Tiny Thomas and the Party

By Psndeviant.

Thomas stood there naked as the day he was born with eight female eyes all on him. Two sets of them were smiling humorously at the…little display. The other two sets were wide open in pure, unadulterated shock. He looked at the four women, evaluating their looks. There was Elia, the short, fiery Latina with shoulder-length, curly black hair. She had dark brown eyes, a large nose, a bit of a belly, a large ass, and perky medium-cup tits. She wore a short, poofy purple cocktail dress and white tennis shoes. Her expression was beyond humorous as she held back her laughter.

Next to her was a short, nerdy black girl. He recognized her, Sharon was her name, and she used to be his biology lab partner. She had tight, curly black hair tied back into a bun. Her eyes were a similar dark brown. She was lithe, tiny even, almost as tiny as Thomas. Her small butt and breasts matched her thin form. She wore a tight black shirt and matching black leggings. She wore some Birkenstock sandals. She wore square red glasses on her face and was completely shocked, trying to process the embarrassing sight before her.

The third woman there was yet another girl he knew from high school. A tall, nerdy blonde girl named Tracy. She was thin with small tits and ass but ridiculously long legs which were bare. She wore tight black shorts and a tight red T-shirt. Her blue eyes bulged as she stared at the naked man with a tiny hard-on standing before her.

Last was Jess, the woman who recently rescued Thomas from the cruel clutches of his Stepmother, Veronica. Since the day Veronica humiliated Thomas at the pool, Jess had been letting him live with her as long as he followed her list of rules. The chief among which was that Thomas remained nude at all times. Which happened to be why he was now standing nude in front of these girls at their little party. She was a couple of inches shorter than the average height, Thomas.

She had loose brown curly hair, which framed her face. Her face was an adorable girl-next-door look, with cherubic cheeks rising to a smile. Her days at the pool had left her nose flecked with freckles. Her lips were parted to a humorous and somewhat lustful smile. He took notice of her body and outfit like he was seeing her for the first time that day. She wore a green summer dress, which clung to her figure nicely. She was thin and soft everywhere; her tits were a perky b-cup, and her butt was barely bubbly. Her feet were bare, and her toenails painted a matching green to her dress.

Looking at her, Thomas realized how much she was starting to mean to him. He would do anything for her, including standing naked in front of three other girls he knew in high school. Girls who surely had no idea, except for Elia, how tiny his little penis was. Finally, after the awkward silence, Jess spoke up while Elia continued smirking, and the other two stood in shock.

“Thomas, what do you say?” she said as her grin grew.

Thomas gulped and finally spoke with a squeaky voice. “I have a tiny penis, and I’m not ashamed!”

With that, the girls broke out laughing raucously. Elia had tears streaming down her face. Jess was laughing so hard she tossed her head back. Tracy giggled to the point her face turned red. Sharon was doubled over with laughter. After a minute, Sharon stood up, gasping for air, and she spoke between gasps.

“Wow, Jess, you weren’t kidding about the surprise being…little,” she said, looking at Thomas, and the girls renewed their laughter with gusto.

“Thomas! What the hell! Like, why are you naked? And why is your dick soooo small?” Tracy said between laughs.

“Jess had been keeping Thomas here naked all week!” Elia said loudly, with tears still streaming down her face from laughter.

“What?” Both Sharon and Tracy said in unified surprise.

“How did that happen?” Tracy asked as she got her laughter barely under control, her face beet red with a smirk from suppressed laughter.

“Actually, Thomas doesn’t even have any clothes!” Jess announced. “Even if I let him get dressed, he would have nothing he could wear!” They all laughed once more as Thomas stood there nervously, his dicklette twitching from the humiliation.

“Let him get dressed? You mean you won’t let him?” Sharon asked incredulously.

“Get this! Jess has house rules that little Thomas over there needs to follow. The first one is he has to be naked all the time!” Elia said, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Oh my god! That is hilarious! Didn’t you two have a crush on him in high school?” Sharon asked.

“Yeah, we did,” Elia said with a little giggle.

“Now Jess keeps him here naked? What a world!” Sharon said with a laugh.

“Were you two disappointed when you saw how little… he had to offer?” Tracy asked.

“I mean, I was kinda over him when I found out, so not much to disappoint, and besides, he’s still cute. A small, itty-bitty, tiny dick makes him cuter, you know, like a puppy!” Elia said with a Cheshire grin.

