Our Readers SPH Experiences 23

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader got burned by his Mom…

This happened when I was 17. I was taking a shower in the upstairs bathroom. Since I thought I was alone in the house I didn’t bother bringing clothes in with me. So I dried myself off and went to the hall. And as I turned the corner, to my surprise my mom was walking towards me and saw me. I quickly covered myself and she had a slight look of surprise on her face. “I’m sorry mom. I thought I was home alone.” I awkwardly said to her.

“That’s okay dear. And stop covering up, I have seen your penis before.” she said to me. I than uncovered my dick for her to see.

“Awww it’s so cute.” she said as I turned beat red.

“Cute?” I asked in dismay.

“I mean it’s so small and hairy, it’s just adorable.” she said as if it was a fact.

“You got to be kidding me” I said in disbelieve.

“Oh relax. There is no shame in having a small penis. Now go to your room.” she said to me. As I she walked pass she gave me a pinch in the ass.

From this day forth my mom calls me her little boy.


This reader learned it’s no point boasting…

I used to go out with this girl, and when we broke up she told everyone I had a small penis. So, during swim class at school these girls walked up to me, and said, “So, John, we heard you have a tiny wang!”

All the girls started to laugh, so I just ignored them and went on with the class. I got out of the pool and the girls were still laughing. So I told them, “Look, my wang is like eight inches. So screw you!”

Obviously, it’s not anywhere near that big, I just wanted to shut them up. This was a mistake. One of the girls said, “Oh yeah? Prove it.”

So there I was with five girls watching me, and waiting for me to show them. Remember, I had just gotten out of the pool, so naturally I wasn’t keen. I told them, “No way am I going to show them my thing, I’ll get in trouble.”

Out of nowhere, a girl came up behind me, and pantsed me. The girls saw everything, I pulled my bathers up right away, hoping they didn’t get a good view. The girls laughed like crazy. One of the girls screamed, “More like an eighth of an inch!”

I still don’t hear the end of it to this day.


One reader had the cards stacked against him…

I was playing strip poker with five girls and two guys one night in college. My friend and I are really good poker players, so we thought we had the odds in our favour. In the beginning, we did. When the girls were down to panties and bras, I started having a losing streak. Pretty soon I was down to underwear, when I got three kings dealt. So I thought I had it won, but a girl had three aces, which is better. Embarrassingly, I had to pull my boxers off and stand for the rest of the game nude. My soft dick is like an inch long and sits on my nuts like a mushroom. One of the other guys lost, and the girls made us compare. His soft cock hung long a good four to five inches long. They all laughed hard at the difference. The other guy put his clothes on, however, they wouldn’t let me. So when I tried to dress, they tackled me and pinned me to the floor. The girls took pictures of my small penis, and I got the nickname ‘Peewee’ from that day on.


One reader discovered that friends can sometimes be assholes…

My cousin and I have a very close relationship. We have always told each other everything, like brothers. Well, I confided in him that I am rather small down below (I’m a Silver Member of the Small Dick Club), and he just laughed it off at the time. Anyway, I had to plan a physical one time while I was staying at my cousins place for a week’s vacation, as it was the only time my doctor could see me. My little cousin and I were home and he had three friends over – two girls and one guy, all his age of 17. I figured they could stay home, but his parents wanted me to bring them and said they could just wait in the waiting room.

As it turns out my doctor was ill, and I had to be seen by this attractive female doctor in her late-twenties. If that wasn’t bad enough, the waiting room was full, so the nurse at the desk told my cousin to come in the room with me. After I stripped and put on my gown, I took my boxers off careful not to show anything. The doctor came in and did the usual stuff, but when she looked under the gown to check me for a hernia, she laughed a little. My cousin suddenly said out loud, “Pretty small huh?”

She looked at my cousin sternly, and said, “I think you better wait outside, after all”

He nodded with a grimace, and left the room. She found something wrong with me. The female doctor told me she needed to perform a short procedure, suggesting I have sleeping gas for thirty minutes. I said OK, and signed a consent form. Apparently, after I went under and finished the procedure, she left the room with me alone to recover.

After she left, my cousin came into the room and lifted my gown to check me out while I slept. He went out to the waiting room and found his friends and brought them back in to see my small cock. When I finally awoke, I noticed my gown was up and my cousin, and his friends were giggling and making comments. I finally got dressed and left. On the way home my cousin topped it all off by saying, “The doctor was telling us that she’s seen naked guys from ages six to ninety for the last five years, and I easily had the smallest penis she had ever seen.”

