The Storeman

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by Crimson32

I felt sick to my stomach, as I heard the words from my boss, “Your action warrants termination, as well as possible charges, we take theft of store items seriously.”

As my young attractive boss Tracy glared at me, I felt angry at myself for doing such a stupid thing to fulfil my constant masturbation sessions. As an employee at a woman’s clothing store, I was the only male among ten women. The store was marketed towards young successful business woman and therefore had purposely hired young, well dressed, gorgeous females. I worked in receiving, to unload the trucks and do whatever else was labour intensive.

While moving a rack of clothes to a display, my arm brushed against a pair of silky, peach-coloured panties, in intimates. I immediately thought how good they would feel against my penis. To purchase them would be out of the question, so later on, I came back and took them. Quickly putting them in my pocket, I went into the bathroom and put them on. I felt so nasty wearing those panties, often using my hand, to rub the material against my erect penis.

Now, as I sat in my boss’s office, I watched the security footage on her computer monitor. It showed my theft, as well as my frequent crotch rubbing. “You have been a good employee, Timmy, so I am going to give you a choice. Either immediate termination and charges, or a strict punishment of my choosing.”

I decided to throw myself at whatever fate Tracy choose for me. Termination and charges were not an option.

“We have an employee meeting tomorrow before opening, I want you to attend it wearing the item you stole. Do you understand Timmy?”

“Yes Tracy, I understand,” I answered.

With much trepidation, I attended the next day’s meeting and awaited my fate. When the meeting began, Tracy focused on sales info and goals, as I anxiously sat by. Then she revealed my crime, backed up by playing the security footage. “When you stole that item, Timmy, you besmirched your fellow employees, therefore they will also be administering your punishment.”

“Did you obey me and wear the stolen item, Timmy?” asked Tracy.

“Yes Tracy, I did,” I answered.

“Take off your pants, and display the evidence,” ordered Tracey.

With utter dread and a dry mouth, I removed my pants and stood pantie-clad, before my seated, fellow female employees. They glared at me in anger and contempt. Tracy proceeded to hand me a woman’s belt which she had obtained from the store.

“This is what you are going to do, Timmy, you are to crawl on your hands and knees, to each of these women and ask them to punish you for stealing, by administering five strokes with this belt. You will kneel, with your head on the ground and your bottom presented, for a belting on your pantie-clad sissy bottom. Then, after receiving your punishment, you are to thank them and tell them that you will never steal again. Finally, you are to kiss both of their feet and move to the next woman, till you end
with me.”

Accepting my fate, I dropped to my knees and crawled to the closest female employee. I handed her the belt and asked her to forgive me for stealing, then begged, “Would you please punish me with five belt strokes on my bottom?”

I then had to face away from her and put my hands and face to the ground, thus raising my bottom in the air, for a belting from the seated girl. The first strokes brought a whimper from me, as the sound of the belt on ass cracked throughout the room. All eyes were focused on my pantie-clad backside.

I then had to crawl back to face this vixen and thank her for punishing me, followed by kissing both her feet. Then taking back the belt, I crawled to the next girl, to repeat the process.The fact that I had to prostate myself to a beautiful woman, younger than me, was utterly humiliating and very emasculating for a man.

Strangely however, I found that begging and thanking these goddesses for a belting, was becoming very arousing. I had a red and stinging bottom and I was whimpering with tears, from the pain.

At the same time, I was becoming increasingly sexually excited. I found that I was kissing their feet with both thankfulness and adoration. What kind of man would become erect and excited from submission and humiliation to young sexy women? What kind of man would find himself so naturally inclined to surrender his manhood and be dominated by these vixens?

As I went to each woman, they all had unique methods of belting. Some landed their stinging strokes right in the middle of my bottom, while others alternated from cheek to cheek. At one point, the sting was so great, that I reached back to rub my stinging bottom, only to have my hand belted away. At that point I could only cry out and wiggle my raised bottom in pain. I could perceive that the girls were thoroughly enjoying themselves and the smell of sexual excitement emitted from between their legs.

They were becoming aroused from being in the seat of female domination. I also received kicks from several of the girls, with the toe tip of their shoe actually lodging against my rectum. One young girl rested her foot on my ass and pushed her spiked heel up my rear end, like a dildo. I moaned out in pleasure and the girl called me a “faggot”. The feel of the silky material being pushed in and rubbing against my prostrate, made my erection pulse and leak cum.

She pumped in and out several times, then pulled out in disgust. I finally was belted by all nine female co-workers and ended with my bottom raised, for my boss, Tracy. “I promise you, Tracy, I will not steal again and would you please give me five strokes?” I asked.

“Actually, as I am your boss, I will give you ten strokes on your bare ass!” She said.

With, that she pulled the panties down and whipped my bare ass with ten hard strokes. The sound of the belt on my bare bottom was loud, echoing across the female filled room. My female co-workers watched and were urging Tracy on to, “Whip that sissy bottom for being a bad boy!”

As I was blubbering in pain and tears. I thanked Tracy for spanking me and couldn’t stop myself at one kiss per foot. I repeatedly kissed her feet, a broken man, worshipping and declaring devotion to this goddess!

The spectacle of me voluntarily begging to be her slave, was met by the attending females with awe, at Tracy’s feminine power over me, as well as much laughter at my self emasculation. Finally, Tracy pulled my up by the earand had me stand aside her as she sat. “Oh my God!” Gasped one of the women, “After all that, he has an erection!”

As I stood there, in my silky peach-colored panties, my just less than 5-inch penis was tenting the panties. Also exposed to my female co-workers, was the dark moist spot on the panties, from my profusely leaking penis. Tracy then pulled my panties down to expose my erect penis for all to see. I looked to see the women staring at my penis, followed by laughter, because of its small size.

“It’s no wonder you wanted panties, Timmy, you’re more of a sissy than a man,” Tracy commented, her words causing me still more shame. Tracy then made a circle by placing her finger tip to the tip of her thumb and slid the finger circle over my penis. This demonstrated my lack of size, by having my penis fit within such a small circumference.

Tracy made sure to point this out to my female co-workers, causing my face to turn crimson in shame. This finger circle of girl heaven, felt way better that the silk panties against my penis and I instinctively began to thrust into her fingers. More laughter erupted, as I humped that finger circle of pleasure. Suddenly, Tracy took her other hand and slapped the bottom of my testicles.

I yelped in pain as she began to repetitively bring up her open palm from below, and smacked the underside of my testicles. The ball spanking was not very hard, but it certainly demonstrated who was in total control over me. How pitiful I must have looked, before these beautiful young girls, with my ball sac bouncing lewdly in Tracy’s hand, my mouth open and eyes rolled back, as I humped my small little penis into Tracy’s fingers.

It was for me, a very intimate experience. I knew right there that I wanted to be a bitch for these young girls! The effect was mind-numbing, as the stinging pain in my testicles was causing me to hump faster into her finger circle. “Are you my sissy, Timmy?” Tracy asked.

Hearing that question, in my lust crazed state, was the final blow,I screamed out my affirmation and ejaculated in intense shaking orgasm for all to see. Tracy pulled the panty front out and caught the strings of cum in them. I had to wear them all day I had to purchase the panties and woman’s belt. Tracy told me to wear the belt at all times, so that it was always handy if needed.

Every week, a female co-worker chooses a pair for me to buy. I have to display each pick by modelling them at the weekly employee meeting. Also one girl a week gets to punish me, in whatever way she chooses.

The girls all think I am handsome with a sexy body and ass, but my small penis, renders me useless to please girls. They feel I should be their group sissy. I am always being shamed and humiliated by Tracy and these girls, but I always seem to be erect at work.

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