“I wasn’t…” Jess said under her breath, and it seemed that no one but Thomas noticed. He wished he knew what she meant by that.

“Well, c’mon, Thomas, join the party!” Elia said, waving her hand over. Nervously he approached the girls as they smiled or smirked at his little dick as it bounced.

“Thomas, why don’t you be a good boy and get us all drinks!” Jess suggested. “You know where they are in the fridge, right?”

“Y-yeah.” He said as he walked by. He felt a pinch on his ass as he passed the girls. He turned and saw it was Elia. The other three tried to hold in laughter from her actions.

“He has a nice ass, doesn’t he?” Elia whispered to the other three.

“Well, it certainly is big!” Sharon whispered back.

“It’s certainly decent!” Tracy added.

“Yeah…” Jess said as she stayed staring at it. Thomas felt his dick twitch as they talked about him. He knew he wasn’t calming down anytime soon. He opened the fridge, and the cold air rushed over his body. Unfortunately, it caused the blood to rush out of his dick. He got four drinks for the girls and brought them over.

“Oh my god! Is that what it normally looks like!” Sharon screamed as she saw Thomas now soft.

“Hehehe, yep!” Elia said happily. “That’s how tiny it was when I saw it the other day! Right, Jess?”

“Yep, it’s usually that size. It’s only the size it was when he’s…excited.” She said as she looked into Thomas’s eyes with a smirk. Her expression caused the blood to start flowing again.

“Jeez, Jess, he must like you. He got hard just from you just looking at him,” Tracy said as she turned to Jess, pushing her arm.

Thomas was embarrassed by how little Jess had to do to arouse him.

“I guess he does!” Jess admitted with a twinkle in her eyes.

Thomas set down the drinks one at a time. Elia took the opportunity to caress Thomas’s ass again. He fought the urge to jump as she did. Sharon and Tracy each smiled at Thomas as he set down their drinks. Jess, too, smiled but more affectionately.

The girls started imbibing their drinks, and it was clear to Thomas that they were becoming rowdier with each sip. He honestly didn’t know what to do with himself as they each would look at him in turn, usually to laugh at his small dick. After ten minutes of drinking and catching up, all while shooting Thomas humorous stares, Sharon addressed Thomas again.

“So Thomas, have you and Jess ever…you know? I mean, she keeps you naked around her all the time. I know you don’t have much to work with, but…”

Jess answered for him. “No! Of course not!” Thomas’s heart sank at her protest. “Well, in truth, he never made a move on me. I guess he’s just a gentleman,” she said as she smiled at Thomas.

“A gentleman! Is that what you call a guy who flashes his tiny dick at a group of girls!” Tracy said with a laugh.

“Oh, come on! That was a prank…and besides, it was my idea anyway!” Jess said, shooting Tracy a wink.

“Does he do everything you tell him to?” Tracy asked.

“So far, yep! I think he’s nervous I’ll kick him out if he ever disappoints me…” she said as she shot Thomas a devious smile.

He gulped as he sensed the atmosphere changing.

“Ooh! I like that it’s like having a live-in naked servant with…very little equipment.” She laughed, and the girls joined her.

“We should make him do something for us!” Elia said excitedly.

“What did you have in mind?” Jess asked.

Thomas started getting very nervous as the girls seemed more devious.

“Well…what if he put on a…little show,” she said, grinning at Jess.

“Hehehe Okay! Oh, Thomas!” Jess said, her eyes sparkling.

“Let’s make it interesting though!” Sharon added on.

“Oh yeah? How?” Jess asked inquisitively.

“Well, how about the longer he lasts, the better the reward he gets,” she said excitedly.

“I love that idea! What rewards, though?” Jess asked.

Tracy interjected then. “Well, since Thomas hasn’t slept with you, maybe that could be one of the rewards?” she questioned mischievously.

Jess thought about it for a minute. “Yeah, that sounds good.” She turned to Thomas, who was standing there nervously as they conversed about his impending performance. He felt a cold sweat break out on his brow. “Thomas, new rule! You’re going to jerk that teeny-weenie for all its worth, and no pacing yourself! I mean, go at it! If you hold back, that will be cheating! If you hold out for one minute, I’ll take off my dress, and you can see what I have on underneath…” she said, winking at him.

He felt his dicklette hop at the prospect.

