Tiny Thomas and the Bad Pool Day

By Psndeviant.

Thomas shivered nervously as he sat beside his stepmom Veronica as they drove to the community pool. He knew he made a mistake and was begging her just to let it slide this one time. She refused.

He recalled the words she used. “Listen, Thomas! You’re the one who broke the rules, knowing the consequences! Now it’s time to pay the piper!”

Her resolute attitude to punish him made him feel defeated, and he wanted nothing more than to disappear. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t an option, so they drove to the destination Thomas dreaded. He thought about pleading for forgiveness again, but he knew it would fail and likely make his stepmother angrier with him. Before long, they arrived at the pool. She went to open her door when she looked back at Thomas and saw him staying motionless with a sullen expression.

“Thomas! You know the drill. It’s time!” she said as she glared at him.

He sighed and complied with her wishes. He got out of the car, which was luckily in a remote shaded area, the asphalt felt rough on his feet, but he knew he could manage walking through the parking lot in bare feet. What he couldn’t manage was that he had to walk with bare everything else.

This was his punishment, to come to the community pool completely nude. His stepmom was a very shrewd woman who knew how to get what she wanted, especially from men. She devised this punishment as Thomas would routinely be late in coming home, so she warned that if he were late one more time, he would come with her to the pool and be naked. He thought she was joking at the time, but now he, unfortunately, knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was serious.

He stared at his feet before she called him to follow, or there would be consequences. Scared to death of what further punishment she had concocted, he complied. Left foot, right foot they walked, Thomas keeping his head down in shame. He stared at his bare cock and balls as they bounced with each step. The cool air and nerves were shrinking him. He was scared to death of what he was about to face.

Then he heard a sound that made his blood run cold. A feminine giggle. He looked up and saw that two girls he didn’t recognize were walking toward him and his stepmother, and they were trying with all their might to hold back giggles as they eyed his naked body. He wanted to die right there.

“A little cold out, eh?” one of the girls asked teasingly, fighting back laughter as she said it.

Thomas dipped his again in shame and tried not to look at them. They laughed harder as they saw his ass. “Full moon out today!” the other yelled at him.

They finally got to the fence where they could enter. It was opaque, so no one in the pool could see, giving Thomas a brief respite from the humiliation.

“Well, Thomas,” Veronica said, waiting for him to open the gate and enter.

His body tensed up as he knew he had no choice, so he held his breath and closed his eyes. He slowly reached for the handle feeling his hand grip it, and then like a band-aid, he pulled it quickly.

He opened his eyes and saw the pool was full of women ranging from college-age to the elderly. All the motion seemed to stop once when they saw Thomas come into view. He froze at the gate, much like his new audience. Some women had extremely amused expressions as they eyed his shrunken package. Several college girls’ mouths were agape, their eyes betrayed they were amused. A few women were giggling. It was eerily quiet as they focused on the poor naked lad. Veronica pushed at his back, and he went in once again, lowering his head in shame.

He walked by a woman in a black bikini who whispered to her friend not-so-quietly, “God, have you ever seen one smaller?”

Her friend shook her head ‘no,’ all while smiling. Thomas flushed at the comment.

He followed Veronica, trying not to look at all the gawking women. She said, “We’re sitting over by the girl in the blue bikini.”

Thomas looked up to see whom she was referring to, and his stomach did a backflip. Over on the other side of the pool, where Veronica was directing him, was Vicky, the girl from school he had a crush on. She was sunbathing with sunglasses, apparently asleep. She wore a small revealing blue bikini which made Thomas feel very awkward.

“Please, Veronica,” he whispered. “Can’t we sit anywhere else?”

“No, mister. We are sitting over there. Now get moving!”

He did as he was told. They got over to the other side of the pool, and Vicky didn’t seem to stir. Thomas was relieved that while he was humiliated, he might be spared some embarrassment as his crush wouldn’t see him shivering and shrunken. Veronica turned to Vicky and asked a question as soon as he sat down.

“Excuse me? Sorry to disturb you.”

Vicky got stirred awake and looked at them. Thomas felt like he was going to die right then. He could tell her eyes went wide, even with the sunglasses. She immediately smirked and tried to hold in a laugh.

“You look like my stepson’s age. Have you met Thomas?” Veronica asked my crush.

She smiled widely. “Yeah, actually, Thomas and I go to school together.” Vicky giggled. “Hi, Thomas, nice outfit,” she said teasingly.

Thomas felt like he was going to cry. Veronica smiled as she seemed very pleased with how this day turned out. She turned to Thomas and asked, “Thomas, honey, would you be a dear and head to the soda bar and get me a drink.” Then to Vicky, she asked, “Oh! Would you like anything?”

Vicky smiled and said, “A soda would be great.” The whole situation amused her.

