The Stranger

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By Dan

Dan and Jill are a typical Midwest married couple. Jill was raised very conservatively with limited dating experiences cause of her strict upbringing. Dan and Jill started dating in high school getting married after their first year in college.

Jill became a school teacher near where she grew up and they were fortunate to live near a large lake. Jill grew up always loving the beach, so during her time off she could often be found at the local beach.

As a woman in her late 30’s Jill found the attention of her male students a bit awkward as at school she could dress down her large bust, but in a wet swimsuit it left little to the imagination. Not having her morning swim was not an option, so she looked hard to find a secluded beach close to their home and eventually found the perfect place. After going there for two weeks and having it all to herself she was surprised to find “the stranger” come and set up his chair next to her blanket.

He did not say much to her, but was polite as up he set up his area and got ready for his swim. Jill guessed he was around 45 and in good shape. She assumed he was renting a house nearby for the summer. As Jill wondered if he had a family or was travelling alone she watched him walk towards her from the water. Jill took no notice of his swimsuit when he went in the water, so she was surprised to see that his Speedo was practically transparent when it was wet. Jill tried not to stare, but could not help to notice that he was so generously endowed.

After seeing his “blatant display” of his manhood it made Jill feel a mix of emotions. He never said or did anything threatening, but she knew she could not stay there for long as what would people think if someone walked by? What surprised Jill the most was the arousal she felt stirring inside. This new feeling scared her as she knew as a married woman she should not even entertain such thoughts. Jill kept finding her eyes going to his exposed “package” as he stood in front of her to dry off. Jill quickly gathered her things and ran to her car without saying a word.

As Dan was at the kitchen table reading the newspaper he could see that his wife was bothered by something as she walked in the door. Jill confirmed that she was OK that no one attempted to harm her or said anything inappropriate. Once Dan knew that his wife was unharmed he persisted to find out what had happened at the beach that day.

Dan’s mind was whirring in sexual turmoil as he replayed his wife’s description of her afternoon at the beach. Dan would often comment that he thought it was unwise of his wife to go to the beach alone and this encounter simply solidified his warning. Granted, the stranger did nothing but sit near his wife, but he knew how men think.

Once he was satisfied that she was in no danger, he asked his wife several probing questions about the encounter. Jill was getting a little annoyed at his persistence and he knew her well enough to stop his inquiry. One of her answers kept repeating itself in his head, however. “He was bigger soft than you are hard.”

There it was the agonising truth that Dan had always feared. He always felt a little cheated in the size of his cock and secretly wondered if Jill might enjoy something…well, something bigger. It was a crazy worry and the rational part of his brain knew he had nothing to fear but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake the thought. After Jill’s story, he was embarrassed to find his cock semi-hard and he had an overwhelming urge to masturbate. Like a troubled schoolboy, he excused himself to the bathroom and stroked to orgasm in record time.

Jill was glad that Dan had stopped his inquisition. She was very uncomfortable with the situation and regretted telling her husband about it. Although she was a little frightened about the experience, she was more concerned about her physical reaction. On the drive home, she couldn’t get the picture of that powerful bulge out of her head. Her well-endowed chest was flushed with sexual excitement and her nipples were painfully hard. When she arrived home, she quickly ran upstairs to change and was shocked to discover that her modest one piece swimsuit liner was literally soaked through at the crotch.


Over the next few days, Jill tortured herself over her reaction to ‘the animal’ as she now thought of the man at the beach. Why was she feeling like this? She loved her husband with all her heart and would never betray him. Why couldn’t she just forget it ever happened? In fact, nothing had happened. A man with a skimpy bathing suit had made her feel uneasy. So what? What was the big deal? Deep inside, she knew. “He was bigger soft than you are hard.” The phrase kept repeating itself in her head.

Jill was a virgin when she met Dan and lived a fairly sheltered life having never seen another man naked, so she never gave size much thought. Jill had a few girlfriends with a lot more experience and occasionally she would recall on them remarking on how endowed their lovers were, but until this point she never gave size much thought.

Now she kept wondering, what if there is a difference? Jill felt foolish for even entertaining such thoughts, but her curiosity got the better of her as she started surfing the web Jill was surprised to find so many sites out there regarding penis size. Jill had no idea what an average man was supposed to be or that it could vary so. Jill was curious how big Dan was, but knew he would wonder why she wanted to measure him.

