we’re already saying we loved each other (she said in first). I figure it’s been long enough so we decide to do the whole sex thing (Sweet! My first time!). Well it ended up going pretty good. She didn’t hate it, and it seems I have fantastic stamina and she praised me for it.

Over the next week we continued to have sex, but each time I noticed she was becoming bored before the end. So just one week after having sex, I’m driving her back to her place after she stayed the night and I ask her about it. In a nutshell, she thought that it wasn’t going to be important for her, but her last boyfriend had a big dick so sex with me was just not doing it for her. She said she was sorry, but she was ending the relationship. It just wasn’t working for her.

I don’t hate that girl, she was honest and I understand that things sometimes just don’t fit together. However, that first girlfriend? Well, I wish she has to deal with a lot of inconveniences for a very long time!

There was a third girl I shared a house with for about twelve months. I had a crush on her, but held back knowing it would make things awkward in the house. We also had two other people sharing with us. I don’t remember how it came up at the time, but for some reason she told me the size of her ex’s junk (bigger than my own).

One night, after a party we had at the house, she was out on the patio with another friend and they were talking about random girl stuff. I was in my room and didn’t realise my window was open until I jumped into bed. That’s when she started talking about this new man’s package and how big it is. She described it as ‘porn star like’ and didn’t know sex could feel so damn good. Her friend did nothing but agree with her. They both started talking about me, and how I had a small penis. I didn’t even know they knew about it.

They laughed at me, saying how they’d never feel it, and is it any wonder my relationships don’t last. I was gobsmacked as I listened to their drunken ranting about me and all small dick men. I thought these girls were my friends, and their harsh words really hurt my feelings. I moved out about two-weeks later. She acted like nothing had happened, but I couldn’t live with people who were mocking me behind my back.

After all this stuff happened to me, I don’t hate myself or girls either. They are not all the same. Sure I have my days when I’m sad and wish I could change stuff about myself, but everyone has those days. I’m hoping that as I get older, the girls will grow up. I feel confident I’ll find a girl who loves me for me. There’s a lot of girls out there, not just for me, but for everyone!


This reader discovered his biggest problem was himself…

After three years of no sex and believing I’m nothing but a piece of shit with a small package. I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club. In a spiral of self destructive depression and self loathing I found some real happiness again for a few days with a lady. Connecting with a human again was amazing. I pleasured her just fine. She kind of fell in love with me after the sex felt so good. Now we’ve had to chill it as it’s complicated and that makes me depressed, but I have accept it.

Makes me so sad to think I spent so many days of my life hating myself and not being able to be in the world then you meet someone and it just happens, and it’s like wow. I got my confidence back for a minute. I’m actually the man. I’m attractive, caring and passionate. I’ve done so much damage to myself with this self-hate, and now I’ve got to try to be normal guy and get out in the world again to meet more people. I don’t want to keep isolating and killing myself. I want to get back in touch with reality. I want to be healthy.

Just wanted share my story.


This reader claims he was Mommy’s ‘little’ boy….

So I’m fully aware by the title that this may seem like a very weird story, but I assure you no incest is involved whatsoever. My mother has told me that I was born with very large extremities. Such as long fingers, toes, and large ears so big that she seriously considered taping them back early on. My Aunt (her sister) talked her out of it, convincing her it was cruel. With that said, she said I had a very tiny penis too. She said it was her hope that it would catch up with the rest of my extremities. It turned out to be a false hope.

When I Graduated high school, that false hope was realised by my mother. That summer on my 18th birthday I got stung by a spider on my upper-thigh and I had an allergic reaction. I was concerned it was poisonous, so noticing my concern my Mother asked to see it. I hesitated, but after some persuasion I pulled down my shorts exposing not only the bite, but also my very tiny penis.

I will never forget the look on my Mothers face.

I shyly asked, “Is it bad?”

She answered, “The bite?”


“No, I’ll put some aloe Vera on it, baby.”

As she began to apply the lotion, I had time to think about her response, and asked, “What did you think I meant, Mom?”

She paused and all of a sudden, because I started to get stiff. She then began to tell me of how I was born with large extremities, but a tiny penis. That she had hoped it would grow with me in puberty, but obviously it hadn’t.

At this point I was fully erect, maybe 2.5″, and about a foot from my mothers face with her staring right at it. She sat back on the couch, there I stood shorts around my ankles and my erect penis barely sticking out from my pubic hairs in front of my Mom. To this day I get an erection remembering that moment.

She covered her mouth and continued to stare. Then she seemed to gather her self and asked if I realised that I had an abnormally small penis. I said, “Well, I knew it wasn’t big.”

She half giggled, and blurted out, “Oh, honey, not even close to big. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you. Why does this excite you?”

I stammered, “I-I don’t k-know, Mom”

“Well, honey, you just need to go with it. There’s nothing you can do about it. If humiliation excites you then good! Now I want you to go into the bathroom and jerk your little boy penis till it explodes. Then clean your self off, and Mommy will have a p&j sandwich for her little boy. When you jerk-off I want you to think how you’ll never be a real man, sexually, for a woman with that tiny toddler penis”

“Yes, Mommy,” I said, then turned and scooted in to the bathroom with my shorts around my ankles and did as I was told!


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