Our Readers SPH Experiences 10

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader got outed at his workplace…

In the mid-1980’s, I worked in a small satellite Marketing office at AT&T. There were only twenty-five people in our office – fifteen women and ten men. Since we were such a small group, we had one unisex bathroom.

One afternoon, I returned to the office close to five PM, really having to pee. Unfortunately, the bathroom was occupied. So I waited for close to five-minutes, and by the time I got in there I was very close to wetting my pants. I actually ran into the toilet, and dropped my pants, but I forgot to lock the door. As I was sitting there, with my pants down around my ankles feeling the relief of emptying my bladder, the door suddenly opened. One of the secretaries walked in to also use the toilet.

Her head was turned, talking with someone outside the bathroom as she entered, and she didn’t see me until I shouted at her. By this time, the door had closed, and we were in the toilet together. She just stood there staring at my tiny dick, then she smiled and giggled. Without thinking, I stood, giving her even a better view. As I pulled my pants up, she said, “Damn, your dick is really tiny. All I can see is the tip of its head!”

Then she walked out. I took an extra long time washing my hands, hoping that most everyone would be gone when I came out. All but two people were. I left the office without even going back to my cubicle.

The next day I had a customer appointment first thing, so I didn’t get into the office until around noon. My cubicle is the last one at the back of the office; so I had to walk past everyone. As I walked by the women, they all smiled at me, quite a few laughed. Everyone of them held their hands up with their thumb and index finger barely separated. Even the guys smiled and pointed at me.

Our readers often have bad experiences at the pool. Here’s another…

OK, let me tell you the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. It happened last year when I was 19. I was going to the local swimming pool with my friend Brad. When we got near to it, we were walking behind a couple of hot girls, both looked to be around 18-20 years old. One was your typical beauty, tall, thin, tan, with dark hair. The other was a little shorter, and not fat, but a bit more filled out if you know what I mean, a little meat on her, but still sexy as hell. They were both already wearing their swim wear, bikinis that showed a lot of skin.

Well, after a couple of minutes of walking behind them, we started to catch up to them. When we were caught up to them, they said hello, and we started to chat. The shorter girl kept eyeing me, which of course I did not mind at all, getting attention from a hotty is about the best feeling in the world. I noticed she was sneaking glances at my crotch, and I think she was liking what she saw. Now, after watching these two cuties walk around in bikinis, I had gotten hard, so it probably looked like I had a pretty good package down there, since she would have assumed I was flaccid.

In truth, my erection is so small, that it was only pushing out my shorts to where it looked like a normal sized guy’s soft bulge. Anyway, we got to talking with the two, and they introduced themselves. The thin one was named Kimberly, the other was Tracy. as we got to the pool and got in line to get in, we stood talking to each other. Me and Tracy were hitting it off, pretty well actually. This was when the worst experience of my life occurred.

Brad, probably thinking I was wearing regular shorts and underwear underneath instead of my swim trunks, which I already had on, decided it would be funny to pants me. Since I was wearing my swim suit I had nothing underneath, ands when he pulled my shorts down, both girls got a good look at my rock hard penis. All not quite 3 inches of it. My face went so red I thought I would surely bust a blood vessel in my face or something. The two girls giggled as I struggled to pull my shorts back up.

Brad saw that I was now completely exposed and he saw the size of my dick and exclaimed, “Holy shit, Mike! I never would have thought you were that small! It’s like a baby.”

At which Kimberly and Tracy broke out in full laughter. “It sure is small” Kimberly said.

I looked over at Tracy and saw a look that could only be described as a combination of disappointment, pity, and disdain. I started to mumble some kind of apology. But Tracy broke me off saying, “Why is it that every cute guy I meet is either gay or has a tiny dick?”

This brought more laughter from Kimberly. Then the two girls turned away and headed into the women’s locker room, Kimberly turning her head and saying, “Bye-bye, small stuff” and giggling.

Me and Brad went into the men’s lockers, and he told me he was sorry about embarrassing me like that but he had no idea I would be so little. “I figured you would have a regular dick like everyone else, and the girls would enjoy the show,” he said with a shrug.