“If you last two minutes, I’ll take off my bra! If you last three minutes, just three minutes, I’ll let you see me naked…” she paused, letting that sink in. “If you last four minutes, then I’ll let you touch me anywhere…with your hands, of course…and if you last five short minutes…you can fuck me,” she said excitedly, her eyes sparkling as she did.

Thomas was so excited at the prospect of fucking Jess he could barely contain himself. He would do anything to get with her…anything. Even humiliated himself in front of four girls.

“Well, Thomas? Do you agree to play our little game?”

“Y-yes,” he squeaked.

The girls squealed in delight as they all moved to one side of the table and faced Thomas. Jess got out her phone and got a timer app ready. They sat expectantly as they waited for him to start. He felt a deep blush rise over his cheeks and realized he couldn’t delay any longer. He wrapped a few fingers around his lil nubbin and began moving them ferociously. The girls immediately started giggling while Jess started the timer.

Their giggles embarrassed Thomas, but they also aroused him. He stroked faster and faster, and then he felt it. Despair washed over him as his balls tightened in ecstasy. It couldn’t be over already, could it? But the situation was too much for him, and he was cumming. And cum mightily he did. It was the best orgasm of his life despite how disappointingly fast it occurred. He spilled all his seed, shooting it to the table.

“Aaaand time!” Jess said as she stopped the timer. “Oh, Thomas, it looks like you lasted…forty seconds,” she said as the girls broke out in raucous laughter as his pathetic penis deflated to its most diminutive of sizes.

Thomas’s heart sank as he realized he wasn’t even going to see Jess in her underwear.

“Cheer up, Thomas! You gave us quite a show!” Elia teased in between laughs. “You know Jess, since he didn’t even make it a minute, he should have to pay a penalty.”

“Hmmm, you’re right! What should we do to Tiny?” Jess asked as she smiled deviously at Thomas, smirking at his now even more shrunken dick. He gulped.

“I know we should take turns spanking him!” Elia said excitedly, smiling wildly with sparkling eyes.

“Perfect!” Jess exclaimed. “Alright, Thomas, get on all fours. It’s time for your penalty,” she said as Cheshire grinned. Thomas hung his head and did as he was told.

“Man, he will do whatever you tell him,” Tracy snickered.

“Yeah, he most definitely will!” Jess said cheerily. “Soooo, whose first? Sharon?”

Sharon giggled, her eyes dancing behind her square glasses. “I guess I can start it out,” she said shyly.

She walked up behind Thomas, and he felt goosebumps form across his body in anticipation. She caressed her hand on his butt for a moment. Her small, lithe hands felt so soft. His eyes fluttered as the soft contact sent chills up his spine. She giggled once again, then removed her hand. Thomas braced himself, and she brought her hand down, her thin arms only barely generating force. Even so, it stung slightly and made a light slapping sound. She went to his other cheek and did the same thing.

“Your butt is so soft, Thomas,” she said, giggling again.

“Isn’t it?” Jess confirmed, and the girls all giggled.

Sharon slapped his butt on each side three more times. Each time, it only stung slightly.

Sharon announced she was done and moved away from Thomas, “Whose next? Tracy?”

Tracy excitedly got in place. Unlike Sharon’s hands, Tracy’s were much larger due to her height. Even so, they were thin and feminine. He felt her trace her hand along his butt, dancing them briefly over his crack. Then she thwacked him on each cheek quickly. Her hands were still soft like Sharon’s, but their size added to the sting. She took four more slaps on each cheek, giggling as she did.

“Does that hurt Thomas?” she asked. He nodded in confirmation. “Well, good! It’s supposed to,” she said excitedly, slapping each cheek twice more. “Okay! I’m good!”

“Finally! My turn,” Elia shouted happily.

Thomas got nervous by her excitement, fearing she would have the hardest slaps yet. She shuffled over to Thomas while he remained on all fours.

“Thomas, I’ve wanted to slap your ass since I saw it. It’s just so round it’s like the perfect butt…for slapping, that is,” she said maniacally. “Do you want me to smack this bubble-butt? Thomas, would you enjoy that?” He just gulped and remained silent. “Pleading the fifth, tiny? Okay then, well, I’m gonna get started!”