Jill thought about how she could measure Dan and recalled on how he enjoyed it when she would stroke him to get him excited. Jill knew that Dan would fill her one hand nicely with a little sticking out, so she opened her desk drawer and grabbed her ruler and gripped it to see where her hand reached. Jill was surprised to read that her fist measured three inches and that if Dan was average she could have filled both of her hands with his cock.

Unfortunately for Dan, Jill just realised that he was barely four inches. Far less than what her friends probably experienced if they were just with an average guy, let alone like the man she saw at the beach. Jill never before compared what she had with her friends, but knowing this fact made her a bit envious

Jill read with much interest stories she found on a web site where women would describe their experiences with their first big cock. Some of the stories were probably written by men, but a few showed real insight. A couple talked about how it was more than just the extra size inside them, but the confidence and knowing that your body caused such a large reaction. They were not just with a penis, but a man-sized cock and the women described how it built their desire like nothing else they had experienced.

One woman explained how for her the extra width stimulated her clit more, so she could not help but to respond. She reported that she could orgasm with smaller men, but the effort it took to reach climax was exhausting. Her orgasms from endowed lovers came easily and without effort.

Jill found their stories made her wet and began wondering how her body would react to something bigger. Jill knew she could not cheat on her husband, so she closed the web browser and committed to not giving this idea another thought.

Unfortunately for Jill, the nagging feeling deep in her womb would not go away. She even thought of buying a toy to satisfy her yearning, but decided to resist any temptation and to shift it out of her mind. After all, she and Dan had a very satisfying marriage and who knows if the stories that she read were really true.


The next weekend, Dan had to spend Saturday at his work due to some project they had to finish. Jill gave Dan a tight squeeze as she said goodbye to him and as soon as the door closed, one thought kept pounding through her head. Moving as if she were being controlled by some strong force, she packed a small bag and walked to her car.

She was going back to the beach.

During the short drive Jill almost turned around several times. She had no idea why she was doing this. To her, sex and love were inseparable and she couldn’t imagine sex with anyone but Dan. Still, she was so curious. How could a penis be that large? How would something like that feel? Would I like it?

Even more surprising was how Jill was dressed this time. The last time she was at the beach she wore her usual conservative one-piece swimsuit, but underneath her cover-up she had on a bikini that she last wore for her husband on their last vacation. Jill normally dressed down her attributes, but in this bikini Jill left very little to the imagination as it showed off her natural 34D breasts, round bottom, and toned legs.

Jill reached the secluded parking lot and sat in her car for a long time. She almost started the car to leave but somehow couldn’t bring herself to do it. She caught a glimpse of her eyes staring back at her in the rear-view mirror. It brought her back from her contemplation

“What is the big deal? I’ll lie out, catch some rays and go home,” she said to herself.

She rationalised that there was little chance the “animal” would be there and at the very least, she would enjoy a nice afternoon in the sun. After about twenty minutes she opened her car door and made the trek to the isolated beach

Jill made her way around the large dune that hid the entrance to the little cove she liked and froze. There he was; same spot, same revealing swimsuit. She suddenly felt weak and her legs started to tremble. Again, she almost turned back but some strange force pushed her toward the beach.

She set up her chair about twenty yards from “the animal” and tried to get comfortable. Her hands were shaking as she removed her cover up. As she sat back and adjusted her sunglasses she peeked over to see the man. He hadn’t taken notice of her arrival but she somehow felt that he knew why she was there.

For about a half an hour, Jill tried to relax. The sexual tension she felt was almost unbearable as she adjusted her bikini and fidgeting in the chair. She felt so naked in her bikini and hoped no one else she knew would see her like this. Just as she started to think that the whole thing was just a silly compulsion of hers and that nothing was going to happen, the man shifted in his chair, looked over at her and smiled. Jill jerked her head straight and pretended not to notice.

She could feel his eyes crawling all over her tight, exposed body. Her pink nipples were very erect and pushing painfully against her top. She felt the all-too-familiar tingling of arousal in her lower abdomen and a heat building between her legs. With the arousal came a tinge of guilt.

Suddenly, the cell phone in her beach bag rang. The ring startled her. It was Dan. “Hey honey. What’s going on?”

“Uh, nothing. Uh, I’m just at the mall. You know, running errands,” she responded nervously.

His words seemed to be drowned out by the action she was witnessing. ‘The animal’ was moving. He lifted himself out of the chair and walked purposely over to her. Under the cover of her sunglasses, she looked between his legs and stared at the cruel bulge that had been torturing her mind over the past few days.