Some help that did for me. I was mortified by the experience, which was the first time any girl had seen my penis. Later, when we had gone into the pool I saw Kimberly and Tracy talking to a bunch of other girls, and they pointed me out to them, upon which all of them started to giggle, leaving me no doubt what the two hotties were telling them. Talk about an embarrassing day.


One reader claims his small dick made him a sissy…

At the nudist beach I was to shy to move around, so I just lay down. When looking around I noticed how several older, fat hairy men gazed at me. At least one of them with erection. My first reaction was to be embarrassed and wanting to cover myself, but I also became horny. I pretended not to see their interest and innocently I posed and showed ALL of me. Went home and shaved off all my body hair to be really nude, and show them how sensual my body is. I started going with men satisfying them at secluded places. I’m going more feminine everyday, and with every cock I suck.


One reader found his girlfriend’s infidelity turned him on so much it changed their relationship…

When I found out that my girlfriend of three years had sex with her ex- husband, my life went in a strange direction. I found out because I read an email she had written to him, that said, “By the way, yesterday was fun, even if parts of me are still sore.”

At first she denied they had sex, then she finally admitted it. A long time ago she had inadvertently let me know that his cock was a good deal bigger than mine, but she denied to me that this was true. Telling me I’m man enough for her. Since then, I began thinking, she slept with this guy for ten years, and now he still makes her sore? It must be that I am so much smaller, she wasn’t used to the girth anymore, but then , after 2-3 years without his cock, it was so much bigger than mine, it stretched her out again, making her sore.

This started driving me crazy. I’m thinking not only is his cock so much better, but when she did cheat on me, she had to let him know she was sore, and he must have figured out that he is a lot bigger than me. I feel completely humiliated. Now, all three of us know he is bigger than me. Here is the odd part. ever since learning all this, I have only wanted to be submissive to her in the bedroom. In the past I have been mostly dominant, sometimes submissive for fun. But now, all I want to do is for her to take charge, tell me what to do, and even humiliate me.

Last weekend, we spent hours with her teasing me, making me beg, using her hand, etc. She got me all hard, with wet spots in my shorts, took my shorts off, then decided it was time to go on a hike. Just telling this is making me stiff again. Later, she teased me again, made me beg, made me make her cum with my
thighs, made me lick her, she got on top and came. Then she finally let me cum. I never let her do all that before. And I am hoping she will do it again tonight.

Has the knowledge that she has had superior cocks to mine, made me a wimpy submissive partner? I think so.

Now I have learned that she basically cannot say no to him. She avoids him whenever possible, but over the last two years, he has cornered her several times, and just by the way he talks, she feels forced to suck his cock. She says she hates him for it, but she cannot say no when he takes his cock out. On the one hand, this is awful, humiliating, and makes me feel sick, but I can think of anything else when I masturbate now. I’m thinking of asking her to invite him over for dinner one night and see what happens. I want to be cuckolded, I admit it.


One reader has been comparing his cock with a black co-worker…

A few months ago, a new guy came to work in my office. Over the past couple months, he and I have hung out a lot, getting lunch and shooting the shit about the usual thing guys talk about: women. One day, we started talking about dick size, and I mentioned to him that he probably has a dramatic advantage in that department. Him being African-American, and knowing I have a small dick even for a white guy, this was a safe assumption.

He said “Nah, I’m just average. I know there is that stereotype out there, but I don’t think it applies to me.”

I told him I was about four and a half inches hard (on a good day), and he said “Damn, I’m about that big when I’m soft.”

I also told him I my dick is thin, and he said that he wished he had more girth, too. Well, as time went on, we exchanged emails and started emailing each other porn after work. Again, typical guy stuff. During this time, I also emailed him a link to a picture of my cock on the “Rate My Schlong” website. I told him the link was ‘good for a good laugh’. The next day, he emails me back and said that I was right, he did have me beat in size, but he didn’t know for sure by how much. I had mentioned the toilet paper roll test before – if a guy can fit his entire erection inside a toilet paper roll, he was smaller than average in length and girth.