Thomas opened his mouth to protest, but walking away from Vicky momentarily was welcome. He got up and covered his junk with his hands trying to preserve some dignity. Then a sharp slap landed on his behind.

“No covering up! This is your punishment!” Veronica glared.

Vicky giggled at the chastising Thomas received. He unshielded his privates and hung his head. Thomas got the money from Veronica and set off. All eyes seemed to be on Thomas as he walked around the pool. He heard some older women whispering to each other.

“For how small his dick is, his ass sure is big!” she snickered.

Another one added, “Yeah, it’s too bad. I could grab an ass like that but with such a small weenie…”

He flushed a deep crimson from the brazen commentary on his body and its lack of endowment. He finally got to the bar. The cashier was another girl from school he thought was cute, Jess. She hadn’t noticed him yet, so he rang the bell to hide his front under the bar. She turned to him and smiled.

“Hey, Thomas,” she said, causing him to panic, knowing she recognized him. “I didn’t know you swam here.”

“Y-yeah, I don’t come here often,” he mumbled.

“Well, you should stop by more! We could have fun here on my days off,” she said, smiling broadly.

Thomas realized he was naked again, but she still hadn’t noticed. “S-sure! Um, can you get me two sodas?” he said as he handed her money.

“Yeah, I’ll get those for you right away,” Jess said bubbly before she turned away, quickly prepared the soda, and turned to him. “Here ya go.”

She handed him the soda and smiled. He grabbed them and waited for her to turn away, but she kept standing there and smiling. It was starting to get awkward when Thomas heard his stepmother call for him to hurry up. Knowing she could still make his life worse, he took a deep breath and moved from the counter.

He heard a gasp from Jess. He looked at her and saw her covering her mouth, trying not to giggle. He hung his head in shame and walked away, hearing her giggle under her breath. Thomas walked around the pool as all the women grinned wickedly at the embarrassed young man. He saw a younger woman walking towards him, she wiggled her pinky at him, and he just flushed.

After what felt like an eternity, he returned to Veronica and Vicky. He handed Veronica her soda. She took it with a stone face without thanking him. He then walked over to Vicky, who smirked at his shrinkage.

“Seems like Jess enjoyed the… little show you gave her,” she said wickedly, suppressing a laugh. He handed her the soda he got for her. “You know it’s pretty funny ’cause she told me once she had a crush on you. I wonder what she thought about your shortcomings?”

Thomas’s heart sank as now his crush saw how small he was. Another girl who liked him had seen it too. He knew he would never live down his shortcomings, as Vicky put it. Not done with Thomas, Vicky continued talking to him, asking a question.

“So, is it always that small, or does it grow bigger when, you know, get a stiffy?” she asked, smirking.

Before he could answer, Veronica spoke up. “Show the poor girl what your stiffy looks like. She deserves to know. After all, you decided to flash her.”

He turned to Veronica in panic, hoping she was joking, but she just glared at him. She remained silent, but her eyes yelled, “Do it or else!”

Thomas began shaking as he realized he had no way out but to do the unthinkable. Play with himself in public in front of all these women. He willed himself with all his might to grab himself. His shrunken self only needed his finger and thumb to wrap around it. The sight caused Vicky to laugh openly.

“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone only use two fingers,” Vicky said, slapping her knee.

Thomas felt his face turn even redder, which he thought was impossible. He closed his eyes and started stroking. Before long, he felt himself start to grow. Despite the humiliation, it did feel good. Was it possible that the humiliation was enhancing this feeling? No, it couldn’t be. It didn’t take much time before he was full length, far from impressive, but he could wrap a couple more fingers around it. He opened his eyes and saw Vicky gawking with a sly smirk on her face.

“Is that it? It’s only three and a half inches,” she laughed.

“That’s enough, Thomas! Stop immediately, you little pervert!” Veronica shouted.

Suddenly all the eyes were on him again. Panicked, he dropped his hand, his tiny dick twitching. He wanted nothing more than to finish himself off, but he didn’t dare disobey Veronica.

He heard a college girl say with no subtlety to her friend, “Wow! Even hard, it’s tiny!”

Thomas saw Jess behind the soda bar staring at him, smiling like she was staring at a cute puppy. Her expression did little to alleviate his arousal.

“I can’t believe you played with your little penis before all these women,” Veronica shouted. Thomas had never felt smaller in his life. “Now, you are going to walk to each of these women and apologize for touching your pathetic little child-sized pee-pee and getting aroused from being such a goddamn pervert.”

“P-please, Veronica, you told me to—” he began.

She cut him off before he could finish explaining himself. “Don’t give me any lip, or I’ll bend you over right here and smack your ass in front of everyone. Now get moving, mister.”