Thomas braced himself to the best of his ability. He waited for what felt like forever. He began to wonder if she would ever start. The anticipation was killing him. Then, all at once, she slapped with a huge smack. The force made Thomas move forward, having to reposition his hand to avoid falling over. He looked back at her with fearful eyes, and she just sported a maniacal grin. She slapped his other cheek harder. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

“Does it hurt Thomas? Does your big butt sting when I hit it,” she seemed to be enjoying the spanking she was dealing with Thomas.

She struck him ten more times, five on each cheek. Thomas did what he could to steady himself from the onslaught.

“That’s enough, Elia!” Jess announced. Thomas looked back to Jess to see her smirking. Elia looked at Jess with a longing look, like she needed to continue. “Sorry, girl, it’s my turn now,” Jess said as her smirk turned devious.

Elia pouted briefly but relented and moved out of the way for Jess. Thomas found that compared to the other girls, he felt butterflies as Jess got in position to smack his bottom.

“Are you ready, Thomas?” Jess asked with a teasing tone. He nodded affirmatively. “Good,” she caressed his ass affectionately.

Feeling it, giving it some squeezes, and pinching it lightly. Thomas started breathing heavier as he felt his pulse quicken. She removed her hands and brought one strike down on the left cheek. It was playful but firm. Compared to Elia, it didn’t sting at all. The next swat came down on the right cheek and was noticeably firmer. Jess paused, causing Thomas’s butterflies to fly wildly in anticipation. She then swatted harder on the left and even harder on the right. Her strikes were almost as rough as Elia’s. Then, all at once, they struck both cheeks three times each. This time, they were harder than Elia’s. Thomas bit his lip, suppressing a yelp.

“Does that hurt Thomas?” Jess asked with the same teasing tone. “Or do you like it? It’s okay if you do…I know I do…Now count the next strikes out loud,” she ordered.

She struck the left hard. “One,” he said, trying not to let the strike sound painful, now the right cheek. “Two,” his voice faltered a bit. Back to the left. “Three!” This time, his voice squeaked, and the girls giggled. “Four!” His eyes stung with tears. “Five!” he said, almost yelling. “Six!” He thought he might sob as his butt burned. “Seven!”

“Alright, Thomas, last one! Are you ready?” she asked. He nodded. “Good, don’t forget the count!”

She waited momentarily, and the pause tortured Thomas almost as much as the strikes. Then she walked with all her might, and Thomas nearly fell forward shouting, “Eight!”

“Very good, Thomas,” she said as she approached his front.

He was looking down at her painted green toenails as she did. He looked up at her as she towered over him with a devious smile.

“Before you get up, Thomas, I need you to kiss my feet to apologize for cumming so fast…”

As she said this, she wiggled her adorable toes. Thomas found that the suggestion stirred his tiny friend, something he had never considered. He looked back down at her feet and puckered his lips.

“Good, now kiss each one,” she said, and he did as he was told, kissing each one tenderly. By the third toe, he was hard as a pebble. It took another minute before he was done. Jess told him to get up then.

“Oh my god, his tiny dick is hard again!” Sharon pointed out.

“I thought guys needed, like, a refractory period?” Tracy questioned.

“Not all of them. Little guys don’t need much time to get hard again because they require so little blood,” Jess said, suppressing a laugh as she stared at Thomas’s tiny erect penis.

“Well, it looks like he likes to kiss your feet, Jess!” Elia teased. “Do you think he could kiss mine?” she said as she turned to Jess, raising an eyebrow. Jess shot her a devious grin.

“You heard her, Thomas. Get down on the ground again and show Elia’s feet some love,” she said as she turned to Thomas.

Elia slid off her sandals, and her toes came into view. She had them painted a purple color with glitter. Thomas looked to Jess, and she gestured for him to get down and get to work. He got on his knees, then all fours, and began to kiss each of Ellie’s toes. After the second one, a sharp slap came down on Thomas’s ass. He looked and saw it was Jess.

“Kiss like you mean it,” she said, grinning.

He did as he was told and kissed with all the passion he could muster. Thomas had no idea how much this would turn him on, but it did. After a minute, he finally finished. He was about to get up when Sharon took off her shoes and asked Thomas to do her next. Her toes were without paint but still lovely, and he kissed each one. Tracy followed suit, and Thomas repeated the action. After he finally kissed all forty toes, he rose again.

Tracy giggled. “I’m still not used to seeing such a small hard-on,” she teased, embarrassing Thomas, yet his little dick remained hard.

“I know I’ve never seen one that size!” Sharon guffawed.

