The Weekend Lake Trip

By dirtrider224.

It was the 4th of July weekend, and a group of friends and I thought planning a big camping trip together at the lake would be fun. It’s a well-known, heavily populated lake, especially for the 4th of July celebrations. Word got out fast, and soon friends of friends were coming out, and ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends were joining. It didn’t take long to blow up with people.

My name is Trevor, and I’m 24, 5’11”, slender but chubby, and like to think I’m a grower. My girlfriend is Alex, 22, 5’8, 10/10, and gorgeous with an amazing body.

As everyone settled in, we started a fire because it was getting dark and cold. While the fire was being started, we all decided to play beer for our first event that night. The more we drank, the more adventurous we got, which became a game of ‘strip or dare beer pong.’ If you missed the cup, you had to take a piece of clothing off or do a dare. If you made a cup, you could dare your opponent to do anything or strip an article of clothing.

Throughout the night, everyone played at least once. The most anyone saw was a girl going topless. That was until my girlfriend, and I decided to play. The opposing team just happened to be our exes together. My girlfriend’s ex, who goes by Kyle and he, was on the shorter side for a male, like 5’8″ but well built . Then there was my ex-girlfriend, who went by Kate, and she was 5’4″ with a C-cup and looked good in a bikini.

Everyone was pretty drunk and having a great time by this time, but no one was paying attention to the beer pond game unless someone was stripping. The game could have been faster at first, a cheesy dare here or losing a piece of clothing there but nothing special. I’d like you to please fast-forward to where we were down to our final cups. The girls were down to their bikinis and the guys to their boxers. It was Alex’s turn to toss. She just happened to miss, unfortunately.

However, she still made what we call the titty cup. The titty cup is if you make it in the already played cups on the side that you have to flash your tits. At that moment, my heart was beating faster because everyone stopped and stared to glimpse her boobs. She looked over at me for my approval and, being drunk, knew she would end up in my tent. So I said, “Fuck it, babe,” and she flashed them with perfect titties.

This only got me turned on and pretty aroused. I’m sure a few people noticed, too, because when I looked up at my ex-girlfriend Kate, she was trying to hide her chuckles as she whispered into her partner Kyle’s ear. It soon became apparent that she had told him something about me because he looked down on me and started laughing. Alex was so drunk she didn’t know what was so funny but began chucking too.

Once the laughter died down, we returned to our game, and it was my turn, so I took my shot and luckily made it. I needed to get back at Kate for laughing at me, so I dared her to go topless for the rest of the game. Which honestly didn’t seem to bother her because she has a decent rack, but I could tell by the look in her eyes that I made a mistake. She gave me a dirty look with a grin, not thinking about it anymore. It was their turn to go.

We were down to two cups on either side and had an audience gathering around to watch. It was now Kate’s time to toss, which felt like forever praying she would miss. As the ball was coming down, I was waiting in anticipation. That quickly changed once the ping-pong ball landed perfectly in the cup.

She immediately looked at me and said, “I have the perfect dare for you.”

My heart sank, wondering what could be the dare. She knew something I didn’t, and soon I would find out.

She spoke up to my current girlfriend, Alex, and said, “How about we make a bet on the boys? The first one to swim out to the lake buoy and back, the winner gets to take his picture with the loser and his partner.”

Alex, without hesitation, says, “You’re on. I’ll take that bet.”

Please remember that it’s cold and dark out. I’m over here just thinking I got to win this just to through it in Kate’s face. So Kyle and I lined up on the shoreline, waiting for the countdown. Three-two-one and we are off. Since it was so dark and I was so drunk, I overshot the buoy, which allowed Kyle to take the lead on the way back. So I muscled up all my energy. I had to swim back as fast as possible to try and win, but unfortunately, I couldn’t catch him.

Since I lost, we owned up to the bet. In the picture stood Kyle on the left, my girlfriend Alex in the middle, and me on the right for the pictures. Multiple pictures were taken, which I thought was weird, but then Kate, my ex taking the pictures, started dying of laughter. No one could figure out why until Kate came to show us the pictures. I need to think about what happens when boxers get wet and how they suction every inch of your body.