He mentioned that he told his wife about the test, and that she was going to make him do it later. Here’s the email he sent to me later that night: “Not to make you feel bad, I couldn’t even fit mine in the roll. The head went in and that was about it, and the length was almost twice as long. I don’t think that test is accurate, because I always thought of myself as average in size.”

I sent him some more pics of my dick and then asked him if he thought I was small and how I compared to him. Here’s his response: “Okay, my honest opinion. I have never rated or judged another guy’s dick in my life. But all guy’s catch a glimpse during shower time in gym’s or in basic. I can only compare it to mine and I have you beat by girth and length. I’m about twice your size at least, so I guess the myth is true, ha, ha. But, like I told you before, some woman say size don’t matter.”

He was even trying to be nice about it, but clearly he had me beat by some distance and was enjoying it a little. I was as hard as a rock the entire time, barely able to contain the cum building up in my tiny cock. We haven’t been back to work since the email discussion, and I won’t see him again until Tuesday. It should be interesting at work, he and I both knowing he has twice the cock I do.


One reader reports he once got into a weird CFNM thing with his aunt in-law…

About 10 years ago the aunt of my ex-wife used to pay me to come over once a week to clean her pool. She reminded me of how she once caught me skinny dipping and how funny it was to see such a big man with such a tiny penis. She suggested that when I clean the pool, not to wear a swim suit. So I would have a few beers and left the swim suit off much to her amusement. She started having friends stop by and they would tease me about my lack of size. I am already a small guy but the beer and the cold water just added to the shrinkage. I was probably just under an inch and a half.

One of the other ladies asked if I had any friends that would come over for a swim and we could set up a little pool party. So we set a date for the following week and I brought two of my friends. There were about 12 women between the ages of 40 and 60 and there were the three of us. They actually set rules for us. We were not allowed to touch the women, they could touch us any where, we were not allowed to cover ourselves at any time and we had to stay in full view of all of the women. It felt great being so submissive. They lined us up at one point and had a naming ceremony for our dicks.

We had to stand there while the women came up with names for us. I was now known as WEENIS. They said I had a baby’s wee-wee where my penis should be. My other two friends were Kongus (he had a big dick) and Flower (they said his dick was all flower and no stem). After that the women wanted to see us wrestle each other. They liked the man to man contact. The wrestling was followed by a jerk off competition. The women would get us hard but then we had to finish ourselves off.

There was a lot of alcohol involved which made it easier to face my friend afterwards. But my aunt soon replaced me, from doing her pool with a younger and better endowed guy. And because we still live in the same town I often run into her with her friends, and they always call me WEENIS.


One reader told us he got humiliated in front of his son…

My worst experience was my wife telling my 14-year-old son that I had a tiny dick. I’m glad she didn’t make me show him. I knew he was much bigger than me. I don’t think he is overly huge, but he was bigger than me by the time he was eight. She was doing the ironing at the time, and held up a pair of briefs, and said “Whose are these?” Then before I could answer she said, “Yes, of course, they’re yours dear. You only need little undies for your little two-inch willy!” My son laughed, but I’m not sure he believed her. I also can’t understand why she keeps wanting us to go skinny dipping with friends when she knows how embarrassed I am. No I understand it really, she is a total bitch.


This reader met an old crush from his High School days and got more than he bargained for…

In my mid-twenties, I ran into an a girl I had a big crush on in High School, but never did anything about. We talked for a while catching up and reminiscing about the our High School days, exchanging phone numbers I promised to call. A couple of weeks go by and I decide to suck it up and finally call her for a date. We set up a meeting a the local bar for dinner and drinks, things went really well we talk about old times for hours, she finally said he had to get going because she had to work in the morning. We had six or seven dates and seemed to be getting along just fine, a little smooching but nothing serious, then on our 8th date it happened. We go out to dinner and a movie then go back to her place and start getting heavy.

I’m working her good, kisses to the neck, rubbing her beautiful breasts and she starts massaging my crotch. She stands up and says, “Come with me,” and leads me to the bedroom where she seats me on the bed and starts to do a striptease for me.