Needless to say, my cousin owns me now and I can’t even get revenge because I saw when we were changing at the pool a little while ago he has a huge cock. Life’s unfair sometimes.


This reader has decided to look for alternatives…

I want to say, I’m completely embarrassed and disgusted to call this thing between my legs a dick. Its 4-1/8″ hard, very sad. No wonder my ex would just lay there during sex, I wasn’t pleasing her, and she left me. She definitely wasn’t tight down there, and I could drop it in her with ease. Her pussy felt sloppy like a mayonnaise jar, and couldn’t feel the walls. We only had sex once a month, so why was it so loose in her? I don’t know where or what she does when I’m sleeping or at work, but it shouldn’t be that loose, I’d rather jerk-off or customise a fuck hole in a mattress in my room. I love to get off every day. I’m going to make my fuck mattress, I’ll get back and let you know how it works out.


One Reader had an unfortunate encounter with his neighbour…

A parcel was delivered to my neighbour yesterday, so their twenty year old daughter, home from college for winter break, brought it over about half an hour ago. I was sitting having me coffee in the kitchen wearing a long terry cloth robe and nothing else.

She came to the front door. It’s freezing outside, so she stepped inside to hand me the parcel. I fumbled and dropped it. We both bent down to pick it up, and I got it. When I stood back up, I didn’t notice that the robe had opened a little below the belt. My penis, of course, had gone pretty much entirely internal, because that’s what it looks like when I’m not turned on. It looks even worse when It’s cold with my balls shrivelled and tight, and we were standing next to the door so it was pretty cold.

She looked, her eyes got wide, and she blurted out, “Oh my god, there’s nothing there!”

I quickly closed the robe. The whole exposure had to have been no more than a few seconds. She realised what she’d said, started to blush, and quickly started apologising. She could have left quickly, instead she kept saying, “I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry I said that.”

I tried to laugh it off, however, she made it even worse by saying, “You must be a ‘grower’, not a ‘shower’. Please don’t be mad at me, I won’t tell anyone.”

As if SHE was the one who had reason to be afraid that everyone would know. She must have realised this and it made the situation even worse. She turned even redder as she continued stammering apologies.

I, of course, picked that moment to start getting hard. She’s a cute woman, after all, four inches taller than me and pretty. Totally out of my league. I covered my crotch area with my hands again, even though the robe was still in place covering me up. She mistook this to mean she was embarrassing me further, rather than realising I just didn’t want her to see my baby size erection. She apologised several times more, turned around, and quickly left.

Now I’m sitting here typing this while drinking more coffee. I wonder how many times the memory of this, and imaginary variations of this scenario, will play through my head for the rest of my life. The only thing certain will be that the variations in my imagination will all probably be worse than the reality, some much worse.

I bet after she calms down, some time goes by and she thinks about it, she’ll realize how funny (from her perspective) the whole thing was. I bet she’ll tell her friends, all the cute college girls I’ll probably never meet. If I do meet a few, I wonder if she’ll tell them that I’m the guy with ‘nothing there’. I wonder what it will be like next time I see her, as I’m sure I will.


This reader discovered that honesty is not always the best policy…

For me, the worst ever moment of SPH happened when I was 14, and a freshman in high school. I kicked it with the older kids, and blew off photo class with them often. I used to do this one hot senior girls homework as I had a crush on her. One day, as she and I were hanging out in the darkroom, and she asks, “How big is your penis?”

I panicked and told her the truth that my 14 year old penis was only 3″ long erect. She didn’t say anything, and I didn’t know I’d done anything wrong as size being an issue wasn’t something I was aware of yet. My friend punched me after saying that you never tell a girl you’re small. By the next week the whole school knew. The. Whole. Fucking. School. The rest of high school wasn’t a lot of fun.


This reader had his humour tested…

I was the kind of funny, chubby kid in high school. Think Jonah Hill in Superbad, but not nearly as funny. I attracted people I guess with my sense of humour. One day that actually got me somewhere, and at the time I didn’t know I was small. I got drunk with this girl when I was 15 at a party. Things got heated and we made out in a bedroom, then she tried to blow me. When she saw my dick she froze, and walked out as if I had done something wrong. When I got my clothes back on, I had a couple of mates waiting outside the door to laugh at me. They told me the girl was going around telling everyone at the party I had a pindick. I don’t really think about high school anymore, not a good time in my life. Especially after that night at the party. I suddenly stopped being the joker, and became the joke.