Thomas started to get embarrassed again. Jess, seemingly sensing this, approached him and took his hand. He looked into her eyes.

“Thomas, what do we say?” she asked.

“I-I have a tiny penis, and I’m not ashamed,” he said unconfidently.

“Again! Like you mean it,” she said, smiling widely.

“I have a tiny penis, and I’m not ashamed,” he said a little louder.

“Shout it to the heavens, loudly and proudly,” she said as she made a sweeping gesture ushering Thomas to declare his new ‘catch-phrase.’

“I have a tiny penis, and I’m not ashamed!” he shouted with strength.

Jess smiled warmly at him while Elia, Sharon, and Tracy smirked.

“You go, Thomas! Tiny dicks matter too!” Sharon said.

“Never be ashamed that your small Thomas! I mean, you’re sure as hell entertaining all of us with that thing!” Tracy added.

“Hehehe, I love it when you say that, Thomas! It’s just so freakin’ cute!” Elia said as she shot him a wink.

“Thomas, why don’t you get us all more drinks,” Jess suggested.

Thomas nodded and went back to the kitchen and returned with drinks. All the girls smiled at him as he did so.

“Hey Jess, have you ever touched his…you know, thing?” Sharon asked as she stared at Thomas’s dick. Jess got shy and blushed.

“I did once,” she said, still blushing.

“Oooooh, lucky Thomas!” Elia said.

“Do you think I can touch it? I just have never felt one so small,” she asked inquisitively.

Thomas gulped in anticipation.

“Haha, of course you can touch it!” Jess said excitedly. “I can’t tonight. After all, that was the deal, wasn’t it, Thomas? But you ladies never made a deal like that,” she said with her cherubic smile.

“Well, come over, Thomas!” Sharon beckoned.

Thomas came over to her, nervous to have her touch his little dick. She wrapped her small hand around it. Even though she was so small, his dick only filled half of it. She had a mischievous grin plastered across her face. “Hehehe! It is tiny, but sooo hard. I guess it doesn’t take much pressure to fill this lil’ guy up,” she said teasingly. Thomas felt chills up his entire body as she rubbed him. Just as his eyes rolled back from pleasure, she released him.

“Well, tiny, that was fun,” she said.

He stood there disappointed her contact was so brief.

“My turn!” Tracy said.

She got up and walked over to Thomas, standing just above him. Thomas feared her stature would make him look even smaller in her hand. He wasn’t wrong, as only two of her fingers could wrap around him before she ran out of dick to grab. He felt tremendous embarrassment at how diminutive he was compared to her.

“Wow! Hard and tiny simultaneously. I didn’t know that was even possible. It’s really funny, actually,” she said, stifling a laugh. ” I don’t even think this little guy could get inside me if I let you try! I might laugh myself to death watching you struggle to reach my lady parts,” she said and laughed.

“That’s mean,” Sharon said, though her eyes seemed to disagree with her words.

“Alright, you’ve had enough fun with it! Now I get to feel that little thing!” Elia announced.

She stood up and walked over. Tracy released the little handle, and it bounced a bit. Unlike the other two, Elia knelt before Thomas inspected his junk. He couldn’t help but imagine her using her mouth on him in that position. She grabbed it and jerked it a little bit. She could get three fingers around him.

“So small! It is cute! I could pet it all night,” she said teasingly. “I wondered what this little thing felt like when I saw it. I’m glad it gets so hard. I don’t know, maybe it could have its uses…” she said suggestively. Thomas’s eyes bulged at what she was saying. “Except I bet if I tried to use it, you’d blow your load in two seconds,” she said, laughing maniacally, and the others laughed as well.

“He may be a quick trigger now, but after some training, he might be able to last,” Jess said with a smirk.

“Oooo! If he does, you should let me know! I’ve never been with a little guy, and I’m a…little curious!” Elia said with a familiar, devious grin. “How does that sound, Thomas? Would you get with me if I let you?” she fluttered her eyes while she continued stroking.

Thomas started panting and said breathily. “Yes, I would like that!” As he looked down at Elia.

“Well, too bad! Not tonight,” she said, releasing him all at once.

Thomas was instantly disappointed, though not surprised.

“You guys are terrible teasing tiny Thomas like that!” Jess said with a smirk.

“I guess you’re right, Jess,” Elia started. “He definitely can’t use his dick to please us physically, but he has other body parts…Do you know how good he is with his tongue?” Elia said mischievously as she looked at Jess, raising an eyebrow.