“Honey, are you there?” Dan’s voice on the line was demanding.

In her free ear, he whispered with authority, “I knew you’d come back.”

Jill sat frozen. The man reached for her hand and gently pulled her from her chair. She half resisted his advance but allowed him to lead her toward a secluded area in the dunes. “I’m sorry honey. I’m lost in all these errands. Can I call you back,” Jill pleaded with her husband as the man pulled her along.

“Sure, honey. Call me back la–” Jill hit the end button.

Once they were out of plain sight, he turned Jill to face him. He reached out and took off her sunglasses. She was trembling with fear and excitement as she watched him silently start to lower his suit.

Jill looked down and gasped as he slowly revealed his now growing shaft. Inch by impossible inch, he pulled down the thin material until his hard cock sprung free. It was longer than the ones she saw on the web sites and thick as her wrist. Jill felt faint. She knew that this would soon be between her legs.

He guided her hand towards his cock and wrapped it around the shaft. She marvelled at how powerful it felt beneath her fingers. Without prompting, she moved both hands around his length and was stunned to see that there was still about what Dan has been giving her left uncovered.

He casually placed his hand on Jill’s thigh and slowly dragged his fingers up her legs. When he reached her covered slit he spread his index and ring finger, so they glided up her slit with his middle finger in the middle dragging along her clit. The smirk on his face as he found Jill getting wet told Jill he had done this before, probably many times. Jill was fascinated and couldn’t take her eyes from his organ as she stroked and played with it while he was playing with her body outside her bikini. She lightly felt his heavy balls and traced her finger lightly up and down his shaft as he cupped each of her heavy breasts

He gently pulled her hands away and placed her arms at her sides. He then started to slowly lower the straps of her bikini top. Jill just stood still and allowed herself to be exposed.

The man stared intently at Jill’s breasts as he exposed more and more of her. He knew she was built but when her hard nipples popped out, he let out a groan of appreciation. Jill’s breast needed little support to maintain their perkiness and the stranger’s hands traced the outer roundness of each breast. He liked how hard her pink nipples were getting as she thrust them towards him, wanting him to touch them. He knew he was in command of the situation and wanted her totally naked for him.

He took his hands and dragged them slowly down her breast towards her stomach. He continued moving lower until his thumbs were at the thin ties of her bikini panties. He played with the waist band of her bikini teasing her since he knew he was in command.

He lifted the waist band slightly and got a view of the top of Jill’s thick, dark brown bush. Jill always kept it trimmed for her swimwear, but she had a rather prominent bush that hid her slit well. Her new friend wondered how it would have look shaved, but kept his thoughts to himself, as he admired his latest conquest. He slowly moved his hands back to the sides of her bikini panty and with a quick tug, ripped the material and pulled her bikini panties away totally exposing Jill’s married pussy.

In the bright light, he could clearly see her glistening slit as he bent down to further inspect Jill’s pussy. Jill felt his hands grab her ass cheeks as he enjoyed seeing her squirm under his burning eyes. On instinct, Jill shielded her pussy from his glaring eyes with her hands.

No other man, but her husband had ever seen her naked like this and she was red with shame.

He slowly stood up and stood face-to-face and stared into Jill’s eyes, he grabbed each wrist and put them by her side. Jill stood compliant, knowing that she wanted him to go further. The tip of the man’s cock lightly brushed against her bush and Jill shuddered with desire.

He reached for a beach towel and spread it on the ground. He then had Jill kneel on it and positioned his cock in front of her face. Jill rarely performed oral on her husband, but seeing this man’s large cock made her want it, something she never felt before. He was too large to get much into her mouth, so she used her hands to stroke him and was enjoying feeling something so powerful into her hands. She was hoping that he would not cum since she desperately wanted to feel him inside her.

He commented that she was not bad with her mouth, but now he wanted to show her how good he was at his and he laid her on her back. While at her feet he looked up and enjoyed the view of this hot, naked woman and looked forward to what was coming next. He reached for her ankles and separated her thighs, so she was now fully exposed to him.

He could tell from her ring on her finger that she was married, so he was surprised to see such a tight little slit. Her labia was thin and even though her legs were spread she did not gap at all. He could see a glimpse of her clit swelling and knew he was going to enjoy this. He could see her getting wet as he slowly moved up her legs until his mouth found her awaiting pussy. He looked up as he licked around her labia and see her eyes glaze over as she grabbed the sides of the blanket like she was fighting screaming out loud. While his tongue was tormenting her pussy, his hands reached up to pull on her hard nipples making her moan out loud.