He knew the discussion was over. He got to his feet and began shuffling towards the nearest group of women staring at him, smiling. He kept his eyes on his feet out of shame. He apologized to them for masturbating and getting hard in front of them. They all laughed and said it was fine. With that, he moved to the next group, who was waiting expectantly. Like the first group, they brushed it off with a small laugh.

He continued like that, and for the most part, the women were nice, seeing how embarrassed he was. He had one more group to talk to before he returned to his cruel stepmother, the college girls. They were smirking at him in anticipation of his apology. He walked up to them without looking up. He apologized before being cut off by a short brunette with enormous tits.

“You say you’re sorry, but your little dicklette hasn’t gone down the whole time. I think you like this,” the college girl teased mercilessly.

“No, I hate it! I want nothing more than to disappear,” Thomas said, his face burning with embarrassment.

Another sexy brunette wearing a skimpy green bikini joined in now. “I must admit that thing is hilarious,” she said, appraising his tiny dick. “I know if a guy I dated showed me a pee-pee that size, I’d laugh at him as I kicked him out of my room naked! I’d make the little guy walk home nude to show off his shame.”

Thomas’s dick involuntarily started twitching at the statement.

A black girl in a yellow bikini with a huge ass spoke up. “Look, he likes that! With all that twitching, he might even cum,” she said with a devious smile.

“N-no, I won’t,” he protested.

“You won’t, huh?” the brunette with the big tits said. “Are you sure? What if I said I liked little dick boys! I like watching them squirm in front of me as I humiliate them. Does that turn you on?”

“No!” he shouted.

“Lie all you want, but we have eyes, dinky dick,” the girl in the green bikini said.

“Hey, little guy, check this out….”

He saw the black girl bent over, showing her ass off in the thong he didn’t realize she was wearing. His dick started jumping. Well, hopping.

“It’s so funny that a big ass like that turns you on. You couldn’t even get it past her cheeks with that little thing,” the big-titted girl said. “Oh, and how do you like these?” she said as she pulled down her top to reveal her tits.

They were the first tits Thomas had ever seen in person, and they were majestic. Round full DDs with large brown nipples. After all the relentless teasing, the sight was too much for Thomas, and his balls tightened. His body’s reaction mortified him, but he couldn’t stop it, and suddenly he started cumming and cumming hard. His balls emptied all over the pool deck, and he nearly fell over when he stopped.

The girls all started laughing raucously. The big tit girl said, “Thanks for the compliment, little guy. It’s always nice to have my sexiness acknowledged.”

She then winked. Thomas thought he was going to die.

“Wow! You didn’t even touch it, and you came! Now that’s embarrassing! You’re gonna be a virgin forever,” the green bikini girl said, laughing uncontrollably.

Thomas apologized, looking for an excuse to leave as their words sank in. He turned and saw Veronica glaring at him while Vicky laughed cruelly at him. He sulked as he walked back to his chair next to them, fearing the worst from his stepmother.

“What the fuck was that?” Veronica asked. “You got off in front of those girls, you little pervert. This punishment has been near enough for you,” she shouted.

“I-I couldn’t control it! I’m sorry I didn’t want to,” he pleaded, hoping for mercy.

She sneered at him, not caring about his apology. “That does it. Get over my lap. Now,” she ordered.

Knowing better than protesting, he complied and laid over her lap. He, unfortunately, was facing Vicky directly, who was sitting over him. He lowered his eyes in shame. Veronica traced her hands over the curve of his plump bottom, sending chills down his spine. He braced in anticipation as she pulled her hand back and struck him hard, soliciting a yelp.

“Have you learned your lesson?” She shouted.

Thomas didn’t dare look up to see the women who assuredly were watching the humiliation.

“Yes,” he yipped.

“You’re lying,” Veronica said before swatting his ass again. “Tell me that you’re sorry.”

“I-I’m sorry!” he pleaded.

“For what?”

“F-for being a pervert and cumming in front of the ladies at the pool,” he whimpered loudly while his eyes and bum burned. Just as he finished, she swatted him again.

“Not good enough,” she shouted as she struck him again. “Look at Vicky and apologize.”

He looked up and saw Vicky standing over him, looking down with a wicked grin. From this perspective, she looked like she towered over him. “I’m sorry, Vicky,” Thomas whimpered.

Veronica swatted his ass again. “For?”

“For being a pervert and cumming in front of you,” he shouted, his eyes welling with tears. Veronica swatted his ass again, this time harder, and he yelped. “P-Please Veronica, I’ve learned my lesson!”

His pleas, unfortunately, fell on deaf ears. “I’ll tell you when you’ve learned your lesson,” Veronica said, smacking him again.

She continued swatting him, demanding further and further apologies until it seemed she had been satisfied and let him up. Thomas lost count, but he figured she must have struck him at least twenty times. His eyes were full of tears, and he feared to look around at the ladies. Thomas dared to face them and was surprised that most women looked uncomfortable like they thought Veronica had gone too far. They avoided looking at Thomas and the two women he was with. Even the college girls seemed to pity him.