Well, let’s say the camera captured it all. Kyle was well endowed in the picture, at least 7-8″ flaccid going down at an angle in his boxers. On the other hand, it perfectly outlines my inchworm with my balls fully sucked up from the cold. I could see Alex’s jaw drop when she looked at the picture and even looked over at his cock to confirm the picture was accurate. She genuinely forgot how big he was compared to me until now. As Alex finished drooling over his big cock she snapped out of it and came over to me like I didn’t just see her gawking over his cock.

She says, “Babe, you were so close and yet so far. You just came in a little short.”

We both saw the sexual innuendo there but left it alone.

In the background, Kate was caught off guard by what she said and started laughing. I couldn’t tell if she was discussing race or the dick comparison. But either way, we had a game to finish, so back to the game we went. Now it is Kyle’s turn to toss and remember this is their last cup, so if they make it, they win. My heart was racing again, and right before he was about to shoot, Kate stopped the game, asked for a moment to talk with her partner, and we accepted.

Once they finally finished talking, they both had this evil grin, which scared me, not knowing what they had planned if they won with this shot. As it came down for Kyle to shoot, it felt like minutes had passed. In all reality, it was just a couple of seconds. He finally tosses the ball and makes it. I’m thinking, no way, we lost. There’s no way. They did, and since they won the game, they had just one dare for us.

The dare was that we had to take five shots of whiskey and spin around five times while being blindfolded. I’m thinking, ‘Well, that’s easy. We were already drunk. What’s a few more shots.’ I expected worse, but both Alex and I agreed to the dare. At this point in the game, things were dying down. Almost everyone went to bed in their tents. So we got blindfolded and did our shots. We got twice as drunk after we did the five spins. Alex and I agreed to stop drinking and sit by the fire. We were both pretty hammered.

I had to pee on our way to sit down, so I told Alex I’d be right back. She hollered back with an, “Okay, babe.”

Once I was finished, I walked back to Alex, and about ten feet from the fire was a tree. Two people grabbed me, taped my mouth, and tied me to the tree as I was about to return to my girlfriend. I tried to fight it, but I was too drunk. As soon as I figured out what was happening, I saw Kate and Kyle come out from behind the tree, smiling and chuckling so Alex didn’t hear them.

She whispered, “This is revenge for making me go topless. Now I’m going to humiliate you. Force you to watch your girlfriend and her ex Kyle sit alone by the fire.”

It didn’t take long for Alex to ask where I was. Kyle walked up just before she turned around to see where I was. He told her I wasn’t feeling well and needed to lie down, so she didn’t question it. While they were at the fire talking, borderline flirting with each other, Kate came up with ways to humiliate me. She quickly went to her tent, grabbed her red lipstick, and wrote on my front side: ‘I have a little dick,’ with an arrow sign going down ⬇️.

As I mumbled, she said she’d only remove the tape if I didn’t yell/scream. I agreed, so when she did, I asked her what she had written, and she told me. I chuckled and said, “No one gonna believe that, especially because there is no way I’d write that, lol.”

She quickly taped my mouth shut and said, “Good point,” with a grin.

Then she ripped my boxers off me, which was extremely painful and humiliating. As soon as she did, she tried not to laugh, making direct eye contact with my shrunken penis, so my girlfriend wouldn’t hear her and turn around. She then pulled out her camera phone to take lots of pictures and selfies to post on her social media, which I wasn’t unaware of then. I just figured she wanted the pictures to herself. You could tell she was proud of the humiliation.

I was still mortified. It was cold, and I was still wet from the lake, so everything shrunk up more than usual. All I could think was, ‘Thank God everyone is asleep.’ I was hoping Alex would see me soon to help me out.

As Kate was about to walk away, she said, “Now it’s time to have real fun. Enjoy the view.”

She then set her phone down to where the camera saw me and the campfire where Alex and Kyle were sitting. I had no idea what she meant by ‘real fun,’ but my heart was racing. Who knows what she had planned and why she was videoing it? Kate started walking to the fire to join Kyle and Alex. When she arrived, she told Kyle to casually stand up and turn around to look at her work. Alex was sitting just inches from him. She didn’t notice what was happening or know I was tied up naked and gagged ten feet behind her.

Kyle stood up and turned around like he was warming his backside by the fire. As soon as he looked up, he couldn’t help but let out a big laugh looking at me and how pathetic I was. He was still turned around laughing. Kate quickly got behind him and pulled his boxers down in one swift motion. Out came his massive cock just inches from my girlfriend Alex’s face. Kyle was slightly surprised but was confident in what he was packing. I don’t know if Alex was so drunk, horny, or what, but her first immediate reaction was to grab ahold of his cock and stick it in her mouth.