Jess giggled. “No, we’ve never done that! Not that I haven’t thought about it…”

Thomas felt his heart leap when he heard her say that. The idea that Jess thought about him using his tongue on her excited him profoundly.

“We should test him out!” Elia said excitedly. “I mean, he could use the practice, ya know?” she said, trying to act nonchalant after appearing so enthusiastic.

Jess giggled again. “Sure, Elia. Practice,” she said, rolling her eyes with a knowing smirk. “Well, Sharon, Tracy? Do you want to feel how skilled Thomas is with his tongue?” she said, addressing the other young women.

They looked at each other, Sharon smiling in a cute, excited way and Tracy smirking and shrugging her shoulders. “Why not?” Tracy said. “I mean, when is a little tonguing ever bad!”

“Well, Thomas! New rule: You’ll be the good ‘lil’ host and service all of us. Now lay down on your back and get the tongue ready for us!” Jess said excitedly.

Thomas could feel himself throb from the idea of pleasuring these lovely ladies.

“He likes the idea!” Sharon said. “His little thingy is dancing,” she said, bouncing in her seat.

He laid on his back, and Jess approached him, standing over him. She looked so sexy from this angle.

“Now, Thomas, it wouldn’t be right for you to see all of us since you didn’t last very long in my challenge. So, I’m going to drape a cloth over your face. You’ll have to service each of us till we cum. Don’t worry, we’ll tell which of us is which, but you’re still not going to get to see any of us without our clothes tonight,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Thomas was disappointed he wouldn’t see any of them but was still thrilled to get an opportunity to pleasure them. Jess laid a cloth over Thomas’s face so he couldn’t see. His excitement was plastered all over his little dick.

“Alright, Thomas, Sharon is up first! Get that tongue ready!” Jess said excitedly.

Thomas heard footsteps as she approached him. He heard the rustling of fabric and then her feet straddling his head. Sharon squatted down as her smell started filling Thomas’s nostrils. Just like her figure, her scent was slight. She had a flowery undertone. It was a smell Thomas had never experienced before, and its source continued to excite Thomas. He couldn’t believe he would use his tongue on a woman.

Thomas stuck out his tongue in anticipation, and then he felt flesh contact his tongue. He probed enthusiastically as he explored her most sensitive region. He felt the folds and crevices curiously, inserting his tongue in places it had never been. Thomas wondered if he was doing a good job as he was unsure of himself. As if sensing his uncertainty with his performance, Sharon let out a little gasp of pleasure as Thomas found a curious little bump at the top of her opening.

Her minor feedback signaled to Thomas that it was the right spot. It was the first moment he knew he was pleasuring a woman, and it turned him on that he could provide such a service. He enthusiastically went after the little bump with his tongue. Sharon started moving her hips as his pace increased. A strange taste matching the scent he smelled earlier started flooding his tongue. The more the scent filled his nostrils, the more her hips moved. She started some light moans behind a closed mouth.

“Looks like Thomas is doing a good job. Look at how into it Sharon is!” Elia said with good humor.

The others giggled knowingly. Thomas did his best to keep pace but was finding it more and more difficult as her hips moved more and more. He also found her driving herself more on his face and squeezing his head with her thighs. He was lucky she was so light, as it might’ve made him struggle to breathe were she heavier. As he continued, so too did her flowing juices. He had never tasted anything like it, and it was interesting.

Sharon started moaning louder and louder as her juices flowed more and more freely until it happened. She uttered a loud, almost scream in pleasure as she came over Thomas’s face. She rolled off Thomas and gasped next to him, catching her breath.

“Wow!” Elia said.

“Good job, Thomas!” Jess added.

“That was fantastic!” Sharon said breathily.

“Move over! It’s my turn!” Tracy said happily.

Thomas waited in anticipation for the next girl to ride his face. He heard the rustling of cloth, and as a result, his dick started pulsing again. He stuck out his tongue in anticipation, excited for another opportunity to pleasure a woman, something he thought he’d never do. He felt Tracy lower herself onto his tongue. She, being taller, was also heavier despite her thin frame. Her scent was oaky with a hint of sourness. Thomas didn’t know that every girl smelled different. He immediately went to work, looking for the same bump he found on Sharon. It didn’t take long; hers felt slightly larger than Sharon’s. He felt her with his tongue, simply exploring her at first. She let out a small, satisfied moan as he started.