A reader tells us about the look…

I’ve avoided being naked with other men. Growing up, even as a teenager, it wasn’t about penis size for me. I never liked the idea of being naked with guys anyway, and this was before I knew my penis was actually below average. I thought my dick size is normal for a long time, but I’m a silver member of the Small Dick Club. However, when I started dating girls and started to get beyond second base, I began to get the idea that I wasn’t quite as normal as I supposed. The look of shock or surprise on their faces when they saw my dick is something that haunts me to this day. The giggles and snickers walking past them in hallways at school. Not to mention being called pencil dick not too long ago. Nothing is quite as stressful and scary as having to get naked in front a woman. I nearly have a panic attack when it comes time, because I know I’ll get that look again (only small dick guys will know what I mean by that), or maybe a nasty comment. How some guys find this a turn on is beyond me.


This reader was spared a rod, but definitely not spoiled…

I caught a whooping once in front of a few of my male cousins. I used to get spanked on the bare ass, but usually in private. We were at my Uncles house for a family party, and I mouthed off like a smart-ass teen does. Mind you this was 30 years ago. My old man took me behind a shed spanked me standing with my pants and underpants around my ankles. Three of my younger cousins came around and pretended like they didn’t want to interrupt on purpose. They all caught a good look at my dick. My pop had me by my wrist and was wailing away. He hardly even let up when my cousins appeared. He just gave me one good one, and told me to watch my mouth. I pulled up my pants as he walked away, but my cousins stayed. They really let me have it about my tiny dick. In my defence, they saw me flaccid at the time, but it was tiny (barely an inch). They teased me for years growing up, even going as far as to call me their “little cousin“.


One reader is disgusted by the cruelty of some women…

I went on one date – one fucking date – with a girl that was in my high school, and she finds out I’m basically a eunuch. There wasn’t a shred of sympathy or pity in her eyes, just disgust. She was so offended that I dared to exist that she told all of her friends about what a loser and a failure I was because of my micropenis. They all offhandedly mentioned it to their friends, and soon the entire county knew about it. Men can be bad, but how some women use this one physical defect to tear down whatever shred of self-esteem or happiness I have makes me want to drink a gallon of antifreeze.


This reader shares his cuckold lifestyle with us…

One evening evening my wife was just supposed to fuck a guy she had found on craigslist. She had seen him twice prior to this meeting. She was going to hang out and have some drinks and talk between sessions of fucking. She liked the guy because he was able to hold a conversation in between sessions of fucking.

Anyway, she’s there sucking his dick on the bed when one of his pals knocks on the door and just walks in. My wife is a total whore, so she simply looks back to see who it is and then continues sucking her bull off. Apparently, the two men slapped hands and the visitor just whipped his cock out without asking if he could join in. Next thing you know he’s inside her pussy pumping away like a madman.

The new guy was overweight and white, but my wife didn’t care. She just kept sucking her bull off. Five minutes go by and the fat white guy blows his load inside her. Apparently, he had told his wife he was going to buy some milk and was in a hurry. So he left without even saying thanks.

The next guy was much better. Her bull told her to just keep sucking his dick and don’t look back. He thought it was hotter if she never saw the guy, which I agree with. She went along with it because she’s a dirty whore. She told me soon as he put it in her she knew she was in for a treat. When she turned back and saw he was black she was not surprised. He fucked her on all fours and made her cum twice in 10 minutes before cumming inside her. He had to leave in a hurry as he was also sneaking out on his wife to bang mine.

Then her bull bent her over and fucked her hard until he filled her once more. Apparently in between the two visitors he filled her with another load.

He drove her home and on the way he put her head in his lap and got some head. Once they got to my house he fucked her again in the car. She said he took forever and her pussy hurt a little, but she didn’t want to make him stop. As if he deserved to finish. She would have made me stop.

Once she got inside I immediately starting eating her cum filled pussy. She let me inside her and was extremely loose and sloppy. I could barely feel anything myself. She told me how pathetic I was (silver member), and how she had just got fucked my some real men. Finally she said couldn’t even feel my dick which sent me over the edge. She made me pull out and cum on her stomach, telling me that her pussy was reserved for real men’s cum, not sissy boy dribbles.


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