This girl was really working it, rubbing herself up and down as she undresses, and posing in very sexy ways. I got really hard, as hard as a rock. She gets completely naked and shimmies up to me. “Now it’s your turn, strip for me,” she purrs.

I’m feeling a little nervous cause I know sooner than later she’s gonna see my little wiener, but I do the best I can. I finally get down to my boxer briefs and she says, “Let’s see it!”

As I pulled my underwear down, I try not to look up till it’s done. There I am, hard as a rock, standing in front of this girl with my 4 inch dick at full attention. The problem is it’s not only small but thin as well. “Holy cow, is that it? Come over here, and let’s get a better look,” she says.

I walk over in front of her, and as she grabs my dick, she says, “It’s a cute little thing.”

She grabs it between her thumb and forefinger. She starts to work it up and down the shaft as she licks the head, she’s having no problem getting the whole thing down. She works it for a couple of minutes then has me lay down.

“With a dick like this, you gotta be good at licking pussy, so get at it,” she orders me.

Of course, she’s right, so I dive right in. I doing my best up-down, left-right, suck-lick, nibble-bite. She’s getting into it to and I’m thinking she doesn’t care if I’m tiny, she likes me for me. Then the big O, she’s shaking like a leaf on a tree.

“Wow, you are good,” she moans afterward, recovering from her orgasm.

I’m thinking good now she’s gonna let me fuck her.

“How do you feel about getting a little kinky?” she asks me.

“Fine with me,” I say, I’ll try anything to please her.

She walks over to her dresser and pulls out some rope. “Lie on your belly.”

Ok, a little weird, I kinda expected to be on my back, but I’ll give it a try. She ties me up, then leaves the room for a minute. “Hey, where you going?” I say.

“Be right back, I gotta a little surprise for you,” she says with a smile.

She comes back 5 minutes later with this big black strap-on dildo. It had to be 12 inches long and thick as a baby’s arm. “Wait a minute, what are you gonna do with that?” I ask anxiously.

“What do you think, I gonna teach you what a big fat cock feels like up your ass,” she tells me.

“But why?”

“Cause with that little boy cock you got you’ll never be able to please me, so I thought I’d get off fucking that sweet little ass of yours,” she replies triumphantly.

That’s when she grabs me by the head and straps on this ball gag. Great, here I am tied to a bed, with a ball gag in my mouth about to be butt fucked by a girl, I think. She lubes up the dildo and my ass then slowly parts my ass-cheeks as she slides that fake dick in my ass. She gets most of it in, and starts pumping away. She is fucking me good, and saying things like, “Who’s the bitch now?” and, “You like this little boy?”

After about 15 minutes of ass raping me, she pulls out, swings around, unstraps the gag, and shoves that black cock in my mouth.

“Suck it!” she shouts at me.

So I did it, and I gotta tell you I enjoyed the whole experience. The best part is we’re still together.


One reader feels intimidated by his partners bigger dick…

My cock is around 4.5″ when erect. My partner has an 8″ erect cock that is very nice. I love sucking him off, or having me fuck me hard up the ass with it. He really likes anal sex, and encourages me to try it. But I feel uncomfortable when I do it, because he’s told me my dick, while nice, isn’t big enough to really satisfy him that way. I knew he was jacking-off regularly to pictures of guys with huge dicks, and flirting with guys on the internet. That worried me too because maybe that’s what he wanted? Maybe he might dump me for a guy who has a huge dick? Maybe my small dick is something he secretly despises?

He eventually sensed my anxiety and we talked. He assured me that he loved me, and he wasn’t dumping me for anyone. He told me he loved my dick, loves playing with it, looking at it, sucking it, and swallowing all my cum. He loves fucking me, and is very happy. I asked him why is he looking at those pictures and videos on the internet then? He told me because it turned him on, but that was all it meant to him. So I started watching him do that, and it turned me on big time watching him jerk-off.

It’s especially nice when he compares my dick to the guys on the monitor. Sometimes, I’ll ask him if that guy were with us, and I wanted to fuck him, would he let me? He always replies, “No way, you’re mine, baby, and only I fuck you!”

I think that’s hot, and I’m finally coming to terms with my cock size. It’s not that bad, just not big.


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