He brought one hand down; so that he could feel how tight his new lover was going to be and inserted his middle finger at the entrance of this married pussy. Jill’s eyes opened wide as his finger almost felt as big as her husband’s cock as he started to explore her tight opening.

He was surprised to find a vice like pussy and asked, “Does your husband ever make love to you?”

Jill just squirmed at his touch and was moving her hips to meet his licks and his finger deep inside her. He knew she was wanting more and decided that the time was right.

The man reached out, turned her around and gently put pressure on her hips to raise her ass in the air. Jill sank to her knees on the towel. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the ground and spread her legs wide. She had never acted so lewd in her life. It was almost as if she were someone else. Normally, Jill would only do the missionary position with her husband and on a rare occasion she might be on top, but she had never experienced this position with her husband

The man positioned himself at her opening and started to slide his cock head up and down her slit. Jill moaned in response and began to move her hips in rhythm. She felt the stranger position the head right at her opening and her hands gripped the towel again in anticipation.

Jill felt the pressure of his cock trying to force her open but it was not easy. She had never taken anything this large in her life.

“Be gentle, I am not used to anything this big. I’m afraid it… it… won’t fit… I can’t take it… I may not be big enough…” Jill stammered.

“Hold still!” The stranger commanded

Slowly, the stranger pulled back on her hips as he worked his way in. Finally, the head was completely inside. Jill moaned loudly as she felt herself being stretched. Incredibly, with just the head inside her, she felt on the brink of orgasm, but she wanted to hold off a little longer. It was very hard for Jill to do since with the stranger’s added thickness it caused her clit to be more exposed than she would have guessed. With each move he made it stroked and teased her clit. Normally, her husband would have to use his fingers to tease her clit during sex, but with a larger cock it could not help but to do it with each stroke.

The stranger took his time and guided more of his large cock inside her. With each inch he would let her pussy adapt to it and then pull back and go a bit further with the next inch. Jill wondered when he would finally get it all in since she was so close to cumming.

After a moment, he bent over her, cupped her heavy breasts and played with her nipples. Jill was squirming, but was careful to not go in too deep, but it was hard since he teased her tits so well. After a while the stranger whispered in her ear. “Are you ready for the rest of it?” The man asked softly.

“Yes… yes… God yes!” Jill moaned.

The man started moving his hips back and forth, edging his cock in ever so slowly with each stroke. Jill’s breath was coming in short bursts and she began to pant like an animal in heat.

“Oh my God, your pussy is so tight. Your husband must have a tiny boy-sized dick,” the stranger teased.

Jill asked him to not mention her husband, but the stranger wanted to know that he was her biggest lover and liked tormenting the wives he would conquer. He told Jill she will never feel the whole thing unless she plays nice and answer his questions. He then reached in front of her breast and teased them while Jill squirmed over his large cock. “One more time, does your husband have a tiny cock?” he asked

“Yes… uh… yes, it’s very small… I can barely feel it inside my pussy,” Jill groaned out her response in time to his thrusts.

“You’ve always wanted to be fucked by a big cock, haven’t you?”

Jill had never been talked to like this but she was beyond caring. “Yes… yes… please don’t stop… oh God… it feels incredible… don’t stop!” She pleaded.

The stranger had marvellous stamina and he seemed to know exactly what Jill was feeling. He was playing her like a fine instrument. “C’mon baby… wrap that sweet pussy around my cock…I ‘m gonna make you cum like you never have before!”

Incredibly, Jill could not hold out any longer and started to cum hard. She yelled so loud that anyone within 100 yards could have heard her screams of ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure racked her tight body. Jill thought she was almost at the brink of passing out having never felt this level of pleasure before. It was like a huge release was triggered and her body was getting what it had always craved and wanted. Her body loved the discovery of this large cock.

The man picked up his pace and started fucking her with hard long strokes. Jill slammed her ass back at him with every stroke. It was a frenzy of lust and desire until finally; the stranger buried himself deep within Jill and began to cum. She could feel burst after burst of come splashing against her walls

Finally, after a full minute, they both collapsed on the towel, panting and trying to catch their breath. Jill was splayed out naked, legs apart, cum dripping from her swollen pussy and she didn’t care. She felt totally uninhibited, as if some barrier had been broken deep inside her.