“Mmmm, that’s it, Thomas. Keep going,” her encouragement excited Thomas, and he increased his pace.

Before long, her juices were flowing freely, more than Sharon was. He didn’t realize that even the juices from each girl were different. Eager to please and learn more, he continued. He was relishing the experience, and it showed. He could hear the other three whispering about how much his little appendage was moving while he worked. Their giggles only served to excite him more, and it showed in his enthusiasm for the work he was performing. Tracy seemed to have noticed as she started bucking her hips and moaning openly.

Thomas found that her larger body and heavier weight made breathing harder. He didn’t want to stop and only pushed his tongue harder into her loveliness. She tightened her thighs around his head, and Thomas began furiously lapping against her, dancing his tongue with all the might he could muster. The motion seemed exactly what she needed, as she yelled loudly and orgasm washed over her. She bucked her hips a few more times as the pleasure continued, eventually stopping.

She lingered on Thomas until she finally said, “Thank you, Thomas, I needed that!”

With that, she stood up and moved out of the way.

Elia, not wasting any time, spoke up then. “My turn now,” she said excitedly. “I need to see how that tongue feels,” she continued.

Thomas heard her short, fast footsteps approach, and his pulse quickened again. He was overwhelmed by this whole experience but wanted nothing more than for it to continue. She positioned herself so that her feet straddled Thomas’s head and lowered herself over Thomas. She seemed to hover above him momentarily, letting her smell soak over the naked little guy. Her smell was the fullest of the three so far, a robust, intoxicating smell. She lowered herself carefully onto his protruding tongue, and he felt her wetness contact him. He felt around. Her lips were larger than the other two, as was her bump.

She moaned loudly and gasped as he went to work. Elia seemed more vocal than the other two girls he had serviced. Thomas wondered if that meant she was more turned on than them. He continued to work her bump.

“Oh, Thomas,” she said in a soft, breathy voice, and her juices flowed freely on Thomas.

He relished the experience. She was more smothering than the other girls but also more enthusiastic. Her enthusiasm made Thomas more and more aroused. He could feel his dicklette dancing furiously.

Jess spoke up in the middle of the display. “Wow, Thomas, you really like her moans, don’t you,” she teased.

He moved against her wetness and tried to push harder with his tongue. She started grinding her face down onto Thomas and squeezed with her thighs. He could barely breathe, but he didn’t want this to end.

“Fuck,” she said in between moans.

He increased his pace once again. His tongue was starting to get tired, but he fought through it. Elia continued moaning louder and louder.

“Aha! Thomas, that’s so good,” she shouted.

The other girls giggled at how good of a time she was having. Thomas wrapped his arms around each thigh, lapping furiously against Elia’s bump. She slams her hips up and down on Thomas’s face while moaning. The force was almost too much for Thomas. He could only hold his tongue out and let her ride. All at once, she slammed herself down onto his face and screamed while writhing her hips and gushing all over Thomas.

She rolled off Thomas and panted, lying next to him. “You know, little guy, there’s some hope for you yet,” she said between gasping breaths. She kissed him on the cheek and got up. “Well, Jess, it’s your turn!” Elia said, still apparently a little dizzy.

Thomas was jolted out of his daze at hearing that Jess was next. In truth, he was the one he wanted to pleasure the most, and he could hardly believe he was finally getting the opportunity. She walked slowly towards him, one footstep at a time, measured, even, and slow. The anticipation teased Thomas mercilessly. She stopped right next to Thomas and giggled.

“Wow, Thomas, your little guy is pulsing like crazy! Are you that excited to pleasure me?” she asked, and Thomas nodded enthusiastically. She giggled once again. “Good,” was all she said, and Thomas could hear rustling fabric again.

She straddled his face and lowered herself slowly. She had the sweetest smell of all of them. It was a scent that Thomas could easily get addicted to.

“Are you ready, Thomas? Ready to please lil’ old me?” she asked teasingly.

He stuck his tongue out and nodded enthusiastically. She lowered herself, and she came into contact with Thomas’s tongue. She hovered over him, so she was just out of reach. He could barely feel the wetness, but he could taste her. Just like her scent, her taste was sweet and even more intoxicating. He could tell she was smaller than Tracy and Elia but less than Sharon. He reached his head up to drive his tongue into her better. She let out a muffled moan, apparently trying not to show her enthusiasm.