Almost like it was a routine, Alex then proceeded to suck Kyle off, barely being able to fit his unit in her mouth. I was so shocked and shocked that I tried to yell and scream. No one could hear me through the tape. But strangely, it was turning me on. Kate looked over at me, stuck her pinky out, and laughed, then pointed to the camera. Kyle and Kate decided to tag team, stripping Alex. They slowly started to strip her of the bikini she was wearing. Exposing every inch of her perfect body, she let the bikini come off without a second thought or hesitation.

At this point, I can’t help but watch in hopelessness and humiliation. Kate finally decided to join in. She and my girlfriend, completely naked, began switching off sucking his huge cock. Things started heating up, so Kyle stood both of the girls up while, at the same time, he laid on his back on the bench with his easily nine inches of cock sticking straight up.

He positioned my Alex directly above his cock, and told her, “Be a good slut and ride my cock,” while Kate was right about his face getting her pussy eaten out.

My girlfriend was so tight that it took her over a minute to get his raging cock to stretch out her pussy to where she would then be able to ride him. With every inch he penetrated her, she was screaming in ecstasy, absolutely loving his fat cock, working her way up to take his whole cock. Kyle knew she liked the dirty talk and would make her tell him out loud how much she loved his cock. Which only added to humiliating me.

Kyle said, “Tell me how much you missed my cock and how worthless and pathetic your new boyfriend’s tiny dick is.”

I still can believe it today, but she yelled, “I love your cock. It’s so much better than my boyfriend’s tiny babydick,” in ecstasy while riding him. She yelled, “My boyfriend has a tiny worthless babydick. I’ve never had an orgasm with him. I love your huge cock and wished we’d never broken up.”

Meanwhile, Kate was having just as good of a time with his mouth making her orgasm while she was laughing at what my girlfriend was saying. All this commotion then woke up my best friend (and he is 6’2″ and very well built six pack and all). Andy came to see what was going on. His first sight coming out of his tent caused his jaw to drop. He quickly got his phone out and started to record it. As Andy walked up to them fucking, out of the corner of his eye, he saw me.

At that moment, I thought, ‘Thank God, he’s going to help me.’ Boy, was I wrong? He changed directions coming over to me while still videoing, getting a full view of me and my tiny penis. He laughed and said, “By the end of the weekend, everyone will see your worthless dick.” He boldly continued, “You don’t deserve such a smoking hot girlfriend, and I’ve always wanted to fuck her. Now I’m going to prove to Alex picked the wrong guy,” and walked off chucking.

He then stripped down his boxers completely naked. I would say Andy’s maybe only 6-7 inches flaccid. He still had a pretty big dick compared to me. As he walked over to Alex, he became fully erect. She saw someone coming and looked over to see Andy. You could see in her eyes that she was overjoyed seeing him naked with his cock ready for action.

Kate then began to look up and said to my girlfriend, “Looks like we both picked the wrong guy,” and chuckled.

My girlfriend quickly and with desire got off Kyle’s cock just to hurry to Andy’s cock. She dropped to her knees and began sucking my best friend’s cock, while Kate switched to riding Kyle’s cock. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives, except me, out in the cold, naked and tied to a tree. They all continued to fuck for the next hour or so. The girls had orgasm after orgasm. The guys finally came in and all over the girls as they begged for it.

I was humiliated and thought, ‘Thank God it’s all over. This has been the worse night of my life.’

While recovering from the amazing sex they just had, my ex Kate stood up, legs shaking, and told my girlfriend I have a little surprise for you. She then took the video camera with a light and pointed it right at me. Meanwhile, I was still hard but crying simultaneously, mortified by what had just happened. As soon as Alex looked up, I could see she was shocked to see me. She thought I was drunk and passed out but was bound naked and watching everything.

They all walked over to me as my girlfriend was at a loss for words but told me, ” I would say sorry, but did you think that I wouldn’t cheat on you, especially with your pathetic babydick?”

Then she proceeds to kick me in the nuts, making everyone laugh. I was crushed not only by the nut shot but by her words.

Kate said, “All right, I think it’s time to untie this pathetic little dick loser.”