The stranger looked at her and smiled. He knew what she was feeling. “Ever cum like that before?” He asked.

“No… Never,” Jill whispered.

They laid together quietly for about twenty minutes. Jill lost in thought about what she had done and how good it had felt. She felt the man’s cock start to swell again against her back. Oh God, not again. I’m not sure I have the strength to do it again, she thought. He slid his left knee between her thighs, spreading her legs and giving his hand full access to her pussy. He began to stroke the length of her glistening slit and he spent a few seconds rubbing her clit. No matter her objections, he knew she was ready again.

The man rolled onto his back and Jill, despite her doubts, squatted over his swollen member. Slowly, she eased down onto him, his cock filling her like she’d never been filled before. She put her hands on his chest and slowly eased up and down on his shaft. After a few seconds though, she was thrusting herself onto him, riding him hard as the tip of his thick head touched deep inside. The sound of her pelvis slapping against his, the feeling of his hands on her breasts, the sun beating down on their naked bodies, the large cock inside of her; all of it culminated in another spectacular orgasm.

Jill could take no more and with her legs shaking, she pulled herself off of his cock, slick with their combined juices. She gathered her things and started to walk off the beach in just her cover-up since her bikini was now in the hands of the stranger.

“Hey,” the stranger called. “Would you like your bikini back? What’s your name? I’d like to call you and do this again, sometime. If you ever want to feel a big one again, just let me know

Jill waved him off and continued to walk away. She’d got what she came for and it was to be her little secret.


The stranger walled back to his towel and gathered his things, tucking Jill’s one-piece into his bag. His cock still semi-hard thinking about the encounter. He walked up the beach to toward the car park, however a figure in the dunes was waving him over. He smiled and headed toward the figure.

As the figure got in hearing range, the stranger said, “Your wife is fucking hot.”

Dan smiled. “I told you. Fuck she looked good getting fucked by you.”

“She was tight, like a sixteen year old. Her first real dick.”

Dan blushed. “It’s the least I can do for her.”

The Stranger suddenly grabbed Dan’s pants and pulled them down. His tiny pencil dick still rock hard and slimy with precum. He laughed, saying, “I can’t believe she’s had to put up with this pathetic thing for so long.”

Dan tried to pull his pants up, but the stranger slapped his hands away. “Someone might see me,” Dan argued, looking around as the parking lot was close by.

“Nobody is going to see that thing without some kind of telescope, they probably think you’re a woman from a distance. Hey, you might get lucky?”

You’re a cunt, Steve,” Dan said, and pouted.

Steve laughed. “You love it, sissy-dick. Now get on your knees and clean my cock. Your wife’s stink is all over it.”

Dan pulled out Steve’s huge cock and began to lick it. It certainly tasted like his Jill’s pussy, and cum. Steve grew hard as Dan sucked him off, and pretty soon he could taste precum dribbling into his mouth. Steve moaned, and grabbed Dan’s head and began to fuck his mouth, pushing his big, thick cock all the way down Dan’s throat. Dan didn’t gag as he has become skilled at taking Steve’s dick. Steve fucked his mouth fast, his big balls slapping Dan’s chin. Dan gasping for breath whenever he had a chance.

Dribble ran out of Dan’s mouth and down his chin, as Steve fucked his face. Suddenly Steve’s balls tightened, and he grunted loudly holding Dan head against his body. Dan took every drop of cum Steve pumped down his throat, as the big man pulled out he licked the cock clean.

Steve put his dick away, saying, “You little dick sissy-boys really know how to suck cock, I’ll give you that.”

Dan stood, pulling his pants up. He wanted so much to jerk-off, however, Steve wouldn’t allow it in his presence. he’d have to wait until Steve had gone. Dan asked, “So what’s next?”

“We’ll see if your wife comes back for seconds, if not we go straight to plan B,” Steve said.

Dan nodded. “Plan B – I invite you around for dinner saying your an old buddy I haven’t seen in years.”

“Yes, but if I can nail her a second time out here it’ll make the moment much more sexually charged, and your wish to be cuckolded will finally come true.”

Dan smiled. “Oh? Watching you fuck her today and knowing she lied to me about what she was doing tells me that wish has already come true.”

The two men walked to the parking lot, said goodbye, and drove off in separate directions. It’s been a good day, Dan thought as he drove off.

The End.


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