“Can we go now,” he asked, choking back tears.

“Yes, I think we’ve been here long enough,” Veronica stated.

With that, she got up and grabbed their things, and started heading to the exit. Thomas heard Vicky laugh behind him though he dared not face her again.

He did hear her shout at everyone while laughing raucously, “Look at how red his butt is! It’s almost as red as his face.”

He looked to the college girls as he passed, and they shook their heads at Vicky’s comments seeming as though they were starting to empathize with him. They made their way to the front. Thomas noticed that all the women who formerly tormented him now avoided looking at him, apparently sharing his embarrassment.

He followed Veronica out of the pool into the parking lot. After the gate shut, Veronica turned to him and glared. “After all the shit you pulled, I don’t know if I should end your punishment,” she said angrily.

Thomas’s eyes widened in fear of her wrath.

“You know what, no, Thomas, I’m not putting up with your shit! You have to walk home just like that to learn your lesson!”

“What? Veronica, please! I have never been more sorry in my life! Just let me come home. You can punish me there! I won’t protest, and I’ll never disobey you again!”

She grinned a bit. “I like that you’re starting to understand our dynamic a bit, but no, I won’t budge, or else you won’t learn your lesson!” With that, she left Thomas naked, cold and humiliated.

He watched her drive away, and he felt like he would cry. Then he heard a voice come from behind. “Hey, Thomas,” it said softly.

He turned to see its source and saw it was Jess.

“Hi, Jess,” he said weakly.

She looked concerned as she saw him. “Listen, I saw all the bullshit your stepmother put you through, and I’m sorry for laughing at you earlier. I was just shocked, okay. No one should have to go through all that.”

Thomas sniffed. “Thank you.”

“Did she leave you here?” she asked sympathetically.

“Y-yeah, I’m stuck because if I walk home, I risk getting arrested,” he said as tears built up again.

“I can give you a ride if you like,” she said with a small smile.

He weakly smiled back at her. “I think I would like that.”

“Do you want me to take you home?”

His heart sank as he thought of going home to Veronica and how she would surely torture him again. He didn’t know what to do. He felt like he was her captive.

“You can come over to my place. I got a new apartment. It’s just me, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.”

“If I don’t go home, she’d just make my life hell,” he said sadly.

“Well, what if you never went home again?”

He looked at her, confused.

Jess said, “Listen, we’re both eighteen and out of high school. You don’t need to go to that bitch ever again. You can stay with me, and I’ll ensure you’re safe.”

He started to cry then. He felt ashamed that not only was Thomas crying but that he was crying naked, shrunken, and in front of a girl who used to like him. She pulled him in and hugged him. He buried his face in her shirt and let loose.

He cried for a couple of minutes as she comforted him. Then the gate opened behind them.

They looked and saw Vicky with a wicked smile. “Aw, is baby dick still crying,” she laughed. “I must say, Thomas, this has been the best pool day ever. I’m gonna tell Veronica to do this every week.”

Jess pulled away from Thomas then and stood between him and Vicky. “Vicky, your gonna stop being a bitch right now.”

“Oh yeah? And why on Earth should I stop?”

Jess then walked towards her with her fist clenched and said. “This is why,” she said as she forcefully grabbed Vicky’s arm and pulled her forward, causing Vicky to stumble.

Before she could regain her composure, Jess grabbed Vicky’s bikini bottoms and yanked them to the ground. Vicky’s hands immediately went to her crotch, leaving her ass exposed. Jess, not wasting any time, swatted Vicky hard across her ass, causing her to leap forward and out of her bikini bottoms wrapped around her feet. Jess then scooped up her bottoms off the ground.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to go home without these,” Jess mocked her mercilessly.

“You bitch! Give me those back,” Vicky screeched.

“After the way you contributed to Thomas’s torture, hell no.”

Vicky’s face turned bright crimson, looked at Thomas, and then back at Jess and growled before running away. “Fuck you both,” she shouted as she fled.

For the first time that day Thomas started to feel better. He turned to Jess and smiled. “Let’s get outta here, Jess.”

She smiled back at him, came over, kissed him on the cheek, and draped his arm over her shoulder. They walked towards Jess’s car, and she leaned into his body, her body heat warming the cold Thomas up. She cupped his ass gently, causing him to blush again. She looked up at him and smiled suggestively, causing Thomas to get another erection.

She giggled when she noticed. “Getting a little excited?” she teased.

“Yeah, a little,” he said, blushing.

“Let’s go home, little guy,” she winked.

With that, they got in her car and headed home. Thomas didn’t know what she had in store for him, but he was grateful, nonetheless.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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