Before anyone could say anything, Alex quickly responded, “No, I have a better idea!” While looking right at me, she said, “This is only the beginning of your humiliation for making me fall in love with a little dick loser like you. There is much more in store for you this weekend.”

She then blindfolded me again. I was trying to fight it, but it was useless. I felt four people untie me and pick me up, carrying me down to the lake. Specifically, the innertube that gets towed by the boat. They laid me down on my back, keeping me fully exposed. I was fighting with all my strength didn’t stop them from securely tying me to where I couldn’t move.

The last thing my girlfriend said to me was, “I’m going to fuck as many guys as I can this weekend, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Good night.” Alex turned to Andy and said, “Let’s return to your tent and fuck again. I need that big cock.”

At this point, I felt completely helpless and heartbroken. What made it even worse was that I could hear Alex loudly moaning in the distance while she was fucked by Andy. What felt forever bound, tied, and cold was nothing I could do but fall asleep and hope for someone to help me.


The next morning I was dead asleep with the blindfold still on with no concept of time. I was woken up by laughter and cold water being slashed on me. I panicked momentarily and didn’t know what was happening until my heart sank. It all started setting in what had happened last night. I could hear people gathered around, laughing and commenting on my pathetic appearance. Saying why my girlfriend would ever be with me and even, I can’t believe Trevor has such a tiny dick.

Even throughout that, I could hear cameras shutters and people saying they would show everyone. While the comments and pictures were being taken, someone said, “No way, he is getting a boner.”

Everyone laughed, saying, “Well, that just makes it worse. Trevor’s not a grower, just a sad pathic little dick loser.”

It also didn’t help that it was written in red lipstick on the front of my chest. I was humiliated and wanted to curl up in my bedroom and never leave again. I had no idea what would happen that day, but I couldn’t take humiliation. A couple hours pass and people leave to continue their business. Finally, Alex, Kyle, and Kate came strolling up like it was just another day. Alex came over, removed my blindfold, and untaped my mouth to give me food and water.

I begged her to let me go. All she did was laugh. She said, “Oh no, Babe. This isn’t over. We still need to do one more thing before that can happen.”

I pleaded with her, and she didn’t have it. She told me to either shut up, eat and drink, or the tape goes back on with the blindfold. All I could do was nod my head and finish eating.

They returned to their tents and got ready for the day, Coming back out with a sign to put on the boat. It says, ‘Check out this little dick loser,’ knowing fully what they were doing. I began to tell Alex to let me the fuck go and stop being a bitch. Those were very poor choices in words. She came over and duct-taped my mouth closed. She then told me she decided not to put the blindfold on, so I could see everything happening.

Just as I think I’ve hit rock bottom, it got worse. Alex, Kyle, and Kate gathered to explain their plan and what they will do. They told me they decided it’s only fair for everyone to see my pathetic dick. So they will tow me around the whole lake so everyone can get a good look and laugh at me. They all loaded up on the boat. Before I knew it, we were off. I was floating about twenty feet behind the boat. I was trying so hard to get loose, but the more I squirmed, the more cold water splashed on me, causing more shrinkage and humiliation.

I was just dumbfounded that this was happening. I was humiliated in the most extreme way possible, thinking, “Why me?’ We round the cove and make our way around the lake. Everyone is pointing, laughing, and even taking pictures. It’s a big lake, and we must have been boating for an hour. We were approaching the end of the lake, returning to the campsite, when Kate saw a group of fifty college girls down by the boat ramp.

She gives an idea to Alex and Kyle, and they think it’s a perfect plan to end the humiliation. They changed course and started heading over to them. All the college girls were hollering and laughing.

Alex goes to the back of the boat to yell to me, “Hey baby, I hope you have a great day and cuts the rope loose.” She shouts, “Hey ladies, have all the fun you want. He’s all yours.”

The look on these girls’ faces was a look of excitement and joy. I thought I’d die of humiliation.

To sum it up, I finally got set free. I ran back through the camps butt naked, not even trying to cover up. I had one thing on my mind, and that was to go home. Once I got home and charged my phone. The incident blew up with social media tags, text messages, etc. I was beyond ruined, but the one thing I did see was that my now ex-girlfriend Alex had changed her relationship status to its complicated with 🤏🤣 emoji. As for her, she stayed the rest of the weekend at the lake, getting her brains fucked out by every big cock she could find.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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