Thomas saw this as a challenge and prodded more with his tongue. She once again stifled a moan. He danced his tongue as quickly as he could across her slit. He could hear her breathing increase, and she finally moaned from her open mouth. He grabbed her thighs and brought her down on his protruding tongue. She let out a gasp. Thomas began licking with all the vigor he could muster, determined to make her squirm. He could tell by her breathing it was working on her. This was further reinforced as her sweet juices flowed over his tongue.

He licked at her sensitive bump, poking it with his tongue and running over it as quickly as possible. Jess let out a louder moan. Thomas could feel his dick pulse as he started getting turned on that he was pleasuring Jess. She started moving her hips slowly over his face. Thomas dropped his tongue and ran it over her slit in its whole length a few times quickly. Then he returned to the sensitive spot, she cooed out of pleasure, and Thomas felt his dick twitch. He started going at her with all he could muster. She moved her hips faster now and began moaning openly.

Her sounds served to enhance Thomas’s excitement and enthusiasm. His enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed as Jess started yelling. Thomas’s breathing increased as he fervently lapped against Jess’s pussy. He felt his dick throbbing now from his excitement induced by Jess’s pleasure. She finally spoke, actually shouting.

“That’s it, Thomas! Keep doing it just like that!”

He took the cue and continued exactly what he was doing. Feeling his excitement grow, her pleasure heightened.

“Oh, Thomas,” she shouted, bucking her hips violently and gushing over him.

Shouting his name in pleasure was all he needed, and he felt his balls tighten and his toes curl. And just like Jess, he started cumming and cumming. Her thighs stifled his shouts, but she was uninhibited. They writhed against each other until they finally stopped, signaled by an audible gasp from Jess. She rolled off Thomas and lay next to him in euphoria. He, too, was in euphoria both from orgasm and from the experience bringing Jess to climax.

“That was so hot, you two!” Elia shouted.

The other two giggled.

“I can’t believe Thomas came from just going down on you,” Sharon said, slapping her knee.

“I wish more guys did that! Getting them to go down on me would be so much easier!” Tracy said.

“Seriously!” Elia added.

Jess patted Thomas on the Jess exhausted. “Good job, little guy,” she said breathily, barely able to speak.

“Here, let me help you up, Jess,” Elia offered, and he heard some movement followed by fabric shuffling.

Then, the rag was removed from Thomas’s soaked face. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust then they focused. He could see four very satisfied women all staring down at him, standing over him like statuesque amazons. Elia and Jess were flushed still from the experience, sporting glowing smiles. Sharon and Tracy just had small, satisfied smirks.

“You know Thomas, I think I’ll let you do that more often!” Jess said. “Would you like that, little guy?”

Thomas answered honestly and said. “Yes, Jess, I want nothing more,” he said with a stupid grin.

She rolled her eyes with a smile and raised a hand to help him.

“I think that’s a good way to end the night,” Elia said. The other women agreed, and Thomas suddenly felt just how tired he was.

“This was so much fun, Jess!” Sharon said, then she turned to Thomas. “I never in a million years thought I’d let you do that to me, and I never thought I’d like it so much,” she said as she kissed Thomas on the cheek.

“Me neither,” Tracy said as she kissed the other cheek.

Those two said a few more goodbyes and left.

Elia then turned to Thomas and Jess. “You know I always fantasized about you doing that to me…It’s way better in real life,” she said with a wink and ran up to Thomas and gave him a big hug and kiss on the lips. She separated from him and smiled affectionately at him. “Well, little guy, I’ll see you around,” she said happily and skipped out the door, saying bye to Jess.

Thomas turned to Jess, who was still blushing. “Are you ready for bed, Thomas?” she asked.

He nodded with tired eyes.

“Me too.”

Then she walked up to him and pulled him against her, her hands finding his bare ass. She looked into his eyes, and he in hers, then they leaned forward and kissed passionately. They pulled apart after a minute.

“Getting a little excited?” as she looked down at his newly formed erection.

“Yeah, a little,” he said as he smiled sheepishly. She rolled her eyes without her smile ever fading.

“Let’s get some sleep. I forgot to tell you why we were throwing this party,” she winked.

“Huh?” he questioned.

“This was to celebrate the job I landed you,” she said with a grin.

“Job? What job?” Jess got a devious smile, then. Thomas gulped as he wondered what this job